The Embodiment Series:
SHOUD 6: "Freedom of the Soul"

Presented to the Crimson Circle
January 8, 2005

And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we join together on this day once again. We gather our energies of Shaumbra in this place – oh, focused here in this delightful room – but also gathering together all of the energies of Shaumbra all over the world in this moment. It is a joy for I, Tobias, and all of the others who come in on this day, to feel you… to sit before your fire… to enjoy the pure love that is in this room today. It is a joy for me to be back here, for it has been a very busy, busy few weeks for all of the angels, both human and celestial.

There are changes going on on Earth right now. And, they will continue. They will continue, Shaumbra. I have been away from so many of you and Cauldre and Linda for several weeks now, for the attention has been focused on the shifts that are taking place here on Earth. Our attention has been focused on the hundreds and thousands who have transitioned back.

Oh, there have been celebrations. Tear not and fear not, Shaumbra, for the ones who came back to our side after the great earthquake and the tsunamis. They were prepared. They were ready indeed. They gave of themselves to help affect the change on Earth. And, they were ready, and we celebrated.

There are many that needed special tending to because they were leaving loved ones and families. They were leaving the energy of Gaia and their physical bodies. And, there was some sadness about that, for, dear Shaumbra, these ones that left Earth were also ones who loved being on Earth, loved it so much that they were willing to give of themselves and of their humanness to help move all of consciousness through something right now.

These waves that came over and affected the lands… it was time for these lands to be cleansed and cleared. And, water, along with the energy of the stars and of the heavens, was important to roll over these lands. It was time for cleansing. So much of the energies in these areas had been stuck for quite a while.

It was time also for the attention of the rest of the world to be focused on this area. It was time for the rest of the world to see this part of the world, to understand how they lived, to understand that these peoples needed to come along with the changing energies as well. So many of them were rooted in Old Energies, Old ways. And, it was time for all of the attention of the people all over the world to come to this area to help them through the transition.

As Cauldre said earlier, the compassion that has poured out from humans all over has been phenomenal. It has brought a few tears to our eyes to see how much care that you have for ones you didn't even know. But, you care for them because they are part of you, and you are part of them. They are part of the consciousness of humanity, and you are part of the consciousness of humanity. It has been tremendous to see how humans have responded. And, it is tremendous now to see not only the physical and the financial energies that are flowing into this area but also the spiritual, also the celestial energies.

And, there will be a rebuilding. And, it will be new. It won't be like the old. There has been corruption that has been swept away. There has been darkness that has been swept away. There have been old and stuck energies that have been cleared from this area. Do not be sad, Shaumbra, and understand it was appropriate. Honor the ones who gave of their lives to the sea to come back to our side of the veil to help change the entire consciousness of humanity.

On this day for you who are here and listening, and who are reading this material even at another date, we are going to ask you now to take something that is in your life and that is stuck… something that perhaps in your own being that you feel is corrupt… or perhaps you would like to call it imbalanced energies… something that needs a healing or a rebalancing of its energies in a new space… something that has been holding you back… something that has been troubling you… something that is in your body… that is not healing correctly, some fear that you have had and carried with you for a long time now.

We are going to ask you to take that and to place it in the energy of this safe space. We are going to ask you to love whatever it is that you choose to release today, to love it and allow it to be healed, which is truly just a rebalancing and an evolution of energy. We are going to ask all of you to bring your blessings into this space we have created here together to help affect the change, to help create a new freedom.

You will be helping each other. You can add this – whatever this troubling thing is, whatever needs to be healed within you – you can put this into this space now. Simply let it flow out from deep within you, from the fears within you, into our space here. As Kuthumi said, you don’t have to worry about it infecting anyone else. You don't have to worry about the negative energies attaching themselves to anyone. Simply let it out.

If it is a healing that you need… if it is a depression that you have… if it is a fear that is so overwhelming that it freezes you up at times… let it out now. If it is a sadness that you have had, let it out now. Let it free in this space. Let it free in this space of healing.

We have brought many, many angels with us today, fresh from their healing work from the great waves. And, they are so tuned to healing. And, they come in today to facilitate, to help bless the process. Let it out.

Don’t be ashamed of it, Shaumbra. Don't be ashamed of it, because you are going to come to understand that whatever it is that needs this healing energy now, it has been serving you in one way or the other. Don't be ashamed if it was something you thought was a weakness. Don’t be ashamed if you thought it was anything less than 100 percent spiritual. Let it come out into this space.

Throughout the rest of our discussion today, let it be healed. Let it be free. Let it no longer hold you back or keep you down or frighten you. Let the energies that also cleanse the lands through the tsunami… let those energies come in, like waves and waves of blessing energies, and clear whatever this is that you been having difficulty with. Let it clear that.

Let us breathe for a moment here together, Shaumbra. We know there are things that you have been trying to cope with and work with. And, they are exhausting you. And, they are holding back. Let us breathe together to let those out in the room. Let us breathe to let our divine energies rebalance these and evolve these things that have been stuck to a new level.

You don't need an earthquake in your life. You don't need a tsunami in your life. You can let these things out. You can let them be healed and cleansed and evolved without that trauma and without the drama in your life.

