The Merlin I Am Series

SHOUD 11 – Featuring ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
August 7, 2021

I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain and not a lot of patience (laughter and Adamus chuckles). Ah! That’ll give you a heads up about this Shoud. Hello, dear Linda.

LINDA: Oh, yeah, okay. No patience.

ADAMUS: Patience. Umm …

LINDA: What?

ADAMUS: Are we missing something up here?

LINDA: What are you wanting?

ADAMUS: Is there …

LINDA: What?

ADAMUS: … something not here?

LINDA: Where’s your coffee?!


LINDA: Ohhh!


LINDA: Here comes the coffee.

ADAMUS: Now I get it (Kerri is rolling out a birthday cake). It’s, oh …

LINDA: (singing) Happy birthday …

ADAMUS: I’m so …

LINDA: (continues singing happy birthday and audience joins in) … to you!

ADAMUS: I don’t deserve this (laughter).

LINDA: Just when I was saying I’m going to be impatient (audience continues singing), and then they sing (Kerri rolls cake closer and audience finishes song). Do you see this, at the Ascended Masters Club, what they’re doing? (audience applause)

LINDA: Oh, but wait!

ADAMUS: Nothing for me up there.

LINDA: But wait!

ADAMUS: I had to come down here to get my birthday …

LINDA: But wait!


LINDA: It’s also Geoff’s birthday on the 26th (she begins singing “Happy Birthday” to Geoff and audience joins in).

ADAMUS: No, we don’t have time for that. We have a lot to do. No, he doesn’t need the singing (Adamus chuckles as Linda and audience continues singing). Thank you. Thank you.

LINDA: You deserve it, buddy (audience applause).

ADAMUS: But it’s also Vili’s birthday on the 23rd or 24th. Maybe … (Adamus chuckles). Thank you, thank you.

KERRI: Would you like a piece of cake?

ADAMUS: I would. Actually …

KERRI: You have to blow out the candles.

ADAMUS: Well, if you ask me to. Yes, be happy to.

KERRI: Blow it hard (some chuckles).

LINDA: Ohh! (laughter, as Adamus takes several tries to blow out most of the candles.) Ehh! Those aren’t funny candles, are they?

LINDA: Don’t spit on it.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yes. Now, and you’re going to serve this to everybody here with all this stuff going around and …

Kerri: No, no.

ADAMUS: Okay. Good, good. All right. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. As I was saying … (sighs, seeing one candle still burning) Maybe we need Kuthumi to do a good blowing job here (more laughter).

LINDA: Ooh, paybacks are hell! (she chuckles)

ADAMUS: So, as I was saying, Adamus, Sovereign Domain, all the rest of that, of not a lot of patience today. Not a lot of patience. I need that coffee.

LINDA: It’s right there.

ADAMUS: You’ve got to ask, to start the day with, I’ll do a little walkaround, because I want to keep the crew – I know, I realize – I want to keep the crew back there awake.


ADAMUS: The energies are going to get very thick in here. Not necessarily sleepy, but very, very thick. Good to see you again (to a Shaumbra and she responds “Thank you”). So you keep them busy back there.

Let’s take a good deep breath as we start the day, as we get going here with this Shoud. Good to see a lot of you who I haven’t seen in a while. I mean, I’ve seen you, well, I’ve heard from you, of course, but I haven’t seen you, seen you.

Doing good back here? I saw you doing your exercises before we started. You know the camera person exercises (moving fingers), getting warmed up for a long day with Adamus, getting those fingers loosened up. Everything okay technically so far? Good.


ADAMUS: It’s kind of questionable today. A lot of strange energies. A lot of strange energies. You probably haven’t noticed, have you? No.

Now, we’ve talked about this before, you know, the world is kind of crazy, but – excuse me a moment here. Would you like a bite?

LINDA: No, later. Are you talking about the cake? (some chuckles)

ADAMUS: Mm. Quite good. What’s in the air? (audience shouts “Smoke!”). Linda, microphone please. Isn’t there a song about that somewhere? Smoke gets in your eyes.


What’s In the Air?

So, what’s in the air right now? Feel into it for a moment.

KIRSTIE: There’s smoke in the air.

ADAMUS: There’s smoke in the air. Why is that?

KIRSTIE: Because Cauldre was out there for too long between – he was …

ADAMUS: (chuckling) Indulging.

KIRSTIE: … smoking on them things.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. So you’re saying the smoke in the air that’s covering most of the U.S. is from that (holding up a box of cigarettes).

KIRSTIE: Yeah, that’s all from you.

ADAMUS: Maybe he should quit. Yeah. So, okay, there’s smoke in the air, but from…?

KIRSTIE: It’s from the western part of the country burning down.

ADAMUS: Oh, okay. Just a trivial little thing. Okay. What else? Go more into the And. What else is going on on the planet right now? What’s in the air?

KIRSTIE: The fog of consciousness.

ADAMUS: Mm. True. Yeah, yeah. That’s good.

KIRSTIE: Or the lack of consciousness.

ADAMUS: Yeah, good. Okay. Thanks.

KIRSTIE: You’re welcome.

ADAMUS: Linda.

LINDA: More?

ADAMUS: What’s in the air? Well, yeah. This is my favorite part. I missed this. For so many months, I couldn’t do this. Greetings, David.

DAVID: Greetings!

ADAMUS: What’s in the air?

DAVID: (singing) Change, change, change!

ADAMUS: Oh, good, good (laughter). Good. You do that quite well. Yeah. What kind of change? I mean, that’s master of the obvious.

DAVID: A to Z. Everything.

ADAMUS: Everything. That’s a good answer. Everything. Good. If you were to measure that on a scale of one to 10, one being not a lot of change, kind of the way things have been going for the past couple thousand years and now, where are we right now?

DAVID: A hundred.

ADAMUS: A hundred, okay. Doesn’t follow directions very well (David laughs) – one to 10 – but typical Shaumbra …

DAVID: Yeah!

ADAMUS: … if you know what I mean. Okay, good. All right. Give me one example of a change.

DAVID: (pauses) Humans now beginning to integrate their divinity.

ADAMUS: Maybe (Adamus chuckles).

DAVID: That’s Shaumbra. That’s Shaumbra.

ADAMUS: Oh, Shaumbra. Shaumbra, I’d go for. Humans?

DAVID: No, that’s Shaumbra.

ADAMUS: How many think humans are really starting to integrate their divinity right now, joyfully, openly? Not so much. Yeah. Shaumbra, yeah.

DAVID: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Shaumbra, yeah.

DAVID: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Good. Thank you, David.

DAVID: Thank you.

ADAMUS: A couple more. What’s in the air? Take a deep breath. Now, get out of the mind here. Don’t think about Linda roving around handing the microphone. If you don’t want the microphone, wear a mask because she’s going to assume that you haven’t gotten vaccinated. So just put on that mask real quick. Nah, she already knows who you are.

What’s in the air, Tess? Hi! It’s been a long time.

TESS: Yes.

ADAMUS: Where have you been?

TESS: Everywhere.

ADAMUS: Everywhere! Been traveling a lot?


ADAMUS: Yes, you have been. Not on airplanes …

TESS: That’s what I was going to say, not in …

ADAMUS: … other ways.

TESS: … physically.

ADAMUS: You’ve been traveling a lot.

TESS: Yes, I have.

ADAMUS: Yeah. What’s it like out there?

TESS: (sighs) Human? Mass consciousness-wise?

ADAMUS: No, you’ve been doing a lot of interdimensional, you’ve been doing a lot of ethereal traveling around.

TESS: Yeah.

ADAMUS: I mean, yeah, I see you in all sorts of parts of creation. “Oh, there’s Tess! What the hell is she doing here?” (she chuckles)

TESS: (whispers) It’s just me!

ADAMUS: No, truly. Truly. You’ve been doing a lot.

TESS: Yeah.

ADAMUS: A lot of weird dream?

