Lesson Eight: The Creator Series
"Receive the Fruit of the Rose"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
March 10, 2001


Picture © Linda Wells

Tobias: And so it is, dear friends, that we gather again in our Crimson Circle with our family. These times are precious, and there is much to talk of today. Dear friends, there is so much that we would like to convey to each of you, so much that we would like to say. Some of this will come out in words, but so much more will be here for you in energy.

Above all, we want tell you in the way that comes from the deepest part of us, that we love you dearly. We honor you for what you are doing here. We honor you for giving of your lives, for we know that is exactly what you are doing. You have totally given yourself in service. You have agreed to release the old energy ways. This is not so easy to do. You have agreed to release all of the old. You have agreed to release all that you thought you were to be the first walking into this new energy. We know this has caused you many tears. We know that this has caused many hardships.

At this time we come flooding into your circle, no matter where you are at this moment. The entities who are not in human body come flooding into the second circle to thank you for your journey.

The journey you are on now is one of a true teacher, a teacher of the heart. What you are experiencing now in your lives is to provide the necessary experiences so that you may assist the others as they come into the new energy. You are learning the lessons of the Crimson Circle in a very rapid manner so that you can be teachers and counselors and human guides to the others.

There will come a point very soon when the humans will come to you, and they will not necessarily carry the label of the new energy, or the New Age, or the metaphysical. They will be ones who have been on their own search – an alone and quiet search. They will be brought to the door of your new house, and they will not know why they are there! They will have a surprised and startled look when you open the door to your new house, and you invite them in. You will explain to them exactly why they are there. You will know what their journey has been like, because you will have walked it. You will know that it is time for you to be a teacher, a teacher of this new energy.

Dear Shaumbra, you may combine your teaching with the methods and arts you already know. You may combine the knowledge you have gained from the Crimson Circle with your current healing and reading practices. But it will have a new twist to it, the twist of the new energy. But you will also integrate the very lessons that we are walking through with you; the lessons of standing behind the short wall, the lessons of the Oven of Grace, the lessons above all of accepting changes and blessing them, the proactive lessons of the paintbrush. You will sit with your human students. You will be a guide for them on their own journey. And as you know, you cannot do these things for them, but you can help them to understand that it can be done. This is why you are sitting here today or reading this. You have concluded all of the things of this lifetime. You have concluded even the things of your other lifetimes. You have released all of these things, and then given of yourself to be among the first to transistion into the new energy. You are one who tests out the very vibrations and structures and energy patterns of this new energy.

You will be the teachers! You are the teachers of the new energy, dear Shaumbra. That is why the ones who come into the second circle now have so much respect. The ones who you call angels and perceive as having wings on which to fly call each of you the Masters, Masters of the Journey. You have been on a long, long, long journey away from Home. You have been away from the First Creation for longer than we even care to remember. Those who are still Home, as well as those who have crossed through the Wall of Fire but are not in human form have so much honor for what you are doing!

As we have said to you repeatedly in our gatherings like this, you do not see the big picture. You cannot, because of the energy that you are in now. You will one day soon. By being here with you like this, perhaps we can help you to understand that there is indeed a big picture. There is indeed a purpose and a meaning to all of what you are doing. Not one thought or one breath or one action is wasted. Not one tear goes unnoticed by Spirit. Yes, we hear your thoughts. We hear when you talk to us. Your message is received. Indeed it is!

As you continue to shift in your biology and in your spirit, you will notice things beyond your current human perception. If you have not already noticed, your biology and your senses are becoming much more acute and much more sensitive. Some of you do not so much like what you perceive to be allergies! They are not allergies in the true human sense of your biology. You do not like the body aches and pains. You do not like the feeling of being disoriented, of not feeling there are two feet on the ground. Dear friends, this is all part of the process.

You are becoming much more sensitive to things around you that are of the invisible nature. Yes, you indeed are becoming more sensitive to others’ thoughts. When you are in a group of people, it seems to affect you more than ever. You are becoming more sensitive to imbalances in your Earth. When you have something that occurs within you that you do not understand so well, you call it a flu. Dear friends, it is not the type of flu you have experienced in the past! Perhaps you could call it a "new energy flu" for it relates to the inner changes you are experiencing, rather than a normal biological event. There are changes occurring within you and these will continue for a period of time.

