"Four Truths of Spirit"

Presented to the 4th Annual Kryon
Mid Summer Light Conference

Santa Fe, New Mexico
July 13, 2000


And so it is, dear friends, that we gather together in this sacred space with family, with Shaumbra. Now for the next hour of your time I, Tobias, will speak through our friend, the one we call Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), but we will be speaking to each of you, to your hearts, to your Divine Selves on this day.

The words that you hear (and read) are not so important as the messages and the love and the energy that we bring forth on this day to family, to Shaumbra. It is not so often that we gather together in an energy and a space like this. It is not so often that hundreds and hundreds of Lightworkers, of those who we have worked with before gather together in a sacred space for such a sacred purpose (over 300 in attendance). Oh, we ask you to feel our emotions now as you allow us to come into this room, and into your hearts. The energy comes pouring in. The love comes pouring in. It is not so often that we can visit with you like this.

Breathe deeply. Breathe deeply. Allow those who come to love you today into your space. Breathe deeply and allow, dear friends, for that is what this day and this weekend are about. It is about allowing. We will speak of that more on this day.

Now there are three circles here today. The first circle that gathers around you are all the ones who you have been in your past lives. These are the entities, the personalities of who you were in your past lives. They come into this gathering. This moment is precious to them. They stand around you, thanking you for the work that you have done in this lifetime of yours. The work that you have done in all these years that you have walked the Earth in this lifetime has helped to release them. As we have said before "the future is the past rewritten." The future is the past rewritten. Come to understand what we mean by this and you will come to understand why you are here on Earth. As you have gone through the many struggles and the turmoils and the challenges of your life… as you have gone through "choice points" and chosen a certain path, you have changed the outcome of those past lives. The energies of your past lives gather here on this day in honor for you, hundreds of them for each of you gathering, in the first circle to thank you for the work that you do.

In the second circle, dear friends, are the ones that you have called your guides and angels. They are the ones who have been with you, not in physical form, but in energy for your many lifetimes. Oh, there have been many changes in your guides, many changes. They gather here on this day in the second circle. They are like dear and loving friends. Allow yourself to feel their energy. Their energy is like Home. It should feel like your best friend. They gather here on this day to thank you for the work that you have done. We will discuss more of this later. They gather in the second circle. As we have said in previous channels, dear friends, within the past year your guides have left your direct energy field. There once was a time when they maintained the balance within that field for you at all times. Within the past year they have departed that space. We know and they know that this has left you feeling empty, cold, and alone, but there was a reason that they left your direct energy field. It is so that your Divinity could occupy that space around you. They come in on this day in the second circle to once again smile upon you and love you and thank you. You do not understand the magnitude yet of the work that you do on this place called Earth.

In the third circle, the ones that gather here, the ones that surround you and bring you the energy of love are the ones you would call the archangels. Indeed Raphael. Indeed Michael. Gabriel. All of the others… they gather. They gather side-by-side in the third circle on this sacred day. They gather with ones you know by the names of Sananda, Buddha, and the others. Oh, and you thought that they were your teachers! But now, dear friends, they are learning. We are all learning from you.

There are three circles that gather in this space on this day. They bring one thing. It is love. Within this package of love for each of you are gifts of healing. In this package of love is honor. Within this package of love is gratitude.

We are also here asking each of you to continue your journey. You have gone so far. Your next step, your next process, is the process of bringing your Divinity into yourself. My friends, it is so close. It is so close. The veil between you and your Divinity is only paper thin. The three circles on this day gather around to bring you energy.

Now it is that we have noticed with the humans that you have not been so good about receiving. You have given much. You have given much and asked for little. You have recently, within the past several years of your time, forsaken relationships that had once been near and dear to you. This tore at your heart. There were reasons for this. You have given of those things that you would call material wealth. You have given up abundance so that you were not distracted. You have even given up parts of your health and of your physical body to come to deeper understandings of the new energy that you are now beginning to walk in. You have given up much, dear Lightworkers.

