"A Time for Releasing"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
May 5, 2000

Note: On Friday evening, May 5, over 230 people packed the small, mountain community hall where the monthly Crimson Circle meetings are held. They came from as far away as Ohio, Texas, Nebraska, New Mexico and New York to take part in this special gathering of lightworkers at the time of the planetary alignment.

Prior to the channeling, Dr. Mindy Reynolds presented information regarding the various powerful and relevant planetary configurations and alignments occurring during the month of May. This information is included here in order to give the reader an opportunity to give intent appropriate to the energy available during the alignment. For those reading this, the energy remains powerful throughout the month, and it is appropriate to give intent consistent with the following material at any time.

The Tobias channeling follows Dr. Reynolds’ presentation.


As you probably have heard, this May is a pretty awesome month for the "stuff" in the sky. It actually started at the end of April when the Sun entered the sign of Taurus. By May 2, late at night we had seven planets – and in astrology language that includes the Sun and Moon – in the sign of Taurus all at the same time. This is a fairly unusual event – not totally unusual, but still quite unusual. Those seven planets are the seven planets inward from Saturn into the Sun, so we are talking about the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, all in the sign of Taurus at the same time. And they were all in Taurus for about 14 hours, until around 1:00 PM (MDT) on May 3rd . This configuration of seven planets is called a "stellium," which is a number of planets in the same sign or in the same house. A stellium usually involves a number of conjunctions which occur when planets are within a few degrees of each other. A conjunction of two or more planets signals the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another cycle. To have seven planets signaling the end of one cycle and the beginning of another is pretty awesome.

Mars moved into the sign of Gemini on May 3rd, leaving six planets in Taurus. Then later on the night of May 3rd another part of the whole monthly process occurred when the Sun and the Moon actually created a "new moon" phase which is another piece of ending one cycle and beginning the next new one. The new moon phase happens every month but this one happens to be at the same time as the May Taurus stellium.

Now we get to today, May 5th. A lot of people have called this a "big day." There are reasons for this, even though we don’t have seven planets in Taurus any longer. We have five planets in Taurus and two in Gemini – the Moon moved into Gemini very early this morning (MDT). All seven have squeezed into a tighter, what’s called an "orb." When they were all in Taurus, they were 29 degrees apart. Today, at least early this morning, they were 26 degrees apart. This was a major concentration of planets at the same time.

The other reason that today is powerful is… did any of you see the newspaper today, the Boulder County paper, the Daily Camera? There was an article in the paper this morning, talking about the alignments. Of course, they’re not talking about it in the same way we talk about it. The headline reads "Planetary Grouping Will Be Obscured By Sun’s Glare." The subtitle is "Today brings tightest alignment of five planets, the moon since 1962." (For the reader’s information the 1962 alignment referred to here involved seven planets in the sign of Aquarius, including a new moon and a solar eclipse. This was the year of the Cuban missile crisis, the year the Beatles recorded their first record, to name just a couple of far-reaching events of that year.)

The other reason that today in particular is important – and the article tried to show this in the picture – is because all of the planets, including the Moon are lined up on the opposite side of the Sun from where the Earth is right now. Of course this is the part, the part I’m going to talk about next, that is much more interesting to us New Age/Metaphysical types and not to be found in the newspaper. There is a line – we are on the Earth and there’s the Moon between the Earth and the Sun, then almost in a straight line – not a perfectly straight line, but close to it, out into the universe on the other side of the Sun, we have all of the planets. Now according to other channels that I’ve recently read… and many of you I’m sure have seen the same channels on the web… this alignment of planets points directly to the Central Sun, not the Sun of our Solar System but the Central Sun of All That Is. And that is what is bringing to us all of this wonderful Taurus energy. It represents a major shift in the energy. What about the planets beyond Saturn? They aren’t as much in a line because they are in different signs other than Taurus. They are, however, on the opposite side of the Sun from where the Earth is right now. That is why today is so powerful.

All of these planets are in Taurus. What does that mean? As many of you probably know, Taurus is an "earth" sign, the earthiest of all the earth signs. With all of these planets in Taurus we have the opportunity, for one thing, to get "grounded" in the new energy. Kryon, starting with the Millennium channels, talked about the planet Earth needing something. What Kryon said that we need the most is MOTHER. Kryon described this planetary alignment as a delivery of Mother energy. Why would we need Mother energy? Anybody notice any imbalances around us on the planet? Taurus is the sign of the physical realm, and certainly our planet, I think we could say has been out of balance physically. Our Mother Earth needs a delivery of Mother energy. I would guess that many here would agree that our individual bodies might benefit from an infusion of Mother energy.

