"Return to Unity"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
September 15, 1999


And so it is, my dear friends, that we gather again in this sacred space and this very sacred energy.

You, the lightworkers, the ones who are in human body (but who are truly spirit) gather here tonight, strong with intent to fulfill what you came to do in this lifetime. And tonight we have news for you. We’ll bring you joy. We’ll answer many questions you have had and perhaps cause you to ask many new questions. (chuckle)

Before we get into the discussion of this day, we will take this time to weave and to meld the energies in this room with your permission, my friends. The permission is to join with us and have us join with you. Together we will create a new space, a new dimension. It is not simply the human dimension and not the dimensions that we exist in, Rather, together we create a totally new reality and consciousness. It is the reality that each of you, and all of your human brothers and sisters, will be moving into in the days to come. So, with permission given from your hearts, those who join us tonight will begin to weave this energy - to meld together aAll That Is.

While this transformation process takes place I, Tobias, will speak through our friend, the one we call Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe). We will move energies through the one we call the Doctor (Dr. Melanie Wolf). And we will move energies through each and everyone that is here tonight (and reading these messages). This will allow all of the subtleties of what we bring, not just in the words that are spoken, but the energies that are given.

If there is something in your life that has been clinging, but you have not understood how to release it, put forth your intent to release it tonight. Those who join us, those who work with energies in other realms, will assist you in letting go of these stubborn, old attributes that continue to hang. Each of you knows what this is in your life. This thing that hangs on that you cannot seem to shake.

While you have been able to move through other doors, and you have been able to release other old energies, there is this one thing that is determined and that is stubborn. And tonight, with the energies the way they are in this room, and the intent that you give, and the discussion that we will go into later, this is the perfect time to let this go. For this no longer serves you. It no longer needs to occupy the energy around you. You have allowed this stubborn attribute to remain there for it has been an important part of the set up, an important part of your energy composition. That is why it has remained there, even though you have gently and not so gently invited it to leave. But with the energy that is here and the discussion of this group today you can indeed release this old energy that just did not seem to want to go away.

Now, we are going to move into a discussion that we had with our friend Cauldre the other day. We gave him the tip of the iceberg to prepare him for the discussion that we would have with this group. Now we bring forth the details. So, our friend knows a bit of what will be discussed but there are many details that were left out.

This is difficult information to relay so we ask, first, that each of you, being a mover of energy, help to facilitate the transmission of this information through the entire group. Allow yourself to be a conduit of nonverbal information. That will help all in this room grasp what will be discussed and it will help Cauldre interpret the information and pass it along. If you also give your permission from your heart to accept not just the words but the energies and the feelings and the attributes behind them, this would help improve the understandings of what we will discuss here.

Now is the time, my friends, for each of you to put forth your intent to receive this information. Put forth your intent, also, to release that stubborn old "it" within yourself. And while you do this, those who join us will enter into this space and be here throughout the duration of this channel. We will help balance your energy, we will hug you, and by all means we will love you. For, as you know, in our last channeling we mentioned that your own guides and angels will be slowly moving away. Now they come forward for this brief moment to remind you that you are never alone. So, we will pause for a minute here while those who come in embrace you, hug you, honor you for the work that you do, and then we will continue with our discussion.


There are days that we hear from you. We hear the sadness in your heart. We hear the confusion. There are days when you ask if you on the real path. Are you simply kidding yourself? Should you return to what you would call a more normal life? My friends, we remind you here. We ask you to feel from the source of life that you indeed, each of you, are on the perfect path of your life. The work that you are doing is at the forefront- we explain more of that later-but you are at the forefront and that is why many times you do not feel so much like the others. You do not feel so much like you belong here. That is why you feel like the odd one in the group. For you cannot always relate to the other humans.

Each of you has chosen a path to be at the forefront of transmutations of energies. This lifetime is not about your job or your prestige or your finances. None of those, as you know, truly matter. It is about the transmutation work that you are doing on the inside. Each day you get up and feel that there are challenges, emotional challenges in front of you, but yet you walk through them. You walk through fear and you change old feelings. That is what it is about. That is the path that you have chosen.

