Lesson Six: The Creator Series
"Within You Is Divine Balance"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
January 6, 2001


Picture © Linda Wells

And so it is, dear friends, that we gather here together with you on this day of the Crimson Circle. We joyfully come into your space and into your energy. Oh, your hearts are open at this time! Your acceptance of us is true and deep and loving. We thank you for allowing us into this space.

The acceptance of yourself, of who you are… oh, it has changed significantly since the last time we talked. It has changed in grand proportions since we first started meeting in this circle. Part of our responsibility in the Crimson Council is to offer you perspective, to show you what we see. There are times that you cannot see your own progress, for you are in the midst of your life and your experience. You are so much a part of duality that it is difficult for you to see who you truly are. So we offer you our perspective. And indeed, dear friends, you are not of the same consciousness as you were only a few months ago. You have shed much of the old, and you are beginning to embrace the energy of the new. And this energy is your own divine self.

Dear friends, I, Tobias, and those of the Crimson Council come here on this day to share with you what we see. What we see is a group of humans in this room and even those who are reading these words and listening to them across the dimensions, across time and space. We look into your heart, into your one chakra, and we see that you are learning to accept your divinity. We know it has been challenging and difficult. And we know there are certain ones of you that have cussed Tobias. (audience laughter) You have cussed the very lessons that we give you! We laugh with you now! (chuckling) And we honor you, for we know it has been difficult.

We come to you in this series – what we call the Creator Series – to give you information that you can use to become empowered humans. We know that the last thing a human angel needs to hear is another platitude. So we are very cautious of this. We will continue to give you as much solid and practical information as possible in our talks. But dear friends, this is a two-way street between us. We will not give you platitudes. We will not give you empty words to only make you feel good for a few moments of your time. We will give you information that we are receiving from you about your own path. We will give you information that a part of you is telling us that you need to hear. We are simply the one who relay information that is coming from you. That is why it seems so familiar. That is why at times the energy of Tobias and the Crimson Council seems so close, so much like it was meant just for you. Because it is. It is information you asked us to give to you.

Part of the partnership that we have here in this circle, dear friends, is that we will impart information for you, but it is up to you, you human angels, to then put this to use. It is up to you to work with this, to work with these new tools. It is up to you to ultimately be the creators. As we have said to you before, we cannot do it for you. As we have said to you before, we do not know all of the answers to your questions. Even in our last gathering, when the questions were asked, we said we would be backing away for a while. And Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) thought that was meant just for him! But indeed it was for all of you over the last 30 days.

The melding of this energy between you and us and Spirit and All That Is is indeed sweet! The energy in this space is indeed sweet, whether you are in our room on the mountain or in a space far from here. We know your lives are filled with many activities, many thoughts, many concerns. We ask each of you now, each of you that is here, or reading or listening to take this time of pause to meld. Dear friends, take a moment to feel what you have helped to create with Spirit in this space, the feeling of true love, the feeling of peace, and the feeling of your own divine self awakening quietly within.

We will ask Cauldre to be in silence for a moment. We ask each of you to feel this melding that you have helped to create. Indeed this is a sweet time for both of us, for all of us who come in.


Now there is a bit of an interesting energy here on this night, somewhat different from what you may have experienced before. As you know, there are many who come to visit when you are in the circle, those from the other side of the veil that are curious about the work here. In a way, dear friends, they have to make reservations in advance to be here, for otherwise they would flood into your space. (chuckling) We are very particular about who comes in here. There is even a seating order within your circle. You, the humans here, sit in the first circle. Then there are others who gather in the circle around that and even circles that expand outward beyond that.

Now on this night of our gathering those who come in by invitation only… their energy is different. They cannot come in so close as the others who have been here. There are intermediaries who help to create the lines of energy to allow these ones who join us to take in, to observe, and to meld with you. They cannot come in directly right now. So there are angelic facilitators in this room that are bridging this gap.

