The Ascension Series
"Are You Ready?"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
April 7, 2002

Tobias: And so it is, dear friends, that we gather with you on this very special day in an energy of the "now." It involves all of you humans… people who are here in this direct space, and all of the others who are now able to tap into this energy (on the Internet). And everyone who will read this at a later date. They, too, are sitting here in this moment in the "now." From all across the world Shaumbra gathers. You do not need to all be in the same physical space or time to be in the same "now." You do not need to be in the same room, because you ARE all in the same space.

Those of us on this side, especially those of us who have not been in human form in a while, love the energy of human technology. There are humans who think technology is not such a good thing. But, dear ones, dear ones, technology is the RESULT of consciousness. Technology can never be greater than the consciousness of humankind. Technology follows your consciousness. So, when these tools such as this Internet come into being, there might be those who say, "This is not a good thing. This could be used for dark or for evil." But, dear friends, it comes in as a result of your consciousness, so therefore, honor it.

We will talk much of consciousness on this day. We will call this "the day of consciousness," the changing consciousness of you and of Earth. A special day it is indeed, for typically gathered here with Shaumbra at this time, we would have a lesson. We would go through a specific understanding with you.

But, it is that Metatron asked if instead he could deliver an energy, wrapped in a message given in words, to Shaumbra all over the world. The message and the energy behind it are timeless, but so appropriate to the moment that you are in now.

Now, we see here that you have a new physical space that you are in (referring to the new Crimson Circle meeting location). We see that you keep moving to bigger and bigger spaces! (audience laughter) It makes no difference to us the type of walls that are around you in physical form, for it is the energy that collects here.

Perhaps you can feel the changes, the building up of energy, and the bringing together of all energies. There is, in a sense, a ball of energy that has been created by you, the humans here in the "now." It is a ball of energy that glows from the center point of this space. It has been created by you.

And, its energies of love and consciousness expand through your physical bodies, through your Internet. This ball of consciousness that you have created in this new space expands even through the walls of this place, into Earth, and through your omniverse. We can feel it from our side of the veil. Can you feel it in the very space you have created here? Can you your collective consciousness in your being through the Language of Ah?

Take a moment now, dear ones, to breathe in the energies of Shaumbra, of the Crimson Council, of Metatron, and of Home. Breathe these deeply through your being. This simple breath is what brings it and anchors it into your "now." This simple breath ignites the divine that is growing within you. So, breathe in now, deeply, dear ones. Breathe this in. Know that you are in a place here that is family. Know you are in a place that is filled with love, but a new type of love.

There are times when we sit here and just admire you. Oh, we look out at you. We love to just – as you would call it – stare at you, gaze at you in amazement and in wonder.

There is one who sits here today, on our side of the veil who is looking at you now. She was with you a month ago on your side. She is looking now, this dear one you called Mira (Mira Stanley, coordinator for the Shaumbra Prison Program, who crossed over on April 1, 2002). She is here with us indeed and with you, but she is looking now from our side. She is seeing something that she had never seen before when she was walking as a human in this lifetime. Amazed, she is, so amazed!

She says, "Now I know why I chose to be a human. Perhaps I will go back into human form a little sooner than I thought." She is shaking her head, saying, "My, I said I would never go back, but now I see the reason to be on Earth as a human. I see the reason when I look at a group of humans and see the love that is blossoming. It is like watching flowers in the spring, the most beautiful time to gaze upon flowers, when they are growing and budding, and when the first petals start to unfold, and the first fragrances start to come forth."

This is what we see also. This is what Mira sees. This is why we honor you all so much. We are sending you many messages right now, each appropriate to you individually, but we are sharing these with you on the other levels. You can sense what we are delivering to each of you individually through this Language of Ah. We talk to you in many voices, in many ways. It is not just through the words of Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) that we speak to you. But, especially on days like this with the energies as intense as they are, we talk to you in many ways.