You are confronted with fears in situations that relate back to your early years where there may have been, what you term, dysfunction and imbalance. At times you would prefer to hide and not to face those situations, but yet you choose to walk through them. You choose to face the demons, for that is your path. It is the path of energy transmutation. You take what was fear, what was darkness, what was void and transmute it into love.

You do not recognize who you are, and you do not recognize what is in the darkness that surrounds you. Yet you choose to walk through the darkness time and time again. Look at your life and the challenges you have chosen. As you transmute the energies, as you process the fear and the darkness into love and acceptance and light, you are making contributions to the whole. We ask you to never again feel selfish with the emotional work that you are doing inside. You are not doing it for yourself. You did not set up the conflicts in your life for yourself. You chose the burdens-what you would call the craziness and the emotional imbalance-to walk through for the good of all.

You have lived for many lifetimes not knowing who you are. You have lived in duality. You have lived with the constant conflict of light and dark, of good and bad, of void and love. You have lived in this so long that you accept the dualities as reality. You accept the two faces of the mirror. You have forgotten what the Oneness is like. You have lived, for all of the days of your life on earth, with the dynamics of opposites. What you would call the light and the dark. No matter how, my friends, no matter how hard you tried to move to the light-to be only in the light-there was always the shadow. There was always the darkness that was there with you. No matter how good you tried to be and how many rules you tried to follow, darkness was always there. Have you not wondered why this has existed?

Most of you in this room have chosen lives in the past of very rigorous and disciplined religious background, where you were held under strict rules. This was your attempt to live only in the light. But yet, my friends, in your deepest hours of meditation, in your time alone in attempting to find the light within, there was always the opposite, the darkness, the void. Oh, you have searched for eons of your time for the balance to be only light but yet the opposite was always there. Have you not wondered why, when you were seeking the light the most, the darkness was the strongest?

This has been the set up of your earth and truly of your universe. This has been your path by choice-by your choice-----to continually transmute, to change, to integrate the dark and the light. That is why, even when you have tried to be only in the light, darkness was still there and this has been appropriate.

When the dynamics of your universe and your consciousness were originally created, it was that there was a "split." There was a split from what was once Oneness, or All That Is, into duality. There was a separation of energies and this was by design. This was for Spirit-for you-to understand more of creation and of energy. It is somewhat difficult to explain the rationale, but this split from oneness into two, into opposites, was of utmost importance for Spirit.

This split into two created opposites and separation. Over the period of time that separation has been in force, my friends, there have been many battles. Think of the battles that have taken place within your own consciousness and within your own heart. Think of the battles that have existed within your own human family. Think of the battles that have existed in your relationships with others. My friends, these battles have taken place over your entire planet in what you call World Wars. These battles have extended out into your universe. Even the movies that you know as "Star Wars" are depictions of what has taken place since the beginning of the separation. This is what you have lived with. This is the consciousness that you have accepted. You have played both parts. You have worked in the darkness. You have worked in the light.

All of this separation and opposites have been appropriate, even in the face of the worst crimes, the worst deeds and the worst wars. And we know this is difficult to accept for the pain that has been endured. But we are trying to relay to you now energetically why this has been important. We hold each of you in such honor for participating in this and not even realizing what was going on. Not even understanding what the potential outcomes could be. And each of you, my friends, chose to be one who transmutes energy, changes energies, works with both poles, and balances energies. All of this information of the opposites will be expanded on later in the discussions of why this was needed. You have all participated here on earth and in other places in these battles, in this understanding, in this transmutation.

Now when this separation occurred-this creation of the opposites-it began at the very core in the center of All That Is. That has been referred to as the Great Central Sun-- that which you know as God, the Eternal One. And the separation emanated out from the center into this creation, into this dimension of consciousness. A separation went forth like waves into all that existed. As the waves moved through the consciousness and through matter, it broke those pieces and thoughts and energies into two. Then each of you went into that consciousness of opposites and began your work.

Here we sit today! Here we sit with the history that you have gone through. The traumas and the learnings, the understandings, and the experiences of love and those of darkness. Here you sit today, each of you a tremendous energy vessel brimming, overflowing with experience in this consciousness of opposites. Oh, we look into your heart and we see that there is still conflict and there is still pain. But you know there is something that is stronger there. Something that you have built has helped you to walk through all of these experiences.