The ones who join us tonight are the ones who have never come to Earth before. They are the ones who have never crossed through the wall of fire, but are anxiously awaiting the proper time. They are the ones that will begin coming in within the next five years of your time. They will be the ones crossing through the wall of fire. They will go to a type of reception room, or transition room, before they can take on a physical body, before they can come into the consciousness of Earth. They are the ones that you knew when you were in the kingdom, when you were in the first circle. They are the ones that you played with, that you helped teach, even back there. They have missed you deeply. You would not remember their names. You would not even remember their energies so well. They are ones that you have known. They are ones that you have longed for. Oh, and indeed they barely recognize you.

This brings up a good point to discuss at this time. Nearly all of you have asked what your angelic or spiritual name was on other side, the name that you were called by. Do you know, dear friends, why you are not able to put your finger on it so well? It is because the name that you were called on the other side, which is like a vibration or a tone… you do not carry that name any more.

You have changed so much since you began your journeys on Earth. It would be a dishonor for those ones who come in tonight to call you by the name that you were known by in the first circle. It would be a dishonor. It would be like calling a general, a lieutenant. It would be like calling one who is a doctor, a student. It would be a dishonor for them to use the name that you were known by because you have journeyed so far. You have evolved so much that there is a new name that is emerging within you. It is not the name that you had on the other side, but a new name that you are helping to create and define right now. With this name we begin to see the hints of the energies beginning to birth within you, and as it does, the new name begins to come forward. It would be inappropriate for us to share that name with you, for you will discover it on your own. You will know without doubt or question. But that name is still being birthed. So we ask you to be patient.

Now those who come in to observe are here for a very good reason. They have been watching you from the other side, from the first circle. They have been amazed at what you have done, and what is like to be on Earth, to be in duality, to have no remembrance of who you truly are. They are honored that you are coming back into remembrance. They are honored when they see that you have gone from the energy of "two," and you are now beginning a new balance. You are bringing in the energy of the Christ consciousness. When there is appropriate mass, when enough Shaumbra and enough lightworkers around your world have brought in and integrated this energy of the Christ consciousness, then it will be their turn to begin coming in.

They come here tonight to observe, to be in this circle, because they are in training and preparation. Oh, dear ones, they will come to Earth in approximately five years of your time. They will be born into biology. They will take on the human condition. They are not what you would call the Indigos, for that is a different type. The indigo children are the ones who have gone through a number of lifetimes and have come to a new point of evolution and empowerment within their being. The indigos are old Earth souls.

There are others that are being called the "crystal children" – oh, you have many names for groups. (chuckling) These are not the ones we refer to. We give them no names at this time. It is the new ones that will be born. It is the ones that come from the kingdom of the first circle that have never taken on the human condition. It is to say that they are nervous! It is to say that they are amazed at what you have done. They are in their training, and they are beginning to assimilate. They are beginning to condition themselves. They are trying to understand. Because they are still on the other side of the wall of fire, they need an intermediary, they need a go-between. There are those in the room that are serving this function on this night, to help bring their energy in closer. This would be like a translator that comes in.

These new ones that are coming in will be studying you over these next several years. So if you awaken at night and feel there is an energy in the room, if you feel perhaps you have been bumped in the night… (they are still somewhat clumsy)… they are simply coming in closer. As you integrate your divinity, they are able to come in closer and closer to you. They are trying to understand this process of being a human. They will be "shadowing" you.

If you should ask them for advice of what to do with your life, they will have no concept. They are learning from you! Do not mistake these ones for your guides or your angels, dear friends. They are the trainees. They do not have the permission to come freely back and forth. They must always be – we are using your words here – they must always be escorted by a type of angel who is on your side of the wall of fire. But they will be coming around more often.

They are here tonight, and they are beside you even if you are reading this. We ask you to greet them in your hearts. We ask you to send them love as they are sending you love. They eagerly anticipate their upcoming journey on Earth. We ask you to share with them the soul and the depths of your experiences that you have had in all of these lifetimes on Earth. They eagerly await the time that they can come and follow in your footsteps.


