The New Energy Series: "SHOUD 8"
Questions and Answers

Presented at the Crimson Circle
March 6, 2004

TOBIAS: And so it is, dear teachers, that we continue the loving, the flowing, releasing, and growing energies of this day. We tried a little dance here, a little waltz during your music. And yes, indeed, Myriam and I did a wonderful dance. We love when you open up and invite us into your space, when you now, not only open your hearts, but allow your imagination to soar, piercing through the veil, piercing through the dimensions, breaking the barriers, and breaking the limitations.

The imagination sets you free. It gives you a whole new freedom in life. Not everything that you imagine, that you want to play with, will you necessarily want to bring back into human reality. Sometimes you may simply want to open up and play. Other times you may want to bring in all the tools that you need, that you desire in your human experience. But the imagination truly sets you free.

When I spent my last lifetime on Earth in prison, it was the Archangel Michael (Tobias saying Mike-el), Michael (Tobias now pronouncing this as Meek-eye-el), as you would know, who helped me to understand the value of the imagination, the freedom of going outside of the walls of my prison anytime I chose. It was as real or more real than the reality within those walls. It gave me a new appreciation for life, a new understanding of the nature of reality.

The mind has taken the imagination hostage for so many lifetimes here on Earth. And it is now time to set it free. You can't blame the mind, dear Shaumbra, for you gave it the right to do that. You allowed it to take the imagination into hostage, to trap it, imprison it, to hold back its wings.

Oh, indeed, indeed, the wings of angels are truly the imagination. It is time to let it soar again without the control, without the judgment, of the mind. The mind won't mind at all (some laughter). As we have said before, it has been overtaxed, overburdened, overworked. That is why you are tired and fatigued.

It is time now to give wings to this gift that you have always had – the imagination. Play with it. Find out how far it can truly go. Find out what you can bring back into your reality, and how you can breathe life into your imagination. If you find, as you will, that the mind tries to control all of this, simply breathe, and reassure your entire being that you choose life and freedom now.

So, we are already watching you energetically open up, watching some of the stumbling. But you will become Masters. You will become adepts at working with this thing called imagination.

And what will baffle you here, as you work with it, is that other people are so imprisoned in their own worlds. You will want to share this thing. You will want to show them how to spread their wings, and soar, and create their reality any way they so choose, whether it is a reality here in this third dimension, or any of the other.

Oh, dear teachers, this is where your true work begins. Today we have opened a new doorway with you. As you know, the unfolding, the blossoming, will take a bit of time. It will take some practice, some experimentation. If you take a few wrong turns, don't worry about it. You are a self-adjusting, self-balancing spiritual human being. You will set yourself back on the appropriate course. Don’t be afraid to make some mistakes, for they are really not mistakes. They are only exploring different directions.

The imagination is freedom of the soul. It has been put down by humanity for ages and ages. It has been put down by governments, by teachers, by the churches, for when a human imagines, they are truly free. When they imagine, they can create anything. And it wasn’t the agenda of so many of the leaders. They wanted control. They wanted everything to have to come from the mind because the mind is limited. It is a limited potential. But now on this day we choose – you choose – the freedom.

With that we would be delighted to answer your questions. But you already know how we are going to answer them (some laughter).

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, I understand there are no wrong choices, and I have chosen to follow my heart and embrace life each day as it unfolds before me. I can see the good that has come from this, but I’m also haunted with the concern about the pain I have caused the one I loved and shared my life with for so many years. Because I can’t yet see the bigger picture, I end up questioning if my choice was truly for the highest good of all concerned. Or have I simply been deluding myself? Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed, there are always agreements between two or more people, not necessarily of the outcome, not necessarily of the details. But there are agreements to play in the same sandbox, if you would, to experiment.

Now, you carry much of the burden. And we ask you to look at yourself through the eyes of Spirit – which are the eyes of compassion – and to release this burden you are carrying, because it will simply result in lifetimes of karma, lifetimes of debt. And it is time to release that.

Use your imagination. Go to your partner. Go to this one who has played such a role in your life and speak to them. Ask them about the pain. Ask them about the love. Ask them for release. And then ask yourself for release.

And then if you so choose to bring that into reality, go to them face-to-face, you see, and ask them once again. You will find that there is no bitterness at the deeper inner levels, for it is something you both chose to play. You know better now. You know a different way to play. You know a different way to create, so fear not that you would repeat these patterns.

As we had talked about at the beginning of our discussion, it is time to open all of those dark places within yourself and let the winds, and let the light, and let the love clear those Old Energies. Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Hello, Tobias, could you maybe coach those of us who are on antidepressants, because we feel too much. And it’s really difficult in the morning to wake up with the enthusiasm that you are talking about. And sleep becomes an important way to go to that place of imagination that I think you are talking about.