Shaumbra, as you know, you are here right now on Earth. Any of you who are listening… any of you who are here… any of you who are attached and attracted to this energy… we now bestow you as Shaumbra. You don't have to earn it. You don't have to study for it. You simply are.

Shaumbra, you are here on Earth right now because you chose to be. You chose to come back at this time of monumental change and evolution. You chose to come back at this pinnacle point of the quantum leap that is only a few years away. You chose to be here as ones who would teach others… as ones who would move energy… as ones who would be the first to make the breakthroughs within yourselves. You chose to be here.

You asked us to come in to help you. You asked us to come in and reassure you. You asked us to come in and sometimes just sit with you. And, we are here all around you right now, right now. Take a deep breath. You can feel us. Don’t let the head get in the way. Remember we… you… we are all learning to think from a new space, from the Divine Intelligence.

We are here with you right now because of the incredible work you are doing, because of what you have gone through in your own lives. Oh, yes, you have gone through so many experiences to help prepare you. And, we know we say this over and over to you – and we know you rarely get tired of hearing it – we honor you… we love you… and we are always with you.

These are difficult times. They are challenging times because there are so many changes. There are so many energies all around you that don't want to go through the changes. They fear them. You know what that is like. You have had that happen in your own life, dealing with your own changes. There is a type of inner fear that doesn’t want to let go, an inner fear that perhaps is frightened of evolving and moving forward.

Perhaps, that doesn't make any sense, but there is part of you that is holding on, part of humanity that is holding on dearly right now. You, the Energy Movers, are helping to facilitate that process to make it more graceful, to soften it, to bring an element of love to it that even the angels can’t bring. That is why you are here on Earth right now in service in the highest way possible.

Yes, you are learning for yourself also. Oh, you are growing in ways that are difficult for you to see sometimes. You are moving into realms, into dimensions and experiences that no human has ever gone into before. You are moving into areas of the spiritual and divine that not even the masters of old went into… you see. You are moving into areas of knowingness and of inner connection that the masters didn't have. They are in awe of what you are doing. They are in awe of who you are.

Now, with the New Year here and a New Energy and the clock ticking with the impending quantum leap, we want to dub this the “year of freedom” for you. You have asked us to relay this to you. It is the “year of freedom,” the year when you truly learn how to get out of the traps… when you learn how to get out of the pit… when you learn how to move through for yourself… how to move through some of the energies that tend to get you stuck and hold you back.

In this year you are going to be challenged in a delightful way to release anything that doesn't serve you anymore. Oh, yes, we know you have gone in deep to let go of so many things. But, this year we are going to work with you truly to help you understand what freedom is… what freedom of the soul is… how to liberate yourself from those shackles that are sometimes placed on the human consciousness and the human body… how to let those go. Yes, it brings up a degree of fear and uncertainty when we say this.

You know it gets comfortable sometimes being in a prison. I was there. I was there in my last lifetime on Earth. Yes, as much as I loathed the walls of the prison, there was a certain comfort, for I didn't have to deal with the challenges of day-to-day life. I didn’t have to deal with the seasons. I didn’t have to deal with the Earth. I didn’t have to deal with a wife (audience laughter). I didn’t have to deal with children (more laughter). You see what I mean. There was a certain comfort in being in a prison, trapped in the cell, because then I didn't have to deal with things.

So, when we talk about the “year of freedom,” we talk about setting your own soul free now to experience in a whole new way. Yes, part of you says, “But I don’t know if I can handle all of this.” That is why we are here – to help guide you through this, guide you through. We are going to talk more about this freedom in our Shoud today.

And, remember a Shoud is simply you. It is your gathered energy together. It is like we come and gather it, and we put it in a basket. And, then we relay it back to you. So, everything here should be familiar.

Let us talk for a moment about this year, this year of 2005. And, we would like to make a prediction here for this year. And, we ask you to remember our prediction. Our prediction is that whatever is predicted will probably not happen this year (audience laughter).

There are many who make predictions, and they draw the attention and the fascination of humans. And, they talk about things happening, and certain people getting killed, and certain grand – how to say – dramatic catastrophes on Earth. And, they talk about UFO’s coming, and they’ve been talking about this for 50-plus years. They talk about the mass landings. “Oh, it will be this year.” And, it sells their services, and it sells the paper.

There will be many predictions that will come out – that perhaps already have come out. And, our prediction is that they are looking at Old Energies and Old patterns when they make their predictions. And, this will be a year of quite a bit of change, intense change. So, it is very hard to make a prediction because they are having to look at Old ways to try to guess what is going to happen tomorrow.

So, we are going to say right away that it will be a year of tremendous change, more than you have seen in most of the years of your lifetime, not necessarily difficult change for you – it might be for others – change in so many of the Old systems, change in the way things were done. Changes are speeding up and will continue to, this year in particular. This year in particular you will see the changes.

Now, Shaumbra, as we have talked about before, you don't have to let them affect you. You can be in the midst of a storm. You can be in the midst of an earthquake. You can be in the midst of any types of change or chaos, and it does not have to affect you. It does not have to throw you off-balance, particularly as Energy Movers.

