Lesson Three: The Creator Series
"Living in the Divine Moment"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
October 14, 2000

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear teachers who gather here on this day, that we welcome you back to the classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth. We welcome you to the Crimson Circle on this day, a day when there is celebration, a day when there is certainly dancing in the aisles. The energy in this room, in this space with all of these Lightworkers today, is sacred and divine! And today we will discuss with you Lesson Three of the Creator Series. But before we do there are a few other things we would like to talk about.

We ask you to breathe deeply now. Breathe deeply within your being, from the top of your head all through your body, down to your toes. Breathe deeply and allow this divine energy that resides within you to come forth. Allow it to be in every cell. Allow it to be in every molecule, every part of your being. This thing that you call your divinity, this thing that you call the God Within… it has always been there, dear friends. It has always been within you, but it has been waiting for the appropriate time to come forth. And as you know, now is the appropriate time! That is why we have this classroom. That is why you gather here. That is why tens of thousands read this material to understand what is happening within them, to understand the transformation that they are going through at this time.

Oh, dear teachers, it gives us – those who are on the other side of the veil – great joy to be here, to be invited into your space on this day. There are many entities who now gather. There are many who now come into the second circle here. You, the human angels, form the first circle. Those of us from the other side of the veil form the second circle. We come in now, and we meld our energies with each of you. We blend with you. We share this new space that you are helping to create here. We join you in happiness. We join you with smiles upon our faces!

It is not so easy for us to get close to humans, for when the veil is heavy, when the doors are closed, we cannot so easily be at your side. But when you gather together like this with the intent of learning and growing and bringing forth the energy from within to continue your path and your journey, then we can come flooding in. We can come in and stand beside you. We can share with you for a brief moment of time. That is exactly what we are doing now.

Allow yourself to feel this moment. Allow yourself to feel the ones who are part of your entourage. Allow your divine entourage to come in closer than they normally can to be at your side. We thank you for the work that you are doing. We acknowledge the difficulties and the pain and the struggles along the path, and then we assure you that it is for a far grander purpose. We assure you that there is meaning in what you are doing. There is purpose, and there are results.

Now there is one entity that comes in on this day that sits beside you, that sits close beside you. This one you know quite well, perhaps so well that the difference in energy is somewhat difficult to discern. This one comes here, somewhat tired, somewhat battled, but filled with joy, filled with thanks, and certainly filled with love.

We have talked before of all of your past lives, all of the entities who you have been in the past. They have come into the circle before. We have watched as they have walked past. We have watched as they have returned to Home. We have watched as you have released them from the energy of the Earth. We have watched as they have thanked you for the work that you are now doing in this lifetime.

There is one today who sits beside you and has also had a journey and experiences and time upon the Earth. Feel this energy next to you. Feel the connection of love that you have. Dear friends, the one that comes in today that joins you in the first circle, who sits beside you now waiting for release, ready to return Home, is the very person that you have been in this lifetime up to now. It has been you, the person that was born 30, 40, or 50+ years ago of time. It is the person who you have always identified with as YOU, the person that carries the name that you have upon your driver’s license. (chuckling) This entity comes in today – and you thought it was you sitting in the chair! (audience laughter) Dear friends, you are indeed in a graduate status. You have made so many changes in your life! Now, the person that you have been all these years of your life is ready to go Home.

And from that, a new entity, a new personality, a new spirit arises. That is who you are now. You are released from the old contracts, and released from the old karma. You are looking at a new "book of life" now, each of you… a "book of life" that has nothing but empty pages, waiting to be filled with your new creations!

Oh, dear ones who are here and reading this, hug this one that sits beside you! Their journey has been long and difficult and trying. They are ready to go Home. Hug this one that is next to you, for it is the face that you have looked at in the mirror for all of these mornings of your life. Hug this one that sits beside you, for they have endured so much. They are the ones – this you that sits next to you – they are the ones who carried out the final chapter of the book of your life, who went through the difficulties and the hardships in the early years, who chose the hardest of the hard paths. They are now ready to go Home. Dear friends, thank this one for having endured so much on behalf of your entire soul!

