Dear Master, our last discussion got me thinking. I kind of understand that Enlightenment can’t be studied (I don’t want to agree with it but I’m willing to trust you with this), but surely there’s something I could do to make sure it happens.

The enlightenment is about you allowing yourself to realize it. It doesn’t come from here. (points to mind) You can’t get there from here and saying, “I’m going to realize. I’m going to realize. I’m going to realize.” It doesn’t work.

The realization comes with allowing, comes with relaxing.

It isn’t something you can stress yourself into. It isn’t something you can discipline yourself into it. You can allow it. You can be at ease with it, and then experience it. Enlightenment is truly an experience that very few have ever given themselves. I would say the bold and the outrageous. Some of you would say the crazy.

You can’t figure out God, enlightenment, yourself, life or anything else. You don’t want to. It’s about the experience of it. It’s not about trying to figure something out anymore. You’re going to get in trouble doing that.

I’ve been using this phrase, “Relax into your enlightenment.” Stop taking it so seriously. Stop working at it. Relax into it. Relax. Oh, just feel that word. Oh! “Relax. I don’t have to work at it. I don’t have to think about it. I just relax into it.”

The beautiful thing about enlightenment is: it’s natural. It cannot be controlled. It cannot be manipulated by that singular ‘trying to make life a little better’. You can pretend for a while that you’re going to manipulate it. But, my dear friend, it is unrelenting. It is brutal in its compassion.

It will release you from your limitations. It will give you your freedom, no matter what it takes, no matter how many tormented nights, no matter how many diseases, no matter how many illnesses, bad relationships or anything else. It’s there in the compassion.

(…) is not a mental thing at all. It’s just there. You don’t have to work at it. Suddenly, you realize the setup. You realize how the energies work, how they come to serve you. You realize how you’re your best friend and you’re your own worst enemy. You realize how you get in your way. You realize how you compromise.

One of the things about realizing your enlightenment is to also realize your makyo. It is.

It’s to realize the trash, the bullshit, the lies, the deception, the whitewashing. Whitewashing right over the dirt and the grime and saying, “I’m just going to throw a coat of good old number one eggshell color makyo right over my crap.” And recognize your makyo. Actually, it’s a beautiful thing. Never be afraid of it, but recognize it.

Okay, so I just have to relax, mmm… and for how long? I really want to get this over with and live that limitless life you talk about.

Enlightenment is timeless, meaning it’s already there. It’s already done. We’ve talked about it so many times. It’s there. It’s timeless.

It’s not a test. It’s not a contest. And absolutely you cannot fail at it.

You can just make it ungodly eternal and miserable, but you can’t fail. You cannot do enlightenment wrong. The only little asterisk I would put there – you can sure take a long time at it, which is not so bad, because, well when you realize there’s really no time and there is time, what does it matter how long it takes.

The question I put back to you is, again, how do you want to experience it?

You’re experiencing enlightenment. It’s unfolding in time. That’s the beauty.

When you get all clustered up, or you get all tight about things, stop for a moment. Go into the other, the “and” – “Oh, I am enlightened. Good” – and then if you want to get back and play in the unenlightened, fine. Take a deep breath and play in that.

And then play in the reality where there is no such thing as enlightenment, because there’s kind of not. There is and there’s not, and that’s the beauty of it.

“Oh no, but don’t I need to be doing something?” No.

“Don’t I need to be studying, Adamus?” No.

“Don’t I need to be doing fifteen minutes of deep breathing daily?” No, not really.

“Don’t I need to really just absolutely watch my diet?” Nah.

“Don’t I need to think spiritual thoughts?” Nope.

“Then what the hell am I supposed to do??!” Nothing. Nothing.

You can do whatever you want.

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