Åpent en gang per måned ved fullmåne.

At the recent ProGnost 2015 event, Adamus Saint-Germain announced that we can now connect with over 1500 Ascended Masters who have incarnated back on Earth since 2009. They are in physical bodies, mostly ranging from ages 2 – 6 years old, living in all corners of the world. Even though their bodies and minds are young, their souls are totally mature and integrated.

They have agreed to join us once a month in order to share energy, wisdom and radiance. Adamus suggested that we do this on the full moon each month because it’s a good reminder that it’s time to meet. Adamus says that we can create our own dimension, such as this special room, simply by bringing our energies together.

Join us each month during the cycle of the full moon to just “BE” in this special dimensional room. Adamus says to just share your essence, and feel the essence of other Shaumbra and the Ascended Masters. Please don’t ask the Masters to solve your problems, do any favors or engage in chatter. Just be here in the room, feel the energies, and let your own light shine. Please don’t force anything, struggle with anything or try to resolve anything. Just be.

We suggest spending at least 30 minutes here during the time of the full moon. You can close your eyes or keep them open… it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to…. Allow. 


Adamus has suggested a contribution of $24 for the year ($2 per month)* to enjoy the energies of this room. It is not required, nor should you feel any guilt or negative energies if you don’t choose to contribute. It is just a suggestion, and you are always appreciated and honored whether you contribute or not. If you choose to contribute $24 we will automatically notify you each month when the room opens for the full moon meeting.

Click here to contribute $24 to the Crimson Circle

* During Adamus’ channel at the ProGnost event, he mentioned the $24 contribution to Geoffrey Hoppe, even noting that he and Geoff were having a “discussion” about the matter. Geoff chose not to mention it at the time so that it didn’t distract from the discussion about the Grand Ascended Master’s room. Adamus agreed not to mention it, as long as we included the notice on this page. So now you know...

The G.A.M.E. Room will be open for 24 hours before and 24 hours after the full moon times listed below. At that time it will be occupied by the energies of more than 1500 incarnate Ascended Masters. They are currently joined by XXX Shaumbra from around the world.
Full moon times for the G.A.M.E. Room in 2015 (all times are Denver, Colorado, Mountain Time):

  • February 03, 04:09 pm (MST)
  • March 05, 11:05 am (MST)
  • April 04, 06:05 am (MDT)
  • May 03, 09:42 pm (MDT)
  • June 02, 10:19 am (MDT)
  • July 01, 08:20 pm (MDT)
  • July 31, 04:43 am (MDT)
  • August 29, 12:35 pm (MDT)
  • September 27, 08:50 pm (MDT)
  • October 27, 06:05 am (MDT)
  • November 25, 03:44 pm (MST)
  • December 25, 04:11 am (MST)

Click here for more full moon information and different time zones.