The Discovery Series

SHOUD 10: “Discovery 10” – Featuring ADAMUS, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Presented to the Crimson Circle
June 14, 2014

IMPORTANT NOTE: This information is probably not for you unless you take full responsibility for your life and creations.

*  *  *


I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain.

(He takes a deep breath and opens his eyes) Hmmm. Hmmm. (audience applause) Hmmm. Hmm.

(pause, as Adamus begins examining and admiring everything; laughter as he polishes the logo on his lectern)


LINDA: Ohhh! (he’s fiddling with the stage backdrop panels)

(He continues to walk around examining everything, not saying anything, now in the back of the room looking around)

ADAMUS: Hm. Hm. (audience laughter, as he walks in the men’s room area, flushes a toilet and comes out adjusting his pants)

(he opens the door to the women’s room, and shuts it quickly) Eh!

LINDA: Really?

(He unlocks a door and goes into Geoff & Linda’s “green room”; more laughter, as he comes out with a bottle of cognac that was presented earlier; after setting it on the counter he goes outside, walking around in front of the building, observing the sign on the front and then comes back in)


(He goes to the production area and looks at all the equipment)

LINDA: The broadcast has not stopped. Adamus is walking around inspecting his new space.

(laughter, as Adamus waves to the camera, then asks Joseph Collins to stand and gives him a greeting – audience applause; he now goes into the translation booth and waves to everyone; laughter)

For those listening, the inspection still continues by Adamus. (more laughter; Adamus finally goes back up front to the stage)

ADAMUS: I now proclaim the Crimson Circle Connection Center open for enlightenment. (cheering and applause from the audience)

LINDA: Thank god! Oh, thank Adamus.

ADAMUS: So I understand that there was permitting processes that you had to go through here, but until we finally sign off on the energy dynamics, ahh, it’s not official. But now it is.

So dear Shaumbra, your home, perhaps the first of many to come. Ahh, yes.

So tonight when I go to the Ascended Masters Club (some chuckles), I’m going to be like a proud papa. I’m going to be talking to some of the great Ascended Masters of all times and I’m going to say, “So how is your group’s Connection Center? (laughter) How is their technology? How is the lighting in their stage? How is this beautiful stage set?” Ahh, and I’m going to be so proud, because they’re going to have to scramble. They’re going to have to try to get their groups to put together something equally as beautiful. So, Shaumbra, well done. Very well done. Thank you. (audience applause) Well done.

So let’s take a deep breath into this beautiful place, this place that, as Cauldre and Linda said, is truly New Energy. The way it came into being, the way it’s going to operate, the energies that are being embedded right here. Cauldre’s asking me to tell that yesterday when we did the Keahak gathering, I did not choose to open my eyes, for I wanted to save it for this moment.

You know, we, the angelic beings, see things a little different. We see energy and patterns and swirling colors and chaos and things like that. But until we see it through the human eyes, and in this case through Cauldre’s eyes, it’s not the same. So I reserved the moment for today to finally open my eyes and see the beauty of this place.

I don’t just see windows and walls and equipment. I see potential, potentials for transformations that will take place right here. And whether you are here in this studio, whether you are connecting online, it doesn’t matter. It’s the same. We don’t lose anything, particularly when it’s built with such passion, with such commitment by everyone who is involved, everyone who contributed and everyone who just put their energy into it. Oh, and Cauldre likes this nice carpet with the foam padding.

But when it is done like this, the energy flows right through all of this equipment, right to everyone who’s watching online. So even if you’re sitting on the other side of the world, you are as connected to this connection center as everyone right here.

I see potentials for what can take place from here. Not just me, not just my stage; this is a Shaumbra stage. Just don’t use my podium. (some chuckles) This is for all who have something to share, something to teach, something to bring to others about the New Energy.

But before you say, “Oh yes, I want to be on that stage, I want to be up there underneath the glaring lights.” Before you say that, stop for a moment, because only, only those things that are of New Energy and that are about enlightenment, that are not about power or control or manipulation, only those things that are New Energy and for enlightenment can be presented from here.

It’s a dynamic that you built into this, not I. It was your commitment, all of you said, “That’s what we want. We’re ready for it.”

Back in January when I said, “My dear friends, leave. Leave this place,” I didn’t think you’d take it this far! (laughter) “Leave Coal Creek Canyon; leave the hall and don’t come back unless you’re a Master and you’re really ready for that responsibility and that ease and that grace. Don’t come back unless you’re ready.”

My dear friends, that was a magic moment. That was truly a magic moment. It wasn’t just some words that I said. It was what you wanted. You were saying it – “We’re ready. Let’s get on with it. Let’s stop talking about it and let’s do it. Let’s get into this New Energy thing. Be damned with all the old ways. Be damned with the doubts and the fears and just get on with it.” Correct? I thought I heard you say that.



So where we are in the New Energy, still surrounded by a world of duality. I talked about it yesterday with the Keahakers, that it is truly a challenge, also an amazing experience, to now be walking and talking as a Master in this New Energy, but still surrounded in a world of duality. Something the other Masters didn’t do. They left. They left the physical body. It was difficult on their physical body. They hadn’t prepared the physical body.

As a matter of fact, there was almost a rejection of the physical body. So in their enlightenment, they left shortly afterwards. But you said, “We’re going to stay.” You’ve come to realize that enlightenment isn’t a mental thing. No, no, no. You can read all the philosophy in the world, and none of it will give you the experience of enlightenment that you can give yourself.

Enlightenment isn’t about knowing everything. As Cauldre wrote recently, enlightenment is knowing that you’ll know the right thing in the right moment. Not carrying around all this knowledge and facts and figures, but just absolutely implicitly trusting you’re going to know exactly at the moment you should know. And it’s not coming from anywhere else. It’s coming from you.

Enlightenment is truly an experience that very few have ever given themselves. I would say the bold and the outrageous. Some of you would say the crazy. It’s an experience. You could say it’s integration. It’s a total integration of yourself. It is the acceptance. (Linda gets up to sit somewhere else) You don’t have to leave now, my dear. But please …

LINDA: Are you going to pick at me?

ADAMUS: It is the acceptance of Self in a loving way. It is the recognition that there’s no need for power, and that’s a difficult one. And again, we’ve talked about that time and time again in our gatherings. It starts out as a mental concept or an intellectual concept. But until you allow yourself to experience it, there’s no need for power, because all of the energy that you’ll ever need is here.

My dear friends, at times I’m told that I’m a little hard on some of you.

LINDA: Ohh noo!

ADAMUS: Oh, you’re the one that tells me that! (laughter) But it is because you’ve been determined, I guess you could say, you’ve been hard on yourselves, wanting this thing called enlightenment in this lifetime in this body now. You don’t want to wait anymore. You want it now. So we’re moving forward on it. We’re moving into it.

And perhaps the … a way of summarizing it is saying that you don’t have to work at it. It’s natural. You just have to be in it. You have to be allowing of it. But it isn’t something you can study. It isn’t something you can stress yourself into. It isn’t something you can discipline yourself into it. You can allow it. You can be at ease with it, and then experience it.

One of the biggest challenges, one of the first things that I want to address with you is this thing about your biology. Your biology. Oftentimes, everything about enlightenment tends to be kind of mental – like a lot of thinking, a lot of thoughts – but you get to this point and it’s time we address the biology.

That’s what I want to do today. We’re going to go into some experiences with the biology.


Being in Biology

Every one of you in the room, every one of you listening in online has some issues with the biology, and it’s understandable because this biological vessel has been foreign for a long time. When you came here to Earth for the first time in your angelic body, your nonphysical being and suddenly started taking on biology, it was very awkward, very uncomfortable.

