Special Channel
Factor: Questions & Answers

Reno, Nevada
August 26, 2001

Tobias: And so it is dear friends – Shaumbra -– that we gather here again in a circle, a circle filled with curious humans; a circle filled with open and loving hearts; a circle that is also now beginning to fill with entities from the other side of the veil who come here to be part of this group today.

Now, it does take a moment or two for this change of energy to take place. As always, we ask you, the humans who are here, the ones who we honor so much, to feel the energies. Feel the energies change in this space that you are creating. For those humans in the room who hesitate a moment here, who are wondering, simply allow yourself to feel the energies. You are indeed worthy of this moment. You are not from the outside. You are part of Shaumbra – of this circle – otherwise you would not be here on this day!

During this time of energy adjustment I, Tobias, will speak through our friend, the one we call Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), while the entities who come to help balance and adjust the energies do their work. We thank you for allowing us to come into this space of yours. We sit with you for this period of time. In this energy, we can come closer to you, to feel and to have greater empathy for the challenges in your life. We know you are undergoing many changes that are causing you to have many questions.

Do you know what question we hear the most from you, coming from Shaumbra? The question we hear from you the most is not about money or even health. The most frequent question we hear is, "Dear Spirit, what should I be doing at this time?" "Dear Spirit, how can I be in service?" This is what we hear from you, and this is indeed what brings tears to our eyes and a smile to our face. This is why we are so committed to you, to all who are Shaumbra.

You are not asking something for yourself! You are asking how you can be in service, and what it is you should be doing for others at this time. Even the ones who gather here today from the other side of the veil weep when we speak of this. There is so much honor and respect that this is your question. You are not asking for material things, you are not asking for things to be given to you. From your heart, you are asking how you can be in service!

When a human asks this question of service from their heart, it is the beginning of the fulfillment of their divinity. On this side of the circle, we know that when a human asks how they can be in service, they are in their final process. We know they are at a transition point from being a human caught up in karmic cycles, to becoming a divine human. Each of you who gathers here today, and who are touched by these words in other ways, are at this point.

"Dear Spirit, what is it I should be doing now?" "Dear Spirit, what is my service?" You have asked these questions, and you are at the transition point on your path. We also know these questions have not yet been answered in specific ways that satisfy you. There is a reason for this. It is because you are going through a transformation. At your deepest levels you are learning how to integrate your divinity. You are learning how to awaken Spirit. You have been on an amazing journey. Spirit has been on an amazing journey in you and through you. You are in the process of this awakening. It is not just about you, the human that you know in this lifetime, or the aspects from your past lives. You are not just awakening you! You are awakening Spirit! (chuckling) And that will cause you to think and ask more questions!

Soon, dear friends, you will come to understand how this process of divine integration works. You will come to awaken Spirit, and Spirit within you. As this process gains momentum and speed, you will come to understand what your service is. You will be part of that decision process - it will not be dictated to you. As you know, it may involve a type of teaching. It will use the compassion and the wisdom you have gained. Your teaching will use the divine powers from within your being. And certainly you will be help other humans cross over the most challenging time – the time that you have been experiencing – the time of awakening. It is not easy, as you know!

While it sounds wonderful to become a divine human, this is the most difficult of all journeys that you have ever had as a human. It is the most challenging. Indeed, there are days when you feel connected; there are days when you feel in harmony. These are the days when you truly begin to feel the energy of the new earth. And there are days when you feel like there are weights on your feet and you are dragged back down to the old earth!

The answer to your question of service will come to you. You will not need to seek it out. It will come to you and it will be clear. There will be a knowingness within your being at the "one chakra" level. Perhaps you will not know exactly how to execute this. Perhaps you will not know the mechanics, but do not be concerned for the mechanics will also come to you.

One of the purposes of the Crimson Circle is to provide a pool of resources, talent and experience. When you get the knowingness that there is a certain type of work to do, a certain type of service, but you are not sure of how this will come together, the appropriate ones from the Circle will be there to help you structure this. Understand that the human ego is needed in this process of developing the mechanics behind the service work that you will be doing. Understand that all of this will be appropriately brought to you.