But these changes can be made easier. They can be gentler on your body and mind as you understand that your vibration is keener in the new energy. Your energy is sharper. You will start to see the invisible things and start to hear things you had never heard before. They will occur at levels that you are not used to accessing. If you are waiting for something to manifest in front of you in your human condition, do not look there. The first signs that you will be getting will be from the invisible states. You will begin to notice more depth in your human reality as you transition into the new energy.

The adjustments related to your increased sensitivities are simply part of the process. Do not run from them. Do not run when you are in a group of humans and you are affected by their energies. Stand in that energy. Do not be fearful of it. It cannot hurt you. You are receiving the thoughts and energies of those who are still firmly planted in the old energy. Remain in that. Feel it. You will come to greater understandings by being in that space.

As we have talked of before, there is a need for many humans to stay in the old energy for the time being. It would cause quite a tidal wave of energies if all humans rushed into the new energy at one time! Imagine if those you work with and those you live with came rushing into the new energy at the same time! It would be most chaotic!

But the humans that are with you on a day-to-day basis are watching you in ways you may not perceive. They are very curious about what you are going through, and certainly in their curiosity they will poke holes. They will prod you. They will question you. And indeed, yes, they will aggravate you. (audience laughter) They are simply trying to understand what you are going through. They know that there is something within themselves that is awakening. They know that soon – perhaps in this lifetime, perhaps in another one in the near future – they too will be going into the new energy. So they are curious about what you are doing. They ask in funny ways, of course! (audience laughter) They respond to you in ways you would not necessarily expect. They are most curious.

As you know dear friends, there is always a group of "invited guests" at our gatherings. On this night, those who join us in the second circle are the ones that you know now in your life on a regular, daily basis. They come to be with you, to sit next to you, to see what is happening as you cross into the new energy. Those who join us now in the second circle are the ones you work with, the ones you call your human family, and the ones you call your close friends. They are the humans you interact with on a regular basis.

Indeed the ones who join us in the second circle are living beings. They are living in the human form at this time, yet join us in spirit at this time. We have had enough dead entities visit our gatherings! (audience laughter) Those who join us today are the ones who you are involved with in your lifetimes now.

Like you, they have parts of their consciousness that can travel. With the assistance of the runners and weavers that are in the non-human form, they can join this circle. In a sense, a part of their consciousness has been escorted here tonight to be with you, to join you. They are curious. Oh, they may be the ones that give you the hardest times during the day. They may be a boss who is relentless with you, a co-worker who is manipulative, or a family member who is always clinging, always taking energy. They come here, joining us in the second circle. Of all things, they have love and honor for you. They are most curious about what you are doing. They do not understand in their awakening state of duality what it is you are doing. And as you know, it doesn't do a lot of good to explain it! (audience laughter) They like to be close to your energy. They like to prod in their own loving way.

They come here tonight to observe a new type of human who is walking into a new type of energy. The next time you see them, they will look at you differently. Their eyes will be wider than ever. They will be more curious. They will have made a link with you on a different level. They will have sat in the outer circle observing a group of humans that has given deeply of themselves, that has given all of who they thought they were, who has released their old identity. They will look at you different the next time you see them. They may give you a loving, knowing look, or perhaps they may be more angry than ever, trying to figure out who you are!

They gather here tonight. They encourage you on your journey in the way they know best. They encourage you to continue going forward. They know there are hardships along the way, but they know there is a new type of creator that will come forth from this.

There are other entities who gather here as well including those of the Crimson Council, who are always at these gatherings and who are always working with you. There are legions of angels that are here for you. And of course, I, Tobias, one who has known each of you, each of you who are here, and each of you who are reading this. We have shed some tears together! We have walked some miles on the path together. You know me. You know my energy. We have looked each other in the eye. We have hugged each other in the past when we shared lifetimes together. We have always known that we would return together for this work of Shaumbra.

I, Tobias, get somewhat emotional, for I am not there with you in human form. I come like this but once a month to share energies. Oh, how I would long to be there, to once again look you in the eye, human to human, and to hug you once again. It gives me, and all who are of the Crimson, honor to be here. We applaud you to be the first who are the quiet teachers of the new energy.