TOBIAS: Indeed, using these psychotropic drugs, indeed, it will be difficult to go into the imagination realms. Literally – for you personally – you are more ready to release these than you think. There is a fear that if you let these go that all sorts of difficult things will happen. But you are truly ready to release.

There are homeopathic remedies and natural remedies, as well as energetic remedies, that are available right now in this room. There are practitioners here. And we ask for a showing of hands of those who have some understanding of how to do this. And you can look out into the room to the show of hands. Do not be afraid to raise your hand. There are many of you who can help wean you from these indeed.

It will take a coach. It will take a guide to help you. It will be difficult right now if you try to will your way through it and struggle your way through it. But there are those who understand the New Energy counseling and New Energy homeopathics who can help you right now today.

As you begin to release the dependence on these, and it can be very, very – “addictive” is not the right word – dependent, your mind becomes so very dependent on these. But you will find that you can release with the guidance of those who have shown themselves to you. It is time for you. And you are one who feels deeply, opens deeply. And you have found yourself – how to say – hitting some walls, and you shut down. But you have a natural gift and ability. It is time to fly once again. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 2: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, what is the nature of your trip to Israel?

TOBIAS: Indeed, we love to take Cauldre and Linda all around the world. I wish to return to this very sacred land, this land that has given birth to so many religions but has given birth to so much conflict as well.

You see, they are so locked into beliefs. And beliefs are nothing other than limited imagination. They are so locked into beliefs. We are going there. We are going there to enjoy life. We are going there to embrace life. And we are going there to open some energies and see what happens.

We are going to go throw a hand grenade into the hornet’s nest, so to speak (audience laughter). Cauldre does not think this is one bit funny (more laughter). But we are doing it energetically. And the effects, the potential of what we are doing there will not be felt for a little bit of time. But there are major shifts that are needed in this birthing place.

And we are going there. We are going there with Myriam. We are going there are with so many of the Crimson Council. We’re going there with Abraham. We’re going there with David and Solomon. And we're going there with the humans who – how to say – will accompany us and help us to make some very interesting shifts in this land. We are going there to bring back something called compassion.

LINDA: A hand grenade in a hornet’s nest, huh?

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (a woman at the microphone): Hello, Tobias. Recently I completely turned my life upside down and moved to this area based on not much more than an inner tugging that was undeniable. I’m wondering if you can shed any light on what I’m supposed to do here… why I’m here?

TOBIAS: Indeed, it was time to turn your life upside down. More than anything you had felt that you were in a rut, very frustrated – how to say – going a bit out of your mind, not knowing which way to turn.

This area holds many things. For one, the dynamics of the energy in the area – we do not like so much using terms such as “portals” – but this is an energy center. You will find things accelerate very, very quickly for you here to the degree that you may be getting up here in a few months and asking us how to slow things down a bit for you (some laughter). It is also – how to say – a place where you will make many associations with Shaumbra, which will help you get your own balance back – your own type of inner strength back – which is so needed at this point.

And it is an area where there is the potential for you to – how to say – absorb energies, and also to use your imagination to start doing a work of your own that you would then bring to many, many others. We do not want to define what this is, for it is for you to discover. But allow yourself right now to be in this area.

You are somewhat questioning. You are wondering what should be done. Simply, simply allow yourself to call this home, and watch how all the dynamics start changing for you. There is no thing you have to do here. There is not – how to say – a mission that you have to go forward on. Call this place home for a period of time. And it will all start coming back.

SHAUMBRA 3: Thank you so much.

LINDA, starting to read the next question: Dear Tobias, with all the…

TOBIAS: We want to add one more comment here. There was no mistake in following your feelings. There was no mistake. You are learning now how to follow the heart.

SHAUMBRA 3: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

QUESTIN FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Dear Tobias, with all the buzz of the new movie, “The Passion of Christ,” I’d like to go to the true source. What does Yeshua think of it all? What does Yeshua – and all of you on the other side of the veil – think of the movie?

TOBIAS: We think the timing was so very appropriate. It brings to the forefront the whole issue of suffering. It brings to the forefront – how to say – exactly the energetic reason why we are going to Israel. It is time for a shift or – what you might call – a healing to take place. But in order for any healing to take, as you all have discovered, all of the elements must come to the forefront. The elements of suffering… the elements of bigotry… the elements of righteousness must all come up in order for the healing.

So, this movie was – how to say – very appropriate, very channeled, and will bring up issues in many, many people. In a sense, it will cause more of a division than before. It will cause many to take a very strong and Old Energy stance. But it will also help many, many others to release this Old Energy of suffering, and conflict, and righteousness, and replace it with a thing we have spoken of called compassion.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (a woman at the microphone): Tobias, about six weeks ago my good yellow Labrador friend, Kona, became partially paralyzed on the right side of her face. The vets we talked to labeled it “Horner’s Syndrome,” and say the cause is unknown, but it will correct itself within four months time. Can you please explain energetically what is going on? Thank you.