This is somewhat hard to accept at first, but dear friends, as you are in your new house – the symbol for your divinity and your Christ Consciousness -– all things appropriate will be brought to you. They will be "attracted" to you. All things appropriate will be attracted. You will not need to seek. Ever since you passed through the wall of fire – a metaphor for leaving the First Circle – you have been searching and seeking. That has been the core of your existence, to search and to seek and to experience.

You are shifting into a new energy dynamic now. Instead of searching and seeking, you will simply allow. All things appropriate will be brought to you. This will be somewhat difficult to trust, but many of you here are already learning this process. Oh, there are times when your humanness wants to jump out and to go try to search and to seek, but my friends, be in the divine moment in your new house and all things appropriate will be brought to you!

And now with that we will begin our questions:

Question: I think you’ve answered part of this today, Tobias. I accept that there is turmoil in my life as I implement the teachings, but I question "why" there is turmoil. Is this like Jack’s Wall of Fire, a trial by fire? If we will all graduate together anyway, why should I pick the path of turmoil?

Tobias: The turmoil is a friction of consciousness; you are changing directions in your life. You are changing your thoughts, attitudes and ways of doing things. You are no longer one who seeks, but one who allows. There are old patterns and processes that this opposes. The old patterns and processes were carried with you from as far back as your crossing through this Wall of Fire. They carried over vast experiences before you came to Earth. They carried over for the hundreds and hundreds of lifetimes you have lived here on earth. Changing eons of experience in the span of a few short years is bound to cause turmoil in your conscious and spiritual being.

Now, there is a way avoid these conflicts; but this is even more challenging! It requires total accepting and releasing. If you release all of the old ways, you will find the path to be very smooth indeed! (chuckling) But it takes great amounts of energy and effort to release the old. It tends to hang on to you, in your body, mind and soul.

You are indeed humans living on earth, and all around you are dense vibrations. They are dense in comparison to your new conscious and vibration levels. These dense vibrations also cause the turmoil and the friction. These are forces that seek to hold you back from your transformation process. We are not speaking here of conspiracy forces; these are natural forces of mass consciousness.

Simply honor the turmoil and understand why it is there. Release all of these old ways and you will find the path to be smoother. As one who is in the forefront of these changes into the new energy of earth, indeed there will be challenges and difficulties in this process. What you are learning now will give you the added wisdom and compassion for when you teach others how to cross their chasm.

Question: Why are abundance issues so prevalent with humanity. You have spoken once before of how they were tough to crack. Are there mechanics or physics about our reality that indicates why that is so?

Tobias: Abundance issues are related directly to ‘self-worth’ issues. The flow of energies are cut off when there are self-worth issues. Know that Spirit, All That Is, All That You Are, are virtually endless and unlimited. There is no holding back ever from God, yet humans believe there is. Humans believe they must beg and pray to Spirit in just the right way to receive a little morsel or crumb. This is not Spirit as we know, or you once knew!

It is your self-worth issues that are the limiting force. There are no limitations of energies, be it abundance or health. There are no limitations that are imposed by God or by your angels. They are only imposed by you. When you release the myth of the limitations, dear friends, you will be amazed at the amount of abundance that is in your life in all ways.

We ask for you to look at self-worth issues when there are abundance issues. There would be no abundance issues if you understood who you truly are! Go to this area of self-worth rather than focusing on the abundance. When the issue of abundance is the primary focus and you still do not find it in your life, then you truly feel unworthy. Understand who you are and your life will be filled with abundance.

Question: Tobias, I think I speak for many concerning "standing behind the short wall" and "doing no-thing" when I ask, just how little assistance are we supposed to offer when we observe others facing difficulties? What about giving to charitable organizations?

Tobias: This is an excellent question and it is also a difficult one. Standing behind the short wall of your new house it is a metaphor for stepping out of duality. In doing so, you will begin to understand the dynamics of duality, you will begin to understand how to truly create. We do not like to give rules here, for we ask you to go from your heart, but we will offer some guidance.

When you observe a situations between other people, we ask you not to interfere with these at all. Ah, it will be difficult and challenging for you! (chuckling) As we said earlier, there is a desire for all of you to be in service and to help mend difficult situations. But we ask you not to interfere until they come to you for help. That is a fairly simple guideline.