The sign of Taurus has to do with resources, the resources that we need to survive, like food, clothing, shelter. For those of you who have read and heard the Tobias channels, you know that Tobias has been talking about a shelter of a particular kind. Before that Tobias talked about planting crops. That was a way of talking about providing resources in terms of food and shelter. The sign of Taurus is the sign of the "master builder," which is quite consistent with us creating a New Camelot (the label Tobias has given to the new house each of us can build). Tobias has talked about each of us creating a New Camelot for ourselves. I would suggest that we are also creating a New Camelot for the whole Earth, that it is not just a shift in us as individuals but a shift in the entire planet.

So if you have your resources set, if you know what your resources are – you have a house, you have plenty of food, you have clothing, you have a source of income, you can speak the language – how does that feel? You are confident that you have all of these things. They’re not going to get taken away from you. Well, I think most would agree that that feels pretty peaceful. It brings a sense of serenity, a sense of calmness, and security. This is the ultimate goal of Taurus. The sign of Taurus is looking for serenity and peace – essentially do "NO-thing!" (referring to a recent Tobias channeling).

This month is a delivery of energy that can help to balance the fast pace of the world that we live in right now, to balance the focus on technology. As wonderful as our technology is… I’ve had people sitting here tonight tell me how wonderful it is to be able to get the channels on the internet. But I would encourage you, especially in this Taurus energy, to once in a while log off the internet and go hug a tree. It is a way of taking in this Taurus energy that we have access to right now.

Tobias has talked about the energy, this whole shift that is occurring right now, giving us more physical energy – and I’m still waiting for this one, I have been sleeping so much. The biggest shift, though, that is going on right now – which many of you, I’m sure, have read in all the material on the internet and have heard from Tobias – this whole shift in energy is allowing us the opportunity to take in more of our True Selves, to allow the Light within us, the Light within each of our cells to grow, to truly and fully create the Lightworkers that we are.

To go a little further with the analogy of Kryon about bringing the Mother energy in… we are talking about a balance. The energy that we have had for a while, we could call it "patriarchal." We could call it a masculine-oriented Earth because of the patriarchal systems throughout much of our recent history. Well, I suppose you could say that bringing Mother energy in sounds like we’re going to shift to the other direction, meaning a matriarchy. Well, no. What we need is balance. It is balance between various polarities, not one side being emphasized over the other. It is balance we need between male and female, good and evil, light and dark. That is the opportunity that we have right now, to balance the imbalances around us, to create unity.

There is another piece of this whole month that is a very powerful piece, both for the planet and for individuals. It happens after the actual stellium occurs. And this occurs at the end of the month on the May 28th . On this day the planets of Jupiter and Saturn are exactly conjunct. This particular conjunction occurring this year is especially powerful. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions happen about every 20 years. They occur in a series of conjunctions where one series will be in one element; the next series will be in another element. In "astrologese" the elements are earth, water, fire, and air. Right now we are at the very end of an "earth" series of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions. In fact, the one we are going to have this month is called a "mutation conjunction." What that means is that for a period of about two or three hundred years, every Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will be in the same element, not necessarily in the same sign. For example, for the past couple of hundred years, they have all been in the earth signs of Taurus, Capricorn, or Virgo, except for the one in 1980, which was in Libra, an air sign. The shift of that one heralded a shift in the whole series of conjunctions. It signaled that there was going to be a mutation conjunction.

Every time there has been one of these shifts from one element to another, there has been an incredible shift across the entire planet. One of them was a shift from water into fire that happened in 4 BCE. Can anybody think of anything of significance that happened about that time? This signaled the birth of Jesus, an event that had ramifications for centuries to come. The last earth series happened during the time of… when the planet was experiencing feudal, warlord types of political/economic systems. When that earth series of conjunctions shifted, the planet exploded into a frenzy of explorations. New territories across the entire planet were being explored which helped bring about the Renaissance. It is interesting that literal earthy explorations began as the earth conjunctions shifted into another element.

We now, this month, have the shift from earth conjunctions into air conjunctions. What else, what new territories do we have to explore in the Age of Aquarius (an air sign)? One possibility that comes to mind is exploring the rest of the Solar System and beyond. We are in the midst of a mutation conjunction. We don’t know exactly what that is going to bring, but we can guess that there is a big shift coming. We could label the last couple of hundred of years during the earth conjunctions that we have had nationalism, capitalism and communism/socialism as the major forms of political/economic systems. We are likely to see a major shift through the next decades and couple of centuries, hopefully to more global forms of socio-political and economic systems, which would be consistent with the humanitarian intent of the archetype of Aquarius.

