The Divine Human Series:
"SHOUD 10: The Spiritual Artist"

Presented at the Crimson Circle
May 3, 2003

Tobias: And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that the divinity comes flowing into this room, into this space. It is not just the energy of the angels who come to be with you today. But, you, Shaumbra, are allowing the precious, precious divinity of Self nto your reality. Oh my, how the energy has changed in just these few minutes while listening to the music (prior to the channel). You are opening your hearts… trusting yourself… trusting that divine part of you that has remained so elusive, but yet always present with you.

It is a joy for I, Tobias, to flow in here, into each and every heart who connects. It is an honor for me to lead all of our guests into your space. We have much to discuss with you, as usual. We have many guests here today whom we will introduce in just a moment.

But dear friends, we ask you now to breathe in the energy of your God-self. Breathe in, and let the divine part of you know it is safe to be here now. Know that life still may have its challenges and difficulties because you are New Energy divine angels, still working in an Old Energy world. But it is safe now. It is safe to meld the human and divine together. It is safe to allow the birthing of who you are in this reality.

You've always held this reality – called the human condition – for yourself. You have not so much invited this precious, sensitive Divine Self into your reality. You felt your world was too difficult and too rough for your divinity. So you kept the human condition all for yourself. You walked the lonely path by yourself, lifetime after lifetime, because you loved your divinity so much. You didn't want to expose it to what you thought were the difficulties and the harshness of this human reality.

So, you kept your divinity safe and separate, like a mother keeping the child out of harm's way. But dear friends, all of this time you, the angel, the God-self, wanted to come in and play, wanted to see what this human reality was like. It was waiting for you to give it permission. This nurturing, feminine aspect of yourself did not want to expose the divine angel to things like war, and disease, and anger, and frustration, and poverty. And, those are things just in your life! Think about all of the other aspects of this wonderful but challenging world you didn't want to expose your divinity to.

Now divintiy wants to come in and play. We know you are starting to allow this to happen. We could see it here when we began today’s Shoud. We could see you opening up and letting the divine child come in to play.

Dear friends, we have much to speak about today. But, more than anything, we have much for you to FEEL, much for you to feel. Yes, indeed, you are getting so much better at getting out of that head of yours! You are finding that it actually works to FEEL once again. It is safe to feel.

Today, today, we will love you… to honor you… to nurture you during our time together. We will do a spiritual massage on your entire being. This massage will help you to loosen up so that you can begin to feel all of who you truly are… so you can begin to remember who you are… and where you come from… and so you can begin to expand your consciousness… and let the creativity flow into every moment from here forth.

Dear friends, today we will challenge you once again. You will question much of what we say. You will go back and scratch your heads… debate with us… argue with us. But, this is good. This produces energies, which initiate a whole process of new understanding within you.

We want you to be challenged because it gets you feisty. (audience laughter) It gets you frustrated with us… sometimes with Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe) and Linda. But, it gets an energy moving.

We will talk more about that today. We will challenge you. We will bring up many issues that are within you. You might feel uncomfortable a bit.

And, today we will also tease Cauldre a bit more. Yes, much like a typical channel… all of these things today we will do. (more laughter)

We love sitting here with you. We can tell you that the energy we came to deliver has already been delivered. You have already accepted it. Now let it truly soak in. Let yourself relax and open up.

We have a number of guests on this day. Generally, we limit it to just one entity so as to not overwhelm you. But today there are many who want to come in. And we know that you are better able to balance multiple energies now than you were six months or a year ago.

We ask you to open your hearts and feel the energies of our dear friend Metatron, coming back today to visit… to be with you… to push you a bit… to push you quite a bit. Metatron comes directly into this circle because, indeed, Metatron is your voice in Spirit. Metatron is the symbol of your God-self.

Remember back to when Metatron first came into the circle. Remember how jarring, how strong, and overwhelming the energies were. We know it knocked many of you out for quite a number of days.

But, now, now feel Metatron – different – soft, compassionate, but still full of flame and passion… full of desire… full of expansion. Metatron can put his energy right in the center of you right now. It will not burn out your circuits and your systems. Metatron can embrace your heart and your soul… touch you like he could not have done a year ago.