You see… as Energy Movers you are helping to make the changes happen in the first place. You can allow the energy of change to flow in you, and then to flow out. It doesn't have to affect you in a negative way. As a matter-of-fact, many of you are already learning that change can be exciting, a new adventure. It doesn't have to take anything away. It simply – how to say – allows you to expand into the other dimensions. It allows you to expand even your human reality.

In this year of 2005, Shaumbra, you will continue to see this whole thing that is called an “energy crisis” on Earth. The old fossil energies are beginning to run out. Oh, they will drive the Earth for quite some time. But, as the supplies are getting lower and lower, there will be more desperation. There will be more – how to say – games that are played with energy, literal and figurative. You will see the prices continue to rise. You will see shortages and outages from time to time. And, we guess all of this is appropriate.

There is an energy crisis on Earth. It is not just about the fossil fuels. It is about the energy that is changing. The Old Energy cannot fuel the New Earth… you see. It is so easy… some of you get caught up in trying to understand things. They are quite literal, quite simple. There is an energy crisis… Old crude energy being used on Earth… yes, indeed.

In this year you will see – how to say – other types of indications of the energy changes that are taking place. You will see it on large scales with – how do you say – the “brownouts,” or even the collapsing of electrical systems. Old systems, wired systems that bring your electricity from the source of generation to your homes… you will see all sorts of problems with this in this coming year. And, it doesn't have to affect you. It doesn't have to affect you. Know that it will get repaired. Know that it will cause people, cause governments and industries to look at how energy is distributed.

Speaking of energy distribution… money is energy. You are seeing how it is distributed change. There was a time when there were just a few who held the finances of the world… a few countries… even a few individuals. That is changing now. If anything, Shaumbra, money, business is helping to distribute more equitably on Earth, helping to distribute energies. Businesses are helping to maintain a peace, for when there are global businesses that have a presence in nearly every country, these businesses don't want to go to war. These businesses don't want the Old type of wars that have occurred. They want peace so their businesses are solid.

You are seeing more global economy, global businesses to help distribute the wealth. You are seeing that happen right now in the “land of the dragon,” more and more resources pouring into that right now. Their economy is growing. But, they’re also needing more and more of the raw resources of the world… steel… they’re going to need more food… they’re going to need more tooling… they’re going to need more electronics… they’re going to need more of everything… a better distribution of energy all over the world, so we don't have the imbalances that have taken place in the past. You are going to see this continue throughout this year.

You are going to see changes in yourself. You have gone through very difficult times in these last five years that we have been together, tremendous internal changes. You are going to see that this year things will start to manifest and to come into fruition for you. You are going to see it get easier as we have talked about before. You have gone through the worst of the times.

And, in 2005 the energy is right for things to get easier and more graceful for you. 2005 is going to be the time when you see a new passion coming back into your life… different from the old passion… a new excitement about living… a new purpose. Why? Because you are coming to your true purpose of being here, the teacher, the explorer, the Energy Mover.

The pieces of the puzzle start falling into place this year. That is our prediction based on the very changing energies that we see, not based on the Old, but based on what you are choosing right now, based on what you are bringing into your life. You are going to find things in your body changing, certainly in your mind, certainly in the people around you.

The only note that we have to give you on this, Shaumbra – and you already know this – but we repeat back to you. So many times when changes have come into your life, you have cried out and said, “Why is this happening? Why are all of these changes happening? What have I done wrong to bring about all of these changes?” Nothing! You have asked for them. This year the changes can be graceful and exciting and new for you.

So, dear Shaumbra, it will be an exciting year. Yes, that is the word that I choose to use here. It will be an exciting and even a fun year. Can you accept that? Can you accept that it can be fun now? (some audience laughter)

We have gone through so much together in our time, even those of you who are joining us new now, who have never been connected to this energy, you have been with us over these years, one way or the other, connected. You have been going through the changes. You’ve been going through the difficulties, just like the ones sitting here today in the audience, the ones who have read all of the materials since day one. The ones who are joining us just now… you are part of our family. You are here for a reason. You are connected with us at every level.

Now, I, Tobias, would like to take you on a bit of a journey today, if you are willing. I want to invite you to come to a place with me. And, I have been preparing this for you. I have been working on – how to say – remodeling, rebuilding myself.

I would like to invite you today on a journey to my cottage. I have talked about this before. It is on my realm. It is not in the material world, but it is a place that I have created, that I have imagined, and even structured, a place that – how to say – is filled with the energies of Shaumbra.

I am going to ask you to be in your chairs – or lying on the floors, as some of you are doing right now. We are going to ask you to be there, fully present in this human reality. But, I am going to ask you to expand your energy, to come with me to my imaginary cottage. I have been working with remodeling and redecorating. Why? Because everything is new. Everything is changing. And, I realized it was time to update my place as well.

Imagine it as you will. I imagine it as a beautiful place in the woods… quiet and tranquil… surrounded by a wide, wide variety trees… some of them evergreen… some of them leaved. It doesn't matter here. You can have any trees you want. They don’t have to be a certain variety based on geography.

So, I have loaded up the space around me with beautiful trees, trees that I truly love. In my years and lifetimes on Earth I had such a connection with the energy of trees… standing so stoic… but yet firmly grounded in the Earth… having their branches reach towards the sky… many of them producing fruit… or at least seeds to continue their evolution… continue their growth… to recycle themselves.

