"Angel of Hope"

Presented in North Stoke, England

September 8, 2001

From Geoffrey Hoppe:

This Tobias channeling was presented in the tiny village of North Stoke, England on September 8, 2001, just three days prior to the terrorist attacks in the United States. While this channeling was specific to the group attending the seminar, I felt compelled to have it transcribed and offer it in text format through the Internet. Tobias introduced Amael, the Archangel of Hope, and spoke at length about the energy of Hope and it’s direct relevance to Great Britain. Tobias talks at length in this channeling of the importance of bringing the energy of Hope into the world at this time. Three days later, I came to realize the true significance of his words.

And so it is, dear friends, that we gather here on this day, in this energy, in this circle. We gather here with the ones we call Shaumbra, the ones we call family. Oh, dear friends, you have journeyed a long, long way to come here, and we are not just speaking of the journey of this lifetime. We are speaking of many, many lifetimes that have brought you to this place. We will speak of that on this day. We will speak to you about many of the reasons why you sit here in this group, why you sit amongst family now.

We indeed love the energy when we come in. We love when we are invited by you, the humans, to be here. At times like this we can come closer. At times like this, we can touch you and be with you. The energy that you are helping to create with us makes it so appropriate, so easy to come in.

There are many who come in today. It is not just I, Tobias, who comes here, but there are many who come in. We ask you to take a moment to breathe this in, to breathe in all of the energies here, the energies from those who come to visit on this day, the energies from all of the pasts that are here. Breathe in deeply now. Breathe in deeply. Breathe in these energies. Breathe in.

Oh, dear friends, it has been a long time since I have seen many of you, a long time since we have walked on the Earth together. There was something that many of you here did quite some time ago. You moved together, put something together that would be important, that would come back at a moment in time, at a moment in time to reopen, to reopen. It has been a long time since we have sat together, all of us like family in this space. So many experiences and lifetimes have passed!

It is good to be back. It is good to be in this space of walking the new journey on Earth. It is good to be back here with you who have learned so much and have now accepted this new role, accepted your place as teachers, as facilitators, and as human guides to the others. We chuckle here because in many ways you are still holding back. You are not quite so sure!

We ask you to simply breathe in and to open your heart to let all of this love come in on this day. There is still somewhat of a tightness here. This is family that gathers. It is the energy of love that pours in for you, the energy of love that comes in at this time.

As always, when we gather together in this sacred space like this, there are visitors. There is a long line of those who asked to come in. Do you know that when we gather, you are in the First Circle? You are the ones in the seat of honor. You are the exalted ones here on this day. We come here to honor and thank you and worship you. You are the ones of the First Circle. Then there are others who come in. They come in to the Second Circle. They come in as the visitors. They come in very close to you, so close that they can touch you. Energetically they can hug you. They are sitting side by side. They are walking amongst you, the ones that come in. There are always visitors. There are always those that we allow in.

We have spoken recently in these gatherings of family about the ones called that "archangels." There is an important reason for this at this time. There are some of what you would call the archangels that are mentioned in your holy scriptures, some that are only referred to, but there are many, many more that are not known, that have not been brought forward. There are many, many archangels, each serving a purpose and a reason. Recently we introduced one who has always been close by, but he has not been in the circle. We introduced him several weeks ago, the one called Raphael.

Today there is a new archangel who shows up, one who has not been discussed before in any of your books or in any of our meetings. This is very special energy and a very special presence. It is one that each of you has worked with and connected with. That is why we asked you to open your hearts, to feel the energies that come in today. This is a unique being, a unique energy who has journeyed with you, particularly those who are from this region. This energy has journeyed with you for a long, long time.

We open up the doors to the Second Circle for this archangel, who has the name of "Amael." Amael. This energy enters our sacred space in the circle. It fills this hall, this beautiful hall, with energy that illuminates and warms this place. Amael extends her wings, her energy being, to encompass each one of you, to encompass the entire structure that you sit in, and even emanating out from there.

Amael, what you would call the Archangel of Hope, comes in on this day to help us deliver this message to you, this message that you have asked us to share at this time on your journey. This message contains many codes and many clues of why you are here, not only in the chairs on this day, but also why you are living in the regions where you are, why you have walked the path that you have.

