The Midsummmer New Energy Conference – Breckenridge, Colorado, July 15, 2006 – Featuring Kuthumi, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe

Namaste! (Kuthumi laughing as audience cheers and applauds) It is I, Kuthumi lal Singh - and who are you?! (audience laughs and responds “God also”) Indeed you are! And it is such a delight to be back with Shaumbra, I am a bit verklempt this morning. (laughter) I’ve been away for a long, long time, I have missed the delightful energy of Shaumbra. I find that I’m a bit nervous this morning. Cauldre is very nervous, he thought I wasn’t going to show up. (laughter) He forgets a bit what the energy of Kuthumi is like.

I’m just going to hear you for a moment today. Last time I smelled you, wasn’t so good, (lots of laughter as Kuthumi makes a face) so now I breathe you in through my ear. I hear you. This morning you used your voices, you allowed yourself to express and now I just listen. Such an important thing for all of us to do. Cauldre is afraid I’m making funny little gestures with my hands, (laughter) but you know it is me and not him! (much more laughter) He really hates this! He really hates this! Oh Cauldre you are such a manly man! (lots of laughter) There is no one in the audience that has any doubt about it. A few who are listening and online wondering, but nobody in the audience.

I’m going to hear all of you who are tuning in from all over the world. I’m going to hear Tobias and Saint-Germain - after I get done cussing at them for keeping me out for so long. I’m just going to absorb all of that. (Kuthumi takes a deep breath.) You see, you don’t have to just breathe through your nose and mouth, you can breathe in through your ears and hear and feel and then you can breathe out through your voice, express yourself - the way you should be expressing yourself. You hold back. Some of you get sore throats, some of you cannot speak properly sometimes because you hold back the expression, and in the last session you had, you learned to just let it flow out. You’ll be surprised at what you say when you just let it come out. Very surprised! (laughter)

You probably have been wondering where I, Kuthumi, have been for this long, long time. I have been writing books. I have written four books and, just like many of you, I will be offering these books. I will offer them a bit different – through my own celestial website. (laughter) You can go there and download them, free of charge, any time you want. You can go to: wow.kuthumisings.NOT! (lots of laughter, Kuthumi chuckling) Cauldre promised he wasn’t going to laugh at any of my silliness today, but he can’t help himself either. (laughter)

It is such a delight to hear you laugh! You tend to have so many problems. To hear you laugh so outrageously – such a beautiful thing. This is Shaumbra University. All the other stuff comes after, but this laughter – it is what is going to build your university. It is going to build your presence all over the... not just planet Earth. What you are doing has its impacts everywhere.

So I’ve written four books. The first is titled, “Silly, Silly Humans – A Guidebook for Dummies Who Want to Remain Dummies!” (lots of laughter, Kuthumi and Cauldre chuckling) Now we can’t have the channeler losing it during this, so... (more laughter)

It is amazing to many of us on this side of how many humans literally prefer to stay dumb and idiots! I don’t mean to be condescending, but yet they choose to repeat the same problems and the same crises over and over again. They go from one bad marriage to the other. They go from losing one job to losing another, health issue after health issue - and they’re choosing it. So we want to help them with our books, “Silly, Silly Humans.” How to do it better, how not to struggle when you’re truly having problems. How to enjoy this whole life of problems, if that is what you are choosing.

My second book that I have written is ready for publication soon. It’s called, “Good Blowing Job... (lots of laughter, Kuthumi chuckling) – How to Get A-Head With the Breath!” (peals of laughter) I don’t mean to upstage Andra here for she does a wonderful job of the breath, but my breath is a bit different!

But indeed, Shaumbra, sometimes when things get difficult and challenging in your life, as you know, just take a good deep breath. Just blow it off. You try to make it so difficult at times and so confusing, but you could take a breath like... let us do it right now together... (Kuthumi takes a deep breath and blows it out.) It gets the energy moving.

Let’s do that again, but truly breathe in this time, hold it for a moment, and then blow it out! (Kuthumi again takes a deep breath and blows it out.) Another good deep breath in... (and again Kuthumi takes a deep breath in...) Good blowing job! (Kuthumi blows out.) Difficult to laugh and blow at the same time! (laughter) Although I’ve known a few hookers who could do both! (lots of laughter, Kuthumi chuckling) Indeed, this is a spiritual gathering (laughter) and it shows through the humor. It shows through the humor.