Metatron comes in as the carrier of the energy of this Shoud. Metatron comes in to expose you to a part of yourself that you have resisted for so very long. But it is such an important part of you and the New Energy now.

Also coming into your space, sitting next to you… it is the energy of the Angel of Ascension, Hossaf, who came in for the first time last month. He came in, and was so delighted, and surprised to see you in this different form. He was so happy to have been invited into the circle, for he has not been in the human condition before.

He has worked with you on the other side and works with you intensively in your dreams. He is the entity and the Angel who will now be with you. He will now be there as a helper and one who balances all of these energies as you go multi-dimensional.

You stepped off the Old road, the Old road that led from one linear lifetime to the other, the Old road that was paved in karma. Now, you go multi-dimensional, off of the karmic path, off of the Old Energy. You wonder sometimes why you feel so strange, and why you act so strange. It is because you are truly becoming multi-dimensional beings, integrated with all that you have been, all who you are in this moment.

This is a point of separation, the fulfillment of a journey that began when you left the Kingdom, when you left Home. It was a potential to leave Home to understand your identity as the Prince and the Princess of creation. It was a potential to know that you too had Creator energies, and that you could create something called the “cosmos.” You could create something called the Order of the Arc, where the energies of the archangels reside. It was fulfillment to know you could come to a place of Earth as the launching pad for New Energy.

The Earth was created to resolve an issue with energies that had become stuck. But, that was only part of it. You came here to Earth as the place to launch New Energies, to take fulfillment to a whole new level of understanding.

You did this by disguising yourself from yourself… by taking on duality and the veil… by taking on a human body. You, the Spiritual Artist, designed this as a way of coming to understandings.

And now you sit here in Shoud, hearing Metatron vibrate in your soul, hearing your soul vibrate for the first time in a long time. You want to know how to move past this barrier that you had created, this illusion of duality, this illusion of separation from Spirit.

That is why we are here. That is what we will talk about today. That is what we will remind you of in all of our gatherings and at all times when we visit you in person.

Dear friends, Hossaf comes in to help you balance all of these energies as you move from the linear path into the multi-dimensional. You can talk to him at anytime. You can talk to I, Tobias, at anytime. Trust the feelings that you get back.

You will not hear words from us, believe it or not. If you get words in your head, for the most part, you are not hearing us. You are connecting to an Old intellectual system, an intellectual system that is outdated and archaic. That is not channeling. When you think you have to hear words or have to type something out through your fingers, those are Old ways of bringing messages through.

You will hear us in your heart, in your feelings. It will be a movement. It will be an essence and a feeling. Later on, you will know what to do with it. You will understand what was truly being conveyed with you. When you talk to us, just allow yourself to be in the moment and feel us. Feel us.

That is what Cauldre is doing now. Sometimes he thinks that we should give him a total outline of our talk in advance so he will feel more comfortable. (audience laughter) He would like that. He asks us each and every tiresome month. (more laughter) “Tobias, Tobias, could you tell me? Just give me a few points of what you will talk about. Make me feel more comfortable. Tobias, could you share with me first?”

No, no, Cauldre, we want you to FEEL. We want you to be in the Now, because when you do, you connect with everyone. They connect with you. If you pre-planned it, you would create blockages that would not allow the flows of energy.

Cauldre… he is hanging his head right now. He is always afraid that we will say something stupid, (more laughter) that we will say something that will cause the listeners to go into shock, that there will retribution from those who read or listen to this.

But, dear friends, we have gotten this far together. Trust yourself first. Trust Spirit. Trust what comes through you. It is divine. It is divine.

So, Hossaf is delighted to be back with our group, accompanied by the energies of Metatron.

On this day we have many guests. There is a dear energy that comes in now, so appropriate for this time for many, many reasons. It is the energy of the Mother, of Mary – radiant blue, shimmering white, dancing together. Quite a line up we have here today!

Mary – we know her as Marit (Tobias pronouncing this as Mar – eet) – asks you to breathe in her energies, for she comes here to nurture you at a time when you need it… at a time when you are tired… when you are sore and aching… at a time when you need to be held in the arms of Spirit, symbolized through Mary.

