The Passion 2020 Series

SHOUD 11 – Featuring ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
July 4, 2020

I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain.

Let’s take a good deep breath and welcome everyone to this beautiful gathering. Here we are, right in the midsummer – or if you’re in the Southern hemisphere the midwinter – of 2020, right smack in the middle of everything, exactly where you should be, exactly – even right now, even with a lot of anxiety – that’s probably exactly where you should be, because there is so much going on right now.

Let’s take that good deep breath together, and I welcome each and every one of you here.

Now, I’ve been told that there’s not an audience here today, but I stand here on stage at the Crimson Circle Connection Center and there’s thousands of you here. Thousands. If we could get a shot here of everybody in the audience (camera shows “empty” studio). Good to see so many of you. We have thousands of you tuning in right now from all over the world. You’re here. We have Sart in his usual place. DocCE is here. Oh, all the ones who have been here. FM is here, of course, messing with the electronics like usual, just to let everybody know he’s here. Thousands of you and thousands who come at another time, at another time to be here.

So this room is not empty at all. It’s filled with the energies of Shaumbra, some Ascended Masters and, of course, me. Me. And you did notice, Cauldre and Linda mentioned it, the new stage. Ah, yeah. They made it bigger, not because I needed more room, but I deserve more room. A bigger stage to walk around on, to pace, to drive the dear camera operators crazy. They had me confined before and it was so limiting.

But here we are at the summer – or winter, depending where you live – of Realization. I’m going way out of my way right now to try to be socially and politically correct, but not spiritually correct.


Allowing & And

Before we go any further, let’s stop for a moment. There’s so many things happening right now, and you know, I said a long time ago I’d like to be remembered for two things in particular. One is Allowing. Allowing. I know I hammer it home all the time – “Just let go and allow.” I know some of you are sick of Allowing and you want something new, but Allowing is such an integral and important part of coming to Realization. You don’t get there through work and effort. You get there through allowing what is a very natural thing to occur. Allowing. Allowing is, you could say, the fast track to Realization.

The second thing is, and I haven’t really talked about it a lot lately, but the And. The And. We’re going to be getting more and more into the And. We had to kind of focus on the Allowing, but the And, the multidimensional being – timeless, spaceless, with the ability to be in a multitude of experiences and insights all at the same time. You were never meant to be so focused that you could only have one reality. Never, never meant to be that way, but that’s where things kind of ended. Now we’re going beyond that into the And. You’re not losing your mind. You’re not losing your mind. You’re opening your soul now to be in the And. Many things happening.

I know some of you have been having these weird experiences lately and you’re wondering if you’re really grounded, if you’ve got your feet planted on the planet. You wonder why you can’t remember things, why everything seems so out of sorts. It’s because you’re truly going into the And now and that’s exactly where you should be.


Master and Human

Let’s begin with kind of an experience, a little bit of a story, and we’re going to come back to it at the end. But it’s going to be part of what we do in this entire session, after a sip of coffee of course. Ah!

The Master sat on the park bench. The Master was aware of everything going on around him or her. The Master wasn’t oblivious to it and it wasn’t like the Master didn’t care. It was simply that the Master understood that all things are as they should be. All is well in all of creation.

So the Master sat on the park bench observing all the commotion and all the chaos and wasn’t trying to change it – was aware but wasn’t efforting to change it – because the Master had learned a long time ago that that’s out of compassion. It’s truly out of compassion and it’s also inflicting – or trying to inflict – your energy onto another.

The Master sat there simply illuminating his or her light. That light, that illumination was particularly meant for the human. Here was the human going through so much change and turmoil within themselves all at the same time while the planet was going through change and turmoil. The human was wondering if they’d ever make it. The human was filled with doubts and anger at times. The Master didn’t try to change the human, but simply illuminated his or her light to the human.

The Master was beyond time and space. So, there was no past, there was no future. It was all in the Now. But the human still being in what you would call the Now, or even in the past, in a way – because humans often operate in the past – the human suddenly perceived a light and felt it was coming from the future, even though it was truly just the Master in the Now. And in that light, the human knew what the future would bring. In that light for that brief moment of time, the human realized that in the future that human was realized. That human was integrated with the Master and the I Am, and the human really had nothing to worry about, nothing to fear, nothing to be anxious about, and the human went back to pure Allowing, knowing that in the future, in that light of the Master, that Realization occurred.

Let’s leave the story at that for right now. We’ll pick it up later in this Shoud. And, indeed, as Linda mentioned before, we’re going to be having 12 Shouds in this series, taking us through the end of summer – or winter, if you’re on the other upside-down part of the planet.



Let’s start with where we are right now – Summer/Winter of Realization. If you don’t mind, I’m just going to call it the Summer – the Summer of Realization. I’ve talked about it for a little while now, said that by the end of this summer, I fully expect that there will be at least a thousand Shaumbra who have allowed their Realization.

“How are you going to know?” you might ask. Are we going to put out a list, publish a list maybe in the Shaumbra magazine that Cauldre was talking about before, right at the back after all the list of the people around the world who are working and now we’ll have a list of the realized Masters? I doubt it. I doubt they would really actually want their names on it, because it is such a personal and a private thing that takes place.