As we said before, all things will be brought to you. Your students will be brought to you. Those who need help will be brought to you. When they come, then it is time to begin your teaching. If they do not come knocking at your door, do not go out seeking them! As Cauldre knows quite well, this work that you do is quiet work. It is not evangelistic. You can not force a person to integrate their divinity. They must come to that realization within themselves.

In terms of giving to charitable organizations, my dear, it is about the energy that is behind this that is important. If you are seeking to help give more resources to an organization or a group, it is about the intent. There are many who give to charities thinking that they are buying their way out of guilt or karma. They think they are buying their favor with Spirit.

We know this group has a much higher understanding. You do it from the heart. It is primarily about your intent. If you give to a charitable group with unconditional love this is the best of all energy scenarios. We know many here, many that will read these words, make this a regular practice of tithing. We ask each of you to stop for a moment to evaluate your tithing, then perhaps re-adjust the energy if needed to open and unconditional giving.

Question: You tell us not to send our white light to places like India or Israel or other troubled parts of the earth where there may be lightworkers who could use assistance. Why do you tell us not to do that?

Tobias: (chuckling) We know this is challenging! To clarify the point, we do not say you shouldn’t send your love and energy to these people or places. We simply suggest that you stand behind the short wall before you do anything. When you stand behind the short wall and observe you will see dynamics that you had not seen before.

Look at the challenging situations, like the shatterings that have taken place shortly after your holiday seasons – the earthquakes and other earth disruptions. You see these as negative and catastrophic events. This may be hard for you to understand but these situations are more appropriate than you could possibly know … unless you are standing behind your short wall.

Indeed, there is tragedy involved here. Indeed there is suffering. But there is a greater purpose that you will not be able to see until you stand behind the short wall, until you look at it with the eyes of greater compassion. When these things happen there is a tendency to make judgment of the situation. There is a tendency to not see the true love that is taking place in these.

Those souls who crossed over in India do not ask you to pity them! They ask you to understand why they chose to leave now. They ask you to understand the cycles that they are going through in their own karma and lives. They will be the new children coming in. They want to be born into the new energy that you and they have helped to create.

We know it is challenging to see these situations of duality. But as you stand behind the short wall you will understand the loving dynamics. When – and only when – you can honestly tell yourself that you have a true understanding of what is taking place, then send your energy of gratitude and love and thanks. This will be challenging for lightworkers!

All of you have such desire to be in service. You feel the need to respond to situations. But in this transition time that you are going through, we ask you to understand the real dynamics that are taking place. We tell you this, my dear: This will continue to challenge you and perhaps even anger you for a while, for you are one with a large and a loving heart. You are one who has gone through much. You wish to reach out and to heal others. Through this process of taking a moment to understand, you will learn a very powerful healing technique. The, when you send energy to places like Israel and India, it will have a far higher level of vibration. It will be more powerful, with less attachments of duality.

Question: Tobias, we have a small metaphysical group in Seattle. It started as a Kryon meditation group and it evolved into a Family of Michael group; and the group asked that I ask you what our connection is to the Crimson Circle. We feel an affinity to you. Is there any message for us.

Tobias: (chuckling) This is amusing, for we do not have so clearly defined groups or levels as humans do. We see ourselves all as family, indeed. We have all worked together in the past. Those who are touched by the words of Kryon and the energies of Michael, and that of the Crimson Circle, all knew each other and worked with each other in the past. Specifically you were all brought together at the greatest family reunion to have taken place on earth, 2000 years ago of your time. You were all touched by Yeshua ben Joseph in one way or the other. You all had lifetimes that were very closely related to that time period. (emotional) All of you made a commitment at that time to be in service. You agreed to go through a very difficult and challenging process of changing the very consciousness of earth, and changing the ways of the human energy.

Now, this was a great time of reuniting. It involved not just those who walked the earth, but many from this side of the veil who also came in at that time. It was a very magical time! As you know, books have been written about it. (chuckling) Now, there are many different parts of family that are here to do many different types of work. But it can not be one central group, for many reasons difficult to explain here. It would not have been appropriate. So you, the humans made the decisions to have many different groups of family. But you are all connected in your journeys; you are all connected by familiar messages from Home.