Now, their memories will be with you for a period of time. But their energy is leaving to make way for the new divine Self that is beginning to emerge. As you know, they have been waiting to leave for some time now. You could feel the urgings and the pullings, but they could not go until your own divinity was awakened enough for this new human angel to come forth. They chose this very day with the energy here, even at this very time of the year, to begin their departure. They only ask one thing as they begin to leave. They ask you to honor them, to acknowledge them and to thank them. They ask you to understand that all that was given and all that was experienced was done in love in order to close out the old cycles of life. Honor your Self and love your Self!

Hug them for all they have done and for all they have given. You are now ready to move forward, and you are now ready to truly begin to understand your new house. In your new house, dear friends, it was not possible to take along the past. They are only memories. They are only thoughts and experiences. But in your new house, it is time to release, even the old self you considered to be yourself.

You wonder now about the changes that you have been going through in your biology. You wonder about the feelings that you have had recently, perhaps thinking that you were losing it in your mind. (chuckling) You wonder about the feelings of disorientation. You wonder why it is that other people do not even see you! You wonder why you appear to be invisible at times! It is because you have been leaving. The old you is beginning to fade, yet to be replaced by the new divine self.

You wonder why sometimes in lines you are ignored, like you don’t exist. You wonder they forget your order at a restaurant! (audience laughter) Dear friends, that is because the old self that you saw in the mirror has been slipping away for some time now to make way, to make ready for the newest incarnation of Self. This new Self is not bound by karma and contract. It is not bound to the past but lives only in the present!

Dear friends, this is a sacred and blessed day! We will pause for a moment. We will ask Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) to be in silence while you discover what true love is from the one who sits next to you. Allow yourself to feel this before we proceed.


There is a gift now that they give to each of you, for all who sit here, for all who read this. You wondered, Cauldre, why we stopped you before you walked out the door (of your house) today? You wondered why we asked you to bring the Sword of Truth, the Excalibur, the only time it has been brought before this group? (The sword was placed on the mantle prior to the meeting.) For the one that sits beside you now passes you the Sword of Truth, the Sword of Empowerment, the sword that has been the source of truth and power for your very being for all these days. It is being passed to you as the one thing you do indeed carry into your new house. It is the one thing indeed that goes on the wall in the gallery of your new house to remind you of all you have been and all you have done. It is there to honor all of your experiences that have brought you, that have brought this Earth, and that have brought all of creation to this point.

It is simple. It is symbolic. It is now time to accept this, to pass the torch from one being to the other. Usually this occurs between lifetimes when you leave the physical body. The new sword is passed to you before you return to Earth in the next incarnation. But now it is passed to you while you sit here, while you stay in the same body, but a body that will soon undergo many changes! Accept the truth for all that you are and all that you have been.


Now Lesson Three on this day.

We have taken these lessons with you slowly. We have presented to you in Lesson One and Lesson Two and now in Lesson Three the foundation energies for the Creator Series. Intuitively, friends, these are things you already know. Intuitively these are things that you have been aware of, but the concepts needed to be brought forth again as foundations. Perhaps they are not terribly exciting lessons (chuckling), but they are foundations for where we will go. We will present to the Crimson Circle, four different sets of lessons, each set containing three individual lessons. Today we will present Lesson Three, which will be the end of the first quad.

To help you understand a bit more of your creative nature, of how things are created, we go back now to a time when you were in the original circle, when you were in the first creation. There you had certain creative powers and abilities. We say "certain," for they were somewhat limited – difficult to describe – but there were underlying parameters of the type of creation that was possible in the first circle. When you came to the edge of this first circle, to the edge of creation, and when you crossed over, you came to this place of Earth that was outside of the first circle. You began living upon Earth. You began walking upon Earth.

Your true creative ability, your true Creator ability, was hidden from you in the very essence of duality. There was a reason for this. Part of the reason, as we have mentioned, is that the second circle, the circle of the energies of Earth and of your physical universe exists outside of All That Is. You deal with an energy called "duality," which is the two different sides, what you would call the "light" and the "dark," the "good" and the "bad," the opposite face, the reflection in the mirror.

Because you existed outside of All That Is, in a sense, you existed in a void, and you were turning void into reality. In order to create in your Earth environment, it was necessary for you to go into the future. It was necessary for you to go into the void and create based on thoughts of what would come to be.

