"The New Camelot"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
April 8, 2000

Tobias Q & A

And so it is, my dear friends, that we gather together again in this circle of love, with the group that we call the Crimson Circle. It has been a month since we have been together like this, sitting together in this energy, but it has been almost nightly and almost daily that we have been working with each of you here, each of you that receives these messages through the written pages as well. We have been working with you closely, and we understand the difficulties of what you are going through now. We understand the physical challenges, the tiredness, the aching in your joints. We understand the emotional challenges that you are experiencing right now – the feeling of being disconnected, the disorientation, the feeling that you are alone. My friends, this is so far from the truth. Now, more than ever, we are working closely with you.

You will notice on this night that the energy and the words that are transmitted here are very familiar. You have received this energy, this counsel, from Spirit regarding this even prior to coming here on this day. Oh, perhaps not the exact words but you have received the energy. This has been done so that you can integrate it and begin to adapt it within your human consciousness and your human biology. On this night, the purpose is to truly activate that energy, to truly begin to use it. This energy should be familiar.

Those from our side -– those from the other side of the veil – begin to pour into this room. They begin to join together with you, and as we say each time we gather like this, when the human and Spirit join together, a new energy is created. It is not what you would call your 4th, or 5th, or 6th dimension or any other name previously given to it. This, my dear friends, is a sacred and divine and new energy. It is indeed the energy of the Divine Human. It is happening now as we join together with you. There is nothing so blessed and so joyous and so uplifting as to be here and observe over 100 human hearts open. During your meditation and during the music as we began to join your circle, we saw your intent come forth. We saw your hearts open. We saw your guards go down. We saw you joining together with family in this sacred and safe space. The joy to us is overwhelming. It is overwhelming.

Now during this portion of this reunion with you, during this first part, we work to help you adjust the energies, to meld together during this time. I, Tobias, speak for the Crimson Council through our friend, the one we call Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) the human who brings these words forth. This short time here before we begin the discussions of the night is for melding energy. We will use this special time here, this time of melding and reunion to tell you a little bit about yourselves. Now there is a group that has been together on our side of the veil but also on yours, a group with deep intent, a group that truly understands the workings of energy and the workings of creation. We call this group "Lightworkers." They are all over this world but they are small in number. They are adept at working with and handling vast amounts of energy. They have taken on – you have taken on – incredible challenges in your lifetimes to know about the workings of energies, to shift and balance the energies of this Earth. This is indeed a spiritual family, a spiritual family. There is a name associated with it, a name that is a vibration. This name, the family that you belong to, the family that you are, the name that we call you is "shaumbra," a word that you perhaps have not heard before. It is a vibration. It is shaumbra. It is family. That is who you are energy worker, one who goes into the deepest of experiences, one who creates. Shaumbra … the ones who are moving forward in the new energy of Earth. We suggest for those who are interested in research to look up this word. It is not so common. You will begin understanding when you look at the various interpretations in different languages of your Earth. You will begin to understand the energy of this word Shaumbra. You are family.

Now, dear friends, this is the time of melding of the energy here. On this evening we will do something a bit different. It is done only with your permission, only with your permission. Tonight we would like to take those of you who so choose on a journey, on a deep journey. There are energy workings that you are ready for now. We would like to be with you on this journey. So if permission is given, see yourself now at a doorway, at a crossing. This will give permission and allow us to work with you to make the necessary adjustments. Of course, during this time, we will speak the words, but it is really about the energy of what is taking place. My friends, as we said earlier, we have worked with you each prior to this night, preparing the energy, preparing you for the changes, for what you would call your ascension. Now at this doorway you are joined by all of the angels who are working with you now, by your runners, by those who come to help. They come to you to give you comfort, to give you love, to guide you as you go through the doorway. And for all who read these messages, you can also give your permission at any time to take part in this journey.

At this time we will ask our friend Cauldre (the channelinger) to be in silence for a moment here before we continue. Know that you are surrounded by love here as we go into the next portion of our discussions.


Now dear friends, you have been living in a house. The house we speak of is symbolic of your consciousness. It is also symbolic of your biology, your human self. You have been living in this house for quite some time now. That house is getting old. If you look around the house, you will see that the carpets are becoming worn. Around the house you have been experiencing problems with the plumbing lately. Your wiring, your circuitry has been acting odd and unusual. It has been flickering at times. You know that the wiring is getting old and fraying and cannot handle the energies that come through now. On your house the roof has been repaired many times, but still it seems to drip inward when it rains outside. In your house the furniture that was once so comfortable and that you loved so much and that you chose for yourself is becoming old, and it is sagging, and it is not so comfortable anymore. The pictures on the walls seem to hang more crooked than ever and do not seem so appropriate. The symbols that they carry no longer are the energy that you vibrate with.

