The Ascension Series: Lesson 6

"Questions and Answers"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
January 5, 2002

Tobias: And so it is, dear friends, that we continue with the energy of this day. We continue with the celebration of this time that allows the energies of Metatron to come to Earth, finally. It was foretold. It was prophesized that he would be here, that he would come, and place his energy in Earth once again at the appropriate time. It was envisioned that the time of his return would be at the time you had raised your consciousness. You are coming to the completion of a long journey, and it is appropriate for Metatron to be here now.

It will be a very fast-paced year, based on the changes that are taking place. It will be a scientific year, not just from a world standpoint, but also from your individual standpoint. It will be a technical year in many respects. Understand that technology and science are all a response to consciousness. When you find yourself with new technical or scientific capabilities in your life, this is an acknowledgment that you have shifted, and you have changed. The appropriate physics of Spirit and of the universe can be now translated onto Earth in human form, in your daily life.

There is a tendency at times for those who are Shaumbra, those who do this work of divinity, to shun technology. Many feel that it is an encroachment on the energies of Spirit. Some think they are so pure that they cannot be infringed on by technology.

You will find in this year of 2-0-0-2 (two-zero-zero-two) that the balance is consciousness and spiritual awareness. But it births the application of science and technology. Science is changing. There is much work taking place with what you call "stem cell" research and cloning. This is a way of trying to increase the longevity of life, of healing the body. This is appropriate, for it changes the human molecules and DNA to enable you to live not just one lifetime in the body, but multiple lifetimes in the body.

Science and technology is catching up. Metatron is the one who comes in to directly influence this now in your life. He is the one. He is the consciousness that takes raw energy, universal energy, and works with you to interpolate the physics and the energies, even the math and the wavelengths behind it, and to help bring it in to the human level at the appropriate energy balance.

It is a grand celebration that Metatron can come to Earth now. It has never before been possible, other than in the early days before Earth was truly matter. But, now that it has developed and mature and ready to go to the next level because of the work you've done, this energy comes in. That is why we are celebrating today; celebrating your work, celebrating a grand shift that takes place.

We will speak more, and we will invite Metatron back during our times together this coming calendar year. We will go into some of the physics of divine energy. We will get technical with you of how this works and how you can apply it, how you can create what yesterday you thought was a miracle, but today you will accept as natural and as real.

With that, we would be delighted to attempt to answer your wise questions.

QUESTION: Dear Tobias, what can you tell me about sacred geometry and how the geometrical forms that I have been creating are related to Lightwork, healing tools, etc?

TOBIAS: This is such an appropriate question, for you can say that the energy of Metatron is the guardian and the guide of sacred geometry. There are several points to make here. Some of your current understandings of sacred geometry that is written in the books and that is available on your Internet are so far off! (some laughter) We do not quite understand where these come from. There are depictions of the Metatron energy on your printed pages that do no justice at all, do not look like Metatron. There is a reason for this. The sacred geometries that have been created were created with an Old Energy understanding. Things have changed quite a bit now.

We will speak more of sacred geometry in the future, specifically in our next lesson next month. But, for now, understand that you will come to a new understanding of sacred geometry if you pull in the basic star. Pull in the basic star, shaped with the curved lines between the points and the circle in the center that connects all the inner arcs. (See the illustration in Ascension Series Lesson Six.) Begin using that as the basis for your particular work in sacred geometry. And, then combine that with the seven sensory points of your human level. You will understand once you start to draw this out. You will come to a new understanding of sacred geometries.

As you already know, sacred geometry is about taking raw energy, beginning to define it, which would be the imagination, and then to bend it, or re-dirert the focus of it in different ways. We use… we do not call it sacred geometry here. It is more of a form of "celibus," which is more of a universal energy. Now, your challenge is to take the bends and the arcs and formations of raw energy depicted through lines, which become complex mathematical formations, and then to understand how to use this on Earth. Use it to add to the leg of the star that represents focus. As we said, this is also called the "power point" or the "power aspect." Understand how to use this sacred geometry to again increase the power levels of this.

