"The Wave of Darkness"

Presented in London, England
September 14, 2001

From Geoffrey Hoppe:

Our trip to England was beyond anything words can describe at this moment. This was our first overseas Crimson Circle seminar. Linda and I were fortunate to be joined by other lightworkers from the US, Israel and Norway. We all came together in North Stoke, England, about 100 miles northwest of London, with our English hosts and seminar attendees.

The channeled message from Tobias, delivered on Saturday, September 8 was about Hope. He talked about how England was the Land of Hope. Many battles had been fought on this land, yet Hope helped keep the promise for freedom and the "New Atlantis" alive.

For the next few days after the seminar, we toured ancient sites around the English countryside. Early one morning we were treated to a special inside tour of Stonehenge prior to the site opening for the day to the general public. The following day we visited Glastonbury, where legend and perhaps reality has it that King Arthur grew up. We drank from the waters of the Chalice Well, where the Holy Grail is said to be buried and where Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) is said to have visited with his uncle, Joseph of Arimethia. We visited the ancient ruins of the Abbey, where we stood at the gravesite for King Arthur and Genevier. Several us of went off searching for Cadbury Castle, the legendary site of Camelot. After finding the site and walking the land, Tobias informed me that this was not the location of Camelot, although it was a strategic fortress for King Arthur. We also visited the ancient Roman baths in Bath, England where the sacred waters were said to have healed many a soldier and commoner.

On Tuesday, September 11, at the very moment the tragic series of events were taking place in New York, our group of 15 lightworkers was standing in a circle in Avebury, England, site of ancient stones and in the area of many England’s crop circles. The group was unaware of the incidents that were unfolding in the United States.

As we gathered in our circle, I called on Tobias to come in for a channeled message to the group. I was somewhat surprised when Tobias said to me, "Not now … you do the talking." So instead of doing a regular channeling, I passed on Tobias’ thoughts to the group. I look back now and realize he was preoccupied at the time.

Tobias said to me, and I passed on to the group, that the area around Avebury was a type of energy vortex where old energies of humanity and the earth were released. Tobias told me that there are many such vortexes around the planet, but the one in Avebury is considered the strongest because of its importance with releasing decaying energies that have accumulated ever since the Christian movement swept the Western world. Tobias showed me a bowl-shaped vortex where old energies are collected and released. I could literally see a swirling type of energy in this vortex, waiting to be let go. Later, after the message to the group, we looked above us and saw a large swarm of flies swirling in an upward spiral formation.

Tobias relayed to me, and I passed on to the group, that as old energies were released in this area, that new energy potentials could be brought in from other vortexes. I saw such a vortex in the region of Hawaii, although I knew there were many others as well. He went on to say that one of the roles of lightworkers is to help pass along and release old energies that are no longer appropriate. As human consciousness changes, the old consciousness needed to be let go. If the energies are not released in the appropriate ways, they tend to accumulate and eventually "explode", just as you might expect decaying garbage to build up gases that need to be released. We have had tremendous consciousness changes in the past few years, but much of the old energy still lingers, waiting for the opportunity to be released. It’s a sort of spiritual energy flatulence I suppose.

There are many ways to release old energies, including earthquakes, natural disasters, wars and other "trauma shift points." There are more positive ways to release the old as well, including deliberate and conscious efforts on the part of spiritually-attuned human angels, and "release circles" such as one we were standing in.

On Tuesday, September 11 Tobias was solemn, and felt somewhat distant. This was quite a contrast to his typical warm and jovial demeanor. He asked us to release old earth energies at that very moment, including old energies from past lives, energies of destruction and conquering that had occurred, and old energies of human pain and suffering. He continued to ask us to release, then release more. We could all feel the release of decaying energy that needed to go.

At the end of our ceremony, Tobias came through me more directly, feeling more like he normally does during a channel. But his message surprised all of us. "Hang in there," he said. "Hang in there, for there are difficult times ahead. Your earth will need you as teachers. Hang in there. You have much work to do now."

After the releasing ceremony, we walked back towards the countryside pub where the vans were parked. Everyone was surprisingly quiet after the very powerful ceremony. Linda and Bonnie Cappele had popped into a quaint little gift store for some last minute shopping. They came out moments later with a look for horror on their faces. In broken words they told us that a hijacked airplane had just crashed into the Pentagon. Soon afterwards we learned that two aircraft had also been crashed in the World Trade Center. Life changed at that very moment.

