“Do NO-Thing”

Presented at the Crimson Circle
March 4, 2000

Tobias Q & A

And so it is, my dear friends, that we gather here together as family. We gather here together in the Circle of Crimson on this night. Now for the next few minutes I, Tobias, will speak through our friend Cauldre (the name given by Tobias to Geoffrey Hoppe) as we balance the energy in this room together with you. For what we create here together with human and Spirit is a sacred energy, a blessed energy. This is the energy of your “new times.” Indeed we have called this very gathering here the “classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth.” For you, my friends, are the ones who are learning to adapt to, to work with the new energies that have come in to your Earth only in the past several months. The work that you do is pioneering. It is different.

The work that you do is about changes. And you wonder at times why there are days that are difficult! You wonder why you feel the ebb and flow of energies. It is because you are among the first to be working with these new energies. It is the role of the Crimson Council - those of us on the other side of the veil - to work with you and others around the planet in working with these new energies.

And as we have said before, as you learn to integrate your True Self - your awakening True Self - into your humanness, and as you go through the processes of understanding the differences and the changes of energies, each of you that are sitting here on this day and each of you that are reading this material… you will become the teachers that other humans need, that this Earth needs to progress to go through the tunnel (ascension). It should not be a surprise to you that you are a teacher. You have known this for quite some time. You have known that there would come a time in your journey when you would be teaching others. This, my friends, this is the classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth.

We will talk, as we have in previous gatherings like this, of things that perhaps may be controversial, perhaps may be somewhat startling. Much of it, you are already feeling intuitively. We will talk of these things with you. We will share in your experiences with you for the benefit of understanding what is going on, what you should be doing. Tonight we have much to say of that.

But for now, dear friends, we ask you to notice the energy around you, the energy of this room (and the energy as you read these words). Notice the changes that are taking place around you at this very moment. For as you open your heart, as you open your one chakra, as you open your beingness, this allows in the energy of Spirit and the energy of your True Self into this space. The energies are being adjusted and balanced by all who come in on this night. And there are many who join us here! Simply feel, simply feel the presence of Spirit, of the angels, of the ones who have gone on before you. Simply feel the love that is transmitted to you on this night. It is not so much about the words that are said here. It is of the energy that comes in. Each of you is integral in helping to create this new sacred space, this new dimension, whether you are listening to these words or reading them.

Now there are many, many, many entities who come in on this night. They join each of you in the Crimson Circle. The work that you do here, the work that you have done throughout the days of this lifetime of yours, has been so important, so immensely important. It is not just about you. If you have ever wondered why the burdens seem so difficult and so heavy, and why it takes so long to affect change… my friends, it is not just about you. You are carrying the burden of past lives, not just past lives on Earth, but in many other places. Each of you here, each of you reading this, are going through the tunnel first, the tunnel that leads to what we have talked of before, what we have called the “second creation.” It is much more complex than what you would ever know. And if you could see from our side of the veil the work that you do, and the importance of the work that you do, you too would be in awe and amazement. You too would have tears flowing from your eyes, as we do.

Now before we proceed with the discussions of this night, we ask with your permission - and only with your permission - that all who are here from our side of the veil would like to come forward to honor you, to touch you, to hug you. And if it is so, give permission in your being. We will come in for the final melding of energy at this time. We will ask our friend Cauldre to be in silence for a moment.

(silence while the melding of human and spiritual energy takes place)

Now it has been the theme of the Crimson Council from the beginning of these channels… it has been the theme of change. And certainly the discussion of change would be most appropriate on this day. As we have talked in previous channels, there have been tremendous changes of the energy of Earth in your recent months, beginning with the measurement on your date of December 13, 1999, and the move into two consciousnesses. There has been the event of what we would call the “germination of the seed within.” This is the Christ Consciousness that each of you holds and has hidden up until recently. But it is now time that this seed of Christ is coming forth in each of you. There are many changes in your life, and perhaps over these past several months, you have felt the impact of these in many ways in your life. You have probably come to the conclusion that, as the Kryon says, “things are not always as they seem.” You have probably come to the conclusion that the tools that you have been trying to use no longer work.