Never before have we been able to bring in such energies together in the circle at one time. W did not want to throw your energies out of balance. But now they're all here to honor you.

Mary brings the energies of birthing, nurturing and creativity. She comes in for the important energy of this Shoud. She comes in at the time when mothers all across the world will be honored in a week and a day of your time (referring to Mother’s Day on May 11), when there is a moment of reflection for the feminine, goddess energies, for the birthing energies.

She asks you now, and for this next week and a day of time, to breathe in the energies of the King and the Queen… of Home… the love of God that birthed you… the love of God that gave you the same Creator energies that they had. What a gift! What a gift! What a way for Spirit to truly understand love – it was to create you, and then set you free.

What a difficult job it is for any mother to birth a child, to nurture that child through the early years where it is so dependent on the love of the mother, but then one day to set the child free. That takes the greatest amount of love and compassion.

That is what Spirit did for you. Spirit said, “I give you the same Creator abilities as I. And, someday you shall inherit the throne. Someday after all of your experiences throughout all of the dimensions, you shall inherit the throne.” That is why you are here on Earth. That is why you have created this dynamic, marvelous experience, being an angel in human form.

This is not your real form. This is not who you truly are. But, it is who you are in this moment. So breathe it in. Breathe in the essence of what you have created for yourself. It is marvelous. It is divine. It is difficult at times.

The mother energy, represented through Marit, comes in for each and every one of you. Every one of you, without exception, was birthed by a mother. (some laughter) Whether your mother is here on Earth right now, or has come back over to our side, dear friends, that energy is here today.

But we ask you to look at it different, not as the mother who you saw through your human eyes, but as a grander energy, an angel who was able to bring you in, and nurture you, and love you in spite of the challenges you presented to her. This is such a symbol, such a metaphor for what is going on right now between you and your divine self. There is a birthing. You are birthing it. It has birthed you. You have this mother, this goddess energy, within you.

So, Marit comes in to be with you for this next week of time. Be aware of what is going on in your life, what is happening, the nurturing that is taking place, both within you, and the nurturing that you are doing for others. Be aware of this loving, creative energy that is here, brought in by Mary, that is here for you. The essence of your own mother come in now to sit beside Metatron, and Hossaf, and Mary, and embrace you at this part of your journey.


Let us talk for a moment about your world, what is going on, how your own life relates to it. When we sat together a month ago, a war was just beginning. It was in the consciousness of humanity because, you see, now things are so quick. The news gets out quickly.

The news is faster even than the military intelligence is these days. (audience laughter) You know what is happening and can find out before the ones in the Pentagon, or the other military complexes, know. Don’t you find that interesting? Things have changed. In a month the war escalated, and then for all intents and purposes, it ended.

Or, perhaps it didn't?

It was quick. In the past wars lasted hundreds of years. But, this was so quick, so fast. It is like the times you are living in, the times especially of the Old Energy all around you. Everything will go quick. The skirmishes at work… in your families… will go very quickly. They will be precise. They will cut through to the core.

But, dear friends, there is something to remember in this whole metaphor of the Mideast war. As we said a number of times prior to this war being initiated, it would be quick, but there would be unusual circumstances surrounding it. The war would not be what you thought it was going to be.

Now you can look at it. Is the war done? Perhaps the bombs are done. Perhaps the shooting is done. But the war continues. When the troops begin to retreat, new fighting will begin. You see, this was a religious war.

What happened here was the forces that went in – the British, and the Americans, and the others who teamed with them – went in and they freed the people of that region to resume their old battles. (audience laughter) They had been stymied for several decades. They had not been able to fight with each other like they wanted to. There was a third element, the dictator, who put an end to the battles through fear, and terror, and rules, and regulations, and structures.

But now there is a new dilemma. If the alliance forces stay in this land, the peoples of that region will rebel. They will try to drive them out. If they leave, like we suspect they will, if they withdraw all of the troops, now the Old religious energies, can resume their fighting. The war is not done by any means.

In a sense, the President of the United States and the other leaders of the world who supported this action are in a very difficult, no-win situation. If they withdraw now, they will be accused of causing imbalance in a region. But the imbalance already existed. If they stay, they will be treated very severely by the peoples of that area. If they stay, they will draw criticism from the rest of the world who will say they are trying to occupy that land.