We will pause here for a moment now and ask each of you—without feeling of selfishness—to receive for several minutes. There are three circles that come here today to honor you, to give you gifts. We ask you now to receive what is truly yours – the gift of love. Reach out your own hands and receive what we bring. We will ask Cauldre to be in silence for a moment. Dear friends, receive openly for that is why we truly come here on this day.


Indeed you are all worthy! If you could only see as we see and understand from our side of the veil of the importance of the work that you do, you would freely open of your hearts to receive the love that is available on this day. Indeed this energy is sweet!

Now we will begin the teachings of this day, the discussions of this day. It is appropriate, this being a "four" day in your numerology and this being your "fourth" gathering of Lightworkers such as this. We will give four truths, four foundation points for each of you. We ask you to think of how these affect you in your life at this time. We ask you to think of how this affects those you are working with and will be working with in healing and teaching. These are four truths that we bring today at somewhat past 4 o’clock. (chuckling)

The first truth, dear friends, is that Spirit does not know the outcome of your journey here on Earth. God does not know what is going to happen. You have all been under the belief system that your journey on Earth has been planned in advance. You have thought that the outcome was known. Your churches teach that well. They teach you that God knows all. He even knows what you are going to do next. Dear friends, the truth of this, the truth of Spirit, of the Eternal One is that God does not know the outcome. A little frightening perhaps. A little frightening to know that you, each of you here, each human upon the Earth, you are the ones creating. You are the ones creating each new moment in time.

You see, you who are in human consciousness and in human body, you live outside of the "circle" of the first creation. We live inside the circle of the first creation. We live in a different dimension than you. You live on the outside of the circle. For each day, each moment, each choice that you have is creating something new. Spirit does not know the outcome.

From your earliest ages, you have been taught that God knew the outcome. If that were so, dear friends, why would you be here in the first place? Why would you be going through the challenges and the difficulties and the new experiences if God already knows the outcome? God loves you dearly and would never ask you to sacrifice if the outcome were already known. The Eternal One does not know the outcome. Think of this when you work with others in their healing. Think of this when you teach others. This is one of the true roadblocks that humans have. When this is released from the core consciousness of who they are, much progress in the new Earth energy can be made.

Our second truth on this day is that God has no agenda. God has no agenda. Again this may be somewhat difficult to understand. You, especially the ones that have been called "Warriors of the Light," have assumed that you were supposed to go in one direction, a direction that you have called light. God has no agenda like the human does. God does not understand "good" or "bad," "light" or "dark," "right" or "wrong." These are human conceptions and terms. There is no agenda. Therefore, dear friends, we ask why do you judge yourself so harshly? There is no agenda here. It is about experience. Your journey is about experience. From all that you do and all that you go through, this gives all of creation important feedback. But again there is no agenda.

Think of how you judge yourselves. Think of how you hold guilt and shame. You think you have not done the "right" thing at some point or the other in your lifetime. Now look at it from God’s perspective. Switch over to that consciousness for a moment and see that there is no judgement. See that there is only love. There is no judgement for any part of your past or anything that has occurred along the path. There is only love and understanding. This is not a test that you are in, and it never has been. There are no tests. There is no agenda. It simply is.

This point, perhaps, will be one that is difficult for you to comprehend. It may cause some struggling in your intellect, for you have been so well trained by parents and teachers and even your past that you must go one way or the other. But we ask each of you now – for each of you that are here or reading this are advanced Lightworkers – release this concept, and you will release much of the burdens that you carry within you. As you work with others on their healing, help them to understand, although they will resist. Help them to understand that there is no agenda. There is no right or wrong. Certainly they will argue with you. They will defend duality to the final degree. They will argue that there must be good and bad. But ask them also to stand in a place of God-consciousness to understand that there is no agenda.

Our third truth on this day is one that may be difficult for you to understand, but there are some here that are truly beginning to grasp the concept. Dear friends, God and your angels and all who are on this side – we cannot do it for you. We hear your prayers. We hear you asking for help. We hear you asking for us to change situations in your life. The enlightened mind, the enlightened heart understands that we cannot do it for you. When something happens in your life now that is synchronistic… when something happens at the appropriate moment or the appropriate time, we thank you for thanking us, but, my friends, you should be thanking yourself for all that happens in your life.

