Lesson Seven: The Creator Series
"Create with Broad Strokes"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
February 10, 2001

Picture © Linda Wells

Tobias: And so it is, dear friends, dear Shaumbra, that we gather here again in this circle. It seems like only a moment of time since we left you, but we know in that time that you have had many wonderful and some challenging experiences! It is good to feel the energy of the humans in this room ( and reading this) on this day. It is good to hear your music, to hear the story of your journey expressed in these musical vibrations (the music of Aryeh David). I, Tobias, cherish these moments. I look forward to these times when family joins together like this.

Now for the next few moments of time we will work with you to adjust the energies. Those who are on our side of the veil come in now to facilitate, to work with each of you individually and as a group to meld the energies of your humanness, these energies of your divinity with our energies from the other side of the veil.

Dear friends, dear Shaumbra, I know each of you well! I know each of you by your energy. I know each of you by the work that we have done together in the past as family. This should be a familiar time for each and every one of you. This should be a familiar energy to you.

Take a moment here as we begin expanding this circle to open your hearts, for you are in a safe space here. Open your hearts and allow that love and that light and Christ consciousness that is within you to come pouring forth into this circle that we build here together. Breathe deeply. Breathe deeply and allow it to permeate your entire being, all of your biology and all of your spirit. Breathe deeply and know that you are with family!

There are ones who come in now to adjust the energy of this space. They help weave the vibrations of this space. In this time that we spend together here – in the next hour or so, perhaps a bit longer, perhaps shorter (chuckling) – we are with you in a new energy, in a new dimension that we create together. This is the energy of the new Earth. This is the new spiritual energy. It is not something that simply disappears when you leave this place today. It is something that becomes part of your being. It becomes embedded within you. It provides a type of energy template that the old energies you continue to carry with you will then start to copy and to mimic.

The old energies within you will look at the new energies that you have helped to create on this day. They will look at it and say, "This indeed is the light. This indeed is what we at the sub-DNA levels will begin to copy and to mimic." It is a very interesting process here – how these particles of energies that are at the deepest parts of you react. They, like you, are looking for the proper vibration, the proper balance to occur. This is happening within you right now.

The energy that is in this circle is brought into your being. It is held there. It does not disappear. This time and dimension and space that we are in together is one of great healing for you. This is a time of rebalance for each of you who sits here and also for each of you who reads or hears this energy across time and space. Even if you are reading this weeks or months afterwards, it is the same energy. Even if you are not sitting in here in this room, it is the same energy. For those who are reading or listening at a later calendar date, in an interesting and unusual way, you are here with us also, as much as any human that sits in their physical being in this room.

Now we have much to discuss on this day, and we proceed into Lesson Seven of the Creator Series. We know you have all been doing much homework. There are very interesting experiences you are bringing into your lives now! Your homework is not just what is happening in your mind. Your homework is not just what happens in that specific moment when you stand behind the short wall. Your homework is not just when you put an issue into the Oven of Grace. The homework is all of those things that are happening in your life now.

Think about it for a moment, the experience that you had three days ago, and two weeks ago, and for some of you last night, and for at least one of you here, driving up the mountain this morning. This is your homework. This is what you are creating. This is what you are putting in front of you – these challenges and circumstances and experiences – to help you truly become a divine human.

There are times when we gather like this when we could not say another word. We could simply sit with you here. We could simply let our emotions out. They would come out as tears – tears of joy and happiness – but more than anything, the tears of incredible honor. You have heard this from us and from others before. You still don't see yourselves as we do! You still don't see who you are, and what you are doing. There are those of you that wake up in the morning and feel small and unimportant and alone. You do not even begin to understand what you are doing and who you are you! You think we we overstate our message about your mission on this place called Earth. Oh, dear friends, you have such a surprise coming to you! Hopefully that surprise will come while you are still walking in biology, the surprise of knowing how truly powerful you are.