TESS: Yes.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

TESS: Yeah.

ADAMUS: A lot of traveling. How are you doing, like, overall, you know, your balance – physical, mental, psychic, spiritual, whatever?

TESS: For the most part, really more than ever grounding myself and really getting used to what my energy is and how to regulate it here or navigate it and discover it.

ADAMUS: Having more trouble being with other people?

TESS: More?



ADAMUS: Couldn’t be more! (they chuckle)

TESS: No, I would say smoother waters navigating the public than it was for me a couple of years ago.

ADAMUS: Good. Okay. So, what’s in the air?

TESS: Oh, you name it – particles, smoke, flood, fog, fire.

ADAMUS: Yeah, but now let’s feel into the consciousness.

TESS: Uh, mental. I would say mental imbalance.

ADAMUS: Mental imbalance.

TESS: I really feel anxiety out there.


TESS: And then that’ll come into my realms and I’ll have to – that’s what I mean by the navigation. You learn how to quicky glide …

ADAMUS: Yes. Good.

TESS: … in and out with your consciousness, because it’s thick and there’s a lot of cracking.

ADAMUS: Crapping? (some chuckles) Cracking, cracking. Okay, good. Thank you.

TESS: Yep.

ADAMUS: Appreciate it. Good to see you here. You’re doing a lot of the Oh-Be-Ahn stuff these days. I don’t know if the human realizes it so much, but I know you are. You’re out there. Yeah.

Iwona, how are you?

IWONA: I’m great, thank you.


IWONA: I’m grand! (she giggles)

ADAMUS: Good to see you again. Good.

IWONA: Good to see you.

ADAMUS: What’s in the air?

IWONA: Well, the thickness of mass consciousness and what I feel it’s like stretching the duality.


IWONA: If there’s floods in one part of the world and fires in the other, so that feels like duality is just getting pulled.

ADAMUS: Yeah, and it’s a good point to point out here that weather, the weather is generally shaped, created by consciousness. You know, you can study weather all day long and learn about the scientific parts of it, but what really affects weather on the planet is consciousness, and theoretically on the planet, theoretically, it should be pretty gentle, mild weather most of the time, not these ups and downs and everything else. That was from a long time. But right now it should be pretty mild and it’s not.

IWONA: It’s not.

ADAMUS: No. Weather is responding to consciousness and weather includes, for me it includes things like these wildfires and floods and everything else. What’s one of the things that’s going on related to the weather and the planet, the physical planet?

(she pauses)

Thinking too much. You had it there. You had it there and then you thought about it too much.

IWONA: Well, just like as I mentioned, the duality is being challenged right now.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Duality is being challenged and also right now, as we’ve talked about, Gaia is leaving. Gaia is saying, “Okay, humans. This is your place. You take over now.” And so much is coming up with that and in a way it’s chaotic, but in another way it’s actually very, very good because humans are having to pay attention to the planet like never before. And, you know, all things considered, it’s not a huge timeline that humans have to accept the responsibility of this planet.

Ehh, I’m kind of getting ahead of myself, but there is no planet in all of creation where the entities who inhabit it are going to be taking full responsibility for it. There are not many places in the universe where there are entities implanted, embedded, embodied on a physical structure like this, but for the ones that there are, there is no other group who are learning to take responsibility now for their planet, for their home place. It’s quite phenomenal and everybody, everything is watching what’s going on here right now. Yep. Good.

Just for the sake of time I’ll give my answer, what’s in the air, and feel it – Tess actually said it – anxiety. I think first you said mental imbalance, which is very true, but tremendous amount of anxiety on the planet right now, and it’s making you feel anxious, making all of you feel anxious.

What is anxiety? Linda, what’s anxiety? Not that you ever have it, but … (some chuckles) Being around Cauldre and me.

LINDA: Intense uncomfortableness.

ADAMUS: About what?

LINDA: Anything.

ADAMUS: Anything.

LINDA: Things that are beyond your control.

ADAMUS: Okay, the presumption that they are beyond your control. Okay.

LINDA: Right.

ADAMUS: So there is this tremendous feeling of anxiety everywhere on the planet right now, and you become aware of it in the visible, the things you can feel and see, like the strange weather, smoke or floods or whatever it happens to be. But what’s really happening, if you feel into it – and don’t go mental, just sense into it – tremendous anxiety.

Anxiety comes when people, groups don’t really understand what’s going to happen next. I think you have a saying here “when the other shoe falls,” but you’re not sure when it’s going to drop and what’s going to happen when it drops. Everybody knows at some sort of level, every human on the planet knows that there’s something up right now, and it’s not like before. It’s not like the other things. As David said, right now on a scale of one to ten, it’s a hundred in terms of the changes taking place. And if you really don’t understand what’s happening and if you don’t really kind of know the direction things are going in, what comes next – not the details but kind of the evolution of things – it is very frightening. It leads to anxiety.

Then what happens, somebody gets anxiety and they start thinking about it, as you might know. “Why am I feeling like this?” or even “What am I feeling? Why am I feeling like this?” And then they try to correct it in their mind. That creates the mental imbalance right there, because they’re trying to figure it out in their mind and the answer isn’t in the mind. The answer is there, but it’s not here (points to head).

Then they get anxiety. Anxiety takes away the breath. Anxiety causes a lot of things like sleeplessness and drinking too much or smoking too much of the marijuana. People then try to cope with and manage the anxiety in strange ways. Some do it in what I would consider very mentally and physically healthy ways. Go out for a long walk. Get away from the other people for a while. Get out of your head. Get out of all the logic that’s going through trying to figure out.

And Shaumbra, you’re experts at this. You almost invented it. You take it on yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” rather than saying, “What’s going on all around me? I’m fine. I’m really just fine. But why am I sensing all the anxiety, all the strangeness?” And then you go, “Oh, that’s right, because we’re going through a huge transformation right now,” and I can’t say that enough. It’s not one of these, you know, predictions into the future things that might happen. You’re right in the midst of it. It’s all right here, right now, and it’s precisely why you’re here.

You decided to come in right in the midst of all this anxiety that’s happening on the planet right now. It’s not yours. No, no, it really isn’t. You’ll fight me on that at times. We argue and go back and forth.

Tad, you’re one of my favorites (some chuckles). Oh! We argue back and forth. And I particularly like it after you’ve had about two glasses of wine, you and me arguing in the other realms – it’s spiritual wine – and you just argue and you get so … Gary’s going, “I know what he’s talking about.” (Gary nods his head.) Uh huh! Uh huh! And I like that because you’re feisty, you’re rambunctious. You’re not going to settle for anything other than what you came here for. You’re not going to get pushed off to the side or distracted but, boy, do you argue about things! And one of the things you argue with me about is what’s wrong with you. And I say, “Tad, there’s nothing wrong with you, other than you wonder what’s wrong with you.”

“Well, there’s something wrong with me because if there wasn’t my life would be …” And it’s like there’s nothing wrong with you. Once you accept that and once you settle into it, you’ll be fine and Gary will be much better (more laughter as Gary agrees). Namaste, Brother (Adamus chuckles). That wasn’t a twenty dollar, that was a hundred dollar! (more chuckles).

So there’s this tremendous anxiety. Could we just stop for a moment and realize, please, it’s not yours. It’s really not. You take it on. You feel it. You sense it. You get anxious. You get kind of all wacky and weird. We’re at the right place at the right time. The planet is at the right place. I will live and – I can’t die, so I’ll live and whatever – by the statement that everything is just the way it should be right now. We’re right on plan, a little bit ahead of schedule actually, for the planet.

Now, there are different ways to do things, but humans tend to choose oftentimes the way of suffering. I don’t want to get on the suffering kick today. I have some other rants to go through, so that won’t be one of them (some chuckles), but one of the things I’d like to do with Shaumbra who go forward after today, if we get that far…

LINDA: Is it going that far?

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I had my warmup recently, my practice run, and now I’m ready for the real thing.