By the very nature and the very set-up of the veil of Earth, we cannot come in to intervene. Even if we wanted to, we cannot. There is an electro-magnetic blanket wrapped around your consciousness that makes it very difficult for us to come in. That is also why, dear friends, the "boogie man" cannot get you at night. (laughter) For the "boogie man" cannot penetrate this veil either. We reiterate that we cannot do it for you.

Now initially when we have talked to others of this concept, this came as somewhat of a shock and surprise. They thought it was their guides and angels doing these things for them. But it was not. There was also an initial feeling of emptiness and loneliness, a feeling of isolation. But as you come to understand and to realize that all of the power lies within – it is already within you – you will understand then that you affect your own situations.

We hear you praying at night. And all of your prayers are heard. Understand now that we cannot do it for you. As you work with others and as you teach others, they too will resist the concept that they are doing it, that they are the ones creating. There is a certain desire on the part of humans to count on others to do it, to believe that an external higher power is pulling the strings. Certainly there is a higher power… and certainly it is within you. So understand, dear friends, that Spirit, that God, that even your angels cannot do it for you. Become empowered. Begin using the Divinity that is now coming into your being to change and affect your creation.

Now for our fourth truth on this day. This is somewhat of a longer discussion, but it is to know that you are no longer bound by karma or contracts. Your contracts have been fulfilled. You are not bound by the past. Your karma is released, dear friends. Many of you are still living in the residue of the old karma. It is time for that to leave. It is time for that to depart. We said earlier that in the first circle that gathers here on this day are all of the past lives of who you have been. They also represent nearly all of your karma. They have been waiting for you and for this incarnation to be released. For indeed as each of those lifetimes passed away and were buried or burned upon the Earth, much of their energy remained in the Earth. Much of that energy of who you were in the past has been held by Gaia. It is now time to release. Oh, your past lives, the ones who stand beside you on this day… they are desiring to return Home. That is why we said earlier that they thank you for the work that you do, for what you are doing is releasing them.

There is a passage in your holy scriptures that we have mentioned before that talks about the Christ coming back for the final judgement day. In this passage it says that the dead will rise, and they will be judged. My friends, the interpretation of that is somewhat different. It is that when the Christ energy returns to you, returns to your being, it is then that each of the past lives that has lived upon this Earth is now free to be released from Earth, free to go Home. This also frees Gaia of a tremendous burden that she has been carrying, the burden of all of your past lives. And again, my friends, you wonder why you feel lonely and empty at times. For you were once surrounded by all of your karma, all of your past lives, but that now is leaving and departing. That leaves only you. Oh, they honor and they thank you and they come back for special occasions like this.

Indeed the past lives are being released. The energy is being released from Earth. It is passing by you and through you and returning to Home, to leave you here on Earth at this time for one important thing – and that is to bring in your own Divinity. There is no contract. There is no karma. Perhaps that feels a little unsettling to you. Perhaps it gives you the sense of lack of purpose. You have always been bound by the karma of your past. But now you are being released to begin the true work that you came here to do. Dear friends, as you move through this tremendous time of allowing and releasing that you have been doing, your body and your emotions have strange sensations and feelings. That is what you have been going through recently, all in preparation to receive your Divinity, to accept it into your being.

Now there is a time that some have passed through that others here will be passing through soon. This time is when you are near the end of your releasing process. You go through a period of "no-thing." You go through a period of time that seems neutral. It is a time when you may feel disimpassioned. You may feel disconnected from yourself and who you were before. You may feel disconnected from Spirit, from other humans, from yourself. This period of "no-thing" lasts perhaps three, perhaps six months of your time. It is somewhat of a cold feeling, an empty feeling, an alone feeling, but all of this is part of the process that you are walking through now. All of this is part of where you are going. During this time of "no-thing" do not fret. Do not try to react. Simply be in a space of love, a space of allowing. It is part of this process.