We have told the story of the prince named Jack, which is the story of each and every one of you. We are not giving this story justice in the way we tell it, with all of the honor and the grandness and the love and the sacrifice. It is not an over-inflated story that you hear from I, Tobias, or the others. It barely begins to scratch the surface. Here you are, ones who were princes and princesses of the kingdom of All That Is. You chose to leave the kingdom for something of incredible honor. Here you are on this tiny place called Earth, thinking you are just a human, thinking that you live perhaps eighty or ninety years and struggle to survive, struggle to do the right thing. You do not see who you truly are!

It is part of the purpose of the Crimson Council to help awaken this understanding from within you. As was said earlier on this day, you will not get there through your mind. You will get there through your heart, and more specifically, through what is called the one chakra, the Christ seed that is within you. Be "out of your mind" for a while. It is a wonderful thing! (chuckling) There are drugs that can help you go there, but dear friends, you can do it better on your own!

Now, each time this circle forms, each time that we come in, there are certain "invited guests" of the day. Take a moment here, dear friends, to feel the energy that those who gather in the second circle bring in today. Indeed, you the humans sit in the first circle. Surrounding you in energy and in love are those from the other side that come in to observe. Oh, they are fascinated. Each time we gather like this, there is a new group of "invited guests." Indeed, they must have RSVP’s to be here! (chuckling)

The ones who come in tonight bring a technical energy with them. Even on our side there are certain energy groups or families. There is a group of angelic entities whose job is to monitor and measure the vibrations of Earth and the humans upon Earth. The ones that sit in the second circle tonight are the technicians. They are – and Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) laughs about this – but yes, they are "celestial engineers." They are here for a specific reason. First, they come to enjoy your company, to smile upon you. They are also the ones who watch the "gauges" and the "meters" of your work and see how it affects all things. They gather tonight, for they have been active lately in measuring the vibrations of Gaia and the vibrations of humankind. They come here on this night as part of their research.

They come here because they see a group that is going through an intense transformational process with the intent of integrating their divinity. They come here tonight because your vibration is different than most other humans. You are the ones who have given yourself in service. You have studied the spiritual aspects of self and humans for many, many lifetimes. You have spent much time in both your human schools and the schools on our side of the veil in between lifetimes, studying the process of ascension. You are the ones, not only studying it, dear friends, but living it on a day-to-day basis!

The ones who gather here tonight measure, monitor and record your experiences. They are beside you with their gauges and notepads, metaphorically speaking. They are very curious about you. For the one who just asked the question in your mind, no, they do not interfere. They do not probe or prod. They remain at a distance at all times. They have been busy lately, not only with you. They have been busy with all humans and Earth. There is – how to say – a rush to measure.

The measurements are changing faster than ever. The vibrations are going up and down. They are not following the old patterns at all. And yes, for the one who asked in your mind, we do also watch your stock market, for this is an interesting indicator of certain aspects of human vibration. The vibrational changes are occurring faster than ever before. There is a momentum that is gaining. It is like the momentum of a wheel that begins to turn slowly and then goes faster and faster. As you watch the spinning wheel, the patterns within the circle of the wheel begin to change and get different. At times a wheel that is turning clockwise may have the appearance of turning counterclockwise. The momentum is changing, and the perception of the patterns is not always what is seems.

The ones who measure these things and track them and record them are particularly interested in what is coming from what you call your Lightworkers upon this planet. They are seeing a variance here. They are seeing a new path being carved by your energies. They are watching intensely.

As a result of the momentum and your changing vibrations, indeed you will see the Earth changes, the adjustments of Gaia. You will see changes within yourself. You will see certain quantum leaps in your own technologies of Earth, but more than anything, you will see quantum leaps in your own enlightenment upon Earth. This is a time of great change you are living in. Hold on, because the ride will continue for a while! (chuckling)

Now dear friends, before we proceed let us do the final melding of this energy. Let us draw in close to you. Let us touch you and hug you. Let us in the way that we do, pray. Let us ask you to remember who you are. Let us send you that energy of remembrance, so that you may remember who you truly are!

