The Clarity Series:
SHOUD 1: "The Simplicity of Clarity" - Featuring Tobias

Presented to the Crimson Circle
August 8, 2005

And so it is, dear Shaumbra, that we gather together with our family, with the humans and the angels in this sacred space that you have created here. And, my… what a difference there is now than there was in 1999 when we first officially got together. Oh, back then we sat together, a small group at the time, barely 30 of the humans, sitting in a tepee on a mountain, choking with the smoke.

But, how appropriate… the smoke is part of the cleansing process, part of the releasing process. The smoke also has to do with the cloudiness, the inability to see clearly. And, how appropriate is it that those who sat in the tepee on that summer afternoon for the very first Shoud should be filled with the smoke, the smoke of change, the smoke of release.

Oh, we remember when we told that group that their guides were leaving. We think it got smokier in the tepee at that time. There was so much concern and anxiety. How could you be told that your guides were leaving when you relied on your guides, when you spent so much of your energy with your guides? They had been with you for so very long, through lifetimes and lifetimes on Earth. And, here we say now that it is time for them to go.

It is like when your parents take off the training wheels of your bicycle. And, you think “But how am I going to survive? How am I going to keep from falling?” So, Shaumbra, the training wheels were taken off, and we have gone through so much with you in these past six years of time. Now, we enter into that sacred seventh year together.

In the past six years you have gone through so much releasing… oh, layers and layers. We have done Shoud after Shoud about releasing. We have changed the names of the Shoud, called it something different, but you could call all of them “Releasing, Letting Go.” We know it is difficult because the energies of your story are so close to you… so built-in… so much a part of who you are… stories of this persona that you have in this lifetime with all of its wounds and all of its hurts… but also all of the joys and all of the loving moments… and all of the times, oh, the precious times you have spent coming to know yourself better.

As we have said over and over again, the releasing in this lifetime was so much more difficult because it wasn't just about this lifetime. You are the designated “ascendee” for all of your lifetimes, for all of the various human stories you have been over centuries, over hundreds and thousands of years.

Now, you are not that person wholly, but it is part of you. And, those past lives had their own wounds. They had their own trials and tribulations. They had their own desires to maintain their own identity. So, for six years now you have gone through the releasing of them as well.

We feel your energy today, the energy of those who are sitting in the room and those who tune in from all over the planet. And, it is so much different. Take a deep breath. Clear and feel the difference of you, how different you are now than you were in 1999.

Oh, 1999 was pivotal because there was still the overwhelming potential and fear that Earth would have its termination with the advent of the millennium, the change in the – how to say – in the energy on Earth, not just by the calendar, but in the energetic dynamics. There was the potential in August, 1999, for everything to start falling apart.

Take a deep breath and clear and feel the person that you were back then with all of the burdens you were carrying… the fears that you had… the uncertainty… but yet… but yet a type of beautiful crystalline energy within you… the Christ-seed energy that was seeking… that was wanting to find itself… that was wanting to find resolution. That is the part of you – the Christ-seed, wanting to find resolution – that has kept you going through some of the most difficult times these past six years, through the releasing and the processing, through the uncertainty and the doubts that you have faced in your life. It has kept you going.

That divine seed has also joined together with the other divine seeds of Shaumbra all over the world. In six years you have taken the energy of Shaumbra and turned it into a blossoming flower. It meant very little when we first spoke the words in one of our early channels, when we said, “You are Shaumbra. You have known each other since the Temples of Tien. You have known each other since the time of Yeshua, the time of Jesus on Earth.”

You come back now in the third regrouping of Shaumbra. You come back now at this time. It meant little as you were listening to the words, but it was also a trigger. Yes, indeed, when we spoke the word “Shaumbra,” it was a trigger word that reminded you of why you were here. It reminded you of this family that we have worldwide. It reminded you of the Christ-seed. It reminded you of the new times we were entering into.

You have allowed the energy of Shaumbra to grow. It has grown in the consciousness of humanity, whereas six years ago it meant little or nothing. It was in the ethers. It was a potential, you could say. But, it meant little in this current consciousness.

And, today Shaumbra is part of consciousness. It is – how to say – one of the many rooms of consciousness… of higher learning… of enlightenment… of release… of acceptance… of embodiment… and now of divinity walking on Earth. Shaumbra means something. It has gone out of its potential and into reality.

And, you know, others on Earth right now are beginning to tap into it. They have never heard the word “Shaumbra.” But, they are tapping into its core energy. They are not familiar with you, or the Crimson Circle, or I, Tobias. But, they are tapping into it. They are the new ones who are awakening, who are saying, “There has to be something more to life. It has to be more expansive and expressive. I’m tired of living in the box, and I'm ready to begin to understand.”

Oh, when they do, when they open their minds and open their hearts like that, they are drawn to the energy of Shaumbra. And, it is drawn to them. What you have created in six short years of time now comes flooding into their life. The difficulties that you have gone through and the resolution you have found for the challenges now enters into their life as a potential.

Sometimes you don't understand why you are here on Earth. You don't understand what you should be doing. And, we say, “You are already doing it.” The processing that you have gone through, the releasing that you have done, isn't about you. You pretend it is. You pretend…. oh, you do it with so much passion and so much depth. But, it isn't about you. You have been doing it for the others… the others… yes, part of your past… your past lives. But, you have been doing it for other humans.