Trees also help to cleanse and purify, as many of you have found out. Go sit near a tree. It will help bring in your energy and cleanse it. Oh, no, no, no… Cauldre is wondering here if we are encouraging you all to become “tree huggers.” “Tree lovers” it is… tree lovers. Yes, so around my cottage are many beautiful trees.

My cottage… I have designed to look something like a cross between an English Tudor and a Swiss chalet. There is a stream out back… mountains in a far distant background… a lake… a quiet lake… somewhat like Walden Pond… not so far down the little trail. I built my cottage and the surrounding area so there are birds flying everywhere. I love birds. I love birds, for they sit in trees, you know. They nest in the beauty and the tranquility of the trees.

But, the birds are the ones who are free. They have the wings. They are like little angels come to Earth, putting their energies into these little bodies that have wings that can fly around. My birds at my cottage are very colorful, colorful indeed, and they sing. They sing from morning til night. I have them stop at night so I can sleep.

They sing the songs of joy… the joy of the angels… the joy of the heavens. But, they also sing the song of celebration of life on Earth. That is my energy that I give them for this. They sing out MY love for Earth, my love for being human. And, they sing all day long. Somehow they sing in a perfect harmony, perfect unison, even though they come from many different species.

And, there are flowers… many flowers… and many gardens surrounding my cottage… colorful… reaching towards the sky… spreading their leaves… opening up… not closed and tight, Shaumbra… but opening up… fearless acceptance of everything around them… being so vulnerable that they can open their beautiful, delicate leaves and petals and expose themselves… expose the essence of themselves fearlessly.

Shaumbra, do you get the point? And, they are beautiful. And, they hold an energy. Yes, they do… they are energy holders in such a way. They hold an energy of beauty. They hold an energy of Gaia. They hold an energy of balance. They hold it so that you and I can fly off into the other realms and know there is always something holding that beauty, always that connection back on Earth.

Now, let’s walk together. I have never brought such a large group to my cottage before. Usually it is just St. Germaine and I, sitting out back on the patio, having a few cigars – I’m sorry, Cauldre, but we do – having a few cigars (some laughter) and a pretend glass of wine. And, a few other guests come along. But, now I want to bring all of Shaumbra, all of you to my cottage.

Let us go in through the front door now. Notice how it opens without me even having to grab the handle. Isn’t it amazing what we can do in our imagination? And, you say, “But, Tobias, am I really here? Is this real, or are you just taking us through the story?”

That is partly my point in telling this. It is as real as you sitting in the chairs right now. It is as real as that physical body that you have. It is as real as anything that your mental, or your human mind can think of. You are sitting in the chairs. You are sitting at your homes. You are sitting together with groups of Shaumbra right now. You can hear sounds. You can feel your butt on the chair. You can feel your stomach. But, you can also be here with me. The imagination, as we have talked about before is as real as anything. You ARE here with me. You’ve just walked in through the door of my cottage.

Now, let me show you around a bit. I’ve expanded recently so that it can hold all of the energy of Shaumbra. I expanded the inside. You notice – yes, some of you have already noticed – the pictures on the walls, pictures of lifetimes that we have had together, pictures of some of the most heroic things that Shaumbra has done.

Yes, over there, there are some pictures of our times in Atlantis, the pictures of the Temples of Tien, and the areas that would now be around Cuba. The temples are not there anymore. They are long gone. Even the land that they sat upon has changed, and it would now be underwater, for those of you who are searching. But, there are pictures – yes, not taken with an actual camera – but there are pictures that I put there through my imagination, pictures on the walls of all of our times together. Items that some of you have given me as gifts in lifetimes past… I have placed them on the shelves.

Let us walk around the house a bit more. Yes, this is about the imagination, helping you to free yourself of the limitations that you have put on yourself. That is why I am taking you around the house. You see… there is no kitchen here… don’t need one. The angels don't have to eat… you see. No bathroom either… we don’t have a need for that function (some laughter).

There are great rooms here… rooms of different colors… rooms of different energies… rooms where the music appears to be playing out of the wall… no speakers needed… no electronic devices required. There are rooms here that are filled with energies of other dimensions. Step into one of them. Allow yourself to be there. Allow yourself to truly open up and feel what it is like. I have prepared it for you.

There are rooms here where you can go and revisit aspects of yourself from past lives. I have many rooms for my many, many lifetimes. They are not trapped in there. I do not hold them in. But, I choose once in a while to remember.

You see… I have embodied all of my lifetimes. I have embodied them. I have brought them in everything about them – the good… the bad… what I consider to be darkness… what I consider to be struggles and pains… as well as the joy. I have embodied every one of them.

Why don't you remember your past lives, you ask sometimes? You consider it a mark of – how to say – spiritual evolution to remember who you were in the past. You don’t remember them because first of all you didn’t want to confuse yourself in this lifetime up until now. You didn’t want to be overwhelmed by those direct memories and images. But, you also had not embodied and then released all of the energies.

You are doing that… you have done that, as I have. You have fully accepted everything that you have been. And, then you have let it free; you have let it go. So, you can go back and start visiting, without having to worry about getting caught up in it, but feeling the energies once again. It’s kind of like going through a photo scrapbook, feeling the energies from the past, having a few smiles, perhaps a few tears.