Now, you spent lifetimes and lifetimes trying to adjust to it, but more than anything, the biology has been like monkey on your back – a monkey that’s constantly smacking you in the head, constantly chittering in your ear, constantly crapping on your back – and you put up with it. You put up with it and you just get used to that monkey on your back, but something intuitively tells you that it’s a foreign object. It’s not really supposed to be there.

You’ve adapted to your body, but it’s still kind of a foreign object, not really yours, uncomfortable with it.

We’ve talked in the past also about the ancestral biology. You’re carrying your family’s biology and your grandparents and their grandparents and theirs.

To a degree you get it, but there’s still this very conflicting, sometimes combative and always foreign relationship with the physical body. But if you’re going to go into your true mastery, into enlightenment, that body is going to go with you. That body is going to be integrated, one of the things that the other Masters prior to you did not do. As a matter of fact, they spent many lifetimes trying to deny the body and trying to even manipulate the body, control the body from the mind. It simply does not work. But if you’re going to go into true enlightenment, be a true walking Master, it’s essential that this body is healthy.

Now, there’s actually two huge issues. The body, and the other one is abundance; we’ll save that for another day. You tend to want to ignore your body, but then it screams out at you. You tend to want to just pretend that body is going to, like the monkey on your back, just going to follow you into enlightenment. But then it has aches and pains. It gets sick. You worry about it. You go out of, what I would say, a higher form of consciousness worrying about it. You start fretting. You start getting back into some very old patterns.

That body can stop a Master dead in their tracks – literally dead in their tracks, but also just stop them – for how can you enjoy life, how can you have enlightenment if that body has aches and pains or diseases or is falling apart, or if you just don’t love that body?

I want you to take a moment to just feel into your physical being.


Many of you are at the point in your life where you measure according to mass consciousness, you’re 50, 60, 70 years old, and you say, “Well, I’ve got ‘x’ number of years left – 10, 20 30 years left,” and you put up with that. You tolerate that. In spite of all that you’ve learned along the way, in spite of all the enlightenment, this body is like a boat anchor at times. You say, “I’ve got 20, 30 years left. I wonder if I’m going to get cancer. I wonder if I’m going to get Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or some other disease.

And, you see, at that moment you start thinking that way, you separate your I Am-ness, your Body of Consciousness* from your physical body. You don’t let that physical body into the Body of Consciousness concept. It’s this rather crude foreign vessel that you’re having to drag around.

* Click here for more information from Adamus about the Body of Consciousness

Imagine for a moment, feel for a moment that that body is rejuvenating, that your body is an efficient network and that the body is coming to life and not dying, that that body is your dearest friend.


For many of you, it’s very hard to imagine. Body as the dearest friend? The body? The thing that can betray you? You’ve seen other people die, get sick and die, many of you your own parents. Ah. And it raises the issue, “Is that in my DNA also?” The doctor will even ask you. “What’s your family history? Well, you’re screwed, because you got the same basic thing. Parents died at 71; you might go to 72.”

So there’s a myriad of overlays and fears associated with this, and it’s one of the two – well, three – primary issues right now that’s keeping you from getting over that hurdle. I hear some of you saying, “But Adamus, so I asked for mastery. I said I wanted enlightenment, so where is it?” Well, it’s there, but part of the issue is the physical body.

It’s not always fun to talk about this. There are other subjects that are a lot more enlightened – a lot lighter – than talking about the physical. But in working with each and every one of you, feeling into the energies, what’s going on, I felt it important today that we talk about the biology.


Integrating the Biology

This biology, your biology, my dear friends, it’s time to integrate it. It’s time to bring it in. It’s not about fixing it or repairing it. A lot of you have been trying to do that from up here or somewhere or going to the doctor or taking a lot of different medications. Let all that be gone. It’s time to integrate it.

Now, I say that and some of you say, “You want me to integrate this?! You want me to bring this into the Body of Consciousness? Don’t I need to fix it first? Don’t I need to heal it or make it younger or something?” No, not at all. It’s about absolutely integrating it, breathing it in, right into the Body of Consciousness. Right in there in this beautiful soup that includes your mind, your Spirit, the I Am-ness.

There’s been a big reluctance to do this in the past, but today – what a beautiful day to do it. What a beautiful day to integrate.

Now, we’re going to get into a merabh in just a moment, but I want to remind you it’s not thinking your way into it. You’re not going to think your way into it. It’s allowing.

You may feel some resistance because you’re going, “Well, this body? Me? Have I really gotten rid of the ancestral DNA? Am I really ready for it?” Absolutely. Absolutely.

There is going to be an expectation that suddenly after the merabh you will look in the mirror and you’re 30 years younger. (some chuckles)

SART: Yeah!

ADAMUS: But it’s not about looking. (Adamus chuckles) It’s not about … (some in audience are saying “Wooo!”) It’s not about looking younger, you see, and that’s where a lot of the problems have come in. You say, “Oh, I’m going to breathe so I look younger.” (a few chuckles) No. Or “I’m going to breathe so I’m more beautiful or have more energy.” More energy. No, it’s not about that.

Those are perhaps results or those are things that occur after you truly allow the integration. Shedding weight or having knees or hips or other parts of your body. But we’re not going to focus today on healing something specific, on healing a disease or a deformity or anything else. Today is going to simply be about the integration of your physical being the way it is. The way it is right now.

Now here’s a little secret. The way it is right now is actually very beautiful. And I know some of you, particularly if you’re very ill or you’re in a lot of pain, you say, “I don’t think so.” But the potential and the reality actually of this integrated healthy, energized, physical being is right there. Is right there. We’re not going to be pulling it in from somewhere else. We’re going to do several exercises, the second or third exercise we do today will seem like we’re pulling it in, but it’s really not. We’re going to be bringing it forth.

That body of yours, the biology, has all the potential to be graceful, energy efficient. It has all the potential to be your light body.

And as we go through the merabhs today, that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing. We’re going to be allowing the transformation of your physical being as you know it right now. Faulted or imbalanced or if it’s beautiful, no matter what, we’re going to be allowing that transformation from your current physical state into the light body.

Don’t ask me how long it takes for the transformation. There are a variety of different factors, and it doesn’t really matter, because as you’ve heard in the story of this Center itself, time is rather irrelevant. Funny things happen along the way. It just occurs. We don’t need to plot this out. We don’t need to have to set a time to it. It just occurs. It’s just there. The best thing you can do is to allow it, to trust it, that it’s happening.

You can fight it. You can resist it and say, “Well, is this really happening during this merabh? Did I really …” (Spit!) Take a deep breath, relax, because today, indeed, we are going to be integrating the biology into the Body of Consciousness, transforming this biology into your light body.

So let’s take a deep breath. Let’s have our merabh light setting. I understand we can do that now. (the lights go down) Ah! As if by magic. Hah! Hmmm.

By the way, we’ll do several experiences, and please no thinking. Do you understand that? Understand when I say no thinking, you don’t have to focus on “I am doing this merabh. I am bringing in my light body.” That actually is a distraction and it also provides some barriers. It’s about just allowing the integration of your physical body into your Body of Consciousness. This boat anchor that you’ve been dragging around, trying to patch up and repair, trying to fix up, we’re going to do it today.

So take a good deep breath, and let’s begin some nice classical music for a change.

(music begins; several tracks from the album “Gentle Spirit” by Bernward Koch)


Biology Merabh

Take a good deep breath.

Here we are in the new Crimson Circle Connection Center. How appropriate, because isn’t this your new body in a way? Symbolically? That’s why I wanted to use today for doing this experience in the physical.

Take a good deep breath and feel into your physical body.