“Shaumbra” means something on our side of the veil in the astral realms, on the angelic corridors. Oh, it has always had quite a meaning since we were first together in the times of Atlantis. But, now it means something quite different.

When you come to our side of the veil – and we are not inviting you over quickly, you see – but when you come back, there is – how to say, and we are speaking metaphorically – but there is a house of Shaumbra here. There is a house of Shaumbra. And, we’re not talking necessarily of a physical house. But, it is like a council. But, it is also a place. And, you can perceive it, if you choose, to be a grand house, a grand castle, the house that you built through the work you have done on Earth. The house is ordained in the colors of crimson and gold. You will recognize it instantly when you come back here because your energy is part of it.

All of those who have chosen to be part of Shaumbra energy on Earth are highly recognized when they come back to our side. They also are adorned in the colors of crimson and gold and are immediately recognized, not only by those in the Crimson Council, but by those in all of the other councils and all of the other celestial houses. Shaumbra has come to mean something throughout the heavens because of the work you have done.

We want you remember that next time you get low, and you are saying, “But I’m not sure why I’m on Earth right now. I’m not sure what I am doing.” What you are doing doesn't have to be creating some fine job for yourself. It doesn't have to be going out and physically literally helping others. It doesn't have to be inventing something new. What you are really doing – your true work, from the heart work – is that of transformation, is that of changing energy and moving energy.

Oh, Shaumbra, that is why we, even those of us who are angels, well up with tears when we see what you are doing. And, especially it bothers I, Tobias, to see when you are so hard on yourselves, when you are so hard on yourself, thinking that you should be doing more, or when you are feeling lost because I can look at you, and I can see clearly the true work that you are doing. Maybe you don't get a physical paycheck for it, but there is energy-return all of the time for what you are doing.

Tonight when you go to bed, when you lay your head down on the pillow, I want you to take a moment and give thanks to yourself, as we have said in the previous Shouds. Give thanks to yourself for what you are doing. Stand back. See yourself clearly for why you are really here on Earth right now.

So, school is back in session. It is August. It is time for our new series. It is time for, not only a new name of a series, but a whole new approach. As I have been talking here – literally trying to mesmerize some of you for a reason, which we will explain later – as I was talking here, perhaps you were feeling a difference of energy. Or, perhaps you were trying to connect with me in the old way, and you were finding it didn't work. You could hear my words. Somehow you could feel my energy, but it wasn't coming from the same place.

Some of you were trying to scan to feel who was coming in today, what guests, what angels were going to be in the room. And, you were having difficulty. It wasn't there. It felt empty. Ah, it should… it should… you see. As you change in your vibration, as you move forward in your own enlightenment, you are going to find that everything is more clear, and it is lighter.

You see, sometimes you scan; you try to feel outer energies, and you sometimes associate the thickness of energy with the reality of the invisible… you see. In other words, if you feel something very heavy and thick on our side, you feel it must be there. It is more real. But, when you scan, and it feels clear, empty, you think perhaps you’re not doing something right. Ah… time to change that thinking also.

We come into this space, and we bring in a clear energy now. It isn't even at a vibrational level. We want to get beyond talking about things in terms of vibration because that is an Old Energy concept.

You see, when you scan right now… and you can literally scan into some of the dimensions that immediately surround you, what you would normally call maybe your fourth or fifth dimension. You scan those – scanning just means feeling, by the way. And, if you don’t know how to feel, take a breath and feel. You are feeling energies all the time.

If you scan into some of the more Earthbound dimensions, you are going to feel a thickness, a heaviness, a vibration because it is operating at a vibrational reality. In the New Energy, in the energy that you have already moved into – and now you are beginning to experience how you got there – it is a clear energy. It doesn't use vibration. It uses pure expression. It doesn't use force, as we have said recently. It uses expression or expansion. It doesn't have to project itself, or it doesn't have to maintain itself. It simply does.

So, when you were scanning the room, trying to feel our energy, and perhaps a bit perplexed about where it was, it is because we can now come in at a different level. We can be with you in a clearer way. And, at first it feels empty. Ah, but we’re going to work with you in this series, in this Shoud today, how to see what's in the clear, how to see beyond vibration into expression.

We said in our last Shoud, at the end of the Embodiment Series, that one of the concepts that is going to be so important to understand in this new series and in the New Energy is that God is not power. I want to talk about that for a moment here. We want that to really set in with you.

You see, the mind has been conditioned and programmed. It has been boxed in. It has been, in a sense, even hypnotized to think that God is power. You think that God should be able to do anything – power, a lightning storm, open up the sea perhaps – do all of these things, that God is power.

As we said in our last Shoud, there is this whole concept still in consciousness… still very much locked in consciousness that God is power… and that the power of God can be love… or it could be punishment, judgment… that God giveth and that God taketh away. Let us move beyond that concept. Let this group of human angels on Earth right now be the first group to place a New seed into Old consciousness. Let us release the concept that God is power. And, breathe in the pure expression of Spirit. Breathe in the pure expression.

As you begin to understand that God is not power… God does not giveth and taketh away. God simply is. God is not an individual being, but rather in all things. Spirit has no agenda, has no desired outcomes. It simply is. You could say God is – Spirit is – your expression, your experience.