We will ask Cauldre to be in silence for a moment, and we will ask each of you to accept this energy that we bring at this time.


Indeed it is sweet to be here with each and every one of you. What we see is shining intent, intent to be in service. Eight days ago of your time we sat with a small group of Shaumbra. We talked, and before they asked their questions, we told them that we are in awe as we walk beside you in the day and as we work with you at night. We are in awe that the greatest question asked by Shaumbra is not about making more money, not about health, and certainly not about becoming more powerful over other humans. What you ask most frequently is, "Dear Spirit, how can I be of service? Dear Spirit, how can I help humanity? Dear Spirit, how can I be in fulfillment to you?"

Do you understand what we are saying? What is in your heart is not selfish! You are not asking something for yourself. You are asking how to be in service to Spirit. It amazes us! It amazes I, Tobias, for I think if I were walking in your shoes, I would surely ask for more money! (audience laughter) I would surely ask for invincible health! I would surely ask for something that was not as high a vibration and as loving as what I hear you asking for! You say, "Dear Spirit, how can I be in service today? Dear Spirit, what is it you want me to do?" When a human comes to this point, we know they are truly enlightened. We know they are truly on the path!

Dear friends, we mention this to you, because at this point on your path, you do not need to worry about falling down. You do not need to worry about losing ground and going backwards. Do not worry anymore about falling backwards into the old ways. Your vibration of love and service is strong.

Now tonight we will continue the story of the prince named Jack, and of his journey that eventually brought him to Earth. We use the story of Jack to describe what happened to you, for you are the princes and princesses of the kingdom of the First Creation. We are giving this to you a piece at a time to help you absorb it and to understand who you truly are. There is even more to the story than we will tell tonight. We will continue speaking of this for some time.

We will caution that some humans might not like this so well. It will raise the eyebrows and perhaps even a few fists of your own kind, those called lightworkers. We ask Cauldre to step out of the way while we bring this information forth. He knows what comes, and he is not terribly pleased that we are going to open this can of worms! (chuckling)

Jack was a prince in the kingdom of sIAM. He was a great traveler, a great explorer and a great creator. He was easily bored. He journeyed to the ends of the kingdom where he then set sail onto the waters. Jack came upon the Wall of Fire, which signified the edge of all creation as it was known. This frightened him. He tried to go back to the kingdom but the non-energy, the vacuum, and the suction from the Wall of Fire pulled him in.

The period of time he was in this Wall of Fire seemed like an eternity. His being was shattered, broken into many, many, many pieces. Some of these pieces went into a type of "cocoon" to go for a long sleep, to go for an inner experience. Jack had always been an outer-looking creator and being. Part of the energy of Jack did not go into this inner cocoon, this inner-looking energy. Part of him continued to travel.

Now, Jack did not go straight to Earth. There was an interim period. This is somewhat difficult to describe, but we will attempt to convey it working closely with Cauldre. Beyond the Wall of Fire was nothing, a void, total darkness. It was the void that would later become you physical universe. When Jack crossed into the void, there were no stars. There were no galaxies. There were no energies present. There was simply a nothing.

Energetically, Jack was not in his light body that he knew from the kingdom, and yet he was not in dense physical form. His energy was spinning faster than that of humans on Earth as you know it, but significantly slower than when he was in the First Creation. We are not speaking of the vibration or the quotient of love here. Jack was not solid. Jack was not not "light." He was in between(chuckling), in what you would think of as a gaseous state of being.

When Jack (you) popped through the Wall of Fire, he saw his opposite. He saw his mirror. He began to have experiences, first with himself and then with other entities. These early experiences created an energy that poured out from him (you) and then set up structures and patterns of energy in the universe that had previously been a void. Jack (you) was going through experiences that then created energy weavings, tapestries, foundations that would later become your stars and your galaxies and your solar systems. This was a very interesting period of time for Jack (you).