Another interesting correlation with these earth conjunctions… during these earth conjunctions every American president that was elected in the year of one of these earth conjunctions, died in office, through assassination, illness, for example. Now we had a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 1980/1981. Who was shot? Reagan was shot. He didn’t die. The conjunction was not in earth. It was in Libra, an air sign. Coincidences? It will be interesting to see what happens with who gets elected this year.

A Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is also important for individuals. It depends on where the Taurus and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction falls in your chart. It usually signals a major shift in some area of your life, usually having some impact on your work. Both planets are connected to our roles in society. So when these conjunctions occur, it signals a shift, a new time of opportunity for doing something different. You might think back to what you were doing in 1980/1981 when the conjunction was in Libra. What’s happened to you in the last 20 years?

Those that know the myths of Saturn and Jupiter might have some idea of what this conjunction means. If you’ll remember, there was this whole generational thing that these gods did. Saturn was the son of Uranus. Saturn killed his father. Well, Saturn was afraid that his own kids would do the same thing to him, so what did Saturn do? He swallowed them. But he did not swallow Jupiter. And of course, Jupiter is the one… well, he didn’t kill Saturn. He gave Saturn, his father, an emetic, and Saturn spit all the other kids up. So what does this mean? Symbolically it means the dying of the old gods and the coming of the new gods. For years and years it was, "the king is dead, long live the king." So we have this opportunity to allow our old gods to die, to let go of all of the stuff that we don’t need anymore. That’s not very easy to do, is it? It’s very hard to let go of things that you have been hanging onto for so long. But we do have the opportunity right now. We have a boost from the energy of this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

Let’s look at Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn tends to be energy that is very stable, very practical, down-to-earth. It is pretty comfortable in the sign of Taurus. It tends to be very achievement-oriented. It tends to be energy of leadership in the more positive manifestations of the archetype. Saturn does not like to take risks. It doesn’t like change. Jupiter comes along and joins Saturn in the conjunction every 20 years. Jupiter wants to go gallivanting all over the cosmos because it likes to explore. Jupiter is extremely curious, full of hope, faith, and optimism. But Jupiter likes to go from one adventure to the other. Those of you who have strong Sagittarius energy in you charts can probably relate to this. You find one new idea – oh, this is exciting. But here is something else over here… and there is some other idea over there… going from one thing to the next, frequently never completing any of them. This is the down side of the questing Jupiter energy, having difficulty sticking with one project until completion. Well, you put the two together, Jupiter and Saturn, and they help each other. It’s taking the vision of Jupiter and grounding it with Saturn and Taurus, helping to put boundaries around that vision, that wonderful fiery vision, that inspiration of Jupiter.

So think about what kinds of things are going on in your life. Do you have new projects going? Are you thinking about starting a new project in some part of your life? New job? A move? This would likely be consistent with where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is found in your chart.

Part of me feels like it’s silly to talk about all of this right now, because it’s the do "no-thing" time. But there is also another reason for my saying this. I mentioned earlier that there are other planets out there, not just these seven involved in the Taurus stellium. We have Pluto in Sagittarius. We have Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius. And we have Chiron in Sagittarius. Well, these are all working together to help keep the Taurus energy from "getting stuck in the mud," which it can do. Taurus can get very lazy, stubborn, and not want to move – this is the down side of Taurus energy. The up side, remember, is the serenity, the peace, the calm, the love of beauty, the honoring of our bodies and our planet. So we have these other planets, especially Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius. Another reason to do "no-thing" for the rest of the month is that whatever you think you have planned, it’s not going to be what it seems – which you’ve heard from Tobias… over and over and over. But that’s also what the Aquarian energy does. It comes along and says, "no, no, no, whatever you think this is, I’m going to surprise you. I’m going to do something totally unexpected." So that’s another good reason to just relax. Go for the peace. Go for the serenity. Take care of your body.

QUESTION: What about the full moon later this month? Is there any significance?
ANSWER: The full moon happens on May 18th. It is in Scorpio, which is the sign that is in opposition to Taurus. Whenever there is a full moon, it helps to bring into fulfillment and testing whatever you have started at the new moon. The sun/moon phases go through the whole cycle every month, so they happen pretty quickly. Whatever you started at the new moon in Taurus on May 3rd… the full moon in Scorpio this month would encourage you to dig deeper. Whatever you started during the new moon, don’t stay at the surface with it. Scorpio is deep, penetrating energy. You’ve got to go to Hell. Sorry, that’s not me, that’s Scorpio. That’s sort of a flippant answer, but Scorpio is the sign of transformation, and we usually have to go into the dark, into Hell, in order to transform.