The New Energy allows you to stand behind the short wall to observe what is going on. It allows you to observe what is going on in the entire world around you. Things are going very fast. Conflicts are heating up.

So many of the conflicts are, and will continue to be, about religion. Remember that the energy of the words “religion” means “reliance on...” We ask you to honor this – not honor the fact that there is difficulty and conflict – but honor the fact that this is what they choose at this portion of their journey. Honor the fact that there are Old Energies seeking to find resolution.

You remember what it was like for yourself, the wars that occurred within your very being in these last few years. So many of you had outside situations that were put over you, things that kept you from your own freedom. When the karmas were released and the past lives were released from you, you thought everything would be perfect and rosy.

And what you found was the Old Energies came to battle, and your mind was the battlefield. The Old Energies needed to find resolution.

Now you enter the New Energy and realize that all of these things were appropriate. All of these clearings had to take place. You have learned that you cannot simply put a bandage over old wounds. It does not work.

Healers and facilitators: You have found that you cannot just try to put a bandage on a deep wound with your clients. It old wound needs to be addressed.

Shaumbra, you have done that with yourselves. You have taken off the bandages. You have let all of these energies from the Old self come forward. And they have helped propel you into the New Energy, into the Now where you sit right now.

There are still difficulties and challenges in your life. But stop and feel for a moment. Of all the challenges in your life, how many relate to situations with other people? How many are just within yourself? The vast majority of your problems are because you are involved with other people. You get involved in their lives. And, that is honorable in many ways.

But yet you take on their problems as your own… problems with your children… problems at work… problems with friends. You read the newspapers, and you absorb the problems off the front page as your own.

It is time for that to end. It is time to recognize that unto yourself you are whole and complete. There truly are not many difficulties or challenges in your own life right now. Yes, indeed some of you have imbalances in your body because you have taken on the energies of so many other people, so many other things. When you let that go, your body can come back into balance.

Look at all of these things happening in the world, the wars, the challenges, and the difficulties. These will continue. Do not be dismayed, depressed, or upset when you continue to see wars. This is appropriate right now.

What can you do to affect and change the consciousness? Be in your Now. Breathe in, Fill yourself with life, Saying “yes” to life. This will raise your vibration. Your vibration then goes outward to the rest of the world. It goes outward through all the multi-dimensional zones.

It gives other people and other life forms the energy of potential for change. Then it is up to them whether or not they want to use it. When you sit in a place of love and balance in the Now, you have the potential to change the world, to end some of these conflicts. But, we also ask you to honor those people, those countries, those tribes, to continue their Old battles right now, if they so choose.

In the world around you right now there is an interesting virus (SARS). Last fall, when we were talking about the state of Earth, we said a new virus would pop up. Certainly it has. Certainly it is causing quite a bit of interest, causing quite a bit of concern, and much fear.

We tell you, Shaumbra… and Cauldre please… we tell you, Shaumbra, you can be in the heart of this thing called SARS. You can be amongst people who have it, and it will not affect you because you have learned to breathe in life.

Look at this disease. What does it affect? The respiratory system. It is a breathing disease. It is bringing awareness of the importance of breathing, the importance of life, and saying “yes” to life.

And, it does not have to affect you. Yes, you can eat Chinese food. (audience laughter)

This virus is indicative of what is happening in the consciousness of humanity right now. Humanity forgot to breathe. It is that simple. This virus is reminding everybody to breathe, but in doing so, it is also bringing up many fears.

SARS will continue to grow. Even when they say they have found a cure, they will realize it is much smarter than them. The cure will be only temporary, and it will continue to proliferate around the world for a period of time. Yes, it will eventually die out on its own. It will disappear just like it appeared.

It will not be vaccinations or medicines that make it go away. It will be a change of consciousness. That change of consciousness can be affected by a small group of Shaumbra who are consciously breathing. And, if a large group of Shaumbra breathes, it can truly change. We will challenge this group to breathe deeply, to breathe in life for yourself and to have it affect all of humanity.