Now this leads us into the continuing story of Jack, the Prince of sIAM. Dear friends, when we spoke with you in our last gathering, we told the story of Jack who was the prince of the kingdom of the First Circle. He enjoyed journeying out into all parts of the kingdom where he met many, where he learned much, where he experienced much. He went to new villages within the kingdom. He shared with others within the kingdom, and he helped to create many new things. This is a parable that we share with you, to help you understand how you came to Earth. For indeed each of you is Jack. Now what we did not talk to you about in our last gathering was what happened to Jack when he came to the place where the land ended. He pushed his boat out onto the great sea, where it was calm for a number of days. And Jack became bored.

We speak slowly here, and we emphasize these metaphors, for they are very key to things you will be teaching. We honor each of you, the teachers that are here tonight.

One day as Jack was drifting upon the waters, looking for new adventure, he saw a great wall of fire. It frightened him. He began paddling backwards, back towards the land where he had come from, back to the kingdom that had been his home. But yet this wall of fire pulled him in. He was frightened, and he was terrified, but yet it pulled him in a way that he could not prevent. After going through the wall of fire, Jack awoke upon the shores of a new land, at this place called Earth. Here he met others that were like him. Together they began to build the villages. They created the architecture and the energy patterns for the new land.

Now let us back up for a moment and talk about what transpired during this period when Jack went through the wall of fire. We did not focus so much on it in our last gathering, for we wanted to talk specifically about it on this night.

This was a traumatic experience for Jack – and for you. For the first time he felt he was not in control, when this wall of fire pulled him in, and he screamed within. This was the first time that Jack had ever felt terror. This was the first time Jack had ever felt a splitting apart within his own being. He had always been a prince, the heir to the throne. He had always had the freedom to create in whatever way he chose.

But now the wall of fire changed all of that for him. While he was passing through the wall of fire, it burned at the core of his very being, and it awoke within him conflict and pain and sorrow and suffering – all things he had never experienced before while he was in the kingdom. It awoke within him something called guilt. As he was tumbling through this dreaded wall, as he was wondering what he had done, he felt the guilt of having gone too far. He felt he should have stayed home in the kingdom where all things were good and right.

While he was in this wall of fire, it shattered him, dear friends. It shattered the oneness that he had been, and in a sense, you could say it created a war within him. There were experiences that he had during his brief moment that he passed through the wall of fire that seemed to last an eternity. Prince Jack, the one who was a creator within the kingdom, had experiences within the wall of fire that were filled with the deepest of sorrows, that were filled with anger and hate.

Oh, we know some of you have a hard time hearing this. But all of this was appropriate. All of this was meant to be. And all of this, you will see in its finality, was filled with the greatest of love.

We give you many important metaphors on this night. There are many metaphors that will be important in the teaching work that you will do.

Prince Jack spent an eternity in the zone of the wall of fire. It shattered him into pieces. Those pieces, in a sense, reorganized themselves into two areas.

A small portion of the pieces reconnected and fell through the universe onto a place called Earth. They resurrected themselves in a human body. In this human body, Jack was destined to walk the Earth many, many times, to repeat the cycle of lifetimes, to gain experience for something on a very grand scale.

Part of Jack, the larger part of Jack that was shattered, spent a bit of extra time in the zone of the wall of fire. These pieces of Jack spent time in turmoil and difficulty within the wall of fire. But then they banded together again. They found each other. They found the vibration of each other. They came back together. They then wrapped a large weaving of energy around them to protect them. You would call this a cocoon. And within this cocoon, the larger part of Jack that had come back together again went to sleep, protected by an energy cocoon, protected by many other types of unseen but loving forces.

While these pieces of Jack were sleeping in this cocoon, they looked inward. Jack had always been the outward creator, the adventurer, the one who sought new lands. Jack had always been an outer expression, but now most of Jack lay within a cocoon, deeply asleep, looking inward.

This had never been done before. There was in a need on the part of Spirit, through Jack, to look inward, to look from a new perspective, rather than to create outward.