Through his experiences, Jack began taking on a new self identity. He began to group with other similar energies of entities who had also crossed through the Wall of Fire. He began to bond with others, and form "energy" groups. These energy family groups traveled to, and in a sense, resided in certain parts of the universe. And as you would know from your current experiences with families, there became internal battles. Jack and the others began fighting. There became wars. The groups that had formed became fractured and split.

This was a very chaotic time. Jack was still learning to adjust to his transition through the Wall of Fire. He had never felt anything like this before. He was trying to remember and discover who he was, but he was taking on new attributes that he could not even relate to. He was beginning to take on strange feelings and vibrations about his own energy. Where Jack had once been only light, he was beginning to take on a thickness, a heaviness of being that would later become a body.

Jack did not like this so much. He did not like feeling the slowdown of his energy, the descending from thought to light to electra. He did not like this one bit. He sought to get out of it, but did not know how. He was becoming more and more solid. As he did this, your universe also became more and more solid. Planets began to take shape and to form and to take on mass.

Oh, dear friends, Jack – you – did not like any of this. You felt like you were falling and falling and falling. Your energy and vibrations were slowing. You fought it. You felt that at a certain point, you would never again remember who you were, or where you came from. You were desperately trying to hold on to the vibration of the kingdom. You cursed going through the Wall of Fire!

You were in chaos. There were terrible wars in your universe. This was a time where the concept of killing and death first began to appear. There was anger towards others and towards yourself. There were groups that roved in the ever-solidifying universe, trying to take power from others. They thought that if they took power and energy from another being, it would raise their vibration and send them back home to the kingdom.

You began traveling in groups, some large groups, some small. As you did this… as you, in a sense, held hands and bonded your energy, there came to be around you an energy "ship." You lived within that and traveled all over and had many, many experiences. It was interesting, because you could travel quite well on the energy corridors that were developing in your universe. You knew how to get from one part to the other, what could be millions or even billions of light years away, using your current measurement system. It would take you only a moment. You were proficient at this.

But all of this time, each of you were resisting this slowing down, resisting this solidification that was taking place in you, in your entire universe. You started having strange experiences. You started crashing into things! You didn’t pass through objects any more. Energy did not pass through energy. Things were becoming so solid, so slowed down, you actually would find yourself crashing into stars and planets and meteors and asteroids. This surprised you, and it depressed you. The wars continued. The battles intensified. This was not a good time. There were pockets of those who were trying to find the way back Home, trying to find the proper vibration, discovering things about the energies of love and light. But for the most part, things were spinning down.

At some point there came, as we have talked of before, an impasse. Things could go no further. The conflicts, the battles between what you would call the light and the dark were at a stalemate. The universe, as you knew it, even stopped growing. At that point there was a decision, a consensus, an agreement to go to this place of Earth, and for once and all cross through the final veil. You agreed to cross the final barrier, to literally take on a very dense human form, to have your being go into that form that you know of as your body. You agreed to live in complete amnesia of who you were, to walk through the cycles of life and death, and what you call karma, to come full circle back around again, to remembering who you were before you ever crossed through the wall of fire.

That is why you are here! That is why you have been here for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of lifetimes. You have been walking the cycle of Earth lives in an agreement to bring things full circle. It is an agreement to heal all of the past, to heal this time of going through the Wall of Fire, to heal this time of the building of the void, the creation of your universe as you know it. You have walked all of these lifetimes to heal and to rediscover.

There are ones who come in tonight into your second circle. They are taking the measurements and monitoring what you are doing. They are here because the circle is coming to a close. You are in these final stages of a journey that has lasted in a timeframe we could not even begin to explain. But the circle is coming to a close from the very work you have done.