When we get together in July (at the Midsummer New Energy Conference in Breckenridge) – we do mess Cauldre up again here – we will ask for a 45 time slot for deep breathing by Shaumbra all over the world. It will be good for you. And it will change the world. And, yes, we will find a way to get an Internet connection so all of you can breathe together. (audience laughter)

So, dear friends, when you see these things in your papers, stand behind the short wall. Understand what is truly going on. You can understand by keeping it very simple. It is very simple – things like the war, things like SARS.

Then, there is your economy. It does not have to affect you. We see so many of you who hear news about the economy. And, we see your energies then pucker up. (audience laughter) You say, “Indeed, bad times are here. Indeed, I do not have abundance. Indeed, the economic systems are crashing.” And, then you go back into your Old lack of abundance mode.

You are in the New Energy. In the New Energy there is total fulfillment, not necessarily in the way you assumed with your Old Energy mind. But, there is total fulfillment for you. The economy could crater, and you would still have abundance.

No, we are not making a prediction here. The economy will continue on a roller coaster, up and down, no apparent logic to it. You will watch your news shows, and you will hear the so-called experts debating about why the economy is doing certain things. And, the very next day everything they said will be proven wrong.

Dear friends, there is no logic to what is happening right now in the Old Energy standpoint. There is, from a New Energy standpoint… there is a momentum that is building through this roller coaster effect. Every time there is a dip, it helps to build an energy to catapult into a New type of abundance.

We have said before that there will be a major revision of the overall world monetary system in these years ahead, not so many years away. You are still dealing with an Old Energy way of money. And, it will change. It has to change.

In the meantime you will see the ups and downs. But, it does not have to affect you. You can create abundance in every moment. You can do that best by letting go of every preconceived notion that you had about what abundance is. You can do that by not hoarding money away for a rainy day, because, as you know, if that's what you are doing – if you are stockpiling it, you are fearful of spending it – you WILL get a rainy day. (audience laughter) So, dear friends, it does not have to affect you. You can be totally, totally abundant in this New Energy.

One more point about what is going on in your world – you will continue to see disruptive weather patterns. We are so delighted to report to you that the changes of the Earth are going quite smoothly. There are storms, earthquakes, and other types of natural events.

But again, we say the loss of life has been very, very small. It is because there is a group who is making a change by changing within themselves. They are helping to release the energies of the past, of their past lives, of their past ways. They are helping Gaia to release the pressure, so now there is just burping, rather than vomiting. (audience laughter) The Earth can release gently.

There does not have to be a large loss of human lives. Instead, humans are leaving in other ways right now. Yes, there are quite a few who are leaving, more than before. But, it is not by war. It is not by flood. There are other ways. They are leaving quietly.

This will baffle medical experts who look at the trends associated with death. And, they measure it against diseases, wars, acts of God – an interesting term – and other things. But, they will find people are just beginning to die more and more. They will not understand why.

It is because there are many souls who choose to leave while they're still in the Old Energy. They know at their inner level that transitioning from the Old human energy into the New while still remaining in biology is very, very difficult. There are so many humans who do not want to move into the New Energy yet. They do not feel they are ready. They will transition. They will leave the human body behind. They will come to our side of the veil. They will come here for understanding, and love, and nurturing.

But more than anything, they will come here to observe what you are doing. They will watch your path. They will watch the way you are making the shifts. They will use that as a model for when they return to Earth in their next lifetime.

What you are doing is so very important. What you are doing so quietly, and up to now, so very alone is important. You are setting the energies for transitioning into the New.

Once again, we ask that when you gather this summer for your conference of New Energy, set aside time to breathe in and celebrate life. Celebrate life and send out the energies to the rest of the world that life can be so very joyful.

So, dear friends, let us gather all of our energies together for this time that we call the Shoud. For I, Tobias, Metatron, Hossaf, Mary, and all the energies of your biological mothers gather here with you. Let us create one, whole, integrated energy of Shaumbra, of Spirit. Let us be one. And, let us be many. Let us be your voice in Spirit through Metatron. Let us be the voice of all of human consciousness.


There is part of you that has been so dormant. It is your creativity, your creativity. Your creativity is your birthright. You are Spiritual Artists! You are the ones who created all of the stars… all of the dimensions… this place called Earth… the physical body you are in… the experiences that you have.

