Canalizzazioni Speciali

These additional Tobias channels were presented and recorded at various locations around the world. From here you can go to the text version of each Channel and Q&A session. While we do not offer an audio version online, you can purchase these channels on CD, cassette and some on video from our online store. These channels are listed in chronological order. Purchase the Special Channels and Seminars on CD from our online store, Shaumbra Shoppe. These include seminars and special channels that Tobias and Geoffrey Hoppe presented around the world as part of their travels. Many more special channels are in our store than we have available here as text or audio - so be sure to check out the titles!

1 - The Unity Channel - Family of the Sword - July 15, 2001


Breckenridge, Colorado

2 - Fear Factor - August 26, 2001


Reno, Nevada

3 - Angels of Hope - Sept 8, 2001


North Stoke, England

4 - L’Ondata d’Oscurità - 14 settembre 2001


London, England