As I mentioned at one of our other recent gatherings, there’s a general period where you come to the Realization and you really don’t even want to talk about it. You don’t even want to go outside of yourself with it for six, maybe even 12 months of time. It is so deeply personal. And I don’t want to say it’s so fragile, but it’s so precious and pure. You don’t want it tarnished with anyone’s thoughts, opinions, ideas about it. Plus, it’s simply a time for you to bathe in it, to revel in it, to be in it.

You’ve been working towards this for so many lifetimes and then, in the latter part of this lifetime, you’ve been allowing into it. Now most of you are going to feel that there’s no need to go out and beat the drum or beat your chest or anything else about it. Some of you might. Some of you might, and there’s no right or wrong about it. It’s simply how you’re wanting to do it. But the vast majority are going to really want time with themselves. It’s going to be perhaps one of the most poignant times in all of their lives on this planet, in that precious six- to twelve-month time frame.

They’re not going to necessarily even write to Crimson Circle about it, and they certainly know that Crimson Circle isn’t going to validate it one way or the other. It’s all up to the individual. They’re not necessarily going to be pasting all over social media. They’re not going to necessarily be writing books about it, because it is so deeply personal and there’s also a knowingness that every person is going to have to do it their own way.

There is no teacher at this end-of-the-road part, at this finale of your coming to Realization. I’m not your teacher. I’m a mirror. I’m a great big mirror for each and every one of you. There’s not a word that I’m teaching or saying that is actually teaching you. I am simply reflecting you, and that’s why we can do a Shoud like this and there can be five, 10, 20,000 people listening to it and they’re all going to hear it differently, because they’re hearing themselves in the Shoud. They’re aware that there is more to it, but they feel it’s so personal. It’s not me. It’s because of you hearing your own Self, sensing your own Self in here.

So, my dear friends, here we are in this Summer of Realization. How are we going to know at the end of summer? Cauldre’s asking me this question at least 20 times a day, and I keep giving him the same answer. Isn’t it crazy he keeps thinking the answer is going to change? I might just make something up to appease him so he stops the constant asking about, “How are we going to know? How are we going to know?” You feel into it. You just feel into it. You’ll know when it’s right and ready to know, and that’s it. That’s it.

But here we are in this time of Realization. We’re in the midsummer – or the midwinter – but the midsummer of coming to Realization. It’s not like a big clock is ticking. It’s more like something is unfolding and unraveling and opening up, and all in the midst of this crazy coronavirus. There’s no coincidence that all this is happening at the same time.


A Planet in Change

No coincidence whatever that the planet is going through some of biggest change – no, I take that back – the biggest change that the planet has ever gone through in such a short, condensed period of time. Not only do you have the coronavirus, which is really acting to move things on the planet. And I know any time there’s change, any time there’s a big shift it causes a lot of commotion and chaos and anxiety and fear, but it’s there doing its job, all at this perfect time on the planet and all within the context of the Time of Machines, a time when technology changes the very nature of the human species, the human mind and everything else human. And it’s all happening right now, and you chose to be here.

I’ve said many times before, you could have come to Realization in your last lifetime or 20 years ago or whatever, but you chose to be here. Feel into the beauty and the wisdom of that, that light that came from the Master sitting on the park bench, which could have been from the past lifetime, could have been in the 1700s, could be in the year 2060. It doesn’t matter, because the Master is timeless. But that light illuminating out not just to the planet, but more than anything to the human that was on the planet, and the human gets that wakeup call, and the human gets that knowingness that “This is it,” and the human then allows their Realization.

The planet is going through this incredible time and I’ve been asked by Shaumbra, “Adamus, aren’t you worried about it?” No, that would be about the last thing. I’m excited about it. And then they say, “Adamus, isn’t it terrible all these people are dying?” People die every day, and I don’t mean to sound cold about it, but death is a natural transition. Stop being afraid of it. Stop thinking of it as some awful terrible devilish thing. It’s a natural transition, and the ones who are transitioning right now are choosing at some level, maybe not their limited consciousness human self, but at some level they’re saying, “I’m going to leave now. I’m going to come back after the change is done.”

Isn’t there a certain wisdom in that? Isn’t there a certain wisdom in saying, “You know, things are really crazy on the planet right now and I was kind of having a hard time anyway. Why don’t I just come back when things settle down a bit, after this whole change that’s taking place, takes place?” Not a bad idea. It’s like saying you’re going to wait until things have settled down a little bit and then you’ll come back. Nothing wrong with that.

So, here we are at this planet right now, ground zero time, not only that but here in the United States of America it’s the Independence Day, 4th of July, freedom. I was intimately involved in helping to architect the Constitution of the United States. I was over here in my last lifetime five times to help with the Founding Fathers. So, to me it’s also a special day – independence – because of all things that I have a passion for, it’s freedom – freedom – and ultimately freedom from the shackles of the human condition, freedom back into the state of grace and the state of flow.

