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SHAUMBRA MAGAZINE: When and how did you discover Crimson Circle?

MICHELLE DINU: I believe it was around 2012. I was already in a psychic school doing psychic development because I was very intuitive and really needed to learn how to manage it and work with it and apply it to my life. I had become very interested in channeling because I could also communicate with spirits. One day a spirit came into my room and told me that I was a channeler and should find some kind of development program or teaching to learn how to do it. I mentioned this to my boyfriend at the time, and he introduced me to the Tuning In video where they were interviewing a lot of channelers around the world.

I remember listening to all the channelers and then my boyfriend said, “This guy, Geoffrey Hoppe, lives in Colorado.” I was like, “No way!” and I became really excited because I just wanted to go see a professional channeler. I thought it was so amazing that a professional channeler, especially one from this video that I resonated with so much, lived in Colorado in the mountains nearby.

So, he said, “Hey, if you want to go see him, they have these monthly Shouds and we can go together,” so I immediately looked into booking a ticket to see a Shoud in Coal Creek Canyon. Before I went, I started watching the Freedom Series with Adamus, and it was so crazy, because within a few minutes I just completely resonated with everything he was saying. The message resonated immediately, and I loved his style. I loved that he was really irreverent and not anything like I had encountered in the spiritual community at that point. I had learned a lot from many different communities, but they were all kind of beating around the bush of being real and addressing what we call makyo. Eventually I went to a Shoud and loved it. My intention at first was just to observe a professional channeler, as it was something that I had such an interest in for my own personal an intuitive development. But I immediately really resonated with the message, and it became just as important to me as observing. So, that’s how I found Crimson Circle.

SM: How would you define your job with Crimson Circle?

MICHELLE: My job is property manager and event manager for the Villa Ahmyo Retreat in Hawaii. I’m taking care of the property and anything that needs to be addressed, which includes emailing contractors and people that provide services like plumbing, electrical, roof repair, cleanup, construction, painting – anything a property may need to stay pristine and functional and efficient. My job is making sure that is all coordinated and scheduled and taken care of and, of course, giving lots of attention to our dear Villa dog, Belle.

I also provide event assistance, including making connections with people on the island that can help with cleaning and setup, and I help with making sure all the attendees are taken care of. I track inventory of supplies, pick up what’s needed, and just keep a general overview of what’s going on at the property, what’s needed for events and how I may help with organization and support. Ultimately, I’m here to help maintain the safe space for all the Shaumbra who come to the events at Villa Ahmyo.

SM: What skills did you bring to the job and what have you learned on the job?

MICHELLE: I managed and taught at a spiritual community for about six years, so I had a lot of skills in managing and working with many different people who were really sensitive, who had a lot of different ideas and strengths. I developed good communication skills in that job and a lot of intuitive ability. I learned how make practical decisions as well as intuitive decisions, learning to tap into and utilize my intuition as a practical application in the job itself. So, I brought to this job a lot of experience with management, intuition, and my ability to work with all kinds of interesting people amongst other things.

While here, I’ve learned a lot about taking care of a property. I’ve never owned my own property, always rented for a few years then moved on, so learning how to take care of a property as an owner is something that I’ve been learning, like what’s important and how to do it and how to approach it. So that’s new for me.

Working at events is definitely more up my alley and what I’m more familiar with in general. Now I’m learning different ways of offering events. I’ve actually learned the most from Linda in her history and her experiences of what’s worked in the past, what hasn’t worked and why, and why they do things the way they do now. It’s cool to be exposed to someone who’s had a lot of experience with events. It’s like I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, in a way. I like that there was already a lot of information from the past and what worked and what didn’t work that could be applied now and it’s been interesting to learn that.

SM: What your favorite part of the job and what is more challenging?

MICHELLE: My favorite part of the job is actually working with the events. It’s exciting, it’s fun, and I get to meet people from all over the world and converse about consciousness and energy and all the material that Crimson Circle offers. And I like being able to set things up in an organized way, have things run efficiently and smooth, and provide a really good space for people to have a very good experience through those workshops. So, working at the events is definitely my favorite part of the job.

The not so fun part? Well, it’s definitely not a job that comes with structure. Things pop up when they pop up, and in a way, it requires 24/7 awareness. That doesn’t necessarily bother me, but it does create challenges on some days when I’m not expecting it. As far as being a property manager, you’re working with all different types of people with all different schedules, so the coordination can be challenging. It takes someone to be really patient and communicative to be aware of all of it and create some structure around all of it.

SM: What are you passionate about? What would you like to share with Shaumbra about yourself?

MICHELLE: I’m really passionate about energy dynamics, awareness, and especially teaching other people about that. I enjoy teaching others about their own energy, how they can manage it and how they can develop their own intuition on an everyday basis. I love teaching people about how they may experience more freedom, clarity, growth, and transformation in their lives. I love reading energy and I love working with people who are very sensitive and intuitive, but who may tend to struggle in human life. I’m glad to be able to understand people who may be overwhelmed by being sensitive, who may not be in command of their energy, people that want to change their life and create the life of their dreams, but don’t quite know how. I love working with people going through awakening and teaching them about energy, creatorship, awareness and how that all works together. Empowering others is definitely my passion.

Michelle can be contacted through her website: