Presented at the Crimson Circle
Questions and Answers

June 4, 2000

Tobias (returning from a break after the channeling session):
And so it is, dear friends, that it does not take so long for us to come back here! The energy in this room remains strong and clear. Now , Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) sometimes worries. He thinks that it will take quite some time to reintegrate after the break. But this is an example of being in your new house, where you can simply voice intent as Cauldre did. He then felt our presence come in much sooner than in the past. Now, this one of our more entertaining and interesting portions where we do questions and answers. On this night we can see that there are many, many questions in this group, but many who hold back also. If there are questions that you have but do not choose to answer here, simply voice your intent that we will work with you during your dream state tonight. Now we will begin with the first question.

QUESTION: Tobias, this word "shaumbra" keeps coming up. I can’t find anyone that knows what it means or how to spell it. Can you tell us more about "shaumbra" and also how to spell it – in English! (much laughter from audience)

TOBIAS: This is indeed an excellent question, and it will take a moment to properly explain what this all means. This is not so much a human word but rather a vibration used from this side. There are many layers of this that we will discuss. At its simplest level, shaumbra means family. Shaumbra means this family. As you know, we have been together before many, many times. We have traveled together, and we are back here now in this group. We are back with our extended family across this Earth. So in simple form, shaumbra means our family. In the vibration of shaumbra there are two basic elements that come together. The first portion of this is the vibration of the word, what you would pronounce as "shau-home." "Shau-home" is much like it sounds. On this side of the veil "shauhome" means the energy of Home, the energy of family.
The second portion of this, "ba-rah," has to do with experience and journey and mission. So when this energy is put together, it is "shau-home-ba-rah" which means family that is on journey and experiencing together. Now in your Biblical times it was that you and others – you that lived during those times – would gather for what were somewhat secret meetings. There were times when the message would go out to gather together in family meetings such as this. The code that was used at that time was a type of garment. It was a scarf or shawl that was worn by either male or female. It was a distinctive color that let the others of family know it was time to meet. And this color, of course, was crimson. So there is in some of the languages of your Earth the reference to words similar to "shaumbra" that relates to a garment. This was picked up at that time and then carried into many other languages. "Shaumbra" has no particular spelling from our side, for we do not use the alphabet as you do. It is indeed an energy. But there are many potential ways. The way it is spelled by Dr. Reynolds in your channels has been most appropriate. It is the most accurate for the vibrational level. There are also related or similar energies in your language that are used, such as "shambrala." There are references to this place that is hidden in the mountains of Tibet. This has some of similar vibrations and similar intent to the word shaumbra. We have been waiting for this question to appear, and it delights us to be able to answer it.

QUESTION: Tobias, I received in a dream this month something connected to the "indigo" children. It was a gateway, a threshold I was supposed to walk through. It was called the "indigo gateway." Do you know what that is?

TOBIAS: We will check here with others, so allow for a moment.
(pause while Tobias and the Crimson Council call in other entities for assistance)
This "indigo gateway" that you see in your dreams does not relate so much to what you would call the "indigo" children. It has another reference instead. This has to do with places—either dimensional places or physical places—that many entities have come through to get here. All who are in this room have experienced many other times in other "cosmic" places before coming to Earth. There were certain conduits or gateways that were used when you came here. The "indigo gateway" was one that helped to bring entities from a place that would be difficult at this moment to explain in channel. This was the gateway that we see and we understand here.
Now there are new entities coming to the Earth at this time. They are being born as humans for the first time. They are using the same gateway, this indigo pathway. So there will be a new breed of child, unlike what you already call the "indigo" children. The "indigo" children in your reference are ones who have generally had many incarnations on this Earth. There is yet a new type of human that is soon ready to be born that has not had previous Earth experience. There are many complexities to this question that would be difficult to answer in a short period here. But we will continue to work with you in your understanding even after this day.

QUESTION: Tobias, would you talk to us about how our relationship with food might change in the new house?

TOBIAS: Most definitely. First we tell you that it is an individual situation. We tell you to be in your new house and to ask what is most appropriate. Allow your new energy to choose those appropriate foods for you. You will come to understand very quickly what best serves the body. Also, know that you will go through a series of changes and transformations. You may be drawn to a new type of food now, only in a matter of a few months to move onto a different one. So be very open to change right now. Do not lock into any one particular thing. Certainly those foods that contain the live essence, the living elements that have not been over processed, will be the most beneficial to your physical being. These include any type of vegetables and fruits, anything grown in the ground that has not been over processed. For those who do eat meat there are many nutrients which are beneficial to you if you are still on that type of diet. It is not appropriate to say here, for anyone here, that a certain type of food is wrong for you or for another. It is to be open to it. In general the less processed the food the better it will be for you. You will also find that the volumes of food that you have been consuming will diminish for a bit, and then you will find yourself on a new cycle where your intake will be much, much heavier than it has been in the past. There will be cycles that continue like this for several years of your time. It is best, once again, to simply ask your being what it is that is best for it. And again you will find that these answers will be brought to you.

QUESTION: I’d like to know what the best way or time to voice intent is. Is it best during the day, or at night before you go to bed?

TOBIAS: There is no best or worst time here. What is most important is where it comes from the heart. Now we will digress a little bit here to say that in your new house, friends, there are no longer the 7 (physical) plus 5 (etheric) chakras. There is only ONE chakra. There is only one energy center here, and it is unified. Accessing this one chakra is more important than the time of day or month. Thinking that there was a particular time or particular way of doing something comes from the intellect. That was struggling. When it comes from the purity of the heart and when it comes from the place of unity and Divinity within will make the most difference. This will be perhaps one of the most difficult things to understand in your new house. There will be the tendency to want to know what the specific techniques are, what the specific day or month, what the specific astrological cycle should be. My friends, those days are gone. That is why you are here. It is now about what comes from within, what comes from the core of your being. There is no particular way to voice intent, other than honestly and purely from the center of your being.

QUESTION: Tobias, my understanding of the new house and of our moving into the new energy is that when we came here, a piece of us came here, a piece of the I Am presence. We are now in the process of becoming more whole with this. I wondered if it is going to be like that when the Lightworkers become integrated. Then you were talking about working with people, of being the teachers of people who need to, want to move into this energy. What is it going to be like?

TOBIAS: The structure and the framework of your new house has been designed specifically so that you can accept, so that you can be all of who you are. As we have stated in previous messages, much of the True Self, much of your Divinity has not been able to be contained in this vessel that you walk with on Earth. That was your old house. In your new house, dear friends, the energy structure and the energy weaving – for lack of better words – allows you to accommodate more and more and more of your True Self. It will not come to you all in one blazing moment. But it will begin to come in. You will begin to work with it. As you become the creator, as you activate the neutral energy of your new house, this allows each time for a bit more of your Divine Self to come in, to then be housed here. That is why we encourage you to work actively and daily with understanding how you are the creator in your new house. So this is a process that will take some time. It is up to you personally to work with that. There are no general statements or answers that we can give to this group. Each will be unique and individual. As we said, if you call to Spirit, if you call to the angels for guidance, they do not know so much how to deal with this. They will be there smiling and acknowledging that you are calling out, but it is you that must do the work.
Also we do not know specifically how others will react to you. One of the very purposes for this classroom of the new spiritual energy is also to get feedback from you. We will be doing this here in the future, where we need to understand, others need to understand what you are going through. There are some things that we know are to come. We know that people around you will not understand why you keep changing so much. This will be because they are seeing their own reflection in you. We know that there will come a difficult time when you are in unity and you have melded with the New Camelot—with your new self—that it will be difficult to look out at humanity to know the suffering, as we talked about earlier(in the channeling). But much of this, my dear, we are learning side-by-side with you. It is our pleasure to tell you that we are not the gurus. We are not the ones who have ascended. We are a support team for each and every one here. We are learning with you. Each of you here is at the threshold. We thank you for your question.