The next book I have written and is soon ready for publication is, “How to be Kind of Good Looking in an Otherwise Ugly World.” (laughter and applause) And you think I’m joking about my books but they are going to be coming through in a channeled form. Indeed, we are going to ask this Crimson Circle Publishing to publish these books with great pride. (laughter)

I look at all of you and, just like me, you are kind of good looking. But sometimes instead you reflect some of the things that are going on inside of you which really aren’t yours to begin with. Sometimes you reflect what is taking place in the world all around you, and sometimes you deem this or judge these things going around you as being rather ugly. You have a difficult time accepting it. And in my book, about how to be kind of good looking in an otherwise ugly world, we talk about true compassion, and in this I have co-authored it with Kwan Yin. Compassion for everything around you, looking at the beauty that’s there but has gone unnoticed.

In even some of the worst of situations, there is beauty. I see that the trees around here, as many of you have noticed, have turned brown. They are dying, and some of you felt sad for the trees. But you know, there is beauty in this process, because where there is death, there is also rebirth. Where there is a cleansing out of old energies, there is soon to be a renewal. There is beauty in everything.

And sometimes you forget to look at your own beauty and the beauty of the things around you, and then what happens? Well, your body literally manifests everything. Your body is like a mirror, your face and your eyes in particular, and then you don’t feel so good looking. You don’t act so good looking, and it is very difficult to be an ugly teacher. (laughter)You want to be reflecting the beauty of everything inside of you and around you.

It was an amazing experience to write these books, because I tapped into the energy of each and every one of you. And while the books... and indeed we have to state that these books are going to be real, not like my “What Are You Cow Dung Anyway” workshop, which nobody put together. (laughter) Nobody wanted to go to Cleveland in the winter. Now you go off to Lake Tahoe.

These books are real. These books are filled with the stories of Shaumbra. I say that I haven’t been around for quite a while... I haven’t been talking for a quite a while, but I’ve been around you. I’ve been listening to you, hearing your stories, gathering your wisdom, putting it in the books that will come out. Oh, they are already authored, it is just a matter of downloading them, putting your fingers to your computer and letting it flow through. Indeed, I will offer to Cauldre and then to all of you how this can be done for those who are interested.

And my fourth book... my fourth book. It is a simple one. It is not very long, it is an easy read and I would like to talk about it today. It is a simple title, “You Don’t Have Problems, You’re Just Bored.” (some laughter, then applause.) And dare I say another word about it because the title is so explanatory.

You know what happens. Humans tend to get caught up in the whole syndrome of problems, it is addictive energy. It is addictive energy. They actually like having problems. You know how to turn a room full of humans silent instantly? Tell them they can’t speak about problems! (laughter) This is what humans do - they talk about problems. They go over problem after problem after problem and when the problems just naturally tend to disappear, they create new problems - because they’re bored!! (laughter)

The mind has been so programmed to work on problems to keep it occupied. It is an artificial version of being creative. The mind takes a problem and starts hashing over it, looking at it from a very analytical standpoint, viewing it from every different side, analyzing all of the different potentials, analyzing all of the probable outcomes. But then the mind also continues, in these outcomes, to interject new problems that may occur along the way to reaching the solution. So the problems continue over and over again, perpetuating themselves. It is an addictive energy.

Shaumbra, what problems do you have? None. You just think you have problems because your mind has to keep busy. You have to keep it occupied, and you know, problems are a fun game for the mind. Your mind is designed to work on things, to assess things. The mind is designed to keep busy all the time, so it will devour problems. It will chew on them over and over again just like a dog chews on a bone, never wanting to let them go.

But the real situation, the real problem is - the true problem is - you don’t have solutions. You have problems but no solutions, because solutions are no fun. They’re the end of the line. It means the mind has to stop churning and working so hard. It doesn’t have any games to feed it, so it will naturally continue to perpetuate a problem for the sake of itself. It doesn’t want to be bored, doesn’t want to be cast off into nothingness, so it will continue problem after problem after problem. It is a vicious cycle, it is a very tiring cycle, and it is a cycle that we can end - you can end.