QUESTION: Is Chiron acting like a wild card in this whole thing? What is your anticipation of what could happen?
ANSWER: Pluto and Chiron are both in the sign of Sagittarius. They are still conjunct each other, and they have been since December 31st, 1999, and will continue to be conjunct off and on for the rest of the year. The sign of Sagittarius is similar to what I said previously about Jupiter. It has to do with beliefs, expansion, questing. With Chiron and Pluto both in the sign of Sagittarius… one of the things that that is doing right now is pushing us to examine our beliefs, examine belief systems that really belong in the old energy. It is time to let go of and release those old beliefs. This is some of the energy that is helping us to shift with this major influx of Taurus energy. It would be real easy to just get lazy, stubborn, and not want to change. But with the Sagittarian energy… that’s helping us to re-examine our beliefs and not get stuck. In fact, with Pluto, which is similar to the Scorpio energy I spoke about a few minutes ago, it would be hard not to do some type of soul-searching. Chiron is acting as a catalyst and bridge – as a catalyst to accelerate potential transformations, as a bridge between polarities, a bridge linking the personal and the universal.

QUESTION: Mindy, how do you do "no-thing" and dig deeper into what you started?
ANSWER: Oops, busted in a contradiction. Your question is connected to the previous question regarding the full moon? Questioner: Yes. Answer: One way to do it would be to allow and to trust. Yes, I know I’m throwing Tobias’ words back at you, but I do think that if that is an appropriate process… that is, to sink deeper into a process, into whatever you are doing, simply allow it to happen. Trust that it will happen. You don’t have to make it happen.

QUESTION: That may be the same answer to this question, Mindy… if you have opportunities coming to you… I mean they just sort of walk into your pathway… at this point should we just basically not do anything about those opportunities until the end of the month, whether it’s initiating telephone calls or doing something…
ANSWER: I wouldn’t say so. If you are pushing on doors with your intent and the door opens…QUESTION: Or a door is opening in front of you that you didn’t know was going to be there… do you still do "no-thing" until the end of the month or do you walk through it? ANSWER: I would think that you would have to ask yourself that. I don’t know that I can answer that for every person in the room, because I think if you have a door open in front of you, it would be something appropriate for you at that time. It is so easy to take the phrase "do no-thing" so literally which would be the lazy Taurus thing to do, instead of allowing, allowing this energy shift to come in and create the transformation that we have given intent for.

QUESTION: If your astrological sign is Taurus, does that mean you will feel this more intensely?
ANSWER: Well, I would say you have a good likelihood of feeling it pretty strongly. The people that will probably feel this energy the strongest are those with a chart that emphasizes the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, because those signs form the most challenging relationships to the Taurus planets. But everybody is going to feel this in some way or another, because we all have Taurus somewhere in our charts. We all will also have the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction transiting our charts someplace.

I have one last thing I want to read before we move onto the channel. It is called the Sabian Symbol for the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. The Sabian Symbols are images, symbols, archetypes for every one of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. They were created mainly by two astrologers, Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar, who had these images come to them in a series of meditations, visions, channels. For those of you who like symbols and archetypes like I do, you may find this helpful. Each Sabian Symbol is an image that you can carry with you to represent the energy. The symbol, the archetype, for the degree that Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct in, which is the 23rd degree of Taurus… the archetype is a jewelry shop filled with valuable gems. One way to translate this is that this degree represents a social confirmation of our natural excellence.

Let’s go a little further with this. The two elements, meaning the jewelry shop and the gems, are distinguished in this picture. The gems come from a natural process. They are raw crystalline material forged in the heat and the pressure of the earth into precious rare gems. So that is one part of this image. The other part is the jewelry shop. We have these beautiful gems then being crafted, artistically, into jewelry, a form that is wearable, that is seen, has a use in terms of beauty, energy work. The symbol applies to any product in which culturally acquired skill, that craftsmanship, has embellished or transformed the end results of a lengthy and demanding natural process. This goes along with all of the channels we have been hearing. We have been going through lifetimes of very demanding natural processes where we have been forged in the heat and the pressure of all these lifetimes. We now get the reward. We have these gems and we have the jewelry shop which is like putting Jupiter and Saturn energy together, taking these raw materials and making them even more beautiful and more useful. In the process we are given a certification of personal worth. Personal worth is integrally related to high level Taurus energy. This is an image to carry with you. What kind of gems, what kind of jewels have been forged inside of you, and what form are they taking now? What are you allowing them to transform into right now?



And so it is, dear friends, that we gather together again in this sacred space, in this divine space. Now as we come in here and we begin to bring in these messages through our friend, the one we call Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe), we well up, we well up. For we see into the hearts of the humans that are here, of the loving intent that has been given by each of you that come here on this night. It is not an intent of just curiosity. It is an intent for each of you that has come here on this night of release. We will speak of this throughout the evening.