You are moving into a whole new energy, what we have called "the energy of the New Earth." You have gone through many, many processes to get there. Is it not amazing to you that when you talk to your fellow lightworkers that they too have been going through much of the same experiences and feelings? Perhaps different versions, but they too have been going through the same type of emotions and feelings and sensations. You are all on a path together, a path of family, a path of Shaumbra.

Soon you will be walking and experiencing something new. What you will be experiencing is one process or one step prior to true Divinity while you are here on Earth in human form.

This last step, my friends, this last process you will go through, is an unusual one. It will present you with some thinking, perhaps some challenges. Some here are now starting to go through this process. This group will be going through it between now and when we meet again like this next year. This process is one of allowing, one of final allowing. This will be challenging for you, for you are ones who have goals. You are ones who have direction. You are ones who push forward on your path. And now you will be asked from the core of your being to allow and accept all those things that are in your life. You will be asked to simply stand back and allow the process to take place.

Up to now you have tried to change the process. You have tried to use your energy to alter the outcome of things in your life, things in other people’s lives. You have tried to focus the energy from your mind and even from your heart to do this. And many, many times you have been frustrated for it has not seemed to work.

Imagine that you are outdoors and a storm begins to show on the horizon, yet you do not so much want that storm to be where you are. As the storm approaches you try to clear this with your mind and to move it away. Yet the storm continues to move in your direction. Soon it begins to rain down on you, and you wonder why you were not able to move it, to alter its course.

Now, in the new energy, simply stand in a place of allowing. Do not try to alter the outcome but to simply understand what is taking place. And if it rains upon you, so be it. And if the skies part and the sun comes out, so be it.

When those who are your family are in pain come to you, and you do not so much like the way they are running their lives, simply allow. Do not try to change who they are, but simply allow. Be in the space of allowing. If your body is in disease… we know you have tried many things… we know you have taken medications… we know you have tried through your mind to change the outcome. We ask you now, as difficult as this may seem, to simply allow, to simply allow.

Dear friends, there is coming a time for each of you here to understand how things work, and in understanding how they work, you will then understand how to be a true creator. As you sit in quiet, as you allow things to be, you will start seeing things and noticing things and being aware in a way that you never have been before. When there is no agenda on your part, when there is only loving observation, you will begin to see the very fabric, the very grids and lattices that things are made of. You will rise above the veil quite quickly while still remaining in human biology. You will rise above the veil. You will then begin to understand your true creative powers. It will not be anything that you have to struggle with in the mind or push at from the heart. You will be in a new perspective, understanding how things work, how they truly work. With this understanding then you will begin to create and affect, and create more in a way that you have not understood up until now. You will be able to create in a loving way, in an understanding way, in a flowing way.

In order to get there, you will be going through a period of open and total allowingness, open and total allowingness for all that is. You will no longer have to be the dam in the river. You’ll no longer have to be the wall against the wind. Dear friends, in your lifetimes now where you are as Lightworkers, as individuals, ones who are beginning to understand their Divinity, allow the wind to blow and allow the river to flow. Allow the wind to blow and the river to flow, friends. Resist not at this time.

With the understandings that come from allowing, you will then see how true creation works. You will then be able to create from a space within your being that you have never felt before. Much of this is why you have come here to Earth in the first place, to arrive at this point, to arrive at a point of the integration of the Divinity, your Godself, with your human consciousness. Each of you has been walking under the veil, separated from Spirit in your consciousness for eons of time. As it was said earlier on this day by the speaker, Dr. Reynolds, the greatest feeling of loss was the separation from Spirit. You have gone full circle to the point now where you can accept this Divinity within.


We would like to share with you also on this day an understanding, a thought perhaps that will maybe answer a question of yours, maybe create some new ones. We hear many of you asking the question "why are we here in the first place?" "We know," you say, "that we are honored for being here. We know our feet are washed for being here, but why is it?"