Like the rest of the world, all of the lightworkers in our group went through grieving, sorrow and anger over the next few days. Now trapped in England due to the ban on aircraft flights, we were worried about our friends and families back home, and felt like strangers in a strange land at this time of national crisis. On Thursday evening, Tobias said he would like to say a few words to our group, and that it would be appropriate to pass the message on to Shaumbra throughout the world. We gathered in a small hotel room on Friday morning to listen to Tobias and gain whatever insights we could about the tragic events. It’s taken me longer than I would care for to get this message on the Internet, but our communications and Internet access have been limited or not available at all. I’m literally on the airplane right now heading back to America, some six days after the attacks, and still filled with the energy and emotions of this anguished and insightful journey. Here’s what Tobias shared with us just a few days ago regarding the New York tragedy.

Tobias (in a solemn tone): And so it is, dear friends, that our love and our compassion fill this room today. It fills this circle of humans. We ask you now to breath in this energy from all who come to visit on this day. Open up your being to all who are present and the energy that comes forth. Indeed, as all of you are feeling now, the energies are somewhat different than what you have been used to before.

The energy of this circle, and the energy within yourself, and for all … is different now. For us on this side of the veil who come in to visit, we notice there indeed is something different on the faces and in the energy of every human that is here and all of the other Shaumbra who we are connecting with.

Now, your energy has changed these past few days, just as your very Earth has changed these past few days. We’ve had quite a number of tears on our side, just as you’ve had on your side. Even in the midst of something that has the potential of grand change for humankind, there are tears on our side for the suffering and the pain that you human angels endure. There are tears for the changes you are going through, and what you will do as human angels to move through these things. For the group that is sitting in the first circle today, you have been on quite a journey …. quite a journey.

And all of what you have been through in your lives recently has been very appropriate. Coming to this place (England), and joining with this group in our circle in the place of North Stoke; being in the energy of the channeling of Hope; touching your heart with the energy of Amiel, the angel of Hope; and in particular, being in the place of the stone circle (Avebury) joined together in love, and joining your hands while allowing for release of much old to take place. All of this was so appropriate, so very appropriate.

Even having this delay in returning to your home lands is appropriate, for it has given all of you much time to process, to work through these things. It has given you time to reflect, and in a sense, stand behind the short wall to observe. You had had a chance to observe what is happening back in your land, to observe what is happening all over the world.

The ones who are here today (in the hotel room) are representatives of Shaumbra, of family, all over the world. Each of you here carries a piece of light for the others who are Shaumbra, all others who are walking the path at this time. There is honor here on our side for what each of you who is hearing this or reading this have done the past few days. We have seen what you have gone through on your personal level. We have seen the issues that have arisen as a result of the tragedy that has occurred. We have seen you going through you own dark issues these past few days. We have seen you going through the dark issues on behalf of all humans of your Earth. We have seen your compassion and care for all.

Now, we talked to Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) in your circle of stones (Avebury) the other day, and we asked him to pass our messages on to you. For indeed, as Cauldre has said, we were very busy at that moment. There was tremendous activity here. But as we said to Cauldre, the days that followed this tragic event have been so essential for you and for all others. It is not so much about the actual incident (the hijack airline bombings) but it is about what you do with it afterwards. What consciousness do you go into? How do you react? Of all the potential choices you have – of anger or revenge or compassion or love – how do you react?

As Shaumbra, as those who are teachers now, how do you take this inside yourself? Where do you go from here? We told you the other day that you were at a crossroads (at the North Stoke channeling). All of Shaumbra has taken a look within these past few days. You have looked at the different potentials and paths that you can walk in. You have gone through much internal work in your sleep and in your waking state in these recent hours so you could make those decisions. Each of you in your own way has looked at what lies ahead of you in your life. What will you choose to do for the rest of you life?

There is much energy still flowing through you (as a result of the recent events). There are still choices to be made by you. You are still in the process of releasing the old energies and making choices for how to bring in the new, not only in yourself, but in the consciousness of humankind as well. You are still going through it, but we are here to say to each of you that we see the decisions you are making now, and we are in joy for what you are choosing for the rest of your life.

