Istnieje kilkanaście unikalnych znaczeń słownych, a poniższy słowniczek może być pomocny w czasie eksploracji tej strony. 

Adamus®Saint-Germain - Mistrz, anioł, profesor i nauczyciel Karmazynowego Koła, który dostarcza wiadomości i naucza poprzez Geoffreya Hoppe.

Ahmyo™ - Absolute, unconditional trust in self; understanding that everything is for your highest good and that you are the creator of your reality; accepting full responsibility for yourself and going beyond such things as fate, destiny, karma, angels and guides.

Anayatron - The communication network that all energy particles use to communicate with all other energy particles, particularly within the Body of Consciousness.

Angel - A souled being, birthed from the original Oneness, created by the love of Spirit.

Anost - The state of imbalance to the light. “The imbalance to the light, or anost, is a denial of the dark. It is a denial of half of yourself, if not more.” ~ Tobias (pronounced uh-nahst)

Ascended Master - A souled being who has completed their journey of lifetimes on Earth, accepted their own sovereignty and fully integrated every part and expression of their soul in complete love and acceptance.

Ascension - The state of being wholly and completely in acceptance and love for yourself without reservation, having let go of all limitations of the human existence and being fully integrated with every part of Self.

Aspects (Aspectology™) - Different roles or identities we as Creator Beings have used to answer the question: Who Am I? We create aspects of ourselves to meet situations in this lifetime (e.g. the child, the parent, the business owner, the healer, etc). We also have many other aspects from past lives, from dreams and from the multidimensional realms. When aspects become “stuck” they can cause chaos and confusion as they move in and out of consciousness. However, through conscious choice we can welcome these aspects back home within ourselves and become fully integrated.

Atlantis - The second era of Earth experience, coming after the Lemurian era. Atlanteans were very communal by nature and did extensive work to standardize the human mind and body.

Body of Consciousness - A human’s fully integrated physical body, mind, intelligence, awareness, feelings and spirit.

Bon - The holographic ‘fabric’ of TimeSpace upon which reality is projected. It is prevalent everywhere consciousness is. Plasma comes from Bon, and from plasma come ions, neutrons, etc. Bon is the stage or screen where consciousness can experience itself.

Cauldre - The name Tobias and Adamus call Geoffrey Hoppe. This is not his “spirit name,” rather a nickname used. (pronounced Ka-ool’-dra)

Channeling - When a non-physical entity or angel speaks through a human. The human translates the entity’s “thought/energy packets” into words for others to hear or read.

Compassion - Total acceptance and allowing of what is; including unconditional love for self, and absolute honor for the path and choices of others.

Conscious Breathing - The acknowledgment and full acceptance of life, consciously choosing to bring life force energies into one’s human reality.

Consciousness - Awareness or expansiveness. Consciousness activates energy and energy potentials all around you.

Crimson Circle - The group of humans involved in this spiritual journey, who are also here as teachers to others on the journey.

Crimson Council - A celestial teaching order that includes Tobias, Adamus Saint-Germain, Kuthumi lal Singh, and other angels who are assisting us on our journey.

Dei Un Gnost - See “Gnost” (pronounced day-oon-nost)

Dimensions - Unique particles of consciousness created by souled beings that can have nearly any variation of properties. They can intersect and interact with other dimensions and are not linear, hierarchical or numbered.

DreamWalk® - An interdimensional journey of consciousness where the human or angelic guide stands in honor and compassion while illuminating the way for those who choose to experience the journey.

Ego - “Derived from your Latin word meaning "I". I-go. The ego was developed when you crossed through the Wall of Fire. It created a sense of identity for you. You spend so much time battling your ego, but it is an integral part of you. It is your one connection back to Home. The ego is transforming and changing. Instead of "I go" you are becoming "I Am."” ~ Tobias

Enlightenment - The realization of being wholly and completely in acceptance and love for yourself without reservation, having let go of all limitations of the human existence and fully integrated with every part of Self.

Facet - A unique and conscious expression of the soul, an act of consciousness. When fully integrated, every aspect becomes a facet.

First Circle - Home, the original existence of God or Oneness, also referred to as the First Creation. It is where we came from before embarking on this journey for Spirit.