Now back to Jack, the human, who lived many lifetimes and forgot who he was and forgot about his angelic origins. He came to think and believe that he was just a human. Oh, he even forget that he had past lifetimes on Earth. He began to believe his existence was merely being born and living and then dying. He would forget from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime who he was. And his name would change from lifetime to lifetime. His gender would change occasionally. He had many experiences.

One day in one lifetime he began to question "why." He began to ask who he was. He began to ask who his father truly was. And the words that he was told did not rest well within him. The words that he had heard from those in churches and from the ones who controlled the spiritual doctrines did not resonate within him. He knew there was something more, and he sought to find it. He sought to reunite with something he knew was there, but could not put his finger on. He could not define it. Jack spent a number of lifetimes in search of himself. He spent these lifetimes in loneliness and solitude. He spent these lifetimes searching and struggling and banging his head against the wall.

After many trials and tribulations, and after going through pains of the body and the mind and the spirit, Jack finally gave up one day. He did not care if he lived or died again as a human. He loved his family and he loved those he had met along the way, but he did not care so much any more. He did not care or have the passion for being a human any longer. And this was not a sad thing, dear friends. This was not a sad thing. It was time. It was time to release being human, of holding the human belief, of maintaining the human condition.

Others thought Jack was going out of his mind. They worried for him, and they talked amongst themselves, saying Jack was perhaps suicidal, and that Jack had gone out of his mind. They thought Jack should get a simple job, doing simple things and not worry about such grand events as finding himself once again.

Jack finally stopped his outer searching. He sat quietly and began to accept. He began to truly listen and began to follow no voice but his own. He put down his books. He put down what the others were telling him and put down the struggling that was taking place in his heart and in his mind. Only then did Jack begin to understand what was truly taking place. The greater part of him that had been in this cocoon, looking inward, had now finished its sleep. It had now finished its introspective look and was ready to awaken.

Dear friends, when the greater part of Jack that was in the cocoon decided to awaken, it was like an infant. Oh, you think the True Self is like your father or mother? No, it is like the infant. As it awakens, the first thing it longs to do is to reunite with you. As the True Self is awakening and coming forth from its cocoon, it is seeking to find you. When it does, dear friends, this is what we call the awakening of the Christ consciousness that is within.

Now Jack sat quietly, and he listened for a long time. At first he tried to listen in ways he had been told to listen by others. This did not work so well. He found himself out searching again, even while he was trying to be quiet, out searching in his mind, trying the right technique or process. When he finally gave those up, when he finally began allowing and listening in no one else’s way but his own, did he then begin to hear the energy, the love, the longing and the passion of the part that had been left behind.

Then Jack understood something that even we could not explain here to you. We choose not to because it will be unique to each one of you. There is no process from this point forward that Jack could have read in a book. It is so unique and personal to you, it is not something that can be outlined. Oh, indeed we can talk to you of being creators. We can talk to you of how you got here. We can talk to you of things that you are experiencing at this moment. But the process of the awakening of your divinity is so deeply personal within you that we could not possibly begin to define it. You will come to understand.

Dear friends, Jack sat quietly and listened within his being and allowed at the deepest levels. He allowed at the level that meant total release. He finally began to hear and finally began to understand. He finally began to integrate with all that he was, what you call your True Self. This is what some of you mistake for your guides, what some of you mistake for an outer energy, even Sananda, Yeshua ben Joseph. These are all ones who come to guide you and to work with you and to give you love, but dear friends, the integration and the inner discovery is of something far grander.

We will talk more of this in our times to come, but we wanted to get a little further ahead with the story of Jack. It is your story.

When you left the kingdom and went through the great wall of fire, much of you was left behind. Much of you went through a turmoil that is very difficult to describe and difficult for you to even understand within your being. A small part of your total energy came to this place called Earth and has walked for many, many lifetimes. But the part of you that was left behind – your True Self – is now awakening. This is what is happening within you right now. This is why you are feeling the things within your body and your mind that you do. This is why we gather here. This is why we honor you.