TOBIAS: It is responding to so many of the changes that you have gone through, absorbing so many of the difficult energies, so that you didn't have to do it, causing a paralysis in its own energies and holding a space for you. And indeed, within less than four months, it will be gone because you will be more balanced.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Dear Tobias, how is it that you can change the Shoud because you’re concerned about Shaumbra’s desire to live when, in fact, the Shoud is supposedly a reflection of the thoughts and desires of Shaumbra? Wouldn’t the original plan in the last Shoud have also been a reflection of the thoughts and desires of Shaumbra? And since this is my life, shouldn’t I be the one to say it is sacred or not, rather than you continually attempting to convince me of it? Sorry, Tobias, but this confused me a bit. I appreciate your work and also your answers. Thank you. (some audience laughter)

TOBIAS: Indeed, we do collect – how to say – we collect, and hold, and embrace all the energies of Shaumbra who are joining us in the Now moment, not necessarily those who will read later. But we collect the energies in the Now moment of everyone who was gathered, or here in person, or online. And in a sense, you could say, we have a large discussion with all of you.

You will begin to be able to take part consciously in those discussions now as you open your imagination. But we discuss back and forth something very specific. Everything that you are doing right now is laying the groundwork for those who come after you, dear teacher. And you say to yourself, “Where I am right now in my understanding and evolution… what do I need to know, so that this information can be imparted for others later?” You take a look at all of the potentials and all of the energy, and say, “What I need to know – and what they will need to know when they get to this point, before they launch into opening the imagination – is the value of life.”

In a sense, you could say, all of you are doing it for the others who come after you. You are setting the curriculum and setting the energy. You are the ones that say, “What they will need to know right now – after going through a very challenging and difficult journey in arriving at this space – is to embrace life before they go to the next step.” You are writing the curriculum for the ones after you because you are the teachers. It is not about you anymore.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (a man at the microphone): Tobias, just this last week my girlfriend, Carrie, her sister died, Jill. And it happened real unexpectedly. And it was very traumatic for her. I was wondering if you could shed some New Energy wisdom on this, and let us know how Jill is doing?

TOBIAS: This is a very difficult area for so many to understand. But the New Energy wisdom is to have joy in this one’s parting. They had stayed longer than they had ever planned to. It was their choice to leave and to leave so it – how to say – did not cause great pain. But we know it always does.

As you know, her energy has been very present over this short period of time since her passing. She is here today indeed. And she is so much there for all of the family members. She will be out of touch for a period of – what you would say – several months of time. Do not worry about this. Generally, after humans cross over – come back to our side – they go through a rejuvenation process, a reintegration process, that would take several months of human time, although from our perspective not long at all.

So, the greatest thing that you can do, the greatest wisdom, is to have joy in her crossing over. It is appropriate. And there are – how to say – some reasons involving new family members coming in, being birthed in, the reason why she left now so she can come back in very soon, very soon.

SHAUMBRA 7: Thank you.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, my actions in the past have been in service to God. Having released both God and religion, I have released my compelling reason to bring in New Energy. What’s the big deal about New Energy… why bring it in? New Energy feels like just another experience. Please be specific.

TOBIAS: This releasing that you speak of – releasing even the concept of service – is highly honored. And it is time, for so many of these concepts are Old. Indeed, the whole issue of service, and the past lives you and the others have had, of thinking you had to be in service to God. God does not need service (audience laughter). Other humans may need servicing. But God does not need service. God does not even ask for that. So, it is good that you released it.

So, you go through a period of – how to say – the void, the emptying of all the Old passions from yourself. And you feel, as you do now, somewhat disillusioned, somewhat empty. But as you take the simple breath, don’t try to replace it with any new beliefs, any new limitations. Just take the breath and allow yourself simply to feel life. Don’t try to place any judgments on it, or even any actions on it. Don’t try to make yourself to be anything. Just allow yourself to be everything. A whole New Energy passion will move in, and you will wonder why you ever asked this question in the first place.

LINDA: Last question should you so choose.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (a woman at the microphone): Good to see you again.

TOBIAS: Good to feel you (audience laughter).

SHAUMBRA 9 (laughing): Thank you. Cool! Do you have any comments about the work of Dr. Stephanie Mines – who works down the road from here in Eldorado Springs, just this side of Boulder – in using her Tara approach for the resolution of shock and trauma in order to open us to our true creative essence of compassion? Tara is another name for Quan Yin.

TOBIAS: Indeed – how to say – you energetically conveyed the significance of this work and the importance of this work. We can simply confirm it here for you.

