The Transhuman Series

SHOUD 3 – Featuring ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
November 5, 2016

I Am that I Am, Adamus of St. Germain.

It’s good to be back here with my friends, back at the Crimson Circle Connection Center. Ah! Back in this beautiful energy that you’re all creating, back with all of you online. Ah!

Friends, you are, indeed. I’ve taught, I’ve worked with many, many over the years, over the centuries. I’ve taught in the Mystery Schools. I’ve taught in the secret societies. I’ve had other channelers in the past, but nothing quite like this group, nothing quite like all of you. Shaumbra, you’re a rare breed, an interesting breed (some laughter), rebels and pirates, and I love that. I love that, and today, well, we’re going to be getting into that energy.

I’ve never had a channeler dressed up like a biker before, and I guess that’s a good thing. I guess, you know, you could be in a monk’s robe; I guess it could maybe be a business suit, but that’s what I love about this group. Ah! So tenacious, so filled with humor, even in some of the toughest moments. And you’re going through one of the best and one of the toughest times right now, and you can still smile. You can still show up. I know you show up for the coffee and the free food, but let’s just pretend you’re showing up for everything else.

Speaking of coffee, where the hell … (audience is saying “It’s right there behind you”) Just sitting behind me? Not being served properly?! Linda, would you mind handing me my coffee? (some chuckles)

LINDA: This was my fault. I did it. It was right here.

ADAMUS: Oh! Thank you. You see, you see, I want you to witness this again. Let’s do that again. No, there is … watch what happens in the energy exchange that occurs. The giving and the receiving, the love and the gratitude (more chuckles as Linda is making faces). I know this is … (more laughter, as Linda gets on one knee) She mocks me. She mocks me, and that’s Adamus talking, not Cauldre. She mocks me. Let’s do that again. I want you to … (audience says “Ohh!”) No, I …

LINDA: Don’t push your luck.

ADAMUS: Ah! There’s a very, very important point here – very important point – for each and every one of you. It’s not just about Linda being in loving service. But I want you to watch the energy exchange (more chuckles, as Linda refuses to hand the coffee back to him).

LINDA: Could you be nice?

ADAMUS: I’m making a point here that each and every one of you can use in your life.

LINDA: Only a Master can be in service (still keeping the coffee away from him; a few more chuckles). I’m not doing this server thing.

ADAMUS: I’m making a very important point and this is going downhill quickly (more chuckles). Okay, let’s play that again. Set it here. Set it here. Go ahead. Go ahead, set it here. Okay. And speaking of food and coffee, where is my coffee?

LINDA: Oh, Adamus! Oh, Adamus! Here it is.

ADAMUS: Now, freeze. Watch the energy exchange (laughter as they demonstrate). Oh, no, there’s a beautiful energy exchange that takes place. Instead of just the cup of coffee sitting here on the counter, having to get it yourself, there’s actually quite something very elegant, very sacred in an energy exchange. So I use that …

LINDA: May I serve you one more time? (more chuckles)

ADAMUS: I use that as a point … no you may sit down now (laughter). I use that as a point for each and every one of you, a very, very important point. When it comes to you, when it’s brought to you and served to you, notice the energy exchange. Be aware of it.

So many of you have been blocked, in a way, from receiving, from allowing. It’s going to be coming to you in very beautiful new ways. Receive it. Be aware of the energy exchange. If it comes through another person, the love, the admiration, the honoring, the being in true service …

LINDA: No, I love you! I love you! I’m sorry.

ADAMUS: … when it comes to you.

LINDA: I’m sorry. It’s … the black leather’s throwing me.

ADAMUS: And then allow yourself to receive it without guilt or shame. There’s a very, very important point in all of this, because it comes. It’s there. Receive it. Don’t just let whatever comes to you like be sitting on a counter somewhere, be sitting in your attic or your garage. Let it come all the way to you. Let energy serve you. Not just going and grabbing your own cup; that’s not letting energy truly serve you. Let it serve you. Let it serve you.

This is such a beautiful start to the day, because we’re going to be getting into old patterns today. We’re going to be breaking through those. An old pattern is, for instance, having to go get your own coffee. Many of you do it every morning, but there’s also coffee – energy, abundance – that’s going to come to you and just receive it in grace (he hands it to Lydia in the front row), and notice the energy exchange. No, no. Take it. Take a damn drink (laughter).

LYDIA: (taking a sip) Mm.

ADAMUS: Pretty good.

SART: Drink the whole cup!

LYDIA: Real good.

ADAMUS: Pretty good. Yeah. (laughter) Would you like your own? Sandra, another coffee please. Latte? Nonfat? Coconut milk?

LYDIA: Like yours.

ADAMUS: Just like mine. Another one, Sandra. Yell it (more laughter).

SANDRA: (from the other room) Okay!

ADAMUS: How in the hell did she hear that?

LINDA: It’s going to be a long afternoon.

ADAMUS: Eh, it’s going to be a short afternoon (Adamus chuckles).

Before we go any further, yes, you are, indeed, good friends. I’ve had such a delightful time and will continue to for a little while, working with all of you. There’s such an irreverence (some laughter). There’s such humor. There’s such beauty in all of this. I – and this is very, very true – I do go to the Ascended Masters Club. It’s not just a story. I do go there and they do ask, because many of them are teaching other groups and they want to know, “How is this Shaumbra group going?” And they want to know “Are you breaking through?”

They’re struggling, some of the Ascended Masters, with their groups. They’re really struggling, because people in the groups tend to get so locked in, so afraid of real change. I can go there, kind of like a proud poppa, and let them know we’re doing it. We are absolutely doing it. So … (someone says “Woo hoo!”) Yeah, thank you. One “woo-woo” (now audience says “Wooo!” and some applause).


A Reminder

So, a reminder, a point to remember – I’ll probably be doing this more often in the Shouds, because we have a lot of things we’ve covered – but a point I want you to remember that’s going to be particularly relevant in these coming weeks: If there’s something … these are little things I’ve said before, but I’m going to repeat them because I can feel kind of what’s coming up. This is an important one also.

If there is something in your life that you don’t like, take a really good look at it because there’s something in it that’s still serving you. That is so basic, so important.

Sometimes you struggle with these things. You don’t like your lack of abundance. You don’t like your health issues. You don’t like your partner, whatever it might happen to be. You just don’t like your stinking life, maybe. There is something that is still serving you, otherwise it would not be there. And I know I’ve upset a few Shaumbra when I said that. “Well, you don’t understand. I’ve got this disease” or “I can barely pay my bills. I’m living in the back of my car.” Okay, take a look at it. There is something you still like in it. It’s serving you at some level. And going in there and really being conscious and aware of it, that’s tough. It’s easier to blame your problems on that thing – let’s say, lack of abundance – easier to blame it on that, to say, “Well, I can’t do whatever because of my lack of abundance.” No, you actually really like it still. There’s something in it you like.

Dive deep into it. What is it that you like? Well, for a lot of you now – this doesn’t apply to everyone – for a lot of you now, the lack of abundance keeps you from having to make real changes in your life. The lack of abundance excuse, that you continue to hang on to, allows you to not allow more light in. The whatever-it-is – you fill in the blanks; you know, you get headaches all the time, let’s say that’s the excuse – okay, it’s serving you somehow. Otherwise it wouldn’t be there. It’s a basic, what you would call, universal principle. It’s very, very simple.

The hospitals, the doctor’s offices, everything filled with lines of people – lines and lines, queues of people – with excuses. Lines of people trying to find answers, but really not trying to find the answer, really absolutely not trying to find the answer. They’re trying to find excuses.

If there’s something in your life you don’t like – this is no judgment – but if there’s something you don’t like, find out how it’s still serving you. Ask yourself; be the Master and ask yourself, “How is that still serving me?” whatever it is that you don’t like. Oh, to Lydia right here (Sandra brings her coffee) and that’s three dollars (laughter and audience says “Ohhhh!”). I’m kidding.

SART: Put it on a charge card (Adamus chuckles).

ADAMUS: So let’s take a deep breath with that.

Point to remember these next three, four weeks until we get together again, because it’s going to come up: Something, some things in your life you don’t like, how is it serving you? Family, relationships. You know, it’s so basic, as Tobias outlined a number of years ago: You have your health issues, you’ve got your abundance issues and you’ve got your relationship issues – and self-worth, but self-worth is what causes those three others – how is it still serving you? And it is, and don’t tell me, don’t tell yourself, “I don’t know.” That’s not acceptable. It’s there for a reason. So, what a beautiful way to start out about energy serving you (he takes a sip of his coffee). Ahhh!


Body Issues

Since our last gathering, what’s been going on? Well, I would say the biggest that’s been going on with many of you – not all, but with many of you – body issues (someone says “Oh, yes”). Body issues. Pains in the body, body acting strange, body doing weird things; some of you think you’re having heart attacks and you’re going to die in the middle of the night; some of you, your body is sluggish, your body just isn’t responding, and what do you blame it on? Me, of course (laughter). Yeah, thank you! Age. Age. Yeah, even those of you who are twenty. Oh, I don’t see any twenty-year-olds here. Twenty-five? Age. Oh, it’s just, “I’m getting older.” No, it’s not. Please, no matter how old, how young you are, it is not an aging thing. It’s too easy to blame it on aging. It is the intensity of the changes you’re going through. The intensity of the changes.

Now, where you’re going as an embodied Master – you are so precious (to Edith) – as an embodied Master on this planet requires a lot of changes. Changes in the Body of Consciousness, which includes the physical biology. You’re bringing in whole new levels of consciousness and light and energy into your body.