We see in the energy fields of many that are here tonight and reading this that you have hit the wall. You have come to a point of frustration. You do not understand why things are happening around you the way that they are. You are wondering why one day you feel on top of the world and the next day at the very depths of the abyss. You are wondering why there is the continual depression when everyday you pray to Spirit to release you from this. You are wondering why there are struggles, why when you are with other humans that it is difficult to be with them, to concentrate, to even hear their words… why you feel like being alone. We hear the most common prayer from each that are here and reading this, “Spirit, guides, and angels, what is it that I should be doing on this day and each day going forward? Show me my purpose. Show me my reason for being here.”

My friends, we would like to discuss an area on this night, and we will ask you to think about it for a while. When you ask, “what is it that I should be doing…” when you are trying to fill in the pieces of the puzzle in your life… when you are grasping and trying different things, we are here to tell you - the classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth - there is but one thing that you should be doing at this time, and that thing is… NO-thing!

There is “NO-thing” that you should be doing at this time. This perhaps may sound contrary to everything that you have done in your life or in your past lives up to now. But, my friends, the energy is different. You are now operating with a different set of dynamics and a different energy architecture than you have in the past.

Now when we say that there is “NO-thing” that you should be doing, certainly we do not mean simply sitting in your chair and watch dramas on your television. This is an interesting concept to explore with you. But we ask you to follow with us. We have referred to before the seed of Christ within you that you have carried, but up to this point, it has not germinated. It is now coming forth. It is now sprouting. It is taking on a life of its own.

Imagine you the human in this lifetime as the farmer. You have tilled the fields. You have given Mother Earth back a fertilizer to help the seed grow. You have weeded the fields. You have asked the insects and the rodents to leave your fields alone. You have tended it quite well. You have worked day and night. You have suffered and struggled… you the farmer, the tender of your Spirit. But now comes the time that the seed of Christ has germinated, has sprouted, and is growing. And all of the work that you have done in preparation is now coming to be, is now coming into play. Now, my friends, there is “NO-thing” that you need to do. In this lifetime and all your past lifetimes you have done the work. You have done the caring and the tending. It is now time to simply stand in your field, in the glory of the Christ energy coming forward into your life. It is now time to hold the hand of Spirit and to watch the emergence of this blessed and phenomenal new energy come forth.

My friends, if you attempt to try to make this new energy what you “think” it should be, it will only confuse you. It will only set you back. It will not affect the growth of the Christ seed within, but it will cause you, the human, frustration and aggravation. It will cause you to fall upon your knees on the ground, weeping to Spirit, once again asking what it is you should know. Once again you will get the answer back, “NO-thing.” Do “NO-thing” at this time. Simply be in a place of joy. Simply begin to watch the events that happen around you in your life. Be the observer. Begin to see all the shifts and changes in those that are around you. Begin to see how things come differently into your life. Be still, my friends. Allow the new energies to come forth. You have worked in your fields - in the field of your soul - for aeons of time. It will be difficult for you, very difficult to not feel the urge to go out and to start replowing the fields and to start adding water and adding fertilizer. You will feel the old desire to be the one controlling events.

What is happening now is a blessed event – when the Christ seed sprouts on its own. You are an integral part of the event, but now it is time for you to simply sit back and allow the natural processes to take place, to do “NO-thing.” This will be difficult for you. We can see the apprehension in each of you now. You will feel you must jump in. You will feel you must affect change. You will feel the tugging of old energy patterns that make the judgement and discernments of what is right and wrong. But, my friends, this is not the time. That is old energy.

You, each of you sitting here, and reading this, are moving into a new energy. That is why you are here at this time. It is nothing like the old energy. It is nothing like the old human mind could even imagine. It is new. It is powerful. You will learn to work with it. It will address you. It will be there for all that you need, this new energy. My friends, what this new energy is… it is what we have termed the True Self, the Christ Self. It is wanting to come forth into your life, but it cannot if you are busy with your head down, tending the earth, chopping and fertilizing and plowing and watering and praying. My friends, this is a phenomenal energy. It is growing in spite of you. Do “NO-thing” at this time. Simply be and observe and take joy in all things that happen.