In other words, you were always projecting yourself into the future. These vibrations created the pathway for your tomorrow. This is the way you have operated ever since you first came here to Earth. You were bound by the memories of the past (karma), and you created the future by projecting yourself into your tomorrows. This is how most humans on Earth create. This is how the future is created. The future reality is an assimilation of vibrational frequencies from all the humans on Earth.

We have said before that Spirit does not know the outcome of things. That is because it does not exist! It is not a pre-planned maze or an obstacle course that you must run through in hopes of finding the finish line. No, indeed each of you here, each of you in the second creation is taking void and nothingness, and transforming it into a new reality based on the vibrational frequencies of your thoughts that go into the future.

To help you understand a bit further we will tell the short story of Aaron, the sailor. Now there was a sailor by the name of Aaron who was charged by his government to go out and discover new places and lands for the kingdom. He was given a crew and a ship. He was given supplies for his journey. He was told to return in the period of one year after he had discovered these new places.

So Aaron set out to sea. He talked to his crew and gave them orders and the details of what he expected. He told them how he wanted the masts rigged and how he wanted the sails positioned. He explained to them how he wanted the ship run. When they first set out to sea, they passed familiar territory. As they got further and further out to sea, they sailed into new, uncharted territory.

Now Aaron and the crew worked with the forces of nature and sometimes worked against them. They worked with the winds and the currents and the waves. Occasionally storms came along, and they battled these.

Aaron worked with his compass each night to determine which direction to go in, whether he would sail east or west or north or south. There were many trials and tribulations that they went through, going into these new territories. Aaron would chart their progress. He would plan for their next day. He would continually look through the telescope off onto the horizon to help guide them. They would stop at new islands and observe the environment and energies. They would collect new supplies and new food and meet new types of people.

All of this time they were traveling, Aaron had the unsettling feeling he was not truly discovering new lands. He felt the ship was not truly venturing to far off and exotic lands. He felt that the places they were exploring were just different shades of where he had come from before. But he continued his journey. He continued to use the wind to move his ship. He continued to push his crew to work harder. The days and the nights were long and difficult, full of struggling. Many of the crew became sick. Some of them died along the journey. There were fights with tribes on islands that were not so friendly. The journey was difficult, and it took its toll.

As they sailed back for home at the end of one year, Aaron looked at the treasures that he brought back. He looked at the new types of foods, at the new types of goods, and thought to himself, "I have accomplished the goal, but it is not terribly fulfilling; it is not terribly fulfilling, for the toll has been great." Many of his men were not even returning with him. Many were still sick. Many were bitter and scarred. And so ended Aaron’s journey. And so ended even his lifetime on Earth.

Now he returned in the next lifetime, once again as a sailor. He returned, going through those things in his childhood that would groom him to be a new type of sailor in a new type of energy. When Aaron became of age, he was ready to sail once again. But this time Aaron did not have a full crew. This time he chose to go alone. He chose to go by himself. He made the choice to not to work for the kingdom, and not to work for some government but instead to journey on his own. He built himself a ship that was just right for the voyage that he was about to embark on.

Within his cellular being, there were many hidden memories of what he had learned in his previous lifetime as a sailor and explorer. When Aaron pushed out for sea in his new ship, he left home his compass. He left home his supplies. He left home his charts and his papers. And when he got out to sea, instead of fighting the currents, instead of fighting the winds, he simply put up the sail and allowed himself to be taken on a new course.

In the early days of his voyage, Aaron was nervous and afraid, for he thought that by simply "allowing" his journey, it might take him to disaster. "Allowing" would perhaps take his ship and crash it upon the rocks. But he let go. He trusted. Certainly the winds and the currents began guiding him on a different path and a different direction. Aaron lived each day not worrying about charting his progress from the past, not worrying about using his compass to direct him in the future.

He lived each day, allowing in all appropriateness for his ship to be guided where it should go. In Aaron’s mind, there were time when the path did not seem to be the right way to go, but Aaron knew that he should let it be.