Most of you have released a lot – maybe not all, but a lot – of the old ancestral energies that were in your body. You still have some what I’m going to call karma energies in the body – your own – but those weren’t nearly as significant as your ancestral. If you haven’t listened to Ancestral Freedom, please do so. If you can’t afford – how much is Ancestral Freedom, five, six hundred dollars? How much? (somebody says “I think it’s three hundred, isn’t it?”) Three hundred.


ADAMUS: How much?

JEAN: Seventy-five.

ADAMUS: Seventy-five dollars! Is that all you’re charging for it?! If you can’t afford $75 for ancestral karma, just look at your abundance problems (laughter). Or look at your credit card, yeah. It’s truly one of the greatest things you can do for yours.

You’ve let – most of you – have now let that ancestral stuff go. That’s what you’re built on. That’s what your body is built on – old ancestral issues, DNA, tissue, everything else. You’re letting that go. Now your body is going through a level of change as it literally allows more light and more consciousness.

You could also say what’s happening is the integration is taking place right now in your Body of Consciousness where … imagine this kind of a beautiful glowing ball of the I Am, and your physical biology, which was separate, which kind of belonged to your ancestors, and your mind, which God knows where that came from, and everything else is kind of integrating, being brought into the wholeness of the Body of Consciousness, to the point where, like I’ve said in the past, you won’t really feel the difference between your physical body, your mind, your knowingness, your consciousness. It’ll all be integrated.

What you’ve been going through these last three or four weeks in particular was in the body. Oh! And it’s tough. It’s tough, because you’re sore, you don’t have energy, something really starts being very, very painful. Your body doesn’t react like it used to, and of course, I watch; I see a lot of you are shoving supplements in your mouth. A lot of you are trying new remedies of some type. Could you just refrain, if you would, just for a couple of weeks? Stop all those supplements.

All you’re doing is telling your body, “There’s something wrong with you, dear body, so I’m going to load you up with vitamins or cactus juice or radish pills” or whatever. Some of the strangest things I’ve seen. Some of the strangest things. As a matter of fact, you should put something on your Facebook, social media site – “The strangest things I was taking on my way to mastery” – because there are some weird ones, things I would never put into my body, if I had a physical body, and you’re shoving it into yours saying, “It’s natural.” Well, no. It’s crap! (laughter) And it tastes bad and it does weirder things to your body. It really does.

You’ve got an elegant, graceful, sometimes painful process going on right now. Don’t mess it up. Get extra sleep. That’s probably one of the biggest things I could advise, extra sleep, and I know you’ve been sleeping a lot anyway, because at night when you, your mind, the human mind shuts down for a little bit, the body can do what it’s going to do.

This process that you’re going through right now, of getting off ancestral the biology and bringing everything into Body of Consciousness; we had a little meeting in the Ascended Masters Club. We looked at it and said, “How long would this normally take for somebody to go through this whole process?” And we came up with a number 179 years (someone says “Whoa!”). Well, we thought that was pretty short, actually. One hundred and seventy-nine years, how many incarnations? Probably three.

Typically, 179 years to go through this type of thing without going crazy first. And you’re doing it in, what, maybe twenty years? Or less for some of you, some of you a little bit more. This isn’t a race, but you see, you’re going through it at such a speed it’s going to affect your knees and your back and your neck and your shoulders and your gut and your bowels and your heart and your liver – the big one, liver – and kidneys. It’s going to affect everything. It’s taking it out of old patterns and readjusting it. But it’s a truly natural process. It occurs naturally, gracefully.

You’re not going to die. You don’t have a disease. There’s nothing wrong with you. You can go to the doctor, as some of you have; you go to the doctor, almost hoping the doctor finds something, because then what? Then you can get a medication for it and pretend that it goes away, and it really doesn’t. You go to the doctor and the doctor says, “Um, actually, um, Elizabeth, um, we’ve run all the tests, you know, days’ and days’ worth of tests, and we actually have found nothing wrong. But I’m going to give you a prescription anyway. Dr. Mindful, the psychiatrist, you can go see him instead.” Hint, hint, woo, woo, woo! (gesturing that “you’re crazy”; chuckles)


ADAMUS: Mwah! (he gives her a kiss) You are so beautiful. You know, if you come here, you have to play (more chuckles).

So some of you have gone to the doctor and the doctor says, “Well, there’s nothing wrong with you in your body,” because there’s not, and generally they’re not going to find anything. Now, we do the disclaimer.

LINDA: Oh. This is for entertainment value only. This is not medical advice.

ADAMUS: Thank you. And now, that being ignored (some chuckles), so you’ve been going through the body stuff, and I would say the biggest things I’ve observed with you – overall aching. Overall. Top to bottom, side to side. Overall aching. You know, it’s different when just one part of our body aches, let’s say your back, and then you focus everything there. But, geez, what do you do when your entire body aches? Your eyelashes ache (laughter).

LINDA: Red wine.

ADAMUS: It’s like every part just not a sharp pain, but just an “ughhhh!” kind of pain. What do you do?

So please understand what that is is you are really going through a metamorphosis, a transformation in body while you’re here. (someone raises their hand) One moment. And other times just no energy whatsoever, none at all. I like that one. It’s one of my favorites, because you say, “I can’t even get up. I’m on the sofa watching … I don’t know what I’m watching (laughter). Uhh, it’s the elections. I can’t even get up. I have no energy.” I like that a lot, because that is going to get you off of that baby-bottle of old energy, of going to the same old places to get your energy.

When you’re in that state and it’s like, “Oh, my god, there’s nothing left,” that’s when the door opens, that’s when energy comes to serve you in a different way. You get off of the old way of getting physical energy from within and from the outside. And I know a lot of you have been eating really strange lately and then feeling guilty. That doesn’t do you much good. Just eat crazy, if you want. Really. Eat crazy or, some of you, not at all. But the body stuff has been the big thing lately.

It’ll continue for a little bit, but you know, there’s such a relief when you know why it’s there. It’s not about you. It’s about this beautiful process that you’re going through, bringing the light into the body, becoming the light body, and that’s exactly what you’re doing. We’re going to do a merabh in just a moment – we’re going to start out with a merabh – just so you can feel what’s really happening and be okay with it, stop worrying about it. Yeah, you’ll have some low, Old Energy days. But you’re going to have, some of you already have had, very high, very – well, high is not the right word – expansive, New Energy body days. Question.

HENRIETTE: Could you please address what is happening …

ADAMUS: I’m going to have Linda bring you the microphone.

LINDA: Okay.

HENRIETTE: Could you please address what’s happening in the mind, in the cranium? In other words, my experience … I appreciate you addressing this today.

ADAMUS: Right.

HENRIETTE: In my everyday work, I mean, you have to use your mind and plan and logistics and all of this.


HENRIETTE: And you need to be on it. (Snap! Snap!)

ADAMUS: Right. Not really.

HENRIETTE: I am finding …

ADAMUS: Yeah, but not really (there’s a loud feedback noise). Body issues (laughter). Yes.

HENRIETTE: I am finding that I feel like I am in a merabh when I’m in my everyday life. You know, some times of the day more than others.


HENRIETTE: But okay, for instance, when I’m in a merabh …

ADAMUS: Let’s go … summary.

HENRIETTE: When I’m in a merabh I feel like my brain is being massaged. Like it’s just being washed, cleared, I don’t know, rewired, something like that. Why is this happening when I’m in the middle of doing something where I need to have …

ADAMUS: Well, no.


ADAMUS: I’m not going to get into the mind today. Today’s more of a body day. The mind is coming … (Adamus chuckles) Ehhh, the mind’s a whole other issue. Which do you consider easier to go through, body issues or mind issues?

HENRIETTE: For me that’s a toss-up.


HENRIETTE: I’m feeling both, and I appreciate the addressing, but this is what’s, it’s like what is happening here? Is this part of the rewiring? Is this part of the New Energy coming in?

ADAMUS: The answer is yes. The answer is yes.

HENRIETTE: You know, it feels like it’s physical inside the mind, inside the cranium.

ADAMUS: I would say it’s harder to go through body issues. If your body is hurting, if it’s in pain, if you’re suddenly stressing because you think you have cancer and diabetes and everything else all at the same time, it’ll stop you. It’ll stop you really quick. The mind we’re going to deal with later, it’s kind of a different thing. Today, I wanted to address the body.


Merabh for the Body

So let’s do a short merabh. Before we get into the rest of our discussion today, let’s do a short merabh for that physical body of yours. Good. And we will get to the mind, but one thing at a time. Yep.

And Cauldre’s asking me to ask you how’s the temperature in here? (audience says “Cold”) Cold. Let’s turn it up a little bit. What is this a morgue in here or something? (some chuckles) It’s like, “We’re talking about the body, and then you’re freezing them out.” Okay.

(music starts)

Oh, Cauldre’s telling me to sit in the chair. But I don’t want to sit, but I will sit (more chuckles). Okay.

Let’s take a good deep breath. Good deep breath.

So the body’s going through tremendous, tremendous levels of change right now. There’s actually nothing wrong with your body, nothing wrong. It is just going through changes that would have taken 179 years, linear years.

I want you to feel for a moment what you’re actually doing right now by allowing these changes, a lot of changes. I would call it “pushing the limit” kind of changes.

Feel into your body, even with its aches or pains or low energy or whatever you think is going on. Feel into the body and what’s really going on. You see, you’re addressing what’s going on at the surface – overall aching – but feel into what’s really taking place in your biology.

A level of unprecedented releasing in a single lifetime.


Releasing old patterns.


And an unprecedented level of bringing in new energies, energies to serve you.


With our coffee example today, letting those energies come to you. Handing themselves to you, handing themselves to your biology, and you accepting, allowing the exchange of energies from what has been a very, very old template of biology, ancient, ancient template; letting that go and accepting these new energies that come in, just like our coffee example.

Yes, letting them come to you – you don’t have to go out and search for these energies – letting them come to you, and then you accepting them. Your own biology.


