I have always been a student of life, a tireless seeker of truth, of the Divine and have always been on this journey of the awakening of consciousness, integration, enlightenment and Ascension. I have found great support in the teachings of Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, A Course in Miracles, The Keys of Enoch, Ramtha, Osho, 

Tobias and Adamus Saint Germain through the Crimson Circle.

CO-FOUNDER with Raiza Preziuso OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE OF ALCHEMISTS, with the energy and consciousness of Mary Magdalene, the Lady of the Heart.

Since being a child I wanted to love God with all my might and now I have come to the realization of I AM GOD ALSO and I love myself with all my might.

New Energy Teacher and a certified teacher of the Crimson Circle in SES, Sexual Energy School of Tobias, Aspectology and the Trilogy classes Adamus Saint-Germain: Transition of Birth, Death and Ascension and Dreamwalker LIFE. Member of the Crimson Circle Advanced Studies and Mentor Teacher of the CC. Raiza Preziuso and I have a show every month in the Awakeningzone with the consciousness and energy of Mary Magdalene.

"My passion is to expand consciousness through my presence and teachings and to help, those who so choose, to break free from their own limited consciousness, remembering that they are God also and what it implies." 

Certified in: Medical Biomagnetic Pairs, Reiki, Esoteric Healing, TAT (a psychological therapy that deals with traumatic emotional experiences and allergies. I studied these methods in the USA, Mexico and Canada. While living in Egypt in the 70’s I had the experience of working in Cairo at a war hospital where I helped the soldiers to deal with their post war traumatic experiences and helped many soldiers in their death transition. I studied the Keys of Enoch directly from Dr. JJ Hurtak; and was in the School of Ramtha as a blue college student for five years and have studied Quantum Physics. 

Studies in Education, Theology, Psychology. 

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