Dear Master, isn’t this realized life supposed to be problem-free? Where’s that paradise I thought I would be experiencing by now?

You got a problem? We all have problems. Even Ascended Masters have problems.

Well, first of all, if you didn’t have all those problems and all the challenges, you wouldn’t feel alive. I know it’s kind of twisted. It’s kind of warped, but… it’s kind of true.

You create problems or you attract problems so you can bring them in, and then you feel a little bit alive…you don’t need to, unless you want to. And if they’re in your life, if you’re doing this, my friends, you have to take a good look at yourself.

There are going to be things that come up. Quit trying to make them go away.

But you know what happens is after a little while, you’re not putting your attention on all of your problems, whether it’s aging, whether it’s getting physically sick or money. You see, you get focused on that, and then you forget about “and.” And.

In everything in life there is an “and.” Everything. No exceptions.

“And” in everything you do. I don’t care what problem. Stop for a moment. Feel into your big problem today, today’s problem. (…) You’re looking at it from one perspective, one slice (…) and suddenly you realize that there are many, many other perspectives that you’re not looking at. Not just solutions, but the problem itself. You start to realize the problem itself is actually much bigger than what you thought it was.

And, oh, it’s a huge problem. God, it’s been going on for about 8,000 generations in your family. And it has to do with lack of abundance. It flows through ancestral karma, ancestral biology. And you get some illness and it’s because your great-grandmother had the illness.

But the beauty in that is that they’re also beautiful huge releases and resolutions, answers and new perspectives that you would have never considered.

When you live in that little box that doesn’t have these three letters – a-n-d – in it, you feel trapped... Stop dwelling on the little problem. Go for the big problem. That’s my motto.

Master, you’re not really making me feel calmer about all this. Now it turns out that I have to take care of my ancestor’s problems.

You’re used to handling stuff, solving stuff, working on things, fixing things, blah, blah, blah. You don’t need to anymore. Why? Simply said, it kind of solves itself naturally.

Why should you take responsibility for a butterfly flapping its wings on the other side of the world right now? Why? Because you kind of like to do it. That’s why you’ve been doing it.

You realize it’s so overwhelming, so ludicrous and so beyond you, the human, to resolve it..., and you go, “I’m not going to solve that. I’m not going to try to fix anything. It’s actually not even my problem. It’s their problem.” And you take a deep breath, and so it becomes. It’s that simple. It’s not irresponsible, not whatsoever.

Once you really determine that you don’t need that or them or it or whatever, once you realize there is the “and” of your life, all that stuff goes away on its own. Like magic.

So, I just do… nothing?

You stop trying to solve all your own problems. You can’t handle it. And you shouldn’t have to handle all that stuff – the problems of the world, the problems in your life, the problems of everybody.

You weren’t put here to handle that. No…. Let everybody handle what they choose to handle. You don’t have to handle a thing.

You have this great thing called the I Am, your soul, your divinity, whatever you want to call it. It’s you. It’s sitting right there. It’s just in disguise. It’s in latency right now.

It handles that. It really does. It handles stuff.

Now, it doesn’t go in and pay your bills for you. But this I Am-ness moves you out of that consciousness where you even have to pay bills. Really. It doesn’t know how to pay bills, doesn’t want to know how. It doesn’t know how to heal your physical body, doesn’t want to know how.

So you know what it does? It, you, just move yourself out of that consciousness – the consciousness of being ill or being broke or whatever.

Does that really work for all the problems I have – and will have – in my life?

I really don’t see problems in your life as you do.

I see situations that are uncomfortable for the human persona, but that’s the very thing you’re trying to expand beyond. Not get rid of; not going from being human to just divine; not going into a oneness, but going from just a human focus, human consciousness, into many, many, many of thyself, without a singular core, without one of those parts of Self having to manage any of the other parts of Self.

It’s difficult for the human mind to even comprehend that, but as you go beyond singularity into the Many of the Self, you’ll realize that there’s not even the soul that’s trying to keep everything together. There’s no need to. That, my friends, is freedom, and that’s where you’re going.

Kharisma series: Shoud 3, 6, 9

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  • Martha on November 10, 2022 1:09 PM said:
    waooo, gracias este mensaje me llego como anillo al dedo, pues tengo muchos problemas y no veía salida, respiraba pero no comprendía el por que seguían, pero este mensaje me aclaro muchas nubes que no podía disipar, gracias amados maestros no imaginan la magnitud de sus enseñanzas y ayuda que me han dado- Si se a dificulta aun poder entrar en mi interior es algo que me a resultado un poco dificil, pienso que debe ser por tanto dilema mental, me podrian dar una sugerencia para ello? gracias

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