Now certainly as you learn to relax and to truly trust, to truly trust for once in your life in Spirit, in your golden angel… as you let your guards down… as you let all things be… things may happen around you that you would not expect. There may be a period, a short period, where things may appear in your life to be in chaos. You will say at that time, “Tobias, what have you done? You have asked me to do ‘NO-thing’ and all things have gone into chaos.” There will be the tendency to want to jump in and control once again. But, my friends, what is happening at this most important time is adjustments are being made. Adjustments are being made, and they are all appropriate. And it is time to trust Spirit. Oh, and the one that spoke tonight (Dr. Michael Abrams, author of The Evolution Angel), spoke of his house burning and his car failing and his job being taken away. Do you remember when he cried to Spirit? And he even cursed Spirit. But, my friends, it was appropriate for him at that time.

Watch the events in your life change and watch a phenomenal balance take place, a new awareness take place, and a new empowerment come into your being. For there is a grand one… there is a grand one, who wants to be your light, who wants to integrate. It is your True Self, your Christ consciousness. As we have said, in your current human mind, even the human consciousness that you bring here today, you could not possibly imagine the depth of love and the depth of awareness and the depth of creativity that is contained within this divine human that you are becoming. It is time for the old human to release, to allow, and to do “NO-thing.”

There are those who may not agree, but it is time (as we have mentioned) for you to put down your crystals… to put down your old books… to put down your pendulums… to put down all of the blessed tools that served you in the old energy and brought you to this point. You will find now that these do not work, and you are already beginning to realize this. When you go to your crystal, you are not feeling the same resonance that was there before. It is not because you have done anything wrong. You do not communicate with the crystal like you did before. It is because that balance of power is no longer needed. The crystal is now telling you to take your own power… if you are truly listening!

When you go to your cards and your charts, you will find it is different. We are not saying that these are inappropriate tools in the new energy, but we are saying that you will find that these are different. When you look at them and do not get the same response you previously did, it is not because you have lost it, or are not connected with Spirit. It is because the new energy is changing all things in your life. All of the things that you have counted on before are changing. Even the people around you are changing. Your jobs are changing. It is all appropriate.

The old energy human reaction would be to go in and set up blocks and to put down your head and bang into the wall and to arm wrestle with these problems. The new energy for you, my friends, that we speak of here, that we address through these words – is do “NO-thing” at this time. There is “NO-thing” to do.

Now this will not continue forever, of doing “NO-thing.” This is for a rather short period of time, but longer than what you may think. This time of quiet, this time of letting go, my friends… what will come after this is the beginning of understanding of how to use your new empowerment, how to use your new empowerment. But it will be different than anything you can even imagine right now. Your new empowerment will talk to you. It will guide you. It will be an integral part of you. You will not need to struggle through it. It will be there to serve you. That is what you will be moving into after the period of doing “NO-thing.” But it is important to have the quiet mind and the allowing mind, the allowing being, for this process to take place. That is why on this night the important teaching that we bring here is to do “NO-thing.”

Again you will find if you go back to your old energy ways, even ways that you had up to two or three months ago, you will find they no longer work like they used to, if at all. Do not be alarmed, my friends, at the process that is taking place right now. There are changes. This is what you have worked for, and what you have asked for, and they are now taking place all around you. It is time to release the control that the old human had. This will be somewhat difficult, somewhat scary, as you would say. Simply, my friends, remember our words on this night – do “NO-thing.” Simply allow Spirit. Simply allow your True Self, your Christ Self, to do their thing within you.

The first sign that the new energy is coming in, is that you will begin to understand and to feel the consciousness in all things around you. This will be your first sign that you are moving through the process. This will not be an intellectual concept. You will find yourself, for instance, addressed by a rock, addressed by a chair, addressed by an insect. You will not need to struggle in your mind to communicate. It will come to you, and when that event takes place, you will know that you are moving through your period of “NO-thing” into your period of realization and new creativity. As you know, all things contain consciousness. All things are connected. You know that in your mind, but you will begin to start seeing and feeling it. You will no longer have to ask what it is that you should be doing or what it is you should know. You will no longer have to strain to communicate with those of us on our side of the veil, or even with other humans. It will even startle you how the consciousness of things around will begin talking to you.

