The Creator Series Lesson 1: Questions and Answers

August 19, 2000

And so it is, dear friends, that the circle forms again. We make one mention of an observation. (after listening to music at the break) There is a certain beauty with your music of Earth that we love listening to. It has passion and a depth! Even our music here does not have the same soul or same patterns as yours. It is always enjoyable for us to listen to your music, and to be beside you as you listen to it. It brings up such emotions and feelings and vibrations within you! We are close to you so many times when you are listening in your quiet to beautiful music. We thought we would mention that.

Now we are ready for one of our favorite times. This is when we talk to you and attempt to answer your questions. As Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) has said, there are times when we do not know the answers. And we will tell you that. Now we will also let you know that those who have the questions on this day, who do not choose to bring these forth, speak to us tonight. Express your questions directly, either verbally or through your thoughts. We will work with you to answer these. Perhaps you will not hear a voice but it will be brought to you in a dream. It may be brought to you in awareness. If you choose not to bring forth your question in the circle today, know that we will work with you, helping you to come to understanding.

Let us begin now with questions of the day.

QUESTION: Tobias, can you explain more on raising a teenager and how standing back and allowing works in this role? (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: Now in spite of the humor inherent in this question, this will be one of the best situations for you to work with to understand "allowing." As you know, those situations that cause the most emotional response are the best for learning experiences. As you stand back and cross over that "short wall" and simply observe your teenager, and their dealings with others, you will see the weaving of the tapestry. You will see how creation works. Teenagers are explosive, and they are emotional, for they are going through both biological and physical changes, as well as mental and emotional. They are also integrating a spiritual energy within them that they do not understand. They are looking to you to be the teacher for them, but on the other hand, they greatly resent this role for they want to discover it on their own. We would say in answer to your question, this is perhaps one of the best methods to begin understanding, to begin accepting things as they are.

QUESTION: Tobias, a week ago Friday morning in Northern Nebraska from my back yard, I witnessed two hours of the most amazing display of northern lights I’ve ever seen. Any thoughts on this?

TOBIAS: This is certainly a scientific phenomenon. Allow us a moment here. There are times when we call in others for explanations and understandings that we do not have. (pause) As the events in your universe are changing, dealing with distance phenomena of gamma rays, solar storms, and literal changes in the gridwork of your Earth, there is an intensity in the aurora borealis. You look to these lights again. When you see them in a place of pure acceptance, you will have the ability to see a literal structure, a gridwork, or a weaving that you were only beginning to detect when you saw them recently. When you see beauty such as this, you are also seeing it on behalf of Spirit. The beauty that you see is being channeled back to Spirit, for it is through your eyes that Spirit sees all things.

QUESTION: My friend Lynn, a stewardess with United Airlines, wants to know if she should quit flying and/or move to DeBois, Wyoming? Thank you.

TOBIAS: We ask Cauldre to remove himself for a moment, for he has had some difficult flying experiences recently. (audience laughter) As the pace of things on your Earth accelerates and intensifies, leading to a type of quantum leap that could occur anywhere from seven years to twelve years from now, there is an intensity in many situations. High stress situations, whether it is a job or other type of situation, will become more and more intense. Your friend should know that this will not continue to be a peaceful work environment. (audience laughter) And again without judgement of the situation, this is all part of a process. Earth and humans are growing and expanding. They are like children and teenagers that are going through rapid transformations in that there are conflicts and tensions. Your airborne transportation system is one that has speeded the progress of humanity and of Earth. It is also subject to much stress and tension and will continue so. Now as your friend perhaps does not know, we cannot and will not answer the question directly. We will not say "yes" or "no." But we will say this will continue to be a valuable and fertile proving ground for her life lessons. (audience laughter)

QUESTION: Tobias, I am confused about how to allow and let go, knowing that Spirit has no plans for us. How do we create what we need in our lives? In particular, I’m looking for a new work situation. Do I let go and stay in what could be a bad situation or pursue other opportunities, though this does not seem like allowing?