Aaron learned to stay in the moment. Certainly in its due time, Aaron was brought to great new lands, lands that were wonderful, lands that were filled with things he could not have possibly imagined before. Oh, these were not like the small islands that he had experienced in his past lifetimes! These were grand new lands with new energies, new opportunities, and new powers. He allowed his ship to be guided to areas, to lands, to discoveries that were beyond his comprehension!

By putting aside his old energy tools, he was taken by the currents and the winds to these new places. In these new lands he received many gifts, gifts of understanding and wisdom, gifts of self-empowerment, gifts of co-creation, and gifts of peace and joy. He brought these gifts with him when he returned back to his home land. When the people met him and asked about the gifts, and where he got them, he simply explained that he had been to new and wonderful places. He explained that he had been guided by a divine hand, and he knew that it was his own divine hand! He brought these gifts back to share with those who were in his home land. And so goes the story of Aaron.

It is simple, dear friends. It is simple! Do not try to make it so difficult. Lesson Three – what Aaron learned on his journey – is to "LIVE IN THE DIVINE MOMENT."

Oh, it is so simple. It is so simple, and in it is contained much power! You have spent many lifetimes creating into a future, creating a future from a void. Take a moment to think about what we are saying.

You have lived in your thoughts of what tomorrow will be like. This has been appropriate. And it is still appropriate for many who walk the Earth. But as you become creators in the new energy, you will learn the importance of living in the divine moment, the moment that is now! You will be tempted many times to want to live in the future, to want to project what your tomorrow will be. You will be tempted to have fears of tomorrow, to create scenarios in your mind. But as a new creator in this new energy, you will find much power of "living in the divine moment," which is now.

It may seem difficult to comprehend how you can be a creator by not pushing thoughts and vibrations into the future! But, dear friends, as you learn to accept all things as they are (Lesson One), and as you learn to accept your human self (Lesson Two), and you learn to "live in the divine moment" (Lesson Three), you will be able to go to places, like Aaron, that you could never have imagined before. These are places that you could never have charted and plotted and directed yourself to "in your mind." As you go to these new places, you will begin to understand a new power within. You will begin to understand a new way of creating. Oh, we know this will be even more challenging for you than the previous two lessons! (chuckling)

You lie awake at night and project into the future. You lie awake at night and worry about what will be. You lie awake at night and plan for how you would truly like tomorrow to be. To "live in the divine moment" will be somewhat of a challenge for you, to say the least!

Take a moment right now to experience what a divine moment feels like, for you are in one at this very time. (pause) The divine moment is now. The divine moment has no judgements. The divine moment is complete in itself. It needs no other fulfillment than just to be. It is a quiet place. The divine moment is a space where you can feel love, where you can feel love washing through your entire being. The divine moment is not held back by the past. It is not plotted into the future. It is simply in the now. And it is perfect in all things. The divine moment can last for a fraction of a second. It can last for hours. In this case here, dear friends, our divine moment extends at least through the period of our gathering in the circle on this day. It is here surrounding each of you. This is indeed a divine moment where there are no needs or wants. You are all that you are.

Now Lesson Three: "Live in the divine moment." Like Lessons One and Two, there may be a tendency to be pulled in different directions. There may be the tendency to worry of the future, perhaps to think of the difficulties of the past. Come stand behind the short wall of your new house, accepting all things as they are, accepting the perfection of your human self, and live in the divine moment. Oh, but you say, "Tobias, what about this? What about that? What if this happens? What if that happens?" Dear friends, spend some time in the divine moment and you will see what happens!

We will help you to understand more of the physics of this. As you are in the divine moment, there is a new type of vibration that emanates from you. It attracts all of the appropriate things to you. In the past you have had to seek those things to bring them to you, to seek your abundance, to seek even your happiness, to seek a mate. You have had to go out into the void of a future that does not exist and to create a reality within it. That is how reality has been shaped on Earth, but you as the new creators will be discovering a new way.

We will use a metaphor to help you understand here. Imagine that within you is a tuning fork held with the handle end up and the two tines facing down. It is a tuning fork. Now in the old energy each of the two tines that are in your reality, each of the tines have been vibrating. They represent one side or the other of duality. That is why there are two. They have been vibrating out of phase. They have been vibrating at different frequencies. This has been intentional, and this has been so that you could experience duality, so that you could experience the effects of light and dark.