One of the things we’re going to do is, we’ve … (Adamus sighs) It’s up to you, but it’s time that this whole concept of suffering on the planet changes. It is unnecessary, but it’s ingrained deeply. Every time you walk by a church and you see my buddy hanging there (laughter), if you know what I mean, it’s a reminder to everybody, “Suffer! Suffer! Suffer!” It’s just become a way on the planet, and what kind of bothers me is people have accepted this suffering. They say, “Well, it’s the way – it’s being human.” No! No, it’s not the way. And it’s one of our things we’re going to do in our new series, apparently already the name’s been released, “The Art of Benching.” We’re going to bench and there’s no agenda, but one of the things is to shine our light into suffering itself, right into the belly of suffering, into the bowels of this thing they call suffering, shine the light and to release it. Why suffer? Who would have …

So, if you had this perfectly clean open slate and said, “What would I like to do? I’m going to go this planet Earth. I’m going to take on a physical body.” Well, that’s suffering number one (some chuckles). Remember that next time you create a planet (more chuckles). But why the element of suffering? It’s just unnecessary. That’s one of the things to look forward to in our new series. But back to the point.

Anxiety is everywhere, and it’s not going to settle down. And people are – as Tess said, mental imbalance – they’re going to start really going crazy. Everything up to now has been a warmup, just getting ready for real crazy …


ADAMUS: … on the planet. Well, it’s true. You’re going to see it all around you. But please remember, as we go into our next series and you sit on your park bench, “Wow, we’re right where we should be.” Old things getting shaken up. COVID doing such a brilliant job of shaking things up at the deepest levels. Everything gets shaken up. For you, there’s not a thing to worry about, and I’m going to make sure of that, if I have to do some real butt kicking here today, which I will.

LINDA: And that’s going to help our anxiety? (laughter)

ADAMUS: Absolutely! Absolutely (Adamus chuckles). So pessimistic, Linda! Can’t you turn that into something good? “Thank you, Adamus, for coming along and making sure if we’re going to stay that we’re going to be healthy, wealthy and wise.”

LINDA: Or you’re going to kick our ass.

ADAMUS: No, today. Not later.

LINDA: Oh, oh, oh.

ADAMUS: Yeah, just today.

All right. So, question before we go any further. There’s this tremendous anxiety on the planet. Could you please take a moment to realize it’s not yours? It’s really not. You have some of your other anxieties, but they’re pretty small. Anxiety of “How do I…” – well, I’ll do that when I kick your butts later.


What’s Your Refuge?

So, what’s your refuge? What’s your refuge? What do you, as Shaumbra, as all of you, what’s your refuge right now? What do you do? You’ve got all this stuff around you, what do you do? Microphone, Linda, as I eat some more cake.

LINDA: I sleep.

ADAMUS: Mm. This is good, good enough for a king. Mm. Mm. What do you do, Vince? How do you cope?

VINCE: I withdraw.

ADAMUS: Withdraw, okay.

VINCE: And try and create my wall of silence.

ADAMUS: Okay. Good. Good. And how effective is that?

VINCE: It works.


VINCE: But it doesn’t carry over very well, yet.

ADAMUS: Carry over to where?

VINCE: The future time, the rejoining the world.

ADAMUS: Rejoining the world. Okay. Are you going to rejoin the world?

VINCE: I’m trying to avoid it (laughter).

ADAMUS: That’s a really interesting concept. Are you going to rejoin the world? Are you going back to the world that you came from? Anybody? No. No. You’re really not going to, and I guess it’s kind of sad, but not really. It’d be really sad if you said you have to go back. You’ll be very aware of humans and the planet. You’ll be very, very aware. But it’s not like going back and rejoining. They’re going to join you. No, and that’s, no, that’s good. She’s like, “Please no! The kids moving back in! No! Not that!” (more laughter)

It’s kind of like God, you know. You don’t go back home to Spirit. Spirit comes to you right here on this planet, right where you are. It’s kind of like that with – you’re not going to go back to humanity. To do what? No. One by one, hundreds then thousands, maybe millions, join you on this next level on – I’m going to call it the New Earth on old Earth level – they join you here and they realize, after criticizing you for so long, there’s something going on there. So they come to you.

So, Vince, you cope by your own time. Yeah. Good. Anything else? Any other recommendations for Shaumbra?

VINCE: Yeah. Rye whiskey.

ADAMUS: Rye whiskey. Okay. Good. Good. How much?

VINCE: Eh, a shot.

ADAMUS: In the morning. Another one at noon (Adamus chuckles). Good. Okay. Now, Cauldre really wants to stop me on this one, but I feel it’s important. By the way, being politically correct and dancing around things, let’s drop all that. Let’s just get right to it.

So, yeah, actually, if I was on the planet right now, I’d be drinking, and Cauldre’s worried that, “Oh, God, now every Shaumbra is going to go out and get drunk and became addicts and end up in AA and …” No. Right now some of you say, “Well, I shouldn’t have a drink or smoke a little pot” or whatever you do. Actually, it’s not going to throw you backwards. Once in a while, like in the morning, noon (laughter). No, really, once in a while give yourself that treat. And don’t think of it as like this evil shot of – what did you say – rye whiskey. No. It’s more like, “I deserve this. I really deserve this.”

And Cauldre’s fighting me on this, and he says, “Oh! You’re giving permission.” No, you don’t need permission. You’re doing it anyway (Adamus chuckles). Now enjoy it when you do.

It’s tough. It’s really tough, and if you try to be a saint on the planet right now, according to guidelines that aren’t really yours to begin with, if you’re trying to be holier than thou, it’ll crush you. So blow off steam when you need to blow off steam. Have a drink. Take time by yourself or whatever it happens to be. Let’s stop and breathe with that for a moment. You deserve it, okay? You deserve it. You’re not going to go backwards. I won’t let you. You’re not going to suddenly become a drunk – eh, may- … No, you won’t become a drunk (some chuckles). Every once in a while, for all that hard work you do, you need to gift yourself with something. You really do. You really do, and don’t feel guilty about it.

So back to the point. What’s your refuge? How do you cope? A couple more, Linda.

LINDA: Right here.

ADAMUS: Yes, hello, Ricki.

RICKI (woman): Hello.

ADAMUS: Long time. Missed you. I mean, missed you here.

RICKI: I’m glad to be back.


RICKI: Yep. I would say I use a combination of avoidance and distraction …


RICKI: … to a certain extent. I don’t watch TV, the news or I don’t do any of that or talk to people about anything controversial, because I don’t want to know what they have to say about it.

ADAMUS: Right. Right.

RICKI: I spend time in water. That seems to help me relax and …

ADAMUS: You ever thought about, like, just making up a conspiracy and seeing how far it’ll go? (she chuckles)

RICKI: It would take off.

ADAMUS: You know, see how gullible humans really are.

RICKI: Yes. Yes.

ADAMUS: And you quote some authoritative sources, which really don’t exist.

RICKI: Yeah.

ADAMUS: And you put it out there and talk about, you know, all these people around the world who are part of it. It’s actually kind of sick humor, but it’s fascinating if you do it from a researcher’s point of view and find out, you know, just how people – and right now more than ever they’re suckering into anything. Anything.

RICKI: Yeah, the amazing things that you hear …

ADAMUS: And some Shaumbra.

RICKI: … intelligent people say that they believe.

ADAMUS: Some Shaumbra – camera over here please – some Shaumbra, and I’ll kick you in the ass right now if I hear of any more of this conspiracy crap and I hear of any more of this “Adamus promoting vaccines or not promoting or anything.” I don’t want to hear about it again ever. Ever.

LINDA: What conspiracy?