We will ask our friend Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) – the one who brings these messages forth in the human words – to be in silence for a short period. We will come around one-by-one to look you in the eye, to touch you on the shoulder, and to thank you for the work you do. Then we will resume with the discussions of this day. Please dear Shaumbra – those who are here and even reading or listening to this – take this moment now for us to meld with you. Receive what we bring.


Indeed the energy of your Earth is changing. Indeed your own energy is changing! This is evident in all the things happening within you and around you. There are clues every day in your news that this is happening. There are clues every day in your jobs, in your work situations, many of which have changed or ended. There are clues in your biology. It is speaking a different language to you now. Simply tune in, dear friends, to all of these things that are happening. Know that it is most appropriate. Know that you are leaving something behind. You are, in a sense, losing something, but opening yourself up to an entire new way.

The way of the new energy is hardly based on the way of the old! As you have discovered, when you try to build on the foundations of the old energy, you run into a dead end. It does not work so well! You are being asked to look in the new places in your energy and all around you. You ask us, "Where do I find the new energy?" Dear friends, tap into what is called your True Self, what we prefer to call The Inner Being. Sit in the inner room of your new house, a metaphor for sitting in a quiet space. Force nothing in your mind. Force yourself to do nothing. Simply be, and simply listen, and it will come to you. Be patient, and it will come to you. We know this to be true. We know this to be true!


Now we will continue discussing a bit of the journey of the prince named Jack on this night. This is also your journey. Indeed you are Jack. We use this parable to help explain the long journey you have been on. As you know, Jack was a prince in the kingdom. He went on many long journeys to satisfy his need to create, to expand, to learn more, and to allow his love to pour forth. While on a long journey, Jack came to the end of land. He came to the great ocean. He was posed with a question at that point – whether to continue on, or to go back to the kingdom. But as you know, Jack could not resist the temptation to journey onward.

He set sail upon the waters, on this new type of energy that he had never been never experienced, this energy that we metaphorically call the water. And he sailed and sailed until he came to the Wall of Fire, a metaphor for the end of the First Circle. It was the end of all creation as it was known. He tried paddling backwards. He tried not to be drawn into the Wall of Fire, but indeed he was, indeed he was.

When Jack went into the Wall of Fire it shattered him into billions and billions of fragments. This was a very traumatic event for him. When he came out the other side of the Wall of Fire, he was different. The greater part of his energy and his consciousness had retreated into a "cocoon." It was wrapped in an "energy cocoon" for a long, long sleep. The purpose of this was to experience an inner journey. Up to that point Jack had never looked inward. He had always been an outward expression, but after going through the Wall of Fire, there was a new inner look occurring within this cocoon.

Part of Jack, though, did not go into the cocoon. Part of his being continued past the Wall of Fire where he entered a void. He entered nothingness, total darkness. When he opened his eyes on the other side of the Wall of Fire, Jack saw the mirror image of himself. He saw his opposite. He saw duality. For the first time ever Jack was no longer an extension of oneness. He was now "two." And this was the beginning of duality as you know it.

As duality took form in the void, great wars broke out. There were many battles among the many entities who had crossed through the Wall of Fire into the void. There was you and Jack and many, many more. There was a struggle to return Home. In a desperate effort to return Home to the kingdom, you tried to take energy from one another. There were wars, as one tried to capture the energy of the other, thinking this was a way of returning Home, thinking this was a type of fuel.

The battles empowered this thing you now call duality. The battles intensified and made duality – the energy of two – larger and stronger. During this time of the great battles the void was being transformed into a new reality. Your physical universe with all its stars and galaxies was being created.

The battles became overwhelming. Neither side could dominate or win, to use your terms. So at a point, dear friends, there became a stalemate, a standoff. It was known that the battles could no longer continue. Something had to change in order for Jack and you and the others to continue to forth.

There were many, many entities in your new and growing universe at that time, and the standoff had gotten to the point where neither side, neither energy of duality could function or move. There was no expanding forth of energy, for at the very core of all things there is always the desire to expand forth. This was counter to all things that had ever been known by Spirit, and all things that had ever been known by Jack. We speak in many metaphors on this night.