And it allows us to use this opportunity to, not only validate this work, but to encourage all of you, Shaumbra, to begin the work of YOUR heart. Don't wait for Spirit to write you a note to tell you what to do, but to follow your own dreams. You have had them. You know that there are things that you would love to create – to write, to manifest – programs for the healing and for the rebalancing.

And you think you don't have the training. You think you don't have the background for it. But dear friends, give yourself a chance. Stand up here, like the musician today (referring to James Duel who sang his own compositions for the group for the first time). Open up yourself.

It may be frightening at times. But after getting a taste of it – of being who you truly are, and sharing your energy – you will understand now why we have been going through this with you for all of these years. You will understand what it means to be a teacher. You will understand the answer to the question, “What will you teach today? And how will you teach it?”

We would be delighted to answer one more.

LINDA: I knew that.

TOBIAS: We knew that you knew that (much audience laughter).

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Thank you. I want to quit smoking. And years ago, when I quit, it was a really bad experience. My adrenal glands went out of control. And it was scary, and I’m afraid to go through the same thing again. I’ve sort of picked April 1 as the target date. I want to know anything you can tell me about my chances for success, and anything that might make it easier, and maybe what made it so hard in the first place. Thanks.

TOBIAS: Indeed. What makes it so hard is not only the addictive qualities, but also the emotional qualities of the smoking, the ability to – how to say – hide yourself and, more than anything else, the ability to limit yourself. You do this smoking thing. And then you buy into all of the negativity, and you beat yourself into the ground. And you don’t allow yourself to be a Divine Human.

We don’t care if you are a Divine Human or a divine smoking human (some laughter). It doesn’t matter to us. But you have accepted all of this negative energy to allow yourself to think of yourself as something less than God also. There are times, you know, even God would like to have a cigarette (much laughter).

In order to release this from you, understand it is a releasing of the fear from deep within about who you truly are. So, we want you to imagine yourself in your fullest glory, your fullest expression of life. We want you to imagine yourself about who you truly are – a teacher, a teacher who can help others go through energetic corridors, energetic corridors of their mind, of their psyche. You are an expert at this. You have practiced it in other lifetimes. You work on it even on our side of the veil. Funny that you should fall prey to your own things that you teach, things you work with others on.

So, we want you to imagine yourself as a fully expressive, fully exposed human. Don't worry about the whole smoking thing right now. Don’t force it or struggle with it. It will win if you try to beat it that way.

Then, we want you to start breathing, taking conscious breaths. It doesn't matter if you are doing it as you smoke or not. Take the conscious breath. Rediscover what it is like to truly breathe. We even encourage you to work with some here who are experts in breathing. There is breathing, and then there is breathing (some laughter).

So, we want you to re-establish what it is like to breathe again, to bring your body back to life. We want you to use your body in physical ways with exercise. Get your body rejuvenated once again. You hold the belief that smokers can't be exercisers. And there is no reason why they cannot be, other than this is what society places. You have accepted all this.

And the final thing, after you have gone through all of these other stages – and don't use April 1 as a date for cutting off – terrible day! (audience laughter regarding April 1 being April Fool’s Day) Don’t use any prescribed date.

But after you’ve learned to imagine yourself in your full divine glory, after you’ve learned to breathe once again, and after you’ve gotten your body back to exercising once again, then ask yourself what do you choose to do with this? Ask your body what IT chooses to do. Ask your body if it is ready to release this or not. You’ll be very surprised at the answers you get.

And this is for all of Shaumbra, including Cauldre, who also partakes in this thing. Do not battle it. It will win. You are playing here in a field where you are set up for failure. There is a different way to do it.

And we ask others here who – smokers or nonsmokers – to help start teaching the release, the release of smoking in a whole different way. It is not through struggle and fighting – you will lose that way. It is not through games such as these gums or these patches. Those are temporary.

But it is through fully breathing. It is through fully living. It is through exercising, bringing yourself back to life and not buying into all of the negativity associated with this. Dear friends, all the negative energies associated with smoking have done more damage than the smoking itself. It is time to release that. You may find that your body would simply like a few a day, or maybe not want any at all. But go through these other processes first. Thank you for being the last question, for we wanted to have that discussion.

SHAUMBRA 10: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed. Shaumbra, we ask you now – before we close out our gathering – to once again spread your wings, open them up. Your imagination… let your imagination soar. Take it out of the control of the mind. Give it to the soul once again.

Allow yourself to imagine anything you choose… anything… anything you want. Bring back the potentials that you choose into your life. If you choose… bring them back into your life. Breathe them in. Breathe life into your imaginations, your choices. And then release them into this human dimension that you live in. Give them life. Give them expression of their own. Don't try to control. Don't try to dictate. Simply be the observer of new creation in New Energy.

And so it is.