ADAMUS: There are none. Humans are too stupid to really have conspiracies. And I mean it. Governments, in particular. No, they are. It can go a little ways, but the real conspiracy is that people are stupid enough to believe conspiracies in the first place and buy into them and ruin their lives – ruin their lives – because they’ve gone down the rat hole. Once you’re in the rat hole, it is very difficult to get out. It seduces you. It holds you in place. It twists your mind. There is some research being done right now, it’ll be out in a couple of months, what happens with the chemicals and the neurons in the mind when you get into conspiracies, and there’s a dramatic effect that it has on the brain itself, and it holds you in that place.

There is no place for any of you who are still into that and playing with that as we go forward. What we have to do here on the planet is beyond what you can possibly even imagine right how. But maybe by the end of today, you’ll have a better understanding (someone says “Ooh!”). I’ll have no tolerance for conspiracies whatsoever. It does not fit into the work of Crimson Circle and Shaumbra.

You are sovereign beings. Even if governments or businesses or rabbits and squirrels are conspiring against you – oh, no I heard one the other day, it’s the animal conspiracy – no matter what, you are sovereign. If there are conspiracies – real, not just made up, but if there really are – so what? So what? You’re here on the planet as a sovereign being. The moment you get into conspiracy, you get into duality. You get sucked down the rabbit hole. You forget about why you are here on the planet right now, and it’s not to do anything other than to be in your full consciousness. That’s it. Let’s move on. And I will have no tolerance of that. I’ll come and visit you. I’ll keep you from sleeping at night. I will do whatever it takes so we can get past this. It is really seductive and many of you know what it’s like. You’ve kind of gotten a little trapped in that and then you’ve gotten the best of yourself. We have other things to do here on the planet.

Conspiracies, first of all, what is a conspiracy? I mean, mass consciousness is a conspiracy by itself. You know, it’s a common consent. It’s a mutual agreement and, yeah, you get sucked into it, but then you begin to learn that “Hey, I don’t have to be like that.”

Sorry, Ricki, I’m ranting here. I’m warming up for my later rant.

LINDA: Oh, boy (a few chuckles).

ADAMUS: Conspiracies. What, is money a conspiracy? (someone says “No”) Money is a form of energy exchange, and sure there are people who are corrupted by it or do bad things with it, but it’s not a conspiracy. Is there a medical, pharmaceutical conspiracy? No, it’s just greed, at times (some chuckles). They don’t sit in back rooms going, “Let’s develop a conspiracy.” It’s like, “How much money can we make? What about the bottom line? Did you have a profit or loss this quarter? What about the shareholders? What about me?”

Are these conspiracies? No, it’s human nature. Don’t get caught in that. We have far too much to do. Back to the point. Where was I?

What’s your refuge? Your refuge is listening to me. That’ll distract even a horse (more laughter). Anything else, Ricki?

RICKI: I would say being around little kids. I play with my grandchildren.


RICKI: And I think that is one of the best distractions there is.

ADAMUS: But aren’t grandchildren conspiracies? (some chuckles)

RICKI: No! Never. 

ADAMUS: (chuckling) You can tell – I told you right up front I have no patience today, and this conspiracy stuff is just, it’s not what we’re doing here on the planet. It’s not. So just go beyond it. Yes, thank you.

RICKI: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Thank you. Okay, two more. What’s your refuge?

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: How do cope with all of this that’s going on?

LINDA: Oh, my god. Somebody raised their hand (Linda chuckles).

ADAMUS: Somebody actually raised their hand. They have to go to the bathroom, Linda (some chuckles). Yes, and don’t mind me having my cake and eating it too.

STEPHANIE: I drive a really fast car …

ADAMUS: What kind?

STEPHANIE: … and play really loud music. A Corvette convertible.



ADAMUS: Linda was talking today about getting one.




LINDA: A red one.

STEPHANIE: Well, anyway!

ADAMUS: She’d have to get a lawyer if she got one, because all those speeding tickets (some chuckles). So you just get out there …

STEPHANIE: I get in life. I love life.

ADAMUS: Hell be damned. Yeah.

STEPHANIE: I love life.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Do you get a lot of speeding tickets?

STEPHANIE: You know, no. I have this Griffey that goes out there and looks ahead …

ADAMUS: Oh, good, good.

STEPHANIE: … so that I don’t get tickets along the way.

ADAMUS: Yeah. So when are you going to take me out for a ride?

STEPHANIE: Oh, please, how many times have you been in my car?

ADAMUS: Well, but I mean, a couple, but you scare the hell out of me, quite frankly! (they chuckle) And I’m not even in physical body!

STEPHANIE: (they chuckle) Holy brother!

ADAMUS: Good. So that’s a good way of just blowing through the energies.

STEPHANIE: Yeah, that and nature. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

ADAMUS: You take your Corvette in nature?

STEPHANIE: Hell, yeah, with my fishing pole.

ADAMUS: Oh, sure, sure.

STEPHANIE: You know, and I just zip out and I don’t need to spend months alone anymore. I lived in a family. That has all changed and it’s beautiful.

ADAMUS: There’s kind of a nice metaphor in that. It’s very symbolic and poetic. So, you’re on the open road by yourself, fast vehicle.

STEPHANIE: The top down.

ADAMUS: You don’t have to abide by all the human rules. The top down. You’re in nature.


ADAMUS: That’s pretty good.

STEPHANIE: It works.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Yeah.

STEPHANIE: And really good food. Sometimes it’s jelly beans or weird socks. I mean, you know, it’s just …

ADAMUS: Hello. Hang on a second (she laughs). I’m not connecting the dots here. Jelly beans and socks.

STEPHANIE: Yeah, like weird foods or …

ADAMUS: Weird foods.

STEPHANIE: … flavored …

ADAMUS: Your socks are good food?

STEPHANIE: No, but I have magic socks that I wear to, like, find my location on the planet.

ADAMUS: Okay, sure. And jelly beans.

STEPHANIE: And jelly beans, yeah.

ADAMUS: I’m going to try that next month …


ADAMUS: … if I ask Kerri to have some jelly beans on hand (they chuckles). Good.

STEPHANIE: So, I do a lot of things to love it here.

ADAMUS: Good. Thank you.

STEPHANIE: But I’m not really sure about that, because I’m not real good at the human thing.

ADAMUS: Eh, yeah. Learning. So, coping. I’m done, Linda. Thank you. Coping.

LINDA: One more?


LINDA: You said two more.

ADAMUS: No, I didn’t.

LINDA: Yes, you did. And that was one and there’s two.

ADAMUS: Go ahead then. Yes.

REHAN: How do I cope?


REHAN: I’d agree with Shaumbra here, driving a nice car.


REHAN: Beautiful French wine, beautiful food, duck à l’orange.


REHAN: Love reading. I read very nerdy Star Wars, Star Trek novels and I love it.


REHAN: I gave up reading autobiographies and all that.

ADAMUS: We’re going to talk about Star Wars today.

REHAN: Oh, great.


ADAMUS: I’m just – this is the warm up (they chuckle). So we are going to talk about it. Good.

REHAN: And just doing what I want, not what I should.

ADAMUS: So, what profession are you in?

REHAN: I’m an attorney.

ADAMUS: You’re an attorney.

REHAN: Yeah. I can help you with the speeding tickets.

LINDA: (chuckles) I’m going to remember that! Whooa!

ADAMUS: Tad injured her ankle here, so she needed an attorney. You already talked to her!

REHAN: Well, I’m not that kind of an attorney (they chuckle).

ADAMUS: So, attorney, that’s interesting because you’re right in the thick of mass consciousness, I mean its rules.

REHAN: Oh, yes. Everyone is operating on the human, on the victim.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Yeah.

REHAN: And I find by just projecting my Master’s energy, defuse the room, I could be sitting – well, these days it’s virtually, right?

ADAMUS: Right.

REHAN: Eight people in a meeting, defuse them all. No problem. I did that the other day.

ADAMUS: Do you ever feel the games they play?

REHAN: Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

ADAMUS: Because you’re gathered around the lawyer’s table, it is intense.

REHAN: Absolutely, but you can read it, nonverbal cues.