“I Am Here. I Am Here in this body of light that is mine. I Am Here with the new biology that’s not just physical anymore and not nearly as vulnerable to all of the outside forces, not nearly as unsafe as the old biology,” because now it’s yours. “I Am Here in this Body of Consciousness.”


A few months ago, I actually suppose I started this whole process. What you’ve been going through this last month, I kind of nudged it. And then you felt it. I said that death is an illusion, and it is. There’s a transformation, indeed, a transition, but death – meaning you’re not here anymore, you’re gone, you’re off someplace else, that you’re not you anymore – no. Not at all.

So I started it when I was talking about that death is an illusion. You thought into that, you felt it and your body started responding also.

Death can only occur to one who holds their old body, their ancestral body; but not to the one who brings in their own, is their light body.


Death is a pattern of the old physical body, and we’re not going there. We’re not going to let the body go there either.


The body is responding to you, to your consciousness, to your desires and to your passions. And it still has its patterning, it still tries to go back to what it’s known for maybe a thousand lifetimes or more.

And then, when it doesn’t work, then the body, the biology of the Body of Consciousness, then it comes to the light. It remakes itself, and that’s exactly what you’ve been going through.

I know it’s uncomfortable, but actually, the most beautiful thing you can do is have your own Body of Consciousness.


I didn’t want to talk about the mind so much today, because it’s really difficult to even allow the “and” of the Master that you are; it’s difficult to be in that beautiful space of always allowing when the body is troubled, painful, aching or scaring the hell out of you.

Take a deep breath into this beautiful space, feeling into that changing biology of yours.


And, instead of worrying about the body or fighting it or even trying to overpower it with your mind thoughts, I’d like you right now to just allow … to just allow.

Whatever’s going on in your body, whatever is changing, moving, shifting, whatever kind of effects that you’re having or feeling, just allow it with the realization that you came here in this lifetime to do something, and you’re doing it. It’s that simple.


Allowing whatever is taking place in the biology to happen. There’s a natural evolution, there’s a natural transformation that takes place when one allows themselves to be the Master; their body changes.

All of us who have gone through this know that there are times of great discomfort. But then it suddenly seems to go away, and there’s a new relationship with your physical being, a whole new relationship, best summarized by you suddenly say, “This is me. This is me!

Let’s take a good deep breath with that.

Good deep breath.

(music ends)

That’s what’s been happening these past three or four weeks. Well, some of you a little bit longer than that, but the body. The body. It’s changing. Yeah.

So, good. Doesn’t that feel good? Oh! What a relief. Oh! Ooh! Yeah. Good.


Today’s Question

Now, let’s jump right into the next thing, we want to keep things moving today. Next thing, question for you. Linda with the microphone.

LINDA: My pleasure.


LINDA: In service.

ADAMUS: Thank you. Love the coffee. The question is and Linda with the roving microphone, everybody, oh, panicking, “I wonder if they’ll get me.”

Question is, what surprises you most about yourself in this lifetime? Not what surprises you about the outside world, I don’t have time for that discussion. What surprises you most about yourself in this lifetime? What’s that one thing you go, “Geez, that’s a surprise. I didn’t …” Well, I’ll let you finish it. What surprises you most about you in this lifetime? Let’s begin.

How are you feeling, by the way?

JANE: Good.

ADAMUS: Yeah, good. You feel like a flow in the body?

JANE: I do.


JANE: Yeah. I feel pretty good.

ADAMUS: Yeah. You’ve – if you don’t mind me being a little personal – you’ve gone through a lot of changes. There was so many old locks and hooks into things – old family things, old thing things.

JANE: Yeah.

ADAMUS: You’ve gone through a lot in letting those go. Scary at times.

JANE: Yes.

ADAMUS: Really scary.

JANE: I was reflecting it’s been about six years.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Really scary.

JANE: Very scary.

ADAMUS: But those days are, as Cauldre would say, they’re going to be in the rearview mirror. Yeah.

JANE: Fingers crossed.

ADAMUS: Yeah (she chuckles).

JANE: But that actually leads to what came to me first. It’s the layers. What surprises me the most is just layers of fear, layers of awareness, layers of joy, layers of anger. It’s just so many layers and layers and layers, and it just always surprises me that it never ends.

ADAMUS: Yeah. If you were going to put a number on the number of layers that you’ve gone through, how many do you think?

JANE: I can’t even …

ADAMUS: Make up a number.

JANE: I feel like I’ve had so many lifetimes in this lifetime and there are layers within each lifetime. So, I don’t know, 2,000.

ADAMUS: Four? Oh, good.


ADAMUS: Two thousand (Adamus chuckles).

JANE: No, I’m saying layers and layers.

ADAMUS: I would say probably more like about 17,000, but that’s okay. A lot of layers.

JANE: A lot of layers.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Yeah. And that’s why it would normally take 179 years to work through all this, because you peel off one, there’s another. Actually, after a while it’s demoralizing. You’re like, “Will this never end?”

JANE: Yes.

ADAMUS: “Are there going to be more layers? What comes next? What onion do I have to peel?” So we’re in a strange dynamic. The alternative is to just –bang! – do it all at once or do it like in a couple of big steps. The problem is, that’s overwhelming.

JANE: Yes.

ADAMUS: It’s really overwhelming. And when Shaumbra have tried that – they try to get out there and do it like super-fast, like we’re racing – then they find themselves on my side of the veil, out of the physical body like, you know, that kind of change. And that’s okay, but then they feel very compelled to have to come back right away to pick up where they left off.

JANE: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: They don’t hang around in the other realms for a couple hundred years like they used to do. They feel very compelled to come back right away, and you know when somebody comes back right way, you know what they do. They pick that same family.

JANE: Yes.

ADAMUS: Same family. It’s like you know, because the family’s like, “All right, come on in. Somebody’s going to get pregnant tonight, and it might as well be with you!” (laughter) And then they come straight back in and then they’re back in a very old pattern. And it’s actually like taking about twenty steps backwards. So, yeah, that’s the difficulty. We could do it a lot faster, which some of you would like, but there is the mental and physical balance, and that’s what today is really about; that mental and physical balance of doing all this. Yeah.

So it surprises you the amount of layers.

JANE: Yes.

ADAMUS: Okay. How are you doing with those layers?

JANE: Better these days, for sure.


JANE: You made a comment in the merabh about when the body is falling apart, it’s hard to be in your mastery. It’s so distracting.


JANE: So I feel like I have come out on the other side with the body. So now I am able to get through things a lot easier and with more grace than I have been in the past. There’s not as much fear.

ADAMUS: How did the body issues, the phantom body issues, how did that serve you?

JANE: Uhh! (she sighs) I mean, layers of trust. Just letting go of the fear and really just trusting myself that there really is always a solution.

ADAMUS: Right. I’m doing a stare down here with you. And if you don’t mind me saying, it gave you a good reason for not being first or in the first of the first. It gave you a really good reason for not being right out there. Part of you wants to be right out there – “I really want to be that innovator, that pioneer ahead of the other Shaumbra” – and you’re good at that, but you’ve had some problems with it in the past. And there was that, “I’m never going to do that again, be the first,” you know. I guess the best way to put it, you felt like you were that cow who walked off the cliff (she chuckles). You’re the first one off and everybody else followed you and pretty soon there’s a whole pile of cows down at the bottom (some laughter). And it’s like, “Ohhh! It was my fault. I should have never …”


ADAMUS: And so you’ve intentionally held back.

JANE: Yeah.

ADAMUS: And you’ve used the biological things for holding back, and you have so much brilliance. And we are going to go off a cliff, but instead of falling like a bunch of cows – and somebody’s already complaining online, “There he goes about cows again.” You know, listen, this is not PETA. This is Crimson Circle and we can talk about cows. And they’re not dead, it’s an imaginary thing. They believe that!

So, but instead of falling off the cliff, we soar. So don’t be afraid of kind of being ahead of the pack again. Okay.

JANE: Yes. Thank you.

ADAMUS: Next. What surprises you most about yourself in this lifetime? What surprises you most?

JIM: When you first asked the question, what popped up for me was how much I underestimate myself.

ADAMUS: Ah! Interesting. How much you underestimate. What have you specifically underestimated yourself about?

JIM: Well, it was like I spend a lot of time working on releasing, fixing, stepping into sovereignty, and I forgot about allowing myself to accept the other side.

ADAMUS: Yep. Why?

JIM: (pausing) I didn’t say it (they chuckle and Jim sighs). This doesn’t really answer what you asked, but I am afraid of not being special anymore.

ADAMUS: Interesting.

JIM: I am afraid of getting lost in the sea of humanity, they’re really stepping into it now.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Well, I can tell you, you will be special, but not in the old way that you would have thought. It’s a very different kind of special. I don’t want to say too much right now, but tune into ProGnost and you’ll really understand. You’ll personally understand your next step. Yeah.

JIM: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Good. Good, good.

One of the issues is, for you, for a lot of people, “Is this all real? I mean, is this all real? Is it just …” and that’s a good question. It’s the human self saying, “Is this real? What’s …” You know, the only answer I can give to that is the answer Tobias gave many years ago – “If you allow it to be.” Is it crazy? Absolutely. Absolutely, compared to back there. Absolutely, compared to a conventional human, this is absolutely crazy stuff.

JIM: I’m in.

ADAMUS: Exactly, because if I told you that you can’t come along for the ride, there’s no mastery, you’ve got to wait a couple of more lifetimes, you have to stay in that old human condition – that would be like hell.

JIM: Devastating.

ADAMUS: Devastating. Devastating.