In this “year of freedom” you are going to start remembering your past lives. You’re at a point now where you don't have to be worried about getting caught up in its energies. You’re at a point now of spiritual maturity where you know that you are who you are right now. You don't have to worry about reverting to an old identity from a past lifetime. If you were a great king, a great ruler, a great scientist, or a great philosopher, you don't have to worry about getting egotistically attached to that past life. It simply was. It was part of your makeup.

So, in my house there are rooms where I can go to visit – the room of Tobias… one of my favorites… where I can go visit myself from that lifetime… many rooms of Atlantis where I go back to visit who I was then and visit with you. There are rooms that allow me to connect throughout all of the dimensions, not just of this universe, but all of the dimensions where I can go and explore and experience. There are rooms in my house… many of you are wandering all the way through… you have gotten away from our tour here (some laughter). You have gotten ahead of me.

There are rooms where I go in to do my spiritual painting. I love painting. That is a passion of mine. I don’t paint with colors and oils, as you do. I don’t paint with – how to say – chalks and your physical tools. I paint with energy. My canvas is not two- or three-dimensional. It is multi-dimensional. And, I come in here to play with energies – vibrations, sounds, colors, energies that are beyond the human realm. I come in to see what I can create.

My cottage is real, as real as the words that you are hearing or reading right now. I have spent quite a bit of time helping to put the energies into a certain form and structure, always ready to release that structure to let it expand, of course. But, I have spent much time creating this. I have spent much time helping to weave the energies together so that we could all come in some day just like this.

Any of you can create this way. Any of you have that freedom to create this way. It is through the imagination. We have talked about it over and over. It is through the imagination.

You have probably noticed some other energies in the house, the energies of our special guest on this day. Some of you have been wondering who it is. Simply take a moment to feel the energies. No guessing… just feel the energies. The energies of our special guest fill my house today. They are surrounding all of us.

Indeed, it is the energy of the dear one, Metatron, once again. The work of Metatron is continuing, even since last month. But, it is different this time. You have been associating the energy of Metatron as being male, being very high energy, almost a metallic, electric, vibrant energy.

But, today in my house, Metatron is showing another side… what you would call a feminine aspect of Metatron… indeed very strong… but a strong compassion… a strong love. After the work of Metatron – your voice in Spirit – was done two weeks ago, now comes the energy of the other side of Metatron… that of compassion… that of rebuilding… that of renewal… and that of evolution… evolving energy.

Metatron doesn't come in just to break up Old systems. Metatron – your voice in Spirit – comes in with compassion, always compassion and love, grace and ease. You see… such a strong energy can also be a delicate, gentle, loving, and compassionate energy.

So, we ask you to breathe this in. We ask you to – you see, many of you already know where I am going with this. This healing that we asked you to give for yourself… the solution that you asked for at the beginning of our gathering today… you brought those with you to my house. You brought them with you for this other side of Metatron to help you move it, to help you bless it, to help you heal it. You brought it here into this imaginary but very real place on this day to help set you free, to help you release something that just wasn't serving you anymore.

So, let’s go into the Shaumbra Room, the large room where we can all sit together. Come into the Shaumbra Room for the remainder of our time together. Some of you have to chuckle… yes, I do read your mind on occasion. Some of you are saying, “Is the just a silly game, Tobias?” If you want it to be… if you want it to be a silly game… or it could be so real that it makes the reality of humanness look small in comparison.

This reality of imagination is real. This reality of imagination that we're sitting in right now – in my home, in my cottage, in the Shaumbra Room, in the gathering room – is real. And, it helps to set up a pattern of energy that can be brought back to your human reality and used there. It helps start creating the templates, the weavings, the patterns, and the paths for your own life in your human reality. And, you can go back and forth at any time.

Shaumbra, this is the “year of freedom.” We are going to help free you of the limitations of your body and your mind and the human dimension. We are going to have fun doing it, whether you like it or not (audience laughter). I had to throw that it in. We’re going to have fun going beyond, getting out of those prison walls. We are going to have fun expanding. We are going to let those Old Energies be transformed.

Now, what holds you back, Shaumbra? What holds you back from being who you really are? Well, first and foremost, it’s the past. It’s the past. The future can't hold you back because it hasn't been created yet. Only the fear of the future can hold you back. But, the past literally does hold many of you back. You’re regretting many of the things you have done in your lifetime.

We are going to you ask you now to get over it. Get over it. It was part of who you are. It was an experience you wanted to have to help you learn and understand something. It was a mighty challenge that you had given yourself so that you could learn something new.

Some of you get down upon yourselves. Some of you who have drunk a little bit too much… you call yourselves alcoholics. Get over it. You are not an alcoholic. You are one who went to the depths of hell drinking to find out what that is about. But, the energy does not have to be attached to you anymore. That was the past.

Some of you get upset with yourselves about your weight. You let that hold you back. You say, “But if I didn't look like this, then I could be free, Tobias. I hear what you are saying today, but how could a fat person fly?” You say that (some laughter). Yes, I do read some of your minds (more laughter).