Let us be the first here to put into consciousness that Spirit is simply expression. And, expression in the New Energy doesn't need a force or power behind it. In this new series that we are now in – which we will call “The Clarity Series” – it is very essential to understand that force, power, duality are no longer needed. Oh, yes, we will talk about that in a moment – you still operate in a world surrounded by it.

But, in your own life and in your own creations there is no need for force. Now, it’s going to seem odd at first because you are so ingrained with the concept that if you want to create something, you have to gear up your internal machinery, whether it’s your mind, or your creative nature, or even your body. In order to create and be expressive, you have to apply a force to it.

It seems very unusual that you apply no force at all. There is no yin and yang. There is no positive and negative. It is an amazing and simple principle. But, perhaps, it will take a bit of time to get used to this whole new way of living and feeling. Oh, you’re going to find out that it is so easy and simple. It is almost – how to say – it is amazing how simple it is.

But, the programming and the conditioning and the overlay of human consciousness has it that you have to force. You have to push. So, let us get past that now and move into a new way of existence.

Some of you get to this point, and you think, “What do I need to be doing? How should I organize my thoughts? What do I need to focus on? What do I need to concentrate on? How do I need to put myself in a type of box to be able to accept this? What do I need to do?” Nothing at all… nothing at all.

Simply breathe it, accept it in, and understand – if your mind needs to chew on something – understand this is a more natural way of living. It is the natural way of Spirit. It was quite unnatural – very, very early on in the formation of the angels – it was quite unnatural to changes to have to apply force into what would be your creative nature, your creativity. The natural method is no force… no force at all.

So, Shaumbra, we are now in The Clarity Series with the understanding that God is not a force. You are not a force. You are going to begin to learn that you don't need to apply force to problems. You are going to learn you don't need to apply force to things like abundance and certainly not to your own healing.

We have talked about these things called “the silent prayer” or “the safe space healing.” Quite simply there is no force going on. The silent prayer is no prayer. It is the acceptance that everything is already there, just waiting for you to invite it into your reality. Prayer is pushing for the most part. Prayer is forcing.

No, we're not talking about your discussions and dialogues with Spirit. But, I, Tobias, will even throw in a word about that. So much of your dialogue with Spirit… so many of them were so separated. There was such a chasm between you and Spirit because of the concept you had of Spirit, that Spirit was this grand being sitting far, far away, sometimes having favor on you and sometimes perhaps too busy to acknowledge you. Let us get over that as well.

Spirit is expression. It is a life energy, but not a life force energy. And, you are Spirit… you are Spirit. Those conversations you were having were with yourself, you see, all the time. Oh, it was indicative of the separation that you had between the human self and the spirit self.

So, Shaumbra, let us just take a breath here and clear. Let us take a breath. And, clearing means allowing the clarity into your life, allowing yourself to perceive things as they really are… what a concept when you begin perceiving them as they really are rather than the illusion that they pretend to be… how much easier it is to work with everything.

We are going to come back to this time and time again. We are going to dwell on it. God is not a power. It is an expression. Spirit is expression of life – not just life here on Earth – but life, the ability to be, the ability to express, the ability to create in your spirit. It is that simple. It is that simple. Now, you are surrounded by a world around you that would tell you otherwise. And, it tries to everyday. It tries to everyday.

You have chosen this unique time to be back on Earth incarnate in these bodies. It is a time on Earth when the duality is very heavy… you see. But, it is going through immense changes. Oh, you have chosen a time to be on Earth when it is turbulent, when it is going very, very fast, when it is very, very confusing. But, yet on the other side there is an incredible beauty and an incredible flow to it.

You have chosen a time when things are in a transition. Earth is in a tremendous transition right now. Humans are in a tremendous transition. And, basically you could say the consciousness of humanity is being posed with a question, that you were posed with a long time ago, a question that you were literally posed with lifetimes ago for yourself. But, humanity, for the most part, is now being asked this question: “Are you ready to embrace a new way? Are you ready to get off of the old merry-go-round? Are you ready to let go of every belief that you have, every box that you're in, in order that you can be who you truly are?”

You were asked this question, many of you, long before the lifetimes of Yeshua. You have been asked this question all the way along. And, certainly you said, “Yes.” That is why you are here. So much of humanity of the other humans are now being asked this.

What happens? Remember your own experiences and past lives. What happens when you are posed with this question: “Are you ready for a change?” Part of you says, “Yes,” and part of you digs the heels in and says, “No.” Ah, the fear comes up. And, we know some of you can feel the remembrances of past lives when you were posed with this question: “Are you ready for a change?” And, there is sometimes the feeling or the perception that you are being tricked, the perception that perhaps you should go back to the old ways, perhaps you’ve gone too far… ah, yes, remembrances of the Wall of Fire… leaving Home.

So, humanity is going through this right now. They are being asked, “Are you ready for a change? ” As the New Earth is being built right now – a grand new place that is not physical in nature but it has attributes of the physical planet Earth – as the New Earth is getting built, it puts more and more pressure on these humans right now.

“Are you ready for a change?” That pressure is building up. That pressure is causing more diversity, more division between humans. So, you are going to see it, and continue to see it for these next number of years… in the righteous becoming more righteous… in the confused becoming more confused… in the dark seeking even darker places. It is the nature of change. It is the nature of entering into a new time.

