The Creator Series Lesson 6: Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
January 6, 2001

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends, that we return again to this circle (from the break after the channeling) for this time of attempting to answer your questions. Now we ask you to take a moment here to remember what it was like to walk into this meeting hall today, and the time even of your morning and your time of coming here. Remember the feeling you had and what was going through your mind before this Crimson Circle was called to order today.

Feel now of where your energy is, how you feel about your self, and how you feel about your relationship to all things around you. This energy and this feeling of peace and understanding can not necessarily be defined, and does not need to be defined. Dear friends, you own this, it is yours, it is yours. It is not something that has been created by I, Tobias, or by some other entity – this feeling within you of joy, of peace and of a knowingness that all things within your being are possible. This is yours and you own it.

We have spoken of the four and the marbles. We have spoken of the new balance. This balance occurs as the fourth element comes in. Lesson Six – within you there is Divine Balance. This is the knowingness, the internal peace and understanding that all things will come into Divine Balance if you allow them to be, if you allow them to be. Within you is all of the capabilities and tools -- you need to search no further outside. You simply need to allow this Divine Balance to resolve the issues in your life. It is important here to do this without limitation. When you threw your issues into the air tonight (during the channeling), this was symbolic of having no limitation of releasing.

When you threw your issues into the air, they floated and suspended. In the old Earth energy, they would have dropped to the ground – gravity would have pulled them - but we are telling you emphatically that things are changing. Release the limitations by allowing ‘grace’ to work on the issues. Know that things will change. Allow the ‘cooling off period’ and then release the issues as if to the wind. They will transform into gems of light. Then when you feel you are ready, collect and weave these former issues into your necklace of light.

Now, as we hear your laughter at the length of our words on this night (during the channeling), we will move now directly into answering your questions. So, it is time to begin that process.

Question: Tobias, can you explain the disappearance of my Oven of Grace?

Tobias: Indeed, and this is a profound question. Dear friend, you have simply integrated it! Look around inside your new house. There is not a lot there! When you integrate the elements of your house, they seemingly disappear because they are now within you. As you continue to work with these tools and integrate them, they will be a natural part of your process. They will meld into your being. You will not have to consciously focus on these. You will not have to bring these into your intellectual mind. They will occur naturally, smoothly, at times transparently. Dear friend, the oven has disappeared because you own it!

Question: Tobias, I know I have made the decision to stay on earth and go into the new energy. And I have been doing the things I need to do in order to be healthy. So what if I change my mind? This new energy stuff is not easy. Do I have to consciously kill myself if I choose to leave? (audience laughter)

Tobias: Now, this is a good but a difficult question. As all of you know, it is difficult to turn back once you have gained a certain amount of wisdom. There is also within all of you a commitment that was given within the past few years. You were given the choice of returning to our side, but you chose to stay on Earth. In a sense you have said to us – "no matter how much I complain (audience laughter), I will continue with my journey."

We know the pressures are incredibly challenging and you need a type of reprieve. There are times when you can turn off on the wayside, when you can get off of the main highway. You can rest and relax and recharge at this time. You can stay at the wayside as long you want. But what we have noticed with Shaumbra is that you pull over, you open the door for a moment, you get back in and you get back on the journey.

So we tell you in answer to your question – there are waysides, there are rest stops along the way. However, if you choose to no longer continue the journey, you cannot erase what you have learned. You will find it irritating to sit in a space of not moving forward, a space of not continuing to evolve. You will want to get back to this awakening process that goes on within. We know of no better way to answer this question; but it is one we know is on the minds of all who are here and all who are connecting.

Question: Tobias, as we turn inward to connect with our true selves and find that the difference between the truth we find inside, and the truth we have presented to others around us; i.e., spouses and parents, how do we deal with the potential for immense pain without ourselves falling into the trap of shame and guilt – which then removes ourselves from the truth of who we are?

Tobias: Dear one, we give you a very simple answer to your question. You are concerned about how others will perceive you. You are concerned about what you have done in the past. You are concerned about the potential for a growing chasm between you and others. Spend time within – in this inner room of your new house – and you allow for the truth to be in you and you allow yourself to come to your own truth. You have been influenced by others’ truths, but now it is time for yours. Those people on the outside will see truth within you. They will see truth and they will not be so concerned of the past. They will see a new truth. And, more importantly, you are truly asking here, without saying the words, about what you have thought to be truth in the past and no longer find to be truth. And we say to you specifically that there have been many evolutions that you have gone through, many levels of learning. The truth you come to know in the days ahead will not be your final truth either. It will be growth and new dimensionalities within your truth. We ask you to sit in the quiet space for a while and not get all tangled up in yourself either. We ask you to simply know that the truth is within and allow it to shine outward.