Now, let us speak for a moment of the New Understanding of Love, which we talked of in our last gathering together (Lesson Eight). Dear friends, there is a New Energy that is blossoming, and it is coming up within you. And, in this is a new physics of love, a new balance of energy.

In the past you knew love as a mirror. You learned of love through the mirror. You learned of it by playing this game of duality – light and dark, good and bad. That is how your consciousness grew. Yes, and there were times when you found another who you loved so much. But, in a sense, they were a mirror to you, that mate or spouse, that family member, that dear friend.

You came to understand love by looking in the mirror, by going through the steps of duality. That is why so often love in the end seemed incomplete. That is why you kept on searching for love, even after finding your soulmate. Your search continued, even after finding a family and coming to them in a lifetime and knowing love. Your search continued, for dear friends, it was only a mirror.

In the new understanding of love the elements of duality come together in a dance. In the new understanding of love there is no mirror anymore from you to the outside, or from you to yourself. In the new understanding of love, there is a marriage that takes place. And, it is within you. It is all of those elements that are you. It is the light and the dark joining together as a new type of illumination. It is not light like what you have thought of before. And it is not the void of darkness. It is a new illumination.

In the new understanding of love, there is a marriage of the elements. These elements have always been there. In a sense, they were opposing each other, bumping into each other. This action transformed energy from one state to another. But, it was not new energy. It was only the transofmration of existing energy.

In the new understanding of love that is coming into you, there is something new being created. It is no longer simply a transformation of energy from one form of consciousness to the other. The new understanding of love IS New Energy.

We WILL talk more about that, and we WILL have several more lessons after this for a total of eleven in this Ascension Series.

Dear friends, there is a new understanding of love, and you do not need to try to capture it in your brain. You do not need to try to create it or pull it from the depths from within you. It is blossoming like a spring flower.

Now, let us talk for a moment about consciousness. Consciousness is a key word right now in what you are going through, and what Earth is going through.

Consciousness is the wisdom of your past experiences, and the potential of the future, brought together and expressed in the "now."

Consciousness, dear ones, the wisdom of your past. It is the enlightenments that you have come to through the very experiences of duality that you have gone through. It is the wisdom of the past. It is knowing, dear ones, what it was like to be in duality; to experience battles and love; to experience abundance and lack; to experience a fulfilling relationship… and to be alone. These are all experiences, and they created a wisdom within you.

Oh, indeed there are scars from some of these experiences, but the scars are only illusions. The wounds are only a perception that can change, that can be released. When the scars and the wounds have healed and are gone, what is left is wisdom. Pure, unadulterated wisdom within your soul. This is part of consciousness.

Consciousness is also the potential of what lies ahead, based on where you have come from. You have created many potential scenarios for where you will go. In a sense, you could say that you transcend time, that you investigate the potential of the future. But, you do not experience it. For those who are wondering – for those who think that the future has already been created – it has not. You can only view the potentials, but you cannot experience the future until you are in the "now."

Consciousness is when you bring together the wisdom of the past with the potentials of the future into the "now" and express it. That is consciousness. And, consciousness right now is changing rapidly within you and on the face of this Earth. Very, very rapidly.

Dear ones, there are those of you who have wanted to know your own power, your own God-self. Some of you have sat quietly, and you put a stone or perhaps another object on the table in front of you. You tried to move it with your thoughts and with your power, didn’t you? You tried to make physical objects suspend in midair. You have tried to blow out candles without your breath, but through your mind. You have tried to move that stone on the table by willing it to be so, by willing it to move. And, it did not!

When you weren’t able to move the stone with your mind, you became confused and frustrated and did not think that you were powerful. You did not think that you had gotten the formula of God right yet. But, dear ones, you were not looking at it correctly. You were trying to exert a power that was not real power.

Real power occurs when you change your consciousness. Sit in front of the rock now. Your new consciousness changes the consciousness of the rock. Your new consciousness does not take any form of exertion, or willing, or strength, or pushing. It is simply a consciousness shift. The rock moves in direct response to your new consciousness.