It is time to get over that. It is time to let that go. Love yourself no matter what you look like. Love yourself. Stop trying to fight it. Stop trying to deny yourself. Be who you are. The fat, the weight… that will disappear… it will go away… if you want it to. But, some of you are going to find that you like that extra weight and that extra energy around you.

Don't let it become a block. Don't say, “I will become spiritual when I hit a certain weight.” Love yourself today. Be spiritual today. Stop getting down on yourself for these things. You have given yourself the experience of what it is like have all sorts of energy around you and in you physically, even manifesting as weight. It is all for a reason.

The past holds you back sometimes because you have hidden it away. You have tucked it away… under the rug… in closets… in your subconscious… or whatever you want to call it… parts of you that you have been ashamed about… parts of you that you couldn’t deal with up to now. Yes, there are some wildly ridiculous things that you have done in the past. Some of you are so filled with guilt for these things.

We are going to open some of these doors with you today and throughout the rest of the year. We are going to help you take a look at some of these past lives, some of these things that you haven't wanted to look at. We are going to give you glimpses. And, we are going to let you feel the energy and then move it through you. But, you let the past hold you back.

How do you handle that now? How do you solve it? You embody every part of it, everything you've ever done, and then you let it move through. We know you have done tremendous work in this area. But, now we’re going to go to the real depths, the real hiding places of some of the Old Energies. You are going to start getting the glimpses and the full stories of your past lives. You can handle it now.

What else holds you back? Being the victim… wonderful role to play! It is sometimes easier being the victim than the Creator, sometimes easier blaming everything around you. You get caught into the trap of being the victim, the perpetual victim.

And, do you know what we do when you do that? We support you in your victimhood. You’re having fun with it. So, we’re going to support you. We are going to help you experience what it is like to be the biggest victim on Earth (some laughter) because that is what you have been choosing up to now… some of you. But, now it is time to let that go. It is holding you back. You can't blame your parents. You can’t blame your past lives. You can't blame anything. You are the Creator.

You say, “But, but, Tobias;” you say, “But, Tobias.” Ah, hold onto those “buts” (butts!). Yes, we mean that in many different ways (audience laughter). You are allowing that to be a hindrance and a block. Why? Because you don't necessarily want to face what it’s like to be a Creator. You’re sometimes afraid of going back to being a full and conscious Creator. You regret some of the things that were done in the past, especially before you came to Earth.

You see… I created his cottage that we are sitting in. I made it real through the imagination. You used to do that also, especially before you ever came to Earth in a human body. When you were creating the stars and the heavens, when you were free out there, without a body, you could create very quickly and imagine very quickly. There were many, many things you didn't like about what you created.

But, Shaumbra, at your core you are a Creator. There is no need to truly worry about what was done in the past because it has gotten you here. It has gotten you to this point. No matter what you think, you’ve truly never killed anyone. A soul cannot die. It simply comes back in a new form. You can never truly take another’s energy away, even though you have tried. Sooner or later you have to let it out because it’s not yours. You have to release it.

So, Shaumbra, many of you have been playing victim, and it has held you back. No longer blame anything else… unless that’s the way you want to live. Take full responsibility. And, as you do, you will understand how Creator energies truly work.

What else holds you back? To a degree – mass consciousness. You are here on Earth. You are surrounded by mass consciousness energies, the energies of humanity. Remember quite a while back when we asked you, “Are you ready to leave mass consciousness?” And, all but a few said, “Yes.” You have. You have given yourself permission to leave.

But, it is still there. It still has a way of influencing you from time to time. But, you don't have to be stuck in it. Especially as Energy Movers, you can allow yourself to move beyond the consciousness. Yes, it will come in, and you will feel it, as so many of you felt the energies of the earthquake long before it happened. You felt that it was a potential that was probably going to be manifested. It was part of mass consciousness preparing for a change, and you felt it. But, it doesn’t have to hold you back. It doesn't have to hold you down.

What else holds you back? Feeling that you are disempowered… many of you… the feeling that you are weak… a feeling that you couldn't perform magic, even if it jumped right into you… the feeling that you can't affect anything, especially outside of you, much less your own life… the feeling that the energies are so strong and so harsh all around you that there is nothing you can do… you can only respond to things, not create things.

This a form of victimhood. It is a form of denial of who you are and the powers that you have. You let yourself feel disempowered. You let yourself get swept away by the currents of the river of life… from the river of consciousness… a feeling that all you can do is try to hold on… try to survive… that you can't affect anything.

Shaumbra, we are going to let you know right now that you are Creators. How do we know? Because you are creating everything in your life, whether you realize it or not. It is not being created by us. It is not being created from outside of you. You are creating it. Well, perhaps you say, “But, Tobias, I certainly am not creating all of these bad things.” Ah, again we ask you to take a look. You ARE creating it, perhaps not consciously in your human mind, but based on your needs, based on your energy, you are.

You are like a magnet, but a magnet that works different than your physical magnets on Earth, for the opposites attract in your magnets on Earth. But, with the type of magnet that you are the likenesses attract. If you feel disempowered, disempowered things will come to respond to you. You will be surrounded by disempowered people, or people who use their power to take yours away. You are asking for it. Like responds to like.