Problems also prevent this thing called “dei un gnost” or “gnost” from working. Because if the mind is perpetually occupied with the problems, this fourth leg of the stool, gnost, will simply back off. It will honor and respect the fact that you are choosing problems and choosing a very crude and rudimentary way of handling them through the mind. Human problems literally keep gnost away.

So it is all about letting go of those problems. Letting go of the belief that you even have problems. Now some of you, you insist that you have problems. You think I’m talking to the person next to you, but I’m really talking to you. You say, “But, but, Kuthumi you don’t understand.” Oh I do understand, I’ve been studying you. I’ve been listening to you and sometimes smelling you (laughter) for this last year of time, and you are choosing those problems.

You are choosing problems in a relationship. Are you choosing a solution? Or are you afraid of the solution?

And your health – are you choosing a solution or are you letting somebody else choose it for you? Are you choosing, really choosing a solution of health, or are you letting that problem continue to keep you occupied and busy? Now, you may get a little offended at what I’m saying here. I’m doing this in a loving and very truthful way. Look at how you perpetuate problems.

Some of you have financial problems, over and over again, because you’re not truly letting a solution come in. So you repeat the cycles – no money, no money, no money. Has it ever occurred to you that you always have just that little bit? Where does that little bit come from? Well you’re just allowing enough in to keep feeding the problem. It’s an amazing thing. You get just enough in the nick of time, just barely enough, because then you can keep your problem going. If you didn’t get any money in and you died, you wouldn’t have a problem! (laughter) So you keep just enough.

Some of you have problems at work. Some of you either are worked too hard or you don’t get along with others. But where is the solution? Why are you still there? You think, “Well, Kuthumi you don’t understand. I have to have that job to make just barely enough money so I can keep that problem going.” And you stay in that job because you think you have to have it for the money. It’s not about the money. It’s the problem. You like the problem.

So where does the solution come from? It doesn’t come from your mind. Your mind is a terrible place for solutions. Your mind is great for analyzing, judging, determining values such as quantity, volume, things like that. But true solutions don’t come from the mind, they come from gnost. Gnost – dei un gnost – is the solution. In gnost is the answer. You can’t force it in, and the mind is going to try to want to bring in gnost and then control it. But it can’t.

There is a solution for your, let’s say, for your financial situation. You know you’ve been racing around in your head trying to come up with that solution. Hasn’t it ever amazed you that the solution just hasn’t been there? You try to find a solution to your relationships and you race around in your head trying to think of what to do with that ‘shlunk’ of a husband that you're with, but you can’t let it go. The solution is never there so you continue in the problem.

There is a solution. There is a solution. It is time to hit the easy button. (Linda pushes a button that she has in her hand. It says, “That Was Easy!”) See?! (laughter) Gnost is like a big easy button, but you have to let go of the problem first. You have to let go of the problem. You have to admit to yourself that there’s really not a problem, there’s just not a solution yet. You see how that works? There’s really not a problem. You don’t have a problem with your health - you just don’t have the solution yet! (laughter) You have a situation, an experience that you’re going through, you just haven’t let the solution come in. It comes in through gnost. It’s not mental, it’s not struggling.

Now, here’s the difference between what you would call a mental way of figuring things out and a true gnost solution. Mental: you’ll feel the struggle; you’ll feel your mind racing rapidly around; you’ll feel yourself viewing many different potentials and scenarios; you’ll feel fear and uncertainty; and you’ll feel like you are picking blindly or drawing blindly in the dark, just hoping to God that you’re going to come up with something that doesn’t hurt you. That’s mental. That’s mental trying to figure it out. And you know, as I said before, the mind doesn’t want to ultimately figure it out because then it wouldn’t have anything to do. It would be bored, or so it thinks. Or so it thinks.

So you let go of the problem. You tell yourself that you truly don’t have a problem with your health, you’re just going through an experience. And you take a deep breath and you make way for gnost – the solution. You make way for it. You empty yourself, in a way. You create your own safe and sacred place. You clean your house preparing for the guest, which is gnost, and then you let it go.