So, it is interesting that you’ve gone through this process. You have gone into your own dark dark. You have gone into your own righteousness. You have gone into your own old-way trench, only to emerge on the other side of it with a whole new understanding of who you are, why you are here, and the blessing that it is to be on Earth.

But, you are living, in a sense, in both worlds at one time. You are living in the Old, but yet beginning to experience the New. It is a very difficult task, but it can also be most joyful. You can come to the point here where you feel almost like a magician because you will find how to bring potentials into your life, convert them into energy, and then into reality, and do it very easily, whereas the others are still struggling, still going through the very Old and labored dualistic way of doing things. So, Shaumbra, difficult, challenging times you live in.

Some of you this past week… some of you, we know, experienced a – how to say – a large dose of anxiety. It lasted for perhaps 3 1/2 days on Earth, starting early in the week and culminating on what would be about Thursday in relationship to this specific time zone. There was a major – how to say – a major entry of fear energy and what some of you may term dark or confusing energy that found its way into Earth consciousness.

Some of you felt it like it was your own. And, you wondered what was wrong. You wondered why you were feeling the way that you did. Now, see, you took it personally. And, we have told you over and over and over – it is not about you. You say you don't feel, but yet the anxiety sweeps over you. Oh, you try to relate it to your life and perhaps you think you did something wrong. Perhaps, you think you're going out of your balance again… which is probably a good thing (some laughter).

But, Shaumbra, this past week a large dose of potential came to Earth. Now, it wasn't brought here by the aliens. It wasn't brought here by the dark and sinister forces on the angelic realms. It was brought here by humans. You see, there is so much uncertainty right now in human consciousness, so much uncertainty about these New times, so much uncertainty about change that it literally opened a portal that allowed a potential energy to find its way into this reality.

In other words, a large window was opened and in flew some very dark energies to Earth. It was potential that was brought in by humans who are fearing change in themselves… brought in by humans who are loathing themselves… brought in by humans who truly hate themselves. Oh, and there are many, many of them. What they have done is literally, because of their inner feelings of themselves… and their not understanding their own dark side… because of the feeling that they continually need to suffer, continually need to repent… because they feel that at their core they are sinners, even though they are the first one to call others sinners… because of their own darkness, what do they attract? What do they bring in – a storm of darkness… interesting how potentials work, how energy works.

We are going to talk about that in a moment, the building blocks of energy.

So, it comes racing in. Oh, it was overwhelming. You talk about the energy that is delivered when comets and asteroids pass by, the energy that is delivered by these sacred days that you have, such as the Harmonic Concordance or Convergence. Those are small compared to this window that was opened by this fear that has been building up on Earth right now.

Oh, you felt it as your own, but it is not. Don't own it. You are an Energy Mover. Let it go. Let it go. It wasn’t yours. You were just feeling what other humans brought in.

Now, what is interesting from our standpoint is what humans do with it now. You know, you could say in an interesting way that they gave themselves a gift, a dark gift albeit, but a gift. You could say that they were out playing with potentials and what attracted them the most was a dark potential. They are feeling that way about themselves, and therefore they create it. They bring it in.

Now, it is interesting. We have been watching this carefully as this event happened, as this energy dynamic was building up. It was like – how to say – a furnace that was getting so hot that it was going to explode. And, when it did, it blew the door open, and all this energy came into Earth. And, it’s floating around right now. Some are bringing it into their lives. There is a huge energy potential that is here on Earth right now that was not here a week ago or a month ago. And, it is dark… it is dark.

It could lead to some very interesting things in these next few months of time. And, what should you do about it, Shaumbra? Nothing (some laughter)… nothing! It is a gift and a blessing. You gave yourself a gift of clarity. How would you like it if someone told that away from you? They gave themselves the gift of darkness and confusion and hatred and loathing and judgment from God. They gave themselves the gift of hell brought onto Earth. Nothing… you see… nothing because you don't have to buy into that illusion at all.

Actually for you, Shaumbra, it can be a tremendous amount of energy coming in to serve you. It doesn't have to come into your life under the guise of a dark storm… you see. You can bring it into your life as energy, pure energy.

We are going to talk in a moment here about the energy building blocks, about clarity, about the practical applications of all of these things in your life now… no more just talking about it… no more Shoud after Shoud after Shoud about releasing. If you are still at the releasing stage, let it go (audience laughter). You don’t need to release anymore.

Some of you, you get caught in that groove. It is almost like chasing yourself in that groove. And, when you do, you make the holes of the groove bigger and bigger. And, you say, “I have to keep releasing. I have to keep releasing.” No, you can tell yourself right now, “Done releasing, done releasing.” You see, energies will still flow through you. You are still going to feel things. But, you don’t need to hold onto them. You can let it flow through you so easy, glide through you.

Remember, in our last Shoud, you could pick behind Door Number 1 or Door Number 2. Door Number 1 was hard. Door Number 2 was easy. You can choose hard if you want, much like this large group of humans this last week chose to bring a tremendous amount of darkness into their reality. But, you don't need to. And, we know you don't want to anymore.