Dear friends, there was discussion between the many groups that existed in your universe. These were not entities that have physical form like you would know. These were entities that had definitions of energy and vibrations, but they had not descended into physical matter. There were many who met and discussed the need to truly understand the nature of duality. As they met and discussed, they realized the battles of the two sides had proven little. It was time to end these. It was time to move on and to expand with the next portion of the journey.

There were many entities who gathered. This is the forming of what you would now call councils or energy families, celestial families. They met, and at the highest levels of these families, there was an agreement to descend, to lower the vibration of certain entities, certain angels, representing both sides of duality. In this lower vibrational form these entities would take on what you now know as biology. They would take on mass. Part of the reason for this was so that creation would not occur so fast as it had before. It would be slowed down. There would be opportunities to live through experience. There would be opportunities to assess and evaluate and to help balance. When you were angels in your newly forming universe, you created almost as quickly as thought. At times this got out of hand. At times, dear friends, you did not know which side you were on! You did not know how to properly assess your own energy and things seemed out of control.

It was decided that there would be a slowing down of energy by placing your spirit into mass. It was also decided that you would not remember the journey that brought you to this point. You would not remember the battles. You would not remember going through the Wall of Fire. You would not remember the kingdom from whence you came. This would be a new start. It would allow you and it would allow Spirit to truly understand the nature of duality and the nature of "two." Up to the point of the crossing through the Wall of Fire, Spirit had always been an expression of "one." By coming to Earth with no remembrance in physical form, it would allow the true understanding of duality.

There were many, many angel entities in your new universe at the time, and of course, most of these wanted to be part of this new place of Earth. When there was an asking for volunteers, dear friends, you were among the first. You were among the first. You initially came to Earth in non-physical form. You shifted your energy with the assistance of many, many entities on the other side. You shifted your energy in such a way that you could enter the energy dimension of Earth. You visited Earth in your angelic form a long time before you ever came here in biological form. You and the others came here to set up the energy templates and the grids. You came here to set up the weavings and the foundations. You visited this place to become acclimated, as well as to help set up the energies. There was much assistance from the angels that were not going on your journey. We will speak of this more in future sessions.

At some point, dear friends, each of you descended to Earth and eventually took on the human body. You began your cycles of incarnation. You began to walk the Earth in many different forms, physical forms. You walked the Earth one lifetime as male, another as female. You walked through in many different ways to experience this thing called duality.

Now, you who are here and you who are connecting to the Crimson Circle across the dimensions, you are the ones that are completing your cycles on Earth. You are the ones who have come the long way. You are the ones now preparing yourselves to reunite with All That You Are. You are the ones that will then stay on this place of Earth to be the teachers for the others coming through.

We will discuss your dreams for a moment here, for these are beginning to intensify. These are beginning to become more real at night. Let us help you to understand what is going on. Dreaming is one of the energy patterns you helped to create when the very structures of Earth were being set into place. It was known that you would need a period of time each day to reconnect. You needed to place your human duality out of the way and reconnect. It is a very interesting energy dynamic that you set up. You knew you would need this time. In your dreams, you can travel to many places and you can connect to many others.

In many of your dreams right now, you go back to this time before you ever came to Earth. You go back to when you helped transmute the void into reality, when you were in the time of wars and the battles. You are journeying back to there at night now to try to resolve much of what happened.

This is somewhat difficult to describe, dear friends, but even as you sit here on this day and are living your human life, and you are coming into the completion of your own circle of your long journey, you are also back in these other places. You are back in the time before you ever came to Earth. You are back in this time when the universe was being created. When you close your eyes at night and go into your dream state, part of you journeys back. You journey across time and space to your past in an attempt to resolve the past. You tell your soul from the past that there is now a coming together, a unity. There is a moving forward. There is no need for the battles to persist because you have found the way through the next doorway. You are going back to tell your own self that it is time to end these conflicts, to end the chaos. You are in the now, bringing resolution to the past.