And it’s not even because of the hope that you’ve put around this; it’s the knowingness that it’s there. It’s no longer just a carrot in front of the horse; you’ve tasted it now. You’ve sensed it and you know it’s real. Now the frustration is you’ve had enough sense or taste of it, this mastery, enough glimpses of it that you want it all right now. Like, “Okay, I had that little glimpse. Give it to me all.” And that’s the funny line, the funny balance that we’re at and what we’re talking about today. And it’s like, “Now I’ve had it. I don’t want to go back to that old way. I want it all now, but why is it taking so damn long?” So, good. Thank you.

JIM: Well, I think the reason why it takes me so long is I’ve had some pretty intense experiences, and I’m very clear that if I did it any faster than I’m doing, I’d fry.

ADAMUS: You are right. You are very right, and that really applies to everyone here, everyone listening in. If you did it too much faster, then you fry. We’re walking a fine balance between the burnout, the burn-up of the body and the mind, and this allowing of the embodied mastery. It’s a very fine line, and some Shaumbra have crossed that line or they’ve gotten to the point they just can’t take it anymore. And I’m going to say something that may sound a little rude, but the ones who have left, come over to the other realms with us, have gotten stubborn, headstrong, almost a little bit too, you could say, egotistical about it and they forgot to allow. They’ve been working at it and then they burn themselves out. Yeah. Good.

JIM: I know that one.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. And I know some of you are saying, “Oh, but they were so beautiful and we loved them and then they crossed over,” but they burned themselves out. They went too fast.

In addition to my coming in to talk to you every month and sometimes every day, in addition to that, there is a whole league of beings that is assisting. Hundreds, thousands of beings who are working with you behind the scenes. I guess I get the limelight, the stage credit, but there are many, many beings who are working with you. They can’t do it for you, but they’re there in a lot of, you could say, energy support roles, and you’ll meet them at the right time. But what you’re doing is monumental – monumental – and certainly not for the weak of heart.

Continue please. What’s the biggest thing that surprises you about yourself in this lifetime?

GEORG: This biggest one for me was that I broke with my ancients.

ADAMUS: You broke with…?

GEORG: I broke with my ancients, with my parents, with my grandparents, as well as up to a special time to my sons.

ADAMUS: Mm hmm.

GEORG: This was very important for me, for my abundance, I will say it this way. Not only for money (he chuckles), but also for the feeling.

ADAMUS: So breaking with relationships.

GEORG: Breaking with relationships. I will be there for them whenever they want to be.

ADAMUS: Right.

GEORG: But before, I ever came to them and they didn’t come to me.

ADAMUS: Right.


ADAMUS: Ah, ah. Ahh!

GEORG: Yeah, and there was a flow, a big flow of energy from me to them.

ADAMUS: Right. But they didn’t come to you.

GEORG: But not backwards.

ADAMUS: Right. They didn’t come to you.

GEORG: This is a mismatch of energy.

ADAMUS: So they just didn’t show up and offer you some coffee, did they?

GEORG: Like this (Adamus offers his coffee).

ADAMUS: Yeah, take a drink, you know.

GEORG: Oh, yes.

ADAMUS: It’s a community well here.

GEORG: It’s a community (laughter).

ADAMUS: No, go ahead and have a drink. Yeah. Yeah (George takes a sip of Adamus’ coffee). Yeah. Anybody else? Would you like your own coffee? Sandra! Another coffee.

GEORG: Okay! (he laughs and more audience chuckles)

SART: Sandra!

ADAMUS: Why not? Hey, they’ve got a machine here.

GEORG: I know.

ADAMUS: You might as well.


ADAMUS: Good. Why does that surprise you, the breaking of relationships?

GEORG: Because it was a lot of energy for me to do this. Ah, and was lucky that I changed something in my life, really. One of the changes, of course, my wife, Lydia (he chuckles). We met very late in our life. We had a life before.

ADAMUS: Mm hmm. Yeah. This is your second, maybe your third life.

GEORG: And now we spent years with our lives (he chuckles).

ADAMUS: Yeah. Yeah.

GEORG: Yeah, this is the third life.

ADAMUS: Third wife, third life. Yeah.

GEORG: Yeah, yeah. That’s fine, huh? (they both laugh)

ADAMUS: So a lot of relationships have changed. Are you lonely?

GEORG: Not at all.


GEORG: Not at all.


GEORG: I’m with me. I feel better and better and better.

ADAMUS: Good. How’s your health?

GEORG: My health is quite good.

ADAMUS: Quite good.

GEORG: Powerful (he chuckles).

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Good.

GEORG: Powerful.

ADAMUS: Thank you.


ADAMUS: Couple more. Couple more. Biggest thing that surprised …

LINDA: Miss Brazil!

ADAMUS: Biggest surprise about yourself in this lifetime. Yes. Do you miss Brazil? Is that what I heard?

LIGIA (woman): No, I come from Brazil and I was like, “I hope Adamus don’t call on me!” (some laughter)

ADAMUS: I know. You know, I don’t and nobody can blame me. She does it (pointing to Linda). Yeah. Yeah. What is the biggest thing that surprises you about yourself in this lifetime?

LIGIA: It’s a feeling that I know things. I know the way but I kind of don’t go to that way. I keep watching.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah.

LIGIA: I know it, but I go in the opposite way.

ADAMUS: Why do you do that?! I have to … (laughter) Why would you possibly do that?

LIGIA: What surprises me that you asked is that I know and I don’t do.

ADAMUS: Right.

LIGIA: That’s what surprised me.

ADAMUS: So you knew I was going to ask … you knew you were going to be called on, but you didn’t want to be called on, but here you are being called on. What dynamic in there didn’t you want, didn’t you want to feel? And it relates to everything else that’s going on – knowingness, but you go the other way. Safety. It’s safer going the other way, rather than with the knowingness. The knowingness is kind of like uncharted territory. And it’s almost safer, “Well, I’ll just stay with what I hate doing. I’ll stay with what I don’t like doing. I’ll stay in the old way and I’m just going to dream about the new way. I’m just going to dream about knowingness. I’m going to dream about being a Master, but, shit, I’m not going to go there, because what’s going to happen?”

LIGIA: (pausing slightly) How do you know?

ADAMUS: Yes. Thank you. Next. Thank you.

LINDA: Next.

ADAMUS: Thank you, I appreciate your answer.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: Last one. What surprises you about yourself most in this lifetime?

APRIL: I guess by this point I would have thought I would have been a little more patient with things. And I am getting less and less and less patient every day.

ADAMUS: Sure. Well, then you’re spot on (she chuckles). No, really. You’re spot on. Again, we talk about all this at the Ascended Masters Club and we talk about what we went through. And there is this – I don’t know where it came from – “You’re going to be patient and at ease with everything.” No! I’ve said it before is the Master is an intolerant son of a bitch (laughter).

APRIL: Well, then I’m a real son of a bitch then, because I’m really intolerant!

ADAMUS: I’m just telling you what you’re like (they laugh). And it’s a struggle, because you trying, “I’m supposed to be so holy and love the dolphins and the unicorns and be around everybody.” And, you know, Mother Teresa is not an Ascended Master (someone says “Ohh”). I’m going to say that again, Mother Teresa is not an Ascended Master, and she’s got a ways to go. Love her; not particularly funny lady, but … (laughter). Dreadful sense of humor, but, you know, she’s got a ways to go. She was kind of the poster child for martyrdom in this age. And she did some good work, but a lot of it was about – choo! choo! choo! (as if whipping himself). Does that really do anybody any good?

You know what I want to see is you driving in your new … what kind of car you want?

APRIL: I want a brand new Subaru.

ADAMUS: Whatttt?! (laughter)

APRIL: I don’t like the other ones!

ADAMUS: Are you from Boulder?‼

APRIL: No! (lots of laughter and some applause) I don’t like the other cars. I like my Subaru.

ADAMUS: No. I want something impressive. I want a … somebody said Tesla. Let’s go with a Tesla.

APRIL: Okay. Okay.

ADAMUS: But the super deluxe, and with an engine that doesn’t sound like an electric car. It’s got a vroom, vroom, vroom to it, even though it’s electric.

APRIL: And power, right?

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. But it just sounds impressive. And I want to see you pulling up to a leper community or a children’s orphanage in the grandest car and walking in – not like this (how Cauldre’s dressed) – but I want you walking in with grand clothes and I want that with a light around you, rather than the – (whipping) – suffering. That makes a bigger difference on people.

You know, these people, the children, like in an orphanage and that, they’re in there for a reason. I mean, it’s their soul reason. It wasn’t society that put them in there or anything like that. Somehow it’s serving them to be there. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be there! This is not rocket science. It’s not difficult to figure this out. They’re in there – their soul, their human, whatever – is in there for a reason. So it doesn’t do a whole lot of good to have them see somebody else just like them – having trouble, lack of abundance, problems in life, on their hands and knees to some God they don’t even know. They want to see – or I think they should see – a true Master. “I Am Here. I’m present, I’m abundance, and guess what? You can do it too, but you’re going to have to let go of some of that shit. We’re going to have to really let go of some basic stuff. Your ancestral body” – now, here’s you talking to the little kids, you know – “Your ancestral body, your ancestral lineage. You know what – yeah, you don’t have any parents. That’s probably good that you don’t remember them, because then you’re not as caught up in it.” Thank you (Sandra brings coffee to Georg).

SANDRA: I pay attention (some chuckles).

ADAMUS: Yeah. And this lack of abundance thing, all the other things. They need to see a Master, not somebody who’s broken down and suffering and playing on this whole human suffering crap. It’s a game. Oh, I wish we could do ProGnost right now, because I’m going to slam it home (laughter).

APRIL: Well, I feel like I’m holding myself back because I can’t just let go.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. But you can let go. We’re going to let go today.

APRIL: Okay, good. I’m ready.

ADAMUS: Can you let go today?