Let us tell you, each of you. Let us talk to your heart. Let us talk to your divine being on this night. We on this side of the veil are filled with joy. We are filled with joy to see the smiling and the shining faces of all of these lightworkers that gather here, of family, of "Shaumbra" who are here. You come here smiling on this night. You come here beaming but yet you have endured so much, each of you, not just in these past few months, not just in this lifetime, but you have endured much throughout all of your days here on Earth. It has not been in vain. Dear friends who gather here tonight - Shaumbra - it has not been in vain. Now as the veil thins in these coming months, you will see why we too have so much honor and so much pride and joy for the work you do. You will begin to understand here soon of the mission that you have been on ever since you first came to this place called Earth.

It is indeed an honor for I, Tobias, to be here tonight. Yes, indeed I walked as a human at one time. I walked as a human with many of you that are sitting here. I walked with the one who channels these messages tonight, Cauldre. The energy is familiar. We had many tears together and many laughs together. There came a day when I told Cauldre that I would not return to Earth, that I would stay on this side of the veil to be here, to help balance, and to help love all who are Shaumbra. If only each of you could see who you really are!

Now there is much to discuss on this night. But before we do, we ask each of you to recognize the energy around you and the energy within you. Recognize the feeling of comfort and safety and family that is here. Recognize what brought you here to this place on this mountain on this night. It was not curiosity. It was synchronicity. It was a calling from Home that brought you here. Each of you knows that the time is now to begin your new life, your new way, your new path. That is what has brought you here.

Feel, dear friends, that feeling of love that comes from within, the love that comes from the many, many entities who are gathering here, who are sitting beside you now, who have their hands on your shoulders. Feel the love from the family on this side of the veil. They are indeed here. There is no question about that. You have invited them. You have opened up this sacred space to them. As we have said each time that we gather like this, when the human with intent and open heart gathers and allows us, allows Spirit into the space, as you are doing right now as we speak and as you are reading this, an entirely new place, a new dimension and a new consciousness is created. You are the ones creating it. We are simply joining you. Take a moment here to feel this sacred space.


Open your hearts, dear friends, for tonight there are many things to come, some which will be felt by you on this very night, some in the days and weeks to follow. Give permission to open your heart to Spirit, to who you truly are. Open your heart to all that you are. The vibration in this room is filled with love and intent. As we look out at each of you here, we are in continual amazement that you could endure so much and give so much for the sake of all, to go through so many sufferings, so many difficulties and struggles, to forego your knowingness, your connection with Spirit. Yet you come here, saying you are willing to continue, willing to keep going.

In that, my friends, tonight there is a special healing. All of you have given much and asked for little, other than for your human needs of food and shelter and clothing. But you have asked for little else, and you have given so much. In that tonight there is a special gift of healing, as you have opened up the space and the potential for that to happen. All of those who work with you from this side come rushing in now as we speak, come rushing in for the barriers are down, come rushing in with energy and love and remembrance of Home to give to each of you. Truly you have earned it and have worked for it. So please, at this moment accept this gift, accept this gift of healing. We will ask our friend to be in silence for a moment, and then we will continue.


For you who does not think that you are worthy and thinks that we are not talking to you, this is for you also. Yes. Now we will speak for a while on this night of what is happening in and around you, and then there is a, how to say, a special guest that will come forth in the second portion of this discussion on this night. When that special guest comes forth, Tobias and the Crimson Council will move aside, so it will in a sense be a channeling within a channel.

Dear friends, much has happened in the past year of your time. We will make a brief review here. First it is to say that we spoke to you approximately one year ago of your time of an event that happened in the consciousness that you operate in. From the very time that you first came to Earth until this event approximately one year ago, there has always been the set up of duality, of two forces in your consciousness on your Earth and in your physical universe. It has been the "yin and the yang," the "light and the dark," and in your judgement the "good and the bad," although that is purely a judgement. It has been "male and female," "young and old." Duality has been something that has been a way of life with you. It was the set up, the condition of your consciousness from the very time that you came here. It is the condition that allowed for this, how to say, grand experiment, grand test, but the test was not about you. You were simply facilitating the test.

There have always been two sides, a light and a dark. You moved into this energy and accepted those parameters. You also accepted free will. You accepted the fact that you would not know who you were. You accepted a "spiritual amnesia." You came to Earth to begin a long, long cycle of lifetimes and learnings and understandings. It will be revealed to you, each of you individually in these coming times of why it was so important for the Eternal One, for Spirit, to know of these things, and why you have participated.