TOBIAS: This is an excellent question. It is a situation that is facing, that is challenging each of you. Above all, it is about letting go of beliefs and perceptions. It is not about a particular job or a particular situation. It is your beliefs and perceptions that are keeping you in that. Our friend in the canoe (refer ring to the August 19 channeling) was pulled toward the abyss and he felt himself going over the waterfall. He came to sudden and new realizations about who he truly was. As humans, you fear releasing one thing until you have another firmly in place. You go through the obstacle course of life with the hand on one ring, not willing to let go until the other hand is firmly on the new ring. We are challenging you here today in this classroom. We are challenging you to let go of the ring of beliefs that you have held onto, even the recent beliefs that you have had. We know that for some of you this is frightening. For some you may call Tobias crazy, certainly Cauldre crazy. (much audience laughter) My friends, in this release of old beliefs have trust in Self, in your own Divinity, and all things that are appropriate will come into play.

You walk along the path, so to speak, not knowing what will appear next, not knowing what your new journey will be. You walk sometimes in fear, sometimes afraid of losing all things. Do you not understand that buried on path are all of the tools, are all of the energies, are all of the abilities to create that you need? You have placed them here before you ever walked the path. But it is only through giving up the old beliefs that you will recognize them. They are there. It is much like your pictures and puzzles that have hidden items in them. Remember the pictures in your childhood books? You were asked to find something that was not so obvious. When you changed your perspective, and you allowed yourself to see something that was not so obvious, then it appeared, and you wondered why you never saw it. This is much the same here in your life. That is why today (in Lesson One, Accept All Things As They Are) we ask you to remove yourself from the old perceptions of duality.

In the story of the one who paddled the canoe, he finally tired of rowing. He did not care anymore. He saw no purpose in the old journey of paddling upstream. We are asking you to release, to let go. There are those in this very room on this day (and reading this material) who understand well of what we speak. They have grown so weary and are ready to release all, even if it means physical death, even if it means falling into the abyss. Not that you will, dear friends, but it is a fear, an illusion that is there. This is a large step for you, for all of you to take at this time. We understand. We are not taking this lightly. We know this will bring up many questions for months and months to follow.

As one lightworker said recently, "Trust in yourself, and you will trust in all of the universe." Trust in yourself, and you will trust in all of creation. Trust in yourself, and you will know that all things will come to you appropriately and lovingly. Trusting in yourself, in a sense in our discussion on this day, is the release, the acceptance and the letting go. You will have those experiences in the next days and weeks of your life to help you come to this understanding.

QUESTION: Tobias, in your Santa Fe channeling, you stated that the Lightworkers will be the first to evolve into the Divine Christ, the new energy, and there will be no one waiting to greet us. I thought that the man Jesus had gone through his evolution to show us the way. Am I wrong in this understanding?

TOBIAS: With this question the presence of the entity known as Yeshua Ben Joseph comes in. We ask you to feel this. And we will bring forth to you his answer to this. We ask for a moment of adjustment. (pause)

He says that many of you here in this room (and reading this material) were there with him 2000 years ago. It was, in a sense, a reunion of angels at that time. He says that he told those that gathered in his groups 2000 years ago that he was there to show a way, to bring hope, to bring hope as the main message. At that time, he reminded you that while he was going back Home, your journey would continue. He came back to this side of the veil while you continued on your journey in the new circle of Earth.

"It is not," He says, "that I went forth. I simply came to be with you, to help unify at the time, to help remind each of you of the journey and the mission. And then I returned Home. Someday you will be there greeting me as I come through and All That Is comes through. We are family, We are One. Continue your journey, friends. You have made so much progress. We will meet again."

QUESTION: Tobias, is it still appropriate to send white and gold light to other Lightworkers, say in Israel? Is this old or new energy?