A physical body – flesh and bones and organs and blood, cells and DNA, stuff that actually you don’t even need to know about to go through this transformation. Actually, I would say it’s almost easier to go through this if you don’t know a lot about the science and the physics, because you tend to get a little caught in the mind.

Feel into this body of yours. Well, it’s about as much yours as that name that you go by. It’s not, really. It was given to you by someone else.

Ever since you came to this Earth and became embodied, took on the physical, you knew somewhere within you that there would come a day when this body would transform. When this body would no longer just be physical biology. You knew that one day would come true embodiment. Not just walking around in physical, but true embodiment and integration.

And that day is here. That day of integration is here right now. And, again, the beautiful thing is there’s nothing you need to do other than to let it happen.

The whole idea of a physical body is so that you can experience the elements of duality, of time and space, density; so that you can experience what it feels like to walk on the ground and breathe the air.

The body allows you to see a sunset. As I said when I began today, I kept my eyes closed – or Cauldre’s eyes closed – until today, because through the human eyes and through this sense of vision, through this beautiful physical part of you – your eyes – you can be in the world. You can see the world.

You have all the different human senses that allow you to have a sensual experience in the physical body. Oh, what some angels wouldn’t give to have this – the ability to touch, the ability to have a fine meal, smell the fragrance of the flowers.

The body allows you to have a sensual experience on this planet. But the body also has been a source of consternation, threat, fear, disappointment. The body eventually wears out, causes this thing you know as death. It’s interesting because people fear death, because they think it’s more than just the death of the biology. They think it’s the death of the identity. It’s really just the body letting go.

The body has given you aches and pains. You know what it’s like when you’re sick, you have a cold or the flu. It’s hard to even think about enlightenment or to put a smile on your face. And as you get a bit older you start seeing the wrinkles, the gray hair, you try desperately to patch them up by buying all sorts of creams. I think next time we gather here in the Center, all of you should bring by all the creams and ointments and medications that are in your medicine cabinets and cupboards and closets and garages and rented storage units and bring them and just dump them off. How much money have you spent on that? How many of them have really worked? They may work to a small degree, but ultimately not.

So you look in the mirror and you’re disappointed – disappointed with aging, the biology. You hear me talk about your ancestral biology, and you curse those mothers who gave you that body – and fathers. You say, “Why did I end up in that damn ancestral line?” Well, you started it a long time ago. (laughter and Adamus chuckles) And you’re about to end it.

So the body allows you a sensual experience. It allows you pleasures. It allows you to be in this reality. It’s also a source of a lot of issues. It’s been one of the three main things that have made this move into mastery rather difficult. Some of you have some real issues right now. The rest of you have the potential for some real issues.

Why is it that spiritual people, those who really are on the spiritual path, why is it that statistically they probably have more health issues than others? Why is it that those who are what you would call health fanatics tend to have more issues? Not just that they’re obsessed with it, but actually they’re more sensitive to it. As you come into consciousness, you start to realize that this body thing is a tough thing. It’s got to change. This body thing is really holding you back.

Oh, the other Masters have gone through the same thing – “If it wasn’t for this damn body, I could be enlightened.” This body that has a tendency to get a little addicted to things, a little too pleasure-oriented, or this body that tends to fall apart. So there’s this real interesting dynamic with the physical.

You try to fix it; try to repair it. You try to go to every type of therapist and doctor, alternative practitioners. It’ll put some bandages on it, but ultimately a lot of the core energy is still there. A lot of the core imbalance is still there.

So what I would like to do right now, without any hocus pocus or many more words, is say let’s just go into the new physical, the new biology. Let’s integrate that body that you have right now. Let’s integrate it into the Body of Consciousness.

How do you do that? By taking a good deep breath and allowing.


Taking another good deep breath and relaxing into your new body.


The body is actually essence. It’s essence. In other words, what science will see is tissue and organs, bones. But at the core, the body is the essence. It’s part of the I Am, part of the Body of Consciousness.

It’s a way for the I Am to be in deep experience.

It doesn’t have to be bones and tissue. It doesn’t have to be hair and eyeballs, tongues, toes. That’s just the way it kind of ended up. But it’s really essence, beautiful essence.

Part of the I Am certainly doesn’t have to track along an old ancestral pattern. It doesn’t have to conform even to the way other humans look. The body is the essence that allows you to experience your creation from within your creation.

And right now as I’m speaking, or really distracting, the music is playing, it’s happening right now, because you’ve created this, is that old biology – not old like in your age – but the old patterns of biology are literally transforming, right now.

The amazing thing is that you don’t have to push it. I’m not pushing it. I’m not doing this. You are.

You’re finally taking a deep breath, stopped fighting the body, stopped running from the body and said, “This is mine – my essence, my way of expressing myself.”

As we sit here on this opening day in this beautiful new Center, it’s happening. It’s happening. It’s really releasing a lot of old patterns, transforming from a very old biological structure into what you might call your light body.

Your light body wasn’t resident somewhere else in another dimension. It was always right there. It was always right there. The light body doesn’t come from heaven or some angelic storage bin. The light body was the essence – the essence of embodiment, the essence of the senses, the ability to be within other dimensions and elements, in this case, your earthly dimension. It was always there, that essence. It’s what you would call the flame or the passion of the body.

Forget about the size or weight or age. Just feel for a moment into that essence – the passion, the sensual passion of being in body. That’s the light body, my dear friends. That is the light body.

Take a deep breath and, without any effort whatsoever, allow this transformation, this alchemy out of very, very old patterns.


I love this because this is so easy for me today in a way, because this is something that you’ve desired. You’ve thought about it, you’ve worried about it, you’ve stressed – such a desire to have that light body.

Just like you’ve created the energy for this Connection Center, you’re now creating that potential, bringing it in for the light body.

Forget about the details. Forget about how much younger you’re going to look. Forget about how that cancer is released from your system. Forget about that family history of heart attacks. Forget about your diets. Forget about all that. That was all a bunch of makyo.

I’m even going to ask you right now in this merabh to forget about your anayatron. Tobias and I have talked about the anayatron, your body’s light network, but guess what? That’s going away. That was the old placeholder for your true light body.

It was there. It was real. But it was just a placeholder until you were ready to accept the essence, the light body. It’s going to be transforming as well. You don’t need it anymore.

As you integrate the physical into the entire Body of Consciousness, there is no reason or no need for some network, some system that communicates back and forth within your entire body from cell to cell. There’s no need for it, because every cell is always in communication, always has the entire essence of the light body within it.

As we sit in this profound and sacred space, allowing the integration of your body into the I Am, I’m also going to ask you to start letting go of those diets and regimens that you’ve been on. If there’s anything that I would recommend for the light body – some breathing, a little light exercise like walking, a little bit of water. Stay hydrated. It’s that simple.

I can already hear the questions – by the way, I will be taking questions later – “Can I eat chocolate chip cookies all day long?” I would, if I were you. (laughter) And I can hear the other questions, and again I will take questions later, “But Adamus, I’m allergic to certain foods.” Not anymore. Not anymore.

Then I hear you saying, “Adamus, I’ve been working my whole life on this biology thing. Can it be this easy? Is this just something, a little feel-good that we’re doing today?” It’s up to you. I don’t care. You can actually have that complete transformation right now or you can continue on with what you’ve been doing. It’s up to you.

So let’s take a good deep breath right now.

The other question that’s bound to come up – “Can it be this easy?” Well, you’re Masters. Why not? Why not?

There’s going to be a tendency later today to walk out of here and say, “Oh, I didn’t get it. Everybody else got it, but I didn’t get it.” Well, first of all, you’re not that special. (some chuckles)

SART: Well dang.