If there is a lack of abundance in your life, it is because you are feeling that you are not worthy. You are energizing yourself, or spiritually magnetizing yourself, and you bring it into your life. Everything around you and everything in your life is a direct literal response to who you are. It is not being inflicted on you. You are bringing it in. You are manifesting it. That is how strong and powerful a Creator that you are.

If you don’t like something, if you don’t like things in your life, or any of your life, you can change it. How do you do that? First you acknowledge that you are ready for a change, and you are willing to go through what it takes, which all of you have. Then, Shaumbra, you begin to change how you are feeling on the inside. You begin taking a look at how you are creating these things. Are you playing the role of the victim? If you are, you will always have victim experiences happen to you. Are you playing the role of the disempowered? Then you will always have things that come into your life that take your power away.

In this year of 2005, it is time for your freedom from those things. It is time for you to understand that you are no longer bound by them. You can change them. You could also give us all of the reasons on Earth and in the heavens why it can't be done. And, then we have to support you in that. We have to continue helping you feel disempowered, continue helping you feel like the victim, continue helping you have no abundance. That’s the one we don’t like at all because that is what you are choosing. That is what you are drawing to you.

We are going to ask you over these next 30 days to take a look at what is holding you back. The energies – the loving energies of Metatron, the compassionate energies of Metatron – are going to be right there with you, right there. It doesn't have to be harsh or difficult. These are much more of what you call the feminine aspects of Metatron, the loving and nurturing aspects.

We are going to work with you to help you take a good, pure, strong look at what is holding you back. We know you are getting impatient and irritated. We know that you want real progress in your life, so we are going to give you a real look at what's holding you back. We are going to be working with each and every one of you, helping to move beyond those barriers and blockages.

We are going to help you understand that you are a Creator. We are going to help you to understand, Shaumbra, that your imagination is one of the most delightful tools that you have. Some of you tend to discount it, and say, “But that is just my imagination.” There was even a song about that (some laughter). Cauldre says he will not sing today (more laughter). We are humming it for you in my house.

Shaumbra, one of the things that holds you back is your resistance to use your imagination, your lack of imagination. You actually have a very potent imagination, don't you? You’ve been shutting it down for a long, long time. As a child you were scolded for your imagination. We remember… we were there with you. You have been trained not to use it. You have been trained to use the mind only.

One of the things that causes depression, by the way, is not using your imagination. For those of you who have been experiencing depression and anxiety and lack of passion, it is because you have put your imagination on the back burner. You have hidden it. You have suppressed it. No wonder you get depressed!

The imagination is such a vital part of you, and it wants to be a vital part of your life. But, yet you deny it… you discount it… you treat it like a bastard child… you abuse it at times. You focus so much energy on that mind of yours. The mind is beautiful, and it is wonderful. But, it is time for the imagination, the creative and divine intelligence, to play right along with you. Yes, for so many of you, one of the biggest barriers is not using your imagination. Your imagination is that divine part that wants to expand, that wants to create.

Some of you are having a hard time sitting in this cottage of mine because you say, “It is not real. What is Tobias pulling on us today?” Shaumbra, I’m trying to prove a point to you of how delightful, and exciting, and joyful, and potent the imagination is. The imagination is allowing your true energies to come out and play. Through the imagination you can expand yourself, allow yourself into the other realms, and then through the other realms, where there are other energies, bring these back and manifest them on Earth.

As we have said before, imagination is not – how to say – focused mental exercise. It is not trying to visualize something specific necessarily, at least not right now. The imagination is letting yourself soar, letting yourself go free, letting yourself go to realms that you have not been in in a long, long time. There is that divine you, sitting here in these chairs right now that wants the freedom, that wants the expression.

So, Shaumbra, we are going to be working with you, taking a look at those things that are holding you back. They aren't overwhelming, no matter what you think. They are nothing so big that you and us together can't evolve them, can't bring them to the next level. They truly aren’t.

Some of you try to hold on to a story that your problems are so big that even the greatest humans on Earth can’t solve them, even the greatest angels can’t solve them. Your problems are so monumental that even God can’t solve them. You are having fun play that game, aren’t you? You are having fun holding onto that story. You’re stubborn about it, as a matter of fact.

That’s another thing that holds you back – trying to hold onto that story. Your story is wonderful. We love your story, but your story wants to evolve right now. Your story is only a story. Some of you have been trying to build your new spiritual self upon the foundation of your old human story. And, as you have discovered, when you try to build on that foundation, the walls come tumbling down. It is not a foundation to build the new you.

The foundation for the new you is the essence, the soul, the divinity of who you are. It is not just the story of you in this lifetime right now of what you would call “the ego.” It is the collective of all you have ever been and all of the potential of who you are going to be and your divineness and your purity. It is a story. It is the foundation rather of everything that you have been. Don’t try to build it on just the story of this identity in this lifetime.

Sometimes your stories are what are holding you back. You try so hard to hang onto them. You try to build on them. But, it is not about building on this one story. It is about building through the imagination in a whole New way.

Take a deep and feel the energy of my cottage, of the Shaumbra room, of the vibrations that are coming in now. Let your imagination soar a little bit here. Feel and sense the non-physical energies that are in my cottage, the energies that are flowing in from the other realms.