The measurement of energy emanating from each of these was approximately 1/3 to approximately 2/3. One of the forks would vibrate with the energy and the resonance that was one third of the whole. The other would vibrate at two thirds of the whole. These vibrational frequencies would shift at times, and they would change at times, but the general ratio of the energy of duality was 1/3 and 2/3.

There were lifetimes that were based 2/3 in darkness and 1/3 in light. We caution you on the understanding of these terms, for they are not as you think they are. The two forks would purposely sing out… would purposely have a different vibration that would purposely cause friction between each other. Oh, and you wonder why your life was difficult that times. This vibrational friction – this out of phase of vibrations – was set up specifically for experience, for understanding, and to play this game of duality that you have been experiencing, a game that is no longer necessary for you.

As you live in the divine moment there is no longer the need for the two different parts of duality, or for the two different tines of your tuning fork to be out of phase. As you live in the divine moment the energies of these two can now come back into phase. They can begin to resonate at the same frequency levels that are appropriate. There is no longer the need here for a balance of 1/3 and 2/3. The balance is brought back to one and one.

Imagine that within you is this tuning fork. Imagine it as part of your being. It has been deliberately out of phase. There has been vibrational friction up to now. Imagine this now within your being, singing harmonious tones with itself. At this moment, dear friends, allow this vibrational duality within you to come back into harmony, to come back to sing beautiful tones, rather than tones that contain friction and duality. As you live in the divine moment and allow the duality to resonate in harmony, in beauty and joy together, they will come back into balance.

The tines of your tuning fork will still have duality, but they will sing together. As they do, as there is harmony between the two. As you live in the divine moment, all things that are needed and all things that are appropriate then will come to you. They will come to you! You will not need to go searching for them. You will not need to force them into your reality. You will be creating in a new way. You will still be transmuting the void into reality, but you will be creating in a new way, in a very powerful way.

The two tines of your tuning fork represent the DNA, the two known DNA strands that form the helix. There is a light and a dark, or a positive and a negative. They have been singing out of phase with each other intentionally. They have been operating at frequencies that cause friction. This was to help you understand duality. Now, dear friends, as you live in the divine moment, as you allow this tuning fork to come back into frequency, it is at your very cellular level. It is at the core of your DNA that these two strands will begin working together again. As they do, it will draw to you all things that are appropriate in your life. As they do, it will also help to heal all of the past scars within your body. It will reverse the process of aging that is taking place within you. It will mend the wounds both physically and emotionally, but it will require you to live in the divine moment.

In addition to the two known primary strands of DNA there are at least ten secondary strands. Around each primary strand, there are two secondary strands that embrace it. And then around these bundles of strands there are other magnetic DNA strands that embrace and encompass it.

As you begin to allow the two primary strands to come back together in appropriate vibrational harmony, it will then change the way the other magnetic strands interact and embrace. It will change the whole way all of the strands are composed. As you live in the divine moment – as you change the frequency within you – understand that all of the appropriate things will be brought to you. You will be like a magnet with a new charge that will attract things to you. You will attract things to you so quickly with so much energy that there will come a time when you will say, "Tobias, all of these things are coming into my life. I cannot handle them all at one time!" And we will talk then of how to regulate the process. (audience laughter)

But for now you are going through many changes with releasing things from this lifetime. This allows the divinity that has always been within you to truly begin coming forth. As you live in the divine moment, this allows your divinity to come forth. As you allow yourself to live in the divine moment, it changes the very nature of the duality that has always been part of you. It changes the vibration of the two sides of who you have been. It changes the way you create on Earth.

After working with this concept of living in the divine moment, go out to one who reads the energies, to those who are psychic, those who see auras. Go to them. You will scare them! (chuckling) They will tell you that you do not exist anymore. They will not be able to see an aura around you, for it will have changed. They will not be able to see your chakras because they will have turned into one chakra. They may be afraid of you! (chuckling) They will wonder what is going on. Sit in your divine moment with them. Sit in a place of love with them. Do not brag of what you have done or who you have become. But let them know energetically that they too can move to those new levels.