ADAMUS: Exactly.

REHAN: You can feel their energies.

ADAMUS: Exactly.

REHAN: And I have a good time with it. I just have fun with it now.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Good. Thanks. And some of the things you mention, how you cope, again, it’s treating yourself.


ADAMUS: Have a good meal, a good glass of wine, a walk in the park, a drive in your fast car, whatever it happens to be. Please gift yourself with these things. Don’t feel one bit guilty about them. You’re going to need them. Good. Thank you.


Merabh of Refuge

Coping. A lot of different ways to cope, a lot of different things you can do, but one thing I’d like to remind you of here in this – we’re going to play a little music, have a very short merabh and another one later – but I’d like you to remember this very simple thing, and let’s do this with some music.

(music begins)

It’s so easy to get into that mind game, “What should I being doing?” And you know what that’s like, the mental struggle. You try to justify or rationalize things. It does not work.

It’s your own personal conspiracy. It brings you into your own personal rat hole. You start thinking, “Why did this happen? Why did that happen? I’m feeling terribly stressed out, what can I do?”

You lay awake at night tossing and turning, worrying, picking up the anxiety that’s everywhere. It’s as thick as the smoke here is today. And it’s not going to get you anywhere.

Like I said, I call it your personal conspiracy, “What’s wrong with me?” I mean, that’s a big personal conspiracy, and then you just keep going deeper and deeper into your own conspiracy theories, and you never really get anywhere, as the conspiracists do not either. It never goes anywhere.

So, what you do is you take a deep breath, and you realize, first of all, “I Am that I Am. I Exist.”

And then, without thinking it but rather feeling it, remember that everything that you’re going through right now is natural. It’s all natural.

You can’t nor should you think your way out of it. You should not build any false bridges right now. A false bridge is you’re trying to rationalize everything and trying to make sense of things and say, “I need to build a bridge from here to there,” and then you’re going to need another one from there to here, and pretty soon you’re building false bridges all over. They don’t get you anywhere.

All those false bridges just bring you right back to where you are right now. That’s a good thing probably, because the false bridges, in a way, are telling you that it’s right here, right now.

You’re exactly where you should be.

And the mind jumps in, “Oh, but what about this? What about …” All right. We’ll talk about that in just a bit, but you’re exactly where you should be. And when you can accept that, you take a deep breath – and it’s not a mind game, it’s an acceptance or an allowing – you take a deep breath. Wow!

And then the amazing thing is, “In spite of myself, how did I ever get here? I mean, how did I arrive exactly where I should be, exactly where I wanted to be? With all the self-conspiracies and all the external distractions, how is it possible that I even landed right where I’m supposed to?”

I’ll explain that in just a moment. But right now, take a deep breath and realize this is all natural and you’ve got some amazing guidance. It’s called the Master, the soul. And I know you don’t really quite yet understand how to really communicate with that part of Self, but in another way you really do.

There is a communication going on the whole time. It’s not in human words, human languages, but there is that communication.

The refuge is just stopping for a moment like this and saying, “Wow! This is all natural. I don’t have to work at it. I don’t have to fight it. I don’t have to build these false bridges. It’s all right here.”

That is real trust. That is real allowing, because you’re in this place of realizing you don’t have to work at it. That’s the false bridge – “I’ve got to work at it. I’ve got to figure this out. I’m on my own. I’ve got to worry about what’s coming tomorrow.” No, you don’t. That was the old self. Not anymore.

It’s just about taking a deep breath and smiling at yourself, like, “In spite of me, in spite of all my human foibles, I’m right here – damn! – right where I should be. How is that even possible?” I’ll explain it in a moment, but how is that even possible, how you got here. In spite of all the crazy things you did and all the worrying and all the pretenses and games, you got here.

So that’s your refuge, just stopping for a moment or driving along at 100 miles an hour, doesn’t matter, but realizing you don’t have to work at it.

You got here and that’s the important thing. Stop wondering what’s wrong with you. What’s wrong with you is that you got so used to building these bridges, you thought that was what you’re supposed to do. You realize there’s not a bridge that needs to be built at all.

Let’s take a deep breath. Your refuge is you. It’s the natural, the natural beautiful piece of yourself.

Good deep breath and let’s have some cake. Mm. Too good. Cauldre’s all, “Oh, the sugar! You’re going …” You know, no. I mean, it’s energy. It’s flowing through my body. Am I acting any different or weird – sugar and coffee? (Adamus chuckles) All right.


Star Wars & Earth Origins

Let’s go on to the next step. Star Wars. You like Star Wars?


ADAMUS: Yeah! Yeah! George Lucas, brilliant and the whole Star Wars. Up through what part, you know, which Star Wars did you like the best?

REHAN: I think episodes four, five, six.

ADAMUS: Four, five, six.

REHAN: And number one.

ADAMUS: Yeah, and one. Yeah. And then they got a little bit commercialized but, you know, still a good point.

I’m going to point out something interesting. Star Wars, that opening line. What was that opening line that’s so familiar now, part of the human lexicon? (audience members start saying it quietly) They’re mumbling. “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.” A long time ago. That is the key.

So most people, it kind of goes past them, I think. So, you’ve got these spaceships and they’re traveling around, and you’ve got these huge space colonies and floating around out there and you think, “Well, that’s in the future.” Oh, no, my friends. That’s the past. That’s where you came from. That’s where you came from.

Before this place of Earth ever really came to be, there was life that you could say was somewhere between the physical realm and the ethereal realm. It wasn’t crystalized yet like it is here. It was actually on Earth itself, this planet, where life as you know it in your biology became crystallized.

There are realms out there where you did go in these space colonies, and the mind jumps in and thinks of hard matter, like you have it right now. It was somewhere in between. Somewhere in between biology and a light body, somewhere in between a wall like this that’s hard and no wall at all.

I invite you to feel into that for a moment. Before you ever came to this planet, life existed. It wasn’t just all gossamer, airy-fairy, light and no value. It was the beginning of what you would call matter. The beginning of matter.

And that past, long before you ever came to the Earth, that past is still there and it’s still buzzing around in outer space in colonies, and there are still – from way back when – there are still many, many places in the physical universe that are really just being birthed right now. It’s all happening right now.

Once you really allow yourself to go into the æterna, you realize it’s all there, it’s all happening, and it’s not like what you’ve learned about evolution. Evolution basically has part of it right, but a huge part of it wrong, in all due respect to Charles Darwin.

Darwin was looking at it from a very narrow focused viewpoint, and in that perspective, evolution is brilliant. He talks about the survival of the fittest. He talks about millions and millions and millions of years of the evolutionary process. To a degree, that’s correct. But to another big degree, it’s missing the point. If it is based simply on linear time, then it would appear to be true, but the fact is there really is no linear time. I mean, there is, but it’s not all that there is.

As I pointed out in ProGnost, time is fracturing right now on the planet. That’s why people are so anxious. They’re used to the patterns of the past, the linear past, and it’s starting to break apart right now. They’re going to have difficulty coping with it. You won’t have to at all. You’re going to be enjoying your life, realizing that time is relatively inconsequential, unless you want it to serve you, realizing that right now there’s part of you that’s in one of these pre-Earth colonies buzzing around the universe.

Your physical universe is made up of some very, very primary elements. There’s really just 10, but three of them – only three of them – are important. Hydrogen, helium – hydrogen makes up 70 percent of the matter in the universe, helium makes up 28, 29 percent – oxygen, less than one percent. That’s your reality. That’s the structure that creates everything in your physical universe and in the quasi-physical universes, in the universes that aren’t quite so crystallized as here.

So, when you feel into it – you know you get so ingrained in life and everything – you look out there and you look in here, you look anywhere, you look at the news, you look at other people, it’s just hydrogen, helium and a little bit of oxygen and a few other very minor trace elements, 10 in total. But those are the biggies. That’s all reality is. It is very flexible. It’s not that immalleable. It’s very flexible. That’s all you’re dealing with in physical reality.