Gnost is a beautiful energy that is yours and yours alone. It doesn’t come from us. It doesn’t come from spirit. It is yours. Gnost comes in gently and gracefully, comes in easily. Perhaps it comes in at the most appropriate time, maybe not in that moment, that immediate second that you’re in, because sometimes gnost gathers energies from other realms. And sometimes gnost waits for the exact right level of energies and vibrations and circumstances to take place.

But when gnost comes in, the solution comes in. You’ll have this incredible creative knowingness. You’ll just know it. If you try to explain it to others right then and there, it would be very difficult, because it is a creative knowingness. It is an “Aha.” It is warm and golden. It is the answer before the question.

It comes into your life, and yes the mind may jump in initially and start to try to pull it apart, try to dissect it and challenge it, but you just take a deep breath. You see, your mind will get used to gnost. It will become gnost’s best friend. It will love gnost, because it will take so much of the old burden and the responsibility away from the mind. The mind won’t get bored, by the way, because a new level – a whole new level of life experiences – will come to you that will keep your mind very occupied in doing what it was designed to do best: store information; help to guide you in the physical 3D world; help to retain and bring up information at the appropriate time.

Gnost is the solution, and it will come in, and you’ll just know what to do. You’ll just know how to do it. You won’t even know why you know. You won’t know the details. You won’t know even the outcome, but you’ll know you don’t need to know those things. It just is.

You’re going to find that your mind is going to thank you. Your mind is going to love you in a whole new way and you’ll start getting some of that memory back that you’ve been losing. Your mind will be so grateful to have a new friend and companion, someone to play with. Your mind has been rather lonely, hasn’t it, in there by itself, creating its own little limited reality. It would love to have a friend. That’s why Tobias said yesterday gnost is like the inner child. It’s the play friend for the mind.

We know a lot of you think you have problems, and I’ve called in some special assistance today to help. We’re just going to pack those problems up and ship 'em off. I’ve actually enlisted a type of celestial garbage truck to come in, (laughter) to back right up... yes, indeed, it’s a bit smelly, it’s been holding some of your stuff for a while. I’ve asked, very appropriately, for Saint-Germain to be the truck driver. (laughter) It is a job very fitting of him, I would say, after some of the treatment that I’ve gotten. (laughter)

We’re going to ask for a bit of the heavenly harp music to accompany us. This is not an activation, this is not a guided meditation, (laughter) this is an individual experience that you are doing with many, many others – Shaumbra all around the world. So pick a problem right now, any problem. Don’t make a problem of picking the problem! (laughter) It doesn’t matter!

So pick a problem, any one thing you want. It doesn’t have to be the biggest, doesn’t have to be the most profound. Just pick a problem.

Back the trucks in now...

Take a deep breath...

Hold the problem in your hands. Cup your hands together.

Take a look with your third eye at that problem. Oh stop analyzing! Just look.

Now take a deep whiff... that smell... and just throw it in the back of the truck now!

You can let it go. You can let it go. Let it go or I’m going to take it from you!! (laughter) Let it go!

There... much better. My, how silly, silly humans hang onto their problems. They think, “What would I be if I wasn’t a problem?”

Take a deep breath.

Go in and find another problem. Anything. Anything - it doesn’t matter. This time, just put it in your right hand. Hold your right hand palm up... any problem.

Just observe that problem. Did it really serve you?

Was it really that important?

Are you ready to let it go?

Take a good deep breath... and blow it right into the back of the garbage truck. (Kuthumi blows, then chuckles as the harp music plays along) What was that, harp? Try that again, blow it again... (Kuthumi blows along with the harp again) Wonderful! (laughter)

Now Shaumbra, as you let these problems go... and yes you can do it, just this silly if you want... as you let these problems go, it creates a type of divine space or vacuum where gnost can move in. The solution. And here’s something interesting. You’re going to discover with gnost... I say it is a creative solution and you’re going to discover it has nothing to do with the problem that you just let go of.