It should be no surprise to you that things in your daily life right are difficult now. It is not just about you! It is not just you in this lifetime that you are healing. You have already healed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of past lives. Most of those, dear friends, have healed and left, and Gaia is releasing the energy that has been stored in the Earth. What you are truly healing right now is this time of the building of the void, the time between the Wall of Fire and coming to your Earth. You are healing this time when you were bouncing around your universe, experiencing the beginnings of mass and matter. It was a time when you could freely travel through time and space, but you did not like what was happening. This was a great time of chaos.

Now, the ones you call "alien beings," dear friends, are simply aspects of you from this past time, this time of the building of the void. We have said to you before that when you look up into your stars, and you look up into your universe, there is not much out there. We mean just that. You are looking into a limited dimensional view of your physical universe. And indeed there is not much there! What is there are the energies of you from the past that are criss-crossing, sometimes intersecting, your current life on Earth.

Let us use this analogy. We will use the analogy of the house, for it is a good one. (chuckling) Imagine standing in the living room and looking around. All you see is the living room, but there are other rooms of the house that you cannot see because you are standing in one place at that moment of time. There are activities in the other rooms, but you are not aware of them, for you cannot see or hear them. Your universe is much like this. There are many rooms, there are many dimensions. When you look up into your skies, and you see the stars – in that room, there is not much. There truly is not much there in terms of life. There is much energy, but in terms of life form, not much. There are rooms that exist side-by-side, dimension-by-dimension in your universe that you cannot see or hear. Some of you are beginning to sense these other rooms. They are all under the same roof, but they are separate rooms.

Once in a while, in an unusual energy situation, there is a bleed-through or crossover. You will see into one of the other rooms, or a being from the other room accidentally walks through the door and comes into your room. When this happens, this is you from the past! Oh, it will look like an alien and feel like an alien, but dear friends, it is you from the past. With the intense amount of healing work going on right now, of healing this time, in a sense, you are paralleling it. You are here now but you are also healing that other room at the same time, so there are incidences of crossover, of intersection. Are there aliens in your universe that are wiser and grander and smarter? Indeed my friends, no! These are aspects of you from the past. How could they be wiser or smarter or more powerful? These aspects, while being part of your past, are occurring at this very moment. Even while you sit here, the part of you that is building the structures of the void in the past exists at the same time.

Now we do not want to get too far off track here with concepts of alternative realities or multiple dimensions. We simply want to reinforce the point that these are you from the past, and they cross over occasionally. The important thing is to know, dear friends, that you are coming full circle in your work. You have gone through traumatic times after crossing through this Wall of Fire. Do not give up your power to another, to any being, to what you would call an alien.

Even though this is an aspect of you from the past, it will try to present itself to you and to others as a grand, intelligent being. They will try to tell you – and there is a bit of truth to it – that they are your parent, that they supplied the seed stock for you. Well indeed, they are your past! But do not be deceived that they are grand beings who understand the keys to all things. Dear friends, the vibration of the word "alien" is "a lie." Do not give your power to another. You are so close to completing your circle. This is a time of intensity now, where even you from the past will come back and try to deceive you and belittle you and tell you they are the wise ones. In a sense, even though you are trying to heal this past, it will try to deceive you.

I, Tobias, want you to remember the energy here right now, the energy that tells you that you have the Christ seed within you, and you always have. Follow none other than the God within you! You will be challenged in these days to come, as you make the final link of your circle. The challenges will be difficult, and that is why we bring this subject up on this night. Are we saying you will have an alien encounter? In a way, yes, we are. It may not happen while you are driving down the road at 1:00 AM and come to a railroad crossing. (audience laughter) It may come in your sleep. It may happen, and most likely will happen, as an old remembrance coming through like a freight train, a remembrance that brings fear and that cripples you and immobilizes you. When that happens, dear friends, we want you to come back to this energy of this day, when Spirit, when Yeshua and the Crimson Council and Tobias sat in front of you, and said, "Dear ones, you are the God that is awakening. Have no others come before or above you."