QUESTION: Tobias, I would like some information about astrology. Are you saying that astrology is no longer going to work in the new energy? Are you saying that the old charts are mathematically incorrect? Are you saying that we must interpret ourselves rather than use old information? Just what are you saying?

TOBIAS: We can answer that for you very specifically. For a human walking in the old Earth in the old energy the astrology principles that you have held to will work quite well. For the human that has moved into their new house the astrology principles will not work at all. You have been reborn, and you are no longer under the influence of any signs or planets or person.

QUESTION: You talked about the suffering that we will begin to see (in the channeling earlier in the day). In conjunction with that there are a lot of prophecies about last-day tribulations and whatnot. What sorts of things can we expect as far as what used to be foreseen – you know, world cataclysms, things like that – and our place in that whole transition? Has that changed?

TOBIAS: There will be Earth adjustments in the upcoming months and years. These will be done in a loving and natural way. For as we have said, Gaia has held much of the energy of your past, much of the energy of who you are. She too is tired and weary, even as your old energy self is tired and weary. She too is beginning to release those energies of vibrations of your past lives. In doing so there will be adjustments. There will be adjustments in the magnetic grids that are in the Earth and surrounding the Earth. In doing so it should be expected that there will be some upheavals. There will be some changes in weather patterns. There will be very high winds that come about across many, many parts of the Earth. The winds are appropriate, particularly in this new energy. When the wind comes upon the Earth, there is friction that is created as it blows against the trees and blows against the ground and the mountains. This is one of the best ways that Gaia has to release pent up tensions and old energies. So it is that you should bless the wind when you see it, when you feel it. It is helping in the most nondestructive way to release old energies. We do not anticipate any catastrophic events upon Earth. But it is also to say that we are not in the prediction business. (much laughter from audience). Now when we refer to the suffering that you will see and to the agony it causes, dear friends, this suffering is already going on at the moment. However, you will be in a new place and a new vibration, in a sense standing on a mountain, seeing all of this, knowing that you came from there. The Kryon speaks clearly about the parable of the tar pit. In the parable Kryon talks of the human who becomes empowered from within and leaves the tar pit. He looks back and knows that’s where he came from. He knows that the others who are in the tar pit at the time can only save themselves. There is no way the enlightened human, the high vibrational human, can pull another human from the tar pit. This is the suffering that we refer to. It is a suffering that is already taking place, the suffering that you have already been through. But you will be in a new place and a new vibration, and for the first time, truly aware of what angels do when they become humans to help All That Is move forward. This will bring great grief, great internal pain for you to know that it is the other angels that you have walked with that are still in their suffering. At this time you may choose to go Home. We specifically bring out this example, this concern, on this night. In the period of the past six months, there have been some humans that have walked into this new vibration, that have walked into their new house, and could not handle the heaviness of the suffering, and quite to our surprise, chose to come Home, instead of continuing on. We are bringing out the messages now to other Lightworkers such as yourself. We are weaving the blankets of comfort to help you through this time. We overlooked the fact that a human that has gone through the cycles of life and then comes to a higher vibration would have such a difficult time seeing other humans that are still walking… that it would be so difficult that you would choose to leave. Again somewhat of a lengthy response, but we hope that this answered your question.

QUESTION: I’m wondering, as we move into the new home, what communication will be like. Will it be verbal?

TOBIAS: This is a very good question. Again there are many things that we do not know yet about your new home. We know of the overall structure for we have been integral in working with you in the design and architect. We do not know the specifics. Again that is the reason for this group here. But we do assume here that you will have understandings at levels that you could not even expect in your mind today. As we have said before, you will hear rocks starting to talk to you, and you will understand what they are saying. They too contain the vibration of Spirit. You will feel other humans’ thoughts more clearly, clearer than ever before. You will be able to see the imbalance in those that come to you for healing. You will be able to feel the imbalance. So much will come to you intuitively. So much will come to you empathically. So much will come to you from the heart. That is why we say listen carefully, for all that comes to you is appropriate. It will be easier for you, my dear, to have non-verbal communications with those that are "shaumbra" than those that are not, but you too will begin to understand all humans much more clearly than before.