Did we know on this side of the veil that this event was going to take place? No, we did not. We did not know the specifics. We can only see potential, and until that very moment the human chooses a specific path, we do not know. But what we did see over your Earth, and what we have been aware of for a while, was the need for much releasing of old consciousness. There has been a build-up of what you would call negative energies, and we say this without judgment. These are energies of the old that needed releasing. They were hanging on, like old residue. You know what this is like, for you have experienced it within your very being. This also occurs on a mass consciousness scale.

We have been speaking recently, as we have been touring (seminars around the country) with Cauldre and the one called Linda (Benyo) and the others who have joined, we have been speaking this past month of issues we knew would be of importance. We knew the unreleased energies would have an impact on your planet and on the work you are doing.

We have spoken of the issues of joining together in community (Minneapolis, August 11, 2001). Instead of you as Shaumbra being isolated islands, we spoke of joining together and joining energies. Even when you are not face-to-face with each other, you can remain connected energetically. Your sense of community will add strength to all. As Shaumbra, you have a responsibility to be facilitators of community for lightworkers and spiritual seekers all over the world.

We have spoken of the energy of death, and we have talked of this extensively in the area of the northeast United States (channeling from the seminar on August 18, 2001 in Attleboro, MA). For this is an area where many old energies still remain. This is an area where much releasing needs to be done. This is an area that is focusing on death.

We have spoken of fear (Reno seminar, August 26, 2001) at a place near your beautiful Lake Tahoe. We spoke of fear because this is an energy that persists in all humans. They see fear as an outside element. Humans see fear as something they do not know how to deal with. They do not know how to walk through it. Humans see fear as a barrier in the road.

Many of you try to battle fear with your fists and with armor. Others cower from fear, and hide. Others become frozen and immobilized. Dear friends, it is time for you to walk through your fears. Walk through them with the wisdom and the strength you have gained.

We will continue speaking to you of such subjects and topics in our travels (seminars) that are pertinent now at this time of change. We spoke the other day in the very land of Hope (North Stoke, England seminar, September 8, 2001). The one known as Archangel Amiel joined the group at that time. She put her presence directly in front of each those who were there. She is here now in this room. She has been brought into more direct alignment with the energies of Earth, for it is needed now more than ever.

Amiel, a resource for all of you to work with. She is the Archangel of Hope.

How do you walk through fear, and how do you cope with death? It is with the energy of Hope. She is here … she has come to Earth at this time of great changes. The changes will continue to occur. Deep changes will continue at least through the end of your coming year. These do not have to be violent such as they were the other day. But the changes will be deep.

As the final adjustments of the grids take place (by the end of 2002), there are those elements that you would call negative or dark that do not want to see these final changes. It is really not so much about their hatred towards a government or an economic system or a way of life. These dark forces come now because they do not so much want to see the changes that are taking place. They do not want to see the empowerment of the human. They do not want to see the integration of the divine. So they come in now to shake this up. They will try to prevent it.

And again, we say all of this without judgment. We understand that this is all part of a balance that is appropriate. (emotional) But we also say to you that this event has been difficult for us to go through as well.

In these past few days, the actions that took place were not just felt on your Earth. It was heard and it was felt in every corner of your universe. It was felt on our side of the veil. It was like a dark wave that moved through. First it moved through you, the peoples of the Earth. Then it moved through your land, then it moved through us, and all things outside the First Circle of the Kingdom. It was felt everywhere. Understand that it is not just about you.

What took place was symbolic and also real. And it was, as we said, the darkness resisting the movement into a higher consciousness. Look within yourself for the parallel. You have personally made much progress in this lifetime. You have done tremendous clearing. You have gotten off the karmic cycle. You have cleared past lives of yourself. You have cleared much of the ancestral karma we have spoken of. But yet within you, especially over the past few years, part of you has remained in the darkness.

With all of the work and all of the efforts you have put forth to being a lightworker, there is still a darkness that exists within you. And as you know, it has held you back in many ways. It has persisted, and you have not so much known how to handle it.