Amael is one who knows you very, very well, closer than even I, Tobias. She comes here now, as you get ready, each of you preparing now for the next part of your journey. She comes in now to share this energy. We will talk of some of the reasons why. We will talk of your history and your background on this day. We will talk about our reasons for being here with this very special group.

For a moment we will ask Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) to be in pause, to be quiet, to allow you to breathe in the energies, to allow you to welcome us into your hearts – which still are not open so much! Open your hearts to one who has been an important part of all of your times on Earth. Open your hearts to Amael, the angel of Hope. We will return after a brief moment.


Oh, the energy builds so well now in this space. The energy of Hope and of love builds so well here. There is much that we impart on this day that is not just of words, but of energy that will come in at all levels within your being. You know, it is not just so much of the words that we say, it is the energy that comes in on all of the other levels. Indeed, many of you may – how do you say – "go out" during this time, but you have still received all the energies that were needed on this day.

Do you know that for you this day is a crossroads, a turning point? There is no mistake of the time, or of the place, or of the people that are in these seats. This is a turning point. When you look back months or years from now, understand that you asked us to come here. You asked for the presence of Amael to be here for your journey and for what lies ahead for you.

(Tobias speaking very emotionally) It is sweet in this space. It is sweet. It is loving and healing. I, Tobias, get overwhelmed at times. I feel your energy and have such compassion and honor for what you are doing.

Now, let us tell of a journey, of your journey

There was a land that we call Alt, a land that you call Atlantis. It was a great and wonderful place. It was quite a kingdom on Earth. Here you played, and you went through many, many lifetimes. Some of you were the priests and priestesses. Some of you were the thinkers and the scholars. Some were the scribes. Some of you were there to simply facilitate others, to have fun, to play your games. Some were there to entertain and to make humans laugh. It had been discovered, even before the time of Alt, that laughter served you so well to express through all of your being.

You were all at this place of Alt. You were all there. You have memories that you can tap into, even now, of your many times there and what you did. As you know, this was a wonderful place, but as time moved on, there became somewhat of an imbalance in the energies. There was a deep search for Spirit within. There was a deep search for a way to return Home, to the Kingdom of All That Is.

You employed many technologies in this place. You employed many technologies to help you search for your divinity. You learned many things of the human body. You learned things of the human soul. You learned many, many things of Earth physics, of dimensionality, of time and space, and matter. These were wonderful growing times.

The time of Alt was somewhat like the time when a child is discovering their life, when they are inquisitive, and they are playing with their new knowledge. And you know what can happen when children play with powerful things? Sometimes, by accident, they start a fire. They might break something that was valuable. They might even destroy a whole house or a vehicle! These things are quite by accident. They do not intend to do this. But they are searching, and they are discovering, and they are digging deeper and deeper.

This is what you did in the days of Alt. You were looking for divinity, seeking it out through your technologies, but could not find it. Yet there were many other important discoveries that took place. There were energetic patterns that you still use to this day in your composition of the human make up.

Did you know that in your times of Alt the human body was somewhat different than it is now? The body tended to change more. It was not as stable as what you have. By the work that you and the others did, you have stabilized the biology system. You wonder sometimes why you all tend to look somewhat the same, with somewhat the same features, and the number of fingers, hands, and toes. This was not always so! This was not always so in the times of Alt.

You wonder why you tend to have the same general height and why you tend to have a oneness with you? It is because of the work that was done in Alt that looked deep into the human biology. You did not know or understand the words DNA, but you were tinkering around with it from an energetic or a magnetic standpoint. You knew that there was something that was deep within the human composition. You were playing with it. Through the work that you did there, you discovered much about the human body. And you were able to stabilize the process. You were able to make it so it was more uniform. That is one of the greatest gifts that came out of this land that you had.

Now, let us digress for a moment. Let us put your land of Alt on hold for a moment. Let us talk of another subject.