Question: Tobias, did all humans go through the Wall of Fire to get here?

Tobias: Indeed, all who are human went through the Wall of Fire. Know that we speak in metaphors for easier understanding; but all who are walking the earth at this time crossed over from the first circle to get here. And the new ones that will come in that have never been in biology, they too must cross through this Wall of Fire; but it will be different for them because you have paved the way. There was one who spoke earlier tonight (author Ilene Kimsey, Golden Wisdom Beyond the Emerald City) of the Yellow Brick Road and the place of Oz. The Yellow Brick Road is the path that has been paved, and the Emerald City is certainly your green Earth. Along this path, you encountered many experiences, including experiences of fear, friendship, honor, wisdom, courage, love and many challenges. You created this Yellow Brick Road for the others to follow.

Question: Tobias, can you please speak about the loud bangs some of us have heard?

Tobias: There are literally shifts that is taking place on multiple levels. The first and closest level to you is in your earth. Then there are dimensionality shifts that are going on directly around you. As the energy of the new earth continues to evolve and change, the shifts are taking place more violently – not appropriate word – more directly. You will feel these in your being or some may even hear these in their being. You will notice, if you pay attention to these, that these shifts are almost like a static discharge, with a crackling that occurs. If you pay particular attention to when these happen, you will notice there will be a period of high winds within a short period of time after this occurs. Following the change or shift, then there is a clearing out that occurs with the assistance of the winds.

Question: Tobias, can you explain why my interest in things changes so often? I get very passionate about something and then a short time later I no longer have any interest it. I’m thinking of getting a job but I am afraid I will lose interest in it after a short time. What’s this all about?

Tobias: As we have said in previous discussions [see Tobias channeling December 9, 2000] , there were periods of time when the clear marble, the third marble, would move very slowly between the black and the white. Then in much longer intervals of time when the black and the white reverse roles. That process of movement of energy between the two was slow. As we have said in our discussion last month, this is intensifying now. It is happening very frequently. You will feel this within your being. You will feel rapid change. You will feel hot one day and cold the next. You will feel impassioned one day and dis-impassioned the next.

These are all part of the process of the changes that are taking place at the deepest inner levels of your being. As the fourth element comes in to balance the three original, many of you will also feel inner conflict, for the three do not so much want this "foreign" element in. So you will feel great inner turmoil. This may be represented outside of you by the feeling of rejecting people, rejecting things, or feeling you are being rejected. Remember, they are all symbols of what is happening at the deep inner levels inside of you. So, quite simply understand that changes are taking place. When they become somewhat overwhelming, go into your new house, close the windows, pull the blinds shut, and go into your Inner Room. Go to your Inner Room and smile and know that all of these changes are appropriate. Know that within you is a Divine Balance, and all things will find their natural level. Just as water seeks its level, so does divinity.

Question: Will Tobias and the Crimson Circle participate in the work of the World Council of Elders?

Tobias: Indeed my dear friend, you are missing that there IS already a participation. If you could see the energies as we do, you would see there are direct lines of energy going between the two. Indeed, your participation as Shaumbra opens these connections. Now, there is an interesting dynamic happening here. The work you do it is of bringing something up from the old. As we mentioned a month ago, there are events that will shatter the old, and from this something from the past, will arise again. Again we speak in many symbols – there is a need to – for many reasons. But you will see that part of the puzzle of what you are doing, and what will come back into the involvement of Shaumbra, is to bring back portions of the old that are appropriate. It may seem to be a conflict at this time that there are things being shattered, and there is old that is coming back in, but you will see how these work in perfect harmony together.

In direct answer to your question; Yes, there is much work already being done and there is some very powerful work that is appropriately coming in through your work.

Question: Tobias, why did both of our cars get dented over the holiday break by a good friend?

Answer: Your human energy is quite interesting – in a sense it responds directly to things within you and within your life. We know you do not like so much for these things to happen, but it is it is symbolic of the changing nature of relationships in your life. It is symbolic of the bumps and the bings that are occurring in your own relationships. These are then literally interpreted by you in the form of this minor accident.

Dear friends, this is an excellent question for it allows us to make a point. You are already creators, you just do not understand how you have been creating! The purpose of this Creator Series is to show you how to consciously create. Indeed, you have been creating but you have not been aware of the process. You are already creating, and it is showing up in the side of your car. (Audience laughter)

Question: Dear Tobias, often in the last couple of weeks two of us who are here, and a number of our friends and family, have experienced very defined distortions in time and space, which included profound dizziness and even nausea. Can you tell us whether some important influx or shift to earth energy may have occurred recently? Thank you.