Remember dear friends, this is not some outer entity. Your True Self is not some angel-like being with wings. It is you. It is you, and it comes from within. If you review some of the metaphors we have used in this parable, you will come to understand more here. It comes from within you.

Now today is Lesson Six of the Creator Series. We ask each of you to get comfortable for a moment, for we know you are in suspense. (chuckling) Those that are here visiting tonight have sat in the outer circles listening, listening like you have listened to stories around the campfire. They are in total amazement, listening to this story of Jack, knowing that it was you. There mouths are wide open, so to speak. There is honor.

Now we will get on with the understandings of this classroom. Dear friends, we are in our time now of Lesson Six of the Creator Series. We will do a brief review here on this night. We will also put one cautionary note here for those who are in this room, for those who are joining us across time and space. If you do not fully comprehend or understand the previous lessons, we will ask you to go back. We are putting a marking sign here on the road of this series that says, "If you do not understand, go back."

What we will discuss going forward after today's lesson will be practical applications and practical tools for being the creators in the new energy. If you do not have the core understandings of the foundation lessons (Lessons One – Six), and you attempt to go forward, it may hurt at times. You will get zapped by your own creation energy, and you will not like it so much.

For the ones who will teach these lessons in future times, this is a reminder that there is a sign, much like a stop sign, that says, "Stop, go back if you have not understood the previous lessons." If you have jumped in at Lesson Six and have not taken time to review Lessons One through Five, we highly recommend going back.

The first three lessons, dear friends, were foundation lessons. Lesson One: "Accept all things as they are." This was the lesson of the short wall, of standing behind the short wall. This was the lesson of stepping out of duality and drama, standing behind your short wall and observing all that goes on around you. From this lesson you came to understand how easy it is to get trapped in duality. By standing behind the short wall, you have seen how easy it is to feel the addiction of wanting to jump back into the fray.

By standing behind the short wall, you gain a new perspective, a somewhat distant perspective, but not necessarily disimpassioned. You a better vantage point to watch all that happens, and you see the interesting dynamics of other humans. You begin to understand duality as it truly was.

Lesson Two, another foundation lesson: Accept your human self, and you will come to know your divine self. This is perhaps one of the more boring lessons, but my dear friends, you will need to understand this for yourself, and you will need to understand it for those you teach. If you do not accept your human self, return to "GO" and start over again. (chuckling) If you do not accept your human self, if you reject yourself, it will come back later. Your human self will want acceptance, and it will be more difficult to heal later than it is now.

You have come to Earth for a reason. You have gone through many, many lifetimes for reasons. As you get closer to integration with your divinity, indeed there is the tendency to reject your human self. There are some that think they are going to ascend and never come back to Earth. Dear friends, that is not acceptance! You will have difficulty on the path of the Crimson Circle if that is how you feel about yourself. Do you understand what we are saying here? Think twice about the beauty and the joy and the love of being a human. Accept it. If it is difficult to accept, take time to work with this. Work with others who will help you accept. If your desire is to simply pop out, to never return to this challenging place of Earth, oh, dear friends, you will have many names in many future lifetimes! (audience laughter)

Lesson Two : Accept your human self, and you will come to know your divine self. This is a core lesson. Accept all that you are. Accept your human self. Jack came to a point where he had to learn to look in the mirror and see beauty and see love and to see God in the mirror. Do you know what we mean? You need to come to this point within yourself, where you can see yourself as God, for indeed you are! Being in human condition is a joyful, grand and loving thing. There are scores and scores of entities tonight in the outer circles that are desiring to do this, that are desiring for this experience. Accept your human self, and you will come to know your divine self.

Then there is living in the divine moment. Lesson Three: Live in the divine moment. Dear friends, as you know so well, it is easy to live in the past. It is easy to worry of the future. As a creator, you will not be in the past or the future. You will be in the moment, the divine moment. Interestingly enough, the divine moment includes the past and the future. If you are in your divine moment, you are healing your past. You are creating a future that is awesome. In the divine moment you are in the past and the future all at the same time, but you are truly in what we would call "no time."

