Dear Master, I’m usually in a bad mood and end up hurting my loved ones (and myself). I don’t want to keep living like that. Is there anything I can do to change how I feel?

What’s a mood? A mood is an emotion. A mood is a measurement of where you’re at. But more than anything, a mood is a thought, is a judgmental thought and saying, “I’m happy. I’m sad. I don’t know what I’m doing.”

A mood, you could say, has been manufactured or created out of farts – thoughts.

So, it’s a bunch of interesting, limited thoughts that create a mood. The mood creates then the energy that comes in for the day, for the experience.

Thought turns to mood,

which is also the emotion,

which is also the way you attract energy into your life,

which is also the way you breathe,

which is also the way you receive.

And suddenly, the energies get pretty stuck.

Then you get a bad mood, because you’ve had a lot of thoughts building the mood stage. And then you shut down, because it’s not what you had hoped for.

All these thoughts and all these moods and all these emotions are not really you. Maybe, you could say, you could argue [that] they are (…) they’re a very limited part of you. But they’re not the real you. They’re not the inner you.

So, my dear friend, moods, they’re all around. And what I’m trying to do is get you to be conscious of these things that affect your understanding of yourself, affect your position. (…) There’s no magic in any of this. There’s no waving of magic wands.

There is simply becoming aware of how you got here.

(Taken from Discovery Series - Discovery 9)

Mmm, so the problem is with my mind and the way it forms thoughts, but then do I have to stop thinking? I need my brain to function in this world, somehow it’s one of my most precious assets.

The mind serves a very good purpose (its number one purpose [was] to direct biology through this thing that we call the Anayatron), but along the way, the mind, the self, a number of other dynamics, had this thing called thoughts (…) and those thoughts are the things that truly have become limiting.

The thoughts were kind of a form of mini consciousness or limited consciousness that came from the combination of your brain and understanding this reality, but also starting the belief in limitation.

So you could say that the soul embodied part of itself, a ray of itself, into this physical reality, took on a body, took on a brain and then farted, and those are thoughts.

Now, it’s not bad to have thoughts, and you’re going to continue to have them even as a Master. But you’ll start to discern what are really your thoughts and where do they originate from.

Do they originate from the true I Am-ness? Or do they originate from some communal consciousness septic tank?

They’re not yours, and that is my biggest challenge in working with you, is helping you to understand that those thoughts – imagine them as little smelly bubbles coming out of you – they’re not yours. And when you try to affect them and control them with yet another stinky bubble, it just doesn’t work.

What do I do then with my thoughts? How can I go beyond them?

You sit back. You don’t even have to address the thoughts themselves. You don’t have to think about your thoughts, because that’s not so good. You take a deep breath, and you allow. You’re allowing yourself. You’re allowing a natural process of disconnecting all of the thoughts that have linked together

Yes, it’s very easy.

Suddenly, it seems that the thought comes back, and you take a deep breath. And you come with me once again beyond that visual, beyond the thought imagination into the essence. The essence is you radiating yourself, experiencing yourself through biology.

Let yourself go beyond the visual, beyond a mental definition, beyond the thought. (…) It’s the essence. It’s a feeling. It’s not a thought. That’s the true you

You’re just there into the essence, the passion; the passion to be so sensual that, even as you pass through, you can actually partake through your body. You can be part of this experience, this dimension. The passion to be within it – not just from the outside, not just contemplating life on Earth as some angels have to do – but being in it.

As you get into this essence, you won’t feel that strain on your head from trying to think or imagine. You’re just allowing it.

(Taken from Discovery Series - Discovery 8)

4 comments on "Thoughts and how they affect your mood"

  • Marina Izarah on June 24, 2023 5:39 PM said:
    Brilliantly helpful no matter how often one comes back to this... Thank you, Carolina!
  • Claire on September 18, 2022 2:02 PM said:
    I love my thoughts! They're so funny. There I am doing all my Masterly stuff and in the background is my mind digging up all sorts of rubbish getting more and more desperate for my attention. Bless! :-)) I imagine it's in another room, drivelling on (and on and on) You can't stop it but you don't need to join in. Try giving yourself a quid for every negative thought, it doesn't like that. X
  • Lèneke Broeks on September 2, 2022 8:21 AM said:
    How splendid Is this Dear Master. And I am sure the following Dear Masters will be also. And.... a lovely birthday present for me! Every now and then I loose myself in thinking, thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts. and surely there are not about me. I know I do this so I can get myself out, but this is truly a nice way to remember.
  • Petra Kaufmann on September 1, 2022 4:58 AM said:
    how can I forget such a simple, clear, profound message again and again...? Thank you for remembering again and again!

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