There is something interesting that happens here, dear friends, dear shaumbra. Very interesting. You journey at night in your dreams. You journey back to the time that occurred after you went through the Wall of Fire and before you came to the Earth, the time of the building of the void, the time of the great wars. You journey back there at the same time your consciousness from the past is trying to journey here to your now! And sometimes you meet each other square in the middle!

In our last gathering we discussed that the ones you call the aliens are actually aspects of yourself from the past. These are the ones you collide with at night, for you are journeying back to resolve something old. They are journeying forward to resolve the chaos their "now" time. Is it a wonder that your dreams are so intense?

When you wake up after a dream, your mind provides an symbolic interpretation of the dream experience. You do not bring back the clear picture of what happened. There are a series of symbols, and they generally related to people and events in your lifetime right now. You generally interject the people who are around you now, your family and those that you work with in your dreams. Why is this, dear friends? It is because those who are in your lifetime now, who sit in the second circle on this night, are the very ones that you are battling with in the past! That is why it is important for them to be here on this night. There is so much perfection in what is taking place here! Even as you are battling them in the past, there are conflicts in the now. Even as you are attempting to resolve situations with them in the past, you are attempting to resolve now.

It is intricately woven together. The ones who gather here today in the second circle will look at you very oddly when you see them the next time, for they will know that you know, but they will not know how they know! There is a desire in the deepest part of your being to resolve these things, to bring things back into unity, and then to move forth in greater expansion, to move forth in the energy of the New Earth. There are great amounts of energy being poured into this right now. There are nearly countless entities who are not in human form who are helping to facilitate these processes.

Here you sit not understanding who you truly are or understanding what is truly taking place! Some of you think your life has little value. You think you have not accomplished much in this lifetime. You have fear of being a failure. Dear friends, we weep at this thought! We weep at this perception. We know you are the first to take on the new energy, and at the same time, you are healing the past. You are resolving the conflicts that occurred in your universe and your galaxies. These occurred on dimensional levels than what you would expect. You are working to resolve these, to bring these together, to move from duality into the new energy of quad. The energy of the quad is balanced. It is the energy of creation in your material world. That is why we honor you so deeply. That is why we know you will be wise and compassionate teachers.


Now we will go into Lesson Eight on this night, but we ask each of you to get comfortable with your biology before we do.

Dear Shaumbra, Lesson Eight of the Creator Series is an important lesson that you will teach to the others one day soon. Eight is a beautiful lesson – and there is not much homework associated with it! (audience laughter) We ask each of you to enter your new house now. Sit in the energy of your divine Self, in the divine state of being. We will tell a short story before we reveal the lesson.

Sitting in the Inner Room of her New House is one of family, one we call Shaumbra. Her name is Catherine. Catherine is weeping as we visit her on this night. Catherine is very sad. She is not sure who she is. In her private moments Catherine has said to her Self and Spirit that it is time to go Home. She no longer feels a purpose or meaning in her life. Catherine is crying many tears, for she does not understand. She has asked Spirit over and over again for the answers, but she hears very little. The answers that do come are simply morsels, simply specks. They are not complete and full answers. The one we know as family, as Shaumbra, that we call Catherine has been battling what she has labeled as depression. She has gone to a medical doctor, and she has received pills to get over her depression. But dear friends, she found that even the pills could not take care of this deep feeling within her, this feeling of sadness.

Catherine cries and sobs on this night because she has tried many different things. She has tried many different ways of being and of acting and of being good and of doing the right thing. They have not seemed to work so well in her life. She does not understand, and she feels somewhat abandoned by Spirit. Oh, she knows within her that her own guides left within the past several years. She has lost a job that had meant much to her. She has replaced it with another that has not been nearly so meaningful. She lost what she thought was important in her daily work. Because of her thoughts and beliefs, some of her own family have shunned her. When they talk to her, it is gratuitous. It is not meaningful and loving as it used to be, and she does not understand this.

Lately Catherine has been physically depleted. Her energy is low, and she does not understand this, for she goes to ones who are facilitators. She goes to ones who help rebuild the energy of the human. It works for a short period of time, but it does not sustain itself over the period of weeks and months. She does not understand; therefore tears fall from her eyes. The one called Catherine, the one who is family, who is all of us, does not feel any sense of purpose, of going forward, or any strong desires. There are times when she thinks she could simply do nothing, not even read a book, not even watch television. Catherine thinks that all care and feeling have left her. She does not have the energy of hope as she used to.