Your experiences are not predestined. Your life is not predetermined by some unknown God. You are not walking through a maze to prove yourself back to Spirit. Release that Old notion. You are the creators of every moment of your life. You are responsible for it. You may not understand totally what we are saying here. It may just be somewhat of a foreign concept. But, dear friends, feel it. Feel how you created all of this.

The Spiritual Artist that you are created the pathways to lead you to this place. The Spiritual Artist that you are used creativity as your paint and your brush to make all of this happen. Your canvas was a void in the beginning. It was nothing, and you filled it with the cosmos. You filled it with something called life.

When you came to Earth and took on that body of yours and took on duality, you forgot about creativity in so many ways. We are not just talking about artistic creativity here – composing a song, drawing a picture – those things you typically think of as creativity. We are talking about an energy, a life force that flows through you and creates in the moment.

DEAR FRIENDS, UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE NOT AN INTELLIGENCE. YOU ARE ENERGY. As you began to define yourself through many lifetimes as an intelligence, you lost the creative flow. Intelligence was something that you developed through a series of human incarnations.

You developed the thing called the mind. It has served you well, but it is tired now. It wants that creativity to come back into your life.

Creativity in the New Energy is as essential as the breath. Creativity and the breath now meld together in your Now, in the moment. Creativity is your birthright. Creativity is the life force, the divine Spirit, flowing through you in the Now. It wants to express itself. You can express yourself when you release all of the preconceived notions of what life should be.

You have these ideas of what abundance means – X number of dollars in a bank. You have concepts about relationships – how many friends, and how much they like you.

These are all ways of the Old which are inhibiting creativity from coming through you. Creativity is a natural flow, but it cannot come through the brain. It cannot be funneled through the brain. It comes through you. It lands in your Now. And then you can bring to yourself everything that you desire.

Shaumbra, you have been in much conflict about how to create. You wonder if you even are Creators. You think sometimes that you are just in this large river of life being pushed along, not being able to overcome any of the currents or the flow of the river. Sometimes you throw up your hands and give up. And, you say, “I am just going to have to be pushed, one way or the other by the flow of life. I have no control.”

But, yes, indeed you do. Indeed, you do. You can be part of the flow of the river, yet you can be separate from it. You can manifest in your life. You can create.

We talked in our last gathering about the Divine Plan, which indeed is no plan at all. We talked about how you can realize the plan in your Now. It is different than the human plan, the human plan that you have been working on all of your life, actually in many, many lifetimes. Now the human plan and the divine plan can all meld together in the Now.

You struggle with concepts that we have talked to you about… about things like standing behind the short wall… about dancing with what comes to your front door. You struggle with concepts that have to do with creating.

You are trying to figure out all of these things in your Old Energy paradigm. You are trying to go logical. You are trying to figure out how to create more money, how to create more happiness. But, you are doing it in an Old Energy mind.

Over these years we have spoken many, many words to you. Ultimately it was just about release, releasing and letting go. And, we repeated these words to you over and over in many different ways, giving different titles to many channels. But, the essence of all of those was about releasing.

You were on an Old road, an Old linear road. We had to keep encouraging you to let go… to allow… to get out of your Old Energy mind. We encouraged you to go into a place of void, into a neutral, so that the New Energies come into your life. We encouraged you to release all of the Old ways.

You see, the Old Energy mind that you were in would have just created more Old Energy problems, bigger problems. More money in the bank perhaps, but it was still Old Energy. And, it still would have been a problem.

We know many of you have lost your homes… lost things that were precious to you… lost relationships… lost everything that you thought you were. It has been difficult and painful. But, you were in an Old Energy way.

If you had the understanding in the Old way of how to truly create, you would have gotten more immersed and more trapped in your Old Energy ways. You would have built bigger Old Energy homes and had faster Old Energy cars in which to race down the road to an unknown destination. (audience laughter) You would have had more Old Energy friends who claimed to like you, but really resented you. You would have had another Old Energy marriage. (more laughter)

We know you have been lonely. You have been broke. You have been ill. But, it was better to release than get back on the Old merry-go-round, just a bigger, faster, and more confusing merry-go-round.