ADAMUS: Sorry, Sart. (laughter)

First of all, you’re not that special and yeah, you got it. You got it. It’s right here. Just let it be now. Oh, you can play the game of doubting. You can play the game of, “Well, nothing happened,” or you can just get it.

So let’s do it again. Let’s take a good deep breath.

We had a wonderful experience in our ahmyo retreat when we talked about abundance. Ohhh, it was like slamming up against the wall the first time. The second time it would be like setting oneself on fire. But the third time, we got through.

So let’s do it again. Let’s take a good deep breath. And do what? Well, do nothing is actually what we’re doing. Allowing. I guess we’re doing allowing.


Biology Merabh – Take Two

Let’s take a good deep breath. Let’s go through the facts.

You are consciousness. Your consciousness brings in energy. Your consciousness wanted to have a really sensual experience and it said, “Bring in the energy of this thing called the body.” So you created it. You’ve been living within it for about a thousand lifetimes or more.

You’ve been living within biology that ultimately was kind of mixed in with everybody else’s biology, especially your own bloodline. So ultimately, it wasn’t really yours.

But suddenly you awakened. “Whoa! I want my body. I want my energy, bringing my body in. Goodbye family. Goodbye mass consciousness. Goodbye old templates for physical. I’m moving into my light body starting today.”

So you take a good deep breath … and then you just allow it. It’s that simple.

Imagine being a Master and the body just flows with your passion. Imagine being that Master and not feeling tired and achy, that Master that your body just rejuvenates easily, quickly. Yeah, even if you drop a brick on your toe and break it, it’s okay. Don’t try this right away. Wait a day or two. (some chuckles) You drop a brick on your toe and you break your toe. “That’s okay, because I am a light body. I’m not a physical body. I’m my own essence. I’m my own Body of Consciousness. I don’t have to wait for that poor toe to heal two or three months.” No. It does it right away.

Take a good deep breath, my dear friends, into your body. Your Body of Consciousness.


There’s still a lot of chatter going on. “But, but, but Adamus, you don’t understand.” Normally, I’d say shut up, but I won’t say that today because this is a sensitive issue. Ehh, I’m going to say it. Shut up! (laughter) A lot of chatter going on. “But Adamus, you don’t understand my issue.” I do. “Adamus, you don’t understand how hard this is.” Really? “Adamus, if this doesn’t work, I’m going to be devastated.” No, you’re already devastated. This is going to work. (more chuckles)

So let’s do it again. Let’s take … John would you stop the music for just a moment. We’ll come back.

Let’s take a good deep breath, okay? I’ll go back to the basics.

You’re in this body right? And I assume you don’t want to leave the body. Anybody wants to leave the body? (a few people say “No”) Okay. So I assume you want to stay in the body, but you want that body to be yours. You want it to be energized. You want it to be healthy, responsive. What you really want is that body to be really sensual – feeling, sensing things.

As much as your consciousness got kind of dulled over the ages, your body’s gotten really dulled. The hearing is going out and it can hardly smell anymore – no, not that you smell, but your sense of smell, anymore – and the eyesight. All this! Oh, it’s so depressing. It’s really depressing.

EDITH: I know.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Absolutely. Do you want to be the poster child here?

EDITH: No thanks.

ADAMUS: Really? For a healthy rejuvenated body?

EDITH: Oh yes!

ADAMUS: It’s the Edith body! (Adamus chuckles) And by the way, I’m not talking about your figure or you in comparison with others. I’m talking about you with your body, you in relationship to your body. It’s been very adversarial.

So your body is just a way of feeling and expressing, and it doesn’t have to age. It doesn’t have to wear out. It doesn’t have to have disease. It doesn’t. I want to leave all that behind, for all of you. Some of you are falling asleep here online. (laughter as he goes to look directly into the camera)

You, you feel asleep here. You’re so worried about your body. Wake up in there. We need a little more lighting back here. (the lights are turned up) Wake up. I’ll go to a different camera, over here. You. We’ll go do Asia over here. Good. (some chuckles) Wake up! Wake up. We’re going to rejuvenate that … that … (Adamus blows a kiss) to you too … to that body.

Okay, lights can come down again. So let’s go at it again, and we’re just going to keep going at it until I feel we’ve broken through it. Okay.

You’re getting too mental. You’re wondering what the hell’s going on here. So am I. (Adamus chuckles; music begins)


Biology Merabh – Take Three

Okay. Take a good deep breath. Thank you for the music.

The body is just an extension of the spirit. It’s a way to experience on this planet. The body doesn’t need to get sick. It doesn’t need to hurt. It doesn’t need to get low on energy.

Today, we are integrating the physical into the entire Body of Consciousness, into the I Am. As you do, as you just allow it, stop thinking about it; as you allow it, a transformation takes place. An alchemical process takes place that releases you from ancestral biology. It releases you from mass consciousness concepts about aging. It releases you from a very Old Energy structure.

And in that release, in that alchemy, it allows the essence body, some of you call it the light body, but it’s the essence body.

So you take a deep breath … and you just allow it.


An amazing little thing happens. The transformation just starts taking place. No matter your age or your current health, no matter how spiritually wise or stupid you are. It doesn’t matter. Oh, by the way, spiritually stupid is much better than being spiritually wise. It doesn’t matter.

So you take a deep breath … and you just let it happen.


I’m sorry. I have to stop the music again. We’re still getting resistance, a lot of resistance. More resistance than in the abundance thing we did in Italy.

So, not sure what’s going on here – not just here, but out there (online) too – and not quite sure if it’s, oh, lack of trust in yourself that this is really going to happen or hmmm – why didn’t I think of this sooner – you’re really invested in that body. You’re really invested in it. As much as you’ve been saying that you want it to be healthier, you want it to be your light body, I’m sensing a pretty deep investment in that body.

Kind of a weird love-hate relationship, almost afraid to let it go, you want to hang on to parts of it but let go of other parts. So why is this? Why is this?

Maybe fear of what might happen next. Possibly. Maybe actually in a strange way, not to play psychologist here, but in a strange way actually you love this experience in the body. You really love it. And actually to think about not having that anymore is a little bit sad also.

So you’re kind of caught in between. Like having low energy and your senses aren’t working and you’re getting old, but also this other dynamic of “I actually really like having this body. I really like this whole physical thing. And it sounds kind of boring just to be an angel in a light body.”

So what do we do? Well, I’ll go back to the beginning and we’ll play a little music again. We’ll go at this again. (music starts again)

Please understand we’re just integrating, bringing the physical into the Body of Consciousness. We’re not getting rid of the body, my friends. We’re just integrating it or sucking it right up into the bowels of your consciousness. (laughter; Adamus chuckles) I had to do something to break this dense energy in here, but that was a good visual. (more laughter) You can quote me on that and you can do tee-shirts also.

Sucked right up into the bowels of your consciousness. Let’s do that. Let’s get that music going. A little – do you have something a little perkier perhaps? (to John; some chuckles) Ehhh, a little happier?

While John is trying to find something, take a deep breath. Relax, relax, relax. All this stuff going on here, yeah, and freezing you at the same time. (the room is quite cool) It’s like a meat locker. (laughter) Perhaps we could do a little something on the heat in here, dear technicians? (audience enthusiastically agrees) We’ll have frozen bodies before we have enlightened bodies! (laughter)


Biology Merabh – Take Four

Okay, let’s take a really good deep breath, all right. A really good deep breath. (new music begins)

We’ll bring in a little warmth, maybe a little more exciting music. And we got some laughter going here. Okay, we’re going to go at it again, and this time it’s just letting the physical integrate – total integration into the Body of Consciousness.

What does that mean? I don’t know, but let it happen. Let it happen, okay?

We’re bringing the physical to a whole new level.