Let us pause here for a moment with Catherine and talk of what is happening. Let us talk of what is happening for many of you at this time. As you move out of the old energy into the new, you let go of many things that were deeply ingrained within you. You let go of so many of the things that were near and dear to you. In doing this, it creates a void. It creates an emptiness. When Catherine, or you, go back to try to recapture what you knew before, to build upon that, to take what you are learning here in these classes, to take what you are learning as an emerging, divine human and apply these to the old, it does not work. The old and the new are like oil and water. It creates a space of great emptiness.

As we mentioned before, you are becoming more sensitive, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But it has not all moved in yet. It is difficult for these new energies to move in while you are still holding onto the old. Oh, yes, indeed many of you have found yourself awakened at three in the morning, and some at four, (audience laughter) wondering about who you are now, wondering about what it is that you are doing. You are awakening at these times for several reasons. For one, you have just completed a series of what you would call dreams, what we would call realities, of going back to this time before you came to Earth, to help resolve the energies of duality. You come back from these journeys with a feeling of nightmares, sometimes with the feelings of great stress. This wakes you up. There are times, too, when we specifically wake you up out of these experiences, for we know you need at least a few hours of rest before you go to work! (audience laughter)

Dear friends, you wake up at three or four in the morning, thinking about your life as a human, wondering who you are, wondering which way to turn. For most of you the only resolution that you can find is to let go, to let go. We have heard you say, "I do not know which way to go. I do not know what to do next. I do not know any more what is right and what is wrong; therefore, I release and let go." Dear friends, this is indeed the appropriate thing. As you let go, as you release, you fall into the loving hands of who you truly are, of Spirit, of the God that you are. When you release, you do not fall into a pit of flames. You do not fall into an abyss, even though you fear that. You fall into the loving hands of the God that you are.

Making decisions in your life will be different. You are used to making decisions and choices each day. Generally you have had one of three choices. You could move left, move right, or not to move at all. Your decisions would be to go to the light, to go to the dark, or to stay right where you were. Your decisions would be to go forward or backward or not at all. Up to now your days have been filled with makings decision with these choices. Now there is a new way that is coming in into your life. As you let go, you will see it clearly, and you will wonder why you didn't see it before.

In the new energy the choices are not limited to light and dark and neutral; positive, neutral or negative; left, right or center. There is a new choice. Let us call it – ALL, A-L-L. You will be presented with yet another choice, and it will come from a place of knowingness. It will be a new type of choice, a new answer that surpasses the other ones. It will come in as a knowingness. You will not have the mental exercise of having to choose left, right, or center. This will come in from above. It will be ALL. It will be All that is. It will not feel like a choice to you. It will simply be a knowingness, a knowingness of divinity. You will then move in that direction. You will look back on your previous struggles about making choices as an old energy human. ALL will seem full and inclusive and complete. ALL will seem filled with love, whereas the other choices you previously had will seem to be only partial solutions.

There will be a new way of making decisions, but before that can occur, there is something else that will happen. There will be something else that comes into your life. We return now to Catherine who sits quietly sobbing, wondering what to do next, and where to go next. She is sitting at this very moment, wondering whether to turn left or right or to stay right where she is. She thinks those are the only options in her life. She has not seen ALL yet. She has not seen this glowing knowingness that sits above the other options. She has not glanced upwards. So to her life does indeed seem empty. It does indeed seem like a struggle and difficult, for she has not seen ALL.

Catherine gets up from her place in her Inner Room as frustrated or perhaps even more than when she walked in, for the answers have not been there. She was expecting and hoping and even praying that Spirit would manifest in front of her. She thought that perhaps if Spirit was not available, then perhaps, I, Tobias would come to her and give her the answers. (audience laughter) But as you know, dear friends, that is not appropriate.