Fruit of the Rose - A term used to describe the reminder we left for ourselves along our path or journey to Awakening. Ultimately we will find or stumble upon this reminder and rediscover the need to wake up, to remember that we are a Master. The Fruit of the Rose reminds us that we’re just playing this game of being a human, that “human” is only a small part of who we really are.

Gaia - The grand angel that agreed to come, breathe life into this rock and stay with it until the humans are ready to accept the responsibility for the care of Earth.

Gnost - Our “creative solution,” gnost is the part of us that solves problems beyond the capabilities of the mind. Gnost is reawakening now after being dormant for a long time. (variant of "Dei Un Gnost”)

God - Spirit or Source from which we came and which is also within us at the core; the divine creative essence within.

Home - The First Circle of creation; the original Oneness from which we came.

I Am - Your full sovereign Self, the You that you have always been which originated directly from the original Oneness of Home.

Imagination - The essence of creation energy, the beginning of all manifestation, imagination is not mental “visualization” but rather creative feeling and sensing.

'It doesn't Matter' - A phrase introduced by Tobias indicating that one already is whatever one desires and is now just going through the experience of getting there.

Kaikho™ - The strong inner desire and longing for life. It is within you, an inner truth, like a roaring lion, a deep passion that will have nothing else other than its own fulfillment. It is not the greed of human nature or simply wanting a better life. Kaikho is wanting absolute freedom or not to live at all.

Kasama™ - Destiny of the soul; the soul’s timeless realization that the future, including its enlightenment, is already here. (Related to the word “kismet.”)

Kharisma - The grace from within. The I Am in expression. The grace of the soul. Kharisma is the gift of grace, the authentic part of you that just wanted to be felt.

Kuthumi lal Singh - An ascended master in the non-physical reams who has had many lifetimes on Earth and delivers messages through Geoffrey Hoppe and many others.

Kyeper ("kay-pear") - According to Adamus an ancient Egyptian word, associated with the scarab or dung beetle, meaning creation, birth, creativity, bringing to life. It comes from the original understanding of Spirit, the divine creativity of consciousness. Kyeper: Spirit in expression, in being.

Lemuria - The first era of Earth experience when angels first learned how to descend their energy and embody into matter.

Makyo - Spiritual verbiage and platitudes that distract from the true experience of Self. Adamus also describes this as spiritual bullshit.

Merabh™ - A non-linear and non-mental energy movement that combines words, music and perhaps physical movement to create a quantum consciousness change.

Metatron - An archangel and member of the Order of the Arc. In 2007 Metatron took on the new name of “Yoham,” which means “Your voice in Spirit.”

Mirage - A small, simple personal ceremony that is done to acknowledge an “aha” moment or an experienced realization; it serves to ground the consciousness shift into your human reality.

Namaste - An acknowledgment of the God within one to the God within another.

Near Earth Realms - The non-physical realms surrounding Earth where the essence of many beings goes between lifetimes. It is a layer of consciousness closely related to Earth.

New Earth - A non-physical dimension with attributes of the physical Earth that serves as a library of Earth wisdom and experiences, and as a classroom for angels preparing to come to Earth for the first time.

New Energy - The next evolution of energy that allows the integration of duality, including our divine nature and our human nature. While the current energy is vibrational, new energy is expansional in all directions at the same time.

Nhahyu™ - A particular element of consciousness; used to describe consciousness, awareness, sensitivity and feelings. Nhahyu also means to dive into feelings, to experience them fully, and then let them go; wholly-embodied-and-fully-released. (pronounced nah-you)

Oh-Be-Ahn - An ancient greeting and blessing between time travelers as they encounter one another on their journeys. It means "I honor you for the journey, no matter where you are."

Oneness - The original Home, All That Was.

Order of the Arc (Archangels) - Created as a unified consensus of all energies and all angels, including ones considered both light and dark. All angels created this Order of the Arc to move to the next level of understanding and energy resolution.

Pakauwah™ - A totem or spirit animal created by you as an extension of your own essence to support your human experience.

Point of Separation - A moment when reality shifts from one cycle or spiral of experience to the next.

Processing - Examining, revisiting, reliving and analyzing events from the past in an effort to find healing and resolution; the antithesis of simple acceptance and integration.