So you take a good deep breath. Is that the best we have John? Is that … it sounds like a funeral parlor. They’re freezing. They’re turning blue. They’re … (laughter) I’m trying to talk about bodies and I see blue toes. Oh, that’s your nail polish.

We’re going to have to do some exercise here in a moment. (Adamus chuckles)

Okay. A good deep breath.

(pause, as Adamus is critiquing the music) A little happier. Would you turn that up a bit, John? (music gets louder) Is that the music you’d want to spend the rest of your life listening to? (audience says “No”) Turn the music off! (laughter)

Okay, here we go. No music, sans music. We’re going to do this raw. We’re going to be gritty about this. We’re going to do some bowel sucking right here. (laughter)

The funny thing is that, as I say this and we joke about it, I see some of you in the chair in the chair … (laughter as he makes a funny face and movement) I see it. These are brand new chairs! (more laughter) You’re not supposed to bring that up.

Let’s take a good deep breath and let’s turn down the houselights a little bit.

Okay. Now, now we’ve broken through the energy. Good. I think we can do it.

Take a good deep breath. Transitioning from the old biology, really clunky old system, into the essence body, the light body.

It’s much more efficient with energy, rejuvenates itself, a body that releases imbalances and toxins easily, quickly. A body that can have things like the elements or the potentials of cancer, but doesn’t activate them, doesn’t trigger them, knows exactly when to release them. A body that is sensual and sensitive, but not so sensitive that suddenly you can’t handle a few particles of dust in your nose or a little bit of gluten in your belly. A body that is adaptable and flexible. A body that is at ease in this world. A body that is at ease in your Body of Consciousness.

A body that is truly representative of your consciousness, your I Am-ness, your body. You.

Take a deep breath and bring it in. Let it meet that old body that you’ve been walking around in.

And now let that alchemy, that beautiful transformation occur – the old body now integrating into the new body, and the new body integrating into the I Am consciousness.

And just sit with it for a moment. Let yourself be comfortable with it.


Let yourself be at ease in body.

There’s no physics you need to figure out. There’s no focus you need to have. It’s just about allowing that, and then it is.


When you go home tonight, mark your calendars. This was the day. This was the day that the Master took their own biology. This was the day that the transformation started.

And please don’t start saying we did a healing today. We did not. We did not. It was an allowing of the light body, the essence body, into the Body of Consciousness. The integration of biology into Spirit, that’s what we did today.

The end result may be healing. It may be a more youthful appearance. But we did not set out to do a healing. We set out to do an integration, and here it is right now.

Take a good deep breath and relax now into your light body.


Take another good deep breath and let yourself relax into your essence body.


Take another good deep breath and let that light body, that essence body be activated, be active right here, right now. Not in your mind, not even in your old physical body, but just right here, right now.

You could say that we integrated and then activated the light body right here today.

Take a good deep breath and relax into it. Allow it.


And so this time it worked. Good.

Deep breath. Deep breath. Good.

Now … if we could get the lights up a little bit.


Mathematics and An Experiment

Now, we’re going to do something a little strange. (some laughter) It’s like, “Master of the obvious.” Everything we do is strange!

Now, we’re going to do something a little interesting, strange-interesting, and it may seem to be, oh, not exactly in line with a lot of … we can turn these back ones up also, because I want to see everyone. (lights go up) Thank you.

It may seem to be a little out of line with some of the things that I’ve talked about before in terms of sovereignty, but actually I hope you can see and understand that it is very sovereign what we’re going to do next.

If you look at mathematics, simple mathematics … I really should have my board, but I don’t need it right now. Next time though, my writing board. One plus one typically equals two in mathematics. However, in human energy dynamics, one plus one equals 2.0001. What does that mean?

You put two people together, they combine their energies together, you get a little tiny, tiny, tiny bit more output than one person by themselves, unless they’re energy feeding off of each other and then you get a negative effect. But generally, if two people have an idea to do something and they combine their consciousness and their energy and their passion, you get a little bit more outcome from two.

In the case of Masters, in the case of Shaumbra, one plus one can easily equal five, maybe six, seven. In other words, when a true Master who doesn’t give a damn about anything else – and that’s kind of what being a Master is about, you don’t get all caught up in stuff – but when two Masters or more combine their passion, their consciousness, their desire together, you can get one plus one equals five.

It’s, in a way, what happened here. You all combined your energy, whether it was financial, whether it was your actual working, whether it was just your energy, and suddenly you’ve got this great new home.

So now, we just went through an exercise of integrating the body into the light body, into the Body of Consciousness, but I want to do an experiment here, and this is truly just an experiment. What we did before was not. That was child’s play.

But I want to do an experiment in this room, and we’re going to bring in everybody in online as well. And we’re going to have a little bit of our own Kumbaya moment. (a few chuckles) But there’s some interesting energy dynamics in here.

I ask the question – and we’re going to find the answer pretty soon – what would happen if we took 70-some Masters in the room here plus thousands and thousands of Shaumbra Masters listening in online, what would happen if we all connected our energies as Masters, not as needy being, but as Masters, whole beings; what would happen if we combined that all together? What effect would that have on your integration and your integration and yours?

And I would like to find out right now, with the assumption that theoretically when we all connect, let’s say holds hands, and connect, and connect with everybody online, so somebody’s going to have to be holding the camera, and somebody’s going to have to hold the cameraman’s hand. (a few people say “Awww”) How sweet. And everybody in the back of the room, every technician, and can you bust out that (translation booth) window for a moment and just … (some chuckles) Yeah, put your hand up against the window. That’s good enough. Okay, when I say go.

What would happen in a Shaumbra consciousness, a Shaumbra potential for the very fast and graceful integration of the light body into the physical? I don’t know the answer, but I think we can find out.

So, I’ll go through the basics. You just did your own allowing of your light body. It’s going to happen now. It’s the integration into the Body of Consciousness. So the body isn’t just some thing you’re dragging along. So it’s all integrated – consciousness, energy, mind, gnost, body – all together.

What happens now if you stand up (audience stands) and with some nice music – whatever you choose John; get that music going, because you’re going to be holding hands back there also – what would hap- … all of you come back. Eh, eh. No coffee, no peeing right now and no peeing while you’re drinking coffee. (a few giggles) Come back in. Everybody has to be part of this.

So let’s have some music … and … (music begins) Set the cameras however you want to set them and then everybody participate. Set the cameras. Okay. Music’s playing, let’s take a good deep breath.

You are a Master. You’re connected to another Master. We’re connected with Masters viewing in online from all around the world and connecting with Masters who will come a month, a year, ten years from now to this moment that we share together.

You’re a sovereign being who has crossed over that line, that biological line, allowing your light body into your Body of Consciousness. Bringing the light body into this physical reality called Earth to experience life in a new, healthy, balanced and energized way.

And as you, dear sovereign Master, connect with the other Masters holding hands, sharing passion, sharing desire, what happens? What happens with that old equation ‘one plus one’? How far can this go when this many Masters, conscious Masters, share the moment? How far can the energy expand beyond just the One?

This can only be done when you allow yourself to be whole and sovereign, when you are the One. Not a half, not three-quarters, but the One. When you are the One, you stand here having just allowed your light body in, when you are the One and you share with the other One and the other One’s, what happens to the potential, the transformation and the integration?

Let’s take a deep breath and just allow it to expand without limits.

Allow it to expand in a New Energy way that defies all the old physics, defies all the old protocols. How far can the One go when they are side by side with another One?


We come to this point of embodied mastery to say, “I am the body. This is my body, my light body. Through this I will experience my life in a new way, in a healthy way. The body has in many ways kept me prisoner up to now. But now the body is my way to freedom, my way to freely experience this sensual reality called Earth. I am the body. I am the Body of Consciousness. I Am that I Am.”