Catherine gets up and she leaves her Inner Room. She wanders around her New House. She is amazed at how empty her New House is, considering how long she has been living there. Oh, indeed there is an oven. There are still trays filled with issues sitting on the counter in the kitchen. But in the other rooms there is not much furniture. Indeed there is a bright glow, but she has not connected with it yet. Indeed she has heard a vibration, particularly when she has truly let go. She has heard this hum, this quiet music, this vibration that I, Tobias have talked of, but she has not quite connected with it.

Catherine walks around her New House, rambling from room to room, asking Spirit to come with the answers. She asks her guides to please come back, even though she knows they have departed. She bargains with them. She promises to be a nicer to them and stop asking so many favors from them if they only come back into her energy. She rambles around her new house, feeling very sad and very alone. She decides to go outside for a long walk. Perhaps there is something outside the New House that she missed, something back in duality, in everyday life, back out on the streets. Perhaps she missed an important notice. Perhaps there is a human that has a message for her!

As she walks towards the front door, a sparkling catches the corner of her eye. Something catches Catherine’s attention and stops her in her tracks. She glances not to the left, or to the right, or even where her glance is currently focused. Instead, she glances past and through these things. She glances into a place called ALL. In this new dimension that now joins her human dimension, she sees something that she cannot believe she missed. It was there ever since she first entered her New House. On the table, in a vase, is a CRYSTAL ROSE.

We discussed this with you in a channeling eleven months ago. When you first entered your New House, there was but one thing inside, and it was a crystal rose. We told you the crystal rose bore a fruit. It produced a fruit, unlike any rose that you have known.

Catherine adjusted her gaze past the typical to the ALL. She then approached the rose, and a knowingness came over her. She was not struggling at this point with the question, "What should I do with this rose?" because she was looking to the ALL. She was looking beyond the obvious choices of: touch the rose, don't touch the rose, or do nothing. She looked to the ALL, and in this knowingness she knew what to do. She didn’t allow her human intellect to go through the regular process of duality, of struggling with choices. She intuitively knew it was time to take the fruit of the rose and to receive it, to place it in her mouth, to digest it, and to bring it within her being.

Dear friends, the fruit of the rose that is in your New House is the passion that exists in the new energy!

LESSON EIGHT – RECEIVE THE FRUIT OF THE ROSE. Receive the Fruit of the Rose. It is the passion that you left behind. It is the passion you left behind when you came to this place called Earth. It was the passion that you had in the kingdom, in the First Circle. It was the passion you carried through, even through the Wall of Fire. But when you came to Earth, this passion stayed behind. It stayed behind. Your passion, your divine passion was replaced with something you call the human ego. You built your life upon that. Your passions became things of human nature. Your passions were for other people. Your passions were for food. Your passions were for certain types of work and creative expression that you did on Earth. But your passions were based on your human condition, not on your birthright as a spiritual being!

When you receive the fruit of the rose, you bring back your divine passion. What was it that Catherine was missing in the room, as she sat there and sobbed? Why was it that she felt such an emptiness? It was because she had let go of her old human passions, the incomplete passions. There was nothing left inside. There was nothing that came from the heart. There was an emptiness.

Dear friends, when you came to Earth and descended into biology, you broke yourself up into even more parts, parts that you call chakras. You had these chakras in your human biology in the number of seven, and you had those that you carried in your etheric fields in the number of five. As we have mentioned, these now are coming back together into a single chakra. They are being bridged back together. The ones that are etheric and the ones that are in your physical body are coming back together into one, the "one chakra."

As you receive of the fruit of the crystal rose, you bring back to you a passion that was left behind. As you do, you will feel renewed in the energy of your body. You will feel renewed in your purpose. You will feel renewed in your purpose. You will bring this important element of divine passion back into your being. The old incomplete passions of the human that were based in the ego have left. That is why Catherine felt incomplete.

As you receive the fruit of the rose within your being, it will ignite a passion that we cannot even describe now, for it is not explainable in human words. It comes from an energy that you are not used to right now. This will be an experience that you will have on your own, but it will fill you. You will feel a new glow from the inside and it will emanate out from you. It will not be like anything you have experienced before. It cannot be created out of the human mind. It cannot be manufactured from the ego. For those who say they can try to control it on the human level – this will not work. It resides in this place of ALL. It is available to each of you.