This coronavirus, which is sweeping across the planet, and we’ve talked about it before, it’s not going to go away right away. They’re going to keep saying that they’re right on the eve of solving the issue and they have it well under control and everything else. They don’t. Not at all. No need for you to fear it, but they don’t have it under control. It’s going to continue to mutate. It’s going to continue to develop more little pricklies that come out of it, attachment devices, to make sure that it doesn’t go away right away, and it’s going to continue to mutate in a lot of different ways. But look at it as a response to consciousness, not as some evil virus thing, but a response to consciousness, and then at some point it’ll just disappear. It’ll baffle the medical community. They’ll have all sorts of excuses for it, but it’ll baffle them. Oh, and the conspiratorial people. Oof! This will be fodder that goes on for decades about what caused it in the first place and whether it was a sinister government or alien forces that inflicted it on humankind, and they’re going to go on and on about it. No, it’s as simple as a virus of consciousness.

And ultimately, the biggest impact is the economy, and then there are variations of that. It hits the economy, but when the economy is hit, what happens? A lot of people have it really tight. They’re living in a very marginal way anyway. They’re in that “just barely enough” state of existence and mentality. And now, when there’s even less than before, what happens? Civil unrest. Civil unrest, and suddenly people become very angry and intolerant. Suddenly, tempers flare. Suddenly everything is tinder for one small little spark to start anything going.

You’re seeing in the United States right now the civil unrest, the voice of the minorities, coming out right now, and a lot of it’s being blamed on police brutality. But the real issue is economics. The real issue. If there was economic balance, opportunity and access for everyone, there wouldn’t be all this civil unrest. Look what’s happening in Hong Kong right now. It’s about being free and being democratic, but it’s also about the ability to be as abundant as one chooses to be, and that civil right, that soul right is being denied out of the ones in Hong Kong.

This isn’t the end of civil unrest that comes out in a lot of different ways across the planet. It’s really just the beginning. It’s going to come out in many different ways. Some of you get anxiety with that. Take a deep breath. This isn’t yours. No, this isn’t yours. You have other things to do on this planet.

So what we see right now is a planet in turmoil, a planet in a time of great, great change, the greatest change ever. And I don’t say that loosely or I don’t say it to make a great big statement. It’s literally what’s happening on the planet.


Sleep and Dreams

From my perspective, it’s very interesting to observe. There are things that obviously they don’t talk about in the news, but what I’ve seen also is that the sleep patterns are like never before. I’ve looked at it, like historically, energetically, and it’s been at least three or four thousand years since there has been so much sleeping on the planet. It’s remarkable.

Now, it’s probably due to the fact that a lot of people were staying home and suddenly they’re getting very sleepy. They’re getting very tired. So napping is the new global pastime. Napping.

People are sleeping longer hours, yes, because they don’t have to set their alarm and get up in the morning to go to a job, or if they are doing a job, they’re doing it from home. They don’t have to commute and get dressed and everything. There are some real ugly things happening right when somebody gets on their first video meeting of the morning, because some of them don’t have clothes on. A lot of them haven’t taken showers. They haven’t brushed their teeth or combed their hair or anything. That’s okay. It’s a little bit more relaxed. But if you could see it like I see it, oof! Wow. Maybe later in the day, like by three, four o’clock, they might take a shower or they might just go take a nap and try to take a shower the next day.

There’s an incredible amount of sleeping on the planet and that’s a good thing. That’s a good thing – sleeping – because you repair the body; you get back to a little bit more of a normal mindset. It helps the mind. A lot of sleeping going on and I know a lot of you have been doing a lot of sleeping and then you wonder, “Is something wrong with me?” Not at all. It’s time to sleep.

And then dreams. So, you know, if you were to look at dreams as a whole for humans; everybody’s always dreaming, but I’m talking about the intensity and the pace of dreams that’s occurring. It is like a dream factory out there, everybody dreaming and dreaming, dreaming things they’ve never dreamed about, remembering more dreams. If you would have surveyed humans, let’s say, two years ago and said, “Do you remember your dreams at night?” – like every night – the vast majority doesn’t. They may remember – this was a couple years ago – they may remember or recall that they were dreaming. Maybe once or twice every two weeks is pretty typical that they remember that they were dreaming, not even what the dream was. There are a lot of dreams going on now and people are waking up in the middle of the night. They’re waking up from their naps with dreams. They’re remembering dreams like never before. This world is a dreamland right now, and you know it too, because you’re going through it.

Some of the dreams are frustrating. Some of the dreams are just almost meaningless and, you know, now you’re having those dreams that just go on and on and on and on. Seems like hours and hours and hours of dreaming and sometimes you get up in the middle of the night coming out of that dream and what happens? You go back to sleep later on, you pick up the dream. What’s happening with that?

When you come to a time of change for you, Shaumbra, the dreams are simply a way that the dragon is helping to release some of the old deep wounds and guilts within. The dreams aren’t meant to review and to process and to analyze and to go to a counselor and talk about. It’s simply, “Oh, this is being dragged up, something that was being held within me, and it’s being dragged up to release.” That’s what that’s about.

The dreams are old stories, old nightmares, old guilts. You don’t always remember them exactly as they took place, and that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even matter that you’re having these series of crazy, crazy dreams going on. All that’s important is to know that these are things that are being released, let go of, so you can go into your Realization. And it gets very, very intense with the dream state right before Realization. It’s better, in a way, to do it there than consciously through the mind when you’re awake. You let all this garbage go at night.

I know some of you are exhausted from your dreams and you’re mentally challenged, perplexed from your dreams. Just stop and take a deep breath. It’s all about just this stuff is moving out, returning back to your energy in a very pure and clean way. Humans in general, right now, a lot of dreams taking place.