(chuckling) Now this will bring many questions about aliens! We are prepared to discuss each and every one. And Cauldre, we will give you the tools to answer these.

Now we will shift energies here and go into Lesson Seven of the Creator Series. We ask each of you to get comfortable in your places. Dear friends, we will tell a short story to help you better understand our Lesson Seven. Lesson Seven is a simple, very simple. You may struggle with it because it is so simple. You may try to make it something complex.

Lesson Seven is the first of what we would call the practical lessons of outward creation. Much of what we have talked about up to this time have been foundations and understandings, and processing of old energies that needed to be rebalanced. Now we will begin in the second half of this series a number of steps to proactively create. This may feel odd or unusual to some of you. There is an ingrained fear within you, within all humans, of your creator powers. There is a reluctance to create once again, for it has been a long time, and there is still a shame and a guilt associated with what you perceive you have done in the past.

There is an original sin that you perceive in yourself of crossing through this Wall of Fire. You feel you went too far. You feel that you battled in the energy of chaos in the process of the building of the void. Oh, dear friends, the battles that took place then would make Star Wars look like child’s play! So when we talk of using your true creator abilities, some of you may be taken aback. Some of you will wonder if this is the right thing and think perhaps that it is not time.


There was a lightworker by the name of Anna, a wonderful lightworker, much like each one here, each one reading this. She took many spiritual courses in the past 30 years. She learned about mind control, which is amusing in itself. She learned how to meditate, to follow a ritual of meditation, how to clear her mind. But we know, and you know, the mind was never cleared. She spent 20 minutes a day, twice a day, sitting in an uncomfortable position because she thought it was what she should do. (audience laughter) But in a sense, this was very good for her soul and her being, for it helped her along her path. It helped provide structure.

Our dear lightworker Anna took many courses in different techniques, in different subjects – how to be peaceful, how to be calm, how to be nice, how to be God-like, how to obey God, how to hide from God. (audience laughter) These courses were like stepping stones on her path, and helped to get her to this point.

But underneath, Anna kept wondering, "If I am learning so much and growing so much, how come I can not affect my being, my space? How come I cannot focus my mind to change the flow of water coming from a faucet?" She has tried this. And it did not work. "How come cannot change the way a candle flickers with my mind? For indeed I know and Spirit knows that it is just the breeze that caused the movement?"

Anna was frustrated, for there continued to be challenges and experiences in her life that she did not seem to have control over. She did good to simply survive and to continue growing spiritually within. You see, what she did not realize was that all of the work and effort she was doing were building something within. It was awakening something within. But yet she was frustrated that it was not changing her outer reality. Things were not changing on the outside. There were many reasons for this. One reason was that the time was not right. It would not have been appropriate. It would have been – how to say – a crash and burn. The time was not quite right.

There has been much waiting on the part of all of you, and we understand this. Anna’s own balance of energies – what we have talked of with the marbles, the clear, and the white, and the dark – were still playing a wonderful game within her. It was not time to have that game end. There was also the fact that she continued giving your power over to others. She would take a class, or read a book, and she would become a follower. And a creator is not a follower! They are contradictory terms.

But now, dear friends, now the time is appropriate. As we have said, the ones who gather in the second circle today are the ones of measurement and monitoring. They are highly intrigued because the time is now appropriate. They know that the first of the humans will now begin to use their creator abilities. And this is you.

Anna was very frustrated that she could not control her outer environment, her outer being. At one point she, like many of you have done, threw away all of the books, all of the tools, and said, "No more classes. They have done nothing but cost me a lot of money!" (audience laughter) Dear friends, this is not an accurate understanding, for as we have said, all of those things, those classes and disciplines and techniques, were truly stepping stones for her, and helped bring her back together with family. That is how she met others, through these courses. The energy of gatherings was valuable in bringing family back together.