That is how you move a rock without touching it, without willing it, or without trying to psyche it out. Change your consciousness, and the consciousness of the rock changes. Then, you will understand how to move it without touching it. Oh, and it will take no real effort on your part!

But, Tobias, you say, "How do I change my consciousness?" It is quite simple. You have just been looking in the wrong places. You have been trying to make it so difficult. How do you change your consciousness? You simply release your old consciousness. That is all. When you release the consciousness of yesterday, it opens the way for your new consciousness to come in.

It is always changing, and you will continue to go through releases and releases. The energy only gets stuck and only becomes painful to you physically, mentally, emotionally when you hold on. Release the concepts that might have been true yesterday, or the day before. Release the energy of old experiences. Release the traumas of the past, and those pains and sufferings of the past.

What we are saying to you is, "Release fully." We have been saying this over and over to you. That is why we have said, "Release the crystals. Release the old books." Ah, their consciousness gave you wisdom, but it is time to release. It is time to take your grip off of those things, for they hold no power now.

The power is within. The wisdom that you gained is within. The wisdom was not in words that were in a book. It was the energy behind it. The wisdom was not in the crystal. It is what you learned about yourself in the mirror of the crystal.

You change your consciousness. You allow it to soar to new heights by releasing the Old. Releasing. Releasing… a rather challenging and difficult thing it is for humans, I know. I, Tobias, walked in sandals at one time. Releasing is difficult . There is a fear that comes from the elements of duality that makes it difficult to release until something new is there to take its place.

But, the New Energy does not work like that. It is releasing today in the "now," in the moment. And, immediately a new consciousness will come forth, a consciousness that is the meld of the wisdom of the past and the potential of the future.

Dear ones, consciousness is changing rapidly within you and within Earth at this time. It is changing very, very rapidly. So much so that there is – how to say –"concern" on our side. There is no fear in this word. There is no fear on our side, but we see that you have done such an amazing job within yourself, changing your consciousness and releasing. We see that humanity as a whole has shifted consciousness to the point where everything is going so quickly, so fast right now. Even we were not anticipating this.

We have been watching – measuring, as you might say – watching your progress, knowing what you have been going through with your releasing. You have done such a wonderful job that it has created a very delicate balance.

Duality is shifting its consciousness into a New Energy. It is no longer of light and dark, no longer of good and bad. Duality is shifting its consciousness into a New Energy, what we have called the energy of "four." Four is a very stable energy, a balanced energy. With it will come new learnings and new understandings and indeed New Energy. But, because of this rapid shift, we find that you are at a delicate point. Your Earth is at a very delicate point.

That is why Metatron has asked to address you today. He desires to deliver a message, but more important, he desires to deliver an energy to each of you.

Now, we will shift here in a moment. We have been preparing for this for several weeks. The energy of Metatron is very strong, very powerful. We will shift from Tobias talking to you through Cauldre to Metatron talking to you through Cauldre. The energies of each of you will become involved, as well as the energies of Cauldre, the energies of the Crimson Council, and I, Tobias, and indeed the energy of Metatron. Oh, it will be a chorus of energies that the message of Metatron rides upon!

(sensing Cauldre’s apprehension) And, for you, Cauldre, we tell you to simply allow this flow. Simply allow this to be.

So, we ask now that each one of you gets comfortable in your seats. We ask you now to breathe in deeply. We will take a moment to adjust. Breathe in deeply and open yourself to a new consciousness.



I Am Metatron, Your Voice in Spirit.

I am not used to talking directly to you. For those who know my past, you will understand that I have sent messengers to be with you. So, it is quite an honor for me to come in directly like this to join with Tobias, to join with you in this gathering. And, in a sense, I am as nervous about this direct presentation to you as Cauldre might be, or you might be.

The energy of Earth is changing rapidly. The consciousness is moving swiftly. I come to you today, with the many others, to speak to you about what is going on within you and all around you. There will be many, many changes. There is the potential for changes that might be uncomfortable, unnerving. These changes may affect your body and certainly affect the Earth.

