Ascended Master Tobias began publicly transmitting his messages through Geoffrey Hoppe in 1999, creating a tremendous library of wisdom over the next 10 years. Through hundreds of channels and thousands of interactions, his messages can be distilled into a few basic truths:

    •  You are not going crazy; you’re waking up
    •  You are not alone on this journey
    •  Spiritual awakening happens when you begin to sense and remember there's more
    •  It is a difficult, messy, painful process in which you release all that isn’t true about yourself
    •  The truth is you're a divine eternal being, currently embodied as a human on Earth
    •  You are whole and complete; anything less is simply a story and an experience
    •  Enlightenment is the love, acceptance, and integration of all parts of self
    •  Trust yourself and your journey, no matter what

Tobias’ call was heard by hundreds, then thousands of humans all over the world who eventually called themselves “Shaumbra.” Answering the call and reuniting after many, many lifetimes, Shaumbra began to remember and then to fulfill their ancient vow to support humanity in this time of awakening. Among the first to remember en masse, Shaumbra are here now to help illuminate the path for others, the “next wave” who are awakening and ready to embrace all that they are.

Nearly all the messages from Tobias (1999-2009) are freely available to hear, read or watch in the Channel Library. While his messages relate the journey from awakening human to sovereign Master, you are welcome to access them chronologically or in a more random fashion. No matter where you begin, you’ll find messages of comfort, encouragement, inspiration, insight, and true enlightenment.

Tobias also created a number of presentations that are available for purchase. The most precious of these are multi-day classes which have been profoundly healing and life changing for thousands of people. These include the Sexual Energies School, integration through Aspectology, remembering your own Journey of the Angels, Discovering Your Passion, Expanding your Intuition, healing through Standard Technology and more.

There are shorter recordings from Tobias on a variety of practical topics, also available for purchase. Topics include relationships, addictions, physical healing, pets, dreams, remembering who you are, so much more. You can find all these items in the Crimson Circle store.

Even though your enlightenment is natural and inevitable, immersing deeply into the wisdom from one who has already walked the path and faced the challenges can be a tremendous gift of love and support on your journey.

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