Take a good deep breath as the One, you, connect with the other One’s.


How much light can come in? How much integration can be done in this moment? (there is a rumble of thunder; some chuckles) Oh, you’re good Shaumbra. Oh, you’re good. (a bigger roll of thunder; much cheering and applause from audience and Adamus) Thank you. Thank you.

Please be seated. Stop holding hands back there (to the tech crew), it looks funny. (more chuckles)

So good. Excellent. See, it really is that easy.


Questions & Answers

So I do want to take a few minutes to answer some questions. Linda will take the microphone. Let’s not get too mental about it, but I know some of you have a burning desire to ask a few questions about biology. Yes. And this will be – raise your hand please. Yes.

SHAUMBRA 1 (woman): Hi, Adamus. There’s a new age thing going around, like if you ask why you got sick, they will tell you because you did something inappropriate, or I hate to use the word wrong.

ADAMUS: Yes. Yes.

SHAUMBRA 1: But, you know, it’s your fault. And so if we’re truly integrated, does that mean we’ll never get sick again?

ADAMUS: Oh, no, no. You’ll get sick.

SHAUMBRA 1: Okay, we’ll get sick, but … okay.

ADAMUS: But you’ll realize it’ll be a different kind of sick. First of all, it won’t be so painful. Secondly, you’ll know in a moment exactly … your body’s not going to be over there apart from you anymore. It’s not going to be this strange thing you’re dragging around. You’ll know in a moment, “Oh, it’s time to get sick,” which basically means going off on your own or taking a few days off. But it’s not going to be the vomiting, puking, sweating, achy, type of thing anymore. It’ll just be, “Oh, I feel kind of the … I’m kind of shifting down the energy, ratcheting down. I’m kind of doing my annual cleansing or semi-annual cleansing.” Natural cleansing. Not the type that most of you have been doing. Please stop doing … please and … all right. I’m going to … I’m going to … I’m having a little argument with Cauldre.

This is not medical advice. This is wisdom. (laughter) Neither Cauldre nor I are doctors. We’re smarter than that. (some applause)

LINDA: Ohhh!

ADAMUS: So yes, definitely not medical advice, thank god.

So many of you are obsessed weird about your bodies. So you’re always polluting it with things, and you call it alternative natural. And that’s not natural, the things you do to your body. Even if it’s from … you’re taking seaweed extract and sticking it in weird places. (some laughter) That is just weird. This is just the epitome of weird. That’s scary weird. Really weird.

The healing, the transformation, whatever, the rebalancing is so natural it’s almost funny. So you are going to get sick once in a while, but it’s not going to be the old type of sick. You’re going to be down for a little bit. You’re going to want to just sit around and listen to some nice quiet music. You’re going to want to enjoy a nice glass of tea and not see anybody for a day or two. And that’s it. That’s it. And that’s the new sick. (a few chuckles)


ADAMUS: Seriously. And, you know, if you take a razor and run it across your hand, will you bleed? Absolutely, for just a little bit. Cauldre’s saying, “Do not try this at home,” but … all right, you have a little accident and you bleed. But you’ll notice that first of all it heals faster, because you’re integrated now. It’s not this weird biology. It heals faster and there’s not going to be some great big scar.

SHAUMBRA 1: What if you’re in pain and you just want to get out of the pain?

ADAMUS: Pain is a way of, you could say, your inner self telling you there’s something out of balance. So if you’re a Master and if you’ve integrated your light body, pain essentially is going to go away. Now, it may happen overnight; it may take a little while longer. But the whole concept of pain also is a type of metaphor with your discomfort with your physical being, not loving the body, not integrating the body. So pain essentially goes away.

Now, there may be – and I will put this footnote in there – there may be a little discomfort as you’re going through this transition from your old physical body into your light body, because it’s kind of awkward and disruptive for a little bit. But it won’t continue for very long.

SHAUMBRA 1: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Yes. Questions. Yes.

SHAUMBRA 2 (woman): I have a problem. I’m losing my vision in my right eye. Do I approach it by going to a doctor and having surgery or do I wait? And I know that’s giving medical advice.

ADAMUS: Yes, sure. I don’t mind giving … (some chuckles)

SHAUMBRA 2: But that’s what I need.

ADAMUS: Well, let’s look at this through the eyes – through the eyes – of common sense. You can go to the doctor anytime. But once you go, it’s kind of sending your body a message.

So what do you do? Well, would you just give this a chance for a little bit? Would you just allow the vision to come back … no, it won’t come back that way. It’s going to … the vision will re-identify itself or reconnect itself in a very different way. So would you just give this a chance for three months?



SHAUMBRA 2: I will.

ADAMUS: Good. It’s totally up to you. And I know that’s going to be an issue, and I know your social media sites are going to light up with all the questions and …

LINDA; Just Facebook

ADAMUS: … with all the questions about this. Could you just, all of you, just give it a little bit of a chance? And I know you’re going to worry about it, I know you’re going to wonder. I know you’re going to wonder if this is the right thing to do. And if you feel the need to go to the doctor and have surgery, that’s fine. Surgery isn’t going to prevent the integration from happening, but it will delay it.

SHAUMBRA 2: Okay, thank you.

ADAMUS: And I know Linda’s …she’s acting so graceful and poised.

LINDA: I’m doing my best.

ADAMUS: She’s soooo going to have a talk with Cauldre or I afterwards.

LINDA: (twirling around) This skirt’s helping. This skirt is helping. (Adamus chuckles) I’m just going like this. (she twirls some more)

ADAMUS: So questions. Questions about the biology.

LINDA: Questions? There we go.


SHAUMBRA 3 (woman): Hi Adamus. I have epilepsy. So if I don’t take medication within 48 hours, I could go into a convulsion.


SHAUMBRA 3: So I don’t know if I have three months for something like that. What would you recommend?

ADAMUS: Well, first of all, you don’t have epilepsy. (Linda comes up and stares into Adamus’ face; audience is saying “Uh-oh!”)

SHAUMBRA 3: (chuckling) Okay.

ADAMUS: First of all, you actually … (to Linda) Bye-bye. Bye-bye. (some chuckles)

You’ve bought into it. The epilepsy is a way to … it’s kind of a nice distraction from some other things. So one way or the other it kind of doesn’t matter. You can continue taking the medication, because you’ve been doing that for a while. But pretty soon you’re just going to realize, “Well, maybe what if I just wait a little bit, wait a little bit longer in between taking …” and suddenly you’re going to realize that it was a very old affliction, actually very, very old. You actually don’t need it anymore. You don’t need it for lesson. You don’t need it to, you know, whatever, whatever. And you just let it go. You’ll just know when to let it go.

But in the meantime, if you’ve been doing things for a long time, if you have patterns of doing it, you can continue and then you just realize you don’t need to do that anymore. That epilepsy was from the old body. It’s not part of the new light body.

SHAUMBRA 3: Okay, and my original question, what about smoking cigarettes?

ADAMUS: What about? You have one?

SHAUMBRA 3: Or marijuana?

ADAMUS: If you like to share, that’s great. (laughter)

I’ll tell you this. In the light body, all these things, all these old rules don’t apply in the light body. The only thing that applies was, “Do I feel like doing that? Is it something I’d like to do?” But in the light body it doesn’t matter. It …

LINDA: Is that God talking to you? (some chuckles and Linda’s giggling)

ADAMUS: That’s … that’s – that is … that is literally cleansing, washing away that old physical body. Yeah.

The light doesn’t … things like, you know, “Is this good? Is this bad?” It doesn’t care. To the light body it’s just an experience. And you’re thinking in terms of can something damage the light body? No, it cannot. It cannot. You think in terms of the old dualistic physical body that certain things are going to put it out of balance.