APRIL: I’m ready for it.

ADAMUS: Okay. Really?

APRIL: I am.

ADAMUS: Now, she got 90 percent of the way there. “I ammmm …”

APRIL: Oh (she chuckles).

ADAMUS: Hmm. Let’s do that again, “I am ready.”

APRIL: I am!

ADAMUS: Good. Good. Yes, you are. We all are, and we’re going to do it so you don’t fry yourself or burn up. But we’ve got to kind of take a leap here. We’ve got to kind of take a leap without burning out, and that’s what today is all about. So, thank you.

APRIL: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Yeah. And that’s it for right now. Thank you for your answers.


Adamus’ Answer

The thing that most surprises me about all of you is your dedication, your commitment, that you’re still here. That surprises me. Here in the room, watching online. Here in the body. It’s tough. It’s really tough. And thousands have left – probably thousands and thousands and thousands have left Crimson Circle – for a lot of reasons. There’s no right or wrong about it, but you stayed for yourself. You stayed. Your level of tenacity, commitment, stubbornness is amazing. That surprised me, because when I came in after dear Tobias left I wondered, “How far can we go with this? How many will leave?” And it comes back to, actually, the real surprise, as you pointed out, is the knowingness. It’s there. The knowingness is so strong. Now, it creates a fear; you know the knowingness is there, but you’re like, “Let’s just go back to the comfortable, safe way of doing things.”

That knowingness that you have, you’ve seen it come up recently – recently, the last two or three months – and some of you are calling it, oh, that you’re getting psychic all of a sudden. You just know something before it happens. You know the phone’s going to ring. You know you’re going to bump into somebody at the store. You just have a knowingness and it’s kind of a clarity that’s starting to develop. But at the same time you’re afraid of it – should you follow that? – because it’s following an unfamiliar path. And that’s why I didn’t want to get into the mental today. We’re going to talk about that later, but that knowingness is starting to come through, and I’m going to ask you just to be aware of it. You don’t have to follow it right now, but just to be aware, because when you are, it’s like a light that comes in even more so.

So, what surprises me the most about all of you is just you’ve stuck with it. Ah. You’ve stuck with it. It’s tough! It’s really, really tough. It’s easier to hang back a couple lifetimes or more. It’s easier not to be the first going through it, and there’s a tendency, sometimes, to want to go and hide, but you’ve hung with it. So blessings. (someone shouts “Yay!”) Yay (audience applause).

So next. Next on today’s schedule. Let’s have a cup of coffee. Anybody, coffee? (laughter) I’m passing them around today.

SART: (shouting) Sandra!! (more laughter)

ADAMUS: She should be here listening to the Shouds. Instead, what is she doing? Making coffee.



So the next thing I want to address, getting into the core of today, is that you’ve had a lot of lifetimes, and even if you’re one of the ones who hasn’t been here a lot, who’s only had a few lifetimes, you’re still into the patterns of lifetimes. For those of you who have been here a thousand-plus lifetimes, you develop very clear patterns; clear patterns of the body, of the mind, of everything.

You repeat those patterns, you had repeated them; actually, the funny thing is, in your early lifetimes you actually worked on creating those patterns. You wanted to come back now in the pattern of the physical body and the pattern of the mind. You didn’t want to be bouncing off the walls, so pretty soon you were in those patterns. Now you come to the point of the patterns aren’t working anymore.

Patterns are things like aging. Aging. Aging and death actually. Aging is a pattern you have just come to accept – “I’m going to age” – because you’ve done it a thousand times. You’re pretty familiar with aging. You’re pretty familiar with [going] from birth and then maturing physically, sexually, mentally and then hitting your peak and then slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly aging.

It’s almost like a hypnosis, but it’s more just you’re in patterning, and there’s a huge part of you that’s just saying, “Well, that’s the way it is. You know, we get old and then we die.” No. No. We’re going to break those patterns or let them go or whatever you want to call them.

It doesn’t have to be real. It doesn’t have to be the way it is. But you’ve had so many lifetimes of working at it, of doing it, of experiencing it, you’re just kind of going along with the flow. And then when something comes in to try to change that, when the knowingness comes in – everything I’m saying so far today, you already know – when the knowingness comes in, it’s like, “Oof! It’s too much for me to handle. What do you mean I don’t age? What do you mean I don’t have to follow the old ways of the body anymore?” And you’re like, “Well, let’s just wait to see what happens tomorrow and then the next week.” So you get into these patterns.

Another ugly pattern is the pattern of unfulfillment. So you go through life and you get certain things done and other things you don’t get done and you – you and humans in general – have a pattern of unfulfillment – “I didn’t really do what I wanted to in that lifetime.” And when they come over to the other side, we gather around, there’s usually that pretty immediate like, “Well, I should’ve. I wish I could’ve. I had such high aspirations for that lifetime,” and there is a pattern of unfulfillment. It almost becomes, after a little while like, well, you just accept that you’re not going to have a fulfilling life. You almost accept that – “Well, I wanted to dedicate myself to art” or “I really wanted to break through on some spiritual metaphysical levels” or “I really wanted to travel the world.” And I hear this all the time from Shaumbra, and then tuning in to some of the others, a great level of unfulfillment. It’s become a pattern, an accepted pattern. It’s okay to be unfulfilled.

We’re going to break through that, because it’s not okay. You came here for something. You were tenacious enough, stubborn enough, committed enough to get this far. We’re not going to end up with a lot of unfulfilled things when you come to the other side – “You know, I was that close to true embodied realization. But, you know, I was kind of chicken to go those last few steps and I didn’t do it.” That’s not going to work anymore. Those patterns don’t belong to you, but you’re going to hang on to them for a little bit. You’re going to hang on to them for reasons we’ll talk about in a moment.

Patterns of family, of course. Those most of you have pretty much gone beyond. What other patterns are there?

I’ll tell you one more, while you consider that. There is the pattern of rest and preparedness that occurs. When you’re so damned tired in the body and mind that the pattern is “I’m going to die to get some rest. I’m going to die to just stop and rest in the other realms. I’ll create a little grassy place with cows and flowers and birds, and I’m just going to sleep here for about 100 years. And I’m just going to sleep. I’m going to rest and I’m going to prepare myself for the next lifetime, because, you know” – and this is a pattern you do, you say – “You know, I could have done it, but I just ran out of gas. I just didn’t have the energy. So I’m going to go and sleep for 100 years on the other side and then come back all rejuvenated.” You’re going to come back all crapped out. You’re going to come back all starting way back when, forgetting everything you told yourself, going through all the process, going back to your ancestral families, going back into the lame physical body rather than the light body. So that’s a pattern.

The pattern of “I can’t do it. I can’t do it. This is so overwhelming. I just can’t do it.” And fill in the blank whatever that is. “I can’t make it work. I’ve tried. I’ve tried for enlightenment, and Adamus, I’m just doing it wrong. I can’t do it. There’s something wrong. Maybe I just have to like, you know, leave the planet and come and talk to you and check with myself. I’ll have more clarity when I come to the other side.”

No. It’s not like you get to the other side and – boof! – you have sudden realization. You get to the other side and you have the “oh shit” moments. “Oh! Geez, I should’ve” and then you jump back down and try to do it again.

So what are some of the other patterns that we have here? Yes. Linda will run the microphone to you.

LINDA: Yes, yes! I’m running.

ADAMUS: The billions of entities watching online.

JIM: Can we see that again, Linda? No (he chuckles). One of my favorites is there’s nobody around who can do relationship at the level that I’m capable of doing now.

ADAMUS: Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Actually, that’s interesting. I wouldn’t say that’s an old pattern. The old pattern would be, “I’ve got to have a relationship to be right.” Actually, where you’re going is a whole new thing, the “There’s no relationship that’s actually going to resonate with me right now.” Yeah.

The old pattern is patterns. You’re born into a physical body in a little baby. You don’t have to. Tobias showed us that. He started out ten years old. Get through all the pooping on yourself and all the rest of that, the crying and the getting sick. Come in when the body is just about to get that infusion of testosterone and everything else. Come in then.

So the next pattern that people are into now, didn’t used to be this way, “I have to get education. Then I have to have a partner. Then I have to have children with my partner. Then I” – new pattern – “I have to get divorced, and then I have to get divorced again and then again (laughter), and then again, and then I get old and then I don’t have any money and my career was unfulfilling. Why did I go to school for that stupid career that was so unfulfilling? I’m going to die.” (more laughter)

These are patterns, and nobody questions them. Nobody says, “Stop for a minute. Is this what you really want?” Would you recommend this to your children? (someone says “No!”) Or grandchildren? Would you recommend it at all to Tobin?

KERRI: No, I do not.

ADAMUS: Microphone, please.

LINDA: Who’s yelling? No, not Kerri. She wouldn’t be yelling (Adamus chuckles).

ADAMUS: So Kerri, you’ve fallen into patterns, but …

KERRI: Sadly, it’s true (laughter).

ADAMUS: No, that’s okay.

KERRI: It’s all right. I’m cool with it.

ADAMUS: It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re okay with getting out of them.

KERRI: I recognize it.

ADAMUS: Okay, good.

KERRI: Self-sabotage.

ADAMUS: You have a sparkle in your eye today.

KERRI: I do!

ADAMUS: Yeah, you do.

KERRI: Only because of you.

ADAMUS: See (some laughter). So, now what would recommend to Tobin?

KERRI: I have recommended to Tobin that, “You are here to live! (throwing her fist in the air) And that’s the only thing you had to do.” And you know what he said to me two nights ago?

ADAMUS: You – was that – you were punching him when you said that?

KERRI: No, No. We were laying bed.

ADAMUS: Thought I would check (Adamus chuckles).

KERRI: I kind of go over his head, but …

ADAMUS: Yeah. Boom! Boom!