The events of two days ago were a symbol for each of you. It represents the darkness rising within as you integrate your divinity. It tries to stop you and tries to put you down. It was also a part of mass consciousness, of humankind, a darkness that tries to stop the freedom upon your Earth, and the love that is truly beginning to blossom. This darkness came forth, rearing its ugly head like a monster.

As we mentioned the other day in the circle of stones (Avebury), it is a time of release. It is time to let go of the past. So how do you deal with these events? Do you become angry? Do you become frightened? Do you run? Do you battle? What it comes down to for you as individuals and as human angels is how you take this within. What new truth do you find within as a result of this event. What new strengths do you find within your being, but a strength of balance. A strength of balance.

Do you allow an event like this to confuse you and throw you off your path? Do you throw your hands up when things like this happen and say, "All of this is beyond me … as a human angel I do not know what to do so I will go home hide. I will close the doors and windows of my new house." Do you say this? Do you become angry? Do you become isolated as a nation and try to wipe out this darkness?

Within you, you are still searching for the answers. You are still searching your soul for what to do. And we are not here to tell you what to do at this point. We are simply here to share our perspective. But we see within you now a reaching for inner strength, but now a strength that is balanced. A strength that is compassionate to other humans. A strength that will no longer tolerate the darkness. The new strngth will no longer allow it to bring you to fear and bring you to death. We see you handling this crisis in a very balanced and integrated fashion. As you do so, you help integrate your divine being into your Earth plane. This divinity is coming alive within you, because you are calling on it in this time of crisis.

There is so much strength in hope and love and truth. And if there is anything that we see with Shaumbra at this time, it is a renewal of inner balanced strength. These type of events and variations of them may continue on Earth. There may be great fluctuations in your economy. There may be more tribal battles that take place now. For the darkness has raised its head across your world. This will truly bring up the issues that need resolving. It will bring up the past, for the purpose of resolution and release.

In a sense, we say this is only the beginning. This will bring forth all of the energies of duality that need releasing. But in another sense, we say to each of you that it is a time of inner strength. The strength of love and hope and truth to rise forth from within you. When you allow this, you will find that it is not about you anymore! It is not about you.

As you integrate the strength of love, hope and truth within you, and you come to these new understandings. You will see what we have been talking about for so long: the need for teachers here on this Earth. There is a need now for human teachers. For when others begin to make the shift into their new consciousness as you have done, they will face darkness within them, much as the Earth has faced darkness in these past few days. They will need to go to the ones who stand strong …. Shaumbra. We say to all of you, stand strong within your being! Bring in your divinity with strength. Bring in the love and truth and hope and hold it firmly.

In our message to the Crimson Circle several weeks ago (September 1, 2001) we talked of ownership (The Ascension Series, Lesson Two: Take Ownership of Your Divinity). (Note: During the September 1 channeling, Tobias said this was not the original topic for the lesson, but it had been changed due to circumstances at the time). We talked of owning your divinity. For all that was transpiring around your Earth at the time, we knew that it was important to bring this lesson in first. We knew it was important for each of you to have the energy and the understanding of owning your divinity. Of standing strong in your divinity. Of not allowing these dark forces to interfere. For we could see, not a specific event, but we could see the darkness was about to come forth. A darkness that had bottled up for too long was about to come forth. And therefore, as we mentioned at the last Crimson Circle, we changed the topic of the lesson. Dear friends, the topic …. what was to have been Lesson Two of the Ascension Series … was going to be titled, "Releasing the Shadow of Darkness." We will give that lesson in the next gathering of the Crimson Circle. But it was more important to discuss ownership rather than the subject of the light and dark.

Through all of the traumatic events of the past few days, we see that you have all done a ….. how do they say it here? …. A "lovely" job (audience laughter) of owning your divinity, even when it is shaken to the core.

The journey that this group in particular has been on (throughout the many locations in England) as representatives for all of Shaumbra has been extraordinary. You have been given the opportunity to walk across lands that many of you have walked on before. Many of you have battled on these lands before. You have been given an opportunity to walk on lands that Yeshua walked on also …. And drink of waters that he drank at also (at the Chalice Well). You have been given the opportunity to come to the very spot of Earth where at this timed we consider a major vortex of releasing old and inappropriate energy (Avebury). And the other day, my friends, when you were standing in your stone circle (in Avebury) releasing these energies, it was filled with darkness and negativity and energies of the past that needed to go. The (energetic) cup that was there needed to be released. These old energies were even symbolized by the flies that spiraled in the vortex around you.