Now, we chuckle here, because there is much technical energy coming through here as we speak. And, we are challenging Cauldre, even while we are talking to you, to get better this year at translating and channeling technical information because we will continue to talk about this.

There are waveforms of energy that are coming in. It will be important for all of you to be able to understand these. Take away that mental block you have in your "brain thing" that keeps you from understanding technical things. So many of you have been working in what you would call, the right brain mode. And, now maintain, bring in that balance of the two on one side and the two on the other in this year. We thank you for your question. We will continue to speak of sacred geometry, but use this representation of the star we talked about (in Lesson Six) as the basis for your new work in sacred geometry.

QUESTION: Tobias, I was told by Archangel Michael that I am a carrier of the Metatron energy. Please tell me more of my role here with energy. Thank you.

TOBIAS: In a sense, you are all carriers of the Metatron energy. There are some like you that have a closer connection, a deeper compassion for it. You have been working with Metatron on the etheric levels, in particular, in your dreams states. You teach classes here on our side about Earth Energy so we can understand. You are technically oriented, but you have that barrier that we talked about. It is time to lift that. Forget the fact that you don't have a degree in this area. It has nothing to do with it. You work closely with these highly complex, universal mathematics and physics. The challenge for you is to bring this into your Earth level. Your self-doubt will try to stop you this year, but bring it in at this level and begin applying it. Meld the human senses with these divine senses, all in the Language of Ah, and you will see how easy it is to understand concepts you have struggled with before.

Indeed, you are one that is very close to the Metatron energy, and you will find this will be an exceptional year for you. You will burst forward with new understandings. It is important to also bring these understandings down to a level so those who you talk with don't get lost. You will see in their eyes if they begin to leave … because they do not understand you. Do not talk so lofty and etheric. Use the Language of Ah at all levels, but particularly at the compassion point. Understand where they are, so you can better understand how to speak to them. We thank you for this delightful question.

QUESTION: Tobias, you’ve not spoken recently of world events, such as the expansion of the U.S. hunt for terrorists beyond Afghanistan. Am I to pursue my spiritual growth and just ignore those events?

TOBIAS: Indeed!! (audience laughter and applause) Your spiritual growth shapes and changes those events. Your mind and your duality only make them worse. As you pursue this new awakening within you, it has so much power that, yes, even a single person’s enlightenment can stop a war. Imagine what you can do as a group! Imagine what you can do when you put your consciousness together!

Dear friends, after your September 11th the world did not fall apart, because you had changed your consciousness. There was a group that got out of duality, a group that stood behind the short wall. Difficult as it was during those times, you stood behind the short wall. You brought in Divine Will, rather than "polarity will." You helped to influence. You helped to make this a much more peaceful and smooth transition. Indeed, there were events that were difficult to understand or embrace at the time. But look, in these few short months, what change has occurred in the world. It was not the end of the world in terms you would have thought. It was not major war and conflict.

We are not so much into predictions of world events, but from what we can see from our vantage point… we see there will be much worldwide good that comes here in the next several months. These are understandings related directly to these events of your 9-1-1. There will be much good. But, as we said, this will be a year of swings. In one moment you will see peace in your Mideast. And, the next moment you will see terrible bombings. There is the potential for your Mideast to end up in a major, major clash this year. It is an attempt to find resolutions to old energies. It is up to those involved, and also all of you, whether that is done in anger and war, or whether it is done in release and compassion.

The events of the world, by the way, change as fast as your consciousness changes. That is why it is difficult for us, for Metatron, for any psychic, any channelinger on Earth to predict what is going to happen. We know, looking at the predictions, there are far fewer that are met than not. In other words, we hear all of these predictions being made by ones who claim certain understandings in these areas. Their percentages are so very low on realization and actually happening. Dear friends, you would have more luck working with a bad slot machine! (audience laughter) Once in a while somebody hits on it, but from an odds standpoint, it is very, very seldom. And, then all the attention is focused on that one prediction out of 100 that they got right. And, they publicize it and claim to know all. Dear friends, even we do not play that game of making many predictions. Things change as fast as your consciousness changes. Thank you for this wonderful question.