As we said a year ago in your time, the two forces, the yin and the yang, the light and the dark, had always been separate since the creation of your consciousness. These have now reunited. These came back together at the core of what you would call your being, your consciousness, your universe. What had been "two" returned to "one," but a one of much greater understanding and greater power, greater creativity. And as we mentioned to you a year ago in your time, because of the heaviness of the veil, because of the patterns you have established in your human form, because of your belief systems, it will take a while for the unity at the core of all things to make its way to you, to your daily life. It will take a while. That is what you have been working on this past year. The need for "two" has left. "One" has returned. Each of you has that gift, to be able to access that understanding of the return to Oneness.

Now approximately nine months ago of your time we told you that your guides would be leaving, slowly, withdrawing from your energy space slowly. The family that we speak to would be experiencing this. Slowly the guides began to retreat. They had occupied a space that allowed a balance between the human consciousness and your spiritual consciousness. They began leaving. You felt it at the very core. You felt that the greatest loved one was gone. You felt the depression. You felt the void that was created. Many of you endured very difficult times with this, but it was needed. It was needed. No longer did you need an outside energy maintaining your balance. It was time for you to fully pull this into yourself. Since then, my friends, you have been walking in an energy void, so to speak. You have maintained your human balance, but the balance of the spiritual quotient has not been totally available.

Now as many of you know, there were predictions that at the end of your millennium would be the end of your Earth. As you know, all of you sitting here, this did not happen. It did not happen because of your intent and because of your work and the efforts of all that walk in human form and all who help. There was a set up that was put in place eons of time ago. If the Earth had come to a conclusion as you know it now at the end of your millennium, there was a set up, a planetary set up that would have allowed for the release of the remnants of energy that remained on Earth.

Do you know that Gaia, Mother Earth, has been holding your energies for all the times that you have walked here? Mother Earth has been holding your emotions and your feelings of all of your past lives. Indeed they (your past lives) die, but their essence, their vibration stays on Earth. The you that walked the Earth 2000 years ago… there are remnants of that part of you… there are energy patterns that have stayed on Earth in the rocks, in the dirt, in the water. They have stayed here. The Earth is filled with memories and energy patterns from all of your lives that you have lived here. Do you know that today you drank water that you drank 20 lifetimes ago? The energy patterns are still here.

So there was put into place a system that would have allowed for the release of all of these energies, assuming that the Earth would have come to conclusion. But the Earth did not, and here we sit on this night. The system that was put into place eons of time ago is still here. That is why we are here on this night. That is why there are millions of lightworkers on this day and on this night across your planet doing the same thing that we are doing.

Tonight, dear friends, is about release. When the planets align in the fashion that they are now on the other side of the sun, "somewhere over the rainbow" … when they align like this, they form, how to say, an energy tunnel, a portal. On this time of alignment there is an allowing for all of the vibrations and the energy patterns of all of the past lives of who you have been to be released from Earth.

In our channeling with you two months ago, we walked you through what we called an exercise. We told you it was simply imaginary. At that time we said that Christ will come back. The dead will rise from their graves. They will be judged, and they will be released. We did this as an exercise two months ago of your time in order to prepare you for tonight. Indeed all of the vibrations of all of who you have been in the past are waiting to be released from Earth and from you. You wonder sometimes why it is so difficult to make progress in your human form now, why it is so difficult to create? It is because you are still carrying the energies of all the past. They are still influencing you.

With this portal that has been created… it is like a tunnel. Through this tunnel Gaia can release, and you can release all of the past. It is not appropriate for it to be in the energy of the new Earth. It is not appropriate, my friends. With your intent on this night and the facilitation of all those who come to work with you, in the comfort of family here in this sacred energy, we ask each of you to release and to let go, to honor every past life that you have lived, to pass no judgement, but to honor as we honor you. It is time to release, to let go. You the human that sits here perhaps does not think that you can influence the past, but indeed you can. Do you know that every past life aspect of who you are has been counting on you, as we have said before, the "designated ascendee?" They have counted on you to walk these last few miles on the long path of your lifetimes here on Earth. They have counted on you to transmute, to transform. They have counted on you to be victorious in what you would call that final battle of light and dark within yourself.

With your permission and allowing on this night and working closely with Gaia, we ask you gently now to release. Perhaps some here will see faces, will feel vibrations of the past. Perhaps others will not. It does not matter. It is your intent. It is what is in your heart. This is allowing all of those energy patterns, all of those aspects to be free. This is allowing Gaia to release what she has held so close and so dear. We will take several minutes of time here, my friends. This is a safe space. This is the time on your calendar, the time in your alignment to allow for this release. There is no more karma to walk through for you. It has been satisfied. It has been balanced. It is time to release. We will be in silence. We will be working with each of you who ask for help at this time.