Now our friend Cauldre would like us to explain more of the process, but we will wait for another gathering to go into more detail. My friends, please understand that this is the time for you to do “NO-thing,” other than being aware of what is happening around you. You will know exactly what to do at the appropriate time. It will not be a struggle. It will not be a strain. There will be an underlying and powerful knowingness. There will be no question in your mind. It will come from what we have called the “one chakra,” the one new energy center of your being, this knowingness, this understanding, and there hwill be no question. But in the meantime, do “NO-thing.”


Now in your Holy Scriptures there was discussion of an event that would take place upon your Earth in the End Times. The event has frightened many up until this time. There is great fear surrounding it. We choose tonight to discuss this area. In your Holy Scriptures it said that one day Jesus would return - Christ would return - and all those that have died would wake from the dead to come forth to be judged. My friends, this has caused many of you great distress. You have chosen perhaps not to want to believe it, but even at the innermost part of your being, there was the fear that there would be a judgement day. And indeed there is. But it is not like what has been written or what has been taught to you by others.

We will take a moment before we proceed.

(Deep emotions come from Tobias during this pause)

The ones who come on this night and gather in this room with you (entities from the other side of the veil, as mentioned at the beginning of the channeling), are the ones who have died before you, who have been buried in the ground. They are what you would call your past lives. They are aspects of your own soul that have lived on Earth up until this time. Indeed, my friends, they have not been able to fully move forward until this time. Indeed there is a part of the scriptures that is accurate to say that they are buried, and they are waiting for the judgement day. Indeed the scriptures were partly accurate in saying that Christ would return for the judgement. Again it is different than what has been taught. With the change of the energy at the end of your previous year and the opening of the gates that held in the consciousness of your True Self - of your Christ Self - the Christ has come forth. As we have said, in similar gatherings, there was to be a day when the consciousness of Christ descended on a crystal staircase (your DNA) and came down to reunite and to meld with you. And now that this is occurring within each of you, as the Christ consciousness is coming forth through your DNA, through the strands, through the staircase, each of your aspects of past lives that have been buried are now asking to come forth for their “judgement.”

We would like, with your permission, to take you through an exercise tonight, an experience on this night. Indeed this is an experience. This is a symbolic ceremony. But, my friends, it is indeed what is happening and what will happen to you, to each of you. As we have said, from the moment you sat down (or began reading),this room filled with tens and thousands of entities, tens and thousands. This is perhaps difficult for you to comprehend in the human dimension. But understand that we talk to you in a different dimension at this time. Indeed this space can be filled.

Many entities have been waiting for you, the aspect of your soul that exists in this lifetime and in the Now. They have been waiting for you to open, to allow the seed of Christ to germinate and to come forth. They have been, as you would say, Earth-bound. They have not been able to fully return Home until you, the human in this lifetime, the human that sits here, came to the point of finding the Lost Child of Christ within.

If you would now simply imagine yourself at a grand doorway… the doorway that is the veil, the doorway between Earth and All That Is. Here you are, the human aspect of this lifetime, standing at that doorway, the human aspect that is creating and moving through the tunnel, the tunnel of ascension, of the Second Creation. Each entity from each past lifetime now begins to file past you, wanting to be released, wanting to move their energy from the old Earth into All That Is. And as they do, each of these aspects of you, of your soul, of your past, looks you in the eye and asks you to understand why they did the things that they did, asks you to forgive them, asks you for compassion, asks to be released from judgement. For indeed, my friends, it is your judgement day and theirs. They file past, one after the other. It matters not, my friends, if you do not see them clearly. Their energy is there. You do not have to discern the faces or see specific things of them from past lifetimes. Their energy is there because of the work that you have done in this lifetime, because of your commitments. They are now, as your scriptures would say, rising from the dead, rising from their old graves. They have been waiting for this day, waiting to be released. They file past, one by one, looking you in the eye, asking for forgiveness, asking to be released, thanking you for your diligence, your work in this lifetime, to make the ascension of your soul possible.