Dear friends, live in the divine moment. At your very core level, change the frequencies of who you are. Watch as you no longer recognize yourself in the mirror. Watch as others no longer recognize you. Watch as they think that you have disappeared.

Now all of this, dear friends, is work. We are asking you to consciously work at this, consciously work on accepting all things as they are. Stand behind the short wall, even in the midst of chaos all around you. Accept yourself in all of your humanness. Don’t try to run from it. Indeed be proud that you are human. Be proud now that you are a divine human. And now live in the divine moment. Worry not of the future.

Aaron learned on his journeys in his second lifetime not to worry of the wind and the rains, not to worry of the currents, not to worry of what lands he might go to. He lived in the divine moment. He appreciated each day, and each day a new gift was brought to him. Each day he understood he was attracting it through trust in his own divinity.

You will also notice, dear teachers, as you diligently and earnestly work with these foundations lessons – somewhat boring perhaps but important lessons for where we are to go from here – you will begin to notice in particular the number "4." You have been in duality up to now. You have been in "two." You will begin to notice "4." We will explain more of this in the future. But to understand, to use your mathematics, 2 squared is 4 (22 = 4). Understand that you are moving beyond duality, but you are not overcoming duality. It is not being eliminated. You are going to a new type of dimensionality. The number "4" will become important. You will begin seeing it. It will jump out at you. It is a reminder. It is a reminder to live in the divine moment. It is a reminder that you are changing from within.

Your mathematicians are currently working on a new quantum theory. It has not been announced yet. It is not known, and it could be several years of time. There are new discoveries in this. It will quite possibly be referred to as "quad" mathematics where there is a new understanding of the balance of "4," of quadrants or four sectors.

This is all evidence showing that there is a new energy here on Earth. You are in duality. It will be difficult to overcome duality as you know it here. It is not appropriate even, friends, to return to singularity. You are in duality, but there is a new type of duality that you will come to know soon. The number 4 will represent this. The number 4 will remind you of this.

All of this takes work. We appreciate the work you are doing here. We understand what you have sacrificed and what you have released, the time and the energy and the devotion. You are helping to pave the way for these new understandings, helping to make it appropriate for the new energy to come forth. We acknowledge you for the work that you are doing. We also ask you to not take it lightly. We ask you to understand that with just a bit of intention and effort you will see very solid results, very dynamic results in your life. We give you the three foundation lessons – of accepting all things as they are, accepting your human self, and now living in the divine moment – to work with until we meet again.

Dear friends, we look into the energy of the teachers here and those reading this material. We see transformation happening before us. We see the release of the old. We see determination and dedication. It is difficult for us at times to fathom because there are so many elements of duality that make it challenging and difficult, but yet somehow you have managed to come this far. Somehow you have managed to get to this point.

When you left on your journey in this lifetime… when you left what you would call the planning session… when you left that circle that we were in with you and went to Earth to begin this lifetime… oh, how we cried, how we wept, knowing that this would be the most challenging of all of the lifetimes. It would not only be challenging in terms of the lessons and experiences, it would go by so quickly. It would change so fast in your lifetime. Things would change very, very fast. It would be difficult at times to keep up with.

We knew there was the possibility of meeting like this, but there were times when even we were not sure. We look out onto this group now. You who are ready to allow the divinity to truly flow from the very core of who you are… we tell you once again, dear teachers, it is not us. It is not guides. It is not angels that are giving it to you or making it happen. There is a divine spark. There is a Christ consciousness that is the seed of each of you that is emerging.

We bring to you these simple lessons to help you integrate your divineness. We bring these simple lessons for you to begin to understand how to become a creator in this new energy, how to set the path, how to create the energy templates that others will use as they come. That is why we call you the teachers. We know you will be working with the others. We know that you will have empathy for them, for you will have been through it also.

The energy that has been you in this lifetime is ready to leave. Oh, it knows that you will remember it well. It knows that you will have times when you laugh, times when you cry in remembrance, but it leaves you now in love. It embraces you and thanks you once again. It knows that you will never have to endure the difficulties and the struggles and the pains that this old self did. There is joy for that. And dear friends, this past life of yours reminds you that in all things that you do, and in all divine moments that you stand in, you are never alone.

And so it is ...  

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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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