KERRI: No, truthfully, my son said to me, “I figured out the meaning of life and it’s we’re going to die! And what’s the point of getting out of bed?” And I said, “To live, son! To go camping and to smell the flowers and be in the fauna,” right?

ADAMUS: Yeah, how’s it going?

KERRI: And I said, “You have 90 years left. Don’t even worry about it.”

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. How’s he doing with all this?

KERRI: We’re a little intense, his parents (some laughter).

ADAMUS: Yeah, yes. Yeah.

KERRI: But he likes it, and he chose me, and we’re here together.


KERRI: Too late now (more chuckles).

ADAMUS: So you probably would not recommend to him the old patterns.

KERRI: No, I do not want him to go to college and take on fifty thousand dollars for a liberal arts degree. No.

ADAMUS: Right, right.

KERRI: No, I do not want that.

ADAMUS: You probably tell him, at the core of everything, “Just follow your heart.”

KERRI: I do.


KERRI: And I say, “Don’t let anybody rain on your parade, kid.”

ADAMUS: Right.

KERRI: When some asshole and comes up to you and starts to be mean …

ADAMUS: Do you use that language with your young son?

KERRI: Well, I say, you know, “When that little bastard comes up to you (laughter) and tries to ruin your fun, you say, ‘Hey man! We were having a good time till you show up.’” Literally. You know, I’m teaching him about sexual energy virus and that sort of thing.

ADAMUS: Good. But you would not wish the old patterns on him.

KERRI: No, I want him to be free. He’s so full of light and joy all the time. And this is what I want for him, and I tell him all the time, “We are here to live and everything else doesn’t matter.”

ADAMUS: You know what I’ve got to ask.

KERRI: (whispers) Ask it.

ADAMUS: Are you a good Standard for that?

KERRI: Not always at all. No (a few chuckles). Because I grind away at my job in my cubicle.

ADAMUS: There’s nothing wrong with your job.

KERRI: I’m going to dig deep and figure this out though, based on your advice.

ADAMUS: Yeah, it’s serving you. It is serving you.

KERRI: It does serve me, you know. I raised a child. I put a roof over our head and I’ve finally honored that I’ve done that, where I almost left the planet numerous times, as you know.

ADAMUS: And I was going to tell you in person, kind of give you the answer, but I’ll let Cauldre do it afterwards.

KERRI: Oh, great!

ADAMUS: It’s a little bit personal.

KERRI: I bet – oh.

ADAMUS: Yeah, but …

KERRI: I never mind. Go ahead.

ADAMUS: Well, you’re using your child as your excuse.

KERRI: Oh, yeah! I knew that.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

KERRI: I knew that one!

ADAMUS: But actually what you’re doing is throwing all sorts of bad energy on him as part of that. There is kind of a persecution role that you’re taking on. He can feel it, “Mommy’s doing this for me otherwise she’d be an Ascended Master already.”

KERRI: I know, right?

ADAMUS: Right. Right.

KERRI: I knew that but, like, should I take him to the orphanage then? (laughter) Maybe he’d be better off.

ADAMUS: You may not have to … (Adamus chuckles)

KERRI: I told his dad to take him. I’m like, “You give this a try!”

ADAMUS: Stop using him as an excuse.

KERRI: Okay, I will.

ADAMUS: Stop using …

KERRI: I have been.

ADAMUS: “I have to take care …” I want you to look at the timing of when Tobin came in and your own evolution, and things that were happening in your life that could have caused the popcorn to pop and you brought Tobin in, which is wonderful, but you’ve used him as an excuse for things in your life. And he feels the energy at some level. You wonder why he acts out sometimes, because he feels that energy. Stop using him as an excuse.

KERRI: Okay, I will. And I recognize that. I really honestly … I mean, my friends know I’ve said that.

ADAMUS: So for next month you come in with a three-page report and give it in front of everybody (more laughter).

KERRI: Can I sing a song and dance instead? Because that’s more fun.

ADAMUS: Yeah, afterwards.

KERRI: Okay. Okay.


KERRI: But thank you. I do recognize that.

ADAMUS: Thank you. No more excuses.

KERRI: No more!

ADAMUS: It’s a pattern. It’s a typical pattern. Another pattern … thank you. Thank you for letting me be so personal.

Another pattern that I’m going to mention here real quick, the pattern of worrying about what everybody else thinks. Oh! That’s so heavy – “What are they going to think?” It doesn’t really matter, and wouldn’t that be sad if you got to the other side, unfulfilled, and I said, “So what was that all about? Why … you were so almost right there. You were just a few breaths away from that real embodied enlightenment.”

“I know, but I was afraid of what others were going to think.” Wouldn’t that be … the Ascended Masters would be laughing their ass off. They really would be. “Really?! You’re going to let what other people think; you’re going to let old consciousness really guide what you’re doing?” And I laugh about it and they laugh about it, but you get caught into that – the patterns of “What are they going to think?” The patterns of being different.

You’re already different, and that’s a good thing. You’re already different. Actually, you’re kind of caught in the middle zone of being different. You’re different enough, but you’re not unique yet. You understand the difference? You’ve come to be different from mainstream and they ridicule you for that, but you haven’t come to be unique yet.

There were some great painters that I knew hundreds of years ago. They were different. They learned, first, how to paint like everybody else, and it’s kind of like you; you learned how to be a human like everybody else. Then they started being different. They started going off with their own styles and their own methods, and they got a lot of ridicule from everybody else. The ridicule stopped when they became unique, when they really went all the way with the change of the way art was done, from painting very practically to painting abstractly. Then they became unique and then everybody accepted, actually honored and worshipped, them, because they broke out. And … (someone says “They died”) Not necessarily. Some of them after they died, yes. Some of them, no – I met quite a few of them – some while they were still alive. They went through their period of ridicule. But you’re different, but you haven’t allowed yourself to be unique. You’re different, but you haven’t allowed yourself to go the rest of the way, to be absolutely unique, sovereign, free of all these patterns. That’s what we’re here for.

A few more patterns, real quickly. I saw a few hands go up. Linda’s running the microphone. Thank you, Linda. Would you like some coffee back there?

LINDA: Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: Pattern.

SHAUMBRA 1 (woman): Being afraid to stand in my power.

ADAMUS: Stand in your power, yeah. Let’s change that word: Stand in your own light. Power is truly an illusion. I understand what you meant, though; to be the I Am. I’m going to be more succinct with that – to be “I Am Here.” I Am Here, meaning “Instead of all the thoughts and the dreams about it, instead of dreaming about embodied realization, I Am Here. I’m the Master.” And then that human part jumps in and says, “Yeah, but look, look. You’re still …” And it’s like, “Hang on. Hang on, human. I hear you. I Am Here and you, human, are still here and we’re together.” That’s the “and.” So just being in your own light, being the “I Am Here.” The part you know so well, feel so well; the grandness, “I Am Here. I’m not out there. I’m not waiting. I Am Here.” Good. I get so passionate about this.

One more for hands that actually are going up, Linda. What else? What other patterns?

MARY SUE: This, too, shall end. And once it’s over, everything will be better.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Right (Adamus chuckles). Give us a real life example.

MARY SUE: Oh, well, I’ve got this thing that I need to do and I have to focus on it and I can’t live my life until it’s over, because it dominates my life.

ADAMUS: Right.

MARY SUE: And once it’s over, then I can enjoy myself.

ADAMUS: Everything is going to be okay.


ADAMUS: Until you have the next thing that you have…

MARY SUE: Exactly!

ADAMUS: And it’s the next thing.

MARY SUE: It always comes up. And sometimes you get more. Yeah.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Beautiful – that’s a beautiful example.


ADAMUS: And the one more pattern, and then I would like to kind of move on. The one more pattern is that … okay.

LINDA: Wait. Yeah, yeah.

ADAMUS: A couple more. Good. Good.

LINDA: The famous Patricia Aburdene.

PATRICIA: Yeah, the famous Patricia Aburdene. Okay, so here it is. It’s related to that.


PATRICIA: So, this is really bullshit, and it is so real to me. So, yeah, you can do really great things, but you’ve got to realize it’s going to be very stressful.

ADAMUS: Right.

PATRICIA: Bleagghhh! But that is in me! Oh, my god! That is so in me.

ADAMUS: How about a working example of that.

PATRICIA: Heh! My life!! (laughter)

ADAMUS: You can do really great things, but …

PATRICIA: It sure is going to be stressful and hard.

ADAMUS: Right.

PATRICIA: But somehow stressful.


PATRICIA: You’ve got to expect that.

ADAMUS: Stressful, struggling.

PATRICIA: It’s going to be stressful, if you want to do really great things.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Yeah. Where does it come from?

PATRICIA: Pftt! Well, it’s a pattern.

ADAMUS: Exactly. It’s patterns. It’s lifetimes. It doesn’t even matter if you go and identify it like being a nun or anything like that. But it’s …

PATRICIA: Nuns don’t have it stressful.

ADAMUS: Uhhh …

PATRICIA: At least in my head.

ADAMUS: It is a type of stress, holy stress.

PATRICIA: Holy stress! (laughter)

ADAMUS: Nuns have a lot of stress, for any of you who are nuns watching in online today. There’s a lot of stress, because you can never be good enough. You can never – and the father, I mean, the father and the Father – they’ll never … you know, women aren’t good enough. Women are – mm-mm-mm – aren’t good enough. And so, no matter what, if you’re in a female body, I’m sorry, you can never do good enough. So nuns have a lot of stress.

PATRICIA: So maybe I – maybe …


PATRICIA: … that’s part of my nonsense.

