Born in 1950, I live in Sydney Australia and most enjoy being out in wild nature, especially the beach, growing flowers, and the crazy, creative company of my 2 grandsons.  
My explorations in consciousness started in the 1970s with Jane Roberts and Seth. Her books about ‘Oversoul Seven’ stand alone, even for Shaumbra today, in moving beyond the limited framework of the human into the much broader existence of self in and out of time.

Many lucid and other dreams – asleep and conscious, visions and experiences – made me realize I was connecting with a reality beyond, and different from, any descriptions I could find.  I spent many years teaching yoga and Tai Chi – so many hours spent trying to balance my body, settle my spirit in matter and quiet my babbling mind! So much struggle not to be overwhelmed by other people’s energy, by life in a annoyingly sensitive body.
I found the Crimson Circle in 2000, felt the deep love and commitment, and knew through Geoff and Tobias that this was core material in understanding how energy works, and a safe place to let go and experience. The Crimson Circle workshops with Tobias and Adamus led me on many great adventures round the planet, meeting some great explorers on their way to freedom.

SES is core material about the energy feeding game and how humans can become so stuck in these patterns. Freeing ourselves through understanding and acceptance of who we have been and allowing self-love to express itself without fear.

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