QUESTION: Tobias, can you see the war on terrorism manifesting in bombing in other countries?

TOBIAS: In this year of 2-0-0-2 (two-zero-zero-two) there will be great swings. In those great swings indeed there could be many outbreaks. There could be much anger. Anger, in a sense, is a way of releasing Old Energy. So, there could be these things. When they happen, Shaumbra, stand behind the short wall. Stand behind the short wall, even in situations with the Jews and the Palestinians. There is not one that is right and one that is wrong. There is not one side that is God's chosen side. It does not work that way. Stand behind the short wall, and you will see energies there, particularly when you use the Language of Ah, that you have never seen before.

Even with your terrorist situation, when there is a tendency for many who reside in your United States to be somewhat righteous, understand even then there was not a right or wrong. There was just Old that needs releasing. There is a snake in the road. You will see much of that this year.

The only prediction we will make is that it will be a year of great swings. Watch your stock market. It you play your stock market, be ready for a real ride. It will go up and down. And, that is all appropriate.

We will make one – how to say – small observation. We won’t call it a prediction. Towards the end of your year, in the waning months of this year, you will see conflicts heighten. This is because the adjustments to the gridwork will be near completion, and there will be energies and forces and people that do not so much like this. There will be what some call a – how to say, funny words – a re-appearance of Satan. And, it will come in different forms, but some will say Satan has come back. And, in a sense they will be right. It is not the one you think of with horns and a pitchfork, but the energies of Old, the energies of dark. They do not so much like the changes, but in a sense, they are helping to fuel the changes. They will pop up in the waning months of this year for one last stand. Thank you for this question.

QUESTION: Tobias, thank for being here. What part do you and others on that side of the veil play in our expression?

TOBIAS: That is a very good question and again, we will get… (distracted) Metatron says we will get more into that in these next few lessons where we define some of the physics. But, how do we help you with expression? You are going through the process of integrating your divine sensitivities with your human senses. In other words, you bring these to Earth. When you are ready for expression… when you have imagined… and you have added compassion, (which, by the way, adds a fuel of its own to your creations)… and you have focused on the reality that you are in… then, you are ready for expression.

We cannot do it for you, but there are energies that can be brought in to assist. We cannot lift your hand for you. You have to do that. But, when you do lift that hand, and you do begin the work, you will feel an energy of not only support and love, but we can help you to create new energy for yourself that was not available before. In a sense, we can help you take a limited and defined amount of energy, and expand it. We can help you create more than was there in the first place. It is a type of energy birthing that we help you with, but you ultimately bring it into expression. There is much that we can do to assist. As we have said, we cannot do it for you, but once you begin moving this energy, then we can come in and play a very important part. Excellent and wonderfully technical question.

QUESTION: When I am awakened at 4:44 A.M., I feel a pulsing vibration throughout my cellular body. Can you comment on this please?

TOBIAS: It is two things. It is that your DNA, and even at levels below your DNA, has been worked on, so you are very, very sensitive at that point. Your whole body is at a heightened sensitivity level. It is a good thing that you wake up at 4:44 when the energies around you will not affect you nearly as deeply as other times. What you are sensing again is something that we and Metatron will speak of in the next few lessons that we deliver here. There is a – how to say, human words are sometimes limiting – but there is a universal pulse. It is a cycle, in a sense, of energies, but somewhat different than what you may be used to. There is a high end of this cycle or frequency, and there is a low end. You are feeling this pulse, this universal pulse. It is a type of spiritual energy, but one that can be brought to Earth. It has a high point and a low point to it.

Now, we will speak much of this in the future of how these highs and lows work in tandem with each other, and how you can take advantage of the high point and for your expression, but how in a low point not get yourself bogged down, but to understand it is like a propellant. That "low" will help soar you to new heights. So, when you are in the low portion of this energy cycle, of this wavelength, so to speak, use that to propel you. But, in short answer to your question, you are simply feeling this universal energy come through you. Thank you for this.

