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It’s only been two weeks since the epic Time of the Merlin Online event but I’m still filled with the excitement, wisdom and profundity of the event. There’s a lot that can be written and said about this historic gathering; Jean Tinder covers it from her perspective in her article in this issue. I want to share what it was like to channel Mark Twain and FM. These were the two entities I’ve never channeled before, and the ones I had a degree of anxiety about because of the unknown, as well as the expectations. (BTW, John Kuderka has politely asked me to no longer refer to him by his former human name, so I will only talk about him as FM.)

We pre-recorded the channels with Mark Twain and FM because it would have been too taxing to do it live with everything else going on those three days. It was a good decision because it took me several days to recover from the pre-recorded sessions. I’ve been channeling for over 20 years, but bringing through these two entities gave me a whole new understanding of the importance of communications. Adamus has been talking at length these past few years about energy and communications, and it really hit home when I connected with Mark Twain and FM. In order to effectively channel them I had to allow a clear, non-verbal communications link, free of my human static. Having never channeled either of these entities, I didn’t have a basis of familiarity like I do with Adamus, Kuthumi and St. Germain. I relied on the fundamentals of pure energy communications like never before during these two sessions, and it paid off.

I read a few of the classic Mark Twain books in my youth, including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I knew that Mark Twain was considered one of the great American writers because of his ability to develop the lead characters, and tell a story in a captivating way. His books were read by millions around the world, although he was subject to harsh reviews by literary critics because of the casual, everyday word usage and common characters. For the most part, he didn’t rely on super-human heroes, royalty or the elite to tell his stories. Twain’s characters were everyday people.

Adamus kept the “mystery entity” a mystery until about two weeks before the event. He popped in one day and told me it would be Mark Twain, one of his illustrious lifetimes. I let out an “ugh” because I immediately knew it would be a challenge. I wasn’t terribly familiar with Mark Twain, and because of his distinctive personality there would be a lot of expectations. I went to Wikipedia to read more about him, and then decided it was best to not read any further in order to keep a clear mind.

Linda talked me into buying a white linen suit and ascot for the channel. I literally ordered the clothing online about 5 days before the filming, not even knowing if it would fit. I’m glad I followed her advice because the wardrobe added to the essence of Mark Twain.

Now came the day to film the session. I was a little concerned because I didn’t feel Twain’s energy beforehand, at least not until I put on the white linen suit 15 minutes before we started. Then something came over me. I knew Mark Twain was present, and ready to go. Linda escorted me into the studio where the production crew was ready to film. She did some breathing, then Peter played a piece of music so I could dive deep into the session.

While the music played, I felt a huge swirl of energy embrace me. Any doubt or anxiety disappeared. Mark Twain was there. The swirl took me into another realm. I was still aware of everything around me, but now I was totally integrated with Mark Twain, or more accurately, Mark Twain had integrated with me. The non-verbal communications between our energies was whole and complete, without apparent separation. I had a brief image of Adamus and FM, both smiling at the success of the communications link.

The next thing I know, Mark Twain was walking onto the stage. I couldn’t feel my physical body moving at all, I could just feel Mark Twain. His movements were deliberate and timed. He fuddled around a bit before settling in and addressing the camera. Now I could hear words coming through Mark Twain, with a slight southern drawl. I hadn’t thought about what he would sound like because I never had an accent when channeling Tobias or Adamus. It usually takes me about five minutes of talking to get fully integrated with Adamus (or other entities I’ve channeled) but that wasn’t needed with Mark Twain. Our communication link was fully intact.

The next 85 minutes were some of the most rewarding in my channeling career. The dance between Mark Twain’s energy and mine was sublime. No static, no tension, no delay. With all due respect to Adamus, who tends to push the envelope and therefore cause some energy “tension” when I’m channeling him, Mark Twain was like silk. He glided from stories of his lifetime on earth, and then what it was like to die and go to heaven. There were times when I wanted to burst out laughing but I knew that I had to maintain the connection with Twain. He wrapped up his session with a direct message to Shaumbra, encouraging everyone to become storytellers.

Mark Twain walked off stage, and by the time I got to our Green Room 60 seconds later I was me – Geoffrey Hoppe – once again. I sat by myself for about 15 minutes, reveling in the beauty of what I had just experienced. I couldn’t do much of anything the rest of the day. I wanted to be back in the energy of that experience, but I also knew I had to get grounded back in myself. I also needed to get ready for the next day because I would be channeling FM.

After Linda talked me into getting in costume for Mark Twain, I figured I better do something for the FM channel. John’s human uniform had been a flannel shirt and Levi jeans, but the half dozen times he showed up in my dreams after he crossed over, he was always dressed in stylish clothes. So, what’s a channeler to do, other than go clothes shopping with his entity? I went to the local Macy’s store a few days before the filming, looking through the men’s department and wondering what FM would like. It didn’t take long for me to realize his preferences because he was right there beside me, taking great delight in our shopping spree. He pointed me towards a dark maroon suit – slim fit nonetheless – then had me pick a shirt I didn’t particularly care for. I selected another shirt instead, but when I got to the cash register I realized that the shirt I picked was the wrong size. I ended up buying the shirt he wanted, even though I knew I’d never wear it after the Time of the Merlin event.

FM dropped in 3-4 times in the weeks prior to the session to fill me in on what he was going to talk about. He was straight-forward like John had been, but showed more passion than I ever witnessed with John. He had an intense look in his eyes, like he was really on to something. I also noted more confidence and a greater vocabulary with FM. He chatted with me like we had known each other for ages, sparing any formalities or unnecessary pleasantries. He got right down to business in our pre-channeling chats.

I could feel FM’s presence the moment we walked into the studio the day of the filming, probably due to the fact that this had been his home turf for so many years. Unlike the Mark Twain channel, I didn’t have any anxiety and jumpy nerves. After the breathing with Linda, FM came in loud and clear as the session began. It was FM – no static at all. Through me, his voice was well-modulated and his words were deliberate. The only thing that threw me for a loop during his session was when he addressed Leslie Hveem. We invited her to the studio for the recording session. FM talked directly to her, noting that he had not expected nor even desired to find love in this lifetime, nor come to Realization. Through the relationship they shared after meeting each other at a Crimson Circle event, and spending many years together as a married couple, FM found true love with Leslie. It was a very touching and emotional moment during his session.

FM talked about the communications link he had been working on for Shaumbra since he left the physical realms. He announced that it would soon be ready for implementation. (As a follow-up to his Time of the Merlin session, Shaumbra FM Radio was launched on September 22.) Channeling FM was clear and concise. There wasn’t any storytelling or joking around, just pure information for Shaumbra. The Mark Twain channel was about communing with his personality, while the FM channel was about communing with his information. Two very difference approaches, but both very appropriate for the respective entities.

I’ve been channeling for over 20 years, but the Mark Twain and FM sessions taught me something new about energy communications. It taught me to go far beyond the mind and language. I thought I was already doing that, but these two channeled sessions showed me there is so much more to the communications within energy. After all, energy is communication. Perhaps that was one of the reasons Adamus invited them to be part of the event. I’m curious to see how this effects my channeling with Adamus. I’ll find out soon enough, with the October Shoud being just a few days away.

1 comments on "Communing with Mark Twain & FM"

  • Despoina on October 25, 2021 6:34 AM said:
    So deep and inspirational. Real communication....!!! Very touching !! Thank you Geoffrey !

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