The Millennium Channels - Part III
"New Tools for the Lightworker's Spiritual Toolbox"

Presented at the Lightworker's Millennium Celebration
Nederland, Colorado
January 2, 2000

Note: This channeling was given at the Kryon Lighworkers Millennium Crossover Celebration on the morning of January 2, 2000. It is the final in a series of three Tobias channels presented to the lightworkers during the three day retreat. The channeling was presented open-eyed, in a standing position instead of the usual closed-eye, seated position. Tobias said later that this was to symbolize exceptional honor for the humans that were present and the humans that would read this information at a later date.


There have been many gifts here on this weekend. There have been gifts of love, and most certainly, gifts of empowerment. We would like to now bring this gathering to a close for the time being by offering each of you here new gifts that can be used as you walk into the New Energy, starting on this very day. We offer new gifts of empowerment, of love and strength. We ask, as we go through the new lightworker's toolbox, that you each accept the gifts that we offer. Take the gifts that have always been yours, that we have been simply carrying for you, until you were ready to bring them in and to truly use them in balance and in love. We ask you to once again own these gifts, to own these tools, to use them and practice with them, and to teach with them.

We have a number of new gifts for you on this morning.

First, the first of several, is the BATON. We give you the gift of the baton. This baton represents your true energy, your true power from your Higher Self. It is being handed to you now. It is being given to you to accept All That You Are - a transfer of energy, a transfer of power. For until now, you have not been able to hold all of the power that is you. But now that changes. The baton is handed off, to symbolize the handing over of power to you.

Oh, and we have a very special gift for you on this morning, an unusual tool. It is a PILLOW that we give you. For you will notice in moving forward, that your dreams will be different at night. Up to now your dreams have been resolving situations. There has been much struggle in your dreams. They have been used to work out conflict and battle. Now your dreams will be different. You will not feel exhausted at the end of the night. You will feel refreshed and empowered because, as you sleep, as you dream, you will sit with the guides and angels, your personal entourage, and you will lead the planning, you will lead the co-creative effort with your team at night. You will map out your new contract and your new plan. Your dreams will not be about struggle or battle but they will be about going forward and co-creation and empowerment. You will awake in the morning and feel that you have created something new that night, and that you have given yourselves the tools and empowerment to bring that into your 3-D reality. So instead of waking up feeling that you have been struggling all night, you will wake up feeling excitement, ready to take on the new challenges of the day, ready to take your light into the world. So take, accept, and own this pillow. Know that your dreams will be different at night.

We give you the gift of BATTERIES. These batteries are symbolic of the new energy that you will have. You will find that you can quickly recharge instead of being drained throughout the day, that you will quickly recharge. They will give you strength. They will have more endurance than the batteries you have known in the old. So take and accept this gift of the new spiritual batteries into your being and know that any time that you need the extra energy that you can simply open your lightworker's toolbox and pull these out.

We give you the gift of the FLASHLIGHT to illuminate your way through the darkness and the fear, instead of feeling that you are caught in the tangle or web. You only need to pull out your new spiritual flashlight to shine the way through fear and darkness, and also to help guide and teach others through the difficult times. So take and own the gift of the new spiritual flashlight. Place it in your lightworker's toolbox. Use it along the path when you need it.

We give you the gift of the TWO-WAY RADIO. Now, as you know, most radios are simply receivers. They are one-way. They are for incoming messages. This radio is unique, for it is two-way. With this radio you will be able to receive messages much more easily from those of us on this side of the veil who help and assist. But you will also be able to transmit your energy. You will be able to transmit your vibrations much more easily to other humans, and certainly to transmit your messages back to us. So take this gift of the two-way radio and place it in your new lightworker's toolbox. Use it when the occasions arise to help bring in guidance, to help transmit your energy and your love and your wisdom to others.

We also bring forth the gift of the spiritual GLOVES. Each of you here will find new energy and new empowerment of healing in your hands and all parts of your being. The gloves are symbolic of the energy and the ability for healing that you carry within you. This is to heal your own being as well as healing others. With these new spiritual gloves, you will also find the appropriate protection. You do not need to worry about absorbing others negativity, others illnesses, others unbalanced vibrations, for the spiritual gloves will help act as a protector as well as an energy conduit to help in the healing of others. So take and accept this gift of the new spiritual gloves into your tool kit.

Another gift for your toolbox is a spiritual MAGNET. This is a symbol that you will attract things to you that are appropriate. The appropriate things will come to you. This magnet is very powerful. It will also help guide you to finding things that are lost, finding new ways, and to bringing things to you as you need them. So take and accept the magnet into your lightworker's toolbox and use it in your daily life.

We also give the gift of spiritual BINOCULARS. These binoculars have a special scanning device built within them. With these binoculars you will be able to see clearly. You will be able to see beyond the obvious. You will be able to sit with another human, and not only see them as a human, but see their True Self, see their Spirit. The scanning device that is built into the binoculars will help you to read the energies, to understand the balance of the person in front of you, help you see clearly all things that come to you. When you feel your vision is unclear, simply pull out the symbolic, spiritual binoculars to help you see clearly.

We also bring forth the gift of the WALKING STICK. As you walk your path in the new energy, the walking stick will help bring you balance. This will help balance your journey. It is not a crutch, but rather a balancing tool. As you feel the balance from the spiritual walking stick, you will begin to know inner trust. You will begin to rely on yourself, on your inside trust. So take this gift of the walking stick and place it into your new spiritual toolbox.

Then there comes the gift of the CRYSTAL. The crystal is symbolic of your own knowingness and intuition. As you come upon experiences, as you walk forth into this new energy, the crystal will illuminate and will vibrate in knowingness when you reach that point where your intuition is truly guiding you. So if you are not so sure, simply look at or feel the crystal to know that you are in your sweet spot, to know you are being guided by your own love, your own intuition.

And finally in this new spiritual toolbox, there is a packet of common ASPIRIN to help you get through the headaches of the regular day. Even as you have all these gifts and tools, and even though you are walking in the new energy, there will still be challenges. There will still be certain aches and pains in the body. There will be other humans who cause you grief. Simply take a few aspirin to relieve the pain, so you can continue on your journey.

Each of these gifts is a symbol for what you have brought to yourself, for what you have learned along the way. But now in the new energy that we are in, in the new empowerment that you have, we let you know that you have all of the tools that you need to walk forth. You as lightworkers, you as humans, you as angels need to use these, need to bring them into action and call them forth to make use out of them. It will take a time of practice, a time of truly getting to know how each of these tools will respond according to your own intent and your own energy. So take time now in the coming weeks to learn how to use each of these. You will find that when you call them forth, when you give intent, when you voice the desire to use them, they will be there in service to you. It is important to call them forth. Call them from within. These now are your gifts and tools. These are your empowerment. These are yours to use to become the new empowered human walking upon Earth.

And so it is.

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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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