What’s happening on the planet is that there is a large group of people, the majority of humans are simply longing to return to what they just came from, longing to return back to their life. So many of them are just waiting for the pubs and the bars and the restaurants and the stores to open, longing to be able to burn their face masks, never to have to wear one again, longing to be free to travel anywhere they want, to get on an airplane. God knows why anybody would want to do that, but to get on an airplane. They just want to go back to the times that we had six months ago. That’s interesting because that’s not going to happen. Not going to happen. I mean, yes, some things, I mean, yeah, restaurants will reopen, but from a consciousness point, it’s not going to happen. You can never return back to where we came from.

Some of the old things, some of the things that you enjoyed doing, like going bowling, the bowling alleys will be open. God knows why anybody wants to bowl, but those things. But there’s going to be something different in the air, in consciousness, when we come through all this.

Most people on the planet right now are just waiting to get through this, and now they’re getting frustrated. They had thought it would end, you know, in April or May. Then they thought it was going to end no later than, well, this time, early part, mid part of summer. Now they’re being told it could be a long time, could be six months, eight months or more before they’re really let out of the house again.

So they’re getting frustrating and they keep longing and waiting to go back, and in that frustration, they’re forced to look at their lives, what they’re doing, where they’re at, and that’s when the unrest starts, because they’re saying that it’s an imbalance of their civil rights. But it’s really – and I can’t stress this enough – it’s an imbalance of their economic rights that show up, because they don’t know how to articulate it. They don’t understand it so it turns to be something for the civil rights or against brutality – which of course is not correct – but if they really took a look at it, it’s the economic rights, it’s the economic equality, and that will change. It absolutely will change. So there’s this vast majority that just wants to get back to their old routines.


Re-Imagining the World

There is a small number of humans on the planet, I’d say about 6½ percent, that understand that right now the planet is at this precipice of change. It’s a time of incredible opportunity for change. To this 6½ percent, they’re not afraid of what’s happening right now. They understand it on a higher consciousness level that there is this potential for a real spurt of growth, and the growth can come anywhere from massive new technologies being developed and a massive new understanding of the human body like never before, really what DNA is and what RNA is and all the functionings of the body. And somebody’s even going to trip across this whole thing that I call anayatron. They’re not going to call it that. They’re going to call it something else, but that the body has an internal, invisible communication system or network in it, and once you tap into that, you can tap into any part of the human biology.

What comes as a result of the research that’s going on right now is unprecedented and this 6½ percent of pretty conscious beings really understands that. They’re beginning to re-imagine the world. Now, it’s not a big group effort. It’s not organized, at least on a human level, but they’re re-imagining the world right now – what it can be, where things are going to go to. They’re not out at the political rallies and demonstrating in the streets or deciding if they’re going to go with one party or the other. They’re kind of beyond that. They’re more conscious and, by the way, no, it’s not necessarily you, Shaumbra. You fall into your own category. They’re re-imagining the world. And I want to take a minute here with you, let’s look at the re-imagining of the planet right now.

So I’m going to ask dear Linda to come up to the front. We’ve prepared my favorite writing tool, the basic simple writing board for Linda.

So, let’s take a moment and what are they re-imagining? Where does the planet go? It’s not necessarily what you’re re-imagining, but I want you to really feel into what’s happening on the planet right now. I’ll throw out the first one and then I’m going to ask for your input. Pfft! Somebody asked, well, how do I ask for your input? It’s like, I ask for your input and then you kind of like project it out, and I hear it and Linda writes it on the board (Linda giggles). It’s that simple. Remember, we’re in the And. We’re in the And, and some of you are saying, “Oh, you know, we’re not there. How are you going to know?” We’re here! And I know! I’ll pick the good ones.

Okay, I’m going to start out with the first one, Linda, on the board, if you would write across the top, “Re-imagining.” Re-imagining. When you have a moment outside of what we’re doing right now, re-imagine. Feel into what this whole group, this 6½ percent is doing, re-imagining.


~ Environment

Okay, good, first one on the board, the environment. There are a lot who are re-imagining the environment. Just don’t – just let me finish this and I’ll call on you. They’re re-imagining the environment right now, of what it could be. A lot of them feel very strongly about the global – I don’t know what you call it these days – global warming, global change or whatever, but they’re re-imagining how humans relate to the environment.

This is a huge step, because up to now, for the most part, humans had to work through or fight the environment, the elements. They had to survive within them. But now as Gaia leaves, the humans take responsibility for the planet. They’re re-imagining the relationship with the planet, how it serves them and how they can be responsible for it.

Okay, the one that had just called out. Now, when I say call out, just project your energy, your consciousness, eh, some of you would call it your psychic voice. But you’ve got to frickin’ project it. You know, if you sit there holding it in which all – not all of you – a lot of you do; you hold it in, and you get mental about it. No, you just project it out. That’s what a Master does. You’re not inflicting it. It’s like the Master radiating the light. The Master’s not saying, “Here’s the light. You better eat it or else.” No, just, here, take a deep breath and project your consciousness. That’s it. I’ll hear it. All right. What was it?


