Heaven's Cross

This is the time when human consciousness transcends the barriers between physical and non-physical realms; when the “heaven” of the physical universe begins to cross with the other heavens and realms.

The long-awaited Apocalypse, the revealing, began on March 22, 2023. Here you will find most of the relevant information.


MARCH 2024 • Heaven's Cross: One-Year Update • FREE DOWNLOAD 

One year after the Apocalypse began, Adamus gives an overview of what’s happening with the increased light on Earth. Acknowledging the endurance of Shaumbra and the goodness of humans, he also mentions the tiny percentage making their last stand in old patterns, darkness, and war. But the light is here to stay, and includes transformative “New Light.” Humanity is taking a different turn, thanks to your service. It’s time to allow yourself to be a healthy, wealthy, and wise Master, fully enjoying life on Earth. MORE INFO

You may also watch the full session on YouTube HERE

JULY 2023 • ProGnost 2023 Update – Apocalypse Update • CLOUD CLASS 

In this “full Crimson Alert” Shaumbra are asked to stay present and very aware of what’s happening on the planet. You chose to be here as bearers of light, and AI is the thing most affected by the new level of light. In just four months since Heaven’s Cross, the level of consciousness has measurably increased, and will expand by at least 7% in the coming 2-3 years. This means drastic changes in every area of life, with the strong potential that Earth will ultimately become a planet of light populated by beings of light. MORE INFO

JUNE 2023 • Meta Changes - Heaven's Cross Follow-up • DOWNLOADABLE 

Humans are accustomed to slow-paced evolutionary, societal, and personal changes, but it’s like rearranging a room with the same furniture. Adamus states that true change can only occur when the level of light changes. With the New Light filling the space between thoughts, potentials, atoms, and everything, the literal physics of reality are changing, bringing grace, transcendence, and even magic. MORE INFO

APRIL 2023 • The Realm Workers - Call to Return • DOWNLOADABLE 

Many Realm Workers lived relatively quiet lives on this planet in order to focus on their work in the other heavens. A common attribute of Realm Workers was feeling tired and low-energy as humans because of their intense and prolonged work in the heavens. Now the work is done, and the Realm Workers can come back to full presence as honored Masters in this reality. MORE INFO

MARCH 2023 • Heaven's Cross Merabh • DOWNLOADABLE 

In this guided journey into new realms of your Self, Adamus Saint-Germain helps you expand into your other heavens and bring back energies, wisdom, and consciousness to serve you in daily life. Infused with the illumination and grace of the Apocalypse, this beautiful encounter with your soul will help dissolve the barriers between the realms of Self, making your divinity, light body, past, future, and dreams, fully accessible to your human self. MORE INFO

MARCH 2023 • Heaven's Cross - THE OPENING • FREE DOWNLOAD 

A beautiful and sacred event to mark and celebrate the time when the level of consciousness on the planet allows the veil between the physical and non-physical “heavens” (or realms) to start opening. MORE INFO

You may also watch the full session on YouTube HERE

FEBRUARY 2023 • Heaven's Cross Part 3: Questions & Answers  • FREE DOWNLOAD 

Adamus answers questions about Heaven's Cross and its implications for Shaumbra and humanity.


You may also watch the full session on YouTube HERE

JANUARY 2023 • Heaven's Cross Part 2: The Apocalypse • CLOUD CLASS 

From the times of Atlantis to ancient Egypt, from Yeshua until now, humanity has dreamed of access to the divine, of seeing beyond, and mysteries revealed. The physics of Earth have hidden the doorways and blinded the senses to our true state of being. Now the clouds begin lifting and the veil to begins to dissolve. The implications go far beyond this planet and physical creation, and bring quantum change to every part of life. MORE INFO

OCTOBER 2022 • Heaven's Cross Part 1: Preparing for the Opening • CLOUD CLASS 

In September 2022 during Dream of the Merlin, Beloved St. Germain announced the imminent opening of Heaven’s Cross, a welcome crack in the tight encasement around Earth and human consciousness. It signals the end of our isolation and a time of remembrance and flow of divine energies and soul communication. Adamus says the effects of this event will eventually be perceived by science and bring a level of change not seen since the fall of Atlantis. MORE INFO


Heaven's Cross • Introduction 

During the 2022 Dream of the Merlin event, Beloved St. Germain introduced a very important project that we have all been working on. Called "Heaven's Cross" this project is nearing completion.

To hear excerpts of St. Germain's message, click on the player. You can set it to full screen if desired..

Heaven's Cross Music Download

You can download and enjoy the special music chosen for Heaven's Cross, absolutely free. To download, right-click on the linked title above and choose "Save link as..." or simply click on the player (graphic to the left) and enjoy.

Astrology of Heaven's Cross

Dr. Douglas Davies, neurologist and intuitive astrologer, gives shocking insights on the cosmic and astrological significance of this incredible event. MORE INFO

ARTICLES by Geoffrey Hoppe

Mission Accomplished - Dear Realm Workers, you did it.

• Stairway to Heaven - Now is the time to experience answers to our most profound and ancient questions.

• Realm Workers - Acknowledging those on Earth and beyond who are assisting in this momentous event.

• Adamus Off-Script - Passing the torch... 

Unveil Desvelarby Moisès Fernández Via

Music spontaneously unveiled on March 10th, 2023 on the island of Menorca, inspired by Heaven’s Cross. 



Website: MoisèsVia.com