It seems that the floors are somewhat uneven. It seems like even if you paint the walls – that will not freshen up the dinginess that has begun to appear lately. In the kitchen, an area you once loved, for it was the center, the heart of your home… it seems that the appliances are giving out one-by-one. It seems that doors are squeaking more than ever throughout your house. The house that once kept you warm is becoming drafty. All this time in your house you are wondering where you will find the time and the resources to fix it up. You lose sleep at night wondering when you will fix the garage door, when you will fix the broken faucet. You wonder where you will have the money to fix the broken windows and to replace the lamps. This causes you much grief. You do not find so much joy to be in your house anymore. This is the old energy. This is the old energy, my dear friends.

All of this time while you are fretting about your house and you are cursing Spirit for not fixing your house for you, you are wondering why you have to live here. You are saying that you have given intent, for your house to be fixed, to bring it back like it used to be. All of this time you are annoyed, greatly annoyed by all of the sounds and the commotions that keep you awake at night, that make you tired during the day, for you have not slept so well. There have been distractions while you sleep. There has been banging and thumping, sometimes even voices. You say to Spirit, "why me, Spirit? Why is my house falling apart? Why am I being kept awake by the neighbors at night? I can no longer get a good night’s sleep, so I’m tired during the day at my job. What is happening, Spirit?"

I would like to tell you on this night what is happening. The doorway that we asked to take you through on this night… we now would like to show you what is happening. Let us walk through the door of your house. Let us walk outside together. As you walk outside, you notice a sign on the porch – and the sign says, "under construction, beware, beware." And you think to yourself, "perhaps that is why so many have gone away from me; they have seen the sign that says beware, and they have not come to visit." My friends, let us show you here now what is happening.

All of this time you’ve been living in your house, you have not noticed what has been going on outside of your house, in particular, these last nine months. There is a new house, a divine house that is being built – not next door, not down the street, not in another city – but right around and on top of your old house. It is immense. It is a palace, a castle. It is being built around and over the top of your old house, but it is so large that you have not even noticed.

Let us show you around this new house. First of all you will notice that it is like a castle, but the walls are not solid. No, they shimmer. They are like glass, yet they are not solid. All of the walls of the new house are shimmering in clear. They keep the elements on the outside out appropriately, but they allow the energies to come through. In this new house that is being built over the top of the old house, there is no need for lighting. The lighting comes from within. It is illuminated from the source within. There is no need for windows and doors like you had in your old house. All is open. Only the appropriate energies of love can come in.

Your new house – your castle – has no roof either which is good because roofs are a problem. It does not need a roof on this new house, this castle of yours. All that is brought in is the energy from heaven, energy from the universe and All That Is. Only the appropriate energies of Love can be brought in. In your new house there is no need for copper wiring or metal wiring, like you have had in the past. The wiring here is totally different. You could say that it comes in directly from the cosmic lattice. It is connected directly to that. It is transmitted across vibrational conduits and channels that are made only of energy, not of matter or material.

In your new house all of the things that you need as a human are there. They are there only when you need them. The chair – you do not see it in the room until it is time to sit down, and then it will appear, and the most appropriate chair will be there for you. There is no bed in the bedroom until it is time to sleep, and then it appears, and the proper mattress, the proper coverings will accompany it. When you get up the next day, the bed will once again go back into an energy form rather a material or solid matter form. In your house there is no need for a furnace or an air conditioner. All things here are balanced naturally from within.

Your house, your new castle is quite large. It is very, very large. There is room in there to accommodate all of the humans who will come to visit, unlike your old house which was beginning to seem so small and dark and worn down. In your new house there is plenty of room. Many will come by to visit. The sign on the porch will say "welcome" rather than "beware." Many will come to visit you to learn one thing, to learn about the Divine Human, to learn about empowerment of Self. The ones who come to just take energy, to take energy from you or from others, they will not find their way to your new castle. Only the ones who choose self-empowerment will find their way there. Within the confines of your castle, you will talk to them. You will teach them about how to become a Divine Human, one who walks in biology, yet understands who they are, understands shaumbra, family.

Your new house, my friends, is under construction right now. That is why your joints ache. That is why you feel you don’t belong in one place or the other anymore. Consciously you are in the process of moving. There is much going on that you are not aware of. There is much built in here which you may want to study later.

