The Creator Series Lesson 11: Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
June 17, 2001

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we continue in the circle for this time of your questions and answers. Once again, as we did in our last gathering of this type, we will ask you to listen to these questions as they are asked and to look within yourself for the appropriate answer. Not so much in your mind, but in your heart, the place of knowingness. Be also the one who is answering this. Answer it for yourself. Learn to listen to that space within. Learn to listen in this place of truth, this place of Divinity within you. As these questions are asked on this day, allow this truth within you to come forth.

And then I, Tobias, will answer on behalf of all who are gathered here on this day. Understand that our answers will not necessarily contain the same words as yours, but it will contain the same energy, the same essence. So listen carefully for the answer that comes up from within you.

Dear friends, as we move through this Creator Series, as we come to a conclusion of this eleventh lesson, understand that one of the challenges that humans have of moving into the new energy is a fear of creating. There is a core fear within all of you. It has come from experiences in the past on Earth and before you came here. The outcome was not what you would have expected. It comes from a feeling of guilt – a spiritual guilt – that you did something wrong when you left Home. This fear comes from knowing, at the core level, how truly powerful you are, knowing that you have the power to create anything. Anything is possible. Then what happens is this old fear, the old spiritual guilt, hits the brakes and won’t allow you to create in the way you would truly like.

These are core issues. You are done with your other basic issues. You have walked through and processed those. We are now coming to the core issues. The issue of the fear of being Creator. We talked much today of the ego, of the male energy, of the battling energy. These are all fear issues that will come up.

In a sense, you would like to be "junior creators", or "sub-creators". You would like to have an energy higher and stronger and above you that places controls or limitations on the extent of your ability to create. Dear friends, it is not meant to be that way! There is not meant to be another who is higher. As we said in our story of Jack, one day Jack will inherit the throne.

There is no other being who will restrict your ability to create. There is a core fear that you do not have an outside Father/God energy to watch over and to regulate your creations. You tend to put on the brakes. We are telling you now that in the new energy it is different. Your own divine self will not allow you to create inappropriately. This divine balance comes from within you. It comes from the wisdom of all of your past experiences. It comes from your True Self.

Your True Self is awakening now. It is emerging from the cocoon where it has slept for so long. It is awakening and coming forth. But interestingly enough, even though this is a more complete Self, it is also like your own child who glows from within, a Christ Child. It is yours to care for and nurture and feed. It is interesting that it is the "complete" you, the True Self, the Divine Self. You would think, would you not, that it would be appropriate for you to give up control to your True Self? You would think this would be the Father/Mother God energy coming back for you. But instead it is the Child. It is the Child energy. It is your creation. And it needs your nurturing.

Now, we will talk more of this at another time. But in your long journey here, and to get here and your many experiences, you have created your own child, called your divinity, just as the King and Queen through their love created Jack. This will give you something to think about!

Now, we will welcome your questions on this day:

QUESTION: Tobias, why have I carried such a deep sorrow all my life? It’s very disheartening. Is that why I have a hard time feeling my heart? Where is the joy for me? Where do I fit into this bizarre world and universe?

TOBIAS: These are all good questions and, at the core level, dear one, and all of you who experience this feeling, this deep sorrow is specifically what we have spoken of. You have cleared your other issues that were based on the karma of your soul. We talked today of clearing your ancestral karma. But your core issue, your core sorrow, goes back to when you left Home. It was a traumatic experience. When you crossed through the Wall of Fire, you shattered into billions of pieces. You were in a state of complete fragmentation for what seemed eons of time.

When you left the Wall of Fire, you entered a void. There was nothing. You were cold. You felt you had been banished from the Kingdom. You were separated from Spirit, from your own spiritual parents. You were separated from God. You had never felt anything like this. It was the lowest of feelings. This is what you call the original sin. You call it sin, we do not; we know better. But this feeling of loss and separation would be like that of a young child who is abandoned by its parents, wondering why it was not worthy of love, wondering why they set it out in the cold. You felt you lost the connection of the love between mother and child. You felt you lost the connection of a fatherly love.

You have done much other clearing in this lifetime and now this final core issue comes into being. The core issue is the sorrow of leaving home. It will be a challenge for you, but it will be easier if you understand what created this sorrow in the first place. We have been working with Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) and the doctors and with Linda (Benyo) on a way to bring Shaumbra back to those issues, to help you look at this time of separation, to help you see it with the same love that we see it. Dear friends, we can create the sacred space to help bring you back to the point of leaving Home in order to help you understand the true love that was involved.

