Dear Master, I’ve been involved in the spiritual circles for some time and one thing almost everyone has in common is that the ultimate goal is to reach enlightenment. Even though that has always sounded good to me, I still struggle to image how that looks like in real life. So, can you explain what is Enlightenment, or as you call it, Realization, and how to achieve it?

You don’t know what enlightenment is, and you shouldn’t know, for the limited mind has no way of knowing.

Enlightenment isn’t something you can study. Most people think about enlightenment or think about consciousness, and then it kind of goes (…) in a circle and it gets stuck and then it gets your body stuck, your mind stuck, and it can get very depressing.

[Are you] waiting for somebody to come and tell you how to get to enlightenment? Not another human is going to do that. (…) [Are you] waiting for, I don’t know, the right alignment of clouds and stars and dirts and bunny rabbits and everything else to all align, and suddenly you have enlightenment? It’s not going to happen.

Enlightenment really is not even anything you can learn from anybody else. Enlightenment isn’t a course, (…) isn’t a mental thing.

Enlightenment is allowing. Enlightenment is, you could say, trusting. Enlightenment is experiencing. It’s allowing yourself to experience and to feel all of it. Not just that one tree in the forest anymore, but everything that you are. You can read all the philosophy in the world, and none of it will give you the experience of enlightenment that you can give yourself.

Enlightenment isn’t about knowing everything. (…) enlightenment is knowing that you’ll know the right thing in the right moment.

And ultimately the real answer is: it’s a feeling. Enlightenment can’t really be defined.

But at least would you tell me exactly how does it feel like? Or what it looks like?

Release any previous concept about what you thought a Master was, because it’s not going to be that way. It’s going to be very, very different for all of you.

Your concepts of a Master came from an older place, came from a mental place; it came from a place of power, all of which we’re going to leave behind.

The mind will try to imagine, even – a very cheap type of imagination – as you being rich and famous and sexy and having all sorts of relationships and being a grand guru and a Master.

It never was about trying to be a perfect human. It was never about anything other than coming back to yourself. It’s an experience. It’s a total integration of yourself. It is the acceptance.

Is not about being perfect? So, what does a Master’s life look like then?

A Master drinks deeply into life. A Master drinks deeply, even into their darkness. Not trying to control it. Not trying to avoid it. Especially drinks deeply of their own darkness, their own sadness.

A Master doesn’t have programs. You know, these “I’ve got to try to reach this goal. I’ve got to do these things.” They don’t. You take a deep breath and you allow. That’s it.

A Master does their own bidding. They make their own life. They don’t have somebody else go negotiate for them. They don’t have somebody else go fight their battles.

A Master does not need to manipulate in any way whatsoever. A Master is always in their truth. They can speak their truth openly, honestly, clearly and not be afraid. No power games.

A Master speaks only of the I. “I enjoy when everything is peaceful. (…). I enjoy going to a restaurant.” Not, “You never take me out to eat,”. (…) Or, “You always do this and this to me.” The Master just speaks as I.

In enlightenment, you’re not suddenly filled with peace! You’re not suddenly – “Mmmmm” – om-ing. That is the biggest delusion there can possibly be. It doesn’t happen. Not like that. Matter of fact, the word peace goes out the door in enlightenment. It’s not even a word anymore

The Master doesn’t suddenly have realization that ends their own stupidity, their own innocence, their own vulnerability. They don’t suddenly have this realization that gives them all the intelligence in the world. No. No. They’re going to be “and.” They’re intelligence and stupid. They’re vulnerable and they’re so open.

[It] does bring frustration and annoyance and anger, and that’s why a good Master is a pissed off Master!

Merabh for Enlightement – Kharisma 9

Discovery Series: Shoud 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11
Kharisma Series: Shoud 2, 4, 7

Acting like a Master (From Discovery 3 / Kharisma 4)

• Allow. Now, you can’t force yourself to allow. You can’t do allowing like you used to do meditation or some of you even did breathing. It became a discipline. You cannot really do allowing as a discipline. It simply is. Allowing is just that. It’s taking a deep breath without any ifs, ands or buts about it, and just allowing

• Put no cause before you. There is nothing greater or grander than you. Period. Ever. There is no God before you. God within, God that I Am, but the God – the true God, the true Spirit – would never put herself before you. (…) A true Master has the enlightenment when they put themselves above all.

• [Be] kind to yourself where you’re not being so critical and judgmental, doing the “what if” and “what I should have done.” You say, “What an experience,” instead of beating yourself up. Being kind to yourself by going out and buying yourself something nice. I mean really nice. I mean really, really nice.

When you’re kind to yourself – you buy something for yourself without guilt and without sharing it with anybody else even, you’re buying it for you. (…) Kind to yourself by upgrading, as modern society calls it. Don’t settle for the cheaper apartment or house. Don’t settle for lesser.

You can actually just trust yourself. And not your past life self, not this golden angel. I’m talking about trusting you that’s sitting here right now.

• You’ve got to have a sense of humor. You’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself and yes, at others. Or with them, I should say.

“There is an energy dynamic associated with consciousness that moves the energies. You just start acting like a Master. You start acting in consciousness and then it’s there”

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  • Petra on September 22, 2022 12:31 PM said:
    how great to have this information in such a concentrated form! thank you for the efford love and warm hugs for you

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