You are all creators. You all experienced many things in many, many different places. You helped create the very stars that are here in this universe. You helped create many of the templates of emotions and thoughts and feelings. You were like cosmic painters, creating new scenes, creating new events for All That Is. Oh, your connection to the ones from the stars is really the connection to yourself.

But there came a point in creation, even with all of the tools that you had to work with, all the understandings and the freedom that you had… there came a point where an "energy stalemate" of sorts was reached, an energy stoppage. This was not good or bad. It simply was. You were like children on a playground discovering new things, testing new things, and creating new things. There finally came a point where you could go no further, where creation itself could go no further.

Creation had reached an impasse. The way to get through this impasse, the way to come to understandings that would allow creation to go forth, was a tiny little place called Earth. You chose to come here. You chose to take the veil. You chose separation from Spirit. You chose something very powerful called duality to help move past the limits of creation as you knew it. That is why you have gone through so much here on Earth. That is why you have not understood who you truly were. That is why you have been limited in your ability to create – or seemingly. That is why you are here.

As we have said before, the very work that you and the other humans do here on Earth is freeing all of the rest of creation to continue expanding, to continue growing in a way that it could not before. Again we ask that there is no judgement on this event, this impasse. It simply was. It simply came to a point that deeper understandings were needed. And for those understandings to take place, a certain group of angels would come to a place with a heavy veil, would be separated in their consciousness from Spirit. And so you chose to come here. And so you have given so much to all of the rest of creation. What comes forth from your work here is what we have termed "the second creation."

Now our friend Cauldre has challenged us on this point, as he does on many, many things. He asked, "but how could there only be a second creation; does not the first creation encompass all things?" We say to you again that the first creation came to an impasse where it seemingly could expand no further without some deeper understandings. To achieve those understandings it would be important to have the dynamics of separation, a thing called the veil. That is why we have not been able to do it for you. It needed to be done by you. The veil prevented even us from coming in, even when we wanted. The veil has also prevented those that travel from other places in the universe from coming in. It keeps all things separate. And you wonder why you are honored. You wonder why we care so much about what you do.

Now you are coming to a point of transition with all of the work that you have done, all of the releasing and the sacrifices that you have done. You are coming to the final stages of your journey, of your fulfillment. As you go through the period of "no-thing," you will then go through the period of allowing of all things, of seeing how things truly operate and work. This is a time of not trying to affect or push the outcome, but simply observing how energy works. After this my dear friends, you will begin to have true integration. You will begin to accept the Divinity within you, with the understanding and wisdom to use it.

When we gather here in this circle again a year from now, there will be those who are beginning to understand true creation while on Earth. The rest will soon follow.

The love that we have for you is without measure. The thanks that we have for you cannot be described. We have told other groups that as you cross through the tunnel of ascension, there will be no one to meet you there, other than yourself. For there are no others that have ever done this before. I, Tobias, those of the Crimson Council, those who stand in the three circles on this day, none of them have crossed through the tunnel that you are traversing. You are the first to do so. When you get there, you will be greeted by your own Self.

Then, my friends, as you already know, you will be the ones teaching the others and greeting the others as they come through the tunnel of ascension. Each of you here, a teacher. Each of you here, a volunteer that has asked to go first. Each of you here has said – and we have heard your prayers – each of you has said, "dear Spirit, dear God, I will do anything to be in service. I will give up anything to be in service. I will give up anything and be anything for the sake of All That Is." That is why you are sitting here (and reading these messages) on this day, surrounded by the tens of thousands of entities that have come to simply say, "thank you." We all love you dearly. None of you is ever alone.

And so it is.


Tobias of the Crimson Council is presented by Geoffrey Hoppe, aka "Cauldre," in Golden, Colorado. The story of Tobias, from the biblical Book of Tobit, can be found on the Crimson Circle web site at www.crimsoncircle.com. The Tobias Materials have been offered free of charge to lightworkers and Shaumbra around the world since August 1999, the time when Tobias said humanity moved past the potential of destruction and into the New Energy.

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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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