(several minutes of silence)

Dear friends, with the energy of this alignment, with your intent and the vibration of your own heart, this allows for something that otherwise is very, very difficult to do. With your gathering in this group, sending energies out to your family of lightworkers, this allows for the release. Slowly, slowly Gaia can begin to let go. Parts of your being that have remained part of this Earth can be freed. They can be released through this portal, through this perfect time when the other astrological influences are on the other side. This is a significant time. This will continue throughout the end of your month. Each day when you awaken allow, allow those pasts, those memories, those energies to walk free. It may feel a bit unusual at first, for indeed they are also part of you. They in you seek to let them free. Can you feel them kissing you on the cheek as they leave, as they thank you for the work that you have done this lifetime, for what you have endured with family and friends and health and relationships, to be here at this moment at this time?

Dear friends, while you are releasing, while you are in this energy, also drop into that tunnel the physical ailments that you have been carrying with you – this a good time for that. Release those physical ailments and be healed from the inside, dear friends. You do not need to carry those energies with you. Those of you who have struggled with relationships and carried the energy of others with you, the energy of guilt or sorrow… release those, too. There is much energy now in this portal. It will carry these things away and return them to the state of oneness and the state of love where they belong. (speaking to one individual) Release your anxiety about the relationship that you have, for you do not need to carry it with you where you are going. Yes, we speak directly to you, if you are wondering.

Your fear, your guilt of abundance… it is time to release that also. Did you know that it is simply a residue of your past lives? It is simply a pattern of your past that does not need to be in your life going forward. Release that. (speaking to an individual) Yes, to the one who is setting it free and imagining it as a dove and releasing it – that is right.

Those of you who struggle, wondering if you are on the right path, doing the right thing – release that also. You will be learning from within your being of what your new path is. Your path up to now, dear friends, in these most recent times… your path has simply been allowing adjustments to take place that will enable you to go forward into the future. There is not one that is here, there is not one that is reading this material at this time that is not worthy of this release. Those who say, "I’m not sure I know how to do it," there is not technique. You do not need to be a master of releasing. Simply allow. Simply allow.

This time, this energy that we sit in, is powerful for releasing. The alignment of your planets, with them being hidden… this makes for the portal to be very, very strong. Each of you here take a deep breath. You have been holding in so tight, wondering, wondering if you are doing the right thing. We are here to tell you, "you have been." You will see the effects of this. Now take another deep breath through your toes and release all of the imprints that have been embedded in your biological being, for they no longer are appropriate.

Now, dear friends, look at what we have called the one chakra within you, the centeredness within you, the beingness. Feel this. Feel this. Now breathe through that centeredness. Breathe through that one space within you. Breathe in deeply to activate it. Release all that is no longer appropriate in your life as you exhale. If you do not know where this one chakra, this place of centeredness is within you, ask it now to show itself to you. Breathe in again deeply.

This night, dear friends, is about releasing. It is the most appropriate time to release the imbalances, to release the past lives, to release biological imbalances and the emotional imbalances. This alignment was originally intended to allow Gaia to let go of all of the energy she has been carrying for the human consciousness. Things have changed. Now this alignment provides the mechanism, the vehicle for you to release the past, for you to allow Gaia to release also.

What will be transpiring now in your near future? You will feel somewhat lighter than before. At times this may seem odd. There will be residual energies of the past walking through, walking through your consciousness at night and sometimes it may startle you. Sometimes you will wonder why you are having a bad dream. Dear friends, it is simply the past rising from the dead and leaving, returning to Home where someday you too will return. In these next few weeks of your time, because of the many shifts within your physical, emotional, and spiritual being, there may be the tendency to feel disoriented. Do not worry, for this too shall pass. There may be at times even a feeling, a longing for the past, a melancholy.

Dear friends, you have been filled with many experiences. You have gone through much. As these leave, you will remember the past with love and with a bit of remorse, much as when you leave a house that you have lived in for a long, long time. You can’t wait to get out, but when you finally leave, you look back and there is a sad and loving feeling in your heart. That is what is taking place here. The past is leaving you. The afflictions are leaving you. The veil is thinning. Simply allow.

Now as we told you on this night, there would be a housewarming party. We will pause here for several minutes of your time to make the necessary adjustments with Cauldre, to make the necessary adjustments within each of you, if you so give permission to do this. We will ask you at this time to move about in your physical body, to get comfortable. If you have been aching to move that part of your body, to roll your head, this is the time.

(Pause for several minutes to allow for the change to the "channeling within a channel.")

When you are ready and quieted, we will resume.

Now I, Tobias, and those who are of the Crimson with me that have been speaking with you on this night… we will move aside here in a moment. We simply ask you for this next portion to open your hearts, to open your being to listen from the innermost part of your being. We will stand aside.