We have gone beyond that now with you. We will remind you on occasion about releasing, but we've gone beyond that. You have done a wonderful job of letting go of everything that you thought you were. Oh, once in a while, you still go back to your Old tricks and ways. But, for the most part, you are coming to accept that you are more than you could have ever imagined.

You are coming to accept that the way of the New Energy is not linear. It is so different. You are coming to understand that happiness, joy and fulfillment, come in a New way. You are coming to understand that the human plan was a plan of protection, and a plan of fear, and that the Divine Plan is one of fulfillment, and creation, and New Energy.

The essence of the New Energy is creativity. It is allowing the creative forces to now come flowing through you, but to create in a New and different way, a way that even those of us who join you on this day cannot define or describe.

Dear friends, the combination of breath and creativity in the Now is potent. It is not what you would have expected. It is not something that you can analyze in the mind. It is so much more glorious than what you could have ever imagined, particularly in your Old Energy ways.

It is time to open yourself to the creative flow. You have been afraid of it. You use excuses to say, “I am not creative. I do not know how to draw, or paint, or dance, or any of what have previously been thought of as creative talents or tendencies.”

No, creativity is different. It is life flow, Spirit flow, in you, being expressed in the moment. It is time to express, Shaumbra. And, that is why Metatron is sitting right next to you, once again encouraging you.

You have been getting the thoughts, and the feelings, and the urges. You have been feeling a new passion come up, but haven't been able to understand it. But, you have been afraid to express. You have been afraid to allow that creativity into your life. You have not trusted it so much. You have not trusted yourself so much. You have been concerned about ridicule. You have been concerned about losing your balance.

Dear friends, allow creativity to flow through you, the expression of life to flow through you. Otherwise, it will cause a type of pain. When creativity in a New Energy human is blocked or inhibited, you will go into some type of pain. It needs expression. It needs flow. You have had creativity, creative energy, ever since you left Home. You have blocked it in these many, many lifetimes.

Creativity, in a way, is the antithesis of what you see in the rest of the world around you. The rest of the world is going digital. (audience laughter) It is becoming very, very intellectual. It is trying to define the linear path of the Old way and thinks that if it can define it intellectually, it can overcome it.

It does not work like that. You will never be able to figure out God or Spirit in your mind. You will never be able to have the flow of creativity come through you with rules or structures.

That is where the churches are going wrong right now. That is why their walls are coming down. They try to define God through rules, through rituals, through Old ways. It will not happen. God, and the love of Spirit, and the love of all the angels, and the love of your divinity can only be felt in the moment as you breathe, as you allow creative flow.

Breathe in, dear friends. Notice something. You cannot have an intellectual discussion with yourself when you breathe. (audience laughter) Your mind stops cranking away. You stop analyzing when you breathe.

Take the deep breath. Try to think and breathe at the same time. It doesn't work. Such is the gift of the breath. It opens all of the feeling centers – the human feeling and the divine feeling centers.

Now, take a breath and feel the flow of your creation energies come through you. They are unrestricted, undefined. They simply want to dance in your Now. Take a deep breath and feel your creative energies in the Now. They – you – want to express.

You have felt so bottled up lately, wondering what you should be doing. It doesn't matter what you do. Anything works. Take that first step. Begin anything, no matter what, even something really bad. (audience laughter)

The balance of your own divinity will bring you to the appropriate place. Try doing something that you considered Old dark energy as you breathe. Your divinity will bring you back into the balance, the appropriate place.

Try writing that book you have been thinking about, even though you think you are not a writer. Start the process. You may not end up with a book. You may end up with something you never imagined possible. But, at least you began the process.

Start singing. You may not end up with a song. You may end up with a whole new understanding of yourself.

Start creating that class. You may not end up standing in front of people talking. But, you may end up doing something so grand and fulfilling for your own soul.

Have no expectations of where you end up once the creative flow starts. That was the way of the Old Energy. Expectations were merely limitations. Allow the creative flow.

Start that project that you have been dreaming about. And, when you take the first step, you may not end up where you thought you were going to be. You’ll end up in some place far more multi-dimensional, far more fulfilling, and far more creative.