The journey of Shaumbra can be very difficult. You are walking away from old and perhaps somewhat comfortable energies. Moving from the old energy into the new energy often requires separating from things that were close and dear to you, such as jobs, family, loves ones, friends, a home you have lived in for a long time, and even ways of thinking. It is a difficult journey.

When you sit with a student who comes to your door asking for help and asking for guidance, dear friends, you’ll look at them and see they are about to embark on a very difficult journey. You will know they must do themselves. As their teacher, you will want them to understand that it is not what they think it will be. Oh, it is indeed wonderful. It is discovering your Divinity once again. But dear friends, as you know, it is difficult and challenging. It is the most difficult thing you have ever done in any of your lifetimes before. In your other lifetimes, you perhaps had challenges, but you never had a challenge at the level you are at right now. You are walking across the Bridge of Swords. You are crossing the chasm from the old energy to the new, and you are doing it alone, without your guides.

Sitting in front of your student, you will try to explain that this will be the most challenging journey. You will chuckle to yourself, as they sit with their bright eyes and big smile, and say to themselves, "Oh, it won’t be that difficult, I can do anything." You will chuckle, knowing that it will be the most challenging yet most rewarding thing they have ever experienced.

In direct answer to your question, dear one, you are feeling the pain of the separation. There is healing that is taking place for you. There is healing in the words we speak to you. But there will come a point when you need to face this directly. There will come a point when you face it in your dreams or in your experiences, when you have to face this time of separation. By the way, you are making good progress. Do not give up, but do not struggle so much – the answers will come to you.

QUESTION: A lot of lightworkers are experiencing severe pain and other difficulties within our biology. Can we use Reiki to heal? If not, how do we heal?

TOBIAS: These aches and pains of the body are symptoms of going into the new energy. They are symptoms of a change that is taking place at the deepest and most profound levels of your being, deeper than even the DNA. These changes and these aches and pains will continue for a while. There are many, many good methods for relieving this and our recommendation is to find out what works best for you. You do not need to struggle with it. If you find that Reiki provides comfort and relief for you, this is appropriate. There are others who may find relief by simply taking time in nature, walking in quiet through the woods, in the mountains, at the seashore. Many times the Earth herself helps to balance these energies. There are others who will find simply bathing in salt water, as we have discussed, will help. We ask you to look at all these techniques. Again, we learn from you. We are collecting information on what you find works. But it is to know that these body aches are simply a symptom of moving into the new energy and of all the changes that are taking place deep within you.

QUESTION: Tobias, I still deal with issues of weight and then feel guilty for the amount of time and energy I spend worrying and planning on how to lose weight, when I should be more concentrated on spiritual things. How can I either lose the weight or get over my need to lose it? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Dear one, this is an issue that challenges many, many of you and there are quite a few reasons for it. First of all, the weight itself is a soothing factor in the changes that you are going through at the deep levels within. The extra weight literally helps pad the changes that are taking place. So we do not recommend you getting mad at yourself for this. Your body knows well how to regulate itself. It knows very well. It is saying that it is appropriate to have this weight.

We are somewhat troubled by you and by others who do not love yourselves for all that you are. This image that has been created by humans of a perfect biological being on the outside has become so important that you do not love yourself when you look in the mirror. To tie into Lesson Eleven that we discussed today, give yourself thanks. Give yourself thanks for all that you are, for the miracles you do, for the creating you do. Thank your body for having the wisdom to have the certain protections, to have certain balances that it creates for itself. We are sad to see that there is so much guilt here on your part and there are so many struggles to try to obtain this ideal look. Accept yourself for who you are. When you do, when there is not so much battling within, the weight will go to the next level of balancing. This means your body can drop the weight it has been carrying around to protect itself from you, and from your thoughts of guilt.

QUESTION: Tobias, tell us about sex. What’s the energy around it? (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: Hmmm, hmmmm. We will tell a story here and Cauldre does not so much like us sharing. (audience laughter) On our side of the veil we talk much of sex, much as you do. We talk about your sex lives (audience laughter) and yes, there are times dear friends, when we even are available when you are making love like this. Oh, we stand around and smile. (much audience laughter) At times there is such a tremendous symphony of energy that takes place between two people that care about each other. And to the one that asked the question (telepathically) just now, it does not matter to us one bit if it is male and female, or two members of the same sex. We are not prejudiced in that regard. What we enjoy is the love that is made between the humans. Oh, it is like your finest music, and we like to watch. (audience laughter) But not in the voyeuristic way you may think. It draws us in and we are amazed at what you are creating. The expressions of love, the feelings of tenderness, all of this, it is amazing.