QUESTION: Tobias, are there those humans that came in years ago that were anticipating this energy change and were more prepared for it, and therefore, did not notice it?

TOBIAS: It is to say that in the consciousness of all humanity it was known that Earth could either go through a period of destruction, or there was also the potential for Earth to ascend, as you would say. There are some that have been doing more study and preparation, so the changes were not so radical. And this group in particular, those here on this day (and those reading these messages) have been working very deeply, so in spite of the seeming roller coaster that you have been on for the past several years, you are much more prepared to handle this energy than most others. By the very nature of the reading you have been doing, the groups you have been involved in, even this circle, you have been more prepared to handle the energy than others. So some here have been not so impacted at the changes that have taken place.

QUESTION: I have another question about working with the energy of the new home. We have been taught that when we give intent for something that we are not to realize the way to get. In other words, we would look for the signs and the doors to be given to us from Spirit. I was wondering if that is negated now, and we’re in charge of all the details, too? (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: When intent is voiced in your new house, this sets off a trigger. This sets off a spark which then ignites the fire. Your intent creates a vibration that takes the neutral energy of your house and begins an active process. You do not need to worry about the details of this process, although interestingly enough, it is really you that is taking care of all these things. But it does not need to occupy space in your mind. Understand, my dear, that it is truly you that is taking care of the details at all levels. Then the appropriate things will be brought to your very doorstep. You will notice an increase in synchronicity as you work with the energy of your new house. You will notice many things calling for your attention. You will notice that when you voice intent and the appropriate person or thing is brought to you, but you tend to overlook it, it will tap you on the shoulder to get your attention. It will continue to do so until you pay attention. It is to understand that you are indeed setting intent and your True Self is indeed taking care of the details. You do not need to worry about he details in your intellectual mind.

QUESTION: I was interested in the toning question also, because when you do healing with other people who have a disease or imbalance, the toning apparently helps remove the blockages much easier. And they are also of high vibration.

TOBIAS: When you entered your new house (earlier in the evening), we worked with you initially to feel a tone or a vibration level that is for you personally. This is different than working with another human and their healing and using vibrational work. When you are in your house and you are balanced with your own tone, you will be able to see and understand the pain or the disease of another human. You will be able also to understand why they carry that imbalance. Your earlier speaker on this night (Dr. Sid Wolf) accurately pointed out that there are many humans that carry disease with them on purpose. They hold to this. You will be able to see if a person is truly ready to release and move forward. As a teacher, as a healer, as an empath who understands what they are going through, you will be able to see if they are ready to release this. You will not do it for them. You will help them to release their own disease, their own illness. You will maintain a balance in your own vibration, but again remember it is not you healing them. You are helping them to discover the divinity within themselves, the tone within themselves that allows them to heal.

QUESTION: Tobias, I have an indigo child and he is very full of energy. He is very sensitive to energy that is coming through now. He’s having difficulty sleeping. Is this going to continue for him?

TOBIAS: The indigo children, as you would call them, are having very difficult times right now handling the energy, but it was known by them prior to coming in that this would take place. You are more concerned about it at your soul level than they are concerned about it. They are learning to work with both the energies of the old Earth and the new Earth. This causes an appearance of imbalance. In the period of the next few years, those indigo children, particularly those who have been labeled with your names such as ADD and other things, will begin utilizing the energy of their new house. They will come on board, so to speak, very quickly, very quickly indeed. Then you will see that all things were appropriate all the way along. It is sad to say that we see how humans label each other without understanding the energy attributes that they hold. There will be quite a change in perception of your indigo children here in the next several years.

QUESTION: You mentioned shame. I’m finding in working with people and trying to help them to experience their own larger sense of self, that they are still holding shame. It’s so unnecessary from a certain standpoint because people are still hiding from themselves because of shame. It manifests through their self-righteousness or their judgement or pride or lack of self-esteem. All of these things come back to essentially they don’t love themselves… and it’s that shame. And I don’t know if you can pull the switch in the new house if you’ve got shame. I just thought I would ask you to speak to that a little bit.