Creativity is not limited or defined. It is an expression that will take you to places that you cannot even dream about because they are so grand. It all begins when you begin.

You wondered why there wasn’t money, or love, or health in your life. You were approaching it with the Old Energy mind. Now, release all of those problems. Stop focusing on them.

Do something in your life. Those problems will go away all by themselves. Do anything. Make a radical move. Eat something different for dinner tonight. (audience laughter) Take a walk.

Come out of hiding, dear Shaumbra. Allow creativity to move you. And, understand that all of the time it is you, but it is a part that you have not known for so very long.

Creativity, life force energy, moving unbounded in you and through you is the essence of the New Energy. Do something, beginning now. If you’re not sure what, breathe in, breathe in, and then follow your passion. It is that simple, dear Shaumbra.

You have made it complex. You have approached it with the Old Energy mind. Now, approach it with a New Energy spirit and creativity. It wants to come out. You want to come out and play. It is time.

Metatron is here with his energies encouraging you forward. Hossaf is here to help you keep the balance as you move into New and rather uncharted territories. The energies of Marit are here to nurture you, and comfort you, and love you as you move forward, as you begin expressing.

All of these energies are assembled here for you. But you cannot ask them to do it for you. They are here as comforters, ones who love you. But, it is up to you, dear Shaumbra.

We put out this challenge of the New Energy. You are the Spiritual Artists. Begin expressing in your Now, in this New Energy.

Before we conclude this Shoud, we would like to ask a special favor, something we have been wanting to do for quite some time. We would like Cauldre to open his eyes here in a moment, and I, Tobias, would like to hug you. I would like you to give yourself hugs. As you hug, open up and feel the flow of creativity.


So, hello Cauldre. (audience laughter as Geoff/Cauldre begins to stir hesitantly)

Now, if we could get some music… and we will continue to stay fully present while we hug. (hesitation and pausing while Geoff/Cauldre begins to stand up)

He will do this slowly. (more laughter) If we could play the music and have everyone now get up and hug…

(The group began standing up and moving around the room giving heartfelt hugs to each other, while Tobias/Geoff/Cauldre began hugging participants. Many “thank you’s” were exchanged between Tobias and “hugees.” As time passed with the hugging, Tobias’ voice became Geoff’s voice more and more. One comment from Geoff was, “Tobias may not channel anymore. He may just hug!”)

(There was not the typical ending to this channel. As the group continued to hug, some drifted off into other rooms, such as the kitchen for food. It soon became clear that the break time between the channel and the Q & A had started.)

And so it is.

Tobias of the Crimson Council is presented by Geoffrey Hoppe, aka "Cauldre," Golden, Colorado. The story of Tobias, from the biblical Book of Tobit, can be found on the Crimson Circle web site at The Tobias Materials have been offered free of charge to lightworkers and Shaumbra around the world since August 1999, the time when Tobias said humanity moved past the potential of destruction and into the New Energy.

The Crimson Circle is a global network of human angels who are among the first to transition into the New Energy. As they experience the joys and challenges of the ascension status, they help other humans on their journeys through sharing, caring and guiding. Over 50,000 visitors come to the Crimson Circle web site each month to read the latest materials and discuss their own experiences.

The Crimson Circle meets monthly in the Denver, Colorado area where Tobias presents the latest information through Geoffrey Hoppe. Tobias states that he and the others of the celestial Crimson Council are actually channeling the humans. According to Tobias, they are reading our energies and translating our own information back to us so we can see it from the outside, while experiencing it on the inside. The "Shoud" is the portion of the channeling where Tobias steps aside and the energy of the humans is channeled directly by Geoffrey Hoppe.

Crimson Circle gatherings are open to the public. The Crimson Circle receives its abundance through the open love and gifting of Shaumbra throughout the world.

The purpose of the Crimson Circle is to serve as human guides and teachers to those walking the path of inner spiritual awakening. This is not an evangelical mission. Rather, the inner light will guide people to your doorstep for your compassion and care. You will know what to do and teach in that moment, when the unique and precious human who is about to embark on the journey of the Bridge of Swords comes to you.

If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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