The Ascension Series: Lesson 7

"Questions and Answers"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
February 2, 2002

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear friends… as we have said before, we love your human music. Metatron comes in so close today, and in your analogy, you would say he gets teary, listening to the music, feeling the energy of love from all the ones who are here today. And, Metatron also reminds us to tell you that this title for this Lesson Seven ("Know No Agenda") were his words, specifically. (chuckling) He says it was his first attempt at human humor. And, he is quite proud of the name he gave this lesson! (audience laughter)

Now, an interesting thing happened shortly after your time of "nine-eleven" (September 11, 2001), this great test of duality. It was the agenda of one side of the energy to create such a turmoil that it would cause an equal or perhaps stronger energetic reaction, perhaps an equal or stronger agenda. In a sense, it was Old Energy. It was duality trying to perpetuate itself. It could feel itself getting weaker. It could feel itself begin to fade from the face of Earth, this old duality. So, it created an event to help prop it up, to give it energy.

And, what happened in your beautiful, wonderful world, as you were silent in the days following the attacks? You were compassionate and. You did not strike back immediately. You did not go for revenge at the impulse … spontaneously. You went into a time of quiet and reflection. What happened is what didn’t happen! You didn't spark the energy of duality to continue the battle. This was monumental! This was energy-changing! You left your agendas out. You did! You just placed your beingness and your love and your compassion on Earth.

Dear friends, as you "know no agenda," we want you to apply this to yourself more than anything else. You are more filled with agendas when it comes to yourself and what you think is right or wrong… what you should or shouldn't be doing… how you should act… how you should dress… where you should be in life for the age that you are… how you think your family perceives you… what your parents might have wanted you to do. These are all YOUR agendas on YOURSELF.

Your spiritual journey is probably your biggest agenda! You have an agenda regarding where you think you should be… how smart you are… how enlightened you are… where you are in relationship to others. The agendas that you place on yourself are like huge boulders sitting in the stream of divine energy, attempting to come through. Take away the agenda from yourself. It will be easier to look at external agendas relating to your family, your work, and your friends. The difficult agendas to release will be those on the inside.

We ask each of you now to imagine your agendas. Imagine them like a necklace that you wear around your neck. We ask you to imagine this and to take that necklace off. Place it on the old bookshelf with all of your old books, and your old accoutrements, and your old symbols. Each time you feel an agenda coming up, symbolically remove it from around your neck and place it gently on the old bookshelf.

As you are without agenda for yourself and with others, you will begin to see things in a whole different light, in a way you could not have imagined before. You had an agenda for what you thought ascension should be. You had a desired outcome. Be without agenda, and you can truly understand ascension.

When you watch this grand game of yours tomorrow on your television (referring to the Super Bowl), you will want to have agenda! It’s duality right in front of you: Duality … pick one team… pick the other… pick the spread, dear friends! That’s duality! (audience laughter) Be without agenda. Watch the game. You will see things you could never have seen when you were in duality, when you were in polarity. As we said, it perhaps will not be as much fun right away. Use this example of watching your game. It will not be as much fun, being without agenda, but you will see things that you could not have seen before.

One final word on this subject… we brought this discussion of agenda up a week or so ago of your time in front of a group that is behind walls (at a federal prison). They are incarcerated. These dear Shaumbra – indeed they are, just like you – they do not have the freedoms that you have. They do not the full capability of free will as what you have. You have much free will. You can make many choices in your life. They do not have nearly as much as you do.

Watch how they work with this energy of knowing no agenda. They will have it, in a sense, easier, and it will be more understandable for them. That should tell you something about the nature of free will! Free will, in a sense, is limiting. It is part of duality. The ones who are behind walls will come quickly to understand the true nature of Divine Will, free of the restrictions of duality. That is why we placed this energy with them first, these dear ones.

Now, with that, we would be delighted to answer questions in the short time that remains.

QUESTION: Tobias, what is it I should know? (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: On this day, you should know no agenda… that is what you should know. (audience laughter) WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW, YOU ALREADY KNOW. YOU SIMPLY HAVEN’T EXPERIENCED IT YET. Think about that for a while! You already know it, but you haven’t experienced it. As you release the agenda you have about yourself and about the desired outcome of your journey, you will come to the realization of all that you already know, but it will now be complete with the experience of having left Home and completed the circle. Thank you for this question.

QUESTION: Tobias, I see agenda as the reason why we do anything. How can you do anything if there is no reason for doing it?

TOBIAS: That is precisely our point! (audience laughter) And, you precisely argue the very purpose of having agenda. And, as long as you want to carry it, we will still love you. We will still honor you. You find it difficult to put it down. And, we understand that. Agenda, you think, gives purpose, because you are still walking in duality, as nearly all humans are. Without agenda, you are NOT without purpose. Without agenda, you are merely free to explore totally new levels of consciousness.

Now, agenda does not mean that when your body says it is hungry that you should not feed it. That is not an agenda. An agenda is a desired outcome. Agenda, for instance, is saying that you must have a certain career path. Or saying you must have a certain desired outcome in your marriage. Or saying you must have desired outcome for the way your children grow up. That is agenda.