Many of you here, acting as representatives for Shaumbra, were in the direct energies of this releasing the other day. There has been a direct affect on your body and your spirit. Some of you have not noticed it yet, but as you stood in that circle which was indeed the vortex of release, and you allowed all of these energies to go through, it also touched the most inner parts of you. We ask you to be aware of hidden energies that may come up in the subsequent weeks and months, and to understand it is not about you. But you were in a large energetic field at the time. Oh, you were in the center of it!

You were representing Shaumbra, so they will feel some of the effects also, even if they were not directly present. At that moment of time, they were connected to you. So treat yourself and your body well, and do not be surprised if there are things that come up. But understand, they are not yours. You were simply helping to release for all of the world.

Each of you that were present (in Avebury) were serving as anchor points, to let the old energy through. Understand that it might have been difficult on your biological circuits and your emotional circuits. Be there to care for each other, for things may come forth.

During your journey here, you walked across sacred lands. You did much releasing along the way …. releasing of old energies that have been held in the earth. These were the old energies of the battles and the crusades and the conquering that have taken place not just here, but in all of the world. These especially were the energies of the past 2000 years, when Earth moved into the New Age for mankind … the New Atlantis. Now, you are ready to move into the next new age …. the age of human empowerment, and the age of the Divine Human.

What happens next? It is about how you handle it. How do you respond to the events of a few days ago? We are here to give Shaumbra the message of strength, of holding in and owning all of who you are. Understand that it is not about you. Understand that your world will go through many changes … more changes. Some will be wonderful releases from old habits.

Every human who has been touched by this will look inside, just as much as they look outside at the newspapers and televisions. There will be time for reflection for all. Never in the history of Earth has there been a single event that has had this much impact on consciousness because you are connected with your electronic means. The impact was felt all around the world by the vast majority of all humans in nearly the same time frame. We have never seen, from our side, such a potential for shift in consciousness, of moving to the next level. We have never seen so much compassion, so much love pouring out, so much interest and caring in each other. In all of the lifetimes you have lived, there has never been such an event of consciousness like this.

Understand this is a time of change. "Change" has been the primary subject since we began talking through Cauldre several years ago. It is time to step forth. It is time to take ownership of your divinity. It is time to not just talk of these things, not just read words on your pages …. but to BE it. Be your divine self. Bring it into your daily life. Bring it in NOW when it is most needed.

It is time NOW to be the teacher. Not to go off to be isolated, but to be a teacher. There are other spiritual groups upon Earth where it is appropriate for them to be isolated. They do much important energetic work in their isolated places. But Shaumbra is not isolated. Shaumbra reaches out to others. They open their doors when others come in tears. That is what you’re about. It’s time to step forth.

Many of you have held the concepts of Spirit and divinity and lightwork as intellectual thoughts, of, hmmmm (pause) Cauldre stops us now but we have chosen our words carefully …. many of you have (pausing) Cauldre stops us again for he is uncomfortable with the words we are relaying … but we speak from our truth ….. many of you have held these concepts of spirituality as GAMES. For some, this lightwork has been a game and a diversion from the challenges of your life. We are not talking to all of you, we are talking to some who need to hear this. Now it is real. It is no longer a game. It is no longer an intellectual concept. It is time now for ownership, for the strength of divinity. It is time for the strength to transmute the darkness into love, into new creation, into new balance. It is not about "wiping out" darkness. It is about transmuting it into a higher energy.

You are the alchemists of energy. You are the ones who take "nothing" and transmute it into new creation. You can take the darkness of this event and turn it into the blossoming flower.

(emotional) Now, we get emotional at times like this. We can feel all of you so deeply. There will be so much more to speak of in these days ahead. We ask each of you to hold your strength. Be ALL of who you are.

After a brief pause for you to change your equipment (recorders and video cameras), we will resume to answer your questions.