We do want to introduce our guests on this day, even though we are well into this Shoud. But, they have been – how to say – standing in the background waiting to come in, waiting to show their energies. They have been here before, but they come in in a different way now because we are going to get into more practical applications of the work that we do, practical, enjoyable, easy and fulfilling applications. Oh, imagine being an angel on Earth, able to enjoy all of the things of being human, but yet to be able to glide through it… oh, what a concept!

So, we bring in the energy of a dear teacher, a dear friend who has been working with you, who has been with you in some of the most difficult and challenging times, the one that we call Hossaf (pronounced something like “ho-SOFF”) – not “hose-off,” but Hossaf (some laughter). Hossaf is a wonderful teacher from the Crimson Council. He… she rather… it is not either a male or female energy. Hossaf comes into work with you now as we begin to explore the building blocks of energy. We are going to do kind of a – how to say – reverse engineering of energy to help you understand, to help you see and feel and know clearly.

So, Hossaf comes into the room. He has worked with so many of you, spent time with you, going through some of the difficulties. He in himself is an energy transmuter, works closely with the energy of Adamus, Saint Germain.

So, he comes in now because we are starting something new. He is like – how do you say – a good drill sergeant, not a bad one, but a good one. He comes in to help you. He comes in particularly at times when there is a tendency to go back to the Old programming and the Old ways when you want to resort to how you did it yesterday or five years ago or 20 years ago. It is so easy and natural to do that. It is like there is an attraction that brings you back.

But, he is there to show you it is time to transform into a different way, a whole different way of understanding life. So, Hossaf will come in and be with you… unless you call him “hose-off” (some laughter). He will work closely with you in understanding how to cut through the blur, cut through the smoke and the confusion of energy.

Also accompanying Hossaf today is the energy of your voice in Spirit, Metatron. Ah, some of you have been feeling the Metatron energy this past week. And, in an interesting way the moment that this portal was opened by those in human consciousness that don't want to change, it also interesting enough brought the energies of Metatron in in a whole new way.

Now, Metatron was going to be here anyway. Metatron, with the intense energy, the clear energy, was going to be here at this gathering. But, it was interesting that Metatron rode in on this whole wave of very dark energy because that is also just an illusion. Because of the intensity of energy coming into Earth, bombarding Earth all at one time, this energy of Metatron, the voice of Spirit and your voice in Spirit, was able to ride in. So, you could say, in a sense, there has always been a conscious separation between Metatron, which is the purity of Spirit… there has always been a separation between that and Earth. It was sometimes – how to say – a bit challenging to get Metatron’s energy in.

And, sometimes, as many of you experienced, Metatron would tend to burn the circuits out. Yes, some of you have literally worked with the Metatron energy and found the experience of – how to say – blowing up your computers, finding problems with the Internet, blowing out light bulbs when you didn’t even touch them because it was difficult for Metatronic energy to meld with human energy. Ah, but interesting that with all of this dark stormy energy coming in last week it also made available more Metatronic energy. You see, everything has its sister side. Everything has another – how to say – expression. Don't believe the illusion… you see.

Now, let us talk about… oh, let us take a deep breath, Metatron is saying, and bring him in… and bring her into your being… oh, yes. And, take another deep breath and clear. Oh, yes, it feels different than it did when Metatron first came in because you are different. That initial rush of the Metatron energy when we first brought this being into our channels was overwhelming for some of you. Some of you got sick for weeks of time… amazing… amazing what clearing it did when you were sick for those weeks of time.

So, the Metatron energy comes in. Hossaf is ready to work with you at the new levels.

And, now let us talk about clarity. Let’s talk about clarity. You see, nothing is what it appears to be. The chair you are sitting in is not a chair at all. You’ve only accepted the belief system and the illusion that it is a chair. You accept the chair that you are sitting on as an icon, as an energy bundle that allows you to put your body, which is also an illusion; it is an energy bundle. And, then you can put your bundle on the chair (some laughter). It is all an illusion.

Now, some of you have tried to power your way through the illusion. I’ve had a few laughs at watching some of you spend countless hours trying to overcome matter… you see. But, what were you doing? You were using force on matter. You were actually intensifying the illusion… you see. I had a few chuckles with Saint Germain about some of your burdened and fruitless efforts to overcome matter. Perhaps, you have been watching a few too many sci-fi or magic movies.

There is an easy way to do it. It is to understand and to accept the true nature of energy and its building blocks. As you clear, as you come back into a pure energy, New Energy focus, you are going to see the chair as not just the icon of the chair, not the illusion of the chair. It becomes the metal of the chair. It becomes how it was structured from its raw organic materials into the chair. It becomes everyone who has sat in the chair. All of that exists. Even though you can’t see it, perhaps, it exists.

As you clear, you see beyond the illusion. You’re going to see or feel, whatever you want to call it. You’re going to perceive what is in the other layers. And, as you continue to clear, you’re going to see how even the metal that went into the chair came out of the Earth and how the Earth originally brought that metal, or the rocks, or the elements out of potential, then brought it into manifest. And, when you begin to understand how these building blocks work, you’ll no longer be a slave to the illusion, but you’ll be a master at the new creation.

And, it is quite simple. That is what we’d like to title this Shoud today – The Simplicity of Clarity, or Simple Clarity. It is the first point to remember as you do clearing – that it is all simple, easy. Remember Door Number 2: Easy.