While in this divine moment, dear friends – to give you some incentive to be here – your aging process is greatly reduced. That makes sense if you are both in the past and in the future and in "no time." If you choose to reduce the aging process of your biology, be in the divine moment. Healing of your physical body is exponentially faster if you are in the divine moment. The work that Dr. Mindy Reynolds spoke of tonight with the new machines will show this to be true. When you are in the divine moment, the healing process is exponentially faster and the aging process is slowed.

Oh, these have been key lessons. We hope you have not simply read them for the wonderful energy! (audience laughter) These have been the core foundation lessons. They are not the most exciting, but they are the most important. These first three lessons in the Creator Series are lessons of acceptance: Accepting all things, accepting yourself, accepting the moment that you live in. They are the acceptance lessons within the series.

Then dear friends, we moved into Lesson Four. It is a fun lesson, for it provides the first real tool for you: To create in grace. The Oven of Grace is a way of showing that you can take a situation and begin to find resolution. This will be a fun lesson for you to teach. To create in grace is to get your human thinking out of the way. It is to step aside for a moment and simply allow your awakening True Self to begin its process, to begin finding the appropriate resolution. Creating in grace also means to take your agenda out of the situation at hand. Your agenda is limited. It also limits the true extent of creation that can take place. Lesson Four, to create in grace, begins a new type of process. The process does not come from the mind. It comes from within you, to create in a new way.

Then, creating in grace, would you not expect to have changes in your life? Lesson Five: Expect changes and bless them! The changes that you begin experiencing in your life, while frustrating and aggravating, are appropriate. You will see that old things are moved out to make room for new things, grander things. There is a parallel here on what is literally happening within you. The new thing that is moving in is the part of you, the larger part of you, that was left behind at the wall of fire. The things that are moving out of your life right now were based on old human limitations. The limitations of consciousness are being moved out right now to make room for this grander energy.

(very emotional) We will pause here for a moment, for it is difficult to be this close to you, to feel the challenges and pains that you have gone through and to feel the great sufferings that you have had. Yet you continue along your path. It amazes us, and the emotions that come through now are from the ones in the outer circles who are weeping in honor. They are weeping to see what you go through, and wondering how they could possibly ever follow in your footsteps.

(emotional pause)

We will continue now.

You cannot expect to begin the series of changes precipitated by the oven and not have things happen in your life. The old ways move out to make room for the new. Dear friends, when you turn on the oven of grace, expect changes in your life!

Now we ask you to be in your new house at this time. We ask you to take a moment now to make sure you are in your new house. If you have been out in the yard, we ask you to come in now, to open the door and to be with us here. (audience laughter) Now dear friends, we ask to close all of the shades and the windows and the doors. Go and close all of the shades and the windows and the doors, so that we do not have the disturbances from the outside.

For those who are not so familiar with what we are talking of here, the new house is the metaphor, a symbol of your new divine human self. It is your new house. It is who you are. It is a magical place, filled with anything you want.

But for now we ask you to close the windows and the doors and the blinds. Let us go back with you to the kitchen where we have the Oven of Grace. Oh, and we even smell things cooking on this night! (audience laughter)

Now dear friends, let us walk into your kitchen. We see quite a mess! (audience laughter) Dear friends, you have put so many issues in your oven, and then when it has come time to take them out, you have forgotten, and your oven is stacked with the issues! (much audience laughter) The issues you have remembered to take out are laying on the counter, for you did not know what to do with them! There are trays of pictures and wallets and purses and eyeglasses! (audience laughter) Dear friends, your issues are laying all over, cooling off, so to speak. It is indeed a mess!

We will speak of that tonight, for you have not known what to do with the issues after you placed them in the Oven of Grace. Now there has been a cooling off period that has been appropriate. We have not given you this information until now, for we wanted you to remember this when you teach it to others. There is a cooling off period! There is a transition period from the time you take something out of the oven until the time things truly begin to transform on your human level. As you know, change begins to take place. This is part of the cooling off process.