We use the words here in Lesson Eight very carefully. We ask you to receive this energy. We know you, as lightworkers, are not so good about receiving! You feel you must start from the ground up and create everything, struggle through everything. Here now is a gift that is yours. It resides in your house. It is something we spoke of eleven months ago. It is yours to receive. It is your spiritual passion. It is yours to receive, to take within you. This will bring about a renewal, but the renewal will be in a different place than you have been used to.

Dear friends, you are changing. You cannot build upon the old foundations of the old energy. You are stepping into the new energy. Bring back the passion that you carried with you from the kingdom through the Wall of Fire to the time before you came here.

Passion, dear friends, is love expressed. PASSION IS LOVE EXPRESSED. Passion was something that you had all the time before, for you were always expressing outward. Jack was always expressing outward. Spirit has always expressed outward until part of you went into the cocoon. When you came to Earth, you put this passion aside. This was one of the templates that you created. You created duality. You created a type of amnesia. You also left behind your true passion, your divine passion. You built your lives on the wants and needs and human passions that are small in comparison to your divine passion.

Now as you know, the rose that represents the expression of love also has thorns. Dear friends, if you attempt to control this passion with your old energy, your old human ways, it will hurt. That is why the thorns are there. If you attempt to use this new passion to simply re-create your old energy human ways, it will hurt. This passion, and the love expressed with it, is designed for the new energy.

If you are in question of the appropriate use of your new passion, seek the answer from the ALL. Seek the answer from the place that is above, that is more encompassing than where you have looked before. If you are not so sure, dear friends, simply sit in a quiet moment. It will come to you. You will have an answer of knowingness. This will help to ignite your new passion and bring you to new ways of creating.

Lesson Eight – Receive the Fruit of the Rose. Take in now the passion that has always been yours, the passion that will renew your life in the new energy, not in the old. If your expectations are to simply make your old energy self bigger and stronger and more powerful, the thorns of the rose will remind you that this is not appropriate. The passion will be a fuel of the new energy for you. It will be a renewal for you and for Catherine. It will bring fullness and meaning in her life, but in a way she has not experienced in any of her lifetimes of the past.

This is a simple lesson. There is little homework, dear friends, other than to find the appropriate quiet time on your own to approach the front entryway of your new house, to feel the vibration of the vase with the crystal rose. Then when you are ready, when ALL guides you, simply take of this fruit and receive it within you. This will start a new round of physical changes within your being, some which may be uncomfortable, but it will only be for a short period of time. This will increase the sensitivities of your body and of your energetic feelings, and you will also notice that you will start to see beyond what is obvious. When we use the term "see" – Cauldre asks us to clarify – "see" relates to perceptions. Some may see beyond with their eyes. Others may see beyond from their one chakra. Others may just intuitively know. But you will begin to "see" beyond what you have seen before. This will begin to happen more and more with you. And again, do not be surprised if the sensitivities of your body increase for a period of time, for your body is simply trying to get used to the new energy. These are all processes and changes that you are going through.

Lesson Eight – Receive the Fruit of the Rose. It is a simple lesson. There will come a day when each of you sits in front of humans who have come to your door. There will come a day when you explain this lesson to them. It will seem so simple to them. And they will not get it. They will wonder what you are talking of. They will wonder of all these metaphors of crystal roses and fruits and thorns and passions that they do not understand. You will have a large smile on your face, because you too will have sat in the space of "not getting it," and you too will then have experienced this new passion coming into your being.

Dear friends, it is an honor that we share this time and space together. We give you a very simple but most powerful lesson on this night. It will be one of the key lessons in helping you to be the creator. How can you create in the new energy without your divine passion, your divine passion combined with the broad strokes, combined with the other lessons that we will review with you? The lessons will help you to truly understand creation in the new energy. They will ultimately help you to become the teachers of the others coming into the new energy.

We know you are going through many changes, many, many changes at this time. Understand this is simply part of the process, and through this process there are many, many entities on our side working with you. But ultimately it is up to you.

We love you dearly for all that you do. Those who have joined in the second circle on this night – the ones that are in your lives now and have been in your lives in the past – thank you for what you are doing. They will be some of the first coming to you as the teacher. They love you dearly. Dear friends, you are never alone.

And so it is ...

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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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