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Helpful hints to make make the most of your online Crimson Circle experience.

New items added monthly!


When you enter the Crimson Circle website, click on the Calendar tab at the top of the page. Then start exploring!

The calendar lists all CC events, including live events with Geoff & Linda as well as teacher presented classes. You can filter by event type, country and presenter/teacher. You can also search the calendar for a specific term, such as a city name, and navigate forward through upcoming months. Check out all the details on the beautiful new Calendar page!


You may search the CC website and Library for any word or phrase; in this example we use “four marbles.” Click on the search icon in the upper right corner of any page, type in your search word(s) and press Enter (see example). You will get a list of results with links to all the pages that include the term (see example).  
Click on a link and once you’re on the page, press Command F or Control F on your keyboard.  That will give you a little search box, usually in an upper or lower corner of your browser. Again, type in the word that you are looking for and it will be highlighted! (see example)


Shaumbra around the world share a kindred heart and spirit, and we love to help you connect. This is the purpose of the Community page (under the “More” tab above). Treasures to be found on the Community page include:
• The (newly organized) Crimson Circle photo album
• Links to Shaumbra groups on Facebook
• The official CC Facebook page
• Shaumbra Marketplace 
• In Memoriam – dedicated to Shaumbra who have passed on
• And more
We hope you enjoy being a part of the worldwide Shaumbra community!


The News page of the CC website is your ‘go to’ spot for any and all important information.

• Want to know about a new event, a deadline, website issues, or other hot items? You can find it quickly on the Flash Update page.
• Like an article in the magazine and want to share or comment on it? Go to the Articles page and find every magazine article under its own easy-to-share link.
• Not sure how to access the latest magazine, or even back issues? You’ll find everything you need on the Shaumbra Magazine page.
• Want to see the newest productions from Crimson Circle? Check out What’s New.

As a matter of fact, you might want to bookmark the News page so it’s always easy to find!

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