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I’m Gioia Villa from Milan, Italy.  I’m originally a professional translator and I spent  many years of my life studying every aspect of esoterism because I ‘felt’ there was something more than the reality the world was offering me.  A severe illness when I was 38 changed my life and it was the beginning of my inner journey. I changed my lifestyle and my food habits and within 2 months my illness was gone and I started studying first the body dynamics then the mind dynamics through the kabala and the heart dynamics through the world of meditation. 

I was doing pretty fine with myself and one day, on a beach in Goa someone told me, ”You are a Shaumbra! Check the ‘symptoms’”  They gave me a website where I checked them – out of 12 I had 11 – but what really hit my heart and made my soul smile was this sentence: “The Crimson Circle doesn’t accept the limitations of the human condition…” buum! That stuff was good for me! 

I started translating into Italian all the Crimson Circle material because I felt alone and the only way to bear ‘the dark night of the soul’ were Tobias’ words  and loving energy. One year later I flew to Mallorca to’meet the guy’  live and to feel the energy… I found other Shaumbra and I felt ‘at home’ with me and with them. 

Now I’m a teacher – I teach SES, DWD, ASP, JOA and DWL – and my greatest  joy is to offer these potentials to the students and simply be the happy witness of many magic moments. Some of the students have become my Shaumbra family  in Italy and for me there is nothing better than enjoying this final life with kindred spirits and having wonderful experiences of integrating our divinity in our everyday life. I’m happy and satisfied and fulfilled and looking forward to widen my family. 

Classes by Giuseppina

  • 10 Jan, 2020 - 12 Jan, 2020
    Sexual Energies School Presented by certified teacher Giuseppina Villa
    Milan, Italy
  • 17 Jan, 2020 - 19 Jan, 2020
    Aspectology School Presented by certified teacher Gioia Villa
    Milan, Italy