It is an interesting energy! For those of us who have not gone through the intense human experiences that you have, we do not quite understand. We are studying and learning from you. What you have created is a new energy called Hope. HOPE! Look at yourself and you will see that Hope is stronger than darkness. Hope is inner trust. Hope is the tie and connection back to Source, back to Love, back to the remembrance of the Oneness. Hope is the energy that allowed you to go this deep into duality to do the transformational work that you have done. It is a wonderful thing, this Hope. The Creator did not know of Hope before you created it. It will be brought, this energy of Hope, into what we have called the Second Creation. It will be a foundation that will stands right next to Love and Truth in the Second Creation. Love, Truth … and Hope. That is what the Second Creation will be based on. We whelm with tears at this time.

Now, there was an event that happened that is somewhat difficult to explain. There was an event that happened in your very, very recent times. Because we are not on the same time circle (dimension) that you are, it is difficult to pin a date for Cauldre to translate. He has asked us come up with a time and date and it is not possible in your reference. But we would say that it was in your very recent times. It brought us, who are on this side of the veil, much surprise and much joy. And it is difficult in words to transmit the importance of this event so we will do it with you energetically.

Do you remember when we said that from the source-from the Great Central Sun-there was a split that created opposites? It sent waves of separation out into your realities and consciousnesses. Within your recent time frame, my friends, THE ORIGINAL SEED THAT HAD BEEN SPLIT HAS RE-MELDED. IT HAS JOINED TOGETHER AGAIN. IT IS IN UNITY. But it is not like what it was before the split. The Oneness is expanded, with greater consciousness from all the work that has been done. FROM THE VERY, VERY ESSENCE AND CENTER OF ALL THINGS, WHERE THIS ORIGINAL SPLIT OCCURRED, THERE HAS NOW BEEN A MELDING.

In a simple form, if you would imagine a circle, and from this circle there was a split that created two circles, side by side. One circle rotated clockwise while the other rotated counterclockwise. That would symbolize the original split from oneness into opposites. Each turning and spinning in their different directions. Each an opposing force. What has happened in your recent time, what has happened at the Center of All Things, is that these two circles that were spinning different directions have now melded back together.


It has always been known that these opposing forces would rejoin at some time, but it was not known how or when. It has been felt throughout consciousness that it would be happening soon. The transmutation work you have done on the insides, within yourself, has caused this to happen. We did not expect it to happen now, so when we came to our friend recently overjoyed, like children filled with excitement, it was because we understood this event had taken place.

Oh, my friends, this changes things for all of us, for all of us. This information is just now being shared with human circles such as we have here today. This information will come out. Yet, many humans will have a difficult time grasping this information, for they are imbedded with the consciousness of duality!

As the original waves went out proclaiming separation eons ago, it took millions and millions of years for these waves of energy separation to go out into the deepest parts of your universe. It is the same now that there has been a re-melding and a unity-a unity of energies-back into oneness but a different type of oneness. It will take time for this wave of Unity to make its way throughout the dimensions. Does that give you a clue about the work you will be doing soon?

It will take a while for these energies to unify throughout all of your universe. It will be hard for many to accept that unity is now possible. Many will continue to choose to live in duality and in conflict. But those who understand this most significant event that has taken place-the unity-will be able to tap into it. You will be able to consciously access this unity that is now emanating from the core of all things.

And you will be able to unify within your own being as well. No longer will you need to be the ones who transmute energies of light and dark. No longer will you need to be the ones who bring conflict in to resolve it. You will not need to be the ones who are the energy processors. Now, you can be the ones to accept unity, to understand and to bring it into your lives and to show others when they come to you. That is now possible to bring things back together. The release the old consciousness of duality is now possible!

In your time frame it will not happen overnight. There are parts of you that still may want to hang on to the consciousness of duality and conflict and separation. Go within and assure all of yourself-every part of your consciousness-that it is now appropriate to move into unity. You will see! You will feel awesome changes within you.

My friends, you have done much lightwork in the past, and you have wondered why you kept hitting the wall. Why did it feel like there were days you could never overcome the difficulties? From the core of all things, it was not possible for complete unity within yourself! If you wondered why there are days that were so difficult, it is because the consciousness of separation and opposites still existed from the very center of all things.

