Many teams of dedicated translators work hard to make the Crimson Circle materials available to countless people around the world.


All translations of download products and Cloud Classes available in the Crimson Circle store are done on a volunteer basis. Translations of Advanced Studies classes are done by translation teams, usually consisting of Crimson Circle certified teachers.

If you are interested in joining a translation team, please send an email. Note that many translations are usually underway. Please DO NOT undertake any translation work without permission and coordination. Before beginning any translation work you will be asked to fill out a simple online agreement form.


All book publishing rights are held by Crimson Circle, its sister organization, the Sundance Group and publishing houses (Random House, Ansata, Red Wheel Weiser). Please DO NOT translate, self-publish or in any other way disseminate Crimson Circle books or other material. If you are a publisher and would like to inquire about publication rights, please send an email.