Let us tell you a little of the carpenters of your house, the ones who are building and keeping you awake at night. There are two who go by the name of Joseph. Joseph the carpenter, and Yeshua ben Joseph, the carpenter’s son. They are working with you on your new house. They are helping to frame the energy of the Christ consciousness. It is no wonder that they were called the carpenters in your sacred books. They are working with each of you here on this night, each of you reading this material.

Oh, and there are others that have subcontracted. There are those who specialize in weaving energies. You have met them here before. They are also working on your house. They are pouring foundations. They are creating the energy grids and dynamics that will facilitate your thoughts and your intents once you move into this new place. There are your runners who are busy going back and forth right now between the old house and the new. They are bringing materials. They are bringing and bridging the old and the new. There are many, many working on this new house.

You, my friends, are the architects of this castle. Through your intent, through your many lifetimes of service you have designed this new place in the new energy. You are also the general contractor. You are the ones, at night while you sleep, directing the energies, helping to meld, helping to shape the look and the feel of the new house. There is much going on right now. And you wonder why you feel the way you do!

The building will continue through the end of your month of May. The work will continue. And, my friends, at our gathering next month, we will have a housewarming party. Then in your month of June when we gather here as family, we will be testing out all of the new circuits with you. We will be doing a walk-through of the house. We will be making sure that you are comfortable, that you understand how the new house works. And then, my friends, when we resume again in your month of August, then we will begin the real work that we came to do with you. Right now we are busy with something else. We are helping to build your house.

Let us talk for a moment about the old house. It is not being razed. It is not being destroyed. As we mentioned this new castle is being built up and around the old house. Oh, the new castle is immense and large, beyond what you could imagine right now. You have been so used to living in the small house. The new house envelops the old. It will protect the old, and it will keep the old from decaying, from running down. It was by choice that you decided, and we agreed, to keep the old house intact. Within it are many, many memories. Within it will be the museum of the old energy human. It will be in honor to all that you have gone through and experienced. It will be in honor to the service that you brought to this Earth. You will be able to go back and visit at any time, but you will understand that that was the old. It makes sense to have the old house intact as a memory, but also in great honor of all that the old energy consciousness did for you, did for Spirit. Remember the old house. It will not be destroyed. It will always be there. It will always hold a sacred space.

Now about your new place. It is, my friends, what you could call the New Camelot. It is appropriate on this night that there was the discussion of Excaliber (David McMaster, host of the Excaliber television series was the quest speaker earlier in the night). You know, in your lore, in your stories, and to a degree in your true history, the place that was called Camelot was built in a new energy of that time. Camelot at that time represented the new energy of the human who was learning of themselves, who was learning at the time of their relationship with God and Spirit. Camelot, as described in your books, existed in several places. It existed on your Earth. It also existed in a dimension outside of your Earth, but close by. Each of you here, each of you reading this, has visited Camelot as described in the old books, not necessarily the one on the isles on this Earth. You have each visited a Camelot of other dimensions. It was a template for the human at that time, the human that was walking through much darkness and much change. It is a powerful symbol that you carry within you, as is Excaliber, the Sword of Truth. As we said earlier, we have worked with you before and brought you the energies previously. We have specifically brought you back to Camelot and specifically reminded you of the energy of Excaliber. It is shaumbra. It is who you are. The new house under construction. You the architect.

My friends, when we began talking to you in these series (of channels in August, 1999), we said the guides and angels that you have been so familiar with were leaving. It was appropriate that they moved away from your old house. They were helping to build the new. There was no room anymore in your old house. When we talked of the two Earths (see December 1999 channeling), of the change and split in consciousness… this gave permission for the new house to begin being built. When we talked last month of "do NO-thing," it was because, my friends, there is construction going on, construction that you do not need to worry about. You simply created the architecture. Now allow us, allow your True Self to handle the building at this time. Simply take these next weeks to release and relax. There is little that you have to do. What we are really telling you is get a vacation while you can!

In August, one year after our discussion of the guides leaving, the new energy work will begin in your new house. For the time being, things will still be in somewhat of a state of chaos and commotion for those who have built a new human house. You will know that, while there is much anticipation about moving to the new place, this is a difficult and very challenging time. That is what you are going through right now. That is why we have said, "simply take a deep breath and do NO-thing." It is being done for you. The carpenters are at work.