In our story of David today, he had an agenda, even about his own daughter who he wished was more beautiful. That was his agenda. It kept him from understanding her true beauty. Do you see what we mean by agenda? It limits what you experience. It limits things.

It will be challenging to release the agenda. You will feel, for a moment, that there is no purpose, or that you have no backbone, that there is no strength. But you will quickly come to see that without agenda you can move beyond duality into new levels of consciousness. And, we know, many more questions will come up about this. We ask you to talk to us, to talk to other humans, to Shaumbra about this. We know this won't be the last of this type of question! Thank you.

QUESTION: There are so many individuals on antidepressant drugs who are covering up their low points. Without these drugs, they may find themselves in a new deep pit of despair and unable to find any joy in their lives. Suicide could be an issue. What is your suggestion for their moving through this, and how can we be supportive of them without creating our own agenda for them?

TOBIAS: That is an excellent question, and we will attempt to answer part of it now. Other parts of this question will be answered in upcoming lessons. There is energy that comes forth from Source, from the core of all things. And, as this energy goes deeper and deeper into the void, and even into your creation, it is transformed into cycles, into frequencies, or pulses. There are some on your side, on our side even, who see this as a pulsing, as an on/off pulse of energy, on/off, like a blinking light. There are others who see it like waves, like frequency waves. Either way of thinking works with this.

As you bring in the energies into your life, into your consciousness, it does go in cycles, or waves, or pulses. There is a reason for this. It is part of duality. It is a way of generating more energy. What we are saying is that the "highs" and the "lows," or the "on" and the "off" are important right now.

Many humans try to avoid this. They try to do everything that they can to avoid the "lows." We can tell you that when you are without agenda, the "lows" will not be what you think they are. The "lows" will not be like they have been in the past. Agenda makes the "lows" miserable, because it takes a reverse energy cycle and grinds away at and causes friction against it. That is why you feel so bad, emotionally and/or physically.

When agendas are released, it no longer becomes "high" and "low," "good" or "bad." It just becomes changing energy. You do not, and you will not feel it, dear friends, as depression vs. exuberance. You will feel it just as waves of energy coming in. Release the agenda, and you will not feel the friction. You will not feel the pain that you have experienced in the past.

The problem with these psychotropic drugs is they tend to flatline cycles of energy… spiritual, raw energy, that is coming in. It levels out everything. The cycles of energy, from the core of all things, were not intended to be flatlined, like you are trying to do with your drugs, or like you are trying to do with your own attitudes. You want to take out the "lows," but, dear friends, it is a natural part of All That Is.

In order to truly walk into ascension, in completeness and fullness, you will have to leave these drugs behind. You fear this because you are in duality and because you have so much agenda with yourself. You fear that if you go off of these, you are going to "bottom out." You are going to commit suicide. You are going to go crazy.

We will tell you how to release these drugs. It is to release your agenda! Then, there will be no fear of bottoming out. Then, you will be simply riding wonderful waves of energies that don't have any points of duality associated with them. That pill that you take represents your agenda. It represents your fear of duality and of yourself. Look at it. Look at your agendas that are incorporated into that pill and all of your belief systems around it.

You fear letting go of it, because you are afraid of what? Letting go of who you have been up to now! Sooner or later, this lifetime or one after this, you will have to let go of that. You will have to let go of your other agendas as well.

There are many energy practitioners and counselors who are part Shaumbra. They understand how to walk you through this. Seek them out. They will help you. They will work with you to release this thing that is holding you back. They will help you not only release the medication, but they will also focus on helping you to release your agendas.

QUESTION: Tobias, what is it that we focus on if we have no agenda?

TOBIAS: There is no need to focus on anything other than being. When Metatron first came in on this day, he was amazed at the wonderful energy of human beings – Being-ness in human form. He commented on it during our lesson. He said, "Such a joy is it to be a human! Why do you need to focus on something?" We know why. It is because that has been the way of duality. You focus on this side or that side. You focus your attention here or there. There is no need to focus.

We know some of you are already rolling your eyes, saying, "Tobias, without focus, I become nothing." And, that is correct. You become nothing that you were before. You leave it behind. You become all that you are. You become divine and human, all rolled up into the same wonderful package, the same sweet package. There is no need to focus, as in the terminology that you are using right now, on any particular thing.

There will come a point when you will understand in a whole new way – that we could not even describe here – of how to place focus on energy in a holistic way. Right now you are placing focus in a dualistic way. As you move through the understanding of this lesson, you will come to these understandings. And, indeed we will talk about it more. Do not worry about focus right now. You will come to this new understanding that is more complete.

QUESTION: Tobias, to let go of outcome… does that mean to let go of goals?

TOBIAS: Indeed! And there will be some confusion, dear friends, amongst you about what is "agenda," what is "goal," what is simply part of living. Agenda, as we described it, is a desired outcome, a specific desired outcome. Your goals, in many ways, have been good. They have brought you to this point, but they are filled with agenda. It is now preventing you from seeing the whole picture. It is now preventing you from having a complete consciousness. Release these for a while.