We heard in your discussions today that there was this energetic impasse that was created, that occurred, in your universe. We do not want you to get the misunderstanding of these words that Cauldre spoke of. We do not see them so much as wars, but they were ways of coming to understandings of how you could you be a creator, of how energy works in your universe. This happened very fast. Indeed there were opposing energies. They were doing a type of dance. They were doing a type of interaction that was needed and appropriate for the growth of all things. Indeed there did come a time when there was an energetic gridlock of sorts where things could move forward no further, when the energies and the creative forces in your universe, in your known existence, came to a stop. When this happened, a council was created. It was an order of all of the entities and all of the families that existed – of you – the groups that you belong to.

A small piece of each of you bridged together, melded together, to create the Order of the Arc. The Order of Arc… this is what you now call your archangels. These were energies. These were energy compositions that were created in order to help find a resolution to this impasse that had occurred. You have named these archangels. You perceive these as large winged ones. In a sense – and it is somewhat amusing to us – but dear ones, it is somewhat different. These are energetic combinations of frequencies, such as Amael, who comes in on this day and carries a specific frequency and a code.

The Order of the Archangels was created by all of you to be in service to all of you. You are not in service to them. They are here for you. They are here to help to find a resolution to this impasse of energy that occurred. Each one carries specific attributes. Michael carries the attribute of Truth. Raphael, who we introduced recently, helps to transmute the fear into love. Amael is the Archangel of Hope, the Archangel of Hope.

Now, in order to find resolution to this impasse through the efforts and the workings of these archangels, they helped you to create this place called Earth where some of the entities would go and take on the veil, take on these blinders, so they would not even see who they were. They would come to Earth to walk through lifetime after lifetime, experience after experience, in order to discover ways to release the impasse so that the creative forces of All That Is could continue moving on. Amael, the angel of Hope, has walked with you in particular, this group that gathers here on this day for something special.

Now, let us return to the times of Atlantis. We come to the time when you knew it was the conclusion. You knew it was time for a cleansing and time to move forward. Many of you still carry the trauma of these end days, of the destruction that took place. Many of you felt this great fear come forward, even at the end of your recent millennium, an inner fear that perhaps this would happen one more time. This caused many of you to seek shelter, to go into hiding for a bit. Back in the days of Alt, when things were coming to an end, there was something wonderful that had been discovered at this place. It was an energy that we have spoken of before that was carried through from the other side to your Earth. It was the energy of Hope.

We have talked before of this and said that when your new universe was being created by you, when the Second Creation was coming into being… it was known by All That Is that it would carry the attributes of love. Love is such a special thing. The new creation would also carry the attributes of Truth, for it needed that for a balance. What we did not know, what surprised us, what surprised All That Is, was that another element was carried by this new universe – the energy of Hope. Hope. Hope is the dream. We do not want to use the term "goal" here. That is different. It carries a different human energy.

Hope is the realization. Hope is the journey fulfilled and completed. Hope is the essence of the energy that makes the gridwork. It provides the framework for things to build on from there. The energy of Hope, the new one in the new creation… you brought it to Earth, dear friends. You brought it with Amael to this place of Earth. You brought it and anchored it into this place of Atlantis. And in the final days of destruction of Atlantis you did not want to lose this, for this was something more valuable than the technology, more valuable than all of the jewels, more valuable than all of the buildings and the empires that had been created. It was this energy of Hope that was brought to Earth, brought from the other side and implanted on Earth. You did not want it lost.

This energy of Hope was not carried in a single stone. It was not carried in a box. It was not even part of a tree! The energy of Hope was carried in the consciousness of all, but it was truly owned and truly held in the consciousness of this group here and others who are not here on this day. The energy of Hope was held here in your consciousness. You, each of you, have been holders of this energy ever since, carrying it with you until the appropriate time. And you wonder why sometimes your burdens have been heavy! You wonder why you have gone through some of the things that you have!

In the final days of Alt there was an exodus of humans, a small group that left. They made their way across – how to way – areas that you would now know as the Africas and the European nations. They made their way here to this very land that you now call home (referring to the British Isles) and that you call your country. This land is one of the few remaining segments that came from the original land mass of Alt, that still remains above the water levels. This place sits on the sea – very special indeed, for it is one of the remaining areas of Alt. You made your journey across other lands to come back to the very space, come back to the very energy that had been home for you, that had been Atlantis.