Tobias: It is – we say this and underline it – an internal thing that is happening to you. Do not look to the sun, do not look to the comets, do not look to the numerology of the day. These are the result of changes occurring within you.

You will also find that if you are in a close proximity to another human who is open, you can also affect them. We will discuss this in more detail in one of our future lessons.

These consciousness shifts will generally occur at appropriate times where you do not have to worry about consequences. It will be when you are standing in a safe space, not while you are driving down the road. There will be a feeling of disconnect or dizziness, or a feeling of spinning or falling even though there is a floor underneath you. When these happen, you are going through consciousness changes. Changes are a key to the entire process that you are going through. These are literal changes but they are also signs to you that you are changing. There is a specific lesson that we will have here within the next several months where we will discuss more of this particular phenomena.

Question: Tobias, if I may ask, how am I doing? I’ve put my past life residue in the Oven of Grace.

Tobias: As we said at the beginning of our circle today, the changes within you and Shaumbra have been astounding! The changes have brought tears to our eyes and the eyes of others. Now, you want faster changes. You want more movement in things and part of the role of the Crimson Council is to work with you on balancing these. You have given us permission to put our hand on the valves – the valve that opens or closes and therefore regulate the speed of change. We see at times where it is important to slow down when you would want to go fast. You want to get through this process quickly and get it over with! We know that there would be ramifications on your physical, mental and spiritual balance if this happens too quickly. So one of our roles is to help regulate or control the speed at which things change.

In direct to your question, "Outstanding".

Question: Tobias, you mentioned that our bodies will begin to do all kinds of things the doctors won’t be able to explain. Will we be able to re-grow organs, limbs and teeth? How long until we begin to experience this?

Tobias: It is not set up within the keys of your biology to have that inherent ability to do that. We do not see that this is going to happen in your lifetime in the biology that you are in. On the other hand, dear friends, we do not want to limit your ability as creators! We simply want to help you understand that the keys for doing this are not necessarily in place.

However, if there is enough passion on your part, and there is enough communication with your inner biological and spiritual being, indeed you have the potential to create this. The new ones coming in, in particular those who gather here tonight that will be coming into biology, will begin to have the first of those keys for organ regeneration and rejuvenation. It is one of the things that will distinguish them and will amaze the scientists.

Now, there are many things you can do with your biology now however. There is faster healing as we have talked about. There is greater communication between the individual parts (cells) that can be facilitated. And again, much of what you are able to do in your current biology will baffle the doctors who look at you. Much of what you do in your current emotional and spirit state will baffle even the psychics who look at the old energy ways. When they look at your aura, they will not see one and they will think you are dead! (audience laughter) It is because they are looking in the wrong place. There are many changes you are going through, but what you have spoken of in this question, with the literal re-growth of organs and tissues, will be somewhat challenging to do, but we applaud you for trying. Your efforts will help set the energy for the "keys" that future generations will use.

Question: Tobias, as lightworkers encounter their true selves and in the ensuing follow up, marriages dissolve and families come into crisis with sudden huge shifts – what about the affect upon the children of these situations – as drastic, sudden and sometimes ugly loss of the old. Did they not consent by contract to be present for these difficulties? Will they be okay?

Tobias: There is, at the deepest levels within them, a knowingness and understanding that this was a potential to occur. If you look at your individual situation, you will also see they are part of the impetus for this. They are influencing the plan, and if you were not following your path, they would be the ones to put you back on it! There is learning that they are receiving also. The love that you ultimately give back to them will be what keeps them from having the deep scars and the wounds from this emotional process.

Question: Dearest Tobias, after a recent annual physical, some tests came back that showed a change. I know intrinsically that there is no disease within my body. How can I avoid further testing without going into the fourth marble theory? PS: You stole my idea of throwing issues into the air. (Smiley face)

Tobias: Indeed we did steal your ideas! As we have said, we simply take what you are already learning – perhaps at deeper, unconscious levels - and put it before you. We thank you for your contribution.

(Added later) The testing is very appropriate. It will show you how you are creating changes of health and balance within your being. It will be proof to you, and to others, that healing through divine grace is available. You will find it interesting to observe the "tests" and how the results will change in the future. Now, when the doctors are puzzled and cannot explain the healing changes that are taking place within your being, simply give them a copy of the Tobias channels (laughing).

Question: Tobias, many times when I go in my new house there is a circle of beings in crimson capes. One day as I went in, I was given a white robe and a crimson cape and a sword. I heard someone say, "You have taken your place on the council – we salute you." I saw a duplicate of myself across the circle and we began to merge. It seemed very real. Ginger had a similar experience in melding and we find we often have identical experiences in the new house, down to the identical colors. We are both delighted to have this kind of confirmation – thanks.