Now that unity has returned to the core of All That Is, and now that both of the poles of opposites have come to their full circle and have reintegrated into a new oneness, it is now possible for you to release the consciousness of duality. That is why we started on this day talking about the most difficult, the most clinging, and the most fearful of things that challenge you in your life. The thing that you most want to leave. That is why we told you on this day that is now possible for that to happen. With your intent it will begin dissolving … rapidly!

This space and the energy that the old attribute occupied was appropriate even though you did not so much like the feeling! But, it is not needed anymore in your consciousness. With your allowing, you as an individual lightworker can move into the consciousness of unity and creation. In this consciousness, you will begin to understand what we have talked about when we discuss the Golden Angel. The Golden Angel is something you have imagined as being separate and different from you. That was appropriate, somewhat like a big brother angel or a big sister angel. You will begin to understand in this consciousness of unity that you can access what the True Self, what the Golden Angel is really about. It will bear little resemblance to what you thought it was.

This is indeed a time of allowing, a time of releasing. More so than before. You can directly tie in to this energy of unity, what we will call the expanding unity. You can bring this into your life. You can, in a sense, dissolve the veil that has been around you that has kept you from understanding who you are. We ask you to do this in your quiet, in a peaceful space when you go to tap into this. We ask you to be open for it will not necessarily come from where you think it will come from. We ask you to be open and when you feel the old energy attributes of wanting to go back to polarity, to opposites, simply release those.

My friends, all of the darkness, all of the conflict and the difficulty, even though it has felt like it is clinging to you and is haunting you, is filled in purpose. It too wants to leave now. The polarity wants to leave now! And opposites now want to come back together within you. Simply allow them to leave. And then stand back and watch out for you will see an integration which you could not possibly have imagined. You will begin to understand what empowerment means. It will not mean things like levitating objects and reading others minds. Empowerment will be a feeling of unity within that allows you to understand All That Is.

There is much information that we are giving you on this day that is not spoken, that comes to you in consciousness. When this meeting breaks on this day and you go back to your homes and to your offices you will carry with you something new. You will carry with you something that you have not felt before. This feeling will continue to grow and expand if you allow it.

Certainly there will be challenges of the old energies of duality. But, my friends, each of you now has the ability to tie into the unity that you could not tie into before. And that is why you felt lost at times when you tried to come to terms, and you tried to come to oneness, and you tried to bring love into your life, and when you tried to heal others. Because you and we were still operating under the laws of opposites.

The change in unity and the coming together of energies will begin to permeate all things in your life. It will begin to go out into waves that reach your earth and reach the other humans. And as we have said, there will be some who choose to continue to live in duality for they feel that there are unresolved issues. There are those even, my friends, that you will encounter that will be fearful of returning to Oneness. They will feel that it is evil. They will feel that they must continue to live in conflict and pain. They must continue to fight the wars that occur within and outside.

But, as you develop your own empowerment and you begin to learn to work with these new energies, you will be able to heal people in a way that you could never imagine. You will simply be able to - hmmm, Cauldre asks for clarification on these words-you will simply be able to look others in the eye, into their soul, and tell them they can put down their swords. They can put down the battles. They can stop living in their shelters and in fear. FOR THERE IS NOW A UNITY THAT THEY CAN TAP INTO IF THEY CHOOSE.

This is the reason that each of you in this room, and each of you reading this material, came into this lifetime. You came here to be transmuters of energy, and in your highest fulfillment of your contract to be teachers, to be healers. Each of you who held hope throughout all of the difficulties came here to one day be the teachers that would look the others in the eye, and tell them the time has come to release the energy of opposites and to live in oneness. To help them understand once and for all what true love is.

It is you, my friends, that have gone into this-that have gone into this transmuting of the opposites and have allowed this to happen-that have caused Unity to happen. And you wonder why we honor you and love you! There is much work now to do but this work that you will enter into will be joyous. It will be most rewarding. It will be, as you say, very easy to do. You will see the struggles diminish quickly. You will see the conflict go.

You will be seeing great changes in your own personal lives as well rapid changes in terms of relationships, where you live, your jobs and career. Accept these with a smile. Accept the new Unity.

And so it is.


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