Your group, the one in your local area, is guided by the energy of Michael. It is the energy of Home for you. -- We pause here for a moment -- Now, Cauldre has a hard time when we have visitors to these sessions, so we have to literally move him out of the way. (chuckling) The one you call Michael passes this on directly to you. Oh, his energy, which is a "family energy," will be most powerful here tomorrow (during the Kryon channeling). This is a gathering place of the Michael energy. He says to your group to draw from this energy of Michael, but do not become dependent on it as some are leaning towards now. Understand it is Michael, who brings these messages forth, that honors you, that honors your path and your journey. He stands strong and in light, and he visits each time you are in your family circle. But he asks you to take your own swords of truth and go outward with them, for there has been the tendency to stay inward and secluded or sequestered with family. It is time to venture outward and to carry this Michael energy, this energy of family, into your outer experiences. He smiles very broadly and honors each of you for your work. There will be some in your group that will have a difficult time with this message, but he assures I, Tobias, that these are accurate interpretations.

Question: Tobias, so many, many months back you stated that our guides would be leaving and then later than that, you stated there was a new type of angelic presence that was to be available to us called Runners with a different sort of purpose. Now that we stand behind the short wall, do we have these types of connection now, or has it changed again?

Tobias: We spoke to Cauldre yesterday on the airplane ride of these Runners, and this was part of our discussion which you have tuned in well to. As we have mentioned before, the guides were the ones who held the energy balance for you. They held the space around you in order for you to maintain a proper spiritual balance. They left this space and you are beginning to fill it with your own being; this is also part of the reason for the turmoil that you are experiencing.

Now we have not gone into great discussion yet of the purpose of the Runners. (chuckling) We know once we mentioned these Runners, many humans would begin to honor and worship them and not to understand that their purpose is to be in service to you. As teachers of the new energy, you are building your own mission, your own teachings, and your own classrooms. You will have assistance in creating the things that you need in your new life. We will discuss more of the Runners, specifically in Lesson Nine. We will go into much more detail in this lesson; but know that there is a whole team, a whole entourage of angels, that are waiting patiently for directive from you – from your heart. They will then take that energy and take the commands that you have given and they will then run with that energy, ergo the word Runners.

The reason why the Runners are important in your creator process is that you are still walking in human biology. You are still dealing with duality all around you. At the same time, while you are learning to integrate your divinity, you are literally operating on multiple planes at the same time. This can be very confusing for you. So the Runners are the ones who inter-dimensionally act on your behalf. The Runners are the ones who connect your desires and creations with energy structures on many levels, and help bring them to you appropriately. We will discuss this in greater detail in Lesson Nine.

In a sense, the Runners bring the appropriate things to your front door. We have said that you no longer need to go out seeking – that things will come to you. It is your Runners who bring them to your door. This is an excellent question and thank you for tuning in to us from yesterday.

Question: Tobias, is there a relationship, a parable, a metaphor, a lesson inside this thing that we are dealing with in California – the energy crisis?

Tobias: Indeed there is! You can look at any of your headlines, and without reading the story behind it, dear Shaumbra, you can understand the metaphors of what is going on in you and around you.

This energy crisis, in one of the more sacred areas of your world, is about changing from one energy form to another. It is about taking off restrictions (deregulation) and allowing. Yet there is a hesitation in this allowing. In the hesitation comes crisis. Are you not finding that in your own life? You are changing. You are moving into the new energy. You are going from the restricted environment of the duality into an unregulated environment of divinity. If you hesitate, it hurts! There is crisis!

Your earth too is changing and it is reflected in this situation. The situation will get worse as well in your political arenas before it gets better. (chuckling) We are not making any specific predictions here, for Cauldre does not like us to do that! But we will say that there are old empires that will collapse. In order to understand the metaphors, we suggest that you to look at headlines. You don’t need to read the whole story, just look at headlines. You will understand the energy dynamics that are taking place all over the world.

Question: Maybe California is going to start putting those big wheels in the push/pull of the ocean tides to generate power? Are they going to?