What you brought with you was a consciousness, an energy of Hope. You came in small tribes to be here. Oh, this goes back eons of time ago. We do not expect you to remember all of this. There was a knowingness that as the new civilizations emerged after the fall of Atlantis… there was a knowingness that one day these energies would be appropriate. These energies of Hope that you carried with you, that you preserved, would one day be needed by other humans, by humanity, by All That Is. It is difficult to explain, but in a way, you transferred many of these energies at the time that were carried by you and the others. You transferred these into the very ground that is here, this very land that you live upon. You allowed these energies and your consciousness to go deep, deep, deep into the vibration of the Earth here. And here they have remained for a long, long time, for a long time.

You come back now in these recent lifetimes to help release the buried energies of Hope. I, Tobias, was never quite able to visit this magical land (the United Kingdom) when I walked the Earth. I always wanted to have my presence upon this land. I find it so very – as Cauldre would say – "lovely" to be here (imitating Geoffrey Hoppe’s version of the English accent and accompanied by audience laughter). You came here many lifetimes ago to place the energies of Hope… and you come back now in these last series of lifetimes to help bring Hope forward.

This land you live in is filled with legends. It has been a place of much war and much strife. There are others who invaded this place who have not known the reason why, who have not quite understood why they wanted to take control of this place. They have tried coming time and time again in battle. Much blood has been shed on your soil here. They sense something, but they do not so much understand, and yet they sense something very special about this place. They choose to battle, but all of the time all of that has balanced by those who were the early ones and have come back to it now.

In a sense, you could say that this land it is like the heart, the heart of your Earth, for Hope is in the heart. It is like the heart of the world. You and the others who have been protecting this place for so long have put the up barriers on purpose. You have held it close within on purpose. It is time now for each of you to open your heart. This will release the Hope. This will release the energy of the dream fulfilled. The dream fulfilled is the ability to bring Spirit and All That Is and your divinity to this place called Earth.

Hope is the fulfillment of that which was imagined by the order of the Arc. It is to allow creation to move forward, but in a new balance. Hope. Hope is the dream that can be turned into a reality when it is transmuted by a human angel. Hope is a type of passion. Hope is a new day realized. Hope is when energies of Home are materialized in a new place, such as Earth. Interesting energy it is – Hope. It is not one of frivolous dreams and of wishes. Hope is a foundation energy. It is, in a sense, about pre-creation. It is the energy of what will come next.

Dear friends, those who are here have been part of this process. You have brought Hope from Alt, and buried it in this land. You have defended the land for so many generations, knowing that there was something precious held here. And now we come here on this date and this time in your year 2001, as the Earth, as all of humanity is beginning to experience the new awakening. There is something sweeping your world. It is awakening and wiping out the old institutions that have held things back, changing the way things are done. It is time for this energy to come forth. It is time for the greater understandings of Hope to be taught to the others. It is time for the teaching of how to truly open the heart, of how to truly let the love and the passion out.

Isn’t it odd that this group, the ones who has held on tightly, the ones who are known for holding back their emotions, are the ones holding the energy of Hope? Indeed, it is because you have been protecting this thing that was of the heart. It is time to bring that forward now. That is why Amael makes her appearance on this day. She touches each one of you. She has known you well. You are the ones, if you choose, if you accept it, to be the teachers of Hope, to be the ones to show others how to open their hearts. As you do, and as you take this on, dear friends, this will help release the very energies that are buried in the soils and in the rocks and the consciousness of your whole land. You will help release these energies. In a sense, as long as you hold them close to your heart, as long as you keep things tight within you, they will also be kept tight, within the rocks, the soil, the waters.

When you start to open your heart and allow Hope to come forward and express itself in your life, this will release a bit of the energy that is held in the Earth. You will feel it. You will feel it in your being. You will see it around you as you open up. You will see these things, these rocks, the soil, the water open up also. You will teach others to open their hearts and allow Hope out. They are family. They have been holding on just like you. This will create a grander effect as more and more humans allow Hope to flourish. You will then start hearing of strange happenings in your land, strange geological happenings, strange discoveries of things that have been buried in the land for a long period of time. Open up your hearts and allow Hope to come forth onto Earth. You will see all of these things.