So, there is a tendency to try to make everything complex and to try to figure it out. There is a tendency to assign the mind the task of trying to understand. And, as you know, it doesn't work. You just become more ingrained or more stuck in the Old Energy ways.

So, we go back to simplicity. Everything is simple. Clarity is simple. Clarity is going back to the original building blocks.

So, let’s do a little reverse engineering on energy here. You see, let us use an example… oh, yes, of a piece of chocolate. We will use that as an example. You perceive the chocolate… even, see, when we said “chocolate,” immediately the icon comes into your perception, whether you saw the image, or perhaps tasted it. But, it has an icon built into it, a symbol, a symbol of chocolate.

Within the chocolate are many ingredients… perhaps milk… perhaps butter… perhaps the original bean that it came from. These all make up the chocolate. You don’t see these. But, yet they are there. And, they are important to understand. Break it down to its simplicity. Take a deep breath… feel… perceive chocolate. And, now clear. Go back to the essence. Go back to the ingredients that make it up. Go back to how it was formed and put together in the manufacturing process.

So, now in the original ingredients these all came from Earth somehow or the other, whether it was through a plant or an animal. And, each element from the plant or animal came from this whole process that is used that involves the sun, that involves oxygen, and involves all of the elements of Earth. But, let us not get hung up on the science in this. This is not a science discussion. You are not scientists here. Scientists – it is wonderful – they explore the world of material reality. But, they don't explore into the original building blocks of energy.

So, before things are even brought into reality, before they are formed into matter, they exist on the invisible side. We don’t want to say the other side of the veil; that wouldn’t be accurate. But, they exist in a neutral state, sometimes directly in your third-dimensional reality base, sometimes outside of it. But, they exist in a potential. And, then they are all brought in, and brought to manifest.

So, going back to the example of the chocolate, it is the ingredients. But, then let’s go deeper. Yes, indeed, it is the atoms – we hear some of you saying – it is the molecules. It is all of these things that make it up. But, beyond that there is a whole other subset of structure. Similar, in a sense, to what the atomic structure will be to the physical universe, there is an energy structure of potentials.

The potentials… let us envision these almost as bubbles, as circles. Each exists outside of physical reality, waiting to be brought in. Each, in a sense, is a bubble on its own, representing a different potential. As the human chooses their experience, and chooses to bring things into reality, literally these bubbles of potential start gathering together, similar to what the atoms do in all the molecules in your scientific structures.

These little bubbles of potentials begin to gather together. They form a larger bubble of potential. That eventually finds its way through this very thin layer, very thin layer that separates what you would call physical reality from the invisible, the unseen, or the etheric side. These potentials gather together.

They are attracted to what you are choosing in your life, and they begin to come in. Sometimes they will cluster all around you still in the state of potential, waiting for expression. Sometimes they will begin… they will come into Earth reality and begin turning into matter or opportunity or concept, and then finding their way to you.

But, at the very core they were little bubbles of potential. They were energy – and we have to rechannel that – they were not even energy yet; they were potentials. And, as they were drawn to you, it activated them into energy. That energy then began to manifest itself. What was just potential in the chocolate then came through a very interesting and elaborate series of movements to get its way to you. At some point you requested chocolate, and it found its way to you.

Now, this is not logic, by the way. This is not logic. Logic is for the scientists. This is not logic. It goes beyond anything the mind up to date has been able to understand. This is not even metaphysics. This is “omni- physics,” “omni-physics.” And, if you reverse engineer everything that is in your reality, you are going to begin to see clearly what it is… why it is posing in its illusionary statement in your life… and how the illusion of the object that it is… or the thought that it is… or whatever. The illusion can also be dismantled, unstructured, and restructured any way you want… you see.

So, we have to – how to say – commend Cauldre here… we are pushing through so much, through Metatron, through all of Shaumbra here. And, in a sense, this at the surface could appear to be complex information, but yet it is very simple. Oh, your mind could go in circles trying to figure it out.

But, quite simply what we are saying is that as you clear, you are going to see all energy for what it is. You’re going to see a tree for being so much more than a tree and food for being so much more than food.

As we have said to you, you could take any food… oh, some of you are afraid of eating certain things. Take… clear that energy of that food. Go back to the origins. Go back to where it came from in the Earth. It had to come from somewhere on Earth, even if it was processed, even if it was overcooked, even if it was – how to say – injected with all sorts of additives or chemicals.

You can go right beyond that. You can clear it. Oh, we’re not saying here that you have to go eat this junk food. But, what we are saying is that if that is all that is on your plate, and it is between eating or not, clear the energy. Go beyond the illusion that it is junk food. Go beyond the illusion that it is harmful or bad for your body.

Now, we know that doctors and the scientists will come up with all of their data to prove that you are going to die if you eat this kind of food. But, Shaumbra, that is Old Energy logic. That is Old Energy thinking. And, indeed if you buy into that, indeed you will. And, you’re going to be another statistic on their sheet of paper, proving that a greasy cheeseburger is bad for you. But, you can clear right through it. You can clear right into the core energy.

You can clear beyond the meat that is in there. Oh, you say, “Well, it is an animal; I’m eating an animal.” You are eating potential… that is all. Yes, you should start a drive-through restaurant called “The Shaumbra Potential Burger” (much laughter)… pure energy.