QUESTION: Last question. Dear Tobias, thank you for a beautiful channel. Is there any reason behind the specific locations of each of the divine senses on the star that you described? And, is there any reason behind why you introduced them in a counterclockwise direction? Thank you.

TOBIAS: There is a reason for the particular placement on this star, because it corresponds to an energy center that is located near that portion of your physical body, for instance, compassion being your foot. Again, if you want to activate the Language of Ah through that divine sense of compassion, it is to imagine your foot. It is to focus an energy there. This will help to activate that compassion point. Again, it is not IN your foot, but it is associated with that area.

The divine senses we brought in today do not need to go in a particular order or sequence. They can go in any order. That is why there is a circle at the inside of this star shape, because it allows the instant connection from one aspect to the other. Now, we're getting too much detail here. But, in the arc that goes from imagination to compassion, that connects those two points, there is yet another energy that is embedded in there. It is the meld, or the summation, of imagination and compassion put together. It creates yet a new energy that we will speak of here more in the future. There are power points within each of those arcs.

Yet, you do not need to go around the star in a particular order. We went that way today for simplicity and understanding. But, there is yet another arc that goes from the point of imagination on the star, what we would call the left hand, that goes over and connects with focus. And, within that arc is a particular energy attribute that can be accessed.

But, we are getting quite ahead of ourselves here. These are – how to say – we are revealing so much to you about the lessons that we will be going into in this next phase. We will get into some very specific ways of accessing and melding and unifying the various energies, but don't get too far ahead of us. We will need something to talk to you about! (audience laughter) This is all information, dear friends, that you already know. We are just bringing it out. We see you racing far ahead, and this is wonderful. This is wonderful.

There is no particular order that you have to go in. You will find that you can take awareness and meld it with compassion and come up with a delicious new recipe. We used the example today of Nancy cooking this food because we will be talking about new recipes of energy. We will be talking about ways of combining all the ingredients that are here in these power points and melding new types of balances to create new types of things.

So, we end this discussion by asking you to do one simple thing for us. Do not get too far ahead. Spend the next month of your time, activating those divine senses on your human level. You have not been able to do that before. That again is why Metatron is here.

Work on and acknowledge the divine sense of awareness, but now an awareness of "I am… I am human… I am Spirit… I am one… I am all."

Activate the sense of expression, and bring it into your every day life. Don't allow that barrier to be there. That stops the energy from being fulfilled in your daily life.

Spend the next 30 days now, acknowledging and allowing these divine senses to come into your human reality. Meld them with the seven human senses. And, then you will have a complete understanding of the Language of Ah. You will have a complete understanding of a new type of sacred physics, geometry, and math. Don't get too far ahead here, because we want to make sure each one of these centers is appropriately opened and grounded in your everyday life.

This is a year of celebration, a year of love and honor for all you have done, and a year of many swings that we have talked of before, of many changes. We will continue on this path with you, exploring, trying out these new things, opening up parts of you that have been dormant or unavailable for so long.

And, we ask one other favor here. Metatron asks us to bring this forth. From time to time, dear friends, applaud the work that is being done by the entourage of Kryon in making these consciousness changes, in making the grid changes. They have been working long and hard and very, very fast in response to your consciousness. But, thank them for this work that they have brought forth. Applaud them for this work, because when you do, in a sense, you are also applauding yourself for the very work and the very changes you have made.

We love you dearly, and we will be getting very technical here with you in these 30 days or so between our meetings. We will be visiting you with a different type of energy, and not always at night any more. You will find now there will be – how to say – somewhat of a wonderful infiltration of these energies into your daily life when we come in to visit with you. So, when you see that bright gleam, that bright flash of light that comes in off of the corner of your eye – it is like a sparkle that is brilliant, and it appears out of nowhere – remember that Metatron and all of the others are there, and that you are never alone.

And so it is.

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