Now before we go any further, let us talk of your issues that are out on the table. Your issues are not so complex as you think, dear friends. Look at the trays of issues laying out on the counters. We see there are basically four categories of human concern that all of these issues can fall into. Dear friends, we see four areas of human concern. There is that number four again!

First, there are the issues that deal with biology, with your physical being, with your aches and pains, with disease of the body, with needs of the body. There are those issues.

Second there are the issues of relationships. This has been and will continue to be an issue for many of you for the time being. At their core, relationships represent duality. They represent the "two." That is why relationships are such a challenge and an issue. We see many who have wanted to put relationship issues in the oven – and a few who did! (chuckling) And there are many who put their own relationship needs in the oven without putting in another person. This has been appropriate, for as we reminded you, only put those things in the oven that were for you.

There are also resource or abundance issues. As a human, there are certain things that you need, and your money usually buys them. These are resource issues. These are abundance issues. Dear friends, we have seen many, many of those issues in your ovens lately! (chuckling) Some went in repeatedly! Abundance issues will be the most difficult to break through and may need to go back in the oven again and again. But when it finally starts working, you will see the fastest changes in this area of your life.

So there are biology issues, relationship issues, and abundance issues. Finally, dear friends, there are the issues of self worth. These are issues about who you are, about your own worthiness. These issues can now be directly tied back to time when you went through the wall of fire. You have done much processing and releasing in this lifetime. The releases that you have not been able to get through, relate directly back to this traumatic time of crossing through the wall of fire. With this knowledge within, dear friends, you can begin to solve your worthiness issues quite easily. What you did when you came through that wall of fire was in service to All That Is. You went through the wall of fire to explore a new area, a new circle that had never been created before. That is how you came to be here on Earth. We honor you for doing this on behalf of Spirit. So we ask you now to put your self worth issues aside. There was nothing you did wrong. You did this in love and service.

Now let us return to your kitchen with all of the issues sitting on the counters. We ask you to now take the trays of issues and throw them up into the air! Take all of your issues and throw them up in the air. You will notice something – they do not fall back down to the ground. Your issues become suspended in mid air. They float in the air. They begin transforming. Instead of a slip of paper or a picture or physical object such as a wallet, they transform into bright, twinkling lights, each one of them. They are like stars, hovering around the ceiling of your very large kitchen.

When you take your issues out of the oven of grace – which is a divine grace that exists within you – they will transform from issues into these bright, shining stars. (Oh, indeed we are using many metaphors here tonight!) There is a natural order of things that takes place, a natural resolution that takes place when you do not limit the results, when you let things come into balance. It transforms a difficult, heavy, human issue back into a twinkling light of energy.

Now dear friends, leave these issues suspended here as twinkling lights in the kitchen of your new house for a moment. We will share with you Lesson Six of the Creator Series. This is perhaps the most magical of all the lessons that we will give to you. The others will be more practical. This is the most magical. Spend some time with this, dear friends.

Lesson Six: Within you is divine balance. Within you is divine balance. All of these twinkling lights, that were once issues, are now finding their own balance. You released your issues when you placed them into the Oven of Grace, and set them aside to cool. Now they are without the heaviness of being physical objects, of being tangible objects. You have thrown the issues up in the air and allowed them to find their own balance. At this point, they transform into twinkling, brilliant lights. They will find their own balance.

For example, let’s say you have a physical problem in your life. When you cook in the Oven of Grace, and allow the changes to take place in your body, it will find a natural balance. That natural balance will not come from Tobias or your guides or Yeshua or any other being. It will come from within your being. This is a magical transformation process that occurs if you allow it to. This applies to all of your issues, whether they are about your body, your relationships, your abundance or your self worth.