You are transmuters of energy. You allow energy to reach its highest potential of creation. We ask each of you to look at how the events of three days ago affected you. The incident affected each of you in different ways. Perhaps they threw you off your emotional balance. Cauldre, for instance, was affected in the stomach. Others have been affected with headaches, and various parts of the body. We ask you to look at how it affected you. You will see how transmuting touches you. These are your sensitive areas. These are affected first. We ask you to remember the feelings and the signs. It is not that you want to put your transmuting through this specific region of the physical or emotional body. But you will know when the engine of transmutation is working within you for you will feel it in this spot.

Remember, it is not about you. You are simply touched in these areas of sensitivity as you are doing your transmuting work. Look at how you were affected in the moments after you heard the news of this tragic, historic event. Some of you went into shock. Others went into fear. Others had concern for family. We ask you to look at the events of the past several days to see how it affected you. You will now know how transmutation touches parts of your being. You will now know how to walk through those fears and those blockages and to understand this is simply how parts of your consciousness and biology react.

From that wisdom and knowledge you will have a better understanding of how to stay in your place of strength as other situations come along. And no, we are not predicting that there will be other major tragedies like this, but there will be a continued series of changes that take place. Much like an earthquake, there will be aftershocks. There will be aftershocks to this event. It may be on a personal and individual level, it may be on a global level. It may be about breaking old things apart that no longer serve a purpose, or to bring new things together. But there will be aftershocks.

And we add one more note to this: We have discussed much about the potential of earth destruction or major earth changes over these past several decades of human history. And we note here that none of these happened. Yet there will still a tremendous need to release old energies. This occurred to a degree with the actions of several days ago. This event has facilitated a major consciousness shift. The focus of consciousness on this event and the focus of consciousness on the inner darkness has served much of this purpose. It has released much old energy of what might have been brought up in quakes. It has released much of what could have been brought up through wars. There was a major release that took place. Many, many died. Many, many came over to our side the other day in a moment of time. There was much clearing of ancient, negative energy that happened as a result of this.

We remind you that much has been cleared, there will still be the aftershocks. And with that, we will be delighted to answer your questions.

Question: Tobias, you’ve talked before about Shaumbra being taken care of, about "riding the waves", where one wave is cresting and a new wave comes in. I’m wondering about the economic situation in the world now, and how it will affect us.

Tobias: First, understand there will continue to be many fluctuations. There is a cleansing out of old energy right now, and a bringing in of the new. Do not go into fear when you see these things happen. Stand behind the short wall. But we also say to you in direct answer to this question, as much as we love you and care about you and stand beside you, we still see so many of you deferring to us, asking for us to take care of things. This is not why you are here on Earth at this time. It is for you to create. We are standing beside you. We gather like this to give you our love and our energy, and it helps to strengthen you, but ultimately it is up to you. It is as simple, as simple, as taking ownership of your abundance. It is as simple as transmuting the fears that come along if you lose your job or you lose much of your savings in the market. It is about taking ownership of your abundance.

There is still the tendency – and we say this with love – but there is still the tendency for you to ask us for your abundance. We have no such abundance to give! We do not deal with money on this side of the veil. We have an abundance of love and guidance and energy to give. But we ask you to take ownership, we ask you to take strength. So many of Shaumbra have not allowed themselves to take the strength of abundance, but now is the time to do that. You will see that you can ride these waves, and we will be there surfing right along side of you.

Question: Tobias, are not all of the entities involved in this situation, including the hijackers, honored on the other side of the veil for their participation in this event? As a result, do we stay passive and not retaliate and send love?

Tobias: This is a very interesting question. We go back to our discussion of transmuting. In the old energy, it was a question of whether to fight or to flee. In the new energy, it is about how to transmute. Now, you ask of honor. Ultimately, all are honored for their roles. But – human words and energy are somewhat limited in this – it is not the potential that we on this side would have preferred to see. There are other potentials that would have been more appropriate. There is transmuting that could have been accomplished without the destruction and the terror.

Dear friends, prior to you entering into this Earth energy and taking on biology, there were tremendous energy conflicts and battles on our side. There were great energy imbalances in the universe, for energy at time was quite unstable. Energy in what Cauldre calls the "Star Wars" time was unstable. It does not give us any degree of joy to see these battles acted out on Earth. Ultimately, there is honor for all who have participated in this, but we would have preferred to see this acted out in a much different manner. That is why we said several days ago, it is about what you do with this incident now more than anything. It is about how you transmute the fears and the anger, the desire to hide or the desire to retaliate … it is about what you do now.