You are coming into a consciousness where you are able to hold in your divinity. You are coming to a time where the grids have been changed and altered in response to your growth. It is a time when the work of Kryon in changing the magnetic balances is coming to an end.

There is a delicate balance in this time of rapidly changing consciousness. There is a delicate balance. There is a delicate balance to these things, particularly between now and the end of your calendar year. But, it is not limited to that. There will be residues of this rapid change even after the end of your calendar.

My dear ones, the winds will blow a changing energy over your Earth. The winds will carry sadness with them. For in any change there is sadness. And, the sadness will be thick. It will be heavy. It will touch those the most who have opened themselves and held in their divinity. The winds are those of change, and the sadness is only temporary. The winds will help clear an Old Energy from the land and from the people upon it.

And the Earth herself will shake and tremble, for she has been holding in much energy. It will be time to release, time to let go. And, when the trembling takes place, and it is even under your own foot, do not fear. Know that this is appropriate. Know that duality is simply trying to leave, and this is part of the process.

There will be those who claim God is sending a message. And, it is true, in a way. But, the message is not about sin. It is not about wrong-doing. The message is about appropriateness. You will hear these words of righteousness from others. They will attempt to tell you what you have done wrong. They will attempt to place the blame on you for not following their truth. When the trembling takes place, and you hear the shouting of other’s voices in your ears, understand that it is appropriate. Understand that it is a releasing that is taking place, much like the releasing that you have done.

And the fires shall come over your lands. And, they shall scorch many places and drive many, many from their homes. And, this also is appropriate. The fires help to release. The fires help to clear. The heat helps to transform. And, when there are those who tell you and the others that it is nature's way of punishing for what has been done wrong in the past, know these words are not complete, and not in full truth. Know that the fires are appropriate. Know that these fires are simply transformational.

And the waters will come. They will come from the sea. They will come from the sky. And, they will be grand. The waters will be more than what you have seen even in lifetimes of the past. The waters come to cleanse. The waters come to purify. And, the waters come to put out the fire that is within the hearts of men and women. When the waters come, and those claim it is yet another sign from God, understand that it is appropriate. Understand that all of the elements that come now – the winds, and the earth, and the fire, and the water – are part of the transformation from duality. It is part of the final clearing and final releasing.

So, we come to you today, Shaumbra, to say to you that the delicate balance at this time of change is appropriate. Do not be shocked at what you read in your news. Do not be shocked or put down by the words of others who are trying to make it into something it is not. Do not be saddened, dear ones, when many humans choose to leave at this time. It is appropriate.

Most of the elementals – the devas and the ones from the magic kingdom – left in these past 12 or more years. They knew it was appropriate to leave the Earth. They left so you could own and accept the power of your own divinity. The elementals were holding in a balance. And, they left.

There are many humans who have stayed on Earth to hold an energy. They have been holding onto an energy. And, when they cross over, when they come to our side, do not be sad, for it is appropriate. So many of them will come back to help you. There may be great numbers of humans who choose to leave, and it may be done in ways which appear dramatic.

Do not be saddened when these winds blow, and the fires rage, and the Earth shakes, and the waters come. Hold your own divinity, dear friends. Hold your own divinity.

We come to you today to deliver a message in energy, but also to ask you questions. We ask you, as we are speaking, to look within your own soul and your own being, for now comes a time. Now comes the time.

Are you ready to FREE yourself? Are you ready to free yourself of the patterns and the ways of the Old? Are you ready to free yourself of the duality that you have been walking in? Are you ready to allow yourself to soar; to let go of the wounds of the past; to free the spirit within you that is coming forth, this divinity that is trying to come forth and expres?

The blockages, the walls, that you still have around are not allowing you to be free. So, we ask each of you. Come now the time – are you ready to be free?