You see, it is all an illusion. You can clear right through it. “How do you clear,” you say? You simply breathe in. You choose to clear. Don't try to clear. Don't force to clear. Choose to clear. Go right through the energy.

Now, we use the example of the chocolate or the hamburger. But, it also applies in everything. It applies especially to dealing with people. Clear the illusion. Go right through. You’re going to start perceiving past life aspects of that person. You are going to start feeling it. Now, an important thing to remember here: get out of the logic at this point.

You’re going to start feeling their stories. Their stories are going to start playing out. And, you perhaps will see physical changes in them because you are clearing; you are going back to source, core energy. And, on the way back to the core energy you are going to see everything that built up the current illusion.

But, allow it to play out. Don't filter it in your mind. No matter how absurd or bizarre it might seem, let it play itself out. You may have past life aspects of, let’s say, your partner come through and start speaking with you and talking to you. Now, don't buy into their stuff either. Simply let it play out; let it play out. Don't try to go in there and heal or any of these other things right now. All you're doing is clearing for yourself, to see the clear, core energy.

For those who are working in the healing arts, as you work with clearing, take a deep breath. Go to the root energy. Go beyond the illusion. Oh, they come to you, and they say, “I'm a wreck. I’m having all these problems. And, my arms and my legs hurt. And, I'm going crazy in the brain. And, I’m poor; I can’t pay you for this session.” (some laughter) Clear… make them pay you for the session (more laughter). They have energy. And, it is balanced for them to share that.

But, clear. You’re going to start seeing that they are telling you a big story. Oh, some of you already know this from your facilitation work. But, clear. Go to the core. What may be a bad back isn’t a bad back at all… you see.

What we are saying here in this Shoud is we are asking you to return to core root energy. You aren’t going to get there logically. You’re only going to get there by allowing yourself, by understanding the building blocks of energy.

It starts as potential. Everything… everything starts as potential. Then, the potentials, like bubbles, flow into your reality because you are calling on them. One way or the other, you're calling on the potential. As these bubbles of potential cross over that thin line that separates the material from the nonmaterial world, it starts transmuting, changing its energy. It turns from potential into energy. From energy it can turn into matter. It can turn into something material. It can also turn into simple etheric energy that you can use in your own life.

But, everything starts out as potential. Go back to that. Go back to that. Go back to the root.

For those of you in your jobs who are wondering about what to do, and you ask so often, “Dear Spirit, what should I do about my job? I’m so unclear.” Breathe in. Go back to your root. Oh, stop trying to evaluate why that workplace is doing what it does.

Go back to your root. Go back to your core energy. You brought that to you somehow or the other. And, you can get back to its simple basic understanding of why it's there. Then, you can determine whether you should leave or not.

Spirit doesn't care. Spirit doesn't care… you see. You thought Spirit did. “Spirit wanted me to be here.” You wanted you to be there. Go back… clear… go back to that energy. Why did you start the business that you started?

Now, again, we have to make a very important point here – this is not a logical exercise. This is an energetic exercise. This is “omni-physics.” This goes back to root reasons, root energy and root causes.

Now, what you’re going to see with a lot of this – how to say – clarity that you're going to have, whether it’s for yourself or other things, as you return back to root energy on things, you’re going to see how energy or potentials got stuck along the way. They’re trapped. You’re going to see how perhaps you started a business 15 years ago, and now you're stuck there. You don’t know how to get out.

As you clear – not in the mind, but in the heart – as you clear, you’re going to come to the understanding, you’re going to literally see or perceive energies along the way. As you reverse engineer here, you’re going to see energies that got stuck. They’re like a car breaking down on the highway. Sometimes the car has the… and the driver of the car has the foresight to move off to the side and allow the rest of the flow to continue… you see. But, sometimes the car stops right in the middle of the highway and blocks everything… you see. Now, as you clear and you go back on your own root energies, you’re going to see some stuck vehicles, some stuck energies in the way. You put them there for whatever reason. You can clear them.

How do you clear them? Well, not by force because if you do, they’re going to remain stuck. When you use force on any energy, all it does is confirm that energy. It validates that energy. And, we’re not in the business here – you don't want to be in the business – of validating Old or imbalanced energies. You want to release them. When you release them, it is like taking that old clunker, broken-down car off the center lane of the highway. When you release it, everything can flow again. That's what we are doing here.

Clarity will allow you to see things as they really are. Everything around you right now is an illusion. As Saint Germain has said, you are deeply hypnotized into believing that the chair is the chair. And, everything around you reaffirms it when you sit down, and you can feel it, and you say, “Ah, yes, it must be a chair.”

Ah, but start clearing in your life. Use it on everything – food. Clear with the trees. Trees love when you clear because they don’t like to be seen for just a tree. Ah, they are so much more, so much a precious part of Gaia. When you see a tree, clear. Don't force yourself to try to see anything else. Just clear because, when you clear, the energy essence can now come into focus.

So, don't try to go, say, “Oh, tree, I'm going to clear, and I want to see your Gaia energy.” Now, you're forcing. Just clear, and watch what happens. Watch and observe. Perceive things you have never perceived before because you have been living in a box, an illusion, an illusion of your own self and your own story, your own life. Ah, but we’re going to get out of that box now. We’re going to see things for what they really are – potentials brought into manifestations, energy that has always been here to serve you. We’re going to learn how to do it easily.

