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We were deep into the Time Traveling with Adamus workshop in Kona, Hawaii a few weeks ago. In the first few days Adamus explained the fundamentals of time traveling to the attendees and now we were into actual experiences of going into the past and future. Everyone (including me) was a bit spacey from the experiences of traveling across time for the last 1½ days. In the second session of the third day, Adamus took questions from the attendees for the sake of clarifying what they were experiencing during their travels. One question led to another, and before long Adamus went “off-script” with an open discussion about the upcoming Heaven’s Cross event on March 22. I felt this information was worthy of my article this month because it adds new insights not previously discussed in any of the Heaven’s Cross materials. I edited some of the text for easier reading.


A month from today is Heaven’s Cross. It’s the reason why I gave Cauldre a heads-up over three years ago and said, ‘Get everything ready.’ At the time I didn’t know the exact date, but I knew it would be in about three to five years. As it turns out, it was just slightly over three. This opening of Heaven’s Cross is finally the crack in the veil, the veil that’s existed on Earth almost as long as the planet has been here. It has shut off a lot of communication and connection with the soul, with the I Am.

It wasn’t a mistake. It wasn’t a bad thing. It just allowed you to be here in the quest to understand “Who am I?” It was actually an incredible undertaking – the design of this planet, of biology, and of the veil – an incredible construct that created the illusion of separation for so very, very long.

So here you are now. I get a little bit sentimental, because it’s the culmination of eons of time, work and experience, a thousand or more lifetimes on the planet, and now you’re here at the Apocalypse, the unveiling. You don’t have to work at it. It’s all about just being aware of what’s happening, and suddenly realizing there’s so much more ease in connecting with your Self.

On March 22, 2023 the Crimson Council will close up shop on planet Earth, meaning that their work is done. All the work that’s been going on for a long, long time, has come to this point of the opening the veil, of the Apocalypse. The Crimson Council will still exist in the other realms and will still go around to all parts of creation, teaching wisdom, teaching the evolution of the soul, teaching the “I Am, I Exist.” They’ll continue teaching in the other realms about sovereignty and about energy, but basically their work here on Earth is done. They’ve been here to work with you. They have been your counterparts, and now it’s up to you to carry the torch and to do the work.

When they leave, they’ll literally exit through Heaven’s Cross, this opening in the veil. They’re going to use that as their final doorway. Right now, they’re just finishing up business on the planet.

There’s a tremendous amount of gratitude by the Crimson Council for what a very small group of humans has been doing. It’s the Crimson Circle, Shaumbra. There are others as well, but the Crimson Circle is the most cohesive of all the groups that are working on this, the tightest of all the groups making the biggest impact. There is a tremendous amount of gratitude, and it brings up feelings, because you’re grateful to them too. You needed the Crimson Council and the Crimson Circle to balance, and they’ve been working hand in hand with you for a long time.

When the Crimson Council leaves, they will exit through Heaven’s Cross out of choice, out of honor, and it will also help with the opening on that day. It will help to balance it and open it even more. So, it’s very chosen. They’ll have an incredible procession, single file, and you will be able to feel them moving from Earth all the way up through Heaven’s Cross in a very solemn, beautiful walk.

Oh, you’ll still have plenty to do on the planet. You’ve been on the journey for a long time, going toward the destination. You’ve finally arrived and now the real work starts – being Masters on the planet. You no longer have to try to get there, try to have your Realization. Now you’re there, and I’m going to work very closely with Shaumbra in the times right after Heaven’s Cross. No more trying to take that journey or find yourself. You are here and now the real work begins in terms of really shining your light for the planet.

It is the Apocalypse, the opening. As you came closer to the date, as more consciousness came to Earth, there were forces – human and nonhuman forces – that didn’t want it to happen. I’m not going to call them dark forces; they’re just unconscious or low consciousness forces that didn’t want it to happen. Some were religious orders, many of them semi-secret, that have been holding energy for the planet for a long time and don’t want to see this. Others are nonhuman power groups that work through humans. I won’t even call them angelic, they’re nonhuman beings that manipulate humans. Sometimes the humans are conscious of them, but many times not. They don’t want to see this either. There are humans that are very linked into, invested into power, and they know that’s coming to an end.

Some of these groups think this is the devil’s work, because it’s not Jesus. It is Jesus, but it’s not their Jesus. They think that there’s something evil about it. They’re praying and praying right now, not wanting it to happen. They don’t understand what’s really happening, but they know something’s about to pop open, and they’re frightened. They’ve been carrying some of the old energies on Earth for a long, long time, that of an angry God, that of sinners, that of waiting for Jesus to show up. And it is Jesus showing up, but as the Christos energy, not as the Jesus they’ve created.

They think it’s some sort of deception, because they’re expecting the long-haired, nice looking Jewish guy to show up and walk through Jerusalem, literally. For centuries, some of these groups have been storing goods, food, furniture, gold, arms, a lot of weapons in warehouses, particularly in and around Israel, waiting for the Second Coming. They’ve stockpiled millions of their holy books to hand out to the survivors that live through this. It’s a very old energy. They’ve been at work doing this for almost 2,000 years. They have huge warehouses filled with goods for the Second Coming, and a lot of really nice clothes for Jesus. I’m serious.