There is one other thing about your new house. It is something that you selected, specifically selected for the grand front entry. There is a table in the center in this front entry. On the table is a vase. In the vase is a single rose, a crystal rose that was grown in your fields that we have discussed, in previous channels. And all this time you thought you were growing corn and barley! There is a rose. It is a rose that bears fruit. It is different from any rose you have ever seen before. It bears fruit. It gives you energy. It gives you sustenance in the new energy. This rose, as all roses are, is a thing of beauty, is a thing to be appreciated. It is fragrant. It is gentle. We will ask you to think and ponder about this metaphor – the single rose you have placed in your front entry. Remember the rose also carries the thorn. There are many metaphors tonight to think of, to look at.

There is on this night in this gathering one other thing that we would like to discuss with you. It is very simple, a simple message. That message to each of you is that you cannot fail God. You cannot fail God. Many of you lately have been feeling like you have failed Spirit in some way or the other, that you haven’t done enough, that you have taken the wrong turn. Dear friends – shaumbra – you cannot fail God. There is no right or wrong. There is no punishment. There is not even karma, my friends. You have created that – karma, another word for sin, another word for fear, another word for not understanding, another word for returning to Earth over and over again. It is something you have created and placed in the old energy. There is no karma. You cannot fail God. We will restate that, "you cannot fail (comma), God." You cannot fail, God. Remember that. Know that.

It is about trusting now in who you are. Perhaps the picture you see of yourself in the mirror does not elicit trust. And because of all the judgements of failure that you have put on yourself and your own soul, you cannot trust yourself anymore. You think you may fail again. But we tell you simply and firmly that you cannot fail God. You are God. You are Spirit. You are shaumbra, simply being and doing. We come to this group and see magnificent beings who don’t understand who they are, who see themselves living in small houses, old houses. We see magnificent beings who left family eons ago to go on a course to a place called Earth to experience something never experienced before. Earth is not a place of punishment. You have given yourself that in your experience here. It is not a place of punishment.

We see you as beings with infinite power, power to create new stars. Do you know that you do that? You are probably not aware that through your expressions, through your creativity, that you literally create new stars, new systems. These gamma rays you have been seeing, these energy flares within your universe – they are not coming at you… they are reflections of you. They are who you are. You are just now beginning to understand and to sense and to see them. What you are seeing is a portion of your own creativity, your own creation. And yes, for those who just asked, there will be increasing vibrational activity in your universe, increasing solar activities, increasing gamma ray activities. In the course of time between now and your month of September your scientists will see amazing new things in the universe, unexplainable and amazing things. This will be shared with humans, and there will be much discussion of this. In your hearts, dear friends here and those reading this, you will understand the significance of these celestial events. You will understand what is happening. We will discuss these in the months to come.

Dear friends, you cannot fail God. Remember that. Do not put that upon yourself. That thought, that concept should stay on the bookshelves of your old house. This gathering here was about the energy, about the journey. We talked of many, many metaphors on this night, but the true discussion was the energy that was transmitted between you, between us. This opportunity that we had to sit here with you, with your hearts open, with your doors and windows open – this was the opportunity to really truly do energy work that was needed for you to shift into the new energy.

There are many events occurring. It is not a single astrological event, but it is a series of events that are occurring here in the next 6-1/2 weeks of your time. These energy events will allow you to move into the new house, to continue with that metaphor. These energy events allow the shift of the old energy human to the new. During this time, these next 6-1/2 weeks, we ask you to simply be patient with the process. Be patient with the process that is taking place. When you see great swings of energy around you in other people, in your culture, even in your stock markets, do not feel fear but understand that these things are appropriate. You will continue to see these shifts occur. They will be great, and there will be many. There will those around you that will have a difficult time dealing with them. Do not get caught in their drama, my friends. There will be a very strong pull here during this time to get caught in the drama. They will want you there. They know your energy is strong. They will want you there. My friends, bring peace to the situation. Bring your own patience to the situation.

When we gather again together next month, we will work again on another energy shift. As we said, we will have our housewarming party for the new house. Until then we will continue to work with each of you extensively. Do you feel the love and the energy of Spirit in this room? It is here. There are a million angels and more in this space. They do not come here to tell you what to do, to watch over you, to judge you. They come here with their eyes and their mouths wide open in awe of what you have done. They come here for the lessons that you are going through now about the new energy. It is valuable information for all. They come here to simply thank you for your service. Take a few minutes here after we end our discussion to simply absorb and allow this energy. Remember, dear friends, with a million plus angels surrounding you, you are never alone.

And so it is.

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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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