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We conducted a Channeling (and Sensing) Workshop at the Crimson Circle Connection Center this past weekend. We limit the number of attendees – in this case 39 Shaumbra – in order to provide personal attention to everyone during the three-day training. Shaumbra came from 13 countries, from as far away as South Africa, Europe, Argentina, Cayman Islands, Canada and the US. We also had a group of three delightful Shaumbra from Hungary, with translation provided by Timea Thomazy.

Linda and I love doing the Channeling Workshop because it’s our chance to be, well, Linda and me. I can certainly feel Adamus hanging out with us throughout the event, but in the Channeling Worskhop Linda and I get to tell our stories, share what we have learned about channeling and personally interact with the students for three days.

There was something about this particular Channeling workshop that I can’t quite put my finger on, but the energies were incredibly intense, expansive and joyful. It felt like we put our wings on the first day and flew into new realms the next few days. It could have been the wonderful mix of Shaumbra, or the supportive energies of the Connection Center, or maybe its that each and every event keeps getting better because Shaumbra are coming into their Realization. Whatever the reason, something happened at this event that went very far and very deep. Everyone was channeling by the second day, and by the third day they were channeling some big entities like Gaia and Isis.

They started the first channeling session by connecting with and channeling their Self (Human-Master-I AM), and ended the last session on Sunday with channeling their Self. I found it interesting and refreshing that nearly everyone said they got the most out of channeling their Self rather than angels, entities and collective energies. Linda was busy scurrying around the room handing out Kleenex both times they channeled Self, not only to the person doing the channeling but to the others at the table. Channeling Self really hit home; it was emotional, touching and poignant. They enjoyed channeling angels and entities, but the tears flowed the most when they channeled themselves. This shows how far we’ve come over the years.

Linda and I answered lots of questions from attendees about what it’s like for us to channel. I’d like to share a few of the questions and answers with Shaumbra Magazine readers:

Q: Do you prefer to channel Tobias or Adamus, and what’s the difference between the two entities?

A: I can’t say I prefer one or the other because they are so different. I know I couldn’t have stepped into channeling by starting with Adamus. I needed the comforting, gentle energies of Tobias when I began channeling. He was patient, understanding and gave me plenty of leeway if I messed up. It doesn’t hurt that he was my father in a past lifetime, and as I recall he was a damn fine father. I have never talked about this publicly, but I actually met St. Germain before I met Tobias in this lifetime. I was in a lucid dream state when a Being dressed in a full-length purple robe visited me. He introduced himself as St. Germain and talked for a few minutes about it now being “the time” and said something about “putting down my sword.” He said it would be years before he would come back, and then he held out his hands to me. I chalked it up as a pizza-and-wine induced bizarre dream but I also got the chills every time I remembered it because I knew it was more than a dream. Tobias came in about two months later. Now I realize the set-up. It was always St. Germain that I was meant to channel, but it took me 10 years with Tobias to prepare for it. It was easier to channel Tobias because I sat in a chair with my eyes closed, but now I can say it is more fulfilling to channel Adamus. And yes, I still miss Tobias.

Q: Is Adamus around all the time?

A: Actually, Tobias was around all the time. He came in nearly every day, and Linda was known to complain about him coming into the bedroom as well. He would pop in while I was driving down the road, sitting at a restaurant, reading a book, in a meeting or watching TV. He was very attentive and protective; he wanted to make sure I was keeping my balance and staying healthy. On the other hand, Adamus comes in for the Shouds and workshops, and perhaps once a week in between. He “drops bombs” meaning he’ll pop in, deliver a package of thoughts, and exit almost as fast as he came in. I then have to “open” the package. For example, a few months ago he came in to tell me that Crimson Circle needed to get all of our internal systems together (Internet, finance, database, Customer Service) because we’d need to scale it up in the next 3-5 years. He didn’t hang around to talk about it. He delivered the package and left me to figure it out. Once in a while he’ll come around at about 2:00 AM for a longer chat but I always suspect that he’s been whooping it up at the Ascended Masters Club and just wants to wake me up. Other than that, he gives Linda and me plenty of room in our private life.

Q: How do you feel after channeling?

A: There are stages of feelings. Immediately after a channel I feel blurry, fuzzy and happily disoriented. I don’t want to talk about anything serious or mentally. I’m in a state of ignorant bliss. The staff has to warn people that any promises I make are not good for at least two hours after a channel because if you asked me for my house I’d probably give it to you. The second stage is hunger. I get REALLY hungry, probably due in part because I don’t eat much before I channel other than a protein bar. After channeling I want nasty stuff like a double cheeseburger with fries. The next stage is to pass out. I sleep really well after a day of channeling. The 4th stage occurs the next day. I don’t want to be around people, much preferring to work outdoors away from everyone. I have a strange sense of melancholy or blues. Sometimes I feel like crying. I’ve never been able to understand this but I don’t worry about it because it always passes the next day. I think I “see” and feel too much while channeling and it affects me the next day.

Q: Do you want to channel other entities or people? For instance, Einstein, Tesla or John Lennon?

A: No. I have my hands full with Adamus. I’m kind of kidding, but it’s also true. I want to keep my focus on the process of embodied realization with Shaumbra, and Adamus Saint-Germain is our primary guide. I don’t want to get distracted with other entities or other subject matters. OK, I have to admit it would be an amazing experience to channel Tesla but I think it would be best if someone else did it so I can maintain my focus with Shaumbra and Adamus.

Q: Do other entities come around, wanting to be channeled?

A: Yes, but similar to the above answer, I’m not interested nor do I have the bandwidth. There are a few exceptions. I’ve had three interesting encounters with Steve Jobs but these were private messages for another person. I was just the “go-between” and according to what Steve told me he isn’t interested in having anyone channel him other than perhaps Jony Ive, but then only for design collaboration purposes.

Q: I want to be a channeler. What’s the best way to get started?

A: As the people in the recent Channeling Workshop realized, start by channeling yourself. See where that goes before you decide you want to make a career of it. It’s not exactly what I call an easy life, although it is very fulfilling if you end up with entities like Tobias and Adamus, who like us have walked in human form. It’s also fulfilling if you have the pleasure of channeling for some of the most amazing people on Earth, the ones who call themselves Shaumbra. I know for certain that I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for the blessings of channeling Adamus, for the benefit of Shaumbra. Now get out of here before I have to get out the tissue box!

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  • Katie on July 8, 2023 2:03 PM said:
    Thank you for this opportunity to ask the following question... Not knowing for certain if I am channeling or just thinking words, is there an opportunity to take the channeling course thru CC that was offered as the workshop you spoke of? Thank you sincerely, Katie

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