Those who were set up and participated in this tragic event – the hijackers – those who deliberately flew these airplanes, I can tell you now that they are not standing in our circle of light. (emotional) They are in their own reality now. They are very confused, for they thought there would be a celebration for them when they came to this other side of the veil. They are standing in the energy of their own horrors at this time. It is not at all what they expected, for they are seeing, even at this moment, the pain they have inflicted.

Sometimes there is misunderstanding on your part. While there is honor for all, because we are all connected, there are potentials that we indeed do not like to see. As we said earlier, the shock waves that came from this were not felt only on your Earth. They were felt throughout all of the universe, through all of us. We ask that humans now choose the potential to transmute the old energy. You know, there is the potential for things to move back into darkness, back to a time of anger. We would not like to see this happen. That is why we are asking you to stay on Earth, for you are needed now more than ever as teachers. You are those who have an effect on the change of energy.

Based on the response to this incident, we do not see that humankind will slide into darkness. There is too much love and compassion at this time. There are many, many humans who are committed to transmuting, and moving into the new energy. But as we have said, you will see much unrest for the next year of time. There are forces that choose not to move into this new golden age, this age of ascension. So they will be acting up to prevent global consciousness from moving forward.

To directly answer this question, while there is always honor for human actions, there is also great sadness for the path that was chosen, for it could have been done in a much more loving and caring manner.

Question: You keep speaking of transmuting. At this important time, could you give us more information on how Shaumbra can best transmute energy?

Tobias: Transmuting, in a sense, is as simple as selecting a potential. For example, if there a dozen potentials in front of you, including anger and fear, hatred and love, being afraid …. and all of the various potentials, transmuting is choosing a potential. Fear may be the potential that stands directly in front of you, but you choose to walk through it. Walking through it means facing the things that are there. Walking through it means being in a place of strength, wisdom and balance, and owning that new potential.

You ask us to describe a specific exercise or a specific pattern for transmuting. In an answer to that question, Archangel Amiel of Hope is the best one to answer this. We pause for a moment to bring her message through (pausing). "Hope is the energy of new potentials realized." Amiel says to simply move towards the energy of the highest potential. This is through your action and your thoughts. Amiel says to draw this into you. Bring this highest potential into you, then to be in a place of strength, to allow it to go through your being. We cannot define the exact process here, but as you bring it into your being and allow it to go through you, you will learn very quickly what this process is like. It is not a "thinking" process. It does not take place in any one part of your body, such as your heart area. It is a totally realized energy that moves throughout your entire being then is released back as an energy of the highest potential, through you to the world. You are processors, you are micro/macro processors of energy. There is not an intellectual pattern to this but it is bringing in the energy of highest potential and then releasing it back out.

We ask each of you as individuals and as a group to understand how you process and transmute. There will be a channeling at one of the seminars that is given to a group specifically about the transmutation process and that will be before the end of this year. For in a sense, we have to wait to give this discussion until we collect enough information from all of you to see how this works in the new divine energy.

Question (from Joseph of Israel): Tobias, I have a question related to the people of Israel. All of this terror links to the Mideast. Is this connection to the dark forces going through to Jerusalem?

Tobias: You will find that in nearly all of the old conflicts and battles now that affect your Earth originate in this area. For these are some of the oldest battles of your modern human history. There is so much energy of duality in the Mideast. This part of the world IS the land of duality. That is why Yeshua chose to come back in the region. This is where the true conflicts of duality seem to come together. Look at this land. You will see that this is the region of duality. It is the center of duality for Earth. So many of the conflicts now that crop up for the next year or so will originate from there.

But yet, each of you look within, to see how this affects you. Within you is an old Jerusalem. Within each of you is a place of old conflicts that needs resolution.

The Mideast will continue to be a place of conflict. Fear will continue to be in this area until humans and lightworkers transmute it. We see the potential for much conflict until a potential is selected that will either put a calm over the land, or it will bring this conflict of duality to a head. But yes, you are correct in your observations. And dear one, that is why we asked you the other day to stay in this land, for you are needed here. But bring to you the resources of hope. Bring in the other lightworkers from around the world to your land who will also add their wisdom and light. Bring back with you to the Mideast the energy of Amiel, the Archangel of Hope. She will be at your side. She will be there for guidance. And we know this is tough duty for you, but you have been surrounded by the love of family for this past week, and both sides of the veil. We have been sending you love and strength, strength of family. That is why you have been here (in England), to receive this energy of strength.