Now, this process of clearing… it doesn't just apply to physical objects. It applies to everything – concepts, ideas. Oh, you have a lot of ideas, feelings even. Your feelings are like icons. They’re in a box. They’ve been, in a sense, sculpted to have a certain energy dynamic and attribute to them. Clearing allows the energy its new freedom, allows you to restructure in a way that you choose.

We are going to ask you to take a look at all of the major issues you've had in your life these past six years – physical, emotional, spiritual. Every one of them you brought to you. It was a potential, a bubble, a beautiful clear bubble potential that then joined together with other potential bubbles. This is all spiritual energy that joined together with those, and then grouped together, and then found their way into reality to serve you. We are going to ask you to take a look. We’re going to clear through what was the obvious problem or imbalance and go back to the core energies… clear.

A couple of points on doing any clearing: keep it simple, very simple. Remember this is not a logical path. And, we know that troubles some of you. You think, “But we have to maintain logic here.” No, not at all… we are going to go beyond logic. Logic in itself is a very stuck energy. And, there are those who believe in the illusion of logic and will defend it to its end. Logic is stifling. Logic is so Old. Logic is last week (some laughter).

So, this whole process of clearing, it’s not about logic. You are not trying to find a logical pathway back to the essence energy. You’re just clearing the way so you can feel the core energy in anything. Keep it simple. If you get tied up in your brain with it, just take a deep breath, and give yourself permission to clear. Go back to core energies.

You are not doing it to try to change anything. When you clear – especially when you're dealing with other humans – when you clear, it’s not because you’re going to try change to them. Actually, if you're truly clearing, you’re going to honor them in a way that will bring you to tears. You’re going to honor them for what they are. You’re not going to try to change one thing about them… unless they ask… unless they say that they’re ready… unless they come to you. So, it is not about going in and trying to change. Clearing lets you see things for what they truly are, rather than the illusion that you have come to believe in.

You see, when you learn to clear, as… you’re not going to try with this either, by the way, Metatron is saying. You’re not going to try. You’re not going to force clearing. You’re simply going to select or choose clearing. You’re going to hit the clearing option, and allow things to become clear.

Now, this is something that you are going to have to experience. In other words, we are going to ask you to put a focus on it. But, a focus is also not a force. We are going to ask you to consciously do this each day. Have some time in the morning or in the evening for clearing. It could be frustrating at first.

And, that's when we ask you to bring in the energy of “hose off,” Hossaf. Bring in the energy of Hossaf as you are working with this clearing.

You see, sometimes when you first start clearing, it becomes muddier than ever. But, soon it’s going to click. It’s going to hit. You’re are going to begin to see how energy builds itself, how potentials come out of nowhere, turn into energy and now manifest. Such a simple principle… such an easy principle. As you learn to use this in your life – all of these issues about manifestation, and all of these other things about healing, and about everything else – it becomes so easy.

Saint Germain has talked to us recently about transmuting stones into gold. And, some of you went off and tried it. This is where he and I had a good laugh because you were trying to force; you were trying to literally push your way into transmutation. That is so Old also. It is about clearing your way. You see, within that stone is the potential of gold. Within that stone are all of the ingredients of gold. They just haven't been potentiated yet… you see.

But, when you force… when you sat down with those stones… and we caught some of you (some laughter). You sat down with them. You played twinkle music. You lit candles, and you sat and started to force those stones. All you did is make the stones more stoned; that is all (more laughter). The stones just love that you were acknowledging their “stony-ness. ” And, they became even better stones. Why would they want to turn to gold when you are giving them all this energy as a stone?

So, Shaumbra, keep it simple. Don't force the energy. Don't use logic. This is an illogical pathway from here on… you see. We have seen some of you write down your lists before, your likes and dislikes. That is a logical way of doing things. Here it is about clearing. It is about… yes, write a list of what you are perceiving as you clear. But, it may not be logical. Give yourself the freedom to experience.

This will be an intense month. But, intense doesn't have to be bad. Intense can be easy, as well, believe it or not. With the energy that has been brought in here by human consciousness – this assault of basically what you consider dark energy – it’s going to be an intense month on Earth.

You don't have to buy into it. You don't have to use that energy in the same way that it is being brought in by the others in a very difficult way. You can literally ride with the energy wave that is going on right now. You can ride with it, much as Metatron rode in with its energy several days ago. It’s your choice.

If it gets tough, if it gets murky or confusing, you know what to do now. Clear… take a deep breath… call up the root energy, not the illusionary energy, but call up the root energy. You are going to start seeing things for what they really are. It’s amazing.

It’s amazing that all of you have chosen to stay here on Earth. Wow! Oh, it’s been difficult. You all had the choice to leave in these past years of time. You all had the choice to come back to our side, but you chose to stay on Earth. You chose to be here at this incredible time of transformation and change and moving out of all of the Old ways, moving out of the Old paradigm of a human, moving into the New concept of a beautiful angel simply playing in this playground of Earth.

It will be interesting this next month of time, one of the fastest growing periods that you’ve known. And, remember – you are not alone. The energies of Metatron, I, Tobias, Hossaf, and all of the others are here with you.

And so it is!


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