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It’s been a little over two weeks since we finished the Dream of the Merlin event. I haven’t been able to watch any of the channeled sessions yet because the entire event kicked my butt in a way it hasn’t been kicked in a long time. Sitting here on the lanai at Villa Ahmyo in Kona, I’m still not fully recovered.

I’m not complaining or looking for sympathy. I’m simply saying that after 20+ years of channeling, nothing has impacted me the way the channels from Adamus, Sam, Kuthumi, Nikola Tesla, Merlin and St. Germain hit me. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the Merlin weekend and every channel. I loved the music from Yoham, and the chance for Linda and I to do our talk on Sunday morning. But those channels…. They did a number on me.

For nearly a week afterwards, I got small electrical charges from nearly anything I touched. I didn’t need to be shuffling my feet across a carpet on a dry winter day to get shock when I touched metal. It was happening when I was holding my computer mouse, or touching a water faucet or opening my car door. A few days after the event I was pushing a shopping cart through the grocery store while getting a steady electric pulse through the handle. I had to resort to pushing the cart a few feet ahead of me and then catching up with it to avoid the discomfort. I am not whining, but it sure has been inconvenient.

I usually keep a fairly well-balanced diet, or I should say Linda makes sure I maintain a balanced diet. But for a week after the event there wasn’t enough bread, potato chips, ice cream and donuts on the planet to satisfy my junk food cravings. My car automatically pulled into the McDonald’s drive-thru a few times, even though I rarely frequent the establishment. “A Big Mac, fries and chocolate shake please,” I requested from the drive-thru speaker. “Super-size that order? Yes please!”

I didn’t sleep worth a damn for nearly a week after the event. I’d head off to bed about 9 PM, exhausted and already half asleep. Then I’d wake up two hours later, fully alert and filled with energy. After about 3 hours of reading and/or writing, I’d go back to bed and try to get a few more hours of sleep before the morning sun rose. Linda and I flew to Villa Ahmyo in Hawaii later that week. Once here (and back with Belle), I’ve been sleeping 10 hours a night! And the dreams are so vivid and real. Last night I dreamt that the Beatles came to one of our workshops and wanted pancakes for dinner. Well, at least they didn’t want to go to McDonald’s.

Every channeled session in Dream of the Merlin was an incredible message unto itself. Somewhere into the second day I was wondered how it would all come together because each message seemed to stand on its own, without an apparent connection to the other channels. By the time we got to the Merlin channel (Day 2, Session 3), I started to see how all of the messages would indeed tie together. The Beloved St. Germain did the last session on the final day. I was expecting a nice, short summary of the previous channels and a sweet message to close the event. I wasn’t prepared for what he really had to say. Not only did he bring all of the previous messages together in a meaningful and coherent way, he also dropped a light-bomb in our faces. He called it Heaven’s Cross. If you participated in the event you know what I’m referring to. If you didn’t subscribe, I know he’ll be talking about it in upcoming Keahak and Shoud sessions.

(Insider info: About an hour before the St. G channel, Adamus told me we needed a graphic for the background with stars in space forming a cross. Seriously! Did he expect me to wave a magic wand and come up with something at the last possible moment, and then have the production staff prepare it to project on the back stage wall, all in about an hour? Yep, he did. I jumped onto, one of our royalty-free graphic sources. In the search window I typed in “stars, heaven, cross” and hit enter. Lo and behold, there was the perfect graphic on Page 1, Row 2. The production team barely had enough time to load it into the system and test it at the break before St. G’s session.)

In the days following the Merlin event, I had a series of pulled muscles and very sore joints. I’m not complaining, but just wanted you to know that these events take their toll. First it was a pulled muscle in my left shoulder. Then my right knee popped out and I had to wear a brace for four days. Then my left wrist, and when that settled down my right wrist went bad. I hadn’t been doing any hard, physical work so I had no idea why my body was screaming at me. I had a lot to do to get ready for the trip to Kona. We’d be gone for three months so the house and ranch had to be winterized before we left, I had to finish up projects I’d been working on over the summer, as well as pack for the trip. I got it all done, but with a lot of limping and cussing.

After getting to Kona I realized that I had forgotten Rule #3 from the Channeler’s Handbook: Always release the energies after a channel. Do it by walking (i.e. Kuthumi), taking a hot bath with sea salt, getting a massage or howling at the full moon. I was so busy I forgot to take a moment to release the energies of that weekend. Subsequently, they backed up in my body resulting in aching joints, food cravings and disrupted sleep patterns. As Adamus & Friends take us deeper and deeper into metaphysics, it’s more important than ever to keep the physical and mental energies flowing.

I’ve also been rather unsocial since the Merlin event. We had a couple of dinner invitations with non-Shaumbra friends (yes, we still have a few of those) in the days that followed the Merlin weekend but I just couldn’t bear the thought of making small talk over dinner, even though they are all nice people. I wanted to be alone, do some graphic designing (the new ALT series logo and some graphics for the magazine), watch some banal movies and read some good books. Going to the airport later in the week was quite a task. I felt like I was drowning in mass consciousness. Fortunately, it’s been relatively quiet ever since we got to Kona but that will change now that it’s Shoud week. It’s not that I’m grumpy, as Linda claims, it’s just that people are rather annoying.

No, I’m not complaining or whining. You gotta be kidding! It was one of the best weekends ever. I had the honor to channel some of the cosmic super-stars, as well as the President of the Ascended Masters Club. I felt like we were given access to deep mysteries and life-changing messages. Every moment felt like they were talking to us on a personal and intimate level, with messages designed specifically for us. As a channeler, it doesn’t get much better than this. The Dream of the Merlin weekend will definitely go in my “Best Of” reel.

Me complaining?? What’s a few body aches, electric shocks, sleepless nights, extra pounds from junk food cravings and Unsociable Personality Disorder compared to the profundity of being together with Shaumbra and the entities for this historic weekend. Let’s do it again next year.

Editor’s Note: If you haven’t yet experienced Dream of the Merlin, it’s now available “on demand” as a Cloud Class. No need to miss out on this incredible event!

4 comments on "A Butt Kickin' from Merlin"

  • Claire on October 8, 2022 5:01 AM said:
    Dearest Geoff, I hope you are recovered. Thank you for your wonderful channeling but also for being so human, too. I'm sure you already do but take some of our light for yourself with our love and respect xx
  • Debbie Ferguson on October 5, 2022 3:25 PM said:
    So good to know . The whole two days were very deeply moving . There was a calm, a deep deep flow . I still feel it . What an experience for you . And what an experience for me . Thankyou so much Geoffrey .
  • Guilherme Amoroso Romão on October 5, 2022 1:16 PM said:
    Hello! Wasn't aware of how important it is, to release the energies after a Channel. Quite interesting to read your experience on this, as the effects seem to match the importance of such messages - will still have to check them out for myself eheh. Appreciating all CC is doing. Best regards from Portugal! GR
  • Jeanine AM Lecluse on October 5, 2022 9:55 AM said:
    Getting energized does have its side-effects - a living lightbulb, no less :D

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