Dear friends, as we said earlier today, when Spirit and All That Is reflected for even a brief moment about "Who Am I?" it created, instantly it created, two separate beings, the King and the Queen. They looked each other in the eye and connected in the heart and loved each other so much that they created an offspring called Jack. You are Jack. The love of Spirit brought you forth. You brought this attribute to Earth in a biological way. When two humans love each other, they can create offspring like Spirit created you. Even when offspring are not created, there is tremendous love and tremendous energy that is created.

The energy that is created through the making of love between two humans does not then go out into the thin air and dissolve or go away. The energy, dear friends, of making love between humans is collected by Angels. Then it is delivered in the appropriate manner into the new creation, the new universe that you are creating even at this very moment. This is the most potent of all energies that is used in creating the second circle that you are in. You started with a void, you are now building a second circle. As we have said, one day the first circle, the first creation, will move into the second circle, the second creation that you are building now. The most potent energy for this is the energy when two humans make love. That is why we like to watch! (audience laughter).

Conversely, dear friends, when there is sex and it does not involve love; and when there is sex that involves control or abuse of another; when there is dominance from one to the other and there is addiction to this; this also attracts energy. It does not attract the type of Angels and entities that you like to work with. It attracts ones that are rather earthbound, ones whose energy you would not like so much. You would call it "dark." They will converge around this controlling type of sex and they will be fed the energy from that also.

Again, we caution the use of terms here for we talk in symbols many times. But in that type of sex, in that type of situation, an energy is produced that would feed what you would call the dark entities. And we thank you for your question. And do not be so concerned that we will be coming into your bedroom all of the time. (audience laughter)

QUESTION: Tobias, I’ve been asked to join a hands-on healing group. All are certified in one thing or another. I’m not certified in anything. All are still in the "old energy." If I join this group how is this going to work out and am I to be there with the new energy?

TOBIAS: That is precisely why you are being asked to join. There is an inner knowingness on their part that you bring something new. You will challenge many of their belief systems, and again we do not have a crystal ball here and we do not prophesize, but we know a setup when we see one. And there’s a setup here to bring you in to show many of these healers that there is a new way. But you should also understand that they might promptly ask you to leave! You will be a challenge to them, you will shake up their old ways of thinking and believing. So do not take this personally, but understand this is simply something you are being called to by them. But they might be also the ones who become angered by you. Oh, you will find this situation most interesting and we cannot wait for you to report back. (audience laughter)

QUESTION: Tobias, why don’t you speak first (before the guest speakers at the Crimson Circle gatherings). I travel a long way and today a lot of the speakers were of the "old energy."

TOBIAS: Dear friends, this is what Cauldre chooses and we honor what he says. There are many times we do not so much agree with him and we’ll tell him. He can be stubborn! He was stubborn even as a son. (audience laughter) And this is what he chooses. We have not been emphatic with him about this, we have allowed this to be. We thank you for the question, but you will have to take this up with him. (audience laughter)

QUESTION: What about credit for what we perceive as bad creation? Who gets the blame?

TOBIAS: This is an excellent question for in the scheme of things, when all things are considered, there is no "bad" creation. And you were already hearing that from within you. There is judgment on your part of what is good and bad. Let us give you an example: There is a lightworker, who is not sitting in this physical room on this day, but who will read this material. This lightworker, this Shaumbra, was responsible for the deaths of many in a past lifetime, in a rather gruesome way. This has haunted this family member ever since. This individual has gone on a very difficult and low path ever since, with tremendous feelings of guilt, tremendous feelings of remorse, tremendous feelings more so than ever of disconnection with Spirit. This lightworker, up until recently, has believed at the deepest level of their being that they would go to a place of hell. They are coming to understand new things. They will be one of the strongest, one of the best teachers of all. They will rise fast, they will have insight and experiences that many others will never come close to having. They chose, and those who were slaughtered by this person chose, to have this extent of experience. They chose to have some of the darkest of the dark.

Dear friends, in order to truly move things forward, there are those who have to volunteer to go into the darkest of the dark. They volunteer to be in the gutter. They volunteer to find what the bottom looks like. There is honor in all this work. There should be no assumption or judgment then about what is right or wrong.

We ask you to look at it this way. You have simply not seen the full picture and the full benefit for all at this time with judgments. We look at your creations, we look at your actions in all things and understand there is an amazingly beautiful but yet complex tapestry that makes all of this up. What you would consider to be bad creations, what you would consider to be bad deeds, are all part of a beautiful tapestry.