There is as much control and power and games and manipulation in things that are supposedly healthy and environmental and natural and holistic. It’s filled, ladened with as much power and control and manipulation as conspiracy plots and dark governments and all the rest of that. It’s just another form of power and control. Let go of all that stuff and what everybody’s told you about what to eat and drink and smoke and dance. Be free in body, mind and Spirit. Yeah. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 3: Yeah! (audience applause)

ADAMUS: Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 3: Thank you.

LINDA: (looking for another questioner) You’ve numbed them. (someone says “We’re afraid”) Yeah, they’re afraid‼ (laughter)

ADAMUS: No, the discussion is good, because there are many, many questions. Some of you, Jane, aren’t raising your hands. (some laughter) You have sooo many … dying to ask. Yes.

SHAUMBRA 4 (woman): Adamus, I was wondering if you could speak to our pets as Shaumbra pets?


SHAUMBRA 4: I’ve had that feeling. I see them transitioning. I see them lighting up. I see them mirroring. So I know I breathe life into them. I know they’re not souled beings.

ADAMUS: Right.

SHAUMBRA 4: And so I was wondering if you could speak to that.

ADAMUS: Well, yes. Actually, as you come into your light body, your pets are going to live longer, and the reason why is they absorb, in a very loving way, compassionate way, they absorb a lot of your toxins, your junk. They’re there in such love that they’ll take that from you. But then for a lot of them it shortens their life. They’ll live longer. A dog should easily live to be 60, 70 years old. Easily. Why dogs leave at, what, nine, ten, twelve years old? Because they’re taking on your stuff.

SHAUMBRA 4: And so I, you know, I’ve stopped taking supplements and I see changes and everything. So, so much more physical comfort and flexibility in me.

ADAMUS: Yes, and ownership. Ownership also.

SHAUMBRA 4: And I feel like with my pets I have a gift to know, you know, what foods will balance them or what body workers or things, when they are, when their energy, when they’re taking on my things.


SHAUMBRA 4: And so that I try to feel into not the healing game, but helping them balance …

ADAMUS: And that’s a good term for it – ‘the healing game’ – and I can understand why humans would want that, but after a while it is a game. How much more can we heal ourselves? And ultimately it’s not a matter of healing. It’s a matter of integration of the physical into the Body of Consciousness.

Let me put it another way. You can keep healing that old body or you can just get into your light body. Good. And I’m still not answering your question about pets.

SHAUMBRA 4: Well, and so one of the things with pets also, I feel like pets mirror mass consciousness. And so I can feel how my pets take on …

LINDA: What’s the question?

SHAUMBRA 4: So I’m curious with my pets, I feel like I have the choice to just let go as well and trust, and it feels like what I do with them …

ADAMUS: As you bring in your light body, their responsibility for helping you balance your physical is much less. They’re going to be happier pets.



SHAUMBRA 4: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Good. Hello.

JANE: Hi. I do have many questions, and I’m not even sure what to ask, except for I’ve gone through so much the last three to four years, and I feel better now than I have in forever. And I think part of that is a lot of the integration work I’ve done, and part of that is eating healthier, and I have taken some whole food supplements that I think have really made a difference. And so …

ADAMUS: Do you know why they made a difference?

JANE: Because I believed it.

ADAMUS: Absolutely, very wise.

JANE: Yes.

ADAMUS: Because you believe it. Because somebody told you that these are good, and you then energize those supplements. You could have been eating Hershey’s Kisses – I’m taking this from Cauldre, not sure what those are – but you could have been eating jelly beans, and if a respected practitioner who is recommended to you by someone had said that these are good, you would have energized them the same way. And this isn’t just me. This is the placebo effect. It’s the belief.

JANE: I do believe that.

ADAMUS: You believe that there’s something wrong with you. You believe that something can help it out to a degree, and so you’re in – I love your words – you’re in the healing game. It’s a great game to play for a while. It’s expensive though. My way is much cheaper. Fifty dollars and you’ll be healed. (laughter) No, would you like that? Fifty dollars you’ll be healed.

JANE: Sure!

ADAMUS: I’m going to give you fifty dollars. (lots of laughter, as Adamus takes money out Cauldre’s pocket and Linda jumps up on the stage and tries to take it from him) It’s actually sixty. You owe me ten.

JANE: Okay.

ADAMUS: You owe me ten. (laughter and applause) But there’s one condition. You cannot take that money and go to a healer or go to your Whole Foods market to buy some more crap. Use it to have a really good dinner, anything you want to eat.

JANE: I did last night, and I feel like crap today.

ADAMUS: Well sure, because you believe it was bad for you.





JANE: I enjoyed it. We had so much fun last night.


JANE: And we ate a lot …

ADAMUS: But there’s still something in you. How personal do you want me to get?

JANE: Go for it.

ADAMUS: Really?

LINDA: Oooh!

ADAMUS: Give me my ten bucks back first.

LINDA: Oooh! (laughter)

ADAMUS: Because …

JANE: No, no!

ADAMUS: … I may never get it back after this!

JANE: No you’re not.

ADAMUS: There’s a game in it, and not just for you, but all of you. You play the healing game, the physical game, “something’s wrong with me” game, until you finally say, “Let’s just enjoy life.” But in spite of that, in spite of many long discussions, you keep insisting that there’s something wrong with you. So there will be. You keep insisting that there’s something you don’t know yet or … see you’re about to do it to me, and I’m not going to …

JANE: No. I don’t feel that way anymore. I have for a very long time, but not anymore. I feel like I’ve integrated so much and I have so much wisdom to share about this journey.

ADAMUS: You do. You absolutely do, but you still believe there’s just a little bit left.

JANE: In my foot.

ADAMUS: And I’m going to ask you to let that go today, just that little bit that you’re still holding on to. Before when I stopped the music and stopped the group and I said, “What’s going on? There’s still some resistance. It’s still …” Well, there is that investment in the physical. There is that – “Well it is kind of nice in a way to have that old physical to hang on to it.” So there’s still a little bit of you and everyone here that’s still holding on a little bit.

You’re going to walk out of here, most of you, and say, “Well, I learned a little today” or “I experienced a little. You know, it was nice; it was good.” But you’re still going to walk out of here saying, “But gosh, my arm or my back still hurts” or “I still feel kind of pukey today” because it’s still a game.

But I want you to come back to what we did and say, “It’s the light body. It’s all about the light body.” Yeah.

JANE: Thank you.

LINDA: Adamus, I have a question. Why are there more questions on this side of the room than this side?

ADAMUS: There’s more people on this side. (laughter) Was that a chicken and the egg?

LINDA: Brilliant!

ADAMUS: A chicken and the egg?

LINDA: Brilliant!

ADAMUS: Good. Two more questions.

ADAMUS: Hello Edith.

EDITH: If this won’t benefit everyone, you don’t need to answer.

LINDA: Go ahead. Stand up. People will be disappointed.

ADAMUS: Edith, could I tell you? No, you can stay seated. I’ll stay seated. Edith, you are so popular all over the world. It’s the Edith factor everywhere. Yes. So go ahead.

EDITH: Thank you, dear man. You didn’t kiss me today yet. But anyway.

ADAMUS: It’s not the end of the day. (some chuckles) I was going to do it in private, my dear!

EDITH: All right. If this is not appropriate, you don’t need to bother with it, but my dear son is diabetic and he’s had it since he’s 12 and he’s 47. And we have a lot of makyo drama at our house, which I wish it could go away.

ADAMUS: Right.

EDITH: And I just wondered if you had any wonderful brilliant suggestions to kind of help our household to be …


EDITH: Okay.