Oh, indeed, it causes us grief to see the beautiful thing that was written in your scriptures - of the judgement day - being turned into a negative and fearful event, for indeed this is a blessed day for you and for all that you were. This is a blessed day of release and of thanks. They now can move back to Home, back to unity with your soul. And you wonder, you wonder why the work of this lifetime has been so difficult, for you have been carrying the energy of all of your past with you.

As the past continues to file by, as you continue to thank them and bless them… it is also, my friends, your ancestors who pass by, for they are you also – your grandparents, and their grandparents, and all who are in your biological lineage. Make no mistake about it, that you are also tied to them. But as your DNA changes and as the Christ consciousness emerges from its sleep, your own ancestors – who are you – also file past, file through the gateway and thank you and ask you for release to return to the Oneness of your soul.

Now there is another group of entities that file past. You recognize them as the darkness that has followed you, chased you throughout all of your lifetimes. Oh, my friends, for most of you the three entities of darkness that have followed you into this lifetime now file past. These are the ones that have caused you the grief and the fear. These are the entities that have challenged you, who have caused your worst nightmares, who have caused the worst, darkest hours of your soul. They file past, for they are also you, in a way, as we hope to explain here. Understand that what you have felt for so many years of your lifetime, the dark entities around you, has been true. Just as your own guides and angels left your energy in these past months, my friends, there was a counter to those. You could call them your “dark angels.” They were there. For indeed you do not think you were simply a being of light? You are a being of All That Is! And certainly as much as your guides and angels were with you, there was a balance. There were the “dark angels.” They now walk past. For all the harm and all the grief and terror and fear and death and destruction that they brought to you over the period of lifetimes, they file past. You watch them in amazement, for in spite of the darkness they brought to your lives, there is a ring of light, an aura around them, an aura of love.

They have been appropriate, my friends, these angels of darkness who now leave, who now file through the doors. They have been appropriate in all of your lifetimes. But again as we say, even as your angels and guides left, these shadows of your angels now leave also, surrounded by an aura of love. They were there serving a very important purpose. Perhaps as you over the next few days and weeks truly feel their presence leaving, there will be part of you that misses them, in spite of all of the havoc that they have brought into your life. You know in the center of your being that they played an important part and a balance. Yes, what we are saying here, my friends, is that your guides left. Their shadows now leave also. We are telling you that it is true that these dark entities have been around you. They now are leaving. This leaves you then quite alone, without the guides, without their shadows. That is why we say now is the time of doing “NO-thing.” There is just you. There is just you. With the awakening of the Christ consciousness and the releasing of all of your past lives, the releasing of the “dark angels,” there is just you. And this provides the ideal energy now for your True Self to come in. It is time to allow this and to listen it and to be in the greatest place of trust with this happening.

The experience that we spoke of on this night, my friends, is indeed an experience. You will feel it and see it manifesting in your own life now in these coming days and weeks and months. What we have done here is to walk you through a “dress rehearsal.” It is to give you a feel and a sense for this, so when it begins to happen at the deeper levels, you will understand what is happening around you. You will understand and perhaps remember our words to do “NO-thing” at this time. Simply allow the love of Spirit to come in.

My friends, the work that you have done has had an effect. It has changed not only this universe and reality, but it has created the energy and template for the next creation. Each of you is blessed. Each of you is dear.

The dearest of energies is Hope. As we have said before, it is not what we had expected. We had expected you to come to understandings of Love and of Truth, but Hope is a new energy that humans created. Hope is what keeps you going through the darkest of the dark. It is amazing to us. It is amazing to Tobias that you could walk through the difficulties and be separated from Spirit in your consciousness for so long a period of time, but yet to continue to get up in the mornings, to work, and to pray, and to create. Now, my friends, it is truly the time of relaxing and allowing. You have worked the fields well. You have prepared your gardens well. Now you will begin to experience the fruits of your labors.

We love you dearly.

And so it is.

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