And, I don't want to hear any of you say right now, “But, Tobias, I don’t know how to feel,” because then you are locked into that. Say, “Tobias, I allow myself to feel once again. I give myself the freedom to feel even things that aren’t of the human realms. I give myself permission to feel everything of the other dimensions. I give myself permission to once again talk to the angels.” So many of you… we hear you say, “Oh, but I can’t channel; I can't talk to the angels.” It is the most natural thing you’ll ever do. It’s easier to talk to the angels than it is to other humans. Don't trap yourself by saying, “I don’t know how to feel.” Say, “I'm ready to feel once again.” Don’t trap yourself by your own limitations.

I sat in prison. I sat behind four literal walls of a prison. It was the greatest experience of any of my lifetimes. Oh, I was so angry. I have told the story before, but I want to tell it again (some laughter). I was unjustly put in prison. Ah, you see… that wonderful victim energy! “It wasn’t in my fault; it was everyone else!”

Shaumbra, I put myself in prison. I was energized for it. I was at a point where as a human I was no longer happy. I knew something had to change. I had to go sit in a literal prison to feel the prison I had put myself in in my lifetime, my last lifetime on Earth. And, I cussed it. And, I blamed everyone else. And, I gave all of the excuses in the world… until one day I realized the prison was of my own making. And, only I could free myself.

Anything that is holding you back, any prisons that you are in, are of your own making absolutely. And, you can free yourself, not for yourself through force, not for yourself through some type of willpower mental exercise. You free yourself simply by opening up, giving yourself permission.

It is time to evolve the identity, to evolve YOUR identity. That means letting go of the story, a story that is you in this lifetime. It has served you up to now. But, it’s had its limitations. It is time to evolve the identity to become more of who you truly are.

You know how to do it. We have talked about it before. And, now it is the time to do it. It is the time to give yourself permission to be free once again. It is time to open up that imagination. Stop denying it. Yes, you can be in this cottage. You can be in the Shaumbra room. You can be experiencing energies from all levels and dimensions… if you let yourself… if you let yourself.

We can’t do it for you. I CAN’T MAKE YOU OPEN UP. I can't make you let go of the things that are holding you back. YOU CAN. It is simply about making that decision and then doing it. It is simply about allowing the imagination to be as real as what you call your reality now.

As you allow yourself to be free, you give yourself permission once again. You will energize yourself in a new way. You will energize yourself so that you do bring new things, joyful things, and abundant things into your life.

Shaumbra, we are having a bit of a problem on the New Earth right now. You see… many humans left the Old Earth, or your physical planet of Earth, and came back to our side. They left their physical body. They transitioned back here. And, then they went on to the New Earth to help build this phenomenal place, this library of human consciousness, this place, this New Earth, where all other angels who have never been in the physical body before will come to learn and to study before they incarnate on Earth. That is a wonderful place. I spend much time there, as well.

We are having a bit of a problem because many of the entities who have come here to be part of this are now longing to go back to the Old Earth, the very ones that said, “I will never go back to that place (some laughter). I will never incarnate again.” They are seeing what a wonderful place it is, what a wonderful place it is becoming. They are seeing that you can be free and be human. They are wanting to reincarnate. They want to get here as quickly as possible to be part of this quantum leap. That should tell you something. That should tell you something about how joyful your life can be if you give yourself permission.

What is holding you back? What is holding you back right now? We are going to be working with you on that in the next 30 days of time to help you get over it, to help you release it. We are going to challenge sometimes. You are going to get angry with us because we are going to come right back at you. And, you are going to hear our words. We are going to say, “But you are creating it.” It is the reality that you are bringing. Don’t blame anyone else.

We are going to be challenging you to embody old fears that you have, things that you have locked away, things that you didn't want to look at. We are going to drag them out for you. We are going to help you see it. We are going to ask you to breathe it in when that fear is so overwhelming that it stops you in your tracks. When you feel you are losing you mind, we are going to ask you to go to the next level to breathe it in and embody it into every cell of your body.

Only when it is embodied can it be released. Do you understand? Things that you deny, things that you hate will follow you around. Things that you embody and bring in fully into your reality and love and admire, even if they were dark – and remember what darkness truly is – only when they are embodied can they be released. When they are released, the energy serves you in a whole New way.

Now, we have been yammering on here for quite a while (some laughter). We have been filling the space in my cottage in the Shaumbra room, distracting you, in a way, so we could get at some of the real energy workings… so that we could help you move the energy of whatever healing it was you needed… the healing of the mind… or the body… a healing of something that you were stuck with… an Old pattern that you were repeating over and over and over again… patterns of losing jobs… patterns of bad relationships… patterns of constant health problems.

We are helping you release these today. Why? Because you gave permission to come to my place. You gave permission to let it go. Then, we can help. You didn’t blame anyone else for it. You simply gave permission to be free.

Shaumbra, this will be an exciting year. This will be a fun year. This will be a year when you can truly expand, truly be who you are and be here for the reason that you chose to be here. And, throughout the whole process we are going to be supporting you, playing with you, and continuing to help you be free. Oh, this freedom thing… in the next few days of the Ohamah school… they are going to learn what it is like to go through fast-track freedom. So, Shaumbra, all of you are going to learn this year what true freedom of the soul is.

And so it!

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