Now, those are the elements of matter, but there are other variables in there. There’s something called quanta. We’ve talked about it in Keahak, but quanta is about a million times smaller, you could say, than the atomic structure itself. The atomic structure is observable to humans these days. Quanta is not yet.

So, you’ve got quanta, which is not really in time or space at all, but it is time and space, in a way. We’ll get into it a lot more in Keahak. The point is that all of this isn’t linear. All of it is not solid and strong, and right now it’s all changing very quickly.

Evolution is okay to a point, but the fact is that you take flexible time now, and the whole theory of absolute evolution of species goes out the window. You can transcend evolution. You can accelerate evolution as it is happening on the planet right now, through technology. You’re accelerating evolution at a pace never seen before on the planet or anywhere else in creation. There’s no other life form, planetary life form that is going through the rapid change of what you call evolution, like it’s happening on the planet right now, and all of the cosmos is watching what happens here right now.

This planet, which you scoff at sometimes, but this planet is the planet where love was first experienced. This planet is a planet where life became crystallized and embedded on the planet. Others right now, they’re not really planets, but they’re – let’s call them realms – they’re getting there slowly, but it’s all happening right here. Everybody’s watching. The Ascended Masters, the Crimson Council, the angelic beings are all watching. Every New Earth right now is watching what’s happening here, and you wonder why there’s such anxiety. It’s changing very, very fast right now.

The biggest ingredient is that right now, instead of a time-based evolutionary process, whether it’s regarding the biology, the mind, the spirit right now, can be transcended quite easily by understanding that there is the And, that there is timelessness, that right now your past in these, I’m going to call them, Star War periods, and, you know, there’s the movies that are out and that, the initial concept was channeled, was tapped into by George Lucas. Now they’re kind of overly commercialized, but it is really kind of on track for what really happened out there, what is happening, in a way, to you right now way back then. And you know the end result of it, we talk about it in Journey of the Angels, everything came to a slowdown. Everything came to a slowdown, and it was wondering if energy would come to a total impasse. That’s the Star Wars that hasn’t been produced yet. Everything stops.


Transcending Time

So, bringing it to now, what we’re doing is, with all the other changes that are happening on the planet, evolution happening at an extremely fast pace now prompted by technology but also time warping, for lack of a better word, time warping, because you can literally now be in the past while you’re right here, back in those times of communities floating around in space, with some amazing technologies, all things considered. But it’s also the future, the future that you would say is 20, 30 years from now can be right here, right now for you.

When you understand all that – and this is simply a matter of allowing. Don’t think about it too much. You know, feel into it. Feel into it but it’s going to happen anyway. You don’t have to make it happen. Let me put it in a very much better way. You’ve already made it happen. Now it’s just about experiencing it.

You’ve already made it happen where you transcend time, and it’s a little scary at first when you do. But you suddenly transcend time itself and suddenly the future 20 years from now, you as an Ascended Master without your suffering, without your physical problems and without your stupidity about abundance – did I say that? (some chuckles) yeah, I said that – aren’t there anymore. They’re not there, because you’ve allowed the future, that you have basically chosen, to be here now and then to live that. You’ve blown up time. But it’s in the And. You can still enjoy driving down the road in your Corvette. It’s a time-based experience – time and speed – you can still enjoy that.

What I’m saying here is it all converges right now – everything, the past. The past is just waiting and, you know, the past is transformed in the moment of Realization. The past suddenly is not the past anymore. In other words, you have these things that have happened to you a lifetime ago or back in the Star Wars time that’s occurring right now. They’re looking for answers. They’re trying to find solutions. They’re battling with each other. They’re stealing energy. They’re doing all these things. There’s power, there’s dominance. That all stops and changes.

Tobias said it a long time ago, the future is the past healed. The future actually heals the past, another way of saying it. There is a transformation that goes on, on an epic proportion as you allow yourself to be what you’ve already decided that you’re going to be, if that makes any sense. You don’t have to sit here and say, “Oh, this is what I want to happen. This is where I go with all this. This is how I want the script written.” You did that a long time ago and you also did it in the future. You did it way back here and you’ve done it many times, but you’ve also done it in the future. It says, “This is the way I want it to turn out.” And then it comes together right now.

Bottom line, stop stressing about it. Let’s just move on with it. Let’s go on to where you actually really want to be right now.

So that being said – heh! – let’s just feel into that for a moment. It’s such a beautiful, beautiful thing. When you let yourself go of the shackles of the past and the worries of the future, mass consciousness and all the rest of that, that’s a big I Am moment. Then you stop worrying about the little stuff, the annoying little stuff. You transcend all that.


Everything is There

So, what you have right now here is an evolutionary process that’s becoming revolutionary in terms of the fact that you’re now injecting No Time or Æterna into the perspective of everything that’s happening evolution-wise, if that makes any sense at all (chuckling). Phew! Yeah. But doesn’t it feel good, even if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? (some chuckles) It’s like, bottom line, the better way of saying it is stop worrying about it. You’ve already made the choices. You’ve already made those choices. You made the choice to stay here. You made the choice for your Realization. That’s why we don’t really worry about it. The next thing for you is to do what you came here to do.

You have every tool. There’s not a tool that you are missing, and if you think so, then you’re a tool (some laughter). I knew Linda would like that (Linda laughs). The only one laughing.

There is nothing missing right now. Any of you, nothing, nothing, nothing missing. That’s another big game was, “I still don’t have some of the pieces.” You’ve got every piece. You’ve got every answer. Sometimes go into the And for answers. Sometimes you just say, “Well, you know, I’ve got this table here and I just don’t see the answer on the table.”

Stop and take a deep breath. There are many tables, maybe not in the human vision, but there are many tables and all the answers, all the tools are right there. Sometimes you just have to pose that question, whatever it may be that you have, or ask for the solution, and then stop for a moment, take a deep breath. It will be there for you, if you allow yourself into the And. It may not be that thing that the human would have necessarily thought or even wanted, but it’s there.

Every answer is there. That’s why I dislike when Shaumbra say “I don’t know,” or the other one that’s just as toxic, “Well, let’s just wait. Let’s see what happens.” No. No, because you’re just basically telling yourself, “I don’t have the answers” and you’re waiting for the big lightning bolt to come along. Your Realization is on that table.

Some of you are, “Well, when’s it going to come?” It’s like, would you just look? It’s already there. That’s all you have to do is accept it and allow it.

“Well, I don’t see the table.” Get out of your brain then. Go into the And. There are many tables. There are many realities.

Listen, you’re going to get behind the times on this. Science, you know, hardcore linear science is already understanding that particles can go in and out of reality. They zip over to another realm that maybe is not detectable by their current measurement systems, but they know that there are other realms. Don’t get behind the times. Don’t say, “Well I don’t see the other tables.” They’re there. Maybe they’re not in the physical, but they are there. Slip into the And. Every answer, your enlightenment, everything is right there just waiting for you.


Why You’re Here

So, the point here is that you came here for a purpose, to be on this planet, and I’ve said this time and time again, but now we’ve got to get down to the nitty gritty. We’re moving out of the Merlin I Am Series and we’re going to start with the, it’s being called The Art of Benching Series. We’ve got some big work to do, but it’s easy work. It’s fun work. It’s not real hard work at all. But if you bring your crap there, you know what’s going to happen; I can already tell you, I looked into a potential future that now I close the door on, but if you come into the next Series in what we’re really doing here on the planet – maybe it should be called “The Real Frickin’ Reason Why We’re Here on the Planet” series (laughter). Linda would like that.

If you go into this next Series with us and you’re still worrying and doubting and you’re stilling carrying baggage with you, you’re going to end up just – here, I’ll act it out. Okay.

Here is the Shaumbra bencher that has accepted that “I Am that I Am. I’m here. It all works out. I don’t need to worry about a thing.” So here’s how they bench (Adamus sits calmly with his hands together, eyes closed and a smile on his face). Like that. They kind of look kind of stupid I guess (Adamus chuckles).