~ Space Travel

Space travel. That’s a pretty good one. Re-imagining yourself in the universe – I’ll change it a little bit. One at a time. All of you are now yelling out right now, practicing (Adamus chuckles). Just hang on. I’ll get to you.

Space travel. It’s true, and what’s really at the core of space travel is understanding the relationship of Earth in the physical universe and what’s really out there. What’s the next big thing in space travel? This is where it gets exciting. It’s not just going to Mars. That’s so long and slow and Mars is not exactly a luxury spa. I mean, go there, see for yourself, but what comes as a result of the re-imagining space travel is coming to a new understanding, maybe even in your lifetime, that you don’t have to get in a little metal rocket with some fuel in and propel yourself off to another planet. There’ll be new ways to go through multidimensional corridors. It’ll be theory at first, pretty strong theory, and then somebody’s going to start doing it first with little particles and then monkeys.

LINDA: Star Trek.

ADAMUS: Thank you. Yeah, so they’re re-imagining Star Trek. Yeah. Maybe there’ll be a whole new Star Trek series for Linda (she giggles).


~ Family

Next, re-imagining the family. That’s a good one – the family.

LINDA: The family?

ADAMUS: Re-imagining the family. The family nucleus, the way the family is designed has been around for a long time. It’s time to re-imagine it. It doesn’t have to be the old way where you find somebody, you get married, you have kids and you die.

Re-imagining the family. What is a family right now on the planet? Well, who is family? I mean, there’s blood family, but there’s a lot of other families that are developing. And the family, what do you have on the planet? I’ve got to refer to Cauldre here, you have blended families and mixed families and dysfunctional families and every other kind of family on the planet. That’s changing. And there’s a lot who want to go back to the traditional family. They say that’s the whole problem with Earth, the planet, is because we’re moving away from the traditional family.

Yeah. Get used to it because it’s going to continue. And what about when there’s no longer a regular birth mother and birth father? Where you basically go to the laboratory and you buy the right concoction and you have your own kid and you even design the kid, what you want. You don’t need a partner and you don’t need all of the other trappings of it. Or where the families, have half of them are robotic and half of them are human or bits and parts of each. You know, you have that in the same – that’s a blended family, where some are robots and some are flesh and bones. So, yes, the family is something that’s being re-imagining.


~ Biology

What else? Okay, biology in general. Biology, in general. Absolutely true. That’s probably one of the most apparent things that’s going to happen is the biology changing. With everything right now being discovered about the body as a result of all the infusion of money and effort into the coronavirus, they’re going to find many, many other things. They’re going to really start understanding the biology, and once you start combining that with technology, you have a whole – well, we talked about it in ProGnost 2018 – you have a whole new species of humans, and that is happening right now. Right now. And combine that with family, you’ve got a whole different dynamic on the planet.


~ Economy

What else? Economy. Yes, we talked about that – would you write that, Linda? Economy. We talked about that recently in the ProGnost 2020 Update, what is an economy and how it’s changing, and I’ll give you a little heads-up on it. But basically – economy, by the way, the Latin origins of the word “economy” means house, management of the house.

So, the economy of the world is changing. It’s shifting away from being controlled by banks and governments, which wasn’t all bad, but it’s time to move beyond that and to get into things like, as I mentioned, cryptocurrencies and to understand that there is going to be a global kind of an effort to democratize economy. And it’s not going to be as a result of government. It’s going to be the result of, really, corporations doing it, and the government kicking and screaming at first. But it’s happening.


~ Diet

So, what else? Diets. That’s a good one. Oh, I heard sex. So, let’s do diets first and then we’ll get to sex.

So, diets are definitely changing, the way people eat, and yes, it’s moving towards a lot of – you know, there’s a movement right now to natural foods and that, but pretty soon it’s going to move to, I’m going to say, designer foods.

What’s a designer food? Well, it’s something where your entire body and biology is evaluated with technology and then the technology outputs something designed specifically for you, not for everybody else and there’s not a fad diet that everybody’s doing. There’s your diet and the diet could be very easily – and I kid you not – very easily printed on a 3D printer with exactly the right components for you. And then the 3D printer and your technology is so smart, it understands your likes and dislikes when it comes to taste and food and temperature and texture and everything else and it – I was going to say it spits out, but that sounds gross – it develops, it cooks up something just for you. So you insert just a basic, let’s say, a protein-based substance on one end and out comes something specifically for you, designed for you. And not the old, you know, just steak and potatoes, but something, oh, it’s a designer food, designed for you. So, yes, that’s a good one.


~ Sex

Sex. Eh, sex is being re-imagined right now and that’s a bumpy road. Heh! Sex is really at the heart of humanity’s guilt and shames and it’s where a lot of the guilt and shame is stored. So, as sex is re-imagined, you’re going to have like cyberporn, amazing …

LINDA: What?

ADAMUS: Yep, cyberporn. You don’t know what that is? (Linda makes a face, Adamus chuckles) This is where artificial reality – the use of artificial reality to simulate sex – comes in, and you know it’s going to be popular. I guess if you’re going to invest in something, even though it’s kind of weird (Linda gasps), that would be a good one, because it’s going to be so popular (Linda gasps again). But people are going beyond in their re-imagining. Their re-imagining sex as, again, turning into a very beautiful, personal thing between two people that’s not filled with so much of the shame and the guilt as sex was before. But there won’t be the old typical limitations or inhibitions about sex.