Quantum Leap - Tobias said that on September 18, 2007 humanity experienced a quantum leap in consciousness, a time where everything moves at such a fast rate that consciousness no longer follows the old linear path. Instead, the quantum leap in consciousness allows for a new level of creativity, invention, scientific discovery and personal transformation.

Sam - A pseudonym for the current Earthly incarnation of Tobias, which he fully embodied on July 19, 2009.

Second Circle - All of creation, everything outside of the First Circle, both physical and non-physical, including the human realms. Also referred to as the Second Creation.

Sensual - Using all the senses to savor and relish the experience of life.

Sha-dhar™ - To infuse or breathe life into life. Also to infuse yourself into your life.

Shasat - The powerless life; releasing all need for power, power games, struggle, victimhood, etc; the state of living in total allowing without the need for power.

Shaumbra™ - The name used by Tobias and others for the group of humans going through the awakening process. Tobias claims the term originated during the times of Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), when people – many of them Essenes – would gather for secret spiritual meetings. Loosely translated in old Hebrew, the first portion of the word Shaumbra is pronounced “shau-home.” “Shau-home” means home or family. The second portion of the term is “ba-rah,” which means journey and mission. When these terms are put together, it is “shau-home-ba-rah” which means family that is on a journey and experiencing together. Tobias says that in the biblical times, a “shaumbra” was also a scarf or shawl that was worn by either male or female. It was a distinctive crimson color that let the others know it was time to meet. (pronounced Shom-bra)

Shoud - During a Shoud, the spiritual essence of the group of listeners is gathered together by a human or a non-physical being such as Tobias. The collective message of the group is then communicated back to the group via the channeler. In simplified terms, the audience is really listening to their own inner selves.

Souled Beings - When Spirit burst forth into expression, all souls came into being. Every souled being contains within itself the creative essence and sovereign energy of the Source in a unique and personal expression.

Source - Spirit, the source of life within you, the divine energy.

Spirit - Also called God, Source or the Eternal One, the divine spark that is within each souled being.

Standard - A Standard, as in “being a Standard of the New Energy,” is a guiding light, one who illuminates potentials for others. A Standard is also a teacher who shares what they have learned through their own experiences. By their own example, a Standard inspires others to see what can be done.

Temples of Tien - A special place in Atlantis where Shaumbra first gathered to study energy. Many Shaumbra know each other from their times of working together in the temples.

Third Circle - The energy or essence of the totally sovereign self, complete unto itself with need of nothing from the outside. Your own Third Circle is your state of ascension, your full and complete sovereignty.

Tobias - Featured in the apocryphal (biblical) Book of Tobit, Tobias is an angelic being from the spiritual teaching group called the Crimson Council. Tobias channeled public messages from August 21, 1999 through July 19, 2009, and is now incarnate in physical body on Earth. Tobias’ messages through Mr. Hoppe were lovingly given to encourage humans to accept their inner divine essence.

True Self or Higher Self - Our divine essence which is now awakening within us. The “divine angel within.”

Void - The nothingness outside of Home. After leaving Home, angels found themselves in the Void where nothing existed, not even darkness. Using consciousness and energy, the angelic beings created many physical and non-physical realms out of the Void.

Wall of Fire - The expansion of consciousness or knowingness beyond itself; a metaphor for the “doorway” leading from Home into the Void. The zone we crossed through going from the First Circle to the Second Circle.

Yeshua ben Joseph - Also known as Jesus; a human manifestation of the collective Christ Consciousness, brought to Earth by those who understood that it was time for the divine to meld with the human on Earth.

Yoham - According to Tobias, Yo-ham is “the name of you, God. Human divine.” It is also the new name of the archangel formerly known as Metatron, “your voice in spirit.” In Letter to Awakening Humans (June 7, 2008) Tobias said, “Metatron was known as your voice in spirit and now Yoham is known as your spirit in this reality, your spirit in the material practice, your spirit present in your life today.”

“Yoham” is also the name of the musical group consisting of Gerhard Fankhauser, Einat Gilboa and Amir Ya’acoby. A very popular group at Crimson Circle events, Yoham has collaborated on several musical productions with Tobias, Adamus, Kuthumi and Geoffrey Hoppe.