TOBIAS: We will not call this old or new. We will simply say that in this classroom it is time to stand back, to cross over that "short wall," to stand on the other side. In doing so you will come to new understandings of what is happening in your Mideast and why it is happening. We know you have spent much energy and have love in this area. We know this has been done from your heart for healing. There are others now who pick up the work that you have been doing. It is not like there is a great void that is left. There are others who will continue this but for this group in particular, for the Crimson Circle, it is time for you now to gain new understandings, deeper understandings. See yourself passing this torch of peace and love, this torch of holding energy to a critical area of your world. See yourself passing that to a new Lightworker who is coming up, one who has recently awakened, who chooses to use their energies. But now, my friends, it is time for you to begin a new role for deeper understandings. We know it will be difficult for some of you to give up the work you have been doing. But it is time for new understandings.

QUESTION: Tobias, if we have given our intent for things, will they manifest through our allowing? How would you define creation?

TOBIAS: Your intent of things presupposes that there is a particular path for you. Your intent for things was based in an energy of duality. Your intent that you have created for yourself in the past was based on old energy ways of creation. And again all of these things have brought you to this point. All have helped pave this path for you. It is time now to release all intent for all things. This is difficult concept perhaps, for you have been filled with intent. You have been filled with direction. Challenging. Challenging, to release all intent. Intent is based on a belief system that you currently hold, whether the belief is about abundance or relationships or love or the way things work. Your intent was being funneled through a belief system that we are telling you – and those who are in the forefront of the new energy – no longer serves you. As we said in our channeling earlier today, we know this will be challenging for many.

With the release of intent and the release of belief systems, you will be able to observe how things truly work. You will be able to observe how things are created. When you come to a point of understanding from a place of peace and a place of "one" perception, you will then come to understand at levels that you could not possibly understand now how creation works, how creation in the new circle works.
Again we have laid out that this not a simple task. This is a year of work in this group. We will continue to expand on this in the months to come. It will be difficult. You will curse us out before this is done! (audience laughter)

We come back to the canoe, coming over the waterfall. There comes to a point in releasing all. Perhaps you will be filled with fear. Perhaps you will be challenged by the potential outcomes of the situation but there will come a point in the releasing where you come to understand the illusion that is being built, the illusion that is at play. You will then understand how the creation process works on a whole and within yourself. With that understanding you will know how to truly cause, truly affect and truly create. But you will also have the wisdom, from your discipline of accepting, to stay outside of a drama or difficult situation. You will have the wisdom to understand when to intervene and when not to. That will be important.

QUESTION: Tobias, what was said seems to indicate that we’ve moved from the third dimension to the fourth dimension. Is it true?

TOBIAS: My friends, release your beliefs about dimensions! There are those that must have a particular order of things, a procedure and a process. In the energy that you moving into, these things do not hold true. We have said in previous channels that it is time to put down the books. It is time, my friends, to no longer go back to the old bookshelves for understanding. This is new. This has not been created before. If you hang onto the ring of belief systems of the third and fourth dimensions, it will be a difficult journey for you. And quite frankly, dear friends, we do not even understand these dimensions that you speak of. (audience laughter) These were created by humans to help see or understand the evolution process. But they do not hold truth from where we sit. It is much more simple, but yet much more complex than what has been described as these various levels, these various dimensions. We do not want to share with you even our perceptions of what we think these dimensions are. And certainly we have our belief systems of these! We do not want to share because we want to keep you open to all new possibilities. So please do not ask us what the real dimensions are. (audience laughter and applause)

QUESTION: How can Siddhartha ever get his earthly embodiment to let go and allow his true spiritual nature to shine through?

TOBIAS: It is, my dear, a good example for you. Literally and metaphorically it is a good example of this situation that we talk of, that of accepting. Siddhartha is on his own path. It is time for you to recognize that. There is more to this than appears in the words that we speak. It is time for you to accept the path that Siddhartha walks. But this is an excellent question.

QUESTION: Tobias, the Apache gave me the name Lady of the Trees. I can now hear the trees talking. Is there anything special that I am to do?

TOBIAS: It is to continue listening. That would be most important at this point. There are energies here that will help revitalize you in the ways that you have been looking for. This will continue to be a very powerful thing for you. Listen in a "oneness." Listen without judgement on what you are hearing. Simply accept all. (We know we keep returning to this in our questions on this day, but as we said we will be redundant with you. We will continue to bring this in.) So it is to continue listening but with an open heart and an open mind. You will find many answers in this.