See, you’re looking for a one-to-one relationship. You got a problem, you let it go and you think gnost gives you the solution to that problem. But in the New Energy, gnost is different. We move to a different level. As gnost moves in, you’ll realize that, first of all, that problem really wasn’t a problem. It never needed a linear solution, it just needed a different energy occupying the space.

This is New Energy physics, Shaumbra, and it is so beautiful, so simple. The problem never existed, it just took up an energetic space. And as gnost, the creative solution, moves in, you’ll realize that the problem never existed in the way you thought it did.

I know this is a bit of a mind bend, a teaser, but as Tobias said yesterday, gnost is a paradox in a way, for what you thought was real becomes nothing. What you thought was a problem never needed a solution. What you thought was important to occupy an energy within you, can allow another energy, much more beautiful and expansive, to move in.

So pick one more problem. Pick one more problem.

Take a deep breath...

Some of you are picking many here, but that’s okay.

Now put it on the floor in front of your right foot.

Take a deep breath, be the soccer player and kick it right into the back of the truck! No head butting here! (laughter)

Shaumbra, it is very simple. You just have to make room for dei un gnost to come in and you’ll realize that you never truly had any problems, you were just bored silly.

Moving onto a bit different subject here, Tobias has asked I, Kuthumi lal Singh, as a board member of the Crimson Circle Energy Company... (laughter, then audience applause) and it is b-o-a-r-d please! (laughter) Board... (Kuthumi chuckling) as a board member to be and work with you as the voice of communication.

Communication is vitally important for each and every one of you as a Teacher. The ability to communicate simply, clearly, is so very important. One of the things that I learned to do in my lifetimes on Earth was to keep it very simple, to say few words.

Sometimes, Shaumbra, you tend to try to want to over-express and over-explain everything. That is a function of the mind not trusting what it is getting. So instead of using a few words and a few sentences, you will go on for hours with that mouth going. Have you ever noticed how you tend to lose your client? Well they’re not going off into the high angelic realms because of the mighty power and energy you’re delivering. They are bored! Keep it simple, keep it short.

You learned a little bit this morning about the power of the voice. It carries so much energy. I have said few words here today but yet much has been delivered. You do the same. You can do the same. Say few words, keep it brief and keep it simple.

When you are communicating, whether it is with a client or whether you are on a stage like this, no more than four simple ideas. Some of you write pages and pages of things you want to cover. Four simple points – that’s all – and each point should just be a phrase or a sentence long.

And then keep it simple. What happens is gnost, your creative essence, comes in and fills in the rest. Now we’re not saying to just speak one phrase or sentence, we’re saying when you outline to talk in front of a group or talk to your client, just have four simple points. You’ll realize that you’ve been going through tremendous mental activity to try to get everything down, every idea, every phrase and every word. You lose the impact of what comes through the voice.

Even with clients or audiences who you would say are not particularly enlightened or spiritual, will still get what is coming outside of the regular frequency of the voice. You’re delivering a tremendous amount of information, energy and love and it doesn’t all have to be said in words.

So keep it very, very simple and listen a lot. Listening is an art. Listening is divine, and as you listen more and more, you’re going to find that you’ve been listening - or hearing - on a very limited level. But there is so much more going on as you tune in and listen to your client, every part of them. You listen to your audience. You’re going to discover things that weren’t immediately apparent, things that you might have been missing before.

So as much as you are a communicator, you are a listener as well. Keep it very short. Keep it simple. Few words.

Every one of you is a teacher, is a communicator. You may communicate through a paintbrush, through words that are spoken, through words on paper, but you’ll learn in the New Energy that brevity is sacred. Brevity is divine. Keep it simple. Keep it short. Then, when you do, when you’re not so tied up in a mental process, gnost, once again, comes in. And as your friend, gnost fills in and expands in that moment in ways that are quite beyond words.

I will keep it brief also. I will continue to work with Shaumbra, particularly in the area of communications. Communications with humor, communications with clarity, communications that touch the heart.

And now you know.



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If you are reading this and feel a sense of truth and connection, you are indeed Shaumbra. You are a teacher and a human guide. Allow the seed of divinity to blossom within you in this moment and for all times to come. You are never alone, for there is family around the world and angels in the realms around you.

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