Answer: We will say that from turmoil comes a change, comes new energy. In this case we see something much more dynamic. This ties relates to the subject of "quad math" we have spoken of on previous occasions. There will be new understandings of "invisible" energies. This will take some years to develop, but the impetus will come from much of the turmoil that you are experiencing now. There are humans who will come to new understandings of what energy truly is. The current human perception of energy is somewhat crude compared to the types of energies that a small group of your scientists are working on even as we speak. These are highly refined energies that do not require pulling things from Gaia.

Question: Tobias are you interested in telling us about aliens?

Tobias: (laughing) Now this is a rather long story. We were planning to tell your more in the next Crimson Circle gathering, but we will share a bit with you now.

We have been communicating with Cauldre lately about what happened from the time period when you crossed through what we call the Wall of Fire until you came to earth. We will speak of this in greater detail at a later date, but since you asked the question we will answer to a degree now.

When you went through the Wall of Fire (going outside the First Circle), you did not immediately come to Earth. When you left the Wall of Fire you were still highly affected by its energies. When you left this zone – the Wall of Fire – you came into a void; a great void; a great, great void! There was nothing in this void. (chuckling) But your energy, part of who you were, suddenly appeared there. As you could imagine, there was quite a reaction when an energy such as yours suddenly manifested in a void! To use very simply terms, from this reaction the stars and the galaxies and the universe began to take formation when you suddenly appeared in the void.

You existed in a state that was not physical or human; but it was not totally consciousness or light either. It was somewhere in between. You spent much time traveling around what you would call your different planets, galaxies and solar systems. This occurred a long, long time ago; but not so long ago! When you came out of the Wall of Fire you began to experience "two" or duality or separation, for the first time, in a state of being that was more dense than what you had ever known before.

When you first opened your eyes in the void, you saw your "opposite." This is what you would call your "dark side." You went to war with it. You went to battle with yourself. Soon, all around the void – that was now transforming into your cosmos -– there were battles everywhere. The battles were important, for they were essential to understanding this new concept of "opposites." It frightened you when you saw your opposite. You were frightened when you saw something you had never seen before in the kingdom whence you had come. Therefore, you struck out at it and it struck back at you.

All of you spent much time traveling around what you would call your universe; but it was on a different level or dimension than what you would think. And, there were colonies or settlements, but do not think in physical terms, think in consciousness terms. In the midst of these wars, there were attempts to bring things into oneness. There were attempts to revive what you had back in the Kingdom – that of being One.

Many of these colonies or settlements did quite well for periods of time, but the struggles between the "two" (duality) were far too great. In a sense – and we speak here metaphorically– these battles got out of hand. There was a need to find resolution. For there was a stalemate between the opposites, and Creation outside of the First Circle could not go forth. This was a very interesting situation.

This place of Earth was created and you came here as a way of finding expression. You came here to fulfill a journey that began back in the Kingdom, the First Circle. Here on Earth your vibrations slowed down, you became quite dense, and you took on physical body. You also took on a veil as to not remember your past in these other places in your cosmos or even before the Wall of Fire. You drastically slowed down your vibration rate. This allowed you to live in a linear fashion; in human biology; and in forgetfulness. In doing this you would learn about the "opposites" at a far more balanced level. You would learn of duality, of the light and the dark, of your own separation here on Earth.

Your experiences on earth are in many ways related back to the experiences of the Wall of Fire or the experiences in the cosmos. In a sense, you are trying to re-create and act out your experiences to help you understand and heal things from the past. The challenges and the turmoil that you have gone through are not any form of punishment for the past. They are not because you are "lost." Instead, you are trying to find healing for something that happened a long, long time ago; but really not so long ago.

Now, in answer to our dear one’s question: There is much discussion of aliens amongst those in your New Age. Understand that they are not more intelligent or more powerful than you. Understand that they come from the past; they do not exist in the present. We will describe more of this later. They are visits from your past and that is all. They are bleed-throughs of experiences that happened before. They are, in a sense, YOU coming back to visit YOU. The probing and the surveying they are doing, in a sense, it is you doing to yourself. We know this will cause much controversy!

There are not little green beings that populate your universe, who are powerful, wise and smart and come here to mine your consciousness! Dear friends, there is nothing more powerful in the universe than you! Period. You created this universe. How could there be anything more powerful than you and the love of Spirit? There is nothing more powerful in the universe than you who sits before us on this day.