Shaumbra, are you ready to LOVE yourself? Are you ready to truly love yourself? Not in the ways that you might have thought of in the past. Not in a way that is simply pampering yourself. Rather, in a way that is an acceptance of everything you have done, everything that you have been, both light and dark. Are you ready to accept that you have been in duality and that all the experiences you have had have built the wisdom that Tobias was speaking of? Are you ready to truly love yourself as much as you have loved others, and as much as you have tried to love God?

In the Old Energy of duality, you were taught that loving yourself was not appropriate. Are you ready to love yourself now, to love everything of who you are? Not to love some illusion of some grand angel that might or might not be you, not to love something in the future that you think you might want to become, but to love yourself NOW. Are you ready to do this, to love yourself now?

Shaumbra, come now the time. Are you ready to KNOW yourself, to truly know yourself? In the past you have known aspects of who you were. You have tried to know yourself. You have tried to find yourself. But, are you ready to truly know something about you that has been kept within, that has been kept a secret from you by yourself? It has been kept a secret, because in duality there was part of you that did not want to accept who you are – a unique being with all of the energy and all of the power of God.

We know it is difficult to accept. But, in knowing yourself, you will come to know this. You will come to know who you truly are. It will shatter the illusion of who you have thought you were. And in that could be fear. In that there could be holding back. Are you ready to truly know yourself, fully and completely? It is not the illusion that you have thought it would be. It is something totally different. Knowing yourself as a Christed one, knowing yourself as one with Spirit, who came from Spirit… that is a very difficult challenge. Are you ready to know yourself?

Shaumbra, come now the time. Are you ready to OWN your divinity? To not only love it, and to not only know it, to not only have it in freedom? But, dear ones, are you ready to own it within you, to understand that it IS you, to hold it within you, to not try to hide who you are? Are you ready to own that this is yours?

Your divinity was not given to you by any other. You have had it all along. It has been sealed. It has been locked away by seven seals, held tightly within. The seals are now ready to burst open. It is like they have been filled with stress. That is what you have been feeling, the seals wanting to burst open, all seven of them, not one by one by one. The seals do not open that way. They open in unison. They open together. Are you ready to own what comes forth, to accept it within your being and to know it has always been there? It has only been locked away. Are you ready to own the God that you are?

Come now the time, Shaumbra. Are you ready to SHOW and to express who you are? Are you ready to release the timidness, the hiding, the doubt? Are you ready to show yourself and the world and all of us the grand angel who you are? No longer hiding behind thin veils, no longer suppressing your own energy, no longer fearing the sound of your own voice when speaking to self or others? Are you ready to show your divinity and allow it to come forth, bursting forth into the "now" that you live in? Are you ready to take that foot off the brake, as Tobias has talked of, to show who you really are?

There is no greater example for another human than to see one who is owning their divinity and expressing it. If you do not show who you are, the energy becomes tangled up within you, and it becomes painful in your mind and in your body.

We ask you, Shaumbra, are you now ready to show who you are, to release these past lives you are trying to hide behind, where you said, "I will never expose myself as one who is filled with Spirit, for I was ridiculed, for I was put down and even imprisoned for this." In this New Energy that is shifting out of duality, showing who you are is one of the keys. That does not mean to be evangelistic. That does not mean to try to convert others. It means to ILLUMINATE your energy outward. There may not even be words that need to be said. It is simply illuminating who you are, expressing it through your being. As the seven seals come open, this energy of you will want to come forward. Are you ready to show who you are?

Shaumbra, come now the time. Are you ready to ALLOW others their space, their consciousness? Are you ready to accept that the things that go on in people around you and energies around you are appropriate? It is not up to you to judge the right or wrong, but rather to be in a place of allowing. Are you ready to allow, to accept other, and all things around you?

This is a key to moving into the New Energy. It is what Tobias has spoken of in "standing behind the short wall." In doing so, you will understand how things are truly created, but you will also honor the others for their path. Are you ready to allow others their path, their space, and more importantly, their consciousness? For if you do not, your energy becomes intertwined with theirs, and you could find yourself joining them on THEIR journey, rather than continuing yours.