You are simply now coming to the point in your own enlightenment where you can begin to see things as they are, and in doing so and having a greater spiritual overview of things, there are things now you would not choose to do any more. There are depths that you would not choose to go to for you do not need to. You are coming to new ways of understanding how this creation of yours is put together.

QUESTION: Dear Tobias, is it correct for society to take the life of one who has taken the lives of others. If so, can you please explain why, and if not, can you explain how enlightened individuals might bring about a change?

TOBIAS: (pausing) We are pausing here to let the answers also to come from within you.

There are several ways to look at this. First, there is no life and death as you know it. When a person’s life is taken at the hands of another, as you speak of, they simply go back to our side of the veil and they go through a period of healing. They go through a period of reflection and then they come back to Earth. So on a higher level, dear friends, you are not killing a soul. You are not damning them to heaven or to hell. You are just releasing them a bit earlier than they would have chosen!

We do not place any judgment on the appropriateness of this type of action. But we tell you that when this occurs, when there are those who condemn another, they are adding to their karmic bucket. This could be all who are involved in the process of judgment, from the judge and the jury and your officers of law and even the public. Even those who read the newspaper and decide if this person was right or wrong, to be killed or let live. There is a karmic reaction within your soul to this. So we ask you to be cautious before condemning or judging.

On a philosophical level, the real issue is not about one man killing another man. It is about changing society. It is about moving into a time of enlightenment and personal empowerment and divinity. The very work that each of you here are doing is having much more of an effect on changing the consciousness of this planet, then publicizing an execution in your newspaper.

What is to be done with that individual should really be a question of what should be done to society. What should be done for a more enlightened humanity? A humanity that can heal and release the past, that can do the type of things you’ve done. Would you kill all of your society then? No we do not think so. Should you kill one man? You answer that.

QUESTION: How do we treat our very male fathers who have the old energy?

TOBIAS: This is very much of a challenge. Indeed we understand. There are some of you who will simply choose to walk away from it. There are some who would choose to disassociate from them. You will find it easier to not try to change this fatherly father, to not try to even make amends and heal the past, for you have tried that and it has not worked, has it? It always comes back on you!

There may be a time when you simply need to walk away from it for the wellness of your own being. It will be difficult to change him for he has chosen this way. If you cannot be in his presence and accept this energy, perhaps it is time simply to walk away. But this is most challenging, we understand. This setup is causing you to look at areas within yourself for even you carry very strong male father energies that challenge you. His reflection is causing you to look within yourself, to look deep. Perhaps a period of time away from this would be good at this point.

QUESTION: Tobias, how is an ego formed? I was surprised to hear you say that even inanimate objects have an ego. How does an iron, for example, get an ego?

TOBIAS: These all have energetic identifications, which are somewhat different than an ego. An inanimate object such as a coathanger, such as a bowl, such as an iron; these all have vibrational patterns. Fingerprints, as it were, of vibration. They do not have the type of spiritual energy that you do. They do not have the ability to be a creator like you do. They do not have the type of free will that you once had (audience laughter) and they do not contain the ability for its own divinity to expand.

But inanimate objects do contain a certain amount of vibration and intelligence. They can easily be communicated with. We sometimes have to scratch our head and wonder why you do not talk to more trees and to more bowls and to more rocks and things. They are very pleasant to talk to! Sometimes more pleasant to talk to than humans. (audience laughter)

All things contain their own type of life force and vibration. They are all connected. You are separate – each one of you is separate and independent – but yet you are all connected in a way. Do not think of these inanimate objects having an ego like yours but think of them having a separate identity. They cannot make the type of decisions that you can, they do not have a spiritual intelligence like you do, and they cannot grow or expand their divinity like you can. But at the core level, it all comes from the same place and therefore you can have fun with these things.

QUESTION: Dear Tobias, I have suffered depression for most of my adult life. I found relief with medication and I’m wondering if the medication inhibits my spiritual growth?

TOBIAS: Now, Cauldre asks us not to give medical advice, but we will ignore him here! (audience laughter) Dear friends, and you who specifically ask this question, many of you have used these medications for a layer of protection, to get out of the intensity of your own mind. We can tell you from what we have observed that in order to fully move into your divinity you will have to, you will need to and want to release these drugs. They provide you with a blanket. They provide a barrier that has protected you from the old energy ways of yourself.