Up until recent decades, sex was only something between a man and a woman – only supposed to be for a man and a woman – and for the sake of making babies. That’s changing, and after it goes through some bumps along the way, sex will be re-imagined as something beautiful humans can experience with each other without guilt. Without guilt. I think that’s the biggest re-imagining of sex.


~ Children & Education

What else? I heard “children.” Yeah. You notice how a lot of these are very similar – family, biology, sex and children. How would you re-imagine your children? I ask those of you who are parents. How would you re-imagine? One of the biggest things about re-imagining the children we’d have to add – that I heard from somebody just now – education. You’re right, because the two tie in very, very closely. So if you would, dear Linda, education.

When you re-imagine your children, you almost have to re-imagine education, because education is coming to its last few breaths the way it is right now. It’s so archaic. It’s so ugly. I’ve told the story of my education in my lifetime as Saint-Germain and it wasn’t tedious book study and all the rest of that. It was living experience. So, education and raising children.

So, technology will basically be the source of education, supervised with a very good teacher, but the teacher is going to be artificial intelligence. The teacher will be artificial intelligence, but, like food, the AI teacher will know exactly what the learning method is for your child. It will understand – through eye movements, body temperature, the ability to focus for any length of time, excitement in the brain as well as in the biology – what is the best learning method for the child, and it will develop something specifically for that child, tuned directly to him. That’s also going to take out a lot of the things that you have on the planet right now – ADD and things like that – that are simply beings who don’t want to conform to a very old rigid educational system. AI will be an important part of re-imagining education.

So raising children will become very, very different in terms of their education and in terms of their ability to be in experience, rather than in class or in lesson, and that’s going to be a big, big change. And there are a lot of very powerful forces that don’t want that to happen – unions and governments and things like that – and churches – that don’t want that to happen, but that’s what’s being re-imagined right now.

We’ll take just a couple more from the audience, things that are being re-imagined on the planet.


~ Government

Government. That’s a good one. Government.

In the midst of all this coronavirus, people are really getting sick and tired of governments. I mean, they always have been, but they’re really understanding that the government isn’t really doing much for them. That’s why I said in our recent ProGnost Update it’s corporations that are actually going to be making the real changes on the planet. But governments, they’re going to change how – the process of governing others, I really don’t even want to predict or project where that’s going. But I guess the biggest way of saying in the elections over the next 10 years, in particular – starting now, but going 10 years – they’re going to throw all the old rascals out. And it’s going to be bumpy at first, because you’re going to have new ones going into government very inexperienced, but in a way that’s really a good thing, because they’re going to be more open to the real purpose of a government.

The government shouldn’t run things for the people; it should support people. It’s like even in a good corporation. The bosses aren’t there to boss over people, to tell them what to do; they’re there to support the people. So we’re going to see a reversal or a big change in governments in particular on the planet.


~ Civil Rights

What else? Okay, last one. Civil rights, because it is an issue. Civil rights.

So, you’ve got the major races of the planet and, in a way, up until recent decades they kind of lived in their own areas. With the advent of modern travel, people started to become more mobile, move around, intermixing with each other and intermarrying and everything else. So, the whole issue of race and opportunity and economy and government kind of all go hand-in-hand, and what’s going to happen with that?

There’s a couple of things that I see coming up. One is that there’s going to be a lot of unrest because of the racial inequalities, particularly in the western worlds and eventually everywhere. Eventually, the – how to say this, I’m trying to somewhat politically correct – but eventually everyone needs to understand they’re not a victim to their color, to their sex or sexual orientation or anything else or to their economy. They’re not victims.

Eventually, as we come full cycle through this with the increased consciousness on the planet, more and more people will start to understand that they’re not victims. It’s important to have a voice right now, to make sure that that voice is heard, that things need to change, but ultimately, it comes back to the individual. And by having open and equal access, which will start occurring more and more because the governments are going to be changing and the corporations that really dominate the economies of the world are going to insist on it, everybody now will have more of an equal opportunity. Now it’s up to them what to do with it. Ultimately, everybody needs to take responsibility for their choices, their decisions and their energy.

So thank you, dear Linda. Your handwriting is exquisite.

LINDA: Till the end.

ADAMUS: Your clothing today is so beautiful, your wardrobe.

LINDA: Thank you.

ADAMUS: So, the planet is being re-imagined right now. Feel into that for a moment. There’s about 6½ percent of the world population that’s stepping back a little bit. They know something is happening. They’re not getting together in group meetings or anything. They don’t even know each other necessarily, but there are enough of them on the planet that are re-imagining this planet, what can be in the future. They’re not going to go back after this coronavirus thing goes away, they’re not going to go back to the old ways. Right now is the opportunity time.

So let’s take a good deep breath with that.


The Light of Shaumbra

That brings us to you, to Shaumbra, to what you’re going through right now. That brings us to this time of Realization.

So here you are as the human in the midst of all of this, and I know you’re getting a lot of anxiety. You’re getting a lot of anxiety and that’s probably a good thing or at least it tells you you’re probably right where you’re supposed to be. But the anxiety is, “Where am I supposed to be?” The anxiety is, “When does this Realization occur?” The anxiety is many of you thinking, “I’m supposed to be out there fighting for a cause.” The anxiety is, “The world is falling apart and I don’t know what to do about it.” That’s when you stop and take a deep breath and realize, no, it’s actually all in perfection, even where you are, what you’re doing.