Question: Can you tell us about this particular group of people who have come together for this journey, to England, and if this group of people walked together like this in the past with Yeshua.

Tobias: This group here is quite special. You have not all been together like this in your past lives. As we said, you are representatives of Shaumbra across the world during this journey. Each one of you carries parts of energy for all of Shaumbra to this circle. You brought it to the stone circle (Avebury). You brought it to the seminar and channeling of Hope.

Some of you met Yeshua, some did not. But that is not so important. This is a new time and a new energy. Here you have a group of modern day disciples of light. You carry the energies of others around the world, and also carrying tremendous responsibility in this. There is much work for all of you to do. Every one of Shaumbra is also a disciple of light. But the ones that gather here now have agreed to come together at this important time as representatives for all. And the one that left early (Pete Cascio) is also part of this group. There were simply other plans for him, but his energy is sits here, the one you call Peter.

Question: Is there anything you would like Cauldre to know?

Tobias: For him in particular, we ask him to understand there is an organization behind all of this. How to say …. there is a structure to this work of the Crimson Circle. For Cauldre to best understand, we say this is like a business. Sometimes he is not so sure about a plan. But on our side of the veil and yours, there is a set up and a plan and an organization. There are those who serve in various functions and jobs in this work. We ask him to take ownership for his job as well. We ask him to release his fears of making the wrong decisions. For that is his fear … making the wrong decision. As he releases those fears, he will become a better teacher and leader and transmuter. And we know he will do this. We know he will continue to take on this responsibility.

Question (from Joseph of Israel): Sometimes I talk to people in Israel who are not Shaumbra. Sometimes I hear you talking through me while I am talking to them, and they are not Shaumbra. I wonder if I am doing the right thing, or if I should talk to them in a different way. Is it the best thing to just say what you have to say?

Tobias: This is something that challenges not just you, but all of Shaumbra. There are those who do not so much trust what they hear. They tend to shut down … you know who you are! (group laughter) And you look for the voice of Tobias or Michael or the others. We encourage all of you to hear and speak the voice of your true self. That is ownership. That is strength.

Now we will tell you a bit of a secret. When you listen to your own voice and you speak it and you express it and you allow it to come forth, what you will also hear in the background is OUR voices. For you are trapping into an energy that is coming up from within you, and that energy is connected to family and to those who are working in your direct energy field. So you will hear an echo in the background that IS us. When you tap into your own divine energy, that is also when you will feel us the closest. Know we are always with you, but when you are working with your full, integrated being, you will feel that we are there and know we have always been there.

We encourage all of you to begin using your divine energy. You ask us for the specific methods to do this. You say, "Tobias, how do I use this?" And we say back to you, "Simply USE it." You know how to bring it in. You know how to use it. You think there is a prescribed path. Simply use it in your reality. You will learn. You will not always make the most "energy efficient" decision (chuckling) but you will learn. You will write the books. You will teach the others. And you will not say to them that Yeshua or Amiel or Tobias told you to say something. You will say, "This is what I as a divine human have learned to do. And you, my student, can do it also. What I do you can do also." Do those words sound familiar, my friends?

We will continue to gather with you. Cauldre sometimes worries that we will pop out of the picture. But in these days ahead, we will gather more and more. We will speak to you often. But we also ask you to put your own energies in. We will ask you to use your own divinity as well. There are questions you will ask us, and we will ask the question directly back to you. We will ask you to speak your own truth in front of your group. If that does not scare you, not much will! (group laughter) From time to time, we will ask you to answer your own questions through your own divine channel. That is the way of the new energy.

Since we first started coming to you over two years ago, we knew there would be many changes. That is what we have been speaking of with you. We knew you would need to take the responsibility and the strength and bring it forth. We have spoken of these challenging times for several years now. These are the times of spiritual ownership, strength, compassion, love, truth and above all, service. We love you dearly and we ask you to return to your world and your everyday lives. Bring these messages to the others. And remember dear friends, you are not alone!

And so it is.

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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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