It’s the core reason behind the war with Russia. I’m not even going to say it’s a war with Ukraine because Ukraine didn’t start it, but this powerplay was intended to throw the world off balance, starting a year ago; hopefully off balance enough so this whole event wouldn’t come about. Can you imagine the implications now with Heaven’s Cross happening, with this group that manipulates humans, that are trying to prevent Heaven’s Cross because this group believes that humans are sinners and should suffer more?

The war was a distraction, a diversion, hoping to throw things out of balance enough that Heaven’s Cross wouldn’t happen. But something funny happened. Instead of being able to roll into Kyiv and take over in what they anticipated would be about a week, it didn’t happen. I’m not talking bad about Russians. There’s only a small number of Russian leaders that are involved in this. I love Russia. I went there quite often in my last lifetime. Catherine the Great was truly great. A little weird in some ways. She was incredibly intelligent, almost too intelligent, and that sometimes it worked against her. I love the Russian people and land, but what’s happening now was meant to keep Heaven’s Cross from opening. But it didn’t happen. Look at the result of what’s going on there. Now when Heaven’s Cross opens, how is that going to backlash on those power groups?

They’ve been predicting the coming of Jesus for eons of time. There have been dates that have been prophesized and missed because they weren’t basing it on consciousness. They were basing it on the wrath of Jesus. In other words, “Jesus gets so pissed off that he’s going to come back in anger.” They didn’t bother to look that it’s all based on consciousness and energy. When they prophesied, they kept hitting the dates wrong and Jesus never showed up. Many of them got very embarrassed, and when they got embarrassed, they got even more angry. The current President of Russia was a religious leader in a past life and had also predicted certain dates. It never happened – he died, of course, and then came back – and now he’s angry, because it didn’t work out for him. Now he wants it all on his terms; it has to be his Jesus, and it’s going to be his Jesus that destroys those that are not righteous.

There’s going to be issues with technology. How far does it go? How much consciousness is in the artificial intelligence? Will humans just become lazy? Will they not think? Or will they use it for the good? Will they use it to help bring about the new species of humans? Will they use it to feed the population? There’s plenty of food on this planet. Plenty. It’s just not made available to those who really need it. There’s plenty of fresh water. There’s plenty of plenty on this planet, and it’s only because of greed, power, and energy feeding that it’s not equitable for all.

One more thing. Cauldre doesn’t want me to say this, but you might have a personal bump-and-fill right around the time of Heaven’s Cross. Don’t worry about it. It’s not going to kill you. It’ll just shock you. A minor accident, bumping into a wall, falling down some steps or something like that. Oftentimes humans use that as a way to have a very fast infusion of divine energies. You all did it when you were kids, like falling out of the tree. Don’t worry about it. You’re not doing anything wrong. You’re just getting a fill-up.

- - - -

Between now and March 22, I call on Shaumbra around the world to continue benching and radiating your light each and every day. It is the single most important thing you can do for yourself and humanity as we come to the Apocalypse.

The Ascension Series, Lesson 11 – “Behold the Song of Your Soul”
Channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
July, 2002

Tobias: “Did you know that the apocalypse is happening now… the apocalypse of your soul is happening at this moment? Apocalypse, defined by your own human dictionary... APOCALYPSE MEANS LIFTING OF THE VEIL! This is the original Greek definition. Apocalypse means lifting of the veil.

“You are living in the days of apocalypse right now. The veil is lifting all around you. It is the apocalypse of the soul. And, as you lift this veil, as you come to new understandings and insights, you also help change the consciousness of everything around you.

“That is why we honor you so much for the work that you do. What you precipitate, what you start, sets up a pattern that enables others to then use those tools and those energies for transformation in their own life. You are the teachers. Apocalypse - lifting of the veil. The very work of the Kryon changed the grids in response to your changing consciousness. As the grids are adjusted and changed, this lifts the veil.”

The Divine Human Series, Shoud 4 – “Gabriel’s Trumpet”
Channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
November, 2002

Kryon: “144,000 were called upon to do the job. That is the mathematical equation for what it would take to begin the process of the apocalypse… the lifting of the veil… changing what was… removing the illusion. 144,000 humans across this planet Earth responded, some consciously, some at the inner levels.”

“And, then the process began, and what amazed all of us on this side… oh, it was not limited to 144,000. The lines were deep, people waiting, humans waiting, wanting to also be part of the process. And, so the 144,000 expanded, and there were more and more. And, there are more coming in every day.”

4 comments on "Adamus Off-Script"

  • Julia on March 6, 2023 1:35 AM said:
    This article had a huge impact on me. It was such a release during reading it! Immediately! I let go of so much - pieces of something that was dangling in my space and suddenly left in a crowd. I am very grateful for this information. Big Hugs!
  • Alan Dodds on March 4, 2023 5:27 PM said:
    Thanks! ❤️
  • Saint I Am on March 3, 2023 2:36 AM said:
    Thank you Geoffry for sharing this valuable and almost overwhelming information. This also confirms many "conspiracies"... Let's welcome ourselves in the Third Era of the Crimson Circle!
  • Josef Gabriel on March 3, 2023 12:19 AM said:
    Oh Cauldre, a few years ago, you were afraid of ending up like Osho while watching Wild Wid Country on Netflix. Now you've ended up like him with Linda as your Sheela. You are a very wise soul and so is Linda but no longer awake. You still pick a side in a war even if you constantly pretend that you do not. There is no good or bad side to a war. It is and remains an SES game victim/perpetrator. You love to play the victim. Think of Marit and just stop it.

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