We know all of you are wondering what will happen without your precious goals, without your… you do not call these things "agendas." That’s right, you call them "goals." (audience laughter and Tobias chuckling) We are sometimes a bit slow to understand these. But, understand also… go inside, and ask yourself, "What is agenda, or, as you would call it, "goal?" And, what is simply a moving forth? There is a difference. There is a difference.

Getting in your car and going to work in the morning is not necessarily an agenda. Thinking that you should have so much money in the bank, and you should have such and such title on your business card, and that you should have a certain corner office with certain benefits… that is an agenda. Yes, that is an agenda. Our dear friend David wishing that his son was more athletic… that was his agenda. Why? Because David wished HE had been more athletic. He wanted his son to fulfill certain things that he hadn’t himself. That is an agenda. But, taking his son fishing because he loves him… dear friends, that is not an agenda. That is simply human being-ness.

So, we know there will be many more questions relating to the subject, and you will feel very uncomfortable for a period of time. You will question, "What is agenda? What is goal? What is normal? What is not?" Ask yourself, "Is this based on agenda?"

Do you come to the Crimson Circle meetings each month for agenda? Look at the reasons why you come here. Do you come here simply to visit with family, to be in energy? Or, do you come here because you desperately are seeking a spiritual solution? Perhaps you have found some of it here, perhaps not. Is that your agenda? Or, is the agenda to be simply human with other humans in this room. Look at all the things in your life, dear friends. Ask yourself, "Is it agenda, or is it simply enjoying the being-ness of human?"

QUESTION: Dear Tobias, for about three months almost every time I look at the clock – ANY clock – the last two digits are 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5. I also see 11-11, 12-12, 4-4-4, etc. Is this my Higher Self trying to communicate with me or what is the significance?

TOBIAS: You are seeing symbols of alignment, whether it is numbers or words or vibrations. You are seeing things beginning to line up. It is, in a sense, a way of your own divinity letting you know that you are on the right path, that you are making appropriate progress. But, also sometimes within the specific numbers are little reminders. You could say they are reminders that you placed along the way for yourself.

When you see the number "two," for instance, it represents duality. When you see the number "four," it represents moving into the new consciousness. When you see the numbers "one and one," it represents duality once again, but shown in a different way. These are all little awarenesses that you are coming to. You, in a sense, placed them there as a reminder that you are coming into new awarenesses.

This will be a common occurrence, seeing numbers that come together. And, again it is a reminder. It is a reminder you have placed there. It is not Spirit trying to tell you anything. When Spirit wants to tell you something, there will be no uncertain doubt that it is coming from Spirit. You wonder sometimes… you say, "Is Spirit trying to tell me this? Are the angels trying to tell me this? Is Tobias?" Oh, you will know in no uncertain way when we are ready to tell you something. Look at it from the standpoint of what you are trying to say to yourself.

QUESTION: Tobias, in all the wisdom of our divinity, why were we unable to find a way to learn what we wanted to learn in duality without so much pain and suffering?

TOBIAS: When you come through this, when you complete the circle, believe it or not, you will look back and not see pain or suffering. Believe it or not. It only appears that way when you are in the midst of it. The pain and suffering only appears that way when you are caught up in duality. The pain and suffering that you have right now – Cauldre does not believe us! – but it is only an illusion, dear friends. It is only an illusion.

As you release your agendas, as you "know no agenda," you will chuckle because you will realize there never truly was any pain or suffering. How could God, who loves you so much, and the angels who love you so much, and Metatron who loves you, and is like a child in this playground of humanness … how could true pain or suffering take place? It is an illusion based on your experiences in duality.

When your agendas are released, there is no pain. When the boulders representing your agendas are pulled from the river, there is nothing for the water to push against. There will be no agendas for the energies of spirituality, of your divinity, to have friction against when you agendas are removed. Then you will see that there never truly was pain. It was an illusion.

We know you do not like us saying that because you are sitting there right now, thinking, "Tobias, this is a pain. The pain that I feel in my body and in my heart is real."

I know that. I have walked in your sandals long, long ago. I remember what it felt like to have the human pain, physical and emotional. And, it was so real at the time. But, now I am so ready to jump back into human form because I know that it was an illusion. I think that I can overcome the illusion from what I've learned from you, from what I learned today from you.

When I come back, I will not carry agenda. I will not be trapped in duality, and therefore, I will have the joy of human being, rather than the pain and suffering. And, I will wink at you when I see you along the road, knowing that you are one who paved the way.

Dear friends, duality’s time has come. It is time to release the black and white, the good and the bad, on and off, up and down. No longer do you need the mirror in front of you, the mirror that first appeared when you crossed through the Wall of Fire, when you became aware of Self. You needed the reflection. You needed something to look in. You needed to see the opposite. You have carried duality with you ever since you have known. But, its time has come. Its time has come.

Without agenda you can transition past duality into the consciousness of the New Energy. Have fun these coming weeks. Have fun, playing with one of the most potent tools. And, now remember… you understand the Language of Ah. Use it in talking to yourself, sensing things, and understanding now how agenda fits in to all of this.

We love you dearly. And, we are always beside you.

And so it is.

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