The Master sat on the park bench and simply illuminated her light. That light went out to the world. That light was without agenda. The light wasn’t trying to re-imagine anything. No agenda, no cause, no direction or anything else, simply a light of illumination.

There would be others who could feel into that light and then they could begin their re-imagining of the planet. There would be others that would take on the task of changing economies, changing biology and changing even space travel, changing technologies. Others would do that, because they were beginning to re-imagine. They, like the Master’s human, had come to this planet at this time to be part of this whole process. They, this 6½ percent who was re-imagining the planet, they weren’t going to be doing their Realization or anything like that, not at least in this lifetime, maybe later. But they were the new energy movers and the new holders.

Used to be that the energy movers on the planet did a lot of fighting and battling, but the new ones now, the re-imaginers, they realize they don’t have to do that. There are others who are going to take to the streets and demonstrations and getting the media and publicity and everything else. But the 6½ percent re-imaginers, they’re here to do that, to re-imagine and then to start a process, whether it’s starting a company, doing an invention, pursuing studies into specific areas where they’ve been re-imagining. But they came here to this planet at this time to do that, the re-imaginers.

They’re really a huge driving force in what’s happening on the planet right now. They don’t even necessarily know that they’re doing it. They just know that they have a vision of the future of the planet. They know where the planet can go. They have the degree of consciousness to help make it happen.

But then there are the ones – you, Shaumbra – that are here right now simply to shine the light, because without the light, the re-imaginers may not be able to do what they came here for.

The Master sat on the park bench and simply radiated his or her light onto the world. The Master illuminated that light onto the human who is here, you, the human aspect in this ground zero point of everything on the planet.

Illuminating that light onto you so you could know that you, the human, really are already realized, so you’re no longer doubting it or searching for it. As I said at the beginning when we started, there’s that glimpse that you got of the Master’s light that made you realize that you are realized, that you’re here.

The Master’s light is timeless, but the human perceives it from being from the future. The human perceives that there is a future Self that is realized, that has allowed this to finally happen, but in reality it’s just in the Now. But it doesn’t matter because the thing is, the human perceived it. The human felt it.

The Master sat on the bench, this timeless bench, with a big smile on his or her face, a great big smile, enjoying what it was like to be a human. Not stressing over all the changes that were taking place, knowing that there were the realizers on the planet who are really changing everything and knowing that its human self was coming into Realization. Not by force, not by study, but by Allowing.

In a way, the human didn’t quite see it that way. The human saw it as, “I have nothing left. I have nothing left. I have no tricks in the bag. I’ve got no little handy clichés to pull out anymore. I’ve got nothing left. It’s realize or die at this point.”

There were days when the human thought death would be easier than continuing to go through this, but that’s when the human felt this light from the future, saw themselves clearly – not as something outside of them, but as them – saw themselves in the future as a realized being. They were shocked at how it wasn’t like what they thought it was going to be; shocked at how they were already so much like this, but they just hadn’t fully embraced it yet. They were shocked at how easy it was, in spite of how hard and difficult they had made it.

So, the human got this glimpse. At that moment when they thought, “realize or die,” they got this glimpse of their future Self, which is really themselves right now.

Let’s take a deep breath and let’s do that right now. Not just a merabh, Shaumbra. Let’s do it.


Waking from the Dream

You’re the Master and you’re sitting on the park bench.

(music begins)

There’s no fear. There’s no agenda.

You’re not trying to change the world, because you recognize the world is what it is. In all of its beauty, you recognize that it is going through a tremendous change, but a change that, well, back when, lifetimes ago when you were a re-imaginer, you would imagine it changing into this.

So, the Master just sat there enjoying the beauty of life.

And you know, when it’s like that, as the Master you’re just sitting there – you’re enjoying whatever you’re drinking, whatever you’re eating, whatever the weather is – you don’t have to work at radiating your light, it’s lit. It’s there.

In a way, you could say, it’s like pulling a bunch of dimensions together, bringing them together in the same sacred moment and then – whiishewwww! – light goes out. Light goes forth. The light goes forth.

Another way that we’ve talked about it is it’s like you’re the chalice. You’re the chalice, the cup, and now your divine just streams in and fills that chalice, and then the chalice overflows, and that overflowing is orgasmic and you keep overflowing, and the joy of the divine filling the chalice brings more joy and brings more overflowing.

So, the Master sits there on the park bench without agenda, not even trying to shake the human and say, “Come on! The final step.” The Master is just enjoying and radiating.

The Master realizes its radiance reaches out to every corner of every reality.

It reaches out to the re-imaginers on the planet.

It reaches out even to those who are just wanting to go back to the way things were.

It reaches out to even the new ones who will be coming to this planet.

It reaches out to the New Earths.

It reaches out everywhere.

It reaches out into every past life that the Master has ever had, and even those lifetimes are being transformed. Yes! It’s not just this lifetime, dear human, that is going into Realization. It’s all of your lifetimes. All the stories are changing.