(Tobias and the Crimson Council exit. A new voice comes in through Cauldre)

I Am That I Am. I talk to you individually, not as a group. I Am All That You Are. I am your soul. I am the parent of you. There was a time when I left. There was a time when I, your soul, went into a process where I could no longer talk to you. And you came to a place called Earth, and it felt like we were separate, but we never were. You walked on this Earth, not remembering who you were, not remembering who I was. You felt abandoned. Always there was longing in your heart. There would at one time again be unity. I have always been you. I have always been as close as your breath, as close as the air around you, but yet we could not talk. You could not feel me. I am you. There is no difference.

The time has come when I can awaken from my long sleep. The time has come when you can begin seeing through the fog of the veil, when we can once again be in unity, and we do not need to be separate. I am the lost love that you have looked for. I am you. I am your every thought, your every feeling. I Am That I Am, and I am you. In your house, my house, there are many mansions. There are many mansions. You have lived in but one of them. You have lived in a mansion, the body of Earth. You have not seen the many other mansions that you are. Now that is changing. You are moving into a new mansion, a new home, a new castle. You have existed in a very defined consciousness and not been able to see the other mansions that you are, that I am. That is changing. I am here to simply tell you through the voice of another human… but it is my thoughts, my love for you. I am here to tell you that the space has been created within you and all around for my return. The time is now becoming appropriate.

I will be a new voice to you. I will be a new feeling to you. I will be a new empowerment to you. I am you. I always have been. For a very good reason you and I needed to be separate. I Am That I Am. I am you.

I ask you now in this energy to feel me, to feel yourself. I ask you to remember Home. Remember when we were not two, but we were one. I feel the need to apologize to you for being distant, for being somewhere else. I know there will come a day when you will understand why you felt I abandoned you. I did not. I have always been here. It has not been appropriate up to this time that we meet and reunite. There was much work for me and you to do.

It is appropriate in this space on this night to get a glimpse and a feel for who you truly are. I touch you tonight in love that is pure. I touch you tonight simply with remembrance. I touch you tonight to remind you of all that you are, for you and I are the same. I am what you would call your "golden angel," but I am truly you. I am not a separate entity that will appear to you out of thin air. I am you. I am within you, within every cell. I have simply been dormant. I have been introverted, but I come tonight to give you the energy of remembrance.

As you invite me, as you invite all that you are into your space, you will begin to see who you truly are. There is no more fight that you need to endure. There is no more struggle. There is no more challenge. It is simply a time now of allowing, a time of beginning to see who I am, who you are. In your house there are many mansions. You have only been living in one. In your house there are many mansions. You will now begin slowly, gently to experience all of the mansions, all of the potentials. I Am That I Am. I am here to hold your hand. I am you. Thank you.

(Tobias returns after a brief pause)

Dear friends, I, Tobias, return for a brief summary on this night. As we mentioned last month, there would be a time for a house warming party, a time for those who have been working on your new house to stand aside and to let you feel the energy for a brief moment, to feel the energy of your house. Indeed it was not the words, but it was the energy, the remembrance that was made available to you tonight. Soon you will be moving into the house that we have talked of. At our next gathering we will show you and work with you on some of the new systems, the new tools. Until that time we ask you again to be patient.

We ask you again to put down the old books. They have brought you to this point, but they will not serve you in the new house. We ask you to come back to this space where what you would call your soul, you True Self, can talk to you, can be with you, to sit in that space for several more weeks of you time. Oh, indeed as we have said, there will be much work ahead. Take the opportunity now to simply be, to simply allow the processes of release to go on around you. Simply be in a state of doing "NO-thing" other than allowing and releasing.

We will be working with you in the days to come with some very specific tools, tools that will assist you in the true integration and truly using the empowerment. But it was said earlier on this night, my friends, in these coming weeks do not anticipate what you think it will look like. Do not anticipate what you think things will be, because you will disappointed. It will be different than what you could possibly imagine sitting here on this night. Release the preconceived notions of what your tomorrow will look like. Be in a state now of "NO-thing."

We will come back to work with you. These next several weeks of your time in particular hold the highest energy and the highest potential for releasing those parts of you that have existed in the past, those energies that have been connected to Earth. We ask you also at this time each day to send love to Gaia for she has held much. She has held much. You will see her own movements, her own releasing here soon. She looks forward to this also. She says, "it has been an honor serving you to this point," but she too is tired. She too wants to return to Home.

Dear friends, we will be working with you, those who allow, those who give permission, day and night, intensively for the next several weeks of your time. We honor the work that you do. We honor the fact that so many humans who have endured so much can come to this space to be here on this night for this glorious and momentous occasion. This indeed is the passing of the time and the passing of the ages, what you are experiencing here on this night. We love you dearly.

And so it is.

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