QUESTION: Tobias, will you speak about how as channelingers we deal with those people that don’t believe in you, Kryon, Michael, etc. and spend their energies questioning.

TOBIAS: First, realize that it does not affect us whether one believes or not. Things are the way that they are. There are many who do not resonate with the messages that are brought forth. But we will take this question to another level as we discussed before. And we have told Cauldre from the early days with him, "Do not make a career out of channel." Not that he channels poorly (much audience laughter), but that the transmittance of information and energy from those non-human entities to a human entity is becoming an old energy way.
There will come a point when Cauldre no longer channels the Crimson Council. When he feels as comfortable bringing up his own divinity, when he finally faces that the God is within him, he will no longer be channeling us. When you finally realize that God IS you, you will no longer be listening to channels. You will no longer be students. You will be the teachers. There will be no need to channel.

There is a natural distrust with humans and the messages coming through another who they see as peer. There are many questions that arise, and this is a good thing. This is appropriate. They will not question you when you sit in front of them with your divinity shining strongly, with your truth emanating powerfully. There will not be a question of whether this is true or false, whether this is occurring or not.

This is where we are all going. This is where you are going. And this is where Cauldre is going. There will come a day, (a day that he fears, like the canoe falling off the river) when we do not show up for a channel. And on that day he will have to make a decision whether to run out the door or to bring up his own divinity. (audience applause and laughter)

QUESTION: Tobias, we are new to your teachings. Could you briefly explain the absence of our guides that you alluded to? Is this situation the same for all humans? Thank you.

TOBIAS: It is NOT the same for all humans. It IS the same for those who are in the Crimson Circle, those who have come to these meetings, have read the words, or have been touched by them.
In brief, a year ago in August of your time we announced (to the shock of some) that the guides were beginning to depart. Now this has been occurring with some lightworkers for several years. Some have only recently begun to feel it. To look at the dynamics of the situation, understand that when you came to Earth as an angel, there was a need for balance so you did not become totally lost. When you came here, you had "guides" that filled parts of your energy field, part of your etheric field. They were, in a sense, your silver cord, your connection back to Home, back to Spirit. They were your tether.

Your guides had the responsibility of maintaining a balance, maintaining a connection for you. There has been much misunderstanding in the past of guides and angels. The guides, as you would term them, were the ones who occupied, maintained, and filled a space around you until the appropriate time came when you could hold that space on your own. That time began to come within the past several years. Your guides hugged you and kissed you farewell, and they retreated from your energy field. Oh, they still exist. They still linger outside of your direct energy field. They still love you and have concern for you as shaumbra. But they knew it was time for you to take your own responsibility and your own power. So they left. This caused many difficult feelings including depression, feelings of great loneliness, and overwhelming sadness. It caused a feeling that you had lost somebody close to you, near and dear.

Now for clarification of the issue, your guides did not have the responsibility of talking with you, of communicating with you. They held a silent space. They were not the ones who nurtured and talked to you and comforted you. They simply maintained, in the most loving way, a space around you.
There are also angels, as you would call them. There are entities who come and go, depending on your needs, who speak with you, who are like dear friends. But they cannot come in as close to your energy field as your guides could.

There has been misunderstanding certainly about guides and angels. There have been beliefs that the guides or the angels could do things for you. Many believed that they could give you answers, that they could tell you to turn left or to turn right. This has not been so, my friends. This has not been so. There are many angels that come in and speak with you. There are many that come and sit with you and say nothing but send you love. These angels are different from the guides who held the responsibility of your silver cord. There is more information about this in the writings on your Crimson Circle Internet format that you may find to be helpful and appropriate.

QUESTION: Thank you, Tobias, for being with us. And thank you to Cauldre and Linda for their service. What comments do you have about our upcoming election? I heard a candidate speaking about manifesting the new energy – not in his words. Will this happen and will it be through him as our leader?