So the Master is there and it’s you. It’s you in the state of wisdom, in the state of grace.

And here you are, the human. I know, a lot of anxiety right now. In a way, it’s kind of fun, I guess, because you’ve got so much happening on the planet. It’s exactly the reason you came here, but all that anxiety, “When is it going to happen? When is it going to happen?” and suddenly it’s like you from the future walks in.

You from the future is suddenly here. You could say it starts in a dream during one of your naps or your long, long sleeping sessions. That’s where you let it in first.

But then it starts to come to your awareness even in your waking state that it’s here, “Me in the future is now here with me in the Now.”

It’s the realized Self.

It’s the culmination of all the human experiences and all the journeys, and it’s here, and there’s nothing you need to do. You don’t need to throw a rope around it and keep it from going back to the future. You don’t need to bow to it. No, no, no, no. You don’t need to bow to it.

You just take a deep breath, “I Am Here.”

It’s really not from the future either. I mean, you could say it is, but, no, it’s the Master in the Now.

It’s you finally accepting that it’s here, taking a deep breath.

That realized Self from the future, it kind of communicates to you that it’s here to stay. Not one of these fleeting moments of cosmic consciousness, it’s here to stay.

It’s you. That “you” from the future, it knows, just like the human of the now or the past, it knows that all this is by choice. There’s no accidents, no mistakes. It wasn’t because you were a really nice human or really bad human or anything. It’s here simply by choice, and this is it.

This is it.

That realized being from the future knows that there’s a lot to do right now, but, in a way, nothing to do. I mean, a lot to do in terms of being in Realization – but that’s not a lot of work – but a lot to do simply by being here at the planet.

And the realized Self from the future says, “Hey, human in the Now, feel into the Master for a moment. It’s us. It’s me in the future. It’s you in the Now. It’s all of our past lives in the past. But feel into that Master right now.

“That Master is just sitting there on the park bench in a timeless space, well, timeless and spaceless space. The Master just sitting there enjoying life.

“The Master is right here with us. We are the Master. We’re sitting on the park bench. We’re coming to Realization. We are the future realized.

“We’re here on the planet at the time of the great change and we’re here on the planet just to enjoy.”

And that future Self says, “This isn’t a dream. This is not just a dream.

“You may think you’re dreaming it, but it’s not just a dream. It’s real. Wake up from what was the dream.

“Wake up now. Hey you! Wake up from what was the dream that you were trapped in the human form, that you were limited in a single reality. Wake up from the dream that you were pursuing Realization, but it was like a carrot in front of a horse.

“Who’s dreaming now? Who is dreaming now?”

This future Self says, “I’m not dreaming.”

Future Self says, “I’m realized. I do not dream anymore. I Am that I Am. I’m free of my dreams. I’m free of old memories that are storied deep into the night.

“You’re the dream. I’m real.”


And then you never go back. You never go back to that anxiety, that wondering when, that feeling that you have to kind of hold that future Self at bay, keep them here in the Now, that if you mess up, it’ll go away. Never have to.

You wake up from the dream.

Now you’re the Master sitting on the park bench and Realization no longer means a thing.

Hear that.

You’re the Master on the park bench. You’ve allowed energy to serve you, knowing it’s yours.

You come to compassion through Allowing, and suddenly Realization doesn’t mean anything. Maybe a distant echo from the past, from the human who was trying to achieve it, but now it’s nothing.

Once realized, you realize there’s no Realization.

Hm. Kind of a funny way to put it, but it was a human thing. They had to put a name to it, a label to it, but now it’s simply a fleeting memory of a time from before, a time of limitation and lack.

Now you’re just a Master in a physical body that’s serving you, in a world that you’re enjoying, and everything flows.

You’re awake now, out of the human dream and into the real.

Let’s take a deep breath with that, dear Shaumbra.

This isn’t just a merabh or a Master’s story.

This is waking up from a dream.

Let’s just sit here for a few minutes together.

(longer pause)

The world is being re-imagined right now at many different levels. We wrote a few things on the board, but there are far, far, far more things of how the re-imaginers are re-imagining, how the 6½ percent who have a degree of consciousness are looking at the new world.

And there are a very, very small number of those who are simply the Masters of energy, of their energy.

Let’s take a deep breath.

Coming out of the dream. Ahh!

We’re right at this most precious moment.


Let’s take a deep breath together, as we bring this Shoud to a close. But before we do I’ll ask you simply now feel into your passion, the passion of the Master. There’s nothing like it.

The passion of the Master is to go so far beyond even those who are re-imagining the planet right now.

The passion of the Master, so different than the passion of a human. The human’s passion tends to be excitable and volatile and fiery and a lot of drama and everything else. But feel into the passion of the Master.

There’s a big difference.

Well, I’ve got to run.

I want to get back to the Ascended Masters Club and I want to let them know what’s going on. I’m going to go back with Sart and FM and DocCE and Gunn and some of the others. They’ve been here enjoying this day. We’re going to go back and, instead of me boasting about Shaumbra, I’m going to let them do the talking for once (Adamus chuckles).

The next 30 days until our next Shoud are going to be deep. Best way to put it – deep. I didn’t say intense, I said deep.

I want you to remember that I am with you every step of the way.

I want you to remember also that all is well in all of creation.

Thank you.