Dear ones, dear Shaumbra, are you ready to RECEIVE the gift, what Tobias has spoken of as the "Fruit of the Rose?" It is your divinity! You have carried it with you ever since you left Home. Your divinity has always been there. It is your gift to yourself. Within the Fruit of the Rose is the solution that you already placed within your consciousness . Dear God who is sitting before us today, you have already created the solution, but you wanted to explore other possibilities! The solution is in the Fruit of the Rose that has always been with you.

You have never given yourself a challenge where you did not prepare the answer. You prepared the answer in love and compassion for yourself and placed it there. And now, each time you have a challenge in your life, understand that the Fruit of the Rose is the solution you have already worked out. You have just not been willing to look at it. You have been looking at other potential solutions.

There is a divine solution, and it was not written, or created, or given to you by Spirit, by Metatron, Tobias, your guides, or angels. It was created in your own heart, and that IS the Fruit of the Rose, the solution to everything that comes within you. But, you have to accept it as your own, that it is not given to you on a silver platter by another entity. For that is the game you have been playing. That is the game, looking for solutions created by others. Are you ready to receive the Fruit of the Rose, your divine solution?

And finally, we ask you, come now the time, are you ready to release the illusion of duality? Are you ready to release this grand illusion, an illusion so strong that you consider it real and truth? Your consciousness is changing now. You are beginning to understand the energy dynamics of duality. You are slowly coming to understand that DUALITY IS SIMPLY AN ILLUSION. Are you ready to release this illusion?

To you it might seem like a platform. It might seem like your foundation or your grounding. It might be fearful trying to release this, not knowing what the new foundation or the new grounding is. You are on the fence right now. You are on the fence, one foot in duality, the other in ascension, wanting to drag the foot that remains in duality.

We put out the challenge to all of you today at this crucial time in the energetic balance of Earth. Are you ready to release duality, the illusion of duality? So strong, it is difficult to perceive it only as an illusion, but it is. Are you ready for this change in consciousness? We have asked to interrupt your regular series to be here, not only for your path, but also for all of our paths. Consciousness, dear ones, the consciousness of Earth, and what happens on Earth affects all of us. So goes the consciousness of Earth, goes the consciousness of the universe.

The decisions you make not only affect the consciousness of who you, but also have a direct affect on consciousness of all other parts and places. It pierces through the dimensions. It pierces through space – your consciousness and the consciousness of all who are on Earth. The delicate balance that humanity is in right now, affects us, affects us.

That is why we come to you today, to ask you at this time:

Are you ready to be your divine self?

Are you ready to give up this illusion of duality and weakness, of illness, of loneliness, of despair?

Are you ready to give up the illusion of love, of what you thought it was like?

Are you ready to give up the illusion that you are not free?

Are you ready to give up the secret place you have been hiding yourself behind, the seven seals?

Are you ready to know who you are at the deepest and the most intimate and the most compassionate level?

Are you ready to release this game, this game you have been playing of trying to find yourself, a wonderful game that has gained you much wisdom and us much consciousness?

We will call it what it is – a game of trying to find yourself. All of the layers of illusions that you have put around you… wonderful, playful, very creative. But, are you ready, God, to come forth? The rest of humanity, the rest of the universe is waiting for your answer, your answer that is within.

So goes the consciousness of you, also goes the consciousness of All That Is.

Remember the energy of this day when we came to speak to you… when we asked you the inner questions… when we asked you to look deep within, a place that has seemed illusive, perhaps frightening to you, but a place that is deep within you. Know that we understand these are difficult questions, very difficult questions.

Your Earth, and therefore the universe, sits at a critical balance. There is no fear in the energy that we are delivering here. There is no fear. There is only observation of where you are at – rapidly changing consciousness, duality trying to transform, trying to leave. All of this has created a situation on Earth that needs your divinity to come forth.

Be in a place of peace as things happen around you. You are ones who are open to feelings, to energies, to shifts. You have opened yourself well to these. But, in opening yourself, you become fragile, when there is not the deep inner ownership of your divinity. You become very fragile, when you are not allowing your divinity to express.