TOBIAS: Again, dear friends, this election process of yours is an excellent opportunity to stand on the other side of the short wall. Stand back instead of taking sides, instead of becoming impassioned about one side of the debate or the other. For all you are seeing is duality in action. Stand back now and watch. Watch and you will see things that you have never seen before. Stand back, dear friends, and watch the entire power process of humans take place in this. And again we will continue to answer many of your questions in this vein.

(Interjected question from Linda:) How should we vote? No, really, how should we choose to vote?

Tobias: In the truest sense it is best NOT to vote in this because you are choosing a side. You are choosing a belief system. We ask you to simply stand back, to accept all that is. (huge audience applause)

And at this point in the day for our friend… it has grown long. For all of you it has grown long. We will now take one more question.

Linda (who is reading the written questions): Two more? They’re good questions.
Tobias: We will now take two more questions. (audience laughter)

QUESTION: Dear Tobias, please hear my confusion about healing versus acceptance. Should I not tend to a toothache, arthritis, or a body disease?

TOBIAS: These are excellent examples of things that perhaps will be given to you in the days and weeks ahead to truly understand. We are not saying to not treat the toothache or the headache. We are asking that before you do, before you determine that this is not a good thing, to step back for a moment, to not try to push healing with your mind, to step back and look at the entire situation. There is a reason. There is an energy dynamic behind this imbalance. When you seek to neutralize, to inhibit the process that is going on, you also do not see the energy dynamics behind it. As you step back on the other side of the short wall, dear friends, you will see something in that toothache that you never saw before. You will see a way of healing that would have not occurred to you in the previous energy. Yes, there may be a short period of extended pain, but that pain, that physical pain will be nothing when compared to the insights that you will receive from standing back for a period of time. These are all excellent and real life examples of things that will come to you, whether it is a toothache, whether it is somebody being angry at you, whether it is an election that takes place, whether it is a situation at work. Simply and consciously stand back to see what is truly happening. Release the belief systems about what is right or wrong, good or bad. Stand back. There is a short wall that surrounds your new house. Stand back on that side of it, and you will come to understandings of how things truly work. Then you will come to understandings of how you can truly be a creator in a way, my friends, that is nothing like what you would suppose it to be right now.

QUESTION: Tobias, I can stand back and accept all things versus pushing to make things happen. At the same time events on a global scale that affect the planet require some human input of energy. Will simply holding the integrity bring this energetic component forward?

TOBIAS: Again, we say to you… we repeat over… and over… on this day: This will be challenging for many of you, for you have been holders of energy. You have been movers of energy. You have studied for years and years. You have been asked by Spirit and your True Self to even move to new geographic locations to hold energy. You have been asked by other humans to help send love to certain areas. You have been very proactive in movements of energy.

All of this again has brought you to this place on this day. The challenge that we have for each of you now is to pass that torch to another human who is wanting to move to the place that you were in, another human that wants to contribute and offer their love and their energy to Earth at this point. We are challenging each of you to let go of the old belief systems, to let go of the old contracts and responsibilities. We are asking each of you to walk forward into new territory with us over the next year of your time. And again much like basic training in your military, there are challenges, and there are difficulties. But, my friends, you have already given up -– in this past year or so of your time – most of those things in your life that you had held near and dear, most of those things that you could not carry with you to this place. You have already released much.

We know that our discussion of today will bring up many questions. When we gather next month at this time, when we bring up our understanding, our Lesson Two, it will bring even more questions. We will ask you to meet together, to communicate together through your internet vehicle, to talk with each other, and to share the information. When you achieve insights, we ask you to not hold it to yourself. Do not feel the need to protect it that another could take it away. Share it with the other Lightworkers in the circle. We also challenge you to use your Internet forum in a new energy way that is not being done by most other groups at this time. We challenge you to use this for your own discussions of enlightenment and to bring forth the word of "accepting things as they are" to others. We ask you to look at the dynamics that are already in this forum, to go to a place of accepting and to use this as one of the initial places of using your new creation energy.

We thank each one of you. Sananda thanks each one of you for walking this path that few others – even Tobias, even Sananda have not walked. That is why we love you dearly!

And so it is ...

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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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