Then here’s the Shaumbra who hasn’t, who’s still worrying about everything and still searching and trying to find things and filled with all these unanswered questions and still stressing and wondering what’s wrong with them. And they’re benching like (his face scrunches up into a grimace, body tight) they look like they’re constipated, and they don’t know when it’s going to fly or not (more laughter), but they’re really worried about that, “What if I un-constipate right here?”

You see, you’re going to be benching and really worrying – not benching at all – and you’re going to be trying to project your agendas, and you’re going to be thinking of other things. You’re not just going to be benching. Benching is just shining, illuminating. That’s it. And it feels really good. Some of you are thinking, “Oh, God, that sounds boring. I’m just sitting on a bench doing nothing. I’ve got to do something.” No, you don’t. It feels really good. It’s actually a huge release. It’s like a huge letting go, and it’s realizing you’re so into your passion, the reason for being here on the planet. No agenda. No trying to – we’re going to be doing some group benching stuff, it’ll be kind of fun – no agenda. You don’t have to change a damn thing in yourself or the world. Nothing. But let’s get rid of the crap now. Let’s – no pun intended – but let’s do a little butt kicking here.


Adamus’ Rant

So, we recently had a Threshold event, from here I believe it was – Threshold – and during Threshold they allow for questions and answers. I’m not always thrilled about that because, you know, it’s the same old questions all the time, even though I give different answers, but it’s the same question. I got on to a rant and it was kind of fun for me. And, Linda, what’d you think of my rant, my Threshold rant?

LINDA: Just another rant.

ADAMUS: Just another rant. I thought it was a kind of special rant that I did. I took off. There were some questions and it just so struck me that after all this time together I’ve got to keep saying the same thing. So I’m going to say it again today and I’m going to rant today and then we’ll just get over these things.

If there is anything in your life that you think you don’t like, it’s there because you like it. Anything – people, diseases, failures – anything, anything in your life. If there’s pains in your body, if there are abundance issues, it’s because you’re in love with it.

That’s my rant. That’s true, otherwise it wouldn’t be there. And I’ve been criticized of being a little callous about it, but it is so true. And when you realize that, when you realize you can’t blame anything else, you can’t blame a past life. You can’t blame it on the fact that you’re not just getting all this wonderful, amazing, wise information. When you realize if it’s in your life, because you’re still loving on it. You’re still getting something from it. You’re still playing a game, and we’ve got to bring that to a head right now. Anything.

You’re not a victim to anything. If you understand that the energy is all yours, you’re the damn creator, you can do what you want, I don’t want to hear these excuses, “But I’ve tried.” No, you haven’t. You’ve tried – with the abundance thing – you’ve tried, you think maybe work a little harder or something like that, but you’re still holding on to the old issue of abundance, the “Poor me” and “I just don’t know better” and “Money’s bad” and all the rest of these. You’ve got to let it go. Or be with it, but don’t continue forward with Shaumbra and Crimson Circle. Just don’t. Go back, be in your poverty pity party, and have fun until you’re ready to get out of it.

What we’re doing now has such huge implications, not just on you and your life, which obviously is number one, but what it does for the planet right now and what it does for all of creation right now. I know sometimes you think, “Well, I’m just this little speck of consciousness in this great big sea of consciousness,” and “What effect do I have?” and “I’m not that important,” and “Look at my life, I didn’t do anything.” Shut the fuck up! (some laughter) I mean, really, shut up. Next time I hear that I’m going to breathe fire right down your neck and it’s going to come out your butt (more laughter), because I am … (Adamus chuckles)

Don’t touch my coffee. I’m trying to make a point here and I can’t be nice about it anymore, stop dragging it with you.

LINDA: You’re giving me bad lessons that Geoff will not be able to handle (they chuckle).

ADAMUS: So, if they’re still happening in your life, it’s because you’re still getting something. Maybe you’re addicted to it, but then get over the addictions. Maybe you still like the suffering. Get over the suffering. Nobody is inflicting anything on you. You may buy into mass consciousness, you may buy into your family, ancestral game and all the rest of that, but get over it now. We have big things to do right now. 

It’s a very small group on the planet. There are others who are doing – mm-mm – kind of similar work there, actually copying what we’re doing (audience says “Ohh!”). You know what they say thought, imitation is yada, yada, yada. But there’s not a lot. It doesn’t take a lot, but there’s not a lot on the planet. And I don’t want to give numbers right now, we’ll do that at the upcoming Time of the Merlin event when St. Germain speaks talking about the numbers. But let’s say, all in all, serious Shaumbra, I mean, serious Shaumbra, what would you guess? (someone says 5,000) Five thousand? That’s close. A little bit higher than that. Yeah. We’re talking under ten (thousand) to affect the planet – not to change the planet – but to affect the planet. It’s not a lot.

It’s the reason why you came here. No other. It’s the reason why you waited for your Realization, and it’s time we’re going to do it. We’re not going to do it noisily. We’re not going to do it beating our chest. We’re not going to do it expecting accolades or prizes or free vacations to Paris or anything like that. We’re going to do it because you chose to do it.

It’s a small group, but we need to be clear going forward. We need to be clear. There is no room – if you have an abundance issue, I’m sorry, but you face it right now. It’s your issue. You’re loving it. I want you to look at why you love it.

If you’re facing any issues, let’s say, with health. Health. These health problems aren’t because you live in a dirty society filled with germs and bugs and everything else or your ancestors or whatever. It’s because there’s something that you love about it. There’s no place going forward for suffering, and I will call you out on it. I will call you out.

What you’re doing here on this planet right now, your human mind right now couldn’t imagine. But you could actually take a deep breath and just feel into it for a moment. It’s not little. I mean, it’s – I would almost venture to say that if you really, really understood the implications, that it would scare the crap out of you, which is probably good. But what a little bit of consciousness on the planet right now does, not only for Earth and humans but for the Star Wars that are going on right now, for the future in these next 10, 15 years are going to be monumental for Earth.

For this point of singularity, approximately 2050, approximately, where everything just goes off the charts. But which way is it going to go off the charts? It depends on the consciousness that is available right now, and it doesn’t mean trying to change the world, trying to solve poverty or hunger or the environment. It simply means being able to openly and freely shine your light without worry that somebody’s going to come and steal your light, without having to regulate or guard your light, your consciousness. It means doing it openly and freely. But you can’t do it if you’re still loving some of these issues that are in your life. We’ve got to move past these, got to move past them.

The greatest battlefield right now for you is in your mind, going back and forth with yourself, trying to figure things out, building more false bridges. Time for that to end. Everything you need is there. Just stop, take a deep breath and let it come to you. It’s that easy. You cannot build it or make it or fabricate or anything like that, but you can stop and let it come to you, and it will. It has to. It has to.


Merabh for the Physical Issues

So right now, I want to address here the issue that many of you are struggling with, something that FM is going to address in a few weeks at our gathering, your physical issues right now. A lot of you faced with very difficult physical issues. A lot of you just with the aches and pains. Let’s stop for a moment now and do this kind of merabh for the physical issues.

Let’s bring the lights down, the music up.

(music begins)

I say that, okay, these physical issues that you have, they’re yours. I mean, they’re yours. There’s something you like – maybe “like” isn’t the right word – but something that you’re still getting from the suffering of the physical body. There’s something that is maybe reminding you how human you are and what kind of a false state that is.

But if you’re having a physical issue – cancer, diabetes, heart problems, aches and pains, whatever it happens to be – you want people to kind of feel sorry for you and you want to feel sorry for yourself. There’s no place for it anymore.

Your body is responding to your need for attention by giving you it. But then you say, “No, no, I don’t like the pain.” Eh, aah, eh, eh, yeah, you do. Otherwise, it would not be there.