The word "alien" contains the vibrations of "A Lie." Be cautious of the dramas associated with the talk of aliens. Basically it is a lie. Aliens are not what you think they are. Dwelling on them will cause you to be distracted from your own path. While it may be fun to engage in these musings – and even the dramas – of aliens, it is a distraction.

There will be many humans who do not like the words that we speak here. There will be many who "cling" to the notion of aliens, for they have a need to believe in these things. Perhaps you would call them "cling-ons." (amused) We remind you that these beings come from the past; they do not exist in your Now as you would know. We will discuss more of this in the future. This will help you to understand the path that brought you here to Earth, and the path that brought you to this room on this day. We thank you for this excellent question.

Question: Tobias, there are some of us who work for large businesses, where the integrity is not high, and the duality is heavy. I’m finding it very hard lately, especially since the first of the year, to continue working in that arena. Somehow the dynamics have changed from doing this work. I know it’s not just myself, but other lightworkers as well. Is this the beginning of the end of this work for us, or is this a challenge that we need to continue with?

Tobias: There are valuable lessons you are learning in this now. They are very intense and challenging, but your soul considers them to be valuable and therefore has chosen to stay. We do not want to give specifics here, for we would be concerned that all lightworkers would go running from their jobs! (chuckling) But we can say in your case that ... (pausing) Cauldre does not like us giving us predictions … in the August time frame, rather in your Indian Summer time frame, the time of the changing of the sun, there will be a major shift for you specifically.

And as a reminder for others, we are giving a specific answer to a dear soul here. Each human situation is different. Cauldre is in a situation right now with similar energy dynamics. There are many lessons he is learning about himself and about duality. His shift will not come for a little bit of time and he does not care to know when this will be. (chuckling) With that, we will take one more question on this day. Then we will have some remarks before we depart.

Question: Tobias, there was a group of us that went to visit Lake Tahoe and we could feel a pull of it. Is there a comment on that?

Tobias: We would indeed, and even this brings "chills" to Cauldre, coming from us. (pause) We are conversing with Cauldre here…sometimes we chatter back and forth.

For those who are Shaumbra, this is one of the most sacred places on your planet. Before you came to Earth in physical form – while you could still ride through the skies without physical body – you came here and placed a sacred energy in this area. There was to say, in metaphor, a crystal energy that was placed in this area, deep in the Earth. This energy needed to be protected, for it contained the energy of Shaumbra.

It was brought by a group of entities to this Earth for safekeeping. It was buried deep into the ground and covered with some rock in liquid form. Later it was covered with water, and finally with a layer of ice. The "crystal" energy will surface at the appropriate time. It will go back to it’s original owners, which is Shaumbra.

This energy is now beginning to release. It is being released by the changes of the consciousness of humans. It is being released by the physical changes of Earth herself. And in this it is causing even more changes of Earth, including earthquakes in this region.

We will say more about this later, but this is indeed a most sacred area for Shaumbra. There will be many who come here in retreat to this area to reclaim an energy that was buried for protection a long time ago.

Now dear friends, we close here simply by saying that you’re making much progress. You are beginning to truly transform at deep, deep levels within you. We know there are difficult days, when you are pulled back to the old energy ways. When this happens, take a moment and just let this pass by. Let this go through you, do not become frightened of the pull that occurs, just let it go right through.

You are at a half-way point in your progress. We do not mean half way in terms of all the lifetimes that you have had on earth or even this human lifetime, but since your initial awakening you are at somewhat of a mid-way point. These coming months will be easier to deal with in some respects, and challenging in some other respects. There is a momentum within you that will give you a new boost of energy, a new strength.

Getting to a mid-way point sometimes is difficult and may even involve a feeling of depression. When you are on the other side of the mid-way point, your evolution will pick up a speed and an energy of its own. Look at all who are connecting as Shaumbra and as lightworkers these days. Look at this and understand that you are not alone; there are many, many others on this path. There are many on our side of the veil who are working closely with you. There are many who sit waiting, who are called your Runners. They are there to serve you in the work that you do. We remind you that you are not alone and today is not an exception! You are not alone in the work that you do. We are with you at all times, dear friends. We love you dearly.

And so it is.


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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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