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I was born and raised in Portugal by non-religious parents who decided that it would be good for me to study in a very strict catholic school, just because it was the best. When I was 11 one of the priests of this school tried to convince me to receive my baptism, as I said: No! - he asked if I believed in God, to which I replied: “Absolutely, I simply cannot put Him inside of four walls and under a ceiling. For me God is freedom”. My search for this freedom started there. Later on I studied Philosophy at the Lisbon University but I found out that keeping in asking questions would not lead me to where I wanted to go. I worked for companies of the Pharmaceutical Industry as a General Manager Assistant for many years, but I had to change from company to company each 3 or 4 years to try to feel that I was doing something new. I also had a 5 years experience as a Real Estate Consultant which gave the chance to be free from having to stay behind a desk all day.

In 1996 after a very risky surgery I decided to “stay” and move on with this life. It was like going somewhere out there to take this decision and come back with the knowingness that this was THE LIFE.

In 2002 after another health issue and another surgery, I decided that it was time to stop and rethink my life and my professional activity. After a few painful months Rheumatoid Arthritis turned to be the trigger for my decision to explore and learn some healing techniques I had been reading about. Healing always interested me but I never thought about it as a “serious profession” before. At that time I decided to let go of everything and dedicate real time to my self-healing and as amazing as it can seem in some months I was taking no drugs for the arthritis - no pain and no symptoms. This was the starting point of my life as an energy mover and above all the starting of a growing passion for life and for my self.

Always choosing simplicity, in May 2008 I started to work with the Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection method in my practice. From November 2010 until recently I was a member of The Reconnection Teaching Team in seminars around the world which was an amazing experience with huge personal growth and expansion specially in what refers to communication skills.

As part of my work as an energy mover, I am now leading three monthly breathing groups, facilitating personal awareness, integration and ultimately transformation to those who choose and allow it with the simplicity of the breath! 

After many years reading the Crimson Circle materials, and after the amazing and life transforming experience with Keahak I, in February 2013 I became an Advanced Studies Teacher for the SES with the Crimson Circle. What a passion! Now, the up with SES I am also facilitating ASPECTOLOGY and DISCOVER YOU PASSION!