You are a sovereign being, and even though you’ve come down or descended or whatever you call it into physical matter, it doesn’t take away that you are truly a sovereign being and that it’s all your energy and it’s there to serve you.

If there are physical issues going on in your body – I don’t care what it is, digestive issues or gout or earaches or whatever – it’s because you’re still holding on to them.

Then you get so in the fog about it, how it ever got there in the first place, what it’s doing, and it’s so overwhelming to your mind, you say, “I don’t know. I just have this thing. I don’t like it, and I don’t want it.” And maybe you take some medications or whatever for it. But, damn it, you’re still finding something in it. It’s time to get over that.

We’re going to bench and I don’t want to be benching with wheelchairs and canes (some chuckles). I want to see healthy Masters sitting on these park benches. You might be getting, what, senior, as they call it. That’s fine. A little bit of gray hair goes a long way in the perception that people have. But health issues? Heh, I was going to say, “What’s wrong with you?” but you already know. You’ve got this health issue and, damn it, it’s got to be gone.

Now, you don’t have to go in and figure out what it’s doing to serve you, because then you’re going go to get back into that duality battlefield of the mind and you’ll never figure it out. But you can tell yourself that you are absolutely done with it, it’s not serving you, it’s not what you’re choosing, and it needs to be gone. And then, damn it, expect that it’s going to be gone.

Expect that there’s a transformational process that includes the bending and shaping of time – basically, as you say, going into the future, but occurring right now – that resolves this issue, because in the future you are not sick.

In the future, you are not old and broken down. You’re not having to get up every morning and take medication to solve some problem. In the future, you are healthy. I know it.

You don’t have to try to figure out, “Okay, what am I still getting from this physical issue?” It’s about saying, “I’m ready to let this go and now I do it.” Don’t think about it. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Don’t get into the mind games. It’s like “It is done now.” And then stop and take a deep breath in the moment and let the future go to work for you.

And as that happens and these old energies of physical issues start to go away, there is something that happens. It’s very – I need you to feel into it, don’t get too mental – but there’s something that happens, going back to our Star Wars period where you were not yet fully crystallized in biology.

There’s a process back there, an evolutionary process that was eventually sped up by some other energy things that pushed you into this deep biology, deep-state biology.

But right now, as the future of the healthy you come into you right now, as you say, “I will not tolerate physical issues anymore,” something is happening back there in the past, in the quasi- or the non-crystallized physical and changing that.

It’s changing the far past so that you’re not susceptible or vulnerable to the pains and the suffering of the physical body.

You’re changing your own Master Code from eons of time ago, long before Earth, and you’re doing it right now.

That’s what you’re here for, amongst other things, but to say, “It’s time to let all that in right now” – what is bespoken in the future, what is tailored for you, by you in the future and what is bespoken for you in the past – and let it occur right now.

It’s not a real hard job, but it takes getting out of this battleground of the mind and all the thinking and anxiety and taking on mass consciousness and everything else.

It’s as simple as just feel into that word “bespoken.” It has many meanings.

Bespoken means that you’ve tailored this for yourself. You fashioned it for you. The future is the bespoken for you and as is the past. It is all tailored, designed. And right now is that time to realize it.

Realizing and allowing, pretty much the same words. That’s why I don’t use the term “enlightenment.” I call it realizing. It’s just allowing.

There’s no room for these physical issues, and you can change it right now, absolutely.

Don’t get into your mind games. Don’t ask a thousand questions.

Every time you ask a question, it goes out into your reality somewhere, like a probe that goes out and it’s not going to come back until it’s answered. But sometimes it takes eons of time. So stop asking all the damn questions and just allow right now.

These physical issues have no place. Many of them were derived from the ancestors, some just from the crystallization process into biology.

Like I said, physical reality is not real complex. You’re just made up basically of hydrogen, helium – hot air, heh! – and a little bit of oxygen. So stopping thinking it’s so big and complex. It’s not. Let’s go beyond that physical issue right now. No if, ands and buts about it.

We’re going to enter our new Series pretty soon and we’ll talk about more things, but you can apply this same thing to your financial abundance. You can apply it to just about anything in your life. In your life. Don’t apply it to the planet. Don’t apply it to your friends or your dog or anybody else.

You can apply it to anything. It’s time to let all that go, and it all comes under the category of suffering.

If you’re holding on to any form of suffering, you’ve been getting something from it. What, does it make you feel good? Happy? Worthy? Christ-like? You want to be like Jesus, a lot of suffering? Time to go beyond that.

You’re the one causing it. I don’t want to hear any of you blame anything else. Yes, there are influences of mass consciousness, but you’re buying into it. So you let that go now.

Let’s take a good deep breath.

We bring this Merlin I Am Series to a close, and I love endings (Adamus chuckles).

The greatest joy I ever had in writing books or plays in any of my lifetimes was always that last page, the ending. It brought everything together, but more so I knew then every ending brings a new beginning, a transformation, and that’s what is happening right now.

So, we bring Merlin I Am to a close. What is Merlin? Merlin is the time traveler. Merlin is the one who realizes that there really is no past or no future. It’s not linear. You can bring in anything from any time whenever however you want. You are no longer restricted. You’re free to move about time. It’s amazing. It’s so liberating.

What is Merlin? Merlin is understanding that, first of all, Merlin is not a name of just a being. Merlin is a title and there have been many Merlins. I have been a Merlin, and now you become the Merlins. It’s your title.

Merlin means that everything is magical, but yet nothing is magical. Everything is magical because it’s all part of your energy and your creation, but there’s really no mystery in it. It’s just hydrogen, helium and oxygen. That’s not real tough.

There’s no mystery in it. It’s what do you want to do with the components? How do you want your consciousness to shine on your oxygen or your helium? And then watch how all the atomic structures start and form and they cohese together to create a reality that you can go play in.

A Merlin understands that you’re not restricted by physical, unless you think you are.

Merlin understands that suffering is, first of all, thank goodness, temporary. It’s a bad phase you go through, and then you get over it. You realize that, okay, that suffering was kind of fun for a little while, but come on, we go way beyond it now.

A Merlin understands that they don’t have to be here on the planet. Every Merlin has faced that challenge, “Should I stay or not? I’m now a Merlin. I’m sovereign in my own right. But do I stay?”

And that’s one for all of you. But if you stay, if you stay, don’t keep holding on to old excuses. Don’t keep holding on to physical issues.

There’s no reason for it, and perhaps, just perhaps with what we do here going forward, just perhaps it could shine such a light on the planet that they wake up someday and say, “Why did we ever suffer? Why did we pass it on to our children and they pass it on to theirs? Why did we ever suffer?”

So, with that, my dear friends, a delight.

Let’s take a deep breath together and let’s bring this I Am Merlin Series to a close by accepting that you are the Merlins. You’ve got it. It’s yours. It’s being handed over to all of you.

For most of the time on this planet there’s only been one living Merlin at a time, but now it’s different. There are, well, thousands and thousands now, and maybe many more to come.

So, it’s time for me to get back in my chariot and go back to the Ascended Masters Club where I will talk about the delicious cake that I was so enticed with today, where I will talk about the fact that I didn’t have to rant too much. I didn’t have to rant too much. I scared the hell out of you who thought I was really going to rant. And then some of you were going to afterwards go outside and say, “Well, I thought we’d get more of a rant. I thought that he would be worse. I kind of hoped and wished.” It’s like, yeah, you wished. You wished.

With that, let’s take a deep breath and realize that this is the fastest changing time in the history of this planet, but of any other civilization of creator beings, and you’re right in the middle of it.

I look at you and sometimes I wish I could wave the magic wand and get you to realize what you’re really doing here. What you’re really doing. It’s not just about you and your life. It’s about the planet and it’s about all of creation.

Let’s take a good deep breath, my dear friends, everybody joining in and remember that truly, as we go into sitting on our park benches shining our light on the planet, that all is well in all of creation.

Thank you (audience applause).