TOBIAS: This is an excellent question for indeed this energy attribute that is called shame is what you would call the original sin. Prior to coming here to this Earth, as you know, each of you was an angel. Each of you was a grand creator. When the energy templates of Earth were set up to enable the veil or duality to come in, you did not anticipate, nor did we anticipate, or even Spirit anticipate, the depth and the difficulty of disconnecting your conscious being with Spirit. When you then descended to Earth at that time and, in a sense speaking metaphorically, woke up in a human body and found yourself disconnected from Spirit, there was a great and overwhelming sense of shame. A great sense of shame. You felt you had done wrong, that you had disappointed Spirit. This sense, this original sin, has stayed with each of you ever since. Your own churches have built stories on it. It has been used to disempower people, and it has been used to tell people that they must crawl on their hands and knees back to Spirit. This element of shame has been an original energy imprint of your Earth soul ever since the days that you came here. And it will be one of the most difficult to get rid of. With understanding that Spirit loves you and has always loved you, with understandings that you are perfection… with understandings that you came here to bring something important to all of creation – this will help dissolve the shame. This will help dissolve it.

QUESTION: I create a situation, a kind of illness. I joke about that it is allowing me to get rid of all my old selves, of how I operate in the world in every aspect. I don’t have the bridge between the old self and the new home yet. It causes anger and grief that the old parts aren’t there but I don’t have the skills of the new part. I know there are lots of people here that don’t have that bridge quite fully anchored yet. Do you have a suggestion?

TOBIAS: My dear, we ask you to stand in your new house, to stand in your new house, and to understand that this is yours. Tell your new house and all the energy within that you choose healing, that you intend to move on, that you choose a healthy biology, not one that destructs itself anymore, not one that creates a chain of events from molecule to molecule anymore, not one that limits you. We ask you to simply stand in your house and voice this intent and to know that you deserve it, you and every other in this room tonight (and all reading this) deserve this. There is no waiting for bridges to be built anymore. There is no waiting for the golden angel to descend upon you. Now is the time. There will be the perception that you are not ready when you do not ask or voice intent. All things will remain in a neutral energy. It is only when you activate it through intent, through asking and knowing that you deserve. It will work. If you know that you are deserving, then every cell, every molecule, and every strand of DNA will respond to your intent. You will not have to manipulate every strand. You will not have to massage every cell. They will respond to the vibration. They will respond to your intent. There is nothing that you need to do other than to voice intent and know it will be so. There is nothing that separates you or any in this room from All That You Are. The only thing, dear friends, that will prevent your new house and your True Self from creating your new reality is if you do nothing! (Murmur in audience) (Tobias chuckling) Now this brings up a point on purpose. We have asked each to be in a state of doing "no-thing" (from a previous channeling) while the final touches were being put your house. It was an in-between state. It was somewhere between the old energy and the new. This was a time of quiet, a time of re-initiating the energy levels. Now as you move into your new house… now is the time of intent. Now is the time of action when the intent creates the experience or events, and it lands at your front door. Now is the time to create, to intend, and then to act upon what is brought forth for you. So in your question we answer two at once. Now is the time to begin being the creator. As we said in the channeling earlier on this night, now is the time to voice your intent and move forward in your new house.
There is much for all of us to learn in these days ahead. Again as we have said, we do not have all the answers. We only have a different perspective in this. We are equally learning through you and from you. We are here to provide encouragement and assistance and certainly wisdom from our perspective, but it is you that is doing the work. It is you that is going through the process. So continue to speak with us, to talk to us. Continue to give us feedback. But mostly now, dear friends, continue to be in your new house. Take ownership of it. Be the creator in your new house, and to take action when things come to you. We look forward to working with all of you here in these days to come. And certainly again we appreciate the light work that you do.

And so it is.

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