Now dear friends, you have all of these twinkling former issues floating around your kitchen. They are former issues that have now found the appropriate balance. It is yours to take these twinkling lights and weave them into a beautiful light necklace. You will wear this necklace of lights in the future for certain ceremonies we will explain later. Each one of these glistening lights are like gems around you. They are also a reminder to you and to others that you have walked through many experiences, but each one of them had a pearl of love and light and joy to them. Each one had a reason. Whenever you feel it is appropriate, you can collect these former issues and weave them into a necklace of light. This necklace will be a reminder of all that you have learned. It will also be a reminder of all that you are learning about to allowing a new type of creation in your life.

Lesson Six: Within you is divine balance. When you allow this divine balance to do its work, your former issues will come back to you in the most appropriate ways. Within you is a new divine balance. We asked you to close the blinds and the doors of your new house. We want you to understand that it comes from within you. It is not appropriate now to ask your guides for help. They love you dearly, but they are not in your direct energy anymore. It has not time to ask Tobias or any other outer being. Within YOU is divine balance.

It is between you and your Higher Self. Your Higher Self cannot be found if you look out the window. It is not there. There is nothing out there right now that is going to connect you to your own divinity. It is not on the outside. When you find yourself looking outside for your answers, we will remind you that the connection point back to your divine being, the connection point back to whence you came, the connection point to the future for where you are going is within! Dear friends, remember this. This is the lesson of magic that you will come to understand. Within you is divine balance.

Now we have gone through the first half of this creator series. We have given the foundation lessons of acceptance. We have given now the three lessons of the beginnings of transformation – to create in grace, to accept the changes that will begin in your life, and now to understand that there is divine balance. Simply allow it to be. These have been the foundation lesson from where we now go forward.

In the next six lessons we will give you practical tools, but we remind you that if you do not have an understanding of Lessons One through Six, go back now. It will hurt to try to use the tools if you do not have the wisdom and the understanding. It may be painful if you have not learned to accept; if you have not learned to be patient in the transformation process; if you have not learned to allow your issues to cool off; and if you have not learned that divine balance is within you.

Dear friends, the ones who gather in the outer circles on this night do not know if they are worthy of ever coming in to human body and following in your footsteps. We tell them on this night that the way has been paved by the work you have done. They will not need to go through the challenges and the difficulties and the lessons that you have. They will have teachers as you have never had. They will walk the path that has been blazed by the ones we call Shaumbra. When they come into biology – as they will begin to do soon – and experience the challenges of duality, they will need a teacher. When they are in most need of a teacher, they will come across a human who wears a shining necklace of light. They will recognize you as their human teacher, to guide them on their new path.

We love you dearly, and you are never alone.

And so it is ...

Tobias of the Crimson Council is presented by Geoffrey Hoppe, Golden, Colorado. The story of Tobias, from the biblical Book of Tobit, can be found on the Crimson Circle web site at www.crimsoncircle.com. The Tobias Materials have been offered free of charge to lightworkers and Shaumbra around the world since August 1999, the time when Tobias said humanity moved past the potential of destruction and into the New Energy.

The Crimson Circle is a global network of human angels who are among the first to transition into the New Energy. As they experience the joys and challenges of the ascension status, they help other humans on their journeys through sharing, caring and guiding. Over 70,000 visitors come to the Crimson Circle web site each month to read the latest materials and discuss their own experiences.

The Crimson Circle meets monthly in the Denver, Colorado area where Tobias presents the latest information through Geoffrey Hoppe. Tobias states that he and the others of the celestial Crimson Council are actually channeling the humans. According to Tobias, they are reading our energies and translating our own information back to us so we can see it from the outside, while experiencing it on the inside. Crimson Circle gatherings are open to the public, reservations are appreciated. The Crimson Circle receives its abundance through the open love and gifting of Shaumbra throughout the world.

The ultimate purpose of the Crimson Circle is to serve as human guides and teachers to those walking the path of inner spiritual awakening. This is not an evangelical mission. Rather, the inner light will guide people to your doorstep for your compassion and care. You will know what to do and teach in that moment, when the unique and precious human who is about to embark on the journey of the Bridge of Swords comes to you.

If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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