ADAMUS: Yes. Nunsense, I call it (laughter). You guys are handing me the lines today (more chuckles). Yes, it is nunsense. And, yes, and it’s a pattern, it’s a programming that “I’ve got to work hard for it, I’ve got to stress for it, it’s got to be difficult for it to have any value. I have to give my blood, sweat, tears and soul for it to have any value.” It’s fun, because you get to prove something to yourself. But to do it over and over and over.

PATRICIA: Except it’s really not fun.

ADAMUS: The first time it is.

PATRICIA: Oh, yeah, the first time it is.

ADAMUS: After that … the first time it’s like, “I did it! I overcame all the odds. I stayed focused on it. It was so intense and I was sick and everything else.” The first time. After that, it’s an old pattern. It’s an old pattern. How do you break out of it?

PATRICIA: I don’t know.

ADAMUS: I don’t like that phrase.

LINDA: Uh oh‼ (laughter) Ohh! You did it!

PATRICIA: I did it (Linda gasps).

ADAMUS: Eh, you did it.

PATRICIA: I did it.

ADAMUS: Just make something up. Anything. It starts the energy moving when you just make … make up anything. So let’s play that again.

LINDA: Give him hell, Patricia!

PATRICIA: Somebody gave me the answer.

ADAMUS: That’s okay. We’ll go back in time …

PATRICIA: Give up!

ADAMUS: … and say. So how do you handle that? What do you do? How do you get over it?

PATRICIA: Somebody gave me the answer. Give up.

ADAMUS: Give up. You just give up! I like that or any answer you would have given. But, yeah, you give it up. But it’s a pattern, so it’s going to try to seduce you back …

PATRICIA: Yeah, it is.

ADAMUS: … into its pattern. Why? Because it’s comfortable, it’s familiar. Even if doesn’t make you feel particularly good, it’s a pattern and you know it.

PATRICIA: So I gave up and nothing’s happening.

ADAMUS: Yeah, okay. Good (someone chuckles loudly).

PATRICIA: I gave up! Nothing’s happening.

ADAMUS: Okay. When did you give up? (she chuckles) When did you give up?

PATRICIA: After my last book.

ADAMUS: Okay. Um …

PATRICIA: Well, I didn’t really give up, did I? (lots of laughter)

ADAMUS: All right. Okay. You gave up 8.2 percent.

PATRICIA: 8.2 percent?

ADAMUS: Out of a hundred. You gave up a little bit.

PATRICIA: Oh, out of a hundred (Adamus laughs). I thought on a scale of one to ten, that’s pretty good! (more laughter)

ADAMUS: No, no, no, no‼ Or is that a thousand? No, you gave up 8.2 percent, so you gave up a little bit, and that’s a good start. But that is a perfect segue into what comes next here. Okay.

PATRICIA: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Thank you. I appreciate it. And thank you everybody who participated.

As I said, I love Shaumbra. We can play. We can have fun. We can talk about some of the most deep, painful, poignant parts of your life and you stay. You’re here. So that’s beautiful. Thank you. Thank you.

So where do we go next with all this? Well, today is the day we’re talking about patterns. Patterns in the body. You’ve been going through body pains, low energy levels.

Let’s turn the heat up one more degree because … (audience agrees) Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. It’s a little chilly and we’re going to do a merabh in just a moment. I want you to be so relaxed and …

LINDA: Sleepy?

ADAMUS: Sure. Sleepy. Well, yeah. Anybody want some coffee before we start?

LINDA: Aghhhh!

ADAMUS: Everybody’ll be getting up to use the bathroom during the merabh.



Point. Patterns have served you in a lot of ways. We started today by basically saying, “Look at your life.” Look at what’s going on, even if you don’t like it. It’s there, because it’s serving you. Look at it. Not trying to battle it, but its realization. “Oh! Patterns were there because they were comfortable. They were familiar. I didn’t have to be really different. I didn’t have to be unique. I could kind of just be a little different.” Patterns were there because, well, you didn’t think they’d kill you, but they do. Patterns were there because there is an amnesia. There is a hypnosis. There is kind of like this blanket over the real awareness, and you just do it. You just get in that parade and march like everybody else, even though your knowingness says, “I shouldn’t be in this parade anymore. I shouldn’t be marching.”

The question is, how do you go beyond that? You cannot – I can tell you right now – you cannot fight it. You can try to and it becomes an obsessive game of trying to get over yourself, trying to battle yourself, trying to will yourself. Those don’t work. Those don’t work at all. Then you just dig yourself in deeper.

So what do we do? Well, first we have the realization of what’s going on – you have patterning, it keeps you kind of in; patterning keeps you from making those breakthroughs – and then it’s making a very clear and conscious choice to allow a quantum shift. Not a little shift, and that’s one of the other patterns of life – incremental progress, like turtle style (some chuckles). And then you can tell yourself, “Well, I’m making progress. Look how far I’ve come.” Well, I’m like, geez, you’ve only come about like two meters in the past twenty years (more chuckles). Good on you, but let’s go quantum. Let’s allow. And that’s – I’ll keep coming back to this and back to this – it’s the allowing. That’s it. Allowing.

Allowing means getting out of your way, getting out of the human way. There is a natural evolution, natural cycles that, when one allows, will bring in new levels of light, literal light into that body of yours; light that will take you out of patterns, even when the human is still trying to hold on to it, if you allow.

And I say light, again, because light is – we’re not talking about the lights of the sun or the studio here – but it is the movement of the passion of the I Am. It’s light, and this light then attracts energy. The energy is what literally changes the structures and the mechanics and the outer world, but it’s the light let into the body that will change the patterns of the body. It’s the light that’s allowed, eventually, into the mind that changes the mind.

The human will resist it, absolutely. The human, first of all, wants a physics charts, wants me to show that and then wants me to float in the air above your heads to prove that it can be done. That’s the human.

SAM: That would be cool.

That would be cool, yeah. And how do you know I’m not? How do you know I’m not? (some chuckles)

SAM: Well, I mean, when you’re asking that question, it just get into perception. I perceive not in the air, I just perceive you there.

ADAMUS: Yeah. It’s perception and senses. What senses are you using right now?

SAM: Visual, mostly. I confirm that you’re right there.

ADAMUS: Sixty percent of all your perception is based on visual, and there are other senses. And I could easily be floating above your head right now, about to come down on your shoulders, but if you’re only in the sense of the eyes and a little bit of the hearing at this point, then you’re not aware of it.

SAM: Right.

ADAMUS: You open up beyond that into the other senses, 200,000 other senses, and suddenly the world opens up. You open up. Yeah.

SAM: See, the thing for me is …

LINDA: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. If you’re going to keep talking, you need the mike.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah, microphone.

SAM: Oh, okay.

ADAMUS: Did you want some coffee? (some chuckles)

SAM: No, thank you. The thing for me, though, is once you allow that – you know, you get out of the pattern, you’re in the new sovereign space, you know – where is the relevance there? The practice. That’s the challenge for me, I suppose.

ADAMUS: Relevance to what? Your job? Your girlfriend?

SAM: All of the above, you know, et cetera, right? I mean, we’re here and …

ADAMUS: I’d invite you to stop thinking like a human, because you’re thinking within five senses and a mind.

SAM: Right.

ADAMUS: And you’re thinking of, “How this is going to benefit me?” in a way that you can’t even possibly imagine until you actually allow it, and the human saying, “Okay, what good do I get out of this? What’s the benefit here for the human?”

SAM: Well, it’s a matter of behavior, right? I mean, for me to participate, to be grounded in the new experience, to allow it there has to be some relevance on a human scale, I suppose.

ADAMUS: Sure. Sure.

SAM: And that’s where I get stuck every once in a while.

ADAMUS: What do you think the relevance is?

SAM: I suppose ease of some sort, right? I mean, that’s the universal currency.

ADAMUS: Yeah, but it’s not just that. I’d say, to narrow it down – and we’re kind of running out of time – the relevance is that you know you’re living in a black and white or a gray world and you know there’s a color world all around.

SAM: Yes.

ADAMUS: You know there is so much more. That’s the relevance to the human. It’s not about being younger, sexier, richer, any of that. Those are old patterns. And they’re almost set as unattainable patterns by the human. It creates enough barriers to those things. The real relevance is going from gray to color, from a very limited sensual experience.

SAM: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: I’m not here to make your 3D, 5S – five sense – experience better. Why? Because, sooner or later, you’d get tired of it anyway.

SAM: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: My role is not to make your 3D, 5S experience better. You can go to the bookstore and get a lot of books to slightly improve your life. We’re here to go into totally sensory experience. Not just to satisfy the human, but to satisfy that Master who’s been knocking at your door saying, “Human, allow me in.” And the human says, “Well, but how do I know you’re not a big, bad wolf? What do you bring? How are you going to make my house better?” And you go through the whole litany of things. That’s not why we’re here. You’re here for embodied enlightenment, not for human betterment.

SAM: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Does that make sense?

SAM: It does. I don’t know if that’s quite what I was putting forward, but it does make sense.


SAM: It’s not so much like fear that it’s the big, bad wolf. It’s that there’s not a lot of places to express or put that into the ground here in the reality that we’re sharing with everybody else. In this physical world that we have to live in, you’ll be on that 3D and then you bring that in, and, you know, you’re kind of outside of the pattern, yet still here you find yourself, right?

ADAMUS: Right. So, question for everyone, is do you want to continue in the life that you’re in now? Tweaking it a little bit, sanding off some rough edges, but basically do you want to continue in the life you’re in now, in your perspective of life that you’re in now? And if you do, that’s fine for you, but I dare say that sooner or later you’ll get tired of it. Or, there is a knowingness – there is a knowingness that you already have which brings you here – “Damn! There’s something richer, more passionate, more meaningful. There’s something else there.” And you’ve gotten a taste of it, and now you want the whole thing and that’s fine. Yeah.