ADAMUS: No. No, because I’m not talking about your household. I’m talking about Edith today, and I’m talking about each one of you individually. I don’t really … I’m not talking about your children.


ADAMUS: I’m not talking about even your dogs. I’m not talking about your parents or anybody else. What I’m talking about today is for you.

EDITH: Right.

ADAMUS: And only for you.

EDITH: Well, it does kind of hurt my heart, so … (she chuckles a little)

ADAMUS: Oh absolutely. Absolutely. Understandably. And if we – to summarize it – there’s just an issue that he has about accepting love into his life – we’re still talking (to Linda, who was taking the microphone from Edith) – accepting love into his life. But I want you, Edith – and I’m going to look you straight in the eye – I want you to work on Edith. I want you to allow for Edith. Not for your son. You understand that?

EDITH: Yes, I understand.

ADAMUS: Okay. And I want you to allow for you. I want you to be the Master. Stop worrying about the others. How old is your son?

EDITH: Forty-seven.

ADAMUS: Your 40 years too late on this whole program. (a few chuckles) You should have let go a long time ago. Does that make sense?

EDITH: I should have let go or he should let go of what?

ADAMUS: How old is he?

EDITH: Forty-seven. Well, he stays at home, because he’d be dead if he didn’t. Because if he goes into insulin shock and if there’s no one there to get him out of it or call for help. That’s why he’s still in my home.

ADAMUS: That’s an interesting, interesting game, isn’t it? Yeah. I want you to take care of you.

EDITH: Well, I do. I do. Mostly. (Adamus sort of rolls his head, she giggles)

ADAMUS: Makyo.

EDITH: I thought I did. (they chuckle)

ADAMUS: Edith, take care of you.

EDITH: Okay.

ADAMUS: Watch then what happens with him.

EDITH: Okay.

ADAMUS: Does that make sense?

EDITH: Yes. I send him …

ADAMUS: Eh, no. Just yes or no.

EDITH: Okay. Thank you.

ADAMUS: No, yes or no. Not “Okay.” Okay is bullshit. Yes or no. Does that make sense? Take care of Edith.


ADAMUS: Can you do that?

EDITH: Yes, I can.

ADAMUS: Ehhh, you’re kind of …

EDITH: Well, I – there’s …

ADAMUS: Come on, Edith. Can you take care of Edith? Edith …

EDITH: I can.

ADAMUS: … can you take …

EDITH: I think I need to do it better. There’s another person too that I think they liked to …

ADAMUS: Edith. Edith. Turn her microphone off.

LINDA: Ohhhh!

EDITH: Okay.

LINDA: Ohhh!

ADAMUS: Edith, it’s simple. It’s either yes or no. There’s nothing else.

EDITH: Yes … (inaudible)

ADAMUS: No, you keep – you keep talk- … it’s yes or no. Edith, you’re still talking. You don’t even have a microphone. Edith, yes or no?


ADAMUS: Thank you! Stop right there. Good. Thank you. Okay. Take care of Edith. Watch then what happens with your son.

There’s … don’t answer me, but there’s a dynamic going on, because Edith isn’t taking care of herself. There’s a weird dynamic, energy dynamic going on. You said it yourself, a lot of makyo in the house. It’s right there (pointing to Edith), that house. Love yourself, Edith. You’ll suddenly find out what a difference that makes in your son. He’s been taking on a lot of your stuff. He’s kind of like, well, not like a dog, but kind of like taking on your stuff. So, no more. Take care of Edith.

EDITH: Okay …

You don’t have to think about it.

EDITH: I was just wondering what stuff he’s taking on from me or … (inaudible)

LINDA: I thought it was yes or no.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Just taking on a lot of Edith not loving herself. Whoa! Whew!

 Okay. One more. Last question. Hello.

MARY BETH: Hi. So are you saying if we know something is going to help us don’t do it, because I want to talk about menopause for a moment. (she giggles)


MARY BETH: I know if I take some balancing hormones, I feel better. My life is better. Thoughts? Suggestions?

ADAMUS: Never had … never had that issue! (lots of laughter)

MARY BETH: I’m just saying. The women out there know, right? Is it not hard to make it through without something? Maybe it’s just me. (a few women say “No”)

ADAMUS: The body has everything …

MARY BETH: There’s a lot.

ADAMUS: … all the potential energy or dynamics in it right now to provide whatever vitamins, enzymes, other things that are needed – everything within it. Yes, you can take these things because you believe, somebody told you along the way that it’s going to help you, and it was recommended. A friend told you or you were up late one night at two o’clock in the morning and there was a menopause commercial on. (she’s gigging) “Cause that’s what women with menopause do, they watch television at two in the morning.

So you believed it and you think it’s going to help you. So you take it, and it kind of does.


ADAMUS: But what happens if you take that same passion and say, “Hell, my body knows how to take care of it.” On top of that, the light body doesn’t even know this thing called menopause. Menopause has something to do – oh, we’ll do a whole thing on it some time – but it has to do with the sexual Isis energy and then transforming into, you could say, more of a grande dame energy. It doesn’t need to be so sexual anymore, but it just becomes the motherly energy.

And the body goes through a few changes, and it’s gotten really, really rough in recent generations or era because the woman has no idea whether she should be sexy or not sexy or a man or a woman or anything anymore. So menopause has gotten to be more of a problem, and then they take all this crap, you take all this stuff because you’re not sure whether you should be sexy or motherly or smart or male or anything anymore.

MARY BETH: I’ll be both. (she giggles)

ADAMUS: It is so confusing.

LINDA: When was the last time you were a female?!

MARY BETH: (giggling) That’s right!

LINDA: For god’s sake!

ADAMUS: Well, actually about a week ago …

LINDA: Ohhh! (lots of laughter)

ADAMUS: Now that you ask, do you have to be so personal and rude about it? (more chuckles) And I’m dressed better than a lot of you. (more laughter) Ooooh. Ooooh! (audience says “Ooooh” also)

MARY BETH: So were you sexy or motherly?

ADAMUS: So. So, yes, but … so that’s what I say. You’re going to walk out … a lot of you are going to walk out of here and say, “Yeah, but I’m going to still keep taking the so and so.” I don’t care. I gave you all the basics for being in your light body. I said it’s as easy as taking a deep breath and allowing the transformation. But you’re going to walk out the door and run down to this pharmacy down the street and say, “Well yeah, I’m almost out of my …” whatever.

You can do that if you want, but the rest of you who say, “You know, I’m going to get off of this Old Energy biology, I’m going to step into my light body and I’m going to be graceful and at ease, and I’m going to save a lot of money by doing so,” that … you still owe me ten (to Jane). So I’m going to do it gracefully. And then you’ll experience that. It will happen.

It’s a natural evolution. Everything else is rather unnatural. And humans have been conditioned that they have to take stuff.

Once in a while, I’ll sit with some of you, particularly in North America, and I’ll watch with you as you’re watching television. Do you realize how much of the content is about crap to put in your system? It’s amazing. It should be illegal, because – I won’t get into that – but ultimately, the Master realizes that their body is free from all that old stuff, all the old biological patterns. They can be the light body, and it happens naturally. It happens easily.

Let me put it this way. For all of you, all of you listening in online, all of you here, as a Master every step you take physically, every step you take is a step into your light body. Just think of it that way. Instead of getting mental about it, go take a walk, every step into your light body. A Master walking like a Master, walking in their light body.

Then you get a little worried and you say, “Yeah, but what if?” And then you take a deep breath and you say …

ADAMUS AND AUDIENCE: All is well in all of creation.

ADAMUS: I want my ten bucks back. (laughter)

Thank you, dear Shaumbra. Thank you. (audience applause)