You will need to release these to move forward. Now the drugs will continue to carry residue within you for a period of time, unfortunately. When you stop taking them they will not go away right away. There is a chemical buildup in your body but more than that, it has caused a somewhat longer term blanket, an emotional blanket, that will take some work to release. There is a layer that will take a lot of love and a lot of attention to release. We suggest to you and to all others who have taken anti-depressant drugs and any sort of psychological drugs to find a way to release these. We are not saying they are bad, but they will continue to keep a barrier between you and your divinity.

We would suggest to you to have a support group of Shaumbra that you can talk to for you will go through some difficult and challenging times releasing these. You will be opening parts of your self that you have tried to close off through these drugs. This will be a difficult and challenging time. Have a support group of Shaumbra. If they are not in your area move to an area where they are! Learn to work with them and as they give you time and attention and love and help you through your journey, give back to them also; help them with things. There has to be a balanced exchange of energy.

On our side of the veil we do not have money like you, but we always exchange energy. When you first crossed through the Wall of Fire and went into the void there were those who tried to take other’s energies, thinking that by stealing one’s energy they could then have the fuel, they could then have the secret, to return back to the Kingdom. That is how energy stealing started in the first place!

So, back to the question. For those who are in your support group who are working with you and nurturing and loving you, return the energy back to them. Help them clean their house, if that’s necessary. Help them with mundane chores, do favors for them, but return the energy. We work with balanced energy on this side. We found out what it was like to have others steal energy and not return it. Do the same on Earth.

These drugs provided padding and perhaps were appropriate but we see, for those who are moving into the new energy, that these are something that you will want to release. Cauldre can also feel our emotions and knows that we do not so much like these drugs! You are hiding from the problem rather than addressing it with these. The work of a good new energy facilitator will do much to balance and heal than what these drugs can do. There are core issues that are seeking to come out here. Your doctors and counselors of the new energy can help address the deep inner issues that are causing the imbalances in the first place.

QUESTION: Tobias, there are significant things that can happen to people that just stop taking psychological drugs.

TOBIAS: We understand this. You are speaking in general of those who are still walking in the old energy. We are speaking of those who are walking in the new energy and are Shaumbra. We understand that this – Cauldre stops us quite often here but we will continue – we understand that there are implications of going off of these medications. But you do not understand yet what type of reaction that a new energy lightworker will have when they release these medications. The reaction will be quite different than that of a human who is walking in the old energy. Yes, they will need to be under supervision, that is why we said they needed a support group. They will need the guidance and counsel of qualified new energy doctors and facilitators. But dear friends, you cannot go into the new energy with a complex chemical that alters the natural and divine processes that are taking place. Period!

QUESTION: Tobias, through most of the channels you have spoken about changes to the physical body and biology. I haven’t noticed any of these changes or shifts, not even the new age flu. Please comment on the biology’s response to the new energy.

TOBIAS: You are one of the fortunate ones whose biology that is not so much affected by this. Count yourself lucky! It is not something that is pleasant as most Shaumbra can vouch for. You are one who has a biological system that is excellent at processing unneeded energy and disposing of it in the appropriate physical and non-physical ways.

QUESTION: Will my career involve a healing center that James and I create?

TOBIAS We are not prophets here, we are not ones to make predictions. You are the ones who are the creators. Look within for what you would like to do. Look within for the type of work, for the type of teaching, for the type of fulfillment that you would like to do. We all support you in the work that you do, and if you feel from within your being that a healing center is appropriate, so be it. Create it!

It is interesting that you ask this question. It is interesting that you would think that there is something written in a book, the Book of Life, that says you are to create a healing center. The Book of Life for you and for all who are Shaumbra is blank. We have gone through eleven lessons with you in the Creator Series. You have the paints, you have all of the tools in your hands now to create your desires on these blank pages. We know the human fear comes and says, "But what if I’m not supposed to create a healing center?" Who is to say whether you are supposed to or not? What is it that sings from your heart? What is it that you choose to create?

We are challenging each one of you. There are no guidelines, there are no predetermined things in your life as creators. The pages are empty. If you feel the desire and the passion to have a healing center – perhaps to heal the very ones who are going through the process of releasing these chemicals of the mind – if you feel that passion to have a center for them or to have a center for those who are struggling with their own male energy or are struggling with their female, if you have a desire to have a healing center for any of these, so be it! Create it!

To all who are here, all who are Shaumbra, we are not pulling the strings. You are no longer bound by the past, bound by karma. The future is yours to create. And do you know what, dear friends? You are so powerful you can create anything. But you have to take the first step. You can’t wait for Spirit to deliver it in your lap. Spirit is waiting for you to initiate the action. And when you do, and when a good thing happens, and when your create something you are proud of, give yourself thanks!

And so it is ...

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