You feel things from other people, and you feel events that are taking place even in other parts of your world. You feel the potential of upcoming grand changes between countries, in the Earth, and all around you. You feel the impact of these deeply.

We come to you today to say that there is the strong potential for grand and swift changes upon your Earth at this time. Be in a place of peace with your divinity. That is the grandest thing you can do.

Stand behind that short wall.

Allow others their space and their experience.

Release your illusion of duality.

I am Metatron, your voice in Spirit. We will return to Tobias.


And so it is, dear friends, that the energy of Metatron has been delivered. The words have been given, and indeed, as I was observing this, the love has been shared, a new love indeed. It was interesting for Metatron to come forward like this, not quite used to this type of direct gathering, always having messengers like myself and the others come forward. It was somewhat humorous for me to observe his own uncomfortableness with this situation!

Metatron reminds you that he will continue to make his presence known among Shaumbra and among men and women of Earth. For, in the shifting consciousness that you are going through… this opens the door for the energies of Metatron to come flowing in. And, as you own your divinity and express it, Metatron will be right there.

Now, these words were perhaps for you strong, perhaps for you challenging. It was the intent of Metatron to be very direct with you, to be very direct in the words and the understandings.

So many of you were not really here, but rather taken out during this time, taken to the deeper levels within who you are, taken out for the energies to come in at the deepest of all levels.

Metatron foresees changes upon your Earth, foresees many things happening. We do not want to go into specific scenarios, for they have not been created yet. It is all about potential. It is ALL about potential of what could happen.

As we have said to you today, because of the rapid changes of consciousness, you are sitting at a very delicate point in all of humanity, a very delicate point. Be in that place of peace that Metatron spoke of, with your own divinity. Do not seek it from another. Do not become rattled when these things happen around you. Do not be swept into the sadness. Understand that all of these things are appropriate.

And, Shaumbra, I cannot say it enough. I will say it over and over to you. Be together as family. You have been family of Shaumbra on this side of the veil. We have all worked together, and played together, studied together, and shared. When you go to Earth, you forget those who are closest to you. You forget the real energy of the words, Shaumbra.

You can connect like this all over the world now. Technology and consciousness has made that possible. Share with each other. Talk to each other. Play with each other here. That will be so important in moving through the difficult energies of Earth. Know that indeed you are never, ever alone.

And so it is!

Tobias of the Crimson Council is presented by Geoffrey Hoppe, aka "Cauldre," Golden, Colorado. The story of Tobias, from the biblical Book of Tobit, can be found on the Crimson Circle web site at The Tobias Materials have been offered free of charge to lightworkers and Shaumbra around the world since August 1999, the time when Tobias said humanity moved past the potential of destruction and into the New Energy.

The Crimson Circle is a global network of human angels who are among the first to transition into the New Energy. As they experience the joys and challenges of the ascension status, they help other humans on their journeys through sharing, caring and guiding. Over 40,000 visitors come to the Crimson Circle web site each month to read the latest materials and discuss their own experiences.

The Crimson Circle meets monthly in the Denver, Colorado area where Tobias presents the latest information through Geoffrey Hoppe. Tobias states that he and the others of the celestial Crimson Council are actually channeling the humans. According to Tobias, they are reading our energies and translating our own information back to us so we can see it from the outside, while experiencing it on the inside. Crimson Circle gatherings are open to the public, although RSVPs are appreciated. There is nothing to join and no dues to pay. The Crimson Circle receives its abundance through the open love and gifting of Shaumbra throughout the world.

The ultimate purpose of the Crimson Circle is to serve as human guides and teachers to those walking the path of inner spiritual awakening. This is not an evangelical mission. Rather, the inner light will guide people to your doorstep for your compassion and care. You will know what to do and teach in that moment, when the unique and precious human who is about to embark on the journey of the Bridge of Swords comes to you.

If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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