Now we hear some of you already asking, "What is it that we should do? What are the mechanics for bringing out Hope? How do we open our hearts?" Dear friends, we do not know. We do not have the answers. We do not have it written in a book. You are the ones writing the new books! You are the ones to go forth and discover these things. You are the ones to figure out this process and to share it with the others. From our perspective, we know that it is very close at hand. It is not something you need to dig very deep for. It is almost right in front of you. From our perspective, it is as simple as you making the choice, the "I am Hope" choice, the choice to be in that energy. That starts the process.

We also see that it would help if you take your hand and hold it over your heart each day for a period of time. Become consciously aware of the opening. Become consciously aware of the heart, of your body, and the heart of your land, the heart of this Earth.

The other processes of this opening are things that you will discover. These are things that you will then teach the others, and they will come to you at the appropriate time. They will look at you, and they will say, "Dear human, you are so open and so free. You are lighter than the wind. What is it about you? Why is it that I am feeling heavy and burdened? Why is it that I feel shut in and closed down?" That is when your work as a teacher of the new energy will begin. That is when you will share with them the things that you have learned. That is when they, in turn, will learn to open their heart and to allow Hope to come forth.

This, dear friends, is not a trivial thing. It is not something that is just a speck of sand on a large desert. This work is so important! This is why the archangel Amael comes in on this day to work with each one of you. Amael is here as family to be with you, to help you on your new journey, opening the heart, of releasing Hope that will spread across this land and all lands, to help create this new energy. This is needed at this time! It needs to emanate from this place, from you who are here, a small group, a large job, but there are many who will also be of assistance. You can shut it off and deny the very energies that came in today. We will still love you deeply and dearly. Or you can choose this path. You can choose to be the openers, openers of the heart, the ones who brought the energy of Hope from Alt.

Let’s talk about this land (United Kingdom) for a moment, a very sacred and special place. There is much that is hidden here, contained here, even in your legends. There is the sword (Excalibur) that is here. There is the cup that was brought here (the holy chalice). These are all metaphors and symbols of energies that were brought to the sacred land and laid upon the blanket of Hope that you brought here a long, long time ago.

And so it was that even Yeshua Ben Joseph traveled here at a young age, not to learn and not to preach. He was brought here to honor the energies of Hope. He wept upon this land, for he knew the suffering that would take place here, the suffering that would take place to hold this energy, the suffering that would take place for each human that walked the path. He also wept in honor for the ones who would come back some day to retrieve this. He wept for the ones who would commit their lives then to release this energy of Hope that is here.

Indeed, to the one who just asked (in their thoughts), Yeshua is here now. He does not always make his presence known unless one asks, but indeed he is here, smiling. Breathe in, if you choose. Breathe in the energy of Yeshua, who comes to touch you once again.

Hope is the energy of "the highest potential realized." You created the energy of Hope before you ever came to Earth. It is a foundation energy of the Order of the Archangels. Hope was one of the great energies of Atlantis, one of the great energetic discoveries of that time. When Atlantis fell, you carried the energy of Hope in your consciousness to this land of magic (Great Britain) and, in a sense, buried it in the earth until the time was right to bring it back to humanity.

The time is now. It is time for each of you who are here today, and each of you who reads this material, to allow Hope to flow from the earth through your heart, then into the consciousness of humanity.

The energy of Hope that comes through now is different than it was in the times of Alt. It is brighter and stronger. It is filled with purity and love. It is unconditional and innocent. It is balanced. This new energy of Hope is filled with a creative force that will help catapult you to new realizations as you walk deeper into your ascension.

This new energy of Hope is needed now …. because humanity is at the eve great and profound changes. The changes that come over the face of Earth now are in preparation for the quantum leap of human consciousness that is drawing close. Hope will provide for you during these difficult times to come.

Know that you are never alone. Amael, the Archangels, the Crimson Council and the love of Spirit are always with you, even in the darkest times.

And so it is.

Tobias of the Crimson Council is presented by Geoffrey Hoppe, Golden, Colorado. The story of Tobias, from the biblical Book of Tobit, can be found on the Crimson Circle web site at www.crimsoncircle.com. The Tobias Materials have been offered free of charge to lightworkers and Shaumbra around the world since August 1999, the time when Tobias said humanity moved past the potential of destruction and into the New Energy.

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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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