The main character in the biblical Book of Tobit? Leader of a high angelic Council? Young man living in the modern world? Tobias is all of the above, and so much more.

History: The Angel we know as Tobias lived many, many lifetimes on Earth. He takes his name from an apocryphal book of the Bible that records his lifetime as Tobit, an upright Jew in the lands of the Middle East. After being blinded in an unfortunate accident, Tobit’s son Tobias embarked on a journey to help take care of the family business. His subsequent adventure, complete with a pet dog, a giant fish and an angelic traveler in disguise, has inspired countless retellings in stories and paintings.

After miraculously regaining his eyesight, Tobit lived many more years before he died and eventually returned for one final lifetime. Once again he lived as a righteous Jew in the land of Israel, but this time his fortunes turned sour. Betrayed and imprisoned, his land and family stolen, Agos, as he was then known, languished in despair for many years. Ill and nearing the end of his days, an angel appeared to him in the form of a bird, singing at the window of his prison cell of wonders far beyond. Agos let go of his anger and hate, and surrendered to the greatest love he would ever know, that of his own soul. Releasing the physical limitations, he experienced true enlightenment, left his physical body behind and assumed his place in the angelic realms as a fully ascended Master.

Current Era: In 1999 Tobias, assisted by Gabriel, Metatron and many others, sent out the clarion call of awakening and reunion. His monthly messages, channeled through his beloved former son, now known as Geoffrey Hoppe, quickly found their way to the hearts of awakening humans, those whom he had worked together with in times long past. With his messages of love, comfort and freedom, Tobias offered unwavering support for humans in what he called “the biggest evolution of consciousness humanity has ever experienced.”

Tobias spoke through Geoffrey for ten years, and then chose to return to Earth for a long-awaited lifetime of celebration and joy. After years of preparation, Tobias gave his final message to humanity, released his angelic duties and fully entered his ten-year-old shell body “Sam” on July 19, 2009. Over the next 12 years he grew into a young man, experiencing love, adventure, heartbreak, and freedom. Finally, his desires for this lifetime fulfilled, Sam simply walked off the planet in December 2022, returning to the Ascended realms and service to humanity.

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