Tobias: Now this is an interesting question and somewhat difficult to answer. The Crimson Council is in a sense coming to you. We are coming to You, and in a sense when we meld energies, it is like you are allowing us into YOUR council. Cauldre says we are not answering well here, but we would tell you there is nothing that any of you must do to be accepted to OUR level, for our level in a sense is lower than YOURS. You are accepting US into YOURS.

The white robe you see is the acknowledgement on your part of the purity of who you are. Understand dear friends, we are not the ones that sit in the high and mighty place. It is YOU! We laugh and smile and joke with you because you do not yet see this. We are here to remind you of that, and we are here to remind you that the Circle is coming to you. That is the best way we can answer this.

It is natural for Shaumbra to have similar experiences, because you are all walking this path to the new energy together. (chuckling) This is more validation of the journey you are on. It is an individual journey, yet it is a journey that all of family is walking. Indeed, you are not alone!

Question: Tobias, I have been able to allow and to accept my humanness, cool my issues of guilt and anger, but I have not been able to make any shifts with my fear of the future, especially with regard to money and aloneness. Can you give me further suggestions?

Tobias: Dear one, there will come a time when you will need to walk through these fears and it will be most difficult and most challenging. See yourself, imagine yourself, or even verbalize to yourself that you are walking through them and understanding that there is resolution, there is a divine balance. Your issues appear so large to you that you can barely fit them into the Oven of Grace. They appear so large and they are so filled with fear that you have turned these issues into giants. The more you give energy to these fears, the more difficult and challenging it will be to walk through them.

Understand that human concerns can be categorized in the areas of relationships; in the areas of abundance; in the areas of health; and the areas of self-worth. Understand that these fears, these issues are not real. They only appear to be real when you give them energy.

Specifically for you we say it is time for you to allow yourself to walk through these, as frightening as that may seem. Allow yourself to walk through these issues and to understand all of this time that you walk through them, that there is Divine Balance that comes from within you. Allow your divinity to bring forth the balance of abundance. And so it will be!

Question: Tobias, this week I sent Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) an e-mail about a particular man in my life. Is this person who I think he is? And could you answer that e-mail at this time? Thank you.

Tobias: We ask you here to close the windows, and draw the shades, close the door of your new house and just sit for a while in your Inner Room. My dear, my dear, you will continue to have these bumpy roads in the relationship area until you come to terms with accepting who you. Stop looking outside for the guidance. Stop looking outside to fill in what you perceive as voids in your life. There is so much beauty within you, there is so much beauty around you! You are radiating with beauty, but you have not chosen to accept this. I ask you to spend some time in that Inner Room. And please my dear, close the doors, draw the shades, and see the beauty that lies within. Then you will see what these outer relationships are – you will see them for what they truly are.

Question: Tobias, is there a quantifiable or measurable way to identify the 12 stranded DNA? If so, how?

Tobias: Yes there is. Indeed. And this would take a while to discuss. But we can say here that there are those who are working on this that are beginning to understand. The advent of what we call "quad math" will help to define these strands and it will help to identify them in a way they could never have been done before. Again, this would be an entire discussion and some of it truly would be speculation on our part. So, we will go no further with this other than to say you will see the quantification of the 12-stranded DNA even in your medical and scientific journals in your lifetime.

Question: Dear Tobias, at one point you referenced us as Lightmasters instead of Lightworkers. Would you care to comment on this? Thank you.

Tobias: We call you Lightmasters because we see you as Lightmasters. We know there is much work that you do, but indeed you are the ones who are the "Masters." The entities who are the outer circles tonight, who have never been to earth before, see you as the Masters.

It is difficult for you to see yourself in such a lofty role. But as we have said earlier, there are four issues and the fourth one is self-worth. Dear friends, look deeper into this area. Begin to understand that the work you do as Lightworkers, is at the very leading edge. You are at the very leading edge of this transformation of void into creation. It is why we call you the Lightmasters and we use the terms together; workers and masters.

Now, we have dearly enjoyed this time together with you. We know your biology does not hold up so well in these long hours, but we appreciate the opportunity to meld with you. We remind you that you can take the peace and the inner knowingness that you feel here with you, even after you leave this gathering. It is yours. You own it.

We end on this note tonight: We have spoken much of "four"; we have spoken of the "quad"; we have spoken of "four issues"; and we have spoken of "four marbles." There is much to this number of four. It is not a numerological thing, dear friends. It is not what you would call a sacred number. It is a number of the shift in energies and consciousness. The number "four" contains the vibration of "our" ( O-U-R ) which relates to the new energy between you, your human self and your new awakening divine self. It is "YOURS." And with that, dear friends, we thank you for this time we have had together. And as always, we remind you that you are never alone!

And so it is ...

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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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