But I dare say that the human will benefit, but we’re not doing this for the benefit of the human, if that makes sense. The human will absolutely benefit. So the human who’s watching right now, maybe the body aches and pains go away, you become younger looking, healthier, happier, new passion, all the rest of that; but we’re not doing it for the benefit of the human. Otherwise, we would get stuck in the same old patterns.

If you want to know what gets the human stuck in this pursuit, go to a bookstore and look in the – what do they call it now? – occult, self-help, self-whatever. Go look. Those are the things for the benefit of the human. Look at the titles, breeze through most of them. I’d say, with a very few exceptions, they’re for the benefit of the human, and we’re not doing that.

What you are doing here, dear Master, will benefit the human, but we’re not doing it for the human. That’s an old pattern, and it will keep you here. And we’re going to break through.

Let’s take a deep breath, turn down the lights and get ready for our merabh.

I love getting together with you! I love telling the stories when I get back to the Ascended Masters Club (a few chuckles and applause). No, the stories. And then I said, “So I’m on stage and Linda reaches over and hits me and throws coffee on me! And then some of the members in the audience start spitting at me and throwing apples (laughter). And then a fistfight breaks out, and then pretty soon all the energies converge and we’re all dancing naked, and …” (laughter)

LINDA: In your dreams! (more laughter)

ADAMUS: I like to tell stories. They don’t believe it either, by the way, because a lot of them come here.


Merabh Beyond Patterns

Let’s get some music on, house lights down.

(music begins)

I don’t know what it is with time today. Seems to be going odd. Dear Cauldre and Linda, they were stumped. Finished their slideshow way ahead of time. Me? I may go really long today. But it doesn’t it seem like we just started? (audience agrees)

Those are other patterns, the old time patterns. They start slipping away.


Nothing like good friends and good music and pretty good coffee. I miss some things about being human, but I can sense them or experience them through Cauldre and through you. I miss, yes, a good cup of coffee. I miss a good meal of rolled oats, honey and nuts, just enough to make me salivate right now.


Actually, I think the thing I miss most, truly, of anything is human laughter. I think I miss that the most. I’ve worked with other channelers, other groups, there wasn’t a lot of laughter. And when I did my antics to try to get some laughter, they left (laughter). Well, they thought … well, they were in that spiritual pattern, everything having to be a certain way.

So now we come to the point where I was trying to get to today. All these patterns that have been set up, these ways of doing things – the ways the body lives and dies, the way the mind thinks – all those change. The patterns, the personal patterns, having to work hard or stress for things. Oh! They get so ingrained. Damn! Really ingrained. And, you know what happens? When the human tries to battle those, when the human tries to fight those, they actually get more ingrained. Isn’t that odd? They actually get more ingrained. The very damn thing you were trying not to do and now you’re doing it even more, because there is a mental energy focus on it that keeps old patterns linear and local. It keeps the patterns ingrained.

When you try to fight these things in your mind, when you try to fight aging, for instance – “I’m going to be younger. I’m going to be younger,” or “I’m going to feel better,” you try – I never liked affirmations. I nearly got run out of Sedona eight years ago for saying that, but some people are starting to realize why. All you’re doing is affirming the imbalance, affirming the very thing that you didn’t like, and it’s going to stay there.

So what to do? What to do? It’s to do exactly what we’re doing now. Have some laughs, drink some coffee and allow energy to serve you.

Remember how we started today? Adlibbed, it wasn’t rehearsed, wasn’t even discussed. Nobody knew what was coming. “Where’s my coffee?” And allowing that energy to serve you. I hope that made an impression on you. And the resistance to just letting the energy serve you, and it will if you allow.

Allowing, in this case, is a quantum shift. Perhaps that’s an overused term “quantum,” but a nonlinear, non-predictable shift; breaking out of old patterns – old patterns of the body, old patterns of work habits – and you can’t fight them, but we can allow them.

You see, the reason why allowing works is because those patterns were in an unnatural state of energy.

It was almost like clay that was put into the hands of the potter and went to be a pot, a vase, and that’s fine, it’s beautiful. But, ultimately, it’s unnatural for it to stay that way forever. That’s why things break, things deteriorate. They go back to their natural state.

The patterns, the pottery, it was beautiful for a while. But it wasn’t meant to be that way forever. Your patterns, whether self-created or created by mass consciousness, created by a thousand lifetimes, were never meant to stay forever.

The Master realizes it’s time to allow the shifting of energies.

It’s time to get out of the way and allow. Truly allow. Not just talk about allowing, but allow quantum, meaning off the charts.


A thousand lifetimes of patterns, now changing.

It’s a bit frightening to the human, but to the Master it’s exquisite. Exquisite.


A thousand lifetimes of creating vases, and now we go on to something totally different.


This is where it’s about allowing, and allowing the energies to serve you; allowing that coffee to be delivered into your hands.


Looking at what’s in your life, things that maybe you don’t like, things that you’re ready to get over, but they’re still there. Why? This is where you allow yourself to hear the answer why it’s still there, why the need for suffering or stress, why the bad relationships, why the lack of clarity. It’s there because somehow it’s still serving you, and it’s so ready to change, so willing to change when you allow.


None of this is really that difficult or that hard. There’s not great big secrets to any of this.


Isn’t it strange that, actually, to truly facilitate a change, a shift of going out of patterns, it’s actually the antithesis of what you may have thought. It’s not working hard at it. It’s not figuring out a secret. It is just damn allowing into a natural state, into a natural evolution.

There’s kind of, you could say, an energy movement out of pattern that occurs; an energy movement that brings the light into your body, that brings your body, you could say, into the Body of Consciousness. It’s a natural movement. It’s a graceful movement.

Feel it for a moment. Feel that graceful movement for a moment that brings that light into the body. It integrates into the Body of Consciousness.


Now, feel that graceful movement, that expansive free movement of energy …


… compared to thinking about it, trying to mentally effort it, trying to make it happen, will it to happen. Feel the energy difference between these two. Trying to mentally will something …


… versus allowing it.


Big difference, isn’t there?

I know some of you think, “Well, allow. Shouldn’t I be doing something?” No. No. That’s why we created merabhs. No. Just breathe it in.


Some of you are thinking, “Well, shouldn’t we be like chanting something right now?” No. What you can do right now is listen to the music. Or you could take a nap, even.

But we’re here in this consciousness, a desire and a consciousness of saying, “Let’s release the old patterns of a thousand lifetimes. Let’s allow these to go back to the natural state.” And then you just let it happen.


It’s the simplicity, I guess you would say; the simplicity of the Master, and then a beautiful thing happens. It’s suddenly, “I Am Here. I Am Here out of patterns. I Am Here in my light. Wow! Wish I had known it was this easy. Yeah. I Am Here in my light, my light that is my body.”


My light that is my knowingness.


My light that comes into my dreams at night.


My light that comes into my awareness at every waking moment. I Am Here in my light.

And then you are.


The changes you’re going through right now are epic, truly epic on the body and the mind, and these are not changes you can think your way into. You cannot mentally try to chart these changes. You cannot try to make these changes. It’s beyond the mind’s capability; it’s beyond what the mind would consider to be possible.

The changes come in every way. They come to the change of your senses, your ways of perceiving reality.

We’ve been talking about that for a while – your senses. Senses are a way you perceive reality, but there’s something else happening with all of this right now. Not just the change of senses, although that’s big. That’s huge.

What’s happening right now is the change in you and the way you create. That was a pattern that was so ingrained – how you create.


How you create. In limited ways, in small incremental ways.

But all that changes, and I wanted to wait till this part of our day to even talk about that. I’ve talked and will continue to talk about senses, the way you perceive reality. But I want you to feel for a moment, the patterns that you’ve had of how you create – create your reality, create your energy flow, create anything; happiness.

How you create. Isn’t that the thing, above and beyond all, that was the most suppressed, the most limited, the biggest pattern of all.


Small creations. Oftentimes, colorless creations. Unfulfilling creations. Frustrating creations, oftentimes, with very few, what I would call, breakthrough creations.


The I Am is a creator.


At your core, in your heart, you are a creator. What’s the biggest pattern of all is the limitation of what is your true Self, what is your, what you could say, your birthright, your being right, right of beingness. That’s what was patterned. That’s what was held back. That’s the core of the answer to every question that came up today, of every discussion.

“Where is the creator that I am?”

That’s the pattern that we shift today and are allowing. Everything else today was almost a distraction so we could get right here – quantum change in how you create.


And you’re right; the old way that you were creating isn’t going to work anymore. You’ve discovered that recently. That old way is not going to work anymore.

Let’s allow the shift right here, right now.

Just allow it. Don’t think about it. Don’t stress on it. Don’t even focus on it. Just allow it – a quantum, multi-cosmic, amazing, expansive change of a very old pattern.


Let’s break through in the way you create.

My god, it had to have been getting really old and boring, frustrating, unmasterly.

Take a deep breath and allow; the way of the free creator.

You don’t have to do a thing other than just take a deep breath and allow. That creates a consciousness that brings in the light that attracts the energy that changes and that frees, that opens you up.

Damn! It had to be really, really difficult being not the creator, or being the limited creator.

(music ends)

Good deep breath, my dear friends. A good deep breath.


Your body might ache a little bit. You feel you’re having these internal struggles in the mind. You may feel absolutely disoriented. You may feel so off-base at times, and that’s where you take a deep breath and allow and realize what you’re going through should have taken 179 years and you’re doing it in a few short years.

You’re going from being normal, being mainstream to being different, to being absolutely unique. Yes!

So let’s take a good deep breath with that.

And when you get a little fearful and tearful, you take a deep breath and remember …

ADAMUS AND AUDIENCE: All is well in all of creation.

ADAMUS: With that, a delight to be with my dear friends. Thank you. Thank you (audience applause).