Now, Anna learned of this place called her New House. She did not understand it, but she knew within that it felt good. It felt appropriate, and if nothing else, it felt quiet for a few minutes! (chuckling) So she spent time in her New House, like we ask each of you to do now. Put yourself in the energy of your New House. Feel the song of your New House. If you do not hear so well, simply feel. If you do not feel so well, simply know that there is a vibration there, a core vibration in your new house.

Anna, somewhat frustrated by her lack of ability to proactively create, to create with direction and power, came to a point where she had released many of the old ways. She came to the point where she was truly ready to begin creating.

In her New House, Anna saw a large paintbrush in a pail of glowing paint, glowing, wonderful paint on the floor of her living room. She knew it must be there for a reason, for she had not placed it there. It had not been there the last time she was in her New House. But it felt right. The brush was large. It was very large, larger than any paintbrush she had seen before. She looked around. She looked around her new house and wondered what she was supposed to do with this paintbrush and with this paint. But instead of fretting, being that she was in the wonderful energy of her new house, she simply asked herself, "What is it that I should know about this can of glowing, beautiful paint and this large paintbrush?" A voice came up from within her – not from a guide or not from Tobias – a said to simply to take the brush, dip it in the paint, and make a broad stroke on any wall of the New House that she chose. When Anna took the brush, filled with glowing paint, and made a broad streak across the wall of her New House, she learned Lesson Seven.

Lesson Seven: Create in Broad Strokes. Create in broad strokes. This is a simple lesson but a profound one. In these next 30 days, you will enter into your first real understandings of creating. You are no longer being a victim, and no longer simply reacting to things that happen in your life. You will actually create. We ask you to sit in your house, to feel the vibration of your house, and when you are ready, take this large brush, dip it in the paint, and create a broad stroke. Just one, no more. Then put the paintbrush down, sit upon the floor, and watch what happens with that broad stroke that you have created. Observe it. It will change. It will morph. It will find its own balance. You are in your New House, and within this energy is a divine balance. Your first creation – your first broad stroke – will find its divine balance.

Now what are you creating? In our last gathering we talked of four areas of the human experience. We talked of resources, also known as abundance. We talked of your health and biology. We talked of relationships. And we talked of self worth. Choose any one of the four. Hold it in your heart. Then create with a broad stroke, simply create the balance for this area. You are creating balance. There is no need to have a specific agenda or intent for Spirit or for yourself. You are creating in the divine balance. But this time, you are creating a broad stroke. You are being proactive.

What does all of this mean? What will happen now? First you may come to some fear here. You may wonder what you are really creating, and what is going to happen as a result of your new creation? This fear relates back to the time before you came to Earth. It relates to the shame that you have felt for crossing through the Wall of Fire, for leaving the kingdom. Address this fear. Sit with it in your new house. Understand it and talk to it. This fear could be your best friend, or as a creator this fear could be your worst enemy. This fear, if left unattended, will come back to you. It will come back looking like an alien. (audience laughter) We mean that seriously. If you allow this fear to grow and to have power, it will take you back to places where this fear was birthed.

Lesson Seven: Create in broad strokes. Do not worry about the mechanics or the details. This room is filled tonight with mechanics and engineers who work on the details. You, as creators, do not need to get into that now. Create in broad strokes. You will have the tendency to want to go in with fine brushes and tell Spirit and your divine Self how to do it. Resist that temptation. Sit in front of this beautiful, broad stroke you have created. Simply allow it to take its divine balance. This is simple, dear friends, but yet very challenging.

Take an issue of relationships. You do not have to explain to Spirit or yourself what the issue is. You do not have to go into the detail. Take this one issue. Hold it in your heart. Create with a broad stroke, and know, dear friends, that divine balance, your own divinity, will handle the rest.

Do you see what is happening here? You are learning to trust your own divinity and allow that divinity to go to work. You have tried to handle all of the details in the past! You have been separated from the kingdom for so long that you feel you've had to handle every little detail. It is time to trust. As you allow your divinity to provide the appropriate balance, oh, my dear friends, your life will be so much easier! You will be the painter of beautiful strokes. The mechanics of manifestation will be handled at other levels. And life will be so much more joyful.

Why the wall? Why the paint? Walk outside of your new house after you have done your broad stroke. Things outside will look different. It will look different because of the work that you have done on the inside! It will simply look different. You will begin to see beyond what you could previously recognize. You will begin to see the way things truly come together. You will be able to see into people around you who you have once felt sorry for or pitied. You will see the joy of their life. You will have changed something on the inside with your first, broad, brush stroke, and the outside will begin to look different.

You have not changed anyone else's life. You will have only changed yours. We have said to you before, do not put others in the oven. Do not try to change others. You will not need to do so, because things will look different and you will understand in ways that you did not before.

Lesson Seven: Create in broad strokes. Dear friends, resist the desire to take the fine brushes to fill in the details. This will be done for you. After you create a broad stroke, sit on the floor and admire the piece of art you have just created. We have talked to you before of the Oven of Grace, and we have talked to you and walked you through putting old issues in there. The Oven of Grace is wonderful for old issues. But the oven of Grace also serves as a processor and a balancer of new things that you create. It is like an entire energy system of your new house. As you create a broad stroke, your Oven of Grace balances and processes the energies. In other words, allowing grace to process your new creation assures a divine balance. It assures that it manifests and balances in the most appropriate and loving manner. You don’t have to be concerned about whether are creating the most appropriate or enlightened thing. You own divinity will handle the balance.

There is an innate fear within each of you of creating something that is not appropriate. This has frozen many of you up to this day. You have been reluctant to create because you did not know if it would be the right thing. You have been waiting for Spirit to tell you how to create and what to create, because you did not want to be inappropriate once again. The Oven of Grace, your own divinity and the love of Spirit will make it so that you do not create inappropriately. With the four marbles and the balance within you, you will not create bad or dark. With the love that is within you, you will not create the wrong thing.

What is it you should create now? It is simple. With your broad stroke you create a new balance of relationships, a balance of abundance, a balance of health, and self worth. When you take that broad, brush stroke, you are creating a new balance. Do not worry about how many dollars that balance means, or what this new lover in your life will look like. Divinity will handle the balance and bring to you all things that are appropriate. As you change things on the inside, you change your vibration level. You change your energy patterns, so that when you walk out the door of your new house, you have changed the perception of what things appear to be. You change reality without affecting another human being. This is very interesting. That is why we have said, "Do not pray to change the world. Pray only to awaken within yourself." As you do, you will change the way your reality looks. We will discuss more of this later in upcoming lessons.

Lesson Seven, a very simple one, but your first lesson in the proactive creating : Create in broad strokes. Choose from one of the four areas that we have discussed. Indeed there will be more refined and more intense lessons as we go, but work with this for a period of time now. Create in broad strokes.

Now dear friends, those that sit here tonight in the second circle who monitor and measure the energy are smiling. They feel and they see a vibration level that they have detected in very few others. This vibration is about the love that shines within you. They are smiling about your integrity, your love, and your dedication. This is the light that shines.

They will be taking many more measurements here of Shaumbra and of Earth. They say to expect see shifts on your Earth. You will see shifts in power. You will see shifts in Gaia. And these will continue to intensify. The recent earthquakes in South America and India are a beginning. There will be more, and it will be appropriate. Later, we will discuss how to handle these types of situations.

It is indeed a time of love and a time of reunion when we gather like this. We enjoy these times together. We enjoy our gatherings. Take this energy. Take this feeling that comes when we gather like this. Hold it within you. Keep it within you. Set it as a guide for all of the other energies of your being to look to. Dear friends, there are a multitude of beings on the other side of the veil doing work on your behalf